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Faux Boxwood HedgesFor being unique, you have to play with your imagination and go beyond conventions to make your commercial setup stand out from others. The only way to have a good landscape is to think out of the box. No matter, if it is a massive corporate house or shopping mall, Luxury hotels & restaurants, bars, casinos, theme park or hospital, an elegant landscape helps to draw visitors and create the good buzz about the commercial space. Since the outdoor landscape is the first thing that influences visitors, it has to be revamped for enticing the customers to step in.

The commercial spaces are visited by a large number of people every day and maintaining the grandeur and charm of the exterior, is what all owners are concerned about. When people walk into a pleasant landscape, it steals the heart of the visitors. Including a natural element in landscaping is the most effective way, because people have a positive frame of mind when staying near nature. Live green plants are good for this if the same can be kept healthy with an abundance of natural light, water, fertilizers, pesticides and regular grooming. Such hassles can be avoided by opting for artificial boxwood hedge that looks like the natural options and is practically requires no maintenance.

Fits all landscaping options

The HedgeScapes artificial boxwood hedges are made for ensuring privacy by defining spaces, and the best thing is that these can be customized to fit any indoor and outdoor landscaping requirement. While you have little option for customizing the natural hedges, coming in a cluster of shape and size the replicated hedges can fit into any commercial setting. Even, one can further trim the HedgeScapes artificial hedges for a perfect fit. Be it a corporate house, or hospital, shopping mall or theme park, or any other commercial establishment, the fake hedges can convey the quality, class and business philosophy.  Whether you want to uplift your pathway or revamp the boundary or to lift your reception area up, everything is possible with the HedgeScapes replicated hedges.

Many varieties to choose from 

The array of HedgeScapes faux boxwood hedge has many varieties for giving a complete overhaul to a dull or drab commercial space. There are many varieties such as Beauty Azalea, Pink Azalea, Juniper, Ivy, Pearlgrass, etc. Available in almost endless size options these are the best to fit any landscaping requirement for outdoor and indoor. Being available in a variety of bases made of wood, metal, and foam, this lets you shuffle between various permutations. In case you are looking for artificial boxwood hedge for exterior and interior landscaping, you may opt for hedges with wooden and metal bases. For windy outdoors, the fake hedges with the metal base are a perfect choice, and hedges with foam are suited for indoor landscaping. Formed with realistic leaves, these deliver an amazing look to the commercial space.

These are botanically correct

Although using replicated hedges are smart landscaping option, not all products can deliver the natural look. HedgeScapes boxwood hedges are made from high-quality plastic materials. Backed by the experience of their dedicated experts, HedgeScapes manufacture the replicated boxwood hedges with ultimate precision. The expert team comprising engineers, botanists, horticulturists and landscape designers make unbelievably realistic hedges. These are made botanically correct and are so lifelike that one has to touch it to feel the difference. 

These are endlessly creative

Coming in boxes and with bases, the artificial hedges are ideal for giving a facelift to the exterior and interior of amusement parks, shopping malls, and other large commercial complexes.  To add a new dimension to the business landscape, the lifelike hedges can be used along with the natural version to make the exterior unique. These can be illuminated for bringing in a mesmerizing appearance.

Why landscaping with HedgeScapes fake hedges

Every business likes to gain new customers and keep them loyal. Commercial landscaping is essential for showcasing your business thought and conviction. Including faux boxwood hedge in landscaping is a smart choice for the following reasons.

  • Aesthetically pleasant: Greeneries are the best option for landscaping projects. When you include greeneries in your outdoor or indoor decoration, this delivers a superb ambiance.
  • No maintenance hassles: The greatest advantage of the realistic hedges is that you need not have any dedicated staff for maintenance. Further, they never outgrow the space. This suits all commercial environments.
  • These are durable: Made from high-quality material and provided with strong bases, the life looking boxwood hedges are quite strong and sturdy to last for a long time with maintaining their pleasant appearance. 
  • Have many options: The fake hedges can be used in many ways. This can be used as a privacy screen, decorating a driveway or can also be placed in the reception area or the conference hall for glorifying the place. 
  • Many choice options: HedgeScapes faux hedges are available in many types for the variety of uses. You can get these customized for your specific decor requirements. There are options to choose from different base boards and rich foliage variety. Depending on the requirements, one can get a temporary or permanent type of boxwood hedges.

