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Artificial Landscaping ProductsNo matter what business you are in, none can deny that interaction with people, especially the clients and customers, is the core activity of all businesses. Whether you are organizing an exhibition or a luxury hotel lounge, you have to make the commercial space more energetic for your employees and customers as well. All of us spend more than one-third of our life span in a commercial complex and, therefore, we have to make such places as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

While customer satisfaction is the prime objective of every business, a dull commercial space is sure to be repulsive to the customers and enough to mar the purpose. Studies show that people have some inherent affinity to associate with the natural element. When a commercial setting is decorated with live plants, it automatically becomes a preferred one in the eyes of the onlookers. But, using live plants and hedges bring in many collateral hassles. They require many things from the right soil, fertilizers, pesticides, water, etc. to keep them live and you have to prune them periodically to arrest unwanted growth. But, with artificial hedges you do not have such headaches and, therefore, the artificial topiary outdoor trees are liked by everyone.

Whether you own a large corporate house, government office complex, shopping mall, posh hotel & restaurant, exotic bar and casino, amusement park, theme park, luxury spa, etc. using HedgeScapes products with outdoor artificial plants and trees is the best landscaping choice.

One brand many products

HedgeScapes have been enjoying the position of a prime manufacturer of fake hedge products for various corporate landscaping requirements.  While HedgeScapes has a wide variety of artificial hedge themed landscaping products, knowing about the following seven types will give a good understanding of their product range:

1. Hedges: Coming in standard bases, the fake hedges are the best for defining spaces, pathways and denoting boundaries of any professional setting. 

2. Mats:  The artificial box wood mates are the essence of all hedge themed landscaping products and can be used for diverse applications in different commercial spaces.

3. Screens: The fake outdoor privacy screens come with a strong and sturdy base and can be used to flaunt a stylish green wall to make the visitors cozy and comfortable.

4. Rolls: These artificial landscaping products come in ready-to-install option. Simply unroll it to turn your otherwise dull and drab place into a mesmerizing green lawn.

5. Letters, logos, Signage: Available in many shapes, sizes and styles, these are sure to create an impressive first visual about the theme of the business.

6. Topiaries: You can have any of standard boxwood topiary or animal topiary forms depending on your landscaping needs.

7. Green Walls: This unique HedgeScapes product is made using different types of foliage and in various patterns and can deliver awe inspiring exterior and interior walls.

Different varieties

HedgeScapes hedges are made after the natural version, and there are almost endless varieties. There is something to fit every preference; from light to dark green hedges and hedges adorned with flowers. Choosing anything from Azaleas, Boxwood Hedges, English Ivy, Junipers, and Pearl Grass in different bases are possible. Depending on the purpose, you may opt for foam, wooden and metal base boards. While the rolls, mats, screens, letters are available with realistic leaves and in different sizes, you can purchase topiaries in animal forms or distinct characters and also as abstract pieces of art.

Defines space and elevate privacy quotients

When you run a luxury restaurant or exotic bars or a large holiday resort, or an amusement park, varieties of people visit such places at the weekend. The problem with such commercial settings is that these have limited space where many guests have to be accommodated most comfortably. By clever landscaping with mimic hedges, mats, screens you can define many separate places within the commercial setting. Further, when a commercial space is divided into many parts using fake screens and walls, this creates a pseudo natural ambiance preferred by all. People visiting the place take less time to rewind them into a happy and relaxing mood. This makes the place ideal for relaxation and also for cracking tough business deals.

Excellent manufacturing technologies

All HedgeScapes artificial landscaping products including artificial topiary outdoor trees are meticulously manufactured from prime quality material making those durable. High-quality color pigments, fabrics, and resins are used to make these inert to climate changes. HedgeScapes has a team of highly qualified persons including, botanists, engineers, and designers, etc. who continuously thrive to make the outdoor artificial plants and trees indistinguishable from the natural versions. No spraying of chemical is also involved in the manufacturing process; all required chemicals are inhibited into the product through injection molding while manufacturing is in progress. Thus, the end product becomes entirely realistic and durable.

Features you would love

No one is going to use any artificial landscaping product that fades away after some time. Keeping this mind, the HedgeScapes artificial topiary outdoor trees and other landscaping accessories are manufactured using ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® technologies. PermaLeaf® ensures use of premium quality color pigments for creating the most natural live green foliage. These pigments have a high degree of light-fastness and UV protection, and thus, you need not worry about color fading when exposed to scorching sun rays.  Moreover, the pigments used in manufacturing are extremely stable to heat and, therefore, the outdoor artificial plants and trees stay inert to temperature variations. Being non-toxic, these do not cause any health hazard.  Many fire incidents have been reported where the artificial landscaping also helped in spreading the fire. By using the innovative ThermaLeaf® technologies, the HedgeScapes hedge products are made inert to fire. Special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated to the foliage during the manufacturing process making these safe for use in all outdoor and indoor landscaping projects.

