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Wednesday, 07 February 2018 05:28

Making Your Workplace Safe - Outside and Inside

HedgeCarelessness in managing the safety of a workplace by the facilities manager or the property owner has led to a massive number of injuries as well as deaths in the past. Around 2.9 million injuries were reported in 2015 on the job according to the stats of Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US. The shocking numbers encouraged the employers to boost the security of their workplace thus preventing injuries and other on-job accidents. The on job deaths or injuries sustained can break the back of any company regarding finances when it comes to compensating the employees. Moreover, it also increases fear among other workers thus reducing efficiency and productivity as well. So, it is quite important for every employer to ensure the complete safety of the premises not only for the security of employees but also for the smooth running of the business. Here are a few tips which you can consider for maintaining a safe workplace environment.

Keeping Equipment Well Maintained

Majority of the accidents occur due to the poor maintenance of the equipment and machinery utilized in the commercial areas. If your business involves utilization of heavy machines and equipment, it is quite important that you keep them maintained at the regular intervals of time. The poor equipment maintenance reduces the reliability of the machines thus leading to dangerous hazards, accidents or some health problems. Well maintained equipment not only ensures the safety of your workforce but also makes sure that organizational operations are carried out at full efficiency.

Provision of Proper Training to the Employees

Efficient and safe work cannot be expected from the employees if they are not given proper training of their work and processing of equipment involved. It is essential for you to provide comprehensive training to your employees about every aspect of their duty. They should be trained well about the equipment and machines that they need to work with. In addition to letting them know concerning the functioning of the equipment, the associated risks also need to be well explained. In this way, they will be ready to work carefully keeping in mind the threats from the equipment. The awareness reduces the rate of injuries at the workplace.

Preventing Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are the most common risks associated with any commercial property. Especially if your business processes involve utilization of combustible material. In all such conditions, it is important that you keep the combustible material in only the required amount at your workplace. Also, it needs to be stored at locations that are far away from the sources of ignition. Keep a regular eye on fire alarm systems as well as water sprinkler systems so that in case of any hazards they can work to save the workforce and property promptly.

Keep plants and trees away from the sources that impose the threat of fire hazards. You can do artificial interior and exterior landscaping to reduce the fire risks. There are a large number of fire retardant faux plants and trees in the market that prevents the fire from spreading in case of fire accidents. So, if you are a landscape lover, you can still ensure the safety of your commercial property and people without compromising the looks and appeal of your property.

Occupational Experts can Help Out.

The regular health checkups of the employees can be a good idea to help them maintain their overall well-being. Also, association with certain occupational health clinics can help to prevent the workplace injuries by carrying out analysis of the sites in the workplace. By carrying out tours of the sites, they identify the areas where there can be a higher risk of injuries to the employees. The occupational experts can also help to improve the ergonomics of the workplace and also help in creating job descriptions for roles that demand more physical strength and ability.

Cleanliness is Essential

Poor workplace hygiene also invites a large number of ailments to the workforce that further leads to absenteeism and poor efficiency. So for making your employees stay healthy, make sure to get your workspace properly cleaned. Ask your facilities manager to keep an eye on every aspect of the cleanliness of the building. The toilet should be properly cleaned, and the floors also need to be completely dry and clear. Also, if you have placed plants inside the building to form an interior landscape make sure that plants are non-toxic and non-allergenic. There may be certain plants that may cause allergies to the employees, so this also needs to be kept in mind while choosing the plants.

Perform Safety Inspections on Regular Basis

Regular safety inspections done can help identify the hazard risks and areas that can be unsafe for the employees. One of the best benefits of doing safety inspections is that you can figure out the risks on time without undergoing any hazardous situation. Such inspection programs can also measure the efforts being performed to ensure the safety. For example, safety inspections can be done for inspecting landscape areas for any fragile or dying trees that may have the risk of falling anytime. By identifying such dying trees, you can timely find out the solution thus preventing your property and people from any damage. Similarly, other risky areas can be analyzed to find out the effective triggers to create a completely safe workplace to work at.

Conduct Workplace Safety Meetings Often

Keeping the importance of workplace safety in mind, you can also conduct regular meetings to discuss the things that can be addressed to maintain the safety of your workplace. You can also invite feedback from the employees for figuring out any concerns they feel about the workplace safety. This will help you to ensure the overall safety while also making your employees feel safe and secure.