Added benefits of HedgeScapes faux boxwood hedge

Besides their unmatched beauty to glorify the look of any commercial space, the HedgeScapes mimic hedges are favored by the owners of the large industrial complexes and by the architects and designers for their strength, durability, and safety. The innovative PermaLeaf® technology used in manufacturing the hedges ensure use of high-quality color pigments so that they can remain their shine and luster in outdoor settings. UV stabilizers are used for making these fade resistant. Backed, by the ThermaLeaf® technology, these faux hedges are fire resistant and conform to local fire laws and, therefore, can be safely used for all landscaping projects.

Artificial TopiaryArtificial topiary animals from HedgeScapes are one of the most preferred faux plants in the field of interior and exterior designing. The extremely presentable structure makes the entire look simple yet gorgeous, making it very easy for the designers to portray their designs in an artistic manner. In the era where being presentable is one of the most important things, HedgeScapes helps to keep your surrounding neat, clean and aesthetically appealing. Artificial hedges can be trimmed into different designs or animals, making it the ultimate deal for you. Let's check out some important facts behind why you should go for topiary animals curved from artificial hedges to design your landscape. 

What are fake topiary animals?

HedgeScapes offers you the ultimate way to boost up the natural beauty of your landscape by decorating it with different animal –shaped shrubs. These faux foliages are an excellent way to make your landscape, the center of attraction, helping your company to fetch some good attention. The faux plants are very neatly trimmed to give it a shape worth staring. The materials which are used to create these decorative elements look extremely natural and retain its freshness for a very long time, promising its longevity. Even being artificial, these natural looking yet artificial plants add a greenish tone to your landscape, keeping it nature related.

Why should you go for artificial topiary animals?

In today's date, a wide range of decorative elements is introduced to the designing world, making it easier for the designers to select the appropriate one for their project. However, when it comes to artificial hedges, these are preferred for many reasons.  

  • Extracts the hidden beauty of a landscape by adding artificial greeneries
  • Maintenance doesn't need much effort
  • Saves a lot of time and effort behind preserving them
  • Doesn't harm environment in any way
  • Easy to install
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easily available online 

Designed for large areas

Be it interior designing or exterior designing; the designing elements varies from places to places depending on the location and size of the landscape. While designing a compact place is easy, it becomes a bit difficult to decorate a larger landscape with proper decorative elements. Artificial hedges are beautifully manufactured to make any large area visually enthralling and nature oriented. The faux hedges are trimmed into different designs, letters, animals and logos to decorate the whole area in an innovative way.

Beats natural plants in the field of decoration

When it comes to decoration, artificial hedges is way better than natural plants because of their easy availability and low maintenance. The artificial hedges which are curved into different shapes and designs of animals help to retain the natural beauty of the landscape with a pinch of creativity, making the entire place enthralling. The hedges keep the environment green, maintaining the environment calm and soothing to eyes.

Maintenance is as easy as ABC

One of the fascinating facts about faux hedges is that these don't demand high maintenance and safeguarding thus making it a time-saving deal for you. Unlike natural plants, these creative pieces of greeneries don't require watering, soiling, fertilizing, trimming on a regular basis. These decorative elements are extremely hygienic, making it an effective attempt for places like hotels and hospitals, where cleanliness is a necessity. The faux hedges don't leave any soil mark or invite insects, making it one of the safest ways to decorate your landscape. 

Environment-friendly materials

It is often presumed that being artificial, the hedges are toxic for the environment, but you must be happy to know that materials, which are used to manufacture these artificial plants, are highly environment-friendly. The leaves are usually made with substances which are derived from nature to give it a natural look. Moreover, the materials are usually fair proof and protect themselves from UV radiations, making the surrounding safe and out of harm's way.

Time saver

The artificial hedges are an easy way to intensify the look of your landscape without too much investment of time. Once installed in a proper way, these kinds of faux foliages don't require a lot of time in preserving them, and thus saves your valuable time to a greater extent and gives you the pleasure of nature-oriented surrounding.  

Adds uniqueness to your landscape

The artificial topiaries are usually shaped into different animal-shaped shrubs to amplify the aesthetic value of any landscape, allowing it to grab some good attention.  The different shaped shrub adds exclusivity to your landscape and creatively blooms up the inner beauty of your surroundings.

Places where artificial hedges are used

Because of the extensive creativity, the artificial hedges are preferred to a high level in the world of interior and exterior designing.  The animal-shaped artificial hedges can be used in places which have a large outer area for the sake of installation.  The places where artificial hedges are mainly used are:

  • Hospitals
  • Luxury hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Water parks
  • Malls
  • Corporate offices 

How these artificial foliages can be used 

Artificial topiaries which are curved into different shapes can be used to intensify the look of any certain area, making it a unique attempt to keep up the fanciness. These artificial foliages can be used in different ways to make it the ultimate deal to enhance the beautification of your landscape. 

