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HedgeA commercial building can be a long time source of income for the owner. That is why people are investing in real estate these days. It is a hard fact that the value of a commercial building is not what the assessment says. This is just an indication. Whether you are trying to sell your commercial property, or want to give it on a lease, the value of the property depends on what the prospecting buyer or the tenant is ready to pay for it.

Getting a poor response could be due to a large number of factors including design, look, rent, amenities, etc. and when this happens, you must take definite actions for increasing the value of the building. This can be done by making amazing changes here and there. Read the tips below for adding value to your commercial property and get most out of your investment.

Change the conventional look

The present trend is to have opened up style. In case the commercial building is of architectural style, this can be done by installing more windows to create an inviting look. Change the wooden and metal windows to large glass windows for letting more light in. Also, change the old doors to glass doors for building an open office look.

Update the signage

Signs play an important part in showcasing your commercial property. It is the first thing that is noticed by the onlookers. If you have broken or dirty signs that will deliver a repulsive action in the minds of the potential clients and they may decide not to try your services. Your sign should also convey the brand in a short and crisp message. If the signs are difficult to read that also fails to create a good impression. The signs should be bright and large and not blocked by trees or any other obstacles. Consider consulting a professional sign maker for improving the visibility of the building.

Upgrade the structure

Signs of degradation are common to old commercial buildings, as these are caused by usual wear and tear. Take professional help to make sure that the structure is sound and there is no crack in the foundation. Also get the building repaired and modify, wherever required, for adding value to the commercial building.

Increase the rentable area

Rentable areas should not be confused with total area. Maybe your commercial building has many lobbies, hallways and partly finished areas that could not be given on rent. Consider organizing such places so that those could be converted into rentable space for adding value to the building.

Make it pedestrian friendly

Walk-ability results surprising health and environmental benefits. If you want more people to visit the commercial building, you must build walkways so that people can comfortably go from one place to another. Make sure that the walkways are free from any obstacles to avoid tripping over. Also, build shade on the walkways to keep the visitors cool while walking. Such things are highly appreciated by everyone.

Make it energy efficient and eco-friendly

Electric lights are the major contributor to high energy consumption in the commercial buildings. Consider changing the traditional electric lights into energy efficient lighting to save on power and also to reduce maintenance cost. Using LED bulbs is the easiest way to increase energy efficiency. These can illuminate a place much more than the electric lights and do not emit any UV rays making it safe for the people. People are now very much conscious about the environmental footprint, and they prefer eco-friendly buildings. Although using solar panels involves much upfront cost, it saves money in the long run. Installing tinted windows and water-saving plumbing system will also make the building eco-friendly influencing potential buyers and tenants to pay more.

Improve the exterior

Curb appeal greatly influences the decision of the customers and tenants. You need not always make huge investments in enhancing the appearance. Other than having a coat of paint on the exterior, simple moves such as having the exterior clean and free from clutter are sure to influence those who come to the property. Sufficient bins should also be placed so that people can throw the litters there.

Make parking convenient

Parking facilities are most important for the commercial buildings. Arrange well-organized parking facility with clear markings, security alarms, gates, security guards, etc. to add great value to a commercial building. If there is no parking lot, consider arranging one nearby to make the tenants happy.

Add amenities

Adding amenities also help to increase the value of a commercial building. Consider including ATM, free Wi-Fi zone for improving values. If possible, having a daycare center in the commercial building increases its demands like anything.

Include faux greens

Faux landscaping elements can infuse color and class to the commercial buildings. Regardless of the style and type of the commercial building, faux greens can charm everyone with their enchanting beauty. These are now professionally made to replicate the live plants in all respect, and, therefore, impart a natural beauty to the commercial property that cannot be distinguished visually. Available in many varieties like a hedge, screen, topiaries, letters, logos, etc. these are great to great to revamp any commercial building to the next level and also increase its value. Using green walls and screens, you can create a nice periphery that greatly adds to the aesthetic of the building. When the green letters and logos are used for making signs, they make a nice display of the building. The great thing about these faux elements is that they never fade and can withstand any weather condition. Moreover, these are made self-extinguishing by infusing special fire retardant chemicals and thus provide safe landscape. Installation of the artificial trees and plants are also very easy. Another great advantage of these zero maintenance products is that these do not attract any insect.

BoxwoodRestaurants are places where people go for spending quality time with their family and friends, and also to talk about business while enjoying foods. In case you are in the restaurant business, you know how hard it is to run a restaurant. New restaurants are coming up offering new cuisine trends, and making the business landscape overcrowded and highly competitive.