LandscapingThe price of everything is rising day by day. Ranging from the cup of coffee we take to groceries, laundry, and transportation. These are general product and services we come daily across in our lives but don't make a big impact in our minds. But if you are a commercial property owner or even a property manager, you will be aware of the latest market trends. The property maintenance has become much costly these days. Hence it has become crucial for both owners as well as manager to plan the property maintenance task wisely so that most out of least can be taken. There are varying reasons for this drastic increase in property management costs. Let's have a look at major reasons that have prompted the property maintenance costs to be on the rise.

Qualified Property Maintenance Team Expects More

Paying the team that you hire to maintain your property is the major expense. Since it is your commercial property that is your lifelong income and investment, choosing a qualified and experienced team is crucial. Most qualified the worker will be, more salary needs to be paid. And definitely, you will never want to hire an unprofessional to handle your property just for saving your one-time maintenance cost. Moreover, for maintenance companies as well, it takes quite a lot of efforts and time to find and hire a dedicated and hardworking worker. For attracting such dedicated employees, they also need to pay adequate salary to them. So, for having the best maintenance job done for your property, you probably need to pay more cost to the companies.

Minimum Salary Regulations by the Government

The US Department of labor has also changed the regulation of minimum salary of employees. Now the minimum salary for the employees has significantly risen. This has also put an impact on the cost of property maintenance. Since property maintenance companies are now required to pay that minimum amount to the workers. Additionally, minimum overtime salaries have also increased significantly. Even small businesses are not exempted from these rules.

Increased Insurance Costs for Businesses

Property management companies have to pay more to their employees than just salaries. Professional workers get attracted towards the companies that offer proper facilities like health insurance, accident insurance and all. Obviously, all these kinds of facilities are costly. The corporations overcome all these expenses by increasing the costs of their services only.

Higher Demand Leading to Higher Prices

With the rise in population, the growth of commercial as well as residential rental properties has increased drastically. This further has given rise to the demand for property maintenance services. People are ready to pay higher prices to get the job done by experienced professionals. This also has made the property maintenance costs to rise significantly. Their tenants are paying owners of commercial buildings more, and thus owners make sure to keep their property well organized and updated time and again. For this, they get ready to invest even larger sums of money comfortably. Modernization of commercial properties is the latest trend. People are adding interior and exterior landscaping areas along with updated signage and appealing foliage for beautified looks. All these factors are raising the demand for maintenance experts tremendously.

Landscaping Solutions and Equipment Costs

Besides the cost of labor that you hire to maintain your commercial building landscape, the cost of landscaping equipment and material also affect the total cost incurred in property management. Most of the plants especially that are not native are highly costly. The prices of mature trees, shrubs and flowers have gone significantly up thus making property maintenance highly expensive.

To save more in making available various landscaping solutions, it is vital that you share your exterior and interior landscaping idea thoroughly with your landscaping provider with all the less expensive options available. Make sure to share your thoughts and budget openly with the provider so that you can have the best-suited solution for your landscape while saving more on landscaping cost.

Additionally, you can go for artificial landscaping for your commercial property because they are much cost useful options than real ones. They are not only less expensive while purchasing but are also the perfect solution for the long term as well. Since they don't demand any maintenance and therefore you need not hire a professional landscaping staff for your property. You can save a huge sum of your profit that you otherwise need to installation or maintenance of your landscape only. Artificial landscaping products are available in almost every variety that exists in real world. Also, they look just like their real counterparts.

Keeping Landscape Well Maintained Can Help Save More

Major landscape maintenance costs are required to be invested in if you don't offer regular care to your property and landscape. Regular maintenance and care of your view can help you save more on larger maintenance works. Since regular upkeep can keep the property safe from minor harms or damages thus preventing larger costs in future. Taking care of your landscape is quite easier. Make sure that your shrubs are being properly pruned and fertilized. Call the professional arbor once in a while to make sure that everything is alright in your landscape. Make sure your turf is properly at the place and is not suffering from any disease. Also keep an eye on irrigation system occasionally and fix any breakage or damage to it as soon as you encounter the same. You can make your property maintenance company catch these problems at early stages before they become larger ones. This way you can save maintenance costs to a greater extent.

