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Artificial BoxwoodCreativity cannot be taught, and no one is born with creativity either. But it certainly is the most vital factor for achieving success. Generally speaking, when we talk about creativity we think about the musicians and painters. But, in broader perspective creativity is essential for each and everyone from students to the business executives.

Since this cannot be injected, how can people be creative and what helps people to be creative is a pertinent question. To be creative, you have to think ahead of time. There are many factors that induce out-of-the-box thinking, and the environment is one of them. Because only the right environment can make people happy and relaxed and when they have peace of mind they turn creative and more productive.

The space that surrounds us greatly influences us and our behavior as well. This has strong connections with our psychological and physiological behavior. And, there is no doubt that the surroundings have serious consequences for creativity. You may neglect the importance of right workspace, but that does not change the situation. As a majority of the people spends many years working in the same room or at the same desk, it makes sense to break the monotony.

A workspace is not four walls and a roof. It is something more than that. People spend their active life at this place thriving to attain some common objective. You need not always spend a huge sum for elevating the office environment. Only a few changes in the design and layout can make the workspace more conducive to creativity. Here are some suggestions on how you can have a creative office space for inspiring the employees.

Make the workspace flexible.

Most of the office works are now done on laptops. So, you should discard the theme of getting employees stuck to their desk. Such things create monotony and fail to get the best out of the employees. You must have the mindset to create multiple workspaces including couches, big tables, break-out space for allowing the employees to work the way they like. When they are happy with the working environment, they will be able to think most creatively.

Include a break-out place

Having a break-out place in the office allows the employees to be out of the paramount professional stress. Here they can relax, have fun, and can also share things with different groups. This helps them to do brainstorming and find easy solutions to a large number of critical problems. Some next-gen companies are in favor of including a playroom, as many creative ideas can emerge from a serious gaming session in between work.

Colors can induce creativity.

Although every individual has some preference for colors, in general colors have an immense effect on how people feel and behave. Studies show that blue is the best for stimulating the mind, yellow for inspiring creativity, and green color induces calmness. It is; therefore, better to change the color of the office for setting moods in the office. In case this is not possible, then introduce some colorful accents so that the workgroups are surrounded by the color that suits their work.

Bring in the natural light.

Having a wall-to-wall glass window lets plenty of natural light invade the workspace. Studies show that natural light positively influences creativity and also increases productivity.  In case, it is not possible; then you can make use of the windows. Open those up, and let the employees have a nice view of the outside landscape. This will refresh them up and help to think creatively.

Consider indirect lighting

If it is not possible to bring natural light into the office, then give a thought for improving the illumination system of the workspace. Replace the orthodox fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling and, opt for zonal lighting or indirect light the bounces off the ceiling and the walls. While the zonal lighting will make the employees more focused, the indirect light will create a soothing experience and help the employees to be more creative.

Infuse mobility in the office

Studies show that those who are glued to their desk, they have their perspective glued to the same point. So, make the office live. To have a free exchange of ideas between different groups, you must build a community working place where people from different areas can work together when they like to do so. This will have a very good impact on the creativity of the employees.

Use greens to build a creative environment.

Embellishing the outdoor and indoor of commercial buildings with live plants make the place more productive. When you have potted plants or topiaries in the office, this influences the employees greatly and improves the cognitive attention other than improving the aesthetics. Thus, they become more productive. Outdoors adorned with hedges also make the commercial setting inviting and welcoming to the customers.

But, it is better to use artificial trees and plants.

The artificial trees and plants are zero maintenance products and involve no further cost. When you use the fake hedges, mats, screens, rolls, topiaries, and green walls, you need not do any trimming or pruning to keep them in shape. These do not shade leaves and, therefore, you are free from the worry of clearing the mess from your commercial setting. The great thing about the faux landscaping elements is that these never attract any insects and, as such, you get an office space free from insect attack. As these are independent of sunlight, you can place them even in the dimly lit indoor, which is not possible with live plants. The fake botanical items are so life like that none can feel the difference by seeing. These are fade resistant and can withstand sun, rain, and snow. Being infused with fire-resistant chemicals, these have self-extinguishing property and deliver a safe office environment.

