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HedgeDesigning professional landscapes at seminar and meeting rooms in the corporate sector is quite tricky because you have to keep in mind a lot of aspects which will directly or indirectly control the overall appearance of the room. Commercial landscapes have always been complicated than its domestic counterpart, and when it comes to commercial boardrooms like seminar halls, the requirement for premium design is increased quite a lot. That's when you need to put on your thinking cap and find the best landscaping ideas for your boardroom. Let's find out the top landscaping idea for commercial boardrooms.

Requirements at commercial boardrooms

  • Comfortable atmosphere- after all, nobody wants an increase in stress in a busy and workaholic environment like the one at corporate offices. All you need is some peace and comfort at your commercial location to welcome your visitors and ensure they have a pleasant time.
  • A touch of nature- who won't like a hint of greenery or the touch of nature in dull, monotonous offices? Any natural item will do great in bringing the refreshing atmosphere.
  • Exciting features- what is the use of investing so much if it ends up being the same normal one at every other office? Unique landscaping features help a lot in making an extraordinary impression on visitors and improved business.
  • Easy to use/ low maintenance- commercial landscapes need to be more flexible, and the products need to be perfect for use at the setup and should be low on maintenance for best long-term benefits in the office.
  • Innovative and economical- innovative ideas lead to more adorable landscape to give your visitors an amazing experience. No one likes the same old ideas with age-old items. Durability is a major factor as you need the best return for your money.

So, you can't ignore these factors under any circumstances when it comes to commercial landscape designing.

Green landscapes

Green landscapes can be an effective landscaping solution at commercial areas, but if you have ever done landscaping with greenery in the past, you will know the difficulties and problems with the landscape. In case, you are new to landscaping with plants and other forms of greenery, here are the main issues that will make you highly unsatisfied with the landscaping:

  • Mess up in the whole area- you can't control the dead leaves from falling and making a messy surrounding, can you? Living greenery creates a lot of mess up.
  • Limitations- landscaping with live greenery means limitations and nothing else. Firstly, you get to choose among only the plants growing in the area naturally, then, you get to place them at limited places only where there is adequate sunlight, and the list of limitations continues.
  • Short lifespan- living plants and greenery has a limited lifespan, and it will die requiring replacement and more investment.
  • Low durability and maintenance issues- maintaining a plant at commercial places require quite some effort. From regular pruning and watering to providing the best conditions for growth, it's unwanted as the plants usually have low durability.

These factors have made it difficult to use the real plants in commercial areas. After all, who wants such an unprofessional approach towards landscaping at places of business? It was not long before the landscaping experts came up with a stunning idea, using the aesthetic attributes of the greenery only and creating landscaping wonders with the artificial greenery.

Faux landscaping wonders

Faux landscapes are adorable and bring up a completely different side of the important commercial places like the boardrooms which were previously unknown. For example, did you ever imagine the boring and monotonous boardroom to have a comfortable and cozy atmosphere with refreshing vibes to make your meetings pleasurable? Well, with the artificial landscaping items, it's possible as you can convert your boring and dull meeting or seminar rooms into beautiful and adorable places to chill out with the artificial greenery. Let's take a glance at some of the excellent faux landscaping items.

Silk boxwood hedges

Silk boxwood hedges serve a wide range of functions from providing privacy, marking boundaries with fences and loads of interior landscaping at boardrooms. They can help build stunning structures that will have a large impact on the landscape like innovative green fences to boost the aesthetic beauty and also create mesmerizing effects. Fully customizable nature is another big advantage with silk boxwood hedges as you can pick the right type of hedge as per the use. There are endless varieties of hedges resembling the real ones to lighten up your boardrooms.

You can also select the hedges depending on temporary or permanent setup or the classification of the baseboard material, e.g., wooden baseboards or metal baseboards.

Synthetic boxwood mats or rolls

They give easily installable landscaping solutions at commercial places and create adorable boardrooms. Synthetic boxwood mats can be installed on any surfaces to give the elegant, chic look. Using them to decorate the seminar or meeting rooms is a great idea as it will give the unmatched beauty with easy-to-use benefits. They can hide any wall imperfections or any flaws quite efficiently and give stunning conversions in the landscape.

Synthetic boxwood screens are the same product with hard support at the back for building the front side of commercial buildings.

Artificial boxwood topiaries and logos

Letters, logos, or topiaries help in giving an edgy look. An artificial boxwood logo right in the seminar room will help in making a great impression. Animals or other shaped topiaries create the exciting atmosphere at boardrooms.

Additional features

The landscaping items come with ThermaLeaf® technology which involves the impregnation of fire retardant chemicals in them to make them fire retardant for improving safety at offices. The PermaLeaf® technology involves the use of premium colors and material to make it suitable for outdoor use in sun, rain or snow so that it doesn't fade off.