Green WallsGreenery is the foremost choice of all the businesses and commercial owners for decorating their indoor as well outdoor in a unique way. In various kinds of faux greenery nowadays, the faux green walls are in high demand due to the unique design and style they deliver to your workplace. Green walls create enhanced invigorating environment leading to better productivity and improved mental health. Artificial green walls offer you a quicker and easier way to add a greener life to your setup leaving hectic landscape installations behind. Below are the top 10 reasons that tell you why one should buy HedgeScapes green walls.

1. Say No to Maintenance

When an idea of adding a landscape or greenery comes in our mind, the first thing that makes us worry is the regular maintenance need of plants. But these HedgeScapes artificial garden walls eliminates the need of all such daily care, you just need to give it an initial installation, and these will last with keep blooming in your commercial area for years. The best part with these walls is that you can have coverage in even those areas where your living plants get limited like your reception area, conference rooms or similar indoor spaces. Faux green walls also come in design where they have been made especially for indoor environments.

2. Choose from Variety of Patterns and Styles

Along with other outdoor artificial plants and trees, the range of HedgeScapes green faux walls come in a large number of patterns and styles that fit your custom specifications. Whether you want to create an oval shape, the square shape or circle shape in your wall design or want to add a custom shape of your favorite bird, animal or more, everything is possible with them. These patterns will look like prints on your green walls. If you have a specific design idea in mind, you can also get that implemented on your artificial landscaping green wall with HedgeScapes. Walls can be designed for both indoor as well outdoor setups of your commercial space or workplace.

3. Do You Need Large Wall Installation? - HedgeScapes is Ready

Whether you need faux green wall installed for a small office set up or for a multi-tier hotel or commercial building, HedgeScapes team is capable enough to take care of all kinds of your wall installation needs. With prior vast experience with large scale hotels and restaurants, you can have the assurance that your investment on artificial landscaping will offer you equal return regarding enhanced look of your commercial area. The designs and styles for large installations are decided on the aesthetical features of the place and on the fact that what will be best suitable for a particular area.

4. Cost Effective Decorative Solution

Artificial green walls are an amazingly pocket-friendly solution with which you need not compromise on looks and appearance. You can achieve realistic landscape like looks with these walls at a price that is a fraction of the sum that you will need to invest if you are using real plants. The purchasing and installation cost of these faux walls is less than those of real plants. Besides installation, as you don't need any irrigation system as you will not demand to water, so it implies that you will don't need to invest in their maintenance as well.

5. Give You the Option to Create A Custom Design Wall Idea

Artificial green walls are creative options for your office or commercial space that even at budget friendly prices can offer you vast decorative paneling options to suit your space in the best way. With these, you cannot only stick to the standard design rather can come up with innovative design ideas to implement on your indoor or outdoor area.

6. Make Your Space Look Lively

HedgeScapes faux green walls are the perfect creation that can add glamor and life to even your drab indoor and outdoor spaces. It's up to your imagination and creativity how you utilize these walls for your space. Their application is possible in every area ranging from water parks, hotels restaurants, office outdoor, indoor reception area, retail stores, parks, hospitals, showrooms and more. These replicate the looks of real plants and therefore can make your space appear soothing, relaxing and energetic.

7. Offering Decorative Privacy Screens Both Indoors and Outdoors

The use of faux green walls is not just limited up to decorating your space rather these can also be installed to privatize particular area of your space. For example, you may have concrete walls or iron grills created as a boundary for your premises; these can be enhanced beautifully by installing garden walls. These faux green walls will be increasing your landscaping area while also giving your building a natural green or colorful appearance. Even in your indoor area if you need to create partitions, faux walls work perfectly for this as well. Along with giving you a private and separated area, these make your indoor look lush green and exciting.

8. Latest Innovative Technology Incorporated

The HedgeScapes green walls incorporate ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® treatments to make the walls last for long and keep your place greener and fresh. IN addition to this, faux green walls also exhibit water and fire resistant properties and therefore can withstand various weather conditions. Whether you utilize them for outdoors or indoors, these are capable of coping with all the environmental conditions without losing their charm and life.

9. Highly Easy Installation - Making Them Preferable

When we talk about real planting process, everything needs to be done with proper care from sowing, watering, pruning and all; a tiny mistake can make the plant get dried. And one can imagine how much care will be required to make green walls from real plants. But with HedgeScapes artificial green walls, it is quite easy to establish greenery to your space as walls will come designed to your place and you just need to assemble them and install without any clutter. This ease of installation has also grabbed the attention of various landscape lovers towards artificial garden walls.