TopiaryAny outdoor or indoors landscape looks incomplete without topiaries. Topiaries have a charming feel to them. Now with the breathtaking range of topiaries offered by HedgeScapes, you can give your landscape a captivating new persona.

Several Available Varieties For You To Choose From

The topiaries offered by HedgeScapes come in several interesting varieties. From beautiful azalea topiaries to juniper topiaries, boxwood topiaries, Ivy topiaries and Pearl grass topiaries, there is something here for every need and preference. Further, these lovely realistic and lifelike topiaries are also available in exciting, fun and unique shapes. The basic shapes include the cone topiaries, spiral topiaries, and ball topiaries. For people who wish to have unique topiaries installed in their landscape, HedgeScapes offers animal-shaped topiaries and custom-made logo topiaries.

Fire Retardant Topiaries For Your Safety

While a lot of people are often very apprehensive about installing faux landscaping products in their homes, offices and outdoor spaces due to their susceptibility to fire, in the case of the topiaries offered by HedgeScapes you need not worry about any such mishaps. The HedgeScapes topiaries are treated with a special innovative technology called ThermaLeaf®. The raw materials of the landscaping products are impregnated with fire retardant chemicals that prevent the plants and trees from going up in flames and play a vital role in keeping your landscapes, surroundings and loved ones safe.

Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Topiaries For Your Landscape

Another excellent and noteworthy feature of the faux topiaries is that these landscaping products can tolerate all types of weather conditions. They can be placed in both outdoor and indoor settings without any worries. The raw materials of the topiaries are treated with special chemicals that make them completely weatherproof and fade resistant. Even when exposed to the hard rays of the sun, the artificial topiaries will not lose their color or fade. Further, these plants can also withstand heavy rainfall, snowfall, and humidity without deteriorating in quality and can endure for years on end without any hassles.

Lightweight And Easy To Install

One great and noteworthy feature of the artificial topiaries offered by HedgeScapes is that these faux landscaping products are extremely lightweight and very easy to install. Unlike in the case of real plants, you will not need to hire laborers and landscaping artists to install these gorgeous topiaries in your landscape. One or two people at the most are more than enough to lift up and move the topiaries into the desired site of installation.

Durable And Sturdy Topiaries For A Long Lasting Experience

Besides being classy and elegant looking, the faux topiaries are also very sturdy and durable. These lifelike and realistic looking landscaping products can last for years on end without spoiling, fading or deteriorating in quality. Further, if you wish to use the topiaries only for occasions and festive decorations, when not in use the plants can be stored away without any problems. These landscaping products have an extremely long shelf life and can stay intact for a very long time.

Easy To Maintain And Provide Care To

Another excellent feature of the artificial topiaries is that unlike real topiaries the faux ones are very easy to maintain and provide care to. In the case of the real topiaries, you would need to hire a professional gardener to repeatedly trim the plants to keep them in shape. Further, the real topiaries would also require regular watering, pruning, and change in the soil. In the case of the faux topiaries offered by HedgeScapes, you don't need to provide any care or maintenance. A simple sprinkle of water is enough to keep these gorgeous topiaries looking fresh and new.

Places Where The Faux Topiaries Can Be Installed

The best part about the faux topiaries is that they can be placed in a wide range of settings. Here's a list of places where these plants a popularly installed:

  1. Trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, party halls, conference rooms and meeting rooms.
  2. Hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, bars, pubs, and lounges can also be decorated with these lovely topiaries.
  3. Office buildings, office receptions, office cabins, malls, theatres, hospitals, doctor's clinics and dentist's clinics are great places to install the faux topiaries.