Customers have a fickle taste, and when there are many choices available, attracting diners becomes a challenging job. Like the old saying ‘a book is known by its cover' the guests also judge a restaurant from the way the exterior looks. Maybe your restaurant offers the best food and drink, but the customers can taste that only after stepping into the restaurant. In fact, a restaurant outdoor is your display window to the potential customers. This is the first point of contact with the customers and can create a solid impression on the people alluring them to try your services.

So, it is important to stand out in the neighborhood for making your restaurant booming with guests. Fortunately, there are ways to make your restaurant a talk-of-the-town by following some easy and creative approaches. Here are all details on how you can increase the curb appeal of your restaurant making it a powerful magnet to charm visitors and make them loyal customers.

Stay visible

You should ensure that your restaurant has proper signage that is visible from a distance. To achieve this, you must have a bright and large sign that none can miss while walking or driving by, and it should be there round the clock, 365 days a year. You can also use animation to make it more attractive and consider placing these at the eye-level and also higher on the windows, or on the roof. The signage should also include the logo of the restaurant in signature colors and some short but catchy communication about the place. As an industry thumb rule, six seconds are considered the optimum time for reading an advertisement. Your message, therefore, should be short and crispy.

Painting helps

Painting walls is a great way to revamp a restaurant outdoor. People are influenced by colors, and an attractive coat of paint is sure to make all the difference. Usually red and yellow are considered as appetizing colors. Dark brown and forest green are also great for exteriors. To create your brand identity you must follow a signature color scheme, but it should always be a bit down in tone as a show of elegance. Such things can take the restaurant decoration aplomb to the next level in combination with decorative accents like window treatments.

Display the attractions

Posting outdoor menu board is another great way to making an outstanding restaurant exterior. You need not display the whole menu outside. Mentioning the signature dishes and something like ‘today's special' makes the restaurant alluring to the customers.

Mind the parking lot

This is the first place to start the journey of your customers. You can easily ruin your restaurant if a car is towed by the local authority. Have clean and marked places where the guests can park their cars and guide them to their destination through meaningful signage. In case you offer valet parking, make sure that is readily available.

Lighting enhances curb appeal

Illumination plays a critical role in up-scaling a restaurant exterior. Other than taking care of the safety, lighting can create a nice ambiance for enjoying the restaurant. You can illuminate the trees and poles with colored lights or can introduce some illuminated design elements to revamp the exterior.

Have defined smoking zones

As most of the restaurants are non-smoking types, there should be a designated smoking area for the guests who could not quit smoking. After all, both the smokers and non-smokers are your guests, and they should be made comfortable at the restaurant. Make sure, that these are clean and have butt-stands.

Organize patios

Encourage patio dining in warm season. Arrange to have umbrellas at the tables to protect the guests from harsh sun rays and keep them cool and refreshed. This will also add depth and color to the restaurant exterior.

Entrance is the key

The guests must have a warm and welcoming entry to the dining area. They should be led to the table by the hostess as they step inside the restaurant. In case the guests arrive earlier than the scheduled reservation time, or do not have any reservation, they should be led to the beverage area for spending the waiting time meaningfully.

Enliven with faux greens

Charm the customers with the faux hedges. Using faux landscaping element is a thoughtful choice, as these have no maintenance demand like regular watering, periodic fertilizing, and trimming to keep them in shape. Available in various forms including hedges, mats, screens, rolls, letters, logos, signage, topiaries, green walls and animal & form topiaries, these can be used in many ways to enliven the restaurant exterior. These have endless varieties of realistic leaves including English ivy, boxwood, azalea, juniper, dark-green pearl grass and light-green pearl grass. Being the most versatile landscaping element, the animal & form topiaries can make your restaurant outdoor warm and comfortable with a zest of green.

Placing ravishing rolls and mats in the outdoor is sure to offer a grand welcome to the visitors, and you can also use the topiaries for creating a nice focal point in the restaurant lawn. The boxwoods are great for defining pathways and driveways. Creating the business logo and the title with fake greens makes a place awesome. You can also ensure the privacy of the guests by creating exclusive enclosures with green walls and screens. The great advantage of the faux greens is that they are made of quality foliage; these never fade or get discolored, and having self-extinguishing properties these do not help spread a fire.