FoliageNo matter what type of business you are in, a business logo is essential for building trust. Logos can combine a string of letters and visuals, and serve dual purposes. These convey the title of the business, and also help create a brand image for the business. A well-designed business logo builds up the strong connection with the people's memory and assists in the growth of the industry. Whether you are the owner of a huge corporate house, luxury hotel, posh restaurant, shopping mall, top class resorts & spas, amusement parks, exotic bars & casinos, hospitals & healthcare facilities or any other commercial setting; you need to have a business logo for symbolizing your business. Research indicates that green makes us feel happy and relaxed, and that is why it is a perfect idea to build your business logo with artificial foliage.

Of late, there is a surge in the number of commercial spaces everywhere with competition getting tougher every day. If you cannot present your business well, you can never survive and not to speak of growing. Irrespective of the nature of the business, every company has its own story to tell in its way, and the business logos help you convey the quality and class of the business; and the replicated greens happen to be the best for creating the most appealing business logo.

Greens have the power to elevate a commercial space.

Using topiaries for creating the business logos and signs is an excellent way to taking any professional space aplomb to the next level. When greens are included in any corporate space, they create a positive vibe and make people cheerful. But, the natural topiaries have many hassles. Being life, they are hard to maintain and need dedicated care. Moreover, they have a lifespan, and their decay and death are inevitable. But, the artificial foliage has no such caring problem, and, additionally, they look like their live cousins delivering a natural ambiance and uplifting the look and feel of the business instantaneously.

Prime manufacturer of artificial hedges

HedgeScapes is manufacturing different types of the most realistic artificial boxwood hedges for more than four decades. Their team behind manufacturing includes botanists, engineers, architects, landscapers, and designers who always thrive to deliver the best product in the market. HedgeScapes regularly provide the most practical solution to the customer's problems. Foliage made by them is also of high quality and can withstand extreme weathers.

You have many options to choose from

Building business logos with topiaries needs many things to consider. Different businesses have different requirements, and there is not the single size that fits all. To meet every need of the corporate sector, HedgeScapes has topiaries made from different foliage like:

  • Beauty Azalea
  • Pink Azalea
  • Boxwood
  • Juniper
  • Ivy
  • Dark Pearl Grass
  • Light Pearl Grass

These can be transformed into any shape and form for creating business logos, letters and signs for presenting the business.

HedgeScapes foliage lets you play with your imagination.

No matter if it is a hospital, or hotel, or theme park, or shopping complex, every business needs to uplift the ambiance. With many varieties available, business logos made using HedgeScapes artificial foliage can add style and character to your business. These are made botanically correct and can evade even the most experienced eyes. Regardless of where you use these near natural foliage, those will always adorn your commercial setting with a fresh look for catching the attention of the visitors. These can also be formed into different shapes and styles, and be mixed with various settings to make a firm statement about the quality and class of the business and, therefore, create a continuous buzz.

These do not suffer from fading.

HedgeScapes artificial foliage is manufactured using the prime quality plastic material, fabric, color pigment and resin, making them durable and sturdy to tolerate all weather conditions. HedgeScapes also apply PermaLeaf® technologies for manufacturing fake foliage. This involves infusing UV resistant chemicals into the foliage for sustaining harsh rays of the sun. Such leaf can retain their lush green appearance in the outdoor for years together making them the best suited for use in business logos.

No worry about safety and legality

There were instances when the fake foliage helped a spread of fire causing massive damage to the commercial spaces. While manufacturing artificial leaf, HedgeScapes never compromise quality for the sake of aesthetics. To make the product safe, the foliage is produced following ThermaLeaf® technologies. In this process, special fire retardant chemicals are infused into the foliage by injection molding during the manufacturing process. Thus, the foliage gains self-extinguishing property and do not assist in the spread of fire. These also pass all fire safety tests and are manufactured in compliance with the state laws.

These offer easy installation.

Although business logos created using HedgeScapes fake topiary is always personalized, these are designed and constructed in such a fashion that even a man without any previous experience can install those quite easily. These are lightweight and, therefore, no handling equipment is required. The topiaries are always sent with instruction manual and necessary tools for easy installation in the commercial setting.

You can enjoy many added benefits

Using HedgeScapes artificial foliage, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • These are zero care and maintenance products.
  • Offer easy cleaning.
  • No waiting period involved. Embellish the space from the day one.
  • Never grow out of shape and hence trimming is not required.
  • Being portable, it is easier to shift them between places
  • Unlike the live topiaries, these are not like season specific. They continue to deliver glam appearance through all seasons.
  • These do not attract insects, and so, there is no worry about insect attacks.
  • No mold growth, and do not shed leaves creating a mess underneath.
  • Fake foliage is wallet-friendly and onetime investment

TopiaryHave you ever intently observed the exterior of your commercial space? And, if so, do you think that it has the best landscape for attracting customers, clients, and visitors to the place? There is no denying that the present business scenario is exceptionally competitive with many players fighting all out for a grabbing a large chunk. To survive the competition, you have to impress the onlookers drawing them towards your setting, and for that, you have to think something out of the box.