Very Cost Effective And Affordably Priced

Although the artificial topiaries may loom extremely costly and expensive, in reality, they are not. These faux landscaping products are very affordably priced and can be ordered in large quantities without you having to worry about a dent being caused by your savings. Further, the topiaries do not require maintenance and professional care from landscaping artists and gardeners who will cost an arm and leg to hire, thus making them very cost effective too.

Botanically Correct And Lifelike Topiaries

Another excellent feature of the topiaries and other landscaping products offered by HedgeScapes is that these plants and trees are manufactured to resemble their real counterparts in an identical manner. The leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits look absolutely like the real plants do. Even the most trained eyes can be fooled into believing that these plants are real plants and not artificial ones. The color of the fake leaves and flowers are also the exact resemblance to the real ones.

Custom Made Topiaries For Your Landscape

For those of you who are observing to get a silk topiary in the shape of your company logo or the shape of animals and so on, HedgeScapes offers the service of manufacturing custom made logos to fit your needs and requirements. However, the custom-made topiaries need to be ordered in large quantities or bulk orders. With your very own custom-made topiaries, your landscape will turn out to be extremely unique and unlike any other.

Now don't waste another minute and place your topiary order with HedgeScapes today. We guarantee that these topiaries will be one of the best long-term investments you will ever make. Your neighbors, family members, staff members and friends will be impressed with your new landscape.

Artificial TopiaryHave you finalized the huge space for opening the new sprawling shopping mall meant for designer garments and accessories? If that part is done, then the next step is to do up the indoor and outdoor landscape decoration. Selection of intelligent and smart decor items is the key to make your property appealing, and it should be done in such a way that it creates a first impression and positive impact in the minds of the purchasers, and you become successful in increasing the footfalls in the mall.

Items meant for decoration, if has some influence of nature can serve the purpose completely. In fact, even for employees working in the stores, can get some good vibe from that, and thus their productivity can also get increased. Any plants and trees, whether it is big or small, shrubs, creepers, boxwood wall, topiary trees or green walls can be the apt decor item choice, but maintaining them can be difficult. Appointing extra manpower and buying stuff required for maintaining these live botanical beauties will compel you to incur extra cost.

Hence, artificial botanical items should be installed as an alternative solution, as they will have the same impact like the real plants and trees but will be highly cost effective.

Why are the strong reasons for choosing faux foliage like artificial outdoor topiaries instead of living topiaries?

There is a struggle always going on between real and artificial botanical foliage, but for decking up huge and luxurious properties like corporate offices, casinos, amusement parks or even five-star hotels, the faux ones are always preferred, not only for their flawless appearance but various other reasons. They are:-

  • The original plants and trees cannot survive if kept in conditions not suitable to them. While the fake ones can handle any temperatures and climatic conditions.
  • Proper exposure to sunlight, shade and regular watering is a must need for live plants and trees. The replica of the original botanical items will never require any of these.
  • For retaining their healthy look, the real plants will need to get trimmed, pruned and shaped at regular intervals. But the artificial ones will never require you to perform any of these methods.
  • Buying suitable fertilizers and pesticides is a must for maintaining proper health of live botanical beauties. The fake ones are made to repel insects and won't let you spend any money on buying any of these products.
  • For any unknown reasons the real plants may die or decay anytime, but the faux replica of the original will retain its fresh look all your life.

For making any exterior or interior landscape decor come alive where to look for these fake botanical items?

HedgeScapes is the company name, which has been researching every day and manufacturing the best-known quality of artificial botanical foliage. Since 40 years they have made a unique reputation in the market of staying in the number of a spot concerning demand and popularity in the hearts of the customers. Any fake boxwood plants, fake hedges, boxwood mats, tiles or green walls in their most realistic form can be found in their huge collection.

This becomes possible because the company has hired the reputed industry botanists, landscape architects, graphic designers, and engineers, to form their manufacturing team. Any dull luxurious landscape can be transformed by using these artistic products. If you require, the company professionals even help in providing landscape designing ideas. They are immensely helpful and entertain buyers of a single piece and even customers asking for wholesale rates for bulk orders.

