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FoliageEvery commercial setting needs to make their business presentable in a befitting manner for generating revenues. It includes everything from architecture to decoration. Landscaping is the most effective option for revamping both indoor and outdoor in a commercial setting, and it impresses both employees and all those who step into your business premises. Studies on human behavior indicate that people become more energetic when they are near nature and, therefore, a lush green ambiance will naturally improve the efficiency of your employees besides making a lasting impression on the customers, clients, and guests.

Although we always think of live plants first for going green, it is not that easy for corporate landscapes, as natural trees and plants need regular caring that calls for dedicated manpower and ultimately involves extra cost, which is not at all welcome because of the cut-throat competition for survival. Artificial foliage lets the owners, architects, and designers have a unique alternative for successful landscaping projects. There are many variants of this item for fulfilling different landscaping needs, and HedgeScapes is a prime manufacturer of this decorative element. This write-up aims to delve into the essentials that you should know.

Near limitless options to choose from

HedgeScapes artificial foliage is available in many categories such as

  • Hedges: Help to define spaces and denote boundaries.
  • Mats: Have diverse landscaping uses in different business spaces.
  • Screens: Excellent for ensuring privacy at the poolside and lawns.
  • Rolls: Excellent for instantaneous creation of a green lawn by just unrolling.
  • Letters, Logos & Signage: Creates an excellent visual impact on the business.
  • Topiaries: Available in cones, spirals, and balls, these deliver super duper decoration.
  • Animal & Form Topiaries: Built-in animal forms, characters, and themed art, these can revamp any commercial setting
  • Green walls: The best option to have inspiring exterior and interior walls.

Each of these items has many variations based on their size, baseboard, types of foliage used and different applications of the elements and can also be personalized to meet special landscaping needs of the customers.  All these make the faux foliage spectrum almost limitless for practical purposes.

Landscaping is very easy with artificial foliage.

Backed by the skill and expert of their team containing botanists, engineers, designers and landscapers, HedgeScapes can make their fake foliage a mirror image of their live cousins. These are so lifelike that even the most experienced eyes also cannot feel the difference visually.  You have to touch these to see if those are real and these also melt beautifully with live plants. As these are available in standard bases or on frames, these can be easily installed anywhere effortlessly.

Places where you can use artificial foliage

HedgeScapes replicated foliage can be used for indoor and outdoor landscaping of any commercial space like

  • Massive corporate houses
  • Government offices and municipal buildings
  • Luxury hotels and restaurants
  • Shopping Malls and Exhibition Halls
  • Multiplexes, bars, and casinos
  • Exotic resorts, sauna baths, and spas
  • Amusement parks, theme parks, water parks
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities

HedgeScapes foliage needs minimal maintenance

Artificial foliage from HedgeScapes needs bare minimum care for keeping them glowing. Unlike the live plants, these do not require special soil, regular watering, fertilizing and spraying pesticides. Once you include these in your commercial indoor or outdoor, only periodic dusting is sufficient to keep them shining. Moreover, like the natural foliage, these never go out of shape or outgrow the space and hence, you are relieved from regular trimming and can save on cost.

Unique manufacturing technologies make these durable and safe.

HedgeScapes artificial foliage is produced using the highest grade of color pigment, plastic materials, resins and injecting unique UV stabilizers following PermaLeaf® technologies. Thus, the fake foliage is independent of climate change and never discolors or fades even when continuously exposed to the scorching sunrays. Aside from using PermaLeaf® grade foliage, HedgeScapes also uses ThermaLeaf® technologies for manufacturing replicated foliage. These are infused with special fire retardant chemicals, by injection molding, during the manufacturing process. The foliage passes all fire safety tests and conforms to the requirements of the state laws making those legal and safe to use.

You can have clean surrounding using artificial foliage.

One of the best features of landscaping with these near natural foliage is that you get a clean surrounding. Unlike the live foliage, these never wilt or shed leaves and thus deliver a clean surrounding.  So, for commercial settings like healthcare facilities, hotels restaurants, etc., where cleanliness is the first and foremost concern, the fake foliage gives total relief.

Unique customization facilities to let you have what you need

No matter, if you like to have artificial foliage for different landscaping elements, HedgeScapes has everything in their arsenal. Whether you want to use the decorative product for a few months or want the same to stay there for years together, you can get the right foliage for every landscaping situation. The foliage is also available in realistic leave structures of azalea, English ivy, juniper, dark green and light green pearl grass.

Added advantages for fake foliage

Other than what has been dwelt on, you can also enjoy added benefits by landscaping with faux foliage.