10. Easily Portable and Reinstallable

Faux green walls by HedgeScapes are highly light weighted and therefore don't require much efforts to make any style or design adjustments even if you want to do it yourself. You can transport these walls easily without any specialized workforce.

Artificial Boxwood TopiaryIf you are bored with your commercial environment and find that not many people are crowding your restaurant, amusement park, theme park; then it is high time that you should consider redesigning the landscape of your business surroundings. Landscaping of a commercial property has the paramount influence on the advertising of the business. Revamping the commercial landscape does not necessarily mean that you have to be extravagant. This can be done in a wallet friendly way, without compromising the appealing aspect of the commercial setting.

Lack of a pleasant landscape design is found to be the main reason for the business recession in most of the cases.  A good landscape that is connected with the architectural design of the place and theme of the business, no doubt, increases the popularity of the place. When you include some natural elements in corporate decoration, this immediately connects with prospecting clients, besides keeping the existing customers loyal to your business. In spite of being a great option, this brings in a box-load of maintenance related problems, and for this reason, artificial foliage is prevailing over the live plants.

Among all artificial landscaping elements, topiary plays an important role in the corporate landscaping of shopping mall, massive corporate complex or luxury resorts. While you design the boundary with outdoor artificial plants and trees; the artificial topiaries deliver the best landscaping solution. The greatest thing about the faux topiaries is that they are available in various forms, and you can turn these into any shape for complementing your business theme. Using these for your indoor and outdoor decoration of the business place, you can take the business environment to the next level with great confidence. While adding a natural vibe is not easy, this incredible and versatile landscaping product can make your corporate landscape awesome.

Installing artificial topiary outdoor trees happen to be the perfect choice for corporate landscaping maneuvers. Whether it is a private hospital, water park, lounge of any exotic bar or a casino hallway, you can blow up the glamor and grandeur of both indoor and outdoor with the right selection of artificial topiaries. The mesmerizing effect of the fake topiaries does not stop at this. They further ensure that the people who visit the business place feel relaxed and inspiring when they found them in the close vicinity of these lively pseudo natural landscaping greenery.

You cannot but love HedgeScapes products

If you surf the net, you will find that HedgeScapes have been a prime manufacturer of artificial topiary outdoor trees, hedges, mats, screens, rolls, letters, logos, topiaries replicating animals and forms, walls for more than four decades. Having a team of experienced botanists, designers, engineers, and architects, they make the lifelike topiaries indistinguishable from natural versions. These are made strong, sturdy and safe by following the PermaLeaf® and ThermaLeaf® technologies.  Place it indoor, or at the outdoor of any exhibition or lobby of a shopping arcade, they will glow there throughout the year. With their bold and striking appearance, they will make the commercial space so impressive and memorable that your customers will drop in love with their pristine beauty at first sight.

Countless varieties of the replicated topiaries

HedgeScapes have a wide collection of outdoor artificial plants and trees. Topiaries replicating the live versions have a wide array of size and shape. You can get these artificial landscaping products as balls, cones, spirals, square and hedges made from prime quality boxwood foliage that includes Azalea, Ivy, Juniper and Pearl Grass. Other than these standard shapes, you can also buy animal and form topiaries from HedgeScapes. In case you own an amusement park, you would like to have a replica of elephant and other animals. No worry, HedgeScapes can craft the fake topiaries in any form. Should you want some characters or trimmed art, those are also available. Depending on the availability of area you can get these in sizes measuring several inches to several feet to match the surroundings.

Faux topiaries are safe and long time investment

While fake topiaries have a universal appeal, the animal & form topiaries are classical. Unlike the live ones, these are independent of seasons and, therefore, can maintain the same luster throughout the year. Just install them in your indoor or outdoor space and simply forget about them. These no-maintenance landscaping elements will stay there for long delivering their mesmerizing charm with a little periodic dusting. HedgeScapes fake topiaries are manufactured using ThermaLeaf® foliage that is made fire retardant by impregnation method. Being made from high-quality Silk foliage, these do not cause any allergic reaction to those who come nearby.

How to infuse topiaries in the corporate landscape

HedgeScapes replicated topiaries are the most sought after decoration accessories for both closed-chamber and open-air landscaping. When prudently added to any commercial setting, they enliven the space with their aura of freshness. Using HedgeScapes products, you get countless options for meeting your landscaping perspectives. It is better to choose faux topiaries depending on the availability of space making sure that the product complements the theme of the business. You can straightaway get these in standard shapes or can seek for expert help for a special type of animal or form topiary for adding elegance and style to the business place. 

