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Faux PlantsInstalling artificial landscaping products to revamp the surroundings of your home or office space is the most convenient and hassle-free methods to give the surroundings a makeover. These amazing artificial plants and trees that look unbelievably realistic and lifelike can change the face of your décor. Here is everything you require to know about the faux silk plants:

Maintenance Free And Easy To Clean

One excellent benefit of the artificial plants and trees is that these landscaping products are pretty much maintenance free. Unlike real trees and plants, the faux landscaping products do not require regular cutting, trimming, pruning, watering and fertilizing. Further, these artificial landscaping products do not shed their leaves seasonally leaving behind a mess for you to clean. As far as keeping the plants clean and fresh, a simple spray of water on them is enough. You won't need to use special chemicals and cleaning agents to keep them looking new.

Can Be Installed In Both Indoors And Outdoors Spaces

Another noteworthy benefit of the artificial topiary trees outdoors products, artificial privacy hedges and other faux landscaping products is that they can be placed in both indoors and outdoors settings. Here's a list of spaces where the plants are popularly installed in:

  • Malls, museums, art galleries, luxury boutiques, trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and coffee shops can be decorated with the help of the faux landscaping products.
  • Offices, apartments, building entrances, hotel lobbies, restaurants, mall parking lots, hotel parking lots, public gardens, bars, and lounges can also be given a new feel with the help of the artificial landscaping products.
  • Conference rooms, private schools, porches, backyards, doctor's clinics, hospitals, dentist's clinics and old age homes can also be decorated with these faux trees and plants.

Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant

These artificial landscaping products are extremely convenient for decorative purposes because they are completely weatherproof and climate tolerant. They can be exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, excessive snowfall, and even torrential rains but will not spoil or deteriorate. Further, these plants can even be placed in centrally air-conditioned premises without getting ruined. The leaves and stems of these plants are treated with special chemicals that prevent them from fading when exposed to the harsh elements of the climate.

Fire Retardant Artificial Plants And Trees For Your Safety

A lot of people are often apprehensive about installing faux plants and trees in their premises because faux landscaping products tend to be susceptible to fires and can cause destruction and casualties. However, in the case of the faux landscaping products offered by HedgeScapes, you need not worry about your landscape going up in flames. Special fire retardant chemicals are injected into the raw materials of these products to ensure that the finished products are not susceptible to fires. These landscaping products are completely safe and can be installed without a worry even in homes where there are children and young ones.

Affordable And Cost Effective

The artificial landscaping products are a boon because these fake plants and trees are very affordably priced. They can be purchased in large quantities for massive sized projects without you needing to trouble about a hole being burnt through your wallet. Further, you will not need to hire professional gardeners and horticulturists to provide maintenance and care to these faux plants. Artificial landscaping products are a much more cost-effective option than real plants and trees.

Several Available Varieties For You To Choose From

These artificial landscaping products are available in a wide range of varieties. Depending on the type of landscape that you wish to install, there are hedges, mats, screens, rolls, letter, logos, signage, animal forms, topiaries and green walls available. Further, the available plants that these products come in include boxwoods, ivies, pearl grasses, azaleas, junipers and several others. While some of the plants and trees are lush green and vibrant, others are beautiful and vibrant flowers on them too.

Long Lasting, Sturdy And Durable

The artificial landscaping products are extremely long-lasting and durable. They can last for years on end without spoiling, fading or losing their color. These plants can withstand all kinds of wear and tear without getting ruined. Those people, who wish to use the plants and trees seasonally, can store away these landscaping products when they are not in use. These synthetic plants have an extremely long shelf life too.

Lightweight And Easy To Install

Unlike real plants and trees, the artificial landscaping products are very lightweight and can be installed quickly and easily. You will not need to hire a team of laborers and a professional landscaping artist to complete the installation for you. One or two people are more than enough to install the plants in any premises.

