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Tried everything but failed to motivate the employees? Well, this could be due to some faulty designs.

While a good office design makes the employees wow, any design mistake is sure to evoke the opposite effect. Thus, the ultimate result is a loss of productivity.

But do not worry. Making changes are always possible. Here are some insights on the nastiest design flaws and how to set them right.

Dull office ambiance: Bring life with artificial greenery arrangements

Making your office attractive is the most important design criterion. As humans have an innate connection with nature, live plants make an office cheerful. But these need serious maintenance. That is why the nearly-natural indoor trees and plants have gained immense popularity.

Made from high-quality raw material, they replicate their live cousins. Using artificial plants and trees do not cause any compromise with aesthetics. As these are not dependent on seasons, you get the same view around the year.
There are many varieties. You can pick from hedge, mat, roll, signage, topiary and many more. Using an artificial boxwood wall backdrop panel in the office takes the décor aplomb to the next level. As these contain doses of UV blocking material and fire retardant chemicals, they do not fade and never spread the fire.

Installation of artificial boxwood hedge in planters is very easy. You can install them anywhere, and they will make the place bright with their majestic presence. They never cause any litter and keep the office clean. As they do not grow mold and attract insects, you get a hygienic office.

Having insufficient space: Make the office flexible

Due to unavailability and increasing rent, a majority of office suffers from the above design problem. If your employees cannot stretch their arms and legs, it is sure to downscale productivity.

Making your office space flexible can solve this problem. Include moveable fences in the office. They will help to turn the floor into a meeting room. Also, try to reduce the wasted space through innovative design. You will get a more productive office.

Messed up with open office plan: Fix with glass partitions

Open office plan was like a panacea in office designing for several decades. Want to make your employees collaborative? Follow an open office plan. Having limited space? Open office plan can solve that. Have to supervise a large workforce? Open office plan is the best for that.

But it has some downsides as well. While it removes isolation and helps team building, it also lacks in privacy. Many office jobs need privacy and concentration. Open office plan can hardly be fit for these.

Fix it by creating booths with glass partitions. This will let you have control over the personal space and improve efficiency.

Employees walking into glass partitions: Tweak them with funny signs

Leaving glass partitions unmarked is a serious design mistake. People may walk into them. You might burst into laughter reading this. But this happens sometimes and causes serious injuries.

So, never leave any glass wall or panel without marking. Better, tweak them with funny signs so that people can be aware of their presence on the office floor.

Suffers from auditory distraction: include noise dampening measures

Auditory distraction is a perennial problem in offices. When many people sit together, it is sure to cause reverberations. High-level noise is irritating and causes serious issues like lack of concentration and productivity.

Tackle such issues by including sound-absorbing materials in the office. You may also add a white noise generator in the office; they also help to mask the noise generated.

Employees getting bored easily: Create a breakout area

There is no denying that it is impossible to concentrate on the job every minute. When employees have to work continuously, they become victims of boredom. This makes them less productive. Creating a breakout area can resolve such issues.

Arrange a separate room or a dedicated space where the employees can take a break. Provide a comfortable sitting and light reading materials. Also, include tea and coffee points in the breakout space. As the employees can take a short rest and engage in social chatting, it makes them more creative and productive.

Lack of work-life balance: Offer childcare services

Insufficient work-life balance makes working parents less productive. As a parent, their duties do not cease when they work. They always think of their children and cannot do the jobs creatively. Providing childcare facility is excellent to take care of such issues.

It is always best to have an onsite crèche with trained personnel. This helps the working parents to spend some time with their children during short breaks. They can also attend to any emergencies if necessary. In case this is not feasible, arranging a local daycare center boosts up the employee morale.

Insufficient illumination: Explore as much natural light as possible

Insufficient illumination is another design mistake that lowers down productivity. Build large glass windows in the office to make the place bright and blooming. And arrange to place the desks near the windows for harnessing maximum natural light.

In case your rented office does not allow constructions, bring in artificial daylights. Simulating the natural daylight, these are the best alternative available. But make sure that it is not too harsh or low as in both cases, working becomes difficult.

Employees suffering from postural issues: Follow ergonomics

As the employees work sitting for a long time, bad postures create many health hazards. Pain in the back, spine, neck, and arms are some of them. Use ergonomic furniture to fix these issues. These have adjustable height and armrest and let the employees have the right posture. These reduce the chances of such health hazards and minimize absenteeism.


