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Business LogosOf late the number of urban commercial spaces has increased to such an extent that it becomes essential to outline a commercial space. The current business scenario is all about presentation, and it is tough to grow if you cannot think out-of-the-box to make your commercial space alluring to the customers and clients. Hundreds of guests, clients, and customers visit a business area and a large number of onlookers also folk around. As a business organization, your prime objective is to lure the customers and hook them to your business for sustenance and growth.

No matter what is the nature of the service provided, every business has a story of its own. For creating a visual identity, the commercial settings have logos that act as a visual cornerstone and become synonymous with the brand of the business. But, just creating a logo does not deliver all the benefits that it is meant for. If the logo of your business, office or any other commercial space leaves no mark in the minds of the people, the very purpose of creating the same is defeated. Making logos and signage with HedgeScapes artificial topiary decor elements provides the best solution for people always fall for natural elements.

For landscaping with artificial outdoor topiary plants, one has to consider the nature of the business and the ambiance to be created. Whether it is an enormous corporate house or a government office complex or prime hotel & restaurant, or Luxury sauna bath or spa, any theme park, exotic bars and casinos, hospital or any other commercial setting, displaying the name of the business in letters made of fake foliage helps to add style and elegance. When it combines with the logo made of topiary artificial trees, it is sure to take your business miles ahead of others.

Going green elevates a space

Using artificial topiary decor for creating business logos and letters for writing name is an awesome way to take any professional setting to the next level. Studies show that people have a natural tendency of liking anything that mimics nature and when you use artificial outdoor topiary plants for landscaping the lawns, gazebos, porches, welcoming area or any other place, it creates positive vibe and everyone around, from employees to visitors, feel more relaxed and content automatically increasing the efficiency of the commercial space.

Choose what you like from endless options

While trying to present your business in a different form, you have to be imaginative. For giving a facelift to your commercial space, you have to convey your quality and class in an extraordinary way, and the HedgeScapes artificial topiary decor can help you out in this respect. These can be turned into logos, letters, and signage for making the front of your professional space chick and classy. You can select anything from Azalea, Boxwood, Juniper, and Pearl Grass. HedgeScapes artificial letters and logos are available for both indoor and outdoor applications and temporary and permanent use as well.

HedgeScapes logos and letters specialties

HedgeScapes topiary artificial trees can be used in any commercial setting like theme parks, luxury hotels, exotic restaurants, shopping malls or anywhere you can name. Being the first visual of the business, logos made of artificial foliage help to capture the attention of all these who pass around. Business names displayed by letters made of fake foliage are real treating to the eyes. Moreover, when landscaping of any professional space is done with artificial outdoor topiary plants of different shapes and sizes, it ensures customer delight. Even you can make appropriate signs using these.

Amazing features

HedgeScapes artificial foliage and topiary artificial trees are packed with all premium features of ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® technologies. The hedges and foliage used for making logos and letters are made of high-quality plastic materials and these are made botanically correct to look like the natural versions. The prime quality color pigment is used for making the foliage realistic. These are also made UV resistant using PermaLeaf® technology, and this makes them keep their lush green appearance for long in all weather conditions. Another unique feature of the fake hedges is their fire retardant property obtained through ThermaLeaf® technology. These are made fire retardant by impregnating special chemicals into the foliage during the manufacturing process. As no spraying of chemical is involved, these mimic hedges retain their fire retardant property for long. These conform to the requirements of all specifications, pass relevant fire tests and also meet the state fire requirements.

Added benefits

Other than introducing natural vibes to your commercial space, these have many other benefits making fake foliage letters and logos an ideal choice.

  • Low maintenance and cost effective: As the logos and letters are made of lifelike foliage, they never grow and, as such, there is no need of periodic trimming for keeping the letters and logos in shape. Only periodic cleaning is sufficient for maintenance. This benefit makes using fake letters and logos a cost efficient option.
  • Stay there forever: Being made of replicated foliage, these never wilt, shade leaves or die. Moreover, these are made of a fade-resistance material, and no discoloration is done by sun rays. Once incorporated, they stay there for long.
  • No mold growth or water damage: The logos and letters are mostly used outside, exposed to all weather conditions. Being made of high-quality plastic material these are inert to water and climatic changes. Using these there will be no mold growth or water damage.
  • Customized to needs: HedgeScapes mimic foliage letters and logos can be made in any shape and size to meet the particular requirements of the customers.
  • Safe to use: The HedgeScapes Signage, letters and logos are manufactured fire retardant following ThermaLeaf® technologies. These meet all fire safety requirements and, therefore, absolutely safe for both interior and exterior landscaping projects.

