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Artificial ScreenYour exterior complex is the property that contributes a lot to define the value of your commercial building. The outdoor area of your property needs to be engaging and inviting. However, along with beauty, it is important also important to establish a secure and safe outdoor area. Having a beautiful exterior space around your commercial complex does not mean that it is safe. Commercial property is at work during the whole day as well as night, hence being a commercial owner, it is crucial for you to create a safe landscape around your property. Keep below-suggested tips in mind to create a safe landscape.

Check for Low Spots around Your Turf

Low spots in the turf can make the pedestrians to fall. Sometimes, these kinds of spots can twist the ankles of the walking person and can cause minor as well as severe injuries. So, these low spots need to be filled either by filling those areas with soil or sod. This will help you establish a smooth and leveled turf surface.

Identify and Remove the Fragile Trees

We all love to establish a lush green and engaging lawn around our commercial property, but most of the time we just forget to keep an eye on the health of our plants. Any sort of negligence in offering proper care to our landscape especially large trees can lead to dangerous hazards sometimes. If you have trees in your commercial landscape, make sure to keep an eye on them regularly to check their health and any treatment required. Identify if there are any fragile or dying trees before the fall season because in the season of strong winds and storms, the chances of falling of fragile trees increases. Call a professional arborist and get leaned and oversized branches of trees pruned for safeguarding your property in advance. Proper care given to trees and plants will always keep your commercial building exterior safe and secure.

Keep Walkways Clean and Clear

Cleanliness of walkways of your commercial complex is a must because people of all kinds will walk around those. Make sure you keep the shrubs and vines around trimmed appropriately. Take help from a professional arbor or gardening staff as they have professional equipment to get the job done. The walkways need to be clear and properly visible so that your clients or employees can walk there safely.

Set Lighting System for Night At Place

Setting up good looking lighting points featuring wonderful features is a wonderful idea, but it is also crucial to make them fully functional for the night. The lights should be such that complete landscape points can be seen clearly along with walkways. Poor night lights can make your area unsafe giving rise to the possibilities of injuries and more.

Make Your Property Fire Safe

Fire threats are one of the biggest dangers for commercial properties. Electricity systems, generators, and similar high voltage devices give rise to these possibilities. At such a location, it is highly important to enhance the fire safety of the surrounding. The landscape should be designed keeping in mind those fire risks. A well-planned landscape by the expert can offer fire breaks thus helping to reduce the risk of fire hazards. Additionally, you need to have well-organized water resource system at the place to handle the emergency conditions.

For a highly safe and secure landscape, you can opt latest artificial landscaping products. Most of the artificial plants and trees nowadays are incorporating fire retardant properties to offer the safest interior as well as exterior landscaping. Artificial plants are infused with various fire retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process. Those chemicals help to reduce the risk of fire hazards by preventing the fire from spreading. Besides such safe nature of artificial plants, they are maintenance free. You don't need to invest your efforts as well as money on their upkeep. They just require occasional dusting and nothing else. Due to enhanced safety and ease of maintenance, most of the commercial owners are preferring artificial solutions for exterior and interior landscaping.

Keep An Eye on the Sprinkler Heads

If you have installed sprinkler heads around your exterior landscape, make sure to keep an eye on them whether they are staying safely below the ground or not. Sometimes, the sprinkler heads just get stuck a few inches above the ground rather than staying tucked below the surface. Above the surface sprinkler heads can cause injuries to people walking around your yard. Ask your supervisors or gardeners to regularly walk through the landscape to keep sprinkler heads at the place.

Keep Certain Areas Out of Reach of People

Your commercial property might have certain areas that might be harmful to the unaware public or people that work in your office. There might be electric boxes, telecom boxes, first-floor windows or highly dense landscapes that you might want people to stay away from. Just put a notice board on these properties or simply create fencing around possible places to keep the crowd away from these areas. This will add a safety feature to your commercial complex.

Privatize Your Commercial Complex with Dense Trees

Privatization of your commercial building is crucial. This not only hinders the ugly outside sights coming inside your property but also decreases the chances of burglary or similar crimes. For this, a dense cover of large and shady trees is the ideal choice. Grow dense shrubs or trees in line along the line of your building wall to create a large privacy screen around your complex. This kind of privacy screen created through a landscape will help you to increase the visual security.