Numerous studies conducted point out that humans have a natural affinity to fall for greens. That is why the present trend is to "Go Green" for revamping any corporate landscape. While the real greens are hard to maintain, the replicated green elements became the most practical landscaping choice. There are many varieties of the fake greens, and among all of these, the HedgeScapes artificial animal topiaries are the most preferred for bracing up the commercial exteriors and interiors as well. When installed in any commercial outdoor, they make the setting picturesque and appealing. Additionally, these also keep your employees happy and confident, as they work in a green environment.

Artificial animal topiaries define the space.

HedgeScapes artificial animal topiaries let you jazz up the corporate landscape. While these can be installed anywhere around the professional space, these are the best in the outdoors which is the first point of contact with the onlookers. These are available in wide range of animal forms. Different animals have been accepted, since long, as signifying different ideas.  A lion is always considered as a symbol of kingly attitude; a tiger signifies strength and elephants do stand for bold and friendly manner. So, you should install different artificial animal topiaries for complementing different themes. In fact, you name any animal, and HedgeScapes can make the same with fake foliage. No matter if it is a hospital, theme park, amusement park, water park, exhibition hall, shopping mall, luxury hotel, resort, corporate house, restaurant, bar or casino; the form topiaries can magnify your professional space in a befitting manner.

HedgeScapes let you have many varieties

You can order different types of artificial animal topiaries from HedgeScapes. These include various animals from small to large and are also available with a variety of faux foliage like Beauty Azalea, Pink Azalea, Boxwood, Juniper, Ivy, Dark Pearl Grass and Light Pearl Grass. You may order any of your favorite animals and can also name your preferred topiary variety, and those will be tailor-made for you. Other than this, you can also place an order based on uses. HedgeScapes make fake animal forms for outdoors & indoors, temporary & permanent installations and single & multiple uses giving you many options to choose from.

HedgeScapes offer you the mirror image of the natural topiaries

Being in this profession for more than 40 years, HedgeScapes is the leading manufacturer of different types of hedges. These fake landscaping elements are produced from high-quality plastic materials and color pigments. HedgeScapes have a team of professionals including botanist, engineers, designers and landscape architects for making their products botanically correct in all respects. These are so life like that none can feel the difference without touching by hand. The animal topiaries have stable metal structure and, therefore, can withstand all weather conditions.

HedgeScapes landscaping element beat their live cousins on many counts

Considering decoration efficacy, the artificial animal topiaries score over the natural topiaries on several factors:

  • These do not require water, fertilizers, and pesticides, and need very little maintenance. Periodic cleaning is enough to keep them shining for long.
  • Unlike the live hedges, these are not soil or weather specific. These continue to adorn the professional space equally in all seasons.
  • These never grow out of shape and, hence, no pruning is required.
  • Unlike their live cousins, these never attract any insects or bugs, and hence the visitors stay free from insect attacks.
  • Cause no allergy and, so, entirely safe for the kids.
  • As these never shed leaves, these do not create any mess.

HedgeScapes artificial animal topiaries have unique functional properties

Using HedgeScapes fake foliage, you are assured of the following functional benefits:

  • Fade-resistant: HedgeScapes foliage is manufactured using unique PermaLeaf® technologies to make those unaffected by the scorching rays of the Sun. Individual UV protection chemicals are infused into the material during the manufacturing process. As these are not sprayed, there is no chance of getting those washed. Due to this, the HedgeScapes replicated animal topiaries never fade when continuously exposed to sunrays.
  • Ensures fire safety: HedgeScapes use the innovative ThermaLeaf® technologies in manufacturing fake foliage. The artificial greenery is produced by impregnating particular fire retardant chemicals into the foliage through injection molding process. Thus, the foliage acquires self-extinguishing properties and prevents spread of fire. These also conform to the local fire laws making these safe and legal to use.

These are easy to install

Procuring artificial animal topiaries from HedgeScapes, you will not face any installation hassle. These always come with instruction manuals. Necessary installation hardware like bolts, nuts washers, etc. are also provided. Aside from these, no other tools are required. Being very light in weight, no other handling equipment is required for installing the fake animal topiaries.

This is onetime investment

HedgeScapes replicated landscaping elements let you make the commercial space glamorous with much saving on time. They come in fully grown form, and therefore there is no waiting. They start adorning your place from the day one. No extra effort is also required for preserving them. Thus, you can include a green element in your corporate space and save time. These are quite durable and are reasonably priced. Once involved in the landscape, you can just forget about them. They will continue to adorn your professional space for long without any extra cost.