Artificial Foliage ScreensA commercial space or office always needS privacy created for certain areas. Whether it is your outdoor premises boundary, covering your patio, creating a partition in your indoor space or more, people love to use faux foliage screens to separate areas from one another. The best advantage of using these screens is that you don't need to build a wall using brick and mortar as these can better work as the alternative while also giving a colorful appearance to space. The artificial foliage is not only perfect for decorating space perfectly rather these are used to safeguard the privacy and security of your office, commercial building, restaurant or more. So, if you are looking for a combination of privacy and beauty for your yard, faux foliage screens are the ideal choice for you.

Ideal for Any of Your Building Location

The artificial hedges used to design faux foliage is highly flexible. Due to its durability and pliability, it can be given a geometric shape of any kind suitable for a particular area. And this makes faux foliage screens perfect for any of the corner of your building or office. Whether you want to create a greener place outdoors or a soothing environment indoors, these can fit to all the aesthetic properties of your space easily without many efforts. Ranging from outdoor boundaries to decorating walls of your office, you can have everything designed as per your preferences.

Outstanding Decor for Special Occasions

The utility of these faux foliage screens does not limit up to creating a landscape for your commercial area, but these are also ideal for making your place shine even in any of your special event, holiday office decorations, commercial outdoor Christmas decorations, etc. You can get topiary decor created for a special event surrounded by a bunch of artificial flowers, colorful plants and decorative lights as well. The artificial greenery offered by faux foliage will be indifferentiable from their real counterparts. Their realistic looks create a mesmerizing effect for your event quite easily.

Dense Outdoor Faux Screen with Topiaries & Large Trees

The faux foliage has too many options for your commercial environment if you are looking to enhance its architectural beauty along with having a privacy guard. If you want to go beyond traditional hedges, you can get artificial topiaries designed. The faux foliage comes with dense leaves that let you create a solid structure for your office. For creating privacy screens, besides hedges, you can place topiaries together, and these will offer your space an attractive and technically solid shield. Multiple large artificial trees can also be used together to form privacy screens. For giving much enhanced and eye-catchy looks, colorful flowers can be combined with screens in a wide range of styles.

Secure Barriers for Your Premises

Artificial foliage screens contribute greatly in creating privacy of your premises. The height of these screens can go beyond 2-3 meters easily and therefore can offer you a secure environment along with enhanced elegance. These are capable of uplifting the moods of your visitors and thus are ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor areas. Nowadays businesses are finding these screens ideal for areas like cafeterias, restaurants, waterparks, amusement parks and similar. Such fun-filled environments appear more close to nature with these artificial hedges. Not only such fun and entertainment places but offices, shopping malls, retail stores, etc. also find these faux screens ideal for their premises.

Fire Retardant Features Make These Much Safer

When we consider artificial foliage for our space, the most common concern could be concentrated towards the safety of premises against certain accidents like fire burst. But the ThermaLeaf® technology incorporated in these artificial hedges resolves all our worries. This technology adds a special fire retardant feature to these faux foliage screens, and thus these won't let such emergency situations make condition serious. In addition to fire retardant properties, this technology also adds life to these plants by providing them the power to withstand even most critical environmental conditions. These are UV stabilized and therefore won't get fade away even in extreme sunny days.

Quick and Hassle Free Installation

All kinds of faux foliage screens are highly easy to install. In commercial environments, landscape installation seems hectic as it can cause the disturbance in working routine, customer dealing and all. But with these faux plants, the installation has become hassle free. These come designed as per your requirements, and you just need to keep these on to the appropriate place. The installation does not require hours of work, and you can even get these disassembled or removed whenever you need to have a change in design. For large installations like large screen installation, most of the artificial plant companies offer on-site installation services with which you can have panels installed at your place quickly.

Versatile Solution for Your Landscaping Needs

All the faux foliage screens come designed with PermaLeaf® technology that ensures your artificial landscape does not fade away or damages due to the effect of rain, heat, cold weather or similar environmental conditions. These products are highly versatile as these can be made to occupy any of your architectural properties with easy customizations. Ranging from small scale to large scale screen installation needs, all can be achieved using artificial green screens. Whether your purpose is to build a landscape for your commercial space or add a decorative green property for special events, these are considered ideal for all such preferences.

Choose the Faux Foliage Screen Size and Shape of Your Choice

The faux foliage screens come in standard sizes and shapes that fit into any normal space. However, if you have certain unique as well as personalized design needs, you can pick the customized sizes and shapes that can suit your commercial area perfectly. Due to the flexible and adaptable nature of these artificial hedges, these can be made to fit all your design requirements conveniently. Even your customized orders can be created and installed quickly.

Artificial Foliage MatsCommercial buildings like the offices, restaurants, shopping malls, corporate sector have to deal with a lot of people on a daily basis, and apart from the corresponding services they provide, the outlook is very important to make a long lasting impression on the visitors and make them visit the place again and again. The landscape design has to be of the top quality and needs to be updated to modern standards to make the place a happening one. The artificial topiary decoration is one of the most trending design ideas, and it is doing wonders to ordinary landscapes.