HedgesA commercial building can be a lifelong source for the owner. That's why people find commercial real estate one of the most lucrative and attractive business. But, not all the time a real estate property offers an income that is worth the investment. One of the major reason for this is the lower market value of the property. Value of a commercial property depends upon a large number of factors, ranging from its looks, design, rent and much more. If you are finding your property low valued as per the market trends, here are some useful tips for raising the value of your property in the market.

Consider Property Repositioning

Property repositioning is one of the best ways to improve the value of a property. If you find your little property bit boring, dull or tired as compared to your competitors, it is time to consider repositioning of your commercial building. Repositioning adds some value to the property while also increasing the chances of increased rents and engage more tenants towards it. Repositioning also makes the property much easier to manage.

Open up Conventional Wall Based Buildings

Nowadays, most of the commercial spaces are incorporating opened up building styles rather than those conventional enclosed offices. So, if your commercial space is still following the old architectural style, it is a good idea to get it transformed. For this, you can install more contemporary and large sized windows by opening up the walls to create an inviting and open office plan. Open looks are the latest trend in commercial buildings that are not only loved by commercial owners but also by the employees. Also, if your commercial building is using metal or wooden doors currently, it is better to change those with glass doors for modern looks.

Create An Inviting landscape

A landscape is a kind of ornament for any commercial property. If your commercial property is lacking a perfectly organized and groomed landscape, it is advisable to plan and establish a lush green landscape to create a natural and engaging outdoor area. You can choose to plant native plants as these can add life to your property. Also, native plants or grasses require lesser care and attentiveness for growth as compared to other plants. A perfectly blooming landscape can add amazing value to your commercial building.

If you have a low budget and can't afford living plants for your interior or exterior landscaping, artificial landscaping products are the ideal choice for you. Most of the commercial owners are going for these solutions due to their ease of maintenance and delivery of highest grade quality. Artificial plants and trees are majorly designed of highest quality plastic and silk material combined with highly amazing craftsmanship that makes them exactly like real ones in look and feel. Unlike real plants, they don't require watering, pruning, fertilizing and more hence you can save a big sum that you otherwise need for landscaping maintenance. You can make exterior as well as interior landscaping products available for your commercial property and create a lush green and maintenance free landscape around your space.

Strengthen Your Parking Services

Parking is one of the most important facilities that a tenant looks for in the commercial property. If your parking services are poor or not properly managed, it is obvious that tenants will be reluctant to get your property on rent or offer a fair rent for it. Make sure that you have a well-managed parking system at the place and you can offer secure parking for your tenants' vehicles. Also, get the dull or discolored walls of your parking lots painted to make those look new and fresh.

Create an Inviting Feature

Anything that can grab the attention of tenants or onlookers towards your property is a good idea. If you have enough space outdoors, you can get that utilized by adding any engaging factor it like a fountain, any water element, a seating arrangement surrounded with a green lawn or anything that can offer an inviting feel to people. The appeal is something that also contributes to the overall value of the property. Since the majority of the commercial environments now prefer employee focused office spaces. And commercial buildings that can offer a satisfactory environment to the employees are always valuable.

Cut Down Your Expenses

There might be certain expenses that you may cut down to make your property as much profit giver as possible. Such as, you might be using conventional lightings in your building, replace those with latest energy efficiency lightings as they will offer better lighting system while also reducing your electricity bills. Even if you have fairly passed electricity bills to your tenants, they will also find it efficient and cheaper. In the same way, you can put a check on several related unnecessary expenses and add a certain value to your commercial building.

Strengthen Your Building Security

Is your property capable of meeting the security demands of your tenants appropriately? Security is a big factor in deciding the value of your property. Make sure that you have a well-working security system in place including, security alarms, fire alarms, gatekeepers, etc. Hire professional and well-trained security guards as well to safeguard your commercial complex. A well-working security system puts a positive impact on tenants thus raising the value of your property adequately.

Increase the Lease Rate Slightly

Once you have improved your property to make it stand among your competitors, it is a good idea to slightly increase the monthly or yearly rent of your property. For this, you first need to analyze the market well and compare your commercial complex with others situated probably in similar locations. Also, it is important that you increase the rent in such a way that increases in rent justify the improvements in the property. This will be the real valuation of the property.