Productivity is the first and last thing to any business. And, having an optimal office is sure to motivate the employees and enhance productivity. Now that you have an idea about the design flaws and their solutions take advantage of these to make your business a roaring success.

It's not only the washrooms at grand hotels that need to be luxurious and splendid. When people go to work at offices, eat out at restaurants, visit the hospitals or enjoy shopping in malls, they do expect clean and hygienic washrooms. Apart from this, they also look for a luxurious look and feel to them. It's vital for health reasons too.

1. Plants

All washrooms have a window that may or may not open out. Create a small artificial garden at the window ledge or pane as per space available. Hang colorful planters with artificial greenery like vines and creepers. You can even use colorful flowers.

Keep mini planters of ceramic, wicker, terracotta, etc. on the shelves. Keep mini faux topiary forms in them. Make an artificial green wall and fix some colorful flowers on it. You could even put your signage in a contrasting color.

These artificial plants will make the room look pretty and create positive energy in the washrooms too. They won't spoil with water as they as made of high quality and durable materials. Very easy to clean, these plants are low on maintenance.

Having nature in the washrooms always gives a feeling of life and luxury at the same time. Keep animal and other form faux topiaries too at corners or in the corridors reading to the washrooms.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors create a grand look to the room. Hang mirrors in fancy frames and shapes. People love to look into them! Give them the reason to look and to glow. Fix large-size mirrors on the side walls. These not only make the room look brighter with the reflecting lights but also makes the washrooms look larger than they are.

Add spaciousness to the room. Place some faux ivy privacy screens and partition off the mirror area if you like.

3. Fancy lighting

Well-lit washrooms always add a grand and luxurious look to them. Fix bright ceiling led lights. Add a small central chandelier if there is space. Dimly lit washrooms only save electricity and achieve nothing much. Make the room bright and lit up. Use a lot of wood interiors to make the best use of the tea lights.

Use a variety of fancy light fittings easily available today. Highlight the topiary or plants you will keep here. Try fancy lights which change colors. Let people decide the color as per their mood.

4. Sitting space

Make arrangements for people to sit. Often visitors like to rest their tired legs in a luxurious washroom. But make sure that the seats are cushy and comfortable. You can have benches with good cushioning too. Place a couple of recliners too. Partition off this area from the main washroom with a fake boxwood wall. Keep the floor clean and well maintained with it. Keep colorful stools and seats on them. See the room come alive and feel vibrant.

5. Monogram and logos

Display the monogram or logo of your building. Create signage with fake greenery. Let people read it in bold and remember the building to visit next time.

All this faux greenery and boxwood are fire retardant and very safe to keep indoors. They look realistic and authentic and last for years.

Mark off the ladies and the gents washrooms with prominent designs, logos, images, etc.

6. Colorful containers and fittings

Display soaps, hand wash, etc. in bright and attractive containers. You could go in for a color scheme or use gold and crème. It gives the room a very rich look. Fix beautiful, decorative, and handy wall fixtures like soap dispensers, towel racks, hand dryers, tissue paper holders, etc.

Fix smart bathtubs in the bathing units. Try out a sunken bath concept which is popular among people too. Place some sea plants around the tubs. Hang lots of mirrors. Make a pathway with pebbles. Fix a tree mural behind the bathing area if possible. Keep candles here and fix soft and diffused lighting to relax.

For colder climates, have a fireplace too. An electric fire or a roaring fire, both would do. It gives a feeling of warmth on a cold winter night.

7. Display of linen

The way the linen is displayed or stored also affects the appearance of the room. Stylishly fold the hand towels. Place them in wicker, cane, or ceramic baskets. Place extra towels and tissues etc. neatly on the shelves or in open cupboards. You could also place a cupboard with glass front panels. Fix some led bulbs inside and make the room come alive. Use sleek and classy vanity units to display things.

8. Tea lights and candles

Keep colored tea lights in prominent places. For example, keep a couple of them on the basin counter and at the corners, along with some flower arrangements. You can also place some colored and scented candles. Have a chandelier in the passages, but dim lights above the bathtubs.

9. Mini library

Use a wall to fix or hang a mini library. Place some popular magazines and books. You could also keep some catalogs of places of local tourist interest. People will love this as sometimes there is a waiting period on rush days. Keep a large planter with some artificial topiary in it.