HedgeScapes's faux botanical items possess some unique properties, what are they?

Premium quality of the silk is used in manufacturing these replicas of the original botanical beauties, and they can attract everyone's attention at a glance. The various useful properties they have are listed below:-

  • These fake foliages are manufactured with 100% guarantee against any fire-related hazards. Special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated on their surface for serving to this important property.
  • No harsh thundershowers and constant exposure to harmful UV rays can affect their appearance and cause color fading. This is feasible due to the implementation of permaLeaf® technology during the process of manufacturing.
  • For ensuring very high commercial grading, the raw materials and technology used for manufacturing these fake beauties are of very high standard.
  • The chemicals used in the products are completely non-toxic, this quality makes them completely fit for indoor landscaping needs.
  • The products are lightweight and very easy to install. Though instruction manuals are provided with each product once they are purchased, on your request, the company can even handle the installation procedure.

What are the variety of faux botanical landscaping products, you can source from the collection of HedgeScapes?

Looking to create a look with topiaries for outdoors and indoor, all leading landscape designers who are appointed by huge corporate houses for their landscape decor solutions, prefer boxwood topiary balls artificial from HedgeScapes. Any fake boxwood rolls, mats or tiles in your choice of pattern and foliage is present in their collection. If interested in faux hedge screenings, the available variety is Azalea, Boxwood, Light-green pearl grass, Dark green pearl grass, English Ivy and also Juniper hedge.

Extremely durable and perfectly suitable to sustain in any weather or season, these fake botanical landscaping items can be customized as per any shape or size specifications. If you are decking up the landscape of a luxurious boutique resort, for a pool party you can choose the temporary screens too, for your decorations. These temporary options are perfect for any party or event decorations.

For any of your queries, you must visit the official website of the company. Browse through the site and ask for the catalog and get some ready ideas for landscaping.

TopiaryHedges are the most versatile among all landscaping products. Hedges have a long history in landscaping, and these lustrous plants can boost up any space. Talking about landscaping of the urban commercial premises none can ignore the artificial boxwoods including artificial outdoor topiary and other hedge varieties. No matter what is the type of the commercial spaces, the HedgeScapes products have something for every commercial setting like theme parks, art galleries, large corporate house, luxury hotels & restaurants, municipal buildings, and casinos, etc.

If your commercial space does not have many visitors, then it is sure that there is something wrong with the look. People will only have an idea of the quality of the business when they step into your business premises. But, that is not going to happen, if the outdoor is not attractive and impressive. And, good indoor landscaping will also help to turn the visitors into loyal customers.

Business means working with people and overhauling the exterior, and interior landscape of a commercial space contributes to the overall growth of the business. This blog aims to let you know what you can do with HedgeScapes products.

Can recreate an ordinary setting to extraordinary

Maybe, your commercial outdoors like pathways, lawns, look blank delivering a dull and drab look. Or, the reception desk, conference hall looks dry and stairs may also appear to be bare and barren. No worry, you can fill up the voids in your commercial spaces with varieties of HedgeScapes landscaping elements. Using HedgeScapes hedges, screens and green walls you can define space and create private spaces in the commercial setting. With artificial boxwood topiaries, you can make your stairs attractive, and these can also be used for making focal points inside the commercial space.

Use ravishing mats and rolls in the welcoming area.

Whether your business will have loyal customers and clients, totally depend on the impression your commercial space make on the minds and how they were treated when they visited the professional space first. For making people loyal to your brand, you must have stunning pathways and welcoming areas. HedgeScapes mats and rolls can let you have a green carpet that the visitors would love. Luxury hotels, restaurants, and even large commercial houses need sophisticated landscape for connecting customers. HedgeScapes mats and rolls are easily installable and offer a sophisticated look.