Customized Products For Your Convenience

Individuals who have very specific requirements for their landscapes can get customized plants, trees and hedges from HedgeScapes. The landscaping products will be built to suit the exact requirement of the purchaser regarding dimensions. Further, custom-made products will make your landscape look unique and unlike any other. Your landscape will not look identical to countless other competitor's landscapes. However, for customized products, the purchaser needs to place orders in large quantities or bulk. You can even order plants and trees that come in the shape of your company logo.

There's all the essential information that you need about the artificial landscaping products. If you had doubts earlier about whether or not you should invest in faux landscaping products, those doubts should all be clear now. Don't waste another minute and place your order today. We guarantee that investing in these faux landscaping products will be one of the best long-term investments you will ever make towards your house or office décor.

Artificial TopiaryIn the recent years, people are favoring green architecture more than ever. With such concepts prevailing now, the green landscape became a new pursuit for the engineers, architects and landscape designers and everyone is trying to make their commercial spaces as green as possible.

If you wish to have something that is more subtle than a fence or want to have a green wall or make the stairs a focal point, artificial boxwood can deliver that almost instantly. HedgeScapes artificial boxwood hedges have extremely realistic looks like the live natural hedges. And, use of high-quality plastic materials with commercial grade resins for manufacturing, have made the artificial buxus hedge and other types strong and sturdy to withstand all weather conditions. They have wide varieties of green faux boxwoods for meeting the people's needs of greenery. These are suitable for both exterior and interior use, no matter what the type of your space is, or where you install them.

Let's see how you can reinvent your commercial space with boxwood hedge artificial collections and also dwell on its significant features.

Picking the right boxwood

The faux boxwood and artificial outdoor topiary plants create the amazing environment when used for landscaping purposes. If you use live plants for boxwoods, you invite maintenance constraints. Because they are real, you need to provide them regular care. But the artificial

Boxwood makes no such demand, and that is why people are now using the fake landscaping elements more and more. Here are the varieties that you can use:

  • Animal and form topiary: These animal-shaped shrubs are available in the form of an elephant, giraffe, etc. These are great for making focal points in the commercial outdoors and indoors. You can also have themed art and fictional characters for making the commercial space charming. These can be used in any setting like amusement parks, exhibition halls, luxury hotel lobby, etc.
  • Ball topiary: These are the most common type and are available in many sizes. These add style and elegance to any commercial indoor or outdoor. But one should take the space availability into consideration for creating a firm impression.
  • Cone topiary: These have the power to elevate a commercial space for any special occasion. For having a formal landscape, slim and skinny cones work well. If you want to impart a splendor look, then wider cones are the most preferred ones.
  • Spiral topiary: This has become a hot cake in landscaping in the recent years. Crafted with a unique structure, this delivers a modern vibe. You can enjoy endless opportunities with spirals and by complementing the space availability, can have the most sophisticated environment.
  • Logos & letters: These are great for displaying your visual identity. When these are used in combination with other artificial landscaping elements, they uniquely impress the onlookers and the visitors as well
  • Faux boxwood mat & Roll: Custom shaped wall mats and rolls are great when you need to install them fast in large installations
  • Screens & Green walls: Screens and green walls can spruce the commercial space with lush green ambiance, and help define boundaries and provide privacy.

Choosing the foliage

Boxwoods can be used for varieties of landscaping projects. The faux boxwoods and artificial topiary outdoor collections made botanically correct with realistic foliage. These are available as beauty & pink azalea, buxus & pockets, Juniper, Ivy, and dark & light pearl grass foliage. All of these have their charms. While choosing the foliage, one must see that it complements the place and landscape theme.

Consider the place of installation

This is the most requirement of all landscaping projects. You can fill your commercial exterior with outdoor artificial plants wholesale; there is no bar. But, you may not get the desired effect, if these do not fit the place of installation or match the theme. So, you have to be careful. For having the most effective landscaping results, one should first locate the spot for installing the artificial boxwoods and topiaries. Because what you can install in the entrance, may not match the poolside. So, have an idea about the size and shape you require and get those accordingly.