  • These can be used to doll up the lawn area of any restaurant or luxury hotel
  • The artificial hedges can be used in the sideways leading the building from the main entrance of any corporate office.
  • Gardens of hospitals can be easily decorated with this type of artificial plants to keep the light tone of the surrounding, helping the visitors to calm down.

Fake Boxwood MatsA hedge is defined as a fence or a boundary that is formed by carefully growing shrubs or bushes. The definition of hedges states that it is a type of fence or barrier, but they are now available in multiple shapes and sizes, each designed with the end results in mind. An artificial boxwood hedge is a hedge in the form of a box which is made from artificial shrubs and bushes. 

A couple of years back, many states in the United States like Texas were dealing with major drought issues. The state of Texas hadn't got enough rainfall in a couple of years, and as a result, there were restrictions on the usage of water all over the city. Starting from drying up the public pool to limiting the number of times the yard could be watered, the government adopted rigorous methods to ensure everyone had enough supply. Less watering of the yards resulted in drying up of the bushes, and therefore the once glorious look of the front yard was soon gone. Starting from houses to corporates, almost all buildings had a dry garden except for one which had a fresh and green yard. This particular yard belonged to a corporate house, which had decided to install fake hedges the previous year. The fake hedge not only looked glorious, but it was also by far the only one that stood out in the dry state of Texas. 

What are Fake Hedges?

As mentioned above, a fake hedge is a fence or a boundary that is made by grouping a bunch of artificial bushes and shrubs. Although artificial, they are so well made that they give the impression of being 100% natural all the time. If you are an unsuspecting individual, you could be easily fooled by their appearance. 

These shrubs are entirely artificial; they don't need regular maintenance in the form of watering, cutting and reshaping. Once created in the factory, they retain their shapes for a long time under severe weather conditions. They are installed in a such a manner that the unsuspecting eye would never catch a fault, without inspecting them carefully. 

The advantages of using fake hedges over natural ones

There are some benefits of using artificial hedges for your corporate landscape over natural ones. The list below mentions the most significant things-

  1. As the name suggests, fake hedges are not original plants, and therefore they don't need regular maintenance like watering, cutting and reshaping.
  2. Once they are installed, they can go without maintenance and still look good as new for years. 
  3. They maintain their original shape throughout their life span.
  4. Unlike original hedges, these don't fade colors and always look fresh and real. 
  5. They are low maintenance installations thus you don't need to hire a gardener for their well-being.
  6. They can be installed anywhere be it in a desert with no signs of trees or in an area filled with trees and flowers. They blend into their surroundings and increase its beauty.

Why should install HedgeScapes' Faux Boxwood Mats for your corporate landscape?

Other than the obvious reason that HedgeScapes' Faux Boxwood Mats will make your corporate landscape look better, here are some other reasons as to why you should install them-

  1. Hedges act as screens or dividers between office spaces. Instead of using standard curtains, a hedge screen adds a feel to the environment. 
  2. It gives a perfect backdrop for photoshoots and other events. 
  3. While throwing a party at your office, hedges can be used to separate different sections thus making it more organized.
  4. Fake hedges are the best fit for your office if you like to have greenery on your building, but also you don't have the time and resources to hire a gardener and start the process from ground zero.

Why should you choose HedgeScapes?

There are numerous ideas as to why you should choose HedgeScapes over anyone else. Check the list below for the most significant reasons-

  • HedgeScapes offers artificial boxwood hedge, boxwood mat, and fake hedges all under one roof so that you don't have to visit multiple manufacturers.
  • At HedgeScapes pre-designed hedges are already available for you to choose. 
  • In case you don't like the designs, you can give them a design of your own and they will make it only for you. 
  • All the products are available in custom shapes and sizes.
  • HedgeScapes offers free installation on all products.
  • They use patented technologies to make the leaves look natural and bright for their entire lifetime. 
  • Fast delivery and extended guarantees on all products.

The products at HedgeScapes

HedgeScapes specializes in multiple products which are all based on the central idea of fake hedges. The list of products available at HedgeScapes are as mentioned below-

  1. Mats- At HedgeScapes different varieties and sizes of mats are available, which are all made from fake bushes. They are designed to add flair to your corporate workspace.
  2. Screen- A fake hedge screen can serve as the perfect divider between two separate spaces, thus giving you both privacy and design. 
  3. Rolls- Mat rolls are available in custom shapes and sizes so that you can easily fit them into tight corners and ultimately give a greener look to your corporate workspace.
  4. Animals and form topiary- If you are an animal and nature lover, you should visit our animals and topiary section. These are available in custom sizes and makes any surrounding beautiful.  
  5. Others- Other than the above products, HedgeScapes also specializes in signs, logos, and other corporate necessities. You can view all their products by clicking the menu above.