Artificial ScreenYour exterior complex is the property that contributes a lot to define the value of your commercial building. The outdoor area of your property needs to be engaging and inviting. However, along with beauty, it is important also important to establish a secure and safe outdoor area. Having a beautiful exterior space around your commercial complex does not mean that it is safe. Commercial property is at work during the whole day as well as night, hence being a commercial owner, it is crucial for you to create a safe landscape around your property. Keep below-suggested tips in mind to create a safe landscape.

Check for Low Spots around Your Turf

Low spots in the turf can make the pedestrians to fall. Sometimes, these kinds of spots can twist the ankles of the walking person and can cause minor as well as severe injuries. So, these low spots need to be filled either by filling those areas with soil or sod. This will help you establish a smooth and leveled turf surface.

Identify and Remove the Fragile Trees

We all love to establish a lush green and engaging lawn around our commercial property, but most of the time we just forget to keep an eye on the health of our plants. Any sort of negligence in offering proper care to our landscape especially large trees can lead to dangerous hazards sometimes. If you have trees in your commercial landscape, make sure to keep an eye on them regularly to check their health and any treatment required. Identify if there are any fragile or dying trees before the fall season because in the season of strong winds and storms, the chances of falling of fragile trees increases. Call a professional arborist and get leaned and oversized branches of trees pruned for safeguarding your property in advance. Proper care given to trees and plants will always keep your commercial building exterior safe and secure.

Keep Walkways Clean and Clear

Cleanliness of walkways of your commercial complex is a must because people of all kinds will walk around those. Make sure you keep the shrubs and vines around trimmed appropriately. Take help from a professional arbor or gardening staff as they have professional equipment to get the job done. The walkways need to be clear and properly visible so that your clients or employees can walk there safely.

Set Lighting System for Night At Place

Setting up good looking lighting points featuring wonderful features is a wonderful idea, but it is also crucial to make them fully functional for the night. The lights should be such that complete landscape points can be seen clearly along with walkways. Poor night lights can make your area unsafe giving rise to the possibilities of injuries and more.

Make Your Property Fire Safe

Fire threats are one of the biggest dangers for commercial properties. Electricity systems, generators, and similar high voltage devices give rise to these possibilities. At such a location, it is highly important to enhance the fire safety of the surrounding. The landscape should be designed keeping in mind those fire risks. A well-planned landscape by the expert can offer fire breaks thus helping to reduce the risk of fire hazards. Additionally, you need to have well-organized water resource system at the place to handle the emergency conditions.

For a highly safe and secure landscape, you can opt latest artificial landscaping products. Most of the artificial plants and trees nowadays are incorporating fire retardant properties to offer the safest interior as well as exterior landscaping. Artificial plants are infused with various fire retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process. Those chemicals help to reduce the risk of fire hazards by preventing the fire from spreading. Besides such safe nature of artificial plants, they are maintenance free. You don't need to invest your efforts as well as money on their upkeep. They just require occasional dusting and nothing else. Due to enhanced safety and ease of maintenance, most of the commercial owners are preferring artificial solutions for exterior and interior landscaping.

Keep An Eye on the Sprinkler Heads

If you have installed sprinkler heads around your exterior landscape, make sure to keep an eye on them whether they are staying safely below the ground or not. Sometimes, the sprinkler heads just get stuck a few inches above the ground rather than staying tucked below the surface. Above the surface sprinkler heads can cause injuries to people walking around your yard. Ask your supervisors or gardeners to regularly walk through the landscape to keep sprinkler heads at the place.

Keep Certain Areas Out of Reach of People

Your commercial property might have certain areas that might be harmful to the unaware public or people that work in your office. There might be electric boxes, telecom boxes, first-floor windows or highly dense landscapes that you might want people to stay away from. Just put a notice board on these properties or simply create fencing around possible places to keep the crowd away from these areas. This will add a safety feature to your commercial complex.

Privatize Your Commercial Complex with Dense Trees

Privatization of your commercial building is crucial. This not only hinders the ugly outside sights coming inside your property but also decreases the chances of burglary or similar crimes. For this, a dense cover of large and shady trees is the ideal choice. Grow dense shrubs or trees in line along the line of your building wall to create a large privacy screen around your complex. This kind of privacy screen created through a landscape will help you to increase the visual security.