Check the baseboard and structure requirement

HedgeScapes boxwoods are available with baseboards made from wood, metal, and foam. Wooden baseboards are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Galvanized metal structures are very strong and mainly used for windy outdoors. The fame boards are the economic solution for temporary indoor applications.

Follow installation guides

Installation of the boxwoods is easy and simple. You do not require any special skill for installing those in your commercial space. No tools and handling equipment is required. All HedgeScapes products come with installation manual and following that you can complete the installation.

Where these can be used

The replicated boxwoods can be used in any professional space like large corporate houses, government & municipal buildings, art galleries, luxury restaurants, spa & sauna bath, bar & casino lounge, private hospitals, airports and at any other commercial space you may name.

These are fade and fire resistant

HedgeScapes fake botanical elements are manufactured using patented ThermaLeaf®, PermaLeaf®, and PermaLeaf® Plus technologies. These are manufactured using high-grade polyesters, color pigments and resins for making them realistic and strong. ThermaLeaf® grade foliage passes all fire safety tests and also complies with fire laws. Use of PermaLeaf® grade foliage guarantees that it can withstand all weather conditions and use of colorfast pigments that will not fade. PermaLeaf® Plus technology uses the most advanced color and UV protection for long-lasting performance.

There are many added benefits

  • Needs no maintenance
  • Absolutely portable
  • No seasonal worry.
  • Does not attract insects and so, no insect attacks.
  • No mold growth
  • Creates no mess by shedding leaves
  • Onetime investment
  • Cost-effective

Artificial BoxwoodNo matter what type of professional space is involved, business means meeting people every day. People are fond of beauties and especially, natural beauties. Nature influences the people and induces to be positive and more productive. This is why landscaping of commercial space is of prime importance. Settings adorned with natural elements are sure to create a nice buzz about the brand and draw more people causing a surge in the business.

Landscaping with live plants has its flaws. Because these are alive, these need your constant care and attention. This may not always be possible in commercial settings. Commercial landscapes need to be perfect and with minimal maintenance. That is why artificial landscaping elements are gaining popularity.

Among all the artificial trees and plants, boxwood has a prominent place. It is the most popular and loved product of all landscaping options. This is an all-purpose landscaping option that makes a commercial space look sophisticated. Boxwood has different varieties and plays a major role in filling up the voids, defining space and for ensuring privacy as well. HedgeScapes has a wide collection of artificial boxwood hedges. Let's talk about its features.

One product many varieties

HedgeScapes artificial boxwood has many varieties. These are available with realistic leaves and in endless varieties. 

  • Faux boxwood hedge: For defining space and providing privacy. Available in realistic Beauty Azalea, Pink Azalea, Juniper, Ivy, dark & light Pearl Grass, etc.
  • Boxwood mat wholesale: For covering the pathways and walls.
  • Screen: For providing rigid green walls of multiple uses.
  • Roll: For quick installation and imparting a contemporary look.
  • Letters, logos & signage: For displaying your name, brand and for indication.
  • Animals & form topiary: Available as artificial topiary animals, character and themed art, these will add style and sophistication to the commercial space.
  • Topiary: Available in the form of cones, spirals, and balls; these are great to elevate any commercial space.
  • Green walls: These are bestowed with many patterns and are available in many varieties for large installations.

Multipurpose application is possible

The greatest advantage of the artificial boxwood hedge is that this is versatile, and can melt into any commercial setting. Whether you are reinventing the landscapes of theme parks, amusement, parks, and water parks, these can be easily used to make the places stylish. You can also use this for decorating shopping malls, exhibition halls, rooftop gardens of posh hotels, luxury restaurants; bar & casino lounges, large corporate houses, government buildings, art galleries, exhibition halls, airport waiting area. When you use these for landscaping hospitals, these boost up the patients psychologically for faster relief.