Everything you need to know about faux plants

Talking about the landscaping at restaurants, malls, public buildings, etc. or holiday office decoration, they need strict adherence to the quality standards and has to be innovative and beautiful to make a lasting impression on the visitors. Along with that, they need to be easy on maintenance and economical to help reduce the costs of landscaping. Meeting these criteria with the original plants is impossible as they have some basic requirements and can't sort the requirements at offices and malls like a complete pest free environment and zero litter on surroundings. That led to the use of the artificial plants.

Now, fake plants, as the name sounds, don't have a fixed life cycle and can give service forever once installed. They don't need maintenance and regular watering also as the real ones do. That will free one separate person for maintenance of the landscaping items. They also don't need basic needs of living plants like sunlight, air, and optimum living conditions. So, you can have them placed almost anywhere in the building without much care.

Some special standards

ThermaLeaf®- by this technology, the artificial plant materials are impregnated with a special fire retardant chemical which makes it retardant to any accidental fire breakouts. It will stop the fire from spreading throughout the building in case of an accident and save lots of lives and property. The topiary décor meet the state fire standards. It is done in response to some of the cases of accidental fire breakouts at public buildings where the landscaping items helped the spread of fire.

PermaLeaf®- by this technology, the best quality materials, and coloring pigments are used in the manufacture of the topiary artificial trees so that they don't lose their color or fade away on exposure to the outdoor conditions or harsh environmental conditions like snow, rain, etc. the landscaping items can withstand considerable amount of UV radiations without fading away. It increases longevity as you can use them in landscaping for longer terms. 

Artificial foliage mats- amazing landscaping items

Fake foliage mats are unique types of topiary artificial trees which can do wonders to any landscape and turn any normal, dull landscapes into sparkling, lively one. It gives the touch of elegance to even the dullest walls and can be a very cheap remedy if you have imperfections on your walls. Any imperfections on the wall surface can be cured with the help of this. They have a mesmerizing look which can transform the outlook of any place. That is why it is widely used in almost all the famous public places. 

Some amazing features of the amazing item

Here are some of the striking features of the amazing artificial foliage mats:

  • They are completely customizable, i.e. you can get the product you want to your exact specifications including specific shapes as well. In case you need a larger space, small blocks will be attached before shipping. That will make it easier for use in public buildings.
  • In case you want artificial foliage mats for temporary use, i.e. you want to reuse it in some other location; there are ideal mats for that purpose as well. It will be very useful in case of renovation or if you want to redesign the landscape.
  • There are a lot of types from which you can pick your suitable option, English Ivy, Pearl glass of various shades of green, Azalea, Boxwood and so on. You may also choose to keep it simple and go for the standard mat. 
  • Though the widely use variety of artificial foliage mats include the durable type which is for permanent use, you can also pick the basic version which will last for the shorter duration.
  • They are not only useful in interior landscaping as you can use them in exterior landscaping as well. There are varieties for use in outdoor which will withstand the harsh weather conditions. 

Where can you use these amazing items?

The artificial foliage mats are of the finest quality, and they can be used in any

  • Restaurants or big cafes.
  • Any 5 star or luxurious hotels.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Corporate sector.
  • Hospitals.

Apart from these above-mentioned places, they are useful in theme parks, government offices, clubs, etc. which experience a lot of visitors on a daily basis.

What are the best locations to place them?

Outdoor- Among the outdoor locations, you can install them on any wall to give it a lively and greener approach. They can also work as effective screens or partitions to keep privacy. The mats will look fabulous on any surface and are designed to withstand the harsh environment. So, you can be free to choose your favorite location and turn it into a dream landscape with the artificial foliage mats.

Indoor- They can cover up an entire wall at the reception and be the center of attention. Putting them up in offices will give an immediate good impression about the company to the visitors and will also boost the morale of the employees. They will also convert any dull landscape into a lively one. They can hide any imperfections on the wall which may otherwise be a source of the bad impression. You can unlock your creativity and give any landscape a modern and elegant turnover.

Artificial Boxwood HedgesOutdoor Faux hedges and artificial hedges add privacy, attraction, and beauty to any institution or organizations such as government buildings, malls, theme parks, big restaurants, casinos, corporate houses, amusements parks and even in your garden. These artificial hedges are very handy and useful as they provide privacy from the public eye to the views you want to hide, meanwhile adding more greenery to those outdoor areas and landscapes. These outdoor fake hedges are made of high quality and face all the harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, hot temperature, and cold winter.