  • Provides versatile solution for all landscaping needs
  • Unlike natural foliage that shines in a specific season, the faux foliage glows equally throughout the year.
  • There is no chance of mold growth, and hence no mold allergy is possible.
  • Does not attract insects and, therefore, your business place will be free from insect attacks.
  • Pets are not also attracted to the fake foliage and, hence, there is no chance of pet damage.
  • Being artificially made, the fake foliage is immortal and continues to adorn the commercial setting for a long time making it a cost-effective and onetime investment option.

SignageThe lush green, captivating and realistic looking foliage signs and shapes can be customised to fit your specific needs and requirements. Whether it is in the form of your company logo or the shape of a dollar sign or any other shape or sign, HedgeScapes will cater to your exact requirements. These gorgeous looking plants will give your office a bright and creative vibe. The signs can be placed in both indoor and outdoor settings. The foliage sign in the shape of your company logo can be placed in the building garden to add beauty to the surroundings and capture the attention of clients and people passing by.

Fire Retardant Foliage Signs And Shapes

A noteworthy feature of the foliage shapes and signs is that these landscaping products are completely fire retardant. A special technology named the ThermaLeaf® technology is used in the manufacturing process of these landscaping products. Through this process, special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated with the raw materials. These chemicals prevent the finished products from being susceptible to fires and going up in flames. Thus, these signs and shapes can be installed in your office safely without you needing to worry about the safety of your staff members or the office premises.

Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Foliage Signs And Shapes

Now it doesn't matter whether your office space is centrally air-conditioned, or even has an outdoor seating area. The foliage signs and shapes offered by HedgeScapes are completely weatherproof and can tolerate all kinds of climates. A particular technology called the PermaLeaf® technology is used during the manufacturing of these plants. Through this technology special UV stabilizers are injected into the raw materials. These stabilizers ensure that the finished products do not fade or lose their color when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Further, these foliage signs and shapes can also be exposed to torrential rain, heavy snowfall, and excessive humidity but they will not spoil or deteriorate.

Require No Maintenance And Care

Another excellent feature of the foliage signs and shapes is that these artificial landscaping products require minimal or no maintenance. In the case of real foliage signs and shapes, you would require a professional gardener or landscaping artists to repeatedly trim and cut the foliage to keep it in shape of the sign or logo. Further, the real foliage would also require regular watering, pruning, and care. In the case of the faux foliage signs, none of these hassles crop up. They can be placed in and around the office without any worries, and you need not even stress about them shedding leaves and creating a mess in your corporate space.

Affordable Décor Products That Promote Your Company's Brand

Once you have received the order of your plants in the shape of your company logo, you can pretty much place these landscaping products anywhere to gain publicity and promote your brand name. You can place these signs outside your office building, in trade shows and conventions and even exhibitions to gain the attention of consumers. Further, these landscaping products are very affordably priced and cost-effective. They can be purchased in large quantities without you needing to worry about a hole being burnt through your pocket. These signs and logos can be used as an indirect form of advertising that will cost you probably less than half of what a real advertisement would cost.

Can Be Placed In A Wide Range Of Places In And Around The Office

The foliage signs and shapes can be placed in several different location and spots in and around the office. Some of these places include:

  1. Office cabins, office lobby, reception area, meeting rooms, conference rooms are some of the places that these landscaping products can be placed in.
  2. Office main gate, office garden, pantry or kitchen, branch offices, inside party halls when there is an office party being held are some more spaces where these plants can be installed.
  3. Besides the office spaces, the foliage can also be installed in exhibitions, trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, kiosks and other commercial spaces where the company would like to promote its brand.

Extremely Lightweight And Easy To Install

Another noteworthy feature of the faux landscaping products is that they are very light and can be moved around with ease. The installation process of these foliage signs and shapes is also very easy courtesy the easy to understand instruction manual that is dispatched with the products. You will not need to hire a group of laborers or a landscaping artist to complete the installation. One or two people are more than sufficient to complete the installation without any hassles.

Sturdy And Durable Foliage

The foliage shapes and signs are extremely sturdy and durable. These landscaping products can last for years and years on end without deteriorating or spoiling. These signs and shapes also have an extremely long shelf life and can be comfortably stored away when not in use. Purchasing the landscaping products from HedgeScapes will be one of the best long-term investments you will ever make. Not only will these plants and trees liven up the surroundings of your office but you won't need to make repeated purchases of the same because of their amazing quality and long lifespan.

So if you're seeing to give your office a whole new customised vibe that promotes your brand in an affordable and inexpensive way, placing an order for the customised foliage signs and shapes is the best way to go. These landscaping products will be one of the best long-term investments you will ever make, and we guarantee that your clients, customers, visitors and competitors will be left awed and amazed. Don't waste another minute and place your foliage signs and shapes order today!