These can be used in combination with fake grass, mats, etc. or can be blended with live plants for uplifting the corporate ambiance. Choosing the right place is also important when landscaping with fake topiaries.  You can place it on the reception desk, hallways or in open air lawns as per your need. Letters and logos made from mimic topiaries also help to convey the initial message to the onlookers. If you expect guests in the evening, as in the casinos, you can illuminate the fake topiaries for rendering a charming ambiance. Why wait? Revamp your corporate space for generating more revenues.

Form TopiariesCrafting a well-nourished landscape is often a dream, which becomes true only when given a lot of effort. Needless to say, not everybody is blessed with such magnanimous amount of patience, more so time! Whether for the indoor or the outdoor, topiary artificial trees are an absolute treat, which creates a picturesque view undoubtedly. With the real ones playing hard to get, the HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary are a definite choice for people, especially because of the several unique forms in which these are available.

Identical, Yet Effortless

Green, serene and environment-friendly cushion is somewhere everyone wants to be with more and more industrial forests everywhere. These artificial hedges, which comes in various forms and great quality, reinforces this desire even more.  It is, even more, fun if such faux creations come in the shape of animals, which makes everything all the more real and natural. Whether for creating an extravagant outdoor of a shopping mall or holiday office decorations, these easy-to-get nature-friendly atmospheres are something which is sure to become everyone's goes to. These HedgeScapes Animal and Form Topiary is an innovative way to recreate any landscape as they look real and one can hardly distinguish them from the natural ones.  

Different Forms, Indefinite Styling

Get innumerable options to style both exterior and interiors of a building with shapes of artificial hedges in any fashion you like it. For topiary décor, these beautifully designed un-real hedges are available in the shape of animals like elephant, horse, and even human beings! Besides the shape of animals, these pretty and luscious looking artificial hedges are also capable of taking the shape of cartoon characters and abstract designs as well. Depending on the occasion and user's requirements, these HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary can be molded beautifully. Since these artificially created green foliages come in various forms, they can be used for several occasions and spaces. Whether for birthday or anniversary functions; for designing the interior and exterior spaces, HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary just serves right. 

Not Just Better, But Best!

Aided with state-of-art construction these artificial foliages are available in various types. To demarcate the landscaping boundaries with faux greens, HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary are available in Azalea, Juniper, Pearl Grass, Ivy, and Boxwood variety. To carve these fiber foliages with every detail, experts give their best opinions, making them livelier and natural looking. With realistic architecture, these synthetic foliages are available in dark or light green, which resembles the natural leaves with not many flaws to detect! Contouring the corporate offices, restaurants, cafeterias, both inside and out with these faux boxwood mats of various types is an adventure.

Not So Real, Yet So Classy

To create the most durable artificial HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary, special technologies are used. Let us go through some features that make these real looking artificial plants better in so many ways:

  • Durability is the most important factor, which makes the faux foliages significant in outdoor and indoor landscaping. They can last for years against the real ones, which can suffer from several infestations.
  • Low maintenance cost is a specialty as well. Once installed, these HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary does not require any additional costs. 
  • Not only does it have low maintenance but is also free from inputs such as light, fertilizers, manures, etc. as they are not living.
  • Another advantage of not being real on the inside is that insects do not settle on these beauties, keeping them healthy looking always.

Where to Install?

The HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary gives many choices and options to the consumer installing it making it everyone's favorite. Not only can these be installed easily but also in several manners and ways. With 100% durability, these foliages mimicking the real ones can be well established under the Sun as they are designed with UV protection techniques. These HedgeScapes Animal and Form Topiary can be installed on a permanent as well as on a temporary basis for a month or even a day. Just like mood changes, so does the desires and hence they can be easily shifted from time to time with changing demands. Products of these types are sometimes created just to quench the user's demand for a single occasion or multiple ones. These are so created that they can be used either in several ways or even in a single dimension. It is the need of the users based on which these faux synthetic foliages are abstracted. 

Well Designed, Well Protected

Built in with ThermaLeaf® technologies, the HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary comes with pigmentations, which will not scrunch a bit under the longwave radiations from the Sun. To make these finely crafted beauties stand tall and sustain harsh scenarios, required UV stabilizers are used to provide them with a long-lasting shield. To make them even more sustainable in variable situations, a type of commercial resin is incorporated while they are manufactured. Experts from the disciplines of Botany, Landscape Architecture, and Horticulture help manufacture the foliages resembling just like the natural ones with absolute sincerity. 

Safe and Easy

The real foliages no matter how pretty they might be, they come with a baggage of disappointments like the chances of catching fire and helping the trail, attracting infests, and so on. In this regard, the artificial hedges stand out immensely as they come with PermaLeaf® technologies. They do not aggravate the situation by catching fire rather they have fire-repelling properties. Apart from being safe, they are easy to handle. Just about anyone can install them in the front of a mall or at the parks with no special tools required.

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