10. Classy wall art

Hang some classy and bold wall art on the walls. A single mural or painting will also do. Display the local culture and traditions. A sizeable chic wall clock will also look good. Even though people wear watches and carry mobiles to check the time, this wall clock will be definitely handy too.

Make that special effort to make the washrooms clean, pretty, and classy. Or you may find shoppers and visitors going elsewhere. Give them comfort and safety too. Make your hotel and hospital washroom luxurious. People do come back for more.

In spite of the growing popularity of digital media, the library has not lost importance. There is nothing like curling up with a book after a hectic schedule. With the right decoration, your library can turn into an ultimate relaxing haven.
In case you have a library and are eager to decorate it. You have come to the right page. Read on to know the 10 tips for library decoration.

1. Infuse nature with artificial greenery arrangements

Proximity to the greenery helps to create a calm and quiet ambiance. This is why greeneries are the most essential for library decoration. But live plants need regular care and maintenance. This is why the nearly-natural trees and plants have become a godsend alternative.

They are available in many sizes, shapes, and varieties. You may choose anything from hedge, mat, roll, topiaries, and other things. In case your library is in the living area, zoning it out with artificial greenery privacy screens lifts the décor to the next level.

Made from premium quality raw foliage and color pigment, the artificial plants and trees look like their live versions. So, there is no compromise on the aesthetic front. Loaded with UV blocking material, these never get discolored.

Installing small artificial topiary trees elevates the dead corner space. Since these contain doses of special fire retardant chemicals, they have self-extinguishing properties. This makes your library safe from fire hazards.

Faux greens offer an easy installation. Being independent of seasonal variations, they offer the same shine around the year. As these do attract insects, they keep your library free from mosquitoes.

2. Create a unique display by organizing the books

Organizing the collection of books is a great way to decorate the library. There are many ways to do that. You may arrange the books based on their colors. Sorting them further based on height delivers a great show.

Shelving the hard-covers and paperbacks is also a great décor idea. This will create an excellent streamlined display.

Do not fill the shelves with books. Keep some space in empty. It is not mandatory to make the books standing. Store a few books in lying position. This will deliver a great look.

3. Include comfortable seating for cozy reading

Seating is very vital in the library. It lets you glide through the words in comfort. Study desks and chairs are perfect for serious reading. Also, add a lounge chair, bin bag, armchair, or a recliner sofa depending on the space availability.

If possible, decorate the library by creating a reading nook within the shelves. Provide a rug and throw pillows. These will add to the décor and allow a relaxed and comfortable reading.

4. Blend books with collectibles for a beautiful display

A library reminds us of bookcases packed with books and extending from the floor to the ceiling. This is quite serious and dull. But a home library does not need to be like this.

Include different items in the bookcase. This will help to create blank spaces where your eyes can land. Displaying some collectibles in the bookcase is ideal for this. You may include practically anything from seashells, stones to small artifacts. These will enhance the décor and deliver a pleasant look.

5. Glam the library with layered lighting arrangement

No one likes to struggle the eyeballs while reading in a library. This makes light the most crucial library décor element. Ensure ample and right type of lighting in the library to make it awesome.

Consider creating a beautiful ambiance with soft, diffused lighting. Combine this with task lighting for reading. This will let you have separate reading zones in the library and glam up the décor.

6. Update the library with by including e a media center

Times are rapidly changing. If you cannot cope with the changes, you will be a backbencher. So, arrange a media center in the library. You may have it built in one of the bookcases. This will save space and give a beautiful view. Such an arrangement will let you read books on the Kindle and other media as well.

7. Style up the library with unique shelving

There is no need to stick to traditional bookcases. As these are outdated, you should break out from these to make your library attractive.

Creating floating shelves is a great idea. Getting them as intersecting squares, honeycomb, and corner shelves will give a different look. Color them bright, and they will jazz up the decoration aplomb to the next level.

8. Make it look like a cultural hub with artworks

Naturally, there will be books on various topics in the library. Some of them are likely to be very serious reading. Highlighting the cultural side will ease out the tension of going through tough books.

Hang artwork in the library. This could be a local painting or a replica of some great work. Whatever you choose, that should align with the décor of the room. This will definitely lift up the ambiance.