TopiaryHousekeeping to most of us merely means cleaning and sorting. However, housekeeping has much more to it. In fact, it is imperative for ensuring safety in commercial spaces. A well-managed housekeeping department adds to productivity and helps to prevent major casualties. As per the opinion of some industry experts, housekeeping department can also help evade penalties and fines.

The practice of housekeeping is practiced in most of offices, warehouses, factories and manufacturing units as well. Experts are of the view that safety and housekeeping should be an integral part of work culture. Following are some of the useful tips for effective housekeeping practice at workplace-

1. Preventing falls & slips-

Slips and falls are some of the major reasons for occupational accidents. It also leads to major absenteeism from the workplace. Hence, it should be ensured that your storerooms, office cabins, and canteens are serviced regularly. The floors should be cleaned and dried on a timely basis. A proper flooring should be selected depending on your industry line and business. In case you regularly use grease and other oily substances then –

  • All types of spills should be cleaned on a priority basis.
  • Entry and exit points should be free of any oily substance and items.
  • Damaged and worn out floors should be repaired regularly.
  • Flooring should consist of anti-slippery material.

2. Preventing fire hazards.

You should ensure that your workplace from any combustible material. In case there is any combustible material in the premises it should be placed in metal receptacles. Take care of following points to prevent any casualty due to fire-

  • Only required amount of combustible material should be stored in the workplace, and the rest should be disposed of responsibly.
  • Flammable substances and objects should be stored in safe locations where they cannot catch fire quickly.
  • Passageways, entry and exit points should be obstruction free.
  • A requisite number of emergency exits should be provided.
  • Regular maintenance of electrical areas is a must.

3. Controlling Dust.

Accumulation of dust in work premises can lead to hazard and sickness amongst employees. Following tips are essential to control dust in workplace-

  • Take a hygiene test in your workplace and identify potential hazard areas.
  • Vacuuming, sweeping and water wash should be regularly practiced in office premises.

4. Taking care of falling objects

Nets and toe rail can be used to prevent objects falling and hurting workers. Heavy objects should be placed on lower shelves so that they do not cause any harm in case of accidents. Employees should be trained properly so that they know to place the objects rightly.

5. Ensuring cleanliness and organization.

Unorganized and clattery office space can lead to injury in workers due to congestion. Hence, it is necessary that your workplace is organized rightly and free from all type of clutter. Workers should be asked to hand over the equipment after being sued so that they are stored in their right place.

6. Employees Participation

Every employer should ensure that his employees participate actively in housekeeping activity. They should be trained properly with the help of mock drills and other training programs. Cleanliness should be encouraged and rewarded when necessary.

7. Make the housekeeping rules official-

When you make housekeeping rules official or give your employees in writing, they tend to take it more seriously. It ensures that cleaning and hygiene practices are not only preached but practiced too. Housekeeping policies and rules should be circulated amongst various divisions so that the employees find it easy to follow.

8. Make long-term goals

Housekeeping activity should not be viewed as a one-time activity or as a temporary arrangement. Proper records should be maintained; the regular inspection should take place so that the employees understand that housekeeping is as important as their other activities.

Above mentioned tips will help you imbibe the culture of cleanliness and safety in your workplace. After you are done inculcating these basic housekeeping values amongst your employees you need to take care of another aspect of housekeeping which is decorating your workplace to give it a lively look. Housekeeping today extends far beyond than safety measures and hygiene issues. Your office ambiance and landscaping are also an integral part of housekeeping activity. The most important aspect of landscaping is ensuring safety with beautification. Following are some of the beautification products that you can use for landscaping –

Artificial Foliage

Artificial foliage in the form of hedge boxes, plants, and trees are available in the market which can be used to beautify your exterior and interior office space. These artificial foliage materials have a natural look and are designed keeping in consideration all kind of botanical requirements. These artificial foliages are fireproof and easy in maintenance too which makes it easy to comply your housekeeping requirements. Boxwood hedges, juniper hedges, light green pearl grass, azalea are some of the varieties available in this category. These artificial foliages are suitable for both outdoor and indoor office spaces as they are available in all sizes and shapes. In fact, the hedges can be built on a temporary basis too if you do not want to use them for long. You can also customize these foliages as per your taste and requirement.  Hence, using the artificial leaf for housekeeping and landscaping can be quite easy and convenient.