TopiaryAny outdoor or indoors landscape looks incomplete without topiaries. Topiaries have a charming feel to them. Now with the breathtaking range of topiaries offered by HedgeScapes, you can give your landscape a captivating new persona.

Several Available Varieties For You To Choose From

The topiaries offered by HedgeScapes come in several interesting varieties. From beautiful azalea topiaries to juniper topiaries, boxwood topiaries, Ivy topiaries and Pearl grass topiaries, there is something here for every need and preference. Further, these lovely realistic and lifelike topiaries are also available in exciting, fun and unique shapes. The basic shapes include the cone topiaries, spiral topiaries, and ball topiaries. For people who wish to have unique topiaries installed in their landscape, HedgeScapes offers animal-shaped topiaries and custom-made logo topiaries.

Fire Retardant Topiaries For Your Safety

While a lot of people are often very apprehensive about installing faux landscaping products in their homes, offices and outdoor spaces due to their susceptibility to fire, in the case of the topiaries offered by HedgeScapes you need not worry about any such mishaps. The HedgeScapes topiaries are treated with a special innovative technology called ThermaLeaf®. The raw materials of the landscaping products are impregnated with fire retardant chemicals that prevent the plants and trees from going up in flames and play a vital role in keeping your landscapes, surroundings and loved ones safe.

Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Topiaries For Your Landscape

Another excellent and noteworthy feature of the faux topiaries is that these landscaping products can tolerate all types of weather conditions. They can be placed in both outdoor and indoor settings without any worries. The raw materials of the topiaries are treated with special chemicals that make them completely weatherproof and fade resistant. Even when exposed to the hard rays of the sun, the artificial topiaries will not lose their color or fade. Further, these plants can also withstand heavy rainfall, snowfall, and humidity without deteriorating in quality and can endure for years on end without any hassles.

Lightweight And Easy To Install

One great and noteworthy feature of the artificial topiaries offered by HedgeScapes is that these faux landscaping products are extremely lightweight and very easy to install. Unlike in the case of real plants, you will not need to hire laborers and landscaping artists to install these gorgeous topiaries in your landscape. One or two people at the most are more than enough to lift up and move the topiaries into the desired site of installation.

Durable And Sturdy Topiaries For A Long Lasting Experience

Besides being classy and elegant looking, the faux topiaries are also very sturdy and durable. These lifelike and realistic looking landscaping products can last for years on end without spoiling, fading or deteriorating in quality. Further, if you wish to use the topiaries only for occasions and festive decorations, when not in use the plants can be stored away without any problems. These landscaping products have an extremely long shelf life and can stay intact for a very long time.

Easy To Maintain And Provide Care To

Another excellent feature of the artificial topiaries is that unlike real topiaries the faux ones are very easy to maintain and provide care to. In the case of the real topiaries, you would need to hire a professional gardener to repeatedly trim the plants to keep them in shape. Further, the real topiaries would also require regular watering, pruning, and change in the soil. In the case of the faux topiaries offered by HedgeScapes, you don't need to provide any care or maintenance. A simple sprinkle of water is enough to keep these gorgeous topiaries looking fresh and new.

Places Where The Faux Topiaries Can Be Installed

The best part about the faux topiaries is that they can be placed in a wide range of settings. Here's a list of places where these plants a popularly installed:

  1. Trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, party halls, conference rooms and meeting rooms.
  2. Hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, bars, pubs, and lounges can also be decorated with these lovely topiaries.
  3. Office buildings, office receptions, office cabins, malls, theatres, hospitals, doctor's clinics and dentist's clinics are great places to install the faux topiaries.

Very Cost Effective And Affordably Priced

Although the artificial topiaries may loom extremely costly and expensive, in reality, they are not. These faux landscaping products are very affordably priced and can be ordered in large quantities without you having to worry about a dent being caused by your savings. Further, the topiaries do not require maintenance and professional care from landscaping artists and gardeners who will cost an arm and leg to hire, thus making them very cost effective too.

Botanically Correct And Lifelike Topiaries

Another excellent feature of the topiaries and other landscaping products offered by HedgeScapes is that these plants and trees are manufactured to resemble their real counterparts in an identical manner. The leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits look absolutely like the real plants do. Even the most trained eyes can be fooled into believing that these plants are real plants and not artificial ones. The color of the fake leaves and flowers are also the exact resemblance to the real ones.

Custom Made Topiaries For Your Landscape

For those of you who are observing to get a silk topiary in the shape of your company logo or the shape of animals and so on, HedgeScapes offers the service of manufacturing custom made logos to fit your needs and requirements. However, the custom-made topiaries need to be ordered in large quantities or bulk orders. With your very own custom-made topiaries, your landscape will turn out to be extremely unique and unlike any other.