9. Personalize the space with your favorite photos

Personalizing the library room is a great way to enhance the decoration. You can include family photos or natural scenery for this. Fix them in colorful frames and hang on a vacant wall. You also use wall decals alternatively. They will create a beautiful gallery wall and escalate the overall look of the place.

10. Have cozy wall finishes for a great look

Wall finishes play a vital role in library decoration. Always avoid bright warm colors that help to invigorate. Using light blue in the library is a great idea. It helps to calm the mind, and you will be able to enjoy reading in the library.


Only storing books do not build a library. You have to make the place attractive and relaxing. You may apply the above to enhance the décor. But, these are not ultimate. Since the library is a personal space, you can make necessary changes to suit your needs.

Green WallToday the whole world is busy finding solutions for sustainable building. People are looking for tricks to make their homes, eating joints, educational institutions, medical clinics, as well as offices sustainable to save the environment.
Do your bit and make your office sustainable too. Transform normal buildings into energy efficient ones to optimally use the supply available and also thoughtfully consume the energies available.

Read on, think about it and design it.

Green Terrace and Green Roof

A sustainable office with a green terrace is an excellent way to conserve natural resources. It cools the office building reducing the consumption of the air conditioners and air coolers. Make a beautiful lush artificial green wall on the terrace or in balconies.

Similar to this is a green roof which has lots of plants on it. You need to spread a waterproof plastic sheet on the floor to avoid seepage. You can arrange for drainage or even an irrigation system on it. It can house both the thermal solar plants as well as cool roofs. This can take care of both the seasons.

Screens and Partitions

Your office will need partitions and screens inside to create different workspaces. Why not use a solution like faux ivy privacy screen to create partitions. You can also have transparent glass walls so that your products are more easily visible outside. Display the very popular or even the latest products behind these partitions.


What is a Gazebo? This is a great option for a sustainable office. A gazebo is a small or big glass house and an excellent place to soak in the sun. Create this space for employees to sit there during winters and rains. You can save on heater and their huge bills. The transparent walls or the open side options are both available for you.

Signage and Logos

Use foliage to display your signage and logos. Get artificial boxwood so that you don't have to worry about maintaining it anymore. It will stay the size and shape you chose for your office. Show off your brand name prominently inside and outside. Focus it with pretty lights. Leave the lights on at night.

This is a better option than going in for paints, varnishes, and other perishable materials. Therefore, artificial plants are eco-friendly alternatives to these.


Go in for interior and exterior landscapes for classiness in the office. Place artificial boxwood topiary in these landscapes. Create an innovatively. Use elements of water too. Make a rockery with pathways of pebbles leading to it. Use realistic looking plants which are a pleasant sight to see.

The best part of these landscapes is that you can hide awkward corners and empty spaces. Try the permanent or the temporary varieties available.

Biophilic Designs

Create modern and trendy environment-friendly designs. These Biophillic designs are great coordination of natural and organic elements, along with the culture and ecology. There are lots of images and statues of animals, plants, and colors found in nature.

Create artificial greenery with lots of plants and planters. Keep artificial topiary animal and forms in the landscapes for that special effect. These designs connect humans and nature and depict their intricate and interdependent relationship.

You can incorporate these designs according to the space available in the office. Use the balconies, terraces, gardens, backyards, and rooftops. This is an investment well worth making.

All the hedges, the topiaries, and other plants that you use are very durable and long lasting. There is no hassle of maintaining them since they will never go out of shape or lose their forms. Being fire retardant, they are safe to keep in office spaces.

Select exotic designs and patterns which come with very easy installation processes. Create these works of art to beautify your office as well make it environment-friendly.

Water Elements

Streams of water and fountains are also examples of Biophilic designs. Flowing water like waterfalls, streams, and fountains are considered to show growth and prosperity. The can be easily nurtured by maintaining a water cycle. Place some plants near or in between these water bodies.

Solar Panels

Fix solar panels for all your needs of hot water and electricity too if possible. Use solar energy and help to save the earth and its precious natural resources. Cut down on your electricity bills too. Train employees to switch off lights, fans, air conditioners, computers, and other electrical appliances when not in use. Try to harvest wind energy too wherever possible.