Artificial BoxwoodCreativity cannot be taught, and no one is born with creativity either. But it certainly is the most vital factor for achieving success. Generally speaking, when we talk about creativity we think about the musicians and painters. But, in broader perspective creativity is essential for each and everyone from students to the business executives.

Since this cannot be injected, how can people be creative and what helps people to be creative is a pertinent question. To be creative, you have to think ahead of time. There are many factors that induce out-of-the-box thinking, and the environment is one of them. Because only the right environment can make people happy and relaxed and when they have peace of mind they turn creative and more productive.

The space that surrounds us greatly influences us and our behavior as well. This has strong connections with our psychological and physiological behavior. And, there is no doubt that the surroundings have serious consequences for creativity. You may neglect the importance of right workspace, but that does not change the situation. As a majority of the people spends many years working in the same room or at the same desk, it makes sense to break the monotony.

A workspace is not four walls and a roof. It is something more than that. People spend their active life at this place thriving to attain some common objective. You need not always spend a huge sum for elevating the office environment. Only a few changes in the design and layout can make the workspace more conducive to creativity. Here are some suggestions on how you can have a creative office space for inspiring the employees.

Make the workspace flexible.

Most of the office works are now done on laptops. So, you should discard the theme of getting employees stuck to their desk. Such things create monotony and fail to get the best out of the employees. You must have the mindset to create multiple workspaces including couches, big tables, break-out space for allowing the employees to work the way they like. When they are happy with the working environment, they will be able to think most creatively.

Include a break-out place

Having a break-out place in the office allows the employees to be out of the paramount professional stress. Here they can relax, have fun, and can also share things with different groups. This helps them to do brainstorming and find easy solutions to a large number of critical problems. Some next-gen companies are in favor of including a playroom, as many creative ideas can emerge from a serious gaming session in between work.

Colors can induce creativity.

Although every individual has some preference for colors, in general colors have an immense effect on how people feel and behave. Studies show that blue is the best for stimulating the mind, yellow for inspiring creativity, and green color induces calmness. It is; therefore, better to change the color of the office for setting moods in the office. In case this is not possible, then introduce some colorful accents so that the workgroups are surrounded by the color that suits their work.

Bring in the natural light.

Having a wall-to-wall glass window lets plenty of natural light invade the workspace. Studies show that natural light positively influences creativity and also increases productivity.  In case, it is not possible; then you can make use of the windows. Open those up, and let the employees have a nice view of the outside landscape. This will refresh them up and help to think creatively.

Consider indirect lighting

If it is not possible to bring natural light into the office, then give a thought for improving the illumination system of the workspace. Replace the orthodox fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling and, opt for zonal lighting or indirect light the bounces off the ceiling and the walls. While the zonal lighting will make the employees more focused, the indirect light will create a soothing experience and help the employees to be more creative.

Infuse mobility in the office

Studies show that those who are glued to their desk, they have their perspective glued to the same point. So, make the office live. To have a free exchange of ideas between different groups, you must build a community working place where people from different areas can work together when they like to do so. This will have a very good impact on the creativity of the employees.

Use greens to build a creative environment.

Embellishing the outdoor and indoor of commercial buildings with live plants make the place more productive. When you have potted plants or topiaries in the office, this influences the employees greatly and improves the cognitive attention other than improving the aesthetics. Thus, they become more productive. Outdoors adorned with hedges also make the commercial setting inviting and welcoming to the customers.

But, it is better to use artificial trees and plants.

The artificial trees and plants are zero maintenance products and involve no further cost. When you use the fake hedges, mats, screens, rolls, topiaries, and green walls, you need not do any trimming or pruning to keep them in shape. These do not shade leaves and, therefore, you are free from the worry of clearing the mess from your commercial setting. The great thing about the faux landscaping elements is that these never attract any insects and, as such, you get an office space free from insect attack. As these are independent of sunlight, you can place them even in the dimly lit indoor, which is not possible with live plants. The fake botanical items are so life like that none can feel the difference by seeing. These are fade resistant and can withstand sun, rain, and snow. Being infused with fire-resistant chemicals, these have self-extinguishing property and deliver a safe office environment.