FoliageBusiness always involves meeting with people on a daily basis. And when every day your business place will be surrounded by people, it becomes crucial to induce attractive and appealing environment around your space so that people can feel energized and more productive. This is possible by creating a natural environment around you, as people love natural beauty. Studies also show that greener and naturally pleasant working environment enhances the overall productivity of the business. Understanding this fact, more and more companies now are incorporating lush green landscapes to create a soothing and refreshing surrounding.

Artificial Foliage from HedgeScapes

Nowadays, living landscapes have been replaced by the fake landscaping solutions in most of the commercial spaces. This is due to ease of installation, lower costs and most importantly their no maintenance needs. HedgeScapes is one of the leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of such artificial landscaping products, committed to offering world's most innovative and safe faux landscaping products. The innovative technology impregnated into their faux foliage makes it durable, technically sound, realistic, reliable and cost-effective. Their leaf is widely used for different commercial as well as residential projects.

ThermaLeaf® Technology for Ensuring Fire Safety

The most important feature of HedgeScapes artificial foliage is that they are manufactured using ThermaLeaf® technology. In this innovative technology, various fire-retardant chemicals are impregnated into the raw material while the manufacturing process thus offering you a completely fire safe solutions for your commercial environments. Commercial spaces are more prone to fire accidents or hazards, and in such situations, fire attracting foliage may worsen the conditions. But as HedgeScapes foliage is designed using this innovative technology, hence it will prevent the flame from spreading in case of fire accidents. All their range is fire tested and certified as the safest commercial landscaping solution.

PermaLeaf® Technology for Enhanced Life

Another incredible technology utilized by HedgeScapes in manufacturing their faux foliage is PermaLeaf®. This technique makes sure that all the products are weatherproof. No matter whether you place them in the outdoor area where they are exposed to harsh sunlight, rain and freezing weather or you set them indoors where there is no natural sunlight; these will stay as good as you purchase them. PermaLeaf® technology adds years to their life making them sturdy and durable. These will be your one-time investment and will keep your commercial space lush green, inviting and mesmerizing.

Material Utilized in Make of HedgeScapes Foliage

The perfect and realistic looks of HedgeScapes foliage is designed to appeal the onlookers. The complete line of their foliage is made up of a wide variety of material making it look realistic. The real leaf structures are created by consulting various botanists. All the green, vibrant leaves and flowers are manufactured using high-grade plastic. Many kinds of silk coatings are provided for an exceptional and most natural look. You can choose from custom sizes, designs, shapes, and textures in the foliage varieties as per your suitability and preference to have the unique and exciting landscape of your place. HedgeScapes silk foliage is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor areas.

Extensive Varieties of HedgeScapes Foliage

HedgeScapes offers a broad selection of varieties of artificial foliage from which you can choose the one that you find most suitable. English ivy, artificial boxwood, azalea, dark-green, juniper and pearl grass are some of the variants that you can see in their foliage grass line. All the varieties are designed with utmost care to offer the most exciting and same solution as their real counterparts. Whether you use them for your outdoor landscape or indoor area, these will be gracious in all way. These not only give you a naturally soothing environment but also help to redefine your architectural features amazingly. These are ideal to get your professional style statement defines.

Applicable in Almost Every Area

The presence of HedgeScapes silk green foliage adds a beautiful, appealing ambiance around the space. Due to their luxurious and inviting looks, these are widely in demand in almost every commercial field. Foliages are ranging from malls, retail areas, hotels, restaurants, bars, theme parks, amusements parks, hospitals, food courts and many more. Faux greenery gives soothing feeling to the eyes as well as rejuvenates the mental energy. These can be used in an extensive variety of ways as per the availability of space. Moreover, as these don't create any clutter, hence are more preferred by the commercials as well as residential.

Add Vibrant Texture to Your Indoor and Outdoor Surrounding

Do you feel your office or commercial area is a little bit boring despite the presence of expensive decor items? Well, in that case, your space needs a blend of vibrant colors and nature's touch added to your indoor or outdoor area. HedgeScapes' different line of artificial plants, trees and foliage is the ideal solution for creating a mesmerizing surrounding around you. They have countless options for you to choose from ranging from artificial topiaries, vines, bushes, hedges, silk flowers, green walls, mats, moss rolls, large artificial trees in a vast range of varieties and many more. When all such elements are combines collectively, they can form an excellent and heavenly surrounding your commercial environment.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Minimal maintenance requirements are the significant benefit of these artificial landscaping products that attracts most of the commercial and residential owners towards them. Unlike real plants, these don't have any watering, fertilizing, pruning or cutting needs. Hence these make a convenient and maintenance free addition to your landscape. Also, as they don't have maintenance requirements, thus are highly cost-effective than real plants. You just need one-time investment to be incurred on them, and these will keep your place green and naturally vibrant for years.

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