Availability And Budget Issue

As told before landscaping is considered a vital part of housekeeping in most of the industries today. Hence, it is imperative that you move beyond sanitation of your workspace. Materials like artificial foliage for landscaping are quite in rage. Price and availability of these landscaping items might worry you. However, these things are available in all price ranges to suit all budget requirement. You can buy them from online sites or fetch them from some offline store too. You can check the website for in-depth details about these products and their prices too. Many websites offer a variety of landscaping options at reasonable prices.

Rock CenterpieceWhen it comes to utilizing the exterior area of any commercial property effectively, the only thing that comes to our mind is exterior landscaping. Exterior landscaping is one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of commercial property while also giving a natural and lush green environment to your workforce. A well-designed landscape can define your business style effectively giving the resounding first impression to the visitors. No matter in what field of the business you are in, a landscape is suitable for all kinds of commercial environments.

When we talk about landscaping, there are certain elements that can make your outdoor yard look well. One of such elements is large rocks. You may find small stones roaming around your commercial landscape annoying as they hinder a smooth look as well as the feel of a green surface. However, on the contrary, big stones or rocks can give a whole new style to your landscape making it look completely natural and realistic forest. You just need to have a good sense of landscape design that can help you identify the area which may get complemented with the placement of rocks. Let's have a look at the facts that explain how rocks can enhance your office exterior.

Adding Natural Beauty to Your Yard

Just like the lush green plants and trees, these large boulders also add a natural blend to your landscape making it look adorable and breathtaking. The large stones can be found in wide variety of colors ranging from purple, gray, brown to crème as well. For most alluring looks you can use those rocks in combination with mossy plants, native flowers, and lush green grounded grass for enhancing the natural beauty of your commercial yard. If combined well, it can complement your exterior landscaping amazingly.

Create an Interesting Display for Your Pathways

River rocks can enhance the beauty of your landscape as you use them along the pathways. Pathways are one of the most important aspects of any commercial property that should always be convenient and easy to access. The river rocks not only makes your pathways look extraordinary but also define the pathway. These can have an interesting display of your overall landscape. Place them around the potted plants you have placed along the walkways, and these will help you create an inspiring landscape.

Create Interesting Designs in the Garden

The rocks cannot only way used in combination with different plants but can also be utilized to create a lucrative and different design within your exterior landscape area. If you have outdoor seating arrangement in a landscape, you can make use of solid rocks that are smooth from the upper surface as tables. It will help you recall your picnic time. This setting can give you an experience of modern as well as the traditional commercial yard. If you want to give your employees and staff unique experience, making up a fire pit using the boulders or rocks is another good idea.

Better Groundcover for Your Landscape Surface

If you have been using mulch, you might have found that it is not much stable and durable and required to be replaced after every season. In comparison to mulch, some small sized rocks can be effective in offering a solid and durable ground cover to your landscape. The best part of using these is that it can stay with your landscape without any change for even lifetime. And if you are mixing up the different shades of the rocks together to form a groundcover, your landscape is going to look stunning. It is a good idea to use it in combination with dark green color foliage as it can define your landscape very well.

A Rock Garden Can be Center of Attention

Your commercial exterior landscape can be a center of attention to your employees, visitors, and clients if you add an alluring rock garden to your yard. Choose an area in your outdoor landscape that gets a good amount of sunlight. Place three or four boulders there and get those surrounded by low-lying flowers that are closely spaced. The best suitable options that look striking in forming such arrangements include ground orchids, portulaca or cactus preferably decorative. To fill the gaps between the boulders, place smaller stones and you will have a highly appealing rock garden ready in the mid of your outdoor landscape.

Creating A Centerpiece can also be Possible

If you want an uncommon centerpiece for your commercial outdoor landscape, you need not look anything other than large-sized boulder that has unusual shapes. Such unusual structure can alone meet your requirements for a stunning centerpiece that can look like an ornament for your whole surrounding. Surround that structure with dark shaded foliage, and it will enhance the visual appeal of your garden. You might have seen such kinds of boulder centerpieces in entertainment centers but are ideal to be used in all kinds of settings. One of the best benefits of rock centerpieces is that they are low maintenance and are far better than any other decorative centerpieces, especially for the outdoor area.

Border Your Water Body

Do you have a water body established in your outdoor landscape? Whether it is a fountain, a pond or any similar water element, natural rocks can help define the border of your water body effectively thus making it look much appealing. For this, you can choose the rocks of around similar sizes and get them placed one after another along the boundary of your water body. You can mix the rocks of different shades, and this will give your landscape a whole new and natural look.

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