Can style to perfection

The replicated boxwoods are facing increasing demands for the endless beauty they provide to any commercial setting. With their simple, sophisticated look and innovative design, these are excellent for defining boundaries. You can install these at any place like driveways or staircase landing. They will make the space glee and glam.

Fading is out of question

HedgeScapes fake boxwood hedge is manufactured from using the highest grade of plastic material, color and resins to make them tolerate harsh weather conditions. PermaLeaf® technology of treating the products with special UV resistant chemicals is also used. This helps the HedgeScapes landscaping elements sustain scorching sunlight and can retain their lush green appearance in the outdoors for many years.

This is a safe product

Obviously, safety should not be compromised for the sake of beauty. There are incidences when Fire broke out, and the Christmas trees and hedges also added to its spread. That is why HedgeScapes always use ThermaLeaf® brand of replicated foliage. These are made fire safe by injecting special fire retardant chemicals into the foliage during manufacturing, to prevent a spread of fire. The boxwood hedges pass all fire tests and fall in line with the state laws.

Why rely on HedgeScapes 

Many reasons can be listed for choosing HedgeScapes boxwood over others. Here are the significant ones:

  • HedgeScapes can fulfill all your landscaping requirements with wide range products like fake hedges, boxwood mats, and even ambiance plants. This makes your job easier since you need not go to multiple manufacturers.
  • These are available in a plethora of pre-designed forms and types. They also deliver tailor-made products for meeting special needs of the customers.
  • Patented technologies are used in manufacturing the realistic botanical elements. This makes you sure about their look and durability.
  • They offer the extended guarantee and make deliveries fast.

You have more choosing options

The artificial boxwood is available in custom shapes with almost limitless sizing and dimensions. Varieties of baseboards or planters made of wood, metal or foam are also available for you to get anything you like. These are also available in many forms from traditional boxwood to the most modern Azalea with realistic foliage. Your choosing option does not end here; HedgeScapes have everything for your outdoors & indoors. The boxwoods are also specifically made for temporary and permanent installation and also for single & multiple uses. Just spell out the requirement and pick the exact product. Should you require, HedgeScapes provide installation assistance.

Unique features of artificial boxwoods

  • Boxwoods are made botanically correct. None can feel the difference without touching.
  • As these are fake landscaping products, they never die, and so you do not have the maintenance hassles like preparing soils, adding fertilizers, controlling weeds and regular watering. Only periodic cleaning is enough to keep them glowing.
  • These never grow out of shape relieving you from the pain of trimming.
  • Mosquitoes, insects, etc. are never attracted. This keeps you professional space safe and hygienic.
  • Coming in standard bases, these are easily installable.
  • These can be interchanged between places easily and can also be stored when not in use.

Outdoor Landscaping ThemeArtificial hedges prove to be an excellent decorating product for both indoors and outdoors spaces. These hedges can be used in countless different ways to create gorgeous tropical and summery themes in the surroundings. Using the artificial landscaping products manufactured by HedgeScapes can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Today we will discuss the various themes, projects, and benefits of landscaping products offered by HedgeScapes. Here's everything you need to know.

Custom Availability Of Hedges For Your Home Or Commercial Spaces

Although HedgeScapes has a variety of ready to use and pre-sized faux hedges for you to choose from, often these ready to use landscaping products may not fit the specifications of the room or the landscape project that you're working on. In the case of HedgeScapes, you have the option of ordering hedges that are specific to the size of your project. Whether you want extremely large hedges for your office building's garden or small and dainty looking ones for your residential villa, HedgeScapes will create hedges that are detailed and match your exact requirement.