Create awesome landscape with animal and form topiaries

If you wish to make your landscape innovative, there is nothing like using the HedgeScapes animal and form topiaries. Animal topiaries are available in the form of elephants, lions, giraffe, etc. and can also be customized to fulfill any specific requirement. You can use different animal structures to convey different feelings like lions for a regal ambiance and like that. When these are combined with topiary trees artificial collections, they hike the beauty of your commercial space. You can also include characters and themed arts for conveying your business themes.

Use artificial green wall.

Maybe you have dull walls full of blemishes surrounding your professional space. You can remodel these using HedgeScapes green walls. These mimic botanical elements will hide all wall flaws and also give it a superb look. Visitors will also be impressed with such fascinating fake greenery. Thus, you will be able to create a nice buzz about your business, and it will contribute to the growth of your business. These work well for luxury restaurants, theme parks, and your visitors will be happy to take selfie against these walls during special occasions.

Create cool business ambiance with fake boxwood

Landscaping has become a dire necessity and ‘go greens' is the call of the day. No doubt, that lush green ambiance brings in a positive vibe and that is why you can synchronize your professional space with plants of boxwood size. The dense, lush green foliage of the artificial boxwood hedges delivers an appealing look to all those present there. With its geometric shapes, these are ideal for both indoors and outdoors as well. These are not specific to a season, and so, you can enjoy the same look round the year. Moreover, unlike natural hedges, these do not attract insects, so chances of insect attacks are eliminated.

Surround with external privacy screens

No matter if you own luxury resort or sauna bath, you can create a nice green environment using HedgeScapes screens. Privacy is of utmost importance in such commercial spaces for giving the customers a comfortable, cozy and secured feeling. These are in ways better than traditional walls, as these let sun rays in, add beautiful texture to the commercial setting and at the same time, ensure the privacy of the visitors. Screens are distinctly different from other products and build a mesmerizing landscape to the delight of the visitors.

You can use artificial topiary for displaying your business.

Other than manufacturing landscaping products for decorating with silk plants, HedgeScapes also make letters, logos, and signs from fake topiary. You can use the topiary letters for writing the name of the business and can also display the business logo of your brand with lush green topiary plants and can use topiary signs for directing the gusts to their destinations.  Thus, your commercial setting will have more visitors, and there will be more business through these loyal customers.

HedgeScapes greens are durable and safe.

There are many imitation greens available in the market, but HedgeScapes are differently better than those, as these are made from foliage manufactured using the innovative PermaLeaf® and ThermaLeaf® technologies. So, you can rest assured that these are made from high quality, fabric, color, and resin and can tolerate all weather conditions. Since these are treated with special UV resistant chemicals, they will never discolor or fade. These are also impregnated with special fire retardant chemicals for adding self-extinguishing properties. Thus, you have a product that is durable and safe.

TopiaryIf you have a business, you will certainly have the day to day inflow of customers and visitors in your premises. Additionally, you will also have employees working for you, in this situation you cannot take the risk of leaving any stone unturned regarding impressions created in their minds about your business. Because the first impression is the strongest one, therefore to define your business statement to your clients, you need to keep your place ready every time for the strongest impression. This is the fact for which business and corporates spend a lot of money for establishing an eye-catchy and elegant interior as well as exterior decor.

Also, now there are numerous artificial plants and trees available in the market at low costs. Therefore people prefer nature-based decorations for their spaces. Moreover, with these faux products, you can enjoy the real beauty of landscaping without the headache of maintenance as well as higher costs. SO, let's explore various classy faux options using which you can enjoy landscaping adventures for your space.

Artificial Hedges for Multiple Usage

Whether you need to create boundaries for your space or privacy screen around the different sections of your premises, the artificial hedges can help you in many ways. Hedges are a dense formation of artificial boxwood leaves shaped in the desired manner as per the user requirements. These look ideal when used with a combination of faux foliage in the outdoor landscape. Sometimes, businesses may need to surround their outdoor or indoor area with a boundary line, then use these faux hedges instead of grills or brick walls are the best idea to enhance the appearance of your space. Hedges are made up of high-quality plastic and are highly durable. You can get created a plastic hedge for your space exactly according to your dimensions.