Individual Bits

Try to use the least amount of paper in the office. This shouldn't be difficult with digitalization and cloud computing today. Keep a plant at your work desk. Breathe in the fresh air. Use the best products for the office so that there are less clutter and needs for repairs and replacements.

All these natural design ideas add elegance and class to your office and also make it sustainable. You will find that these also make the employees happier and more motivated to come to work. This, in turn, will increase the productivity of your business.

There are other advantages like reduced use of energy, heat insulation for the office, options of rainwater harvesting, and adding life to roofs and terraces.

Try and incorporate these changes during construction. This saves on money and efforts later on. Use state of the art energy consumption and preservation techniques. These also include the machines, appliances, lighting, heating, and cooling systems that your office uses.

Keep in mind the requirements and work style of the office. Don't go overboard because the nest building has done it. Study the climate of the place. Then select the colors, materials, foliage, and energy optimizing solutions.

The artificial topiaries and other foliage that you select will save huge amounts of resources like time, energy, money, manpower, etc.

If your office uses resources efficiently, scarcely, and economically, you have succeeded in creating a sustainable office.

Artificial screenA retail store is an outlet where goods and services can be bought by the general public directly from manufacturers or suppliers. If you own one, you just want to increase its business. Your retail store must be appealing so as to get a nice proportion of footfalls. Yes, looks do matter, ‘cause they sell! Oomph up the good looks of your store in the following ways to get maximum footfalls.

1. Use awesome signage designs for classiness:

Signage is the collective design of any commercial company's public display. They are great for advertising products. Every company has its unique signage, whether it's your own company or merchandise. Consult your architect on the chosen design of the storefront, about the structure, position of windows and gate, pillars and posts. There are so many types of signage designs- do you like backlighted one or flex? Large display windows or divided? Recessed or broad entrance? The choice is yours to make!

2. Set up transparent glass walls for increased visibility of products:

The newest trend is to keep things visible for peeps. Allow your store to have full-length glass windows as broad as possible. Keep the gates transparent too by installing glass doors, only don't forget to put a sleek frost panel on them (‘cause I have seen many people head straight into the glass without noticing it's there and get hurt). This way, the products you have in your store can be seen by anyone who passes it.

3. Display your brand name and its collaborations:

The brand name and logo should definitely be put up above the front gate of your store's entrance. You can decorate it by using outdoor urn fillers with flowers and small lights. You can even add the address and other contact details here. If you have merchandise or a few other partners then you can put in their names too!

4. Decorate with defined greenery and planters:

What does greenery represent? Life and subtle energy. Why not incorporate it into the look of your retail store! If you want a fence around your store, you can do it with artificial boxwood hedges in planters and pots, which are low maintenance and cost effective as well. Wire topiary forms in the shape of animals and objects can also be put on display. Artistically arranged topiary balls on earthen pots can be really eye-catching.

5. Introduce a nice lighting system for attraction:

The lighting is a very important aspect of any decor. The signage should be enriched with suitable lighting. Use bright ceiling lights for the inside, so that if someone's looking from the outside, everything is nicely visible. If you are decorating with plants, you can get an interest in pre-lit outdoor topiary plants too. Ensure the entrance is brightly lighted so that it's inviting and no one trips!

6. Display popular products in the front:

Now that we have those huge glass windows, we have to utilize it too. Display different items in the window front so that they are directly visible from outside. Put some of the most popular items among them. In case you need some privacy (like bag checking or shelves for keeping customers' bags in lieu of tokens) you can use expandable faux ivy privacy screens which can fold without a mess.

7. Set up window shades with artificial ivy panels on them:

There must be shades at the entrance or above the windows so that people can stand under them. But why keep them bare? Cover them with faux ivy and boxwood screens and panels. They look awesome! You can also set up posts with faux urn fillers of different plants and flowers on the top. Insert light in them and they will look beautiful.

8. Put up hoardings and boards of exclusive offers and discounts:

Your best selling products must have some offers? Put them on display. Some items which are not selling? Put a decent discount on them and put up on display. Whether flex or board, these advertisements bring in a lot of customers. Make them colorful and eye-catching. You can also print them out and stick them on the glass windows with the item in view.

9. Introduce activities of free samples and leafleting:

Hold small events on different occasions in front of your store. Give free samples to visitors. Display those items in a small stall/counter just outside the gate, you can also use a big picnic umbrella for a pop of color. Print leaflets and put them on display on the kiosk. Hand them over to visitors! For example, if your retail store has an item like chocolate, let people try some of it as a promotion. Give them the leaflets with offers. They will come back for more.