Now don't waste another minute and place your topiary order with HedgeScapes today. We guarantee that these topiaries will be one of the best long-term investments you will ever make. Your neighbors, family members, staff members and friends will be impressed with your new landscape.

HedgeA little greenery in workspace uplifts the mood of employees and promotes a healthy working environment along with leaving a good impression on the clients.

Transform from boring to engaging

The perfect geometrical shapes of faux hedges blend into any corporate setting well. Being botanically viable these hedges look indistinguishable from the real ones in both color and texture. These are available in custom dimensions to fit properly in any indoor or outdoor landscapes. The wide range of faux hedge varieties along with excellent servicing makes these products apt for decorating any corporate office landscape. A variety of foliages are also available for different customer preferences and to make the selection process easier there are catalogs featuring the products and also some of the notable works by HedgeScapes.

Hassle free décor

These look indistinguishable from natural hedges and added to that there are several benefits, one of the most important being completely maintenance free. Faux hedges can be made for both permanent and temporary uses with varying baseboards for different purposes without compromising on their natural look. The commercial grade materials used in manufacturing them ensures maximum durability of all the products. There are also certain obvious benefits of using faux hedges, which include allergy and pest free environment, no water damage, no requirement of staffs to take care of these products and most importantly, these artificial, yet natural looking hedges will beautify the office by looking the same way for many years, without much wear and tear.

Versatility of faux hedges

Faux hedges come in different varieties like English ivy, azalea, juniper, pearl grass and finally the most popular among them being boxwood. Thus there are lots of options for deciding the variant according to the customer preference. Additionally, there are also scope to choose various forms for different spaces and installation needs. For example, the common faux hedges are popular for being used as boundaries, and mats serve the purpose of a wall or floor coverings, rolls can be used to cover large spaces like lawns and screens can be used as privacy barriers for covering any unwanted view from the visitors.

Safety assured

These products are manufactured using two most popular and safe engineering techniques available in the current market, which are PermaLeaf and ThermaLeaf technologies. This ensures that the products are of good quality and their lively colors do not fade for years even on exposure to harsh climatic conditions. The ThermaLeaf technology guarantees that the products are fire retardant and follow the international fire safety standards. Thus the safety concerns of the clients for using these products in the interior or exterior landscapes are completely eradicated.

Splendor of artificial hedges

HedgeScapes specializes on faux hedges of several varieties and offers the clients to choose from different variations like mats, screens, rolls, topiaries, etc. Thus for every office and occasion, there are several ways in which these faux botanical beauties can be used, to make the surroundings more lively. Moreover, greenery is known to uplift the moods of people and hence inserting hedge mats, or screens in the office can increase the productivity of the employees and ensure a healthy work environment. The exceptionally good quality foliage used for fabricating these products guarantees that they last for a long time, making them worth every penny spend on them.

Installation guide

Installing artificial landscaping beauties can prove to be difficult and might as well require help from equipment which is not very common. Thus to make the installation process easier, all the crucial hardware like washers, nuts, and bolts are provided along with the products itself and the instruction manual has an elaborate description for fitting the artificial botanical beauties perfectly. The lightweight material ensures that the products can be carried around the workspace without using any handling equipment. The products can be installed by anyone, irrespective of whether they have any prior experience in installing faux hedges or not, and also, it does not require the need for any special tools other than those already found in all toolboxes.

Endless customization options

Since natural hedges are bushes and most often are arranged in numbers to form different shapes, it is really easy to think of any pattern from them. Although it can be a little tricky to shape natural hedges, the faux hedges from HedgeScapes have no frontiers when it comes to customization. Starting from letters, logos and signage to shapes of animals, birds, etc. only imagination is the limit in a way that these artificial botanical beauties can be shaped. There are countless sizing options and even the baseboards, foliage variety and frames can be selected depending on various factors like location, number of uses, permanent or temporary setups and other such criteria.

Fast and precise

With a large variety of products that are already stored in the warehouses, the clients can expect the shipment to be really fast and precise. Even emergency situations where the client might need the shipping to be done on the same day, for a special occasion like office parties and inaugurations can be arranged on request. Almost all the products can be easily installed by the clients without much trouble, but in case of large installations, the company also provides services to make the setup fast and hassle-free for the clients.

Large On-Hand Inventory

We have a large warehouse that is filled with products ready to ship out immediately.

Custom Quotes

Custom quotes are readily available for any request you may have, whether large or small.

Installation Available

Installing products within your design can be troublesome so we provide the service for you.

Same Day Shipping

We offer same day shipping so if you are in a rush there is no need to worry.