Artificial Boxwood HedgesHaving a lush green spread of hedges to designate boundaries with freshly cut edges is a fascinating sight to marvel. But every great thing comes with a cost, and yes real hedges are extremely hard to maintain without a hint of doubt, which is why artificial hedges have been ruling the hearts since the real ones went out of trend. But do these just look good or how long can they sustain in the scorching sun or the limited indoor light is the real question. 

The upper hand

Why is it that most restaurants, bars, cafés, malls and hospitals choose to have their interior and exteriors decorated with faux plants over real ones? Well having a business or an organization to run is a massive task at hand in the first place; on top of that worrying over how well the newly affixed real hedges are doing is extremely silly. Having these fake hedges installed can take some of these thoughts off your head. The faux boxwood hedge not only comes with a brilliant mimicry of the real deal, but they are also extremely durable. They being the fake version of the real hedges that they are, do not require any care or maintenance as their real counterparts and have fire protection and UV protection to save them from discoloration or damage of any kind. 

Styling them to perfection

The preference for artificial hedges has been growing since its existence and has already taken over the entertainment industry making its way to the Grammys and Oscars. It has also been highly appreciated in theme parks, malls, hospitals and other corporate sectors where hundreds of people witness their spectacular presence every day. What makes them so widely acceptable is their simplicity, sophisticated look and the number of ways one can innovate with them. An excellent example would be artificial topiary animals for theme parks, children's hospital or schools. For a more formal and chic approach, big corporate houses like to have them to define boundaries while malls and amusement parks like a more festive approach with them. HedgeScapes hedges come with a variety of options including options like Juniper, Pearl Grass, Azalea, Boxwood and more such varieties. 

Safety comes first

There have been umpteen incidents to depict how plants can catch flames easily and spread the fire. With the HedgeScapes artificial hedges, this can be avoided at all costs. These artificial beautifying products have the ability to self-extinguish, generate next to no smoke and are incapable of spreading fire. The artificial boxwood hedge has ThermaLeaf® protection, which in plain words means they are fire retardant. Now when it comes to the security of the product, when installed or fixed outside they have UV protection inbuilt in them with chemicals during the making process to ascertain that they seem as bright and lively as they were through the time of establishment, so the chances of wearing off over time are undoubtedly lessened with such technologies which unquestionably makes them the worthy pick. 

Is it worth every buck?

In case you are still unsure about artificial silk plants and especially artificial hedges, here's why you must have them.

  • No molding-no damage- There are no chances of these faux plants to be damaged due to more or less presence of water and also no molding while being free from pests as well, which means there is no requirement for pesticides. 
  • No-light-no problem- Just for the fact that they are artificial, they do not grow and hence can survive indefinitely in a low light environment in comparison to the live counterparts. 
  • No allergy-no emergency- They are perfect for placement in allergy free spaces as they are incapable of causing any at all, so no rushing to the emergency room.

Money matters

Well, when it comes to making your huge corporate space or hospital look great these babies don't fall short. Having them installed is the best thing you can do for your pocket. They are a great investment for a couple of reasons and the number one being maintenance. Yes, your maintenance cost would be so low with these; it'll knock your socks off. They do not require pruning, fertilizers or any other form of keeping that the real ones do which will save you more than just a few bucks, plus they last for years.

Close enough?

More than money what matters for you is how well they can imitate their real life counterparts. There are several types of hedges, and these faux ones have their imitation game on point. To make them look as authentic as their counterparts, botanists are involved in the building process to ensure they imitate the real ones as closely as possible. The small leaves, the bushy appearance, the evergreen look, the bold green or the light green, you know the kind; they are that good. They are not only successful in looking as good as the real ones but are extremely durable and can last long enough to impress your clients and customers every day for years to come after being installed. 

More options-more innovation

Not only can you choose the shape and size of the faux hedges, but you can also opt for a metal base, a foam base or a wooden base as per your choice and application. You can either have them as temporary wall backgrounds to last for a few occasions or more permanent ones. There is a humungous variety of options available including standard boxwood hedges and juniper hedges to last all-season long. The installation process is simple; you can have the experts at HedgeScapes do it for you as per your choice or assist you with more ideas depending on where and how you wish to have them installed, without the drop of a sweat.

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