10. Hire cartoon character mascots to attract children:

There are several companies that provide cartoon character mascots for hire. Children are very much attracted to these, and children are known to drag their parents to whatever they are interested in. Mascots are visual baits for them, just as offers are for their parents. When setting up events for children, play it in color to attract the little ones, keep candies.

11. Keep a board for open/close notifications and timings:

Put on a steel or digital placard to notify the customers if you are open/close at the moment. Also, put on display the store timings. It helps a lot.

12. Buy a blackboard to get attention:

Get a blackboard and some chalks and write down the offers of the day, or the specials of the day on it. Serves great in attracting customers.

There are so many other options to promote your retail business, you only have to keep a lookout. Follow the trends, be patient and proceed. With the guidelines above, decorate your store like never before, with class and grace. Also, keep your items clean and dust free. Build your niche. Get customer suggestions. All the best for your business!

HedgesThe word ‘food' is synonymous with the words celebration and enjoyment. This explains the colossal growth in fancy restaurants. This being said, let's not forget the people for whom restaurant visit is more about joyous ambiance and fine dining than just the food. Gone are the days when restaurants were confined to the ‘taste'. A little classy aura and a pinch of panache in décor is the recipe of a flourishing restaurant.

Artificial foliage landscaping is for the lazy hotelier in you. Not only will the ambiance be cranked up a notch but save you the time of retaining it.

Here are the 8 ideas to refurbish your place with artificial foliage landscaping.

Letters, Logo, and Signage

First impressions last longer, they say. Make your restaurant's ingress a visual treat. The logo of your restaurant should give an inkling of what is in store for them. Tease them with a little green, to begin with. With the artificial hedges, it is now possible to shape them into any letters and signage of your choice.

Pair them with classic lights or LEDs and make your restaurant a brand worth visiting and revisiting.

Artificial Screens

You know what they say, ‘the greener, and the better'. Swap those ugly concrete walls with this beautiful, low maintenance artificial screen rolls. These screens serve the dual-purpose of ornamenting your restaurant and of giving privacy to the people. You can style these sturdy screens with tiny frames and boards.

These hassle-free screens amp up your ambiance and give it a green lush look. You wouldn't have to alter them according to the change in the seasons. It is more like, ‘put it and forget it'. Wave goodbye to the endless work you've to put in maintaining the natural screens, we have a smart way out for you!

Artificial Topiary Trees

This is for the nature enthusiast in you. You sure have dreamt endlessly about adding some suave (and obviously pricey) curios in your restaurant but feared it will put an irreparable hole to your pocket. Fret not, we have an inexpensive idea! Artificial topiary plants are the shapeshifters which can have any desired effect. You can trim them into those sophisticated artifacts you have always wanted in your restaurant.

They don't lose out on their ‘green' if you pamper them with some shade and can facelift them whenever you have a new shape in mind.

Faux Greenery

The interior designing industry found its masterpiece in the faux greenery décor. Spice up your place with the umpteen varieties the faux greenery has to offer you. A little dusting on the fake flowers and they are as fresh as the day you bought them. The vibrant colors add an instant liveliness to your place.

There is a vast array of options to choose from, there are flowers in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Trust us, the plastic glaze of the greenery is long gone and forgotten. This long term investment is handy, portable and life-like. Also, you don't have to worry about any allergies and sniffles.

Topiary Animals

Decorate your restaurant with fun yet plush theme. Opt out of the bandwagon of keeping the décor subtle. Animal topiary will make your restaurant stand tall (literally and figuratively). With the tall giant animals making their way out, we promise, your restaurant will be seen from lands afar. It is a unique, eye-catchy way of making your interiors classy and it will compliment any furnishings that you have.

This offbeat décor is an attractive and quirky way to welcome your guests. There is no animal whose shape artificial topiaries cannot make, so let your imagination run wild and turn your restaurant into an eccentric themed garden restaurant.

Faux Roll Mat

Ditch the age-old tiles for the trendy and voguish faux roll mat. Owing to its convenience, these roll mats are not just limited to golf courses or football fields. You get the roll mats customized depending on your area and needs. These things are blessed with less maintenance and the green look that they savor.