Varieties of Artificial Mats

Faux boxwood mats are the building blocks of a landscape. These are mainly used, but not limited as artificial outdoor greenery. Your premises may have a good amount of space outdoors or maybe indoors; it is the best idea to get it covered with these faux mats to create an awesome feeling of lush green landscape. However, green mats are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs like wall mats, floor mats, and even custom shapes. You can choose from the great range of foliage varieties like azalea, boxwood, ivy and more and go with the one that fit your landscape. These mats are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor areas.

Faux Mat Rolls for Modern Looks

Artificial mats rolls give you an easy and quick way to transform your space into a contemporary landscape. These can be utilized and installed anywhere around your space. These are crafted and given only custom sizes so that these can suit your exact decor requirements. These are ideal to be used as wall coverings, floor covering or covering any of your large space. Both indoor and outdoor space can be complemented with these faux mats. Incorporated with the latest technology, these can stay undamaged for years in your landscape. You can place these along the lines of indoor as well as outdoor landscape combining with colorful flowers, fruit plants and other kinds of foliage.

Artificial Privacy Screens

Do you want to privatize several parts of your office creatively? Go for artificial privacy screens. The faux privacy screens consist of beautifully crafted artificial foliage with dense leaves resulting in a perfect screen like structure for your walls. Whether you want to hide your ugly walls or just want a complete partition between two sections of your space, these can completely meet all your needs. Just specify the size and style of these screens to your provider, and you will get perfectly installed resin privacy screen outdoor as well as indoors.

Logo And Letter Topiaries for Businesses

You might want to highlight your business emblem or logo in a creative and elegant way. Nothing can be more creative than showcasing your logo in the form of green topiaries located on the front place of your office. You can have small to medium as well as large topiary frames are given custom shapes as per your business logo or letter to showcase your business signature elegantly. This is the best way to represent your corporate style to your customers or visitors. These logo or world topiaries are not only suitable for businesses but are also ideal for birthday parties, special occasions, formal gathering, denoting company location and more.

Highly Creative and Entertaining Faux Animal Topiaries

Are you an animal lover and want to create animal topiaries for your space? Whether you need it for your residential space, entertainment center or any commercial establishment, artificial plants can get your demands of animal topiary fulfilled due to their much flexible and adaptable nature. The animal topiaries are limited just up to your imagination hence anything imaginative can be framed in the form of topiary using artificial boxwood foliage. The animal topiaries are widely being used by theme parks, entertainment centers, gaming areas, water parks, restaurants, etc. as the artificial boxwood shrubs used to create them reflects a wonderful feeling and sense of being close to nature. These also look classy for a special occasion as well as holiday decorations.

Faux Standard Topiaries for Creative Decor

In artificial landscaping products, you can find a wide selection of standard indoor and outdoor artificial topiary plants in a wide variety of standard shapes and textures. The most common and popular types of topiaries include balls, cones, spirals, and square that can be used to decorate the space in numerous ways. These add unique statement and elegance to space. These can also be utilized solely as well as with other combination of foliage like flower arrangements etc. to add extra decor features.

Artificial Boxwood TopiaryIf you are bored with your commercial environment and find that not many people are crowding your restaurant, amusement park, theme park; then it is high time that you should consider redesigning the landscape of your business surroundings. Landscaping of a commercial property has the paramount influence on the advertising of the business. Revamping the commercial landscape does not necessarily mean that you have to be extravagant. This can be done in a wallet friendly way, without compromising the appealing aspect of the commercial setting.

Lack of a pleasant landscape design is found to be the main reason for the business recession in most of the cases.  A good landscape that is connected with the architectural design of the place and theme of the business, no doubt, increases the popularity of the place. When you include some natural elements in corporate decoration, this immediately connects with prospecting clients, besides keeping the existing customers loyal to your business. In spite of being a great option, this brings in a box-load of maintenance related problems, and for this reason, artificial foliage is prevailing over the live plants.