HedgeNo matter if it is a corporate house, government office, municipal building, shopping mall, hospital, luxury hotel, multiplex, theme park or any other commercial complex, we only think about huge capital investment for changing the office decor. Of course, you need investment to improve the office décor, but it does not require the amount you are afraid of. It is not always necessary to spend an enormous sum. With creative thinking and right planning, you can make substantial improvements in the commercial interiors and exteriors without spending a huge sum. Here is how you can do that.

Introduce air fresheners

Most of the people always try to make an office visually more and more appealing, and in that process, they ignore about the other senses. No one feels happy in an environment that does not smell nice. You can create a nice indoor by investing in air fresheners with sweet fragrances. This does not cost much but makes people happy and productive.

Have some quirk accents

The best commercial setting is something more than clean and functional. These are always impressive. You can easily elevate the outdoor of the commercial setting by having some business logo that depicts your activities. Arrange to illuminate the same with LED light for glowing in the night. Similarly, you can also decorate the interior space with some handcrafts that complement your business theme.

Create more space

Although this sounds something absurd, it is possible. Majority of the commercial interiors have many desks that are seldom utilized. Remove all these form the office space this will create more space in the indoor and people there will be able to move freely.

Remove all clutters

Most of the offices are full of items that are seldom required. Desks are also no exception. They are always scattered with reports and documents. Remove all that you do not need daily from the floor and organize the desks with modular storage. This is sure to improve the office ambiance.

Replace the cubicles

In the past, the offices were places of hierarchy. Now the concept has changed, and the present day offices count on functionalities. Remove all cubicles from the interior as these cause isolation of people. Making zigzag sitting arrangements with table-high glass partitions make an office indoor more attractive and also improve the communication channels.

Have comfortable sitting arrangement

Gone are those days when offices meant straight-backed chairs. Modern office trend is to be flexible. Replacing the old chairs with height-adjustable cushioned chairs and saddle chairs will greatly improve the office ambiance.

Improved lighting makes a place attractive

It is no secret that lighting can drastically change the environment of any commercial exterior and interior. People find more impetus while working in a well-lit place. So, try to bring in the as much natural light as possible, in the office. If that cannot be done for some reasons, concentrate on the overhead fluorescent lights and replace those with strategic zonal lighting. This improves the office décor to the next level and also makes people more focused. An outdoor glow sign is sure to make the commercial building more attractive to the visitors at night.

Change color

Colors have a dramatic effect on the interior ambiance and also influence our mood and control brain functions. A bright color can add drama to the office indoor, and elevate the space. Alternatively, you can also use 3D decorative wall panels for improving a dull and drab commercial interior.

Have a community table

Introducing a community table in the office greatly improves the office environment.  No one likes to be glued to the desk staring at the monitor for the whole day. People can meet informally at the table, and talk about solving the work-related problems.

Build a great outdoor

All commercial activities start and end with customers, and so, you have to take care of them. Your office outdoor is your first point of contact with the potential customers. So, make sure that you have an inviting and welcoming outdoor for impressing the onlookers to step into your premises and try your services. You can do this by displaying the company name, logo and also guiding the visitors to their destination through signage.

Introducing natural elements helps

Humans are biological creatures immensely influenced by nature. Greeneries make a place amazingly beautiful. Studies reveal that a glimpse of nature makes everyone both psychologically and physiologically motivated and also boost up productivity. Outlining the building, or defining the driveway and pathway with live trees, plants and hedges make the outdoor very attractive. In case, your commercial setting includes parks or lawns; such places can also be adorned with hedges and topiaries. You can also revamp the indoor by introducing these.

Artificial trees and plants are better for office décor

Maybe, you have an office room underground with no scope of sunlight reaching there. You can never use live trees and plants for decorating such poorly lit areas as they will die due to the absence of sunlight there.  But the artificial trees and plants do not require sunlight and, therefore, these can be installed anywhere you like. Unlike the live plants, the faux landscaping elements have no such maintenance requirement. They come in standard bases and do not need soil, water, fertilizer, pesticide to keep them healthy. Only, periodic cleaning is enough to maintain their shine. The live topiaries and hedges need regular trimming and pruning to keep them in shape. But the fake hedges and topiaries do not need these. They never grow out of shape or outgrow the space. There is no chance of losing in aesthetics by using the artificial trees and plants as these are now made lifelike and can evade eyes. Infused with UV blocking and fire retardant chemicals these never fade or help the fire spread.

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