They save you the herculean task of planting, watering and growing the actual grass. You don't have to worry about the grass losing its color if you are careful enough to not expose them to sunlight and of course, washing them would be a piece of cake! Also, you do your bit in saving some water.

A Little Privacy

If this does not create hustle and bustle in your restaurant, then what will! This would be a classic upgrade in your interiors. A gazebo structure will complement the green faux aesthetics in your place giving it a garden-restaurant look. It is another way of adding sophistication to your space. It is perfect for intimate family dinners, a romantic evening and what not.

It gives just the exact privacy which is needed in a restaurant. A little twinkling light and some beautiful curtains, and you have for yourself a wonderful little paradise.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Get rid of those dull, insanely mundane wooden or metal fences because we have an attractive solution! Don't count on the rains to grow your plants and bushes into privacy yielding fences. Outdoor artificial boxwood hedges are here to the rescue. With the vast variety of leaves, you can make your restaurant compound an attractive one.

Protect the privacy of your space with the wide, thick hedges. These hedges are an easy way to decorate your dining area. These easy on the eye hedges are cost friendly and mind you, they have a ‘here to stay' attitude.

We know that your restaurant is your baby so try and put in as much as your own efforts as you can. Pick your own shapes, sizes, and patterns the artificial landscapes have to offer. Make sure everything is crisp and clear. Let the ‘green' be alluring and the dining relaxing. This will ensure frequent visits.

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A Look Back At The History of Topiaries

TopiaryTopiary is a form of art that comprises of clipping of leaves, branches and even pruning the roots of a tree or shrubs. Some virtuosos of topiary have managed to perfect this art of clipping and pruning by dwarfing the plant.

When asked about the origin and roots of topiary, most of them stay mum. We started to ponder our minds with the curious question; how and where exactly did topiary come from. We searched the hell and back, tuned every stone that we could, and for our curious readers, we have a memoir of the 'topiary', as would have been narrated by one itself if it spoke.

And then there was topiary...

There has been no concrete proof or anyone alive to confirm the fact, but topiary is alleged to date all the way back to the first century C.E. The rumor-mill has it, that topiary was first developed by a friend of Caesar Augustus (an ancient emperor of Rome) called Cneus Matius. Ironically, the term topiary comes from a Latin word topiaries, that means 'a gardener who is an ornamental landscaper'.

However, some historians are biased that it was the Jewish, Syrian Greek and Egyptians who introduced this form of art to the Romans. Hence, the tug of war has continued since centuries, with it ending in a stalemate every time. We can assure you that the Romans were involved in making the art of topiary known globally.

Another set of ardent devotees believe that the Chinese adopted this art form, as is seen in many ancient paintings. This was later borrowed by the Japanese, who took the art form a notch higher. They even came up with their own version of topiary, called Bonsai.

Oh God! You just cannot beat the Asians, can you!

One fact that we do know, is that the Romans had slaves to work for them. These slaves were mostly from Egypt and parts of Syrian Greece. We can give them credit for due diligence and labor to the Egyptian and Greek slaves, but let's not forget that topiary could well be the brain-child of the Romans.

Topiary finds it's way into different regions

Topiary was unknown to the rest of the world for many centuries. It was an art that was limited to the Romans and the Greeks (We know how they got it!). They included topiary in their buildings, castles and even in small open spaces, or gardens. Back in those days, everyone seemed to be smitten by this art. Oh Boy! And they sure did know how to make a topiary come to life. Instead of simple shapes, they started developing complicated topiary shapes like an elephant. (Complicated because all they had were shear boxes and knives.)

For about 500 years, the rich Greek and Romans improved this Greek-o-Roman style and enjoyed the luxury alone. But as the art of topiary became more wide-spread, people eventually got bored with it, and that was the ephemeral end of topiary. Or was it?!

In the 9th century, the French got hold of the techniques and skills, which is due to the close proximity to the Roman Empire. Eventually, a mad Frenchman (That's how he got bullied) Charlemagne, introduced topiary in France.

Inspired by the Italian gardens with flawless arrangements of topiaries, gardens started emerging in mainland Europe. The French made beautiful gardens using topiaries in monasteries. The Spanish took a step further when they made gigantic mazes in their Islamic-Moorish gardens.

By 