Benefits of Using Faux Hedges in Corporate Landscaping

  • Hedges provide privacy. Artificial garden hedges can be used to provide privacy if you are organizing any outdoor party or any outdoor corporate meet-ups or events.
  • They are also used to represent boundaries, instead of building a real concrete wall or making fences. That way it is easier as faux hedges are easily moveable if in case you need to open up the area anytime.
  • Faux hedges can be customized to fit the specific requirements of your establishment. You are provided with custom shapes, free sizes, and standard dimensions.
  • HedgeScapes uses ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf®. These are the agents that provide treatments to make their green hedges last longer than other artificial hedges you may find in the market.
  • They also last much longer than the original natural hedges. 
  • There are varieties of faux hedges available. Example: Azalea, Juniper, Boxwood, Ivy, Pearl Grass and much more.
  • These artificial hedges look real and feel like natural hedges in appearance.
  • They are easy to maintain since you would not need trimming them unlike real hedges as they will remain in the same form from the time of purchase.
  • They are UV rays protected, and the color does not fade.
  • They can also withstand temperature during summer, wild winds, cold weather, and snow etc. 
  • These faux leaves are resistant to acids and alkalis, which means safe from acid rain etc. in case if that ever happen.
  • They are made stain proof and no chance of shading color.
  • During manufacturing, fire safe chemicals are infused into the plant materials. Therefore their artificial trees and faux plants are fire resistant.
  • The silkiness of the surface will not allow the dust to settle down on them.
  • Artificial hedges are better as they do not invite unwanted insecticides, fleas unlike in real hedges.

HedgeScapes comes with three types of baseboard treatment or planter, which are wood, metal, and foam. Wooden baseboards are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They can withstand outbreaks of fire and bad weather conditions. Metal baseboard which consists of 4 gauge wire, and sag resistant are appropriate for outdoor landscapes such as at beach fronts, rooftops, windy surroundings, etc. Foam Planters are specially used for indoor purposes.

Types of Faux Hedges

HedgeScapes have eight types of artificial hedges.

  • Beauty Azalea, 
  • Pink Azalea, 
  • 12" Buxus, 
  • 24" Pockets, 
  • Juniper, 
  • Ivy, 
  • Dark Pearlgrass and 
  • Light Pearlgrass

Apart from these fake hedges, HedgeScapes have Mat, Screen, Roll, Letters, Logos, Signage, Animal & Form Topiary, Topiaries and Green Walls among their products.

There are even more to choose from. HedgeScapes provide you varieties of foliage for you to choose starting from traditional Boxwood to contemporary Azalea. They work with botanists to create all their realistic artificial leaves that you will ever find in the competitive market. The varieties also include dark-green pearl grass, English ivy, azalea, light-grass pearl grass, boxwood, etc. You can also buy accustomed standard boxwood and juniper hedges as they are more economical and seasonal. 

Their artificial hedges created with materials from pigments, inks, and fabrics are guaranteed to resist damage or depreciation. To provide the best products, they work with landscape artists, engineers, and botanists in designing every small detail while creating them.

User-Friendly Installations

The installation procedure of these faux hedges is also very simple to follow as they come with manual installation instructions. When you receive your order, they include all the hardware such as nuts, bolts, and washers along with it. You do not need excellent or distinguished tools to install them. Anyone can finish the installation by following the manual brochure. You can ask them to send support to help you install if you wish. These fake hedges are light in weight, so you do not need extra hands to lift them. 

Why HedgeScapes? Why them?

They are considered as the industry leader in manufacturing artificial trees, fake topiaries, and faux hedges, etc. covering over 50 countries across the globe with the high volume of satisfied individual customers. They have high profile satisfied corporate clients all along, including Disney, Hyatt, and Universal Studios just to name a some from the long list. 

Before ordering any of these artificial plants, faux hedges, artificial boxwood hedges, etc., you can always ask for more information of each of them, ranging from pricing, samples to a catalog of their hedge products. Product data files are also available on their website for free download. A support system dedicated to order will be available every step of the way starting from the purchasing process till they are delivered to your doorstep.

They also provide same day delivery service if you wish to get them on the same day so that you do not miss out on your deadlines.

You also have the options to choose between outdoor and indoor, temporary and permanent, multiple time used or only one-time use.

They use the latest modern equipment to create each and every single part of the faux plant, which includes leaf presses, die cuts, injection mold, blow mold and pour mold machines in their big warehouse. All these make them the leader in manufacturing faux hedges in the market.

Large On-Hand Inventory

We have a large warehouse that is filled with products ready to ship out immediately.

Custom Quotes

Custom quotes are readily available for any request you may have, whether large or small.

Installation Available

Installing products within your design can be troublesome so we provide the service for you.

Same Day Shipping

We offer same day shipping so if you are in a rush there is no need to worry.