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Wednesday, 31 July 2019 12:11

How to Make Your Building's Washrooms Look Luxurious?

It's not only the washrooms at grand hotels that need to be luxurious and splendid. When people go to work at offices, eat out at restaurants, visit the hospitals or enjoy shopping in malls, they do expect clean and hygienic washrooms. Apart from this, they also look for a luxurious look and feel to them. It's vital for health reasons too.

1. Plants

All washrooms have a window that may or may not open out. Create a small artificial garden at the window ledge or pane as per space available. Hang colorful planters with artificial greenery like vines and creepers. You can even use colorful flowers.

Keep mini planters of ceramic, wicker, terracotta, etc. on the shelves. Keep mini faux topiary forms in them. Make an artificial green wall and fix some colorful flowers on it. You could even put your signage in a contrasting color.

These artificial plants will make the room look pretty and create positive energy in the washrooms too. They won't spoil with water as they as made of high quality and durable materials. Very easy to clean, these plants are low on maintenance.

Having nature in the washrooms always gives a feeling of life and luxury at the same time. Keep animal and other form faux topiaries too at corners or in the corridors reading to the washrooms.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors create a grand look to the room. Hang mirrors in fancy frames and shapes. People love to look into them! Give them the reason to look and to glow. Fix large-size mirrors on the side walls. These not only make the room look brighter with the reflecting lights but also makes the washrooms look larger than they are.

Add spaciousness to the room. Place some faux ivy privacy screens and partition off the mirror area if you like.

3. Fancy lighting

Well-lit washrooms always add a grand and luxurious look to them. Fix bright ceiling led lights. Add a small central chandelier if there is space. Dimly lit washrooms only save electricity and achieve nothing much. Make the room bright and lit up. Use a lot of wood interiors to make the best use of the tea lights.

Use a variety of fancy light fittings easily available today. Highlight the topiary or plants you will keep here. Try fancy lights which change colors. Let people decide the color as per their mood.

4. Sitting space

Make arrangements for people to sit. Often visitors like to rest their tired legs in a luxurious washroom. But make sure that the seats are cushy and comfortable. You can have benches with good cushioning too. Place a couple of recliners too. Partition off this area from the main washroom with a fake boxwood wall. Keep the floor clean and well maintained with it. Keep colorful stools and seats on them. See the room come alive and feel vibrant.

5. Monogram and logos

Display the monogram or logo of your building. Create signage with fake greenery. Let people read it in bold and remember the building to visit next time.

All this faux greenery and boxwood are fire retardant and very safe to keep indoors. They look realistic and authentic and last for years.

Mark off the ladies and the gents washrooms with prominent designs, logos, images, etc.

6. Colorful containers and fittings

Display soaps, hand wash, etc. in bright and attractive containers. You could go in for a color scheme or use gold and crème. It gives the room a very rich look. Fix beautiful, decorative, and handy wall fixtures like soap dispensers, towel racks, hand dryers, tissue paper holders, etc.

Fix smart bathtubs in the bathing units. Try out a sunken bath concept which is popular among people too. Place some sea plants around the tubs. Hang lots of mirrors. Make a pathway with pebbles. Fix a tree mural behind the bathing area if possible. Keep candles here and fix soft and diffused lighting to relax.

For colder climates, have a fireplace too. An electric fire or a roaring fire, both would do. It gives a feeling of warmth on a cold winter night.

7. Display of linen

The way the linen is displayed or stored also affects the appearance of the room. Stylishly fold the hand towels. Place them in wicker, cane, or ceramic baskets. Place extra towels and tissues etc. neatly on the shelves or in open cupboards. You could also place a cupboard with glass front panels. Fix some led bulbs inside and make the room come alive. Use sleek and classy vanity units to display things.

8. Tea lights and candles

Keep colored tea lights in prominent places. For example, keep a couple of them on the basin counter and at the corners, along with some flower arrangements. You can also place some colored and scented candles. Have a chandelier in the passages, but dim lights above the bathtubs.

9. Mini library

Use a wall to fix or hang a mini library. Place some popular magazines and books. You could also keep some catalogs of places of local tourist interest. People will love this as sometimes there is a waiting period on rush days. Keep a large planter with some artificial topiary in it.

10. Classy wall art

Hang some classy and bold wall art on the walls. A single mural or painting will also do. Display the local culture and traditions. A sizeable chic wall clock will also look good. Even though people wear watches and carry mobiles to check the time, this wall clock will be definitely handy too.

Make that special effort to make the washrooms clean, pretty, and classy. Or you may find shoppers and visitors going elsewhere. Give them comfort and safety too. Make your hotel and hospital washroom luxurious. People do come back for more.

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