Among all artificial landscaping elements, topiary plays an important role in the corporate landscaping of shopping mall, massive corporate complex or luxury resorts. While you design the boundary with outdoor artificial plants and trees; the artificial topiaries deliver the best landscaping solution. The greatest thing about the faux topiaries is that they are available in various forms, and you can turn these into any shape for complementing your business theme. Using these for your indoor and outdoor decoration of the business place, you can take the business environment to the next level with great confidence. While adding a natural vibe is not easy, this incredible and versatile landscaping product can make your corporate landscape awesome.

Installing artificial topiary outdoor trees happen to be the perfect choice for corporate landscaping maneuvers. Whether it is a private hospital, water park, lounge of any exotic bar or a casino hallway, you can blow up the glamor and grandeur of both indoor and outdoor with the right selection of artificial topiaries. The mesmerizing effect of the fake topiaries does not stop at this. They further ensure that the people who visit the business place feel relaxed and inspiring when they found them in the close vicinity of these lively pseudo natural landscaping greenery.

You cannot but love HedgeScapes products

If you surf the net, you will find that HedgeScapes have been a prime manufacturer of artificial topiary outdoor trees, hedges, mats, screens, rolls, letters, logos, topiaries replicating animals and forms, walls for more than four decades. Having a team of experienced botanists, designers, engineers, and architects, they make the lifelike topiaries indistinguishable from natural versions. These are made strong, sturdy and safe by following the PermaLeaf® and ThermaLeaf® technologies.  Place it indoor, or at the outdoor of any exhibition or lobby of a shopping arcade, they will glow there throughout the year. With their bold and striking appearance, they will make the commercial space so impressive and memorable that your customers will drop in love with their pristine beauty at first sight.

Countless varieties of the replicated topiaries

HedgeScapes have a wide collection of outdoor artificial plants and trees. Topiaries replicating the live versions have a wide array of size and shape. You can get these artificial landscaping products as balls, cones, spirals, square and hedges made from prime quality boxwood foliage that includes Azalea, Ivy, Juniper and Pearl Grass. Other than these standard shapes, you can also buy animal and form topiaries from HedgeScapes. In case you own an amusement park, you would like to have a replica of elephant and other animals. No worry, HedgeScapes can craft the fake topiaries in any form. Should you want some characters or trimmed art, those are also available. Depending on the availability of area you can get these in sizes measuring several inches to several feet to match the surroundings.

Faux topiaries are safe and long time investment

While fake topiaries have a universal appeal, the animal & form topiaries are classical. Unlike the live ones, these are independent of seasons and, therefore, can maintain the same luster throughout the year. Just install them in your indoor or outdoor space and simply forget about them. These no-maintenance landscaping elements will stay there for long delivering their mesmerizing charm with a little periodic dusting. HedgeScapes fake topiaries are manufactured using ThermaLeaf® foliage that is made fire retardant by impregnation method. Being made from high-quality Silk foliage, these do not cause any allergic reaction to those who come nearby.

How to infuse topiaries in the corporate landscape

HedgeScapes replicated topiaries are the most sought after decoration accessories for both closed-chamber and open-air landscaping. When prudently added to any commercial setting, they enliven the space with their aura of freshness. Using HedgeScapes products, you get countless options for meeting your landscaping perspectives. It is better to choose faux topiaries depending on the availability of space making sure that the product complements the theme of the business. You can straightaway get these in standard shapes or can seek for expert help for a special type of animal or form topiary for adding elegance and style to the business place. 

These can be used in combination with fake grass, mats, etc. or can be blended with live plants for uplifting the corporate ambiance. Choosing the right place is also important when landscaping with fake topiaries.  You can place it on the reception desk, hallways or in open air lawns as per your need. Letters and logos made from mimic topiaries also help to convey the initial message to the onlookers. If you expect guests in the evening, as in the casinos, you can illuminate the fake topiaries for rendering a charming ambiance. Why wait? Revamp your corporate space for generating more revenues.

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