Varieties Of Hedges For You To Choose From

HedgeScapes provides a wide range of hedges for you to choose from. Some of these hedges include azalea, juniper, boxwood, ivy, pearl grass and several others. Depending on what kind of hedge you choose, you can create an exotic and breathtaking landscaping theme in your commercial or residential space. For instance, the pearl grass hedges can be used to create a beautiful farmland or meadow kind of theme in your garden. The azalea hedge can be used to create a beautiful springtime landscape in your home or hotel building. The evergreen boxwood hedges can be used to create a lush green atmosphere in the surroundings and so on. Thus, depending on the kind of landscaping theme you have in mind, you can make a selection from the wide range of hedge options offered by HedgeScapes.

Baseboards For All Types Of Weather Conditions

Another excellent feature of the hedges provided by HedgeScapes is that you can create all kinds of indoors and outdoors landscaping themes. It doesn't matter whether you exist in a tropical beach side area or a cold, windy and rainy city. HedgeScapes has products for every need and requirement. HedgeScapes allows you the option to choose a baseboard treatment or planter depending on the location where you will be installing the hedges. In the case of outdoor installations in a city where there is strong and excessive sunlight, you can use the wooden baseboards. In the case of an outdoor installation in a beach side and windy property, you can consider using the metal baseboards. These metal baseboards are galvanized, sag resistant and will guarantee you long lasting landscaping products. Lastly, for those individuals who are looking for an economical indoor solution for the hedges, the foam baseboards are ideal for such installations.

Fire Retardant Hedges For A Safe Landscaping Theme

Landscaping artists are often hesitant about the installation of faux plants and hedges in their projects because artificial landscaping products are prone to catching fires. However, in the case of the hedges offered by HedgeScapes you need not worry about your landscape going up in flames. The HedgeScapes hedges are impregnated with a technology popularly known as the ThermaLeaf® technology. This technology makes the foliage of the landscaping products fire retardant, thereby ensuring that your home or commercial space is safe and secure.

PermaLeaf® Technology For Weatherproof Foliage

Another technology that is used by HedgeScapes is the PermaLeaf® technology. This technology makes the plastic foliage of the faux plants completely weatherproof. It does not matter whether you place the hedges outdoors in harsh sunlight, snowfall or rain. Even when exposed to such harsh elements of the weather, the HedgeScapes hedges will not deteriorate in quality or spoil or even lose their color. These faux hedges are long lasting and will prove to be an excellent long-term investment.

Various Uses Of The Hedges

The hedges can be used for a variety of purposes. You can install the lush green and vibrant hedges in a party as a backdrop. You can also use the hedges to create a privacy partition between two office cabins. The hedges are also popularly used to decorate and create a boundary for office building parking lots, mall parking lots and even apartment building parking lots. Clubhouses and professional gyms often use the hedges to decorate the swimming pool area of their space. The hedges are often used for concerts to decorate the stage. Open-air restaurants are also a great place to use the hedges for decoration. Thus, as you can see you use the hedges for countless decorative and constructive purposes.

Easy Delivery And Installation Process

Another great benefit of the hedges offered by HedgeScapes is that the delivery and installation process of the landscaping products are convenient and simple. Once you have placed your order, HedgScapes offers the facility of same day shipping. Further, the delivery comes with an easy to understand installation manual that can make anyone a landscaping artist. If you don't have the time to complete the landscape installation yourself, HedgeScapes has a team of skilled experts who will do the installation for you. So, you don't need to spend large sums of money on hiring a landscaping expert who will get the landscape theme in place for you, HedgeScapes will take care of the job in an efficient, professional and timely manner.

Now you no longer need to think and fret over what kind of landscaping theme you want to install in your home or commercial space. HedgeScapes is your one stop shop for all your theme landscapes. From delivery to installation, HedgeScapes will get all the work done for you. So simply place the order for the landscaping products you need and leave the rest to HedgeScapes!

Large On-Hand Inventory

We have a large warehouse that is filled with products ready to ship out immediately.

Custom Quotes

Custom quotes are readily available for any request you may have, whether large or small.

Installation Available

Installing products within your design can be troublesome so we provide the service for you.

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