HedgesA commercial building can be a lifelong source for the owner. That's why people find commercial real estate one of the most lucrative and attractive business. But, not all the time a real estate property offers an income that is worth the investment. One of the major reason for this is the lower market value of the property. Value of a commercial property depends upon a large number of factors, ranging from its looks, design, rent and much more. If you are finding your property low valued as per the market trends, here are some useful tips for raising the value of your property in the market.

Consider Property Repositioning

Property repositioning is one of the best ways to improve the value of a property. If you find your little property bit boring, dull or tired as compared to your competitors, it is time to consider repositioning of your commercial building. Repositioning adds some value to the property while also increasing the chances of increased rents and engage more tenants towards it. Repositioning also makes the property much easier to manage.

Open up Conventional Wall Based Buildings

Nowadays, most of the commercial spaces are incorporating opened up building styles rather than those conventional enclosed offices. So, if your commercial space is still following the old architectural style, it is a good idea to get it transformed. For this, you can install more contemporary and large sized windows by opening up the walls to create an inviting and open office plan. Open looks are the latest trend in commercial buildings that are not only loved by commercial owners but also by the employees. Also, if your commercial building is using metal or wooden doors currently, it is better to change those with glass doors for modern looks.

Create An Inviting landscape

A landscape is a kind of ornament for any commercial property. If your commercial property is lacking a perfectly organized and groomed landscape, it is advisable to plan and establish a lush green landscape to create a natural and engaging outdoor area. You can choose to plant native plants as these can add life to your property. Also, native plants or grasses require lesser care and attentiveness for growth as compared to other plants. A perfectly blooming landscape can add amazing value to your commercial building.

If you have a low budget and can't afford living plants for your interior or exterior landscaping, artificial landscaping products are the ideal choice for you. Most of the commercial owners are going for these solutions due to their ease of maintenance and delivery of highest grade quality. Artificial plants and trees are majorly designed of highest quality plastic and silk material combined with highly amazing craftsmanship that makes them exactly like real ones in look and feel. Unlike real plants, they don't require watering, pruning, fertilizing and more hence you can save a big sum that you otherwise need for landscaping maintenance. You can make exterior as well as interior landscaping products available for your commercial property and create a lush green and maintenance free landscape around your space.

Strengthen Your Parking Services

Parking is one of the most important facilities that a tenant looks for in the commercial property. If your parking services are poor or not properly managed, it is obvious that tenants will be reluctant to get your property on rent or offer a fair rent for it. Make sure that you have a well-managed parking system at the place and you can offer secure parking for your tenants' vehicles. Also, get the dull or discolored walls of your parking lots painted to make those look new and fresh.

Create an Inviting Feature

Anything that can grab the attention of tenants or onlookers towards your property is a good idea. If you have enough space outdoors, you can get that utilized by adding any engaging factor it like a fountain, any water element, a seating arrangement surrounded with a green lawn or anything that can offer an inviting feel to people. The appeal is something that also contributes to the overall value of the property. Since the majority of the commercial environments now prefer employee focused office spaces. And commercial buildings that can offer a satisfactory environment to the employees are always valuable.

Cut Down Your Expenses

There might be certain expenses that you may cut down to make your property as much profit giver as possible. Such as, you might be using conventional lightings in your building, replace those with latest energy efficiency lightings as they will offer better lighting system while also reducing your electricity bills. Even if you have fairly passed electricity bills to your tenants, they will also find it efficient and cheaper. In the same way, you can put a check on several related unnecessary expenses and add a certain value to your commercial building.

Strengthen Your Building Security

Is your property capable of meeting the security demands of your tenants appropriately? Security is a big factor in deciding the value of your property. Make sure that you have a well-working security system in place including, security alarms, fire alarms, gatekeepers, etc. Hire professional and well-trained security guards as well to safeguard your commercial complex. A well-working security system puts a positive impact on tenants thus raising the value of your property adequately.

Increase the Lease Rate Slightly

Once you have improved your property to make it stand among your competitors, it is a good idea to slightly increase the monthly or yearly rent of your property. For this, you first need to analyze the market well and compare your commercial complex with others situated probably in similar locations. Also, it is important that you increase the rent in such a way that increases in rent justify the improvements in the property. This will be the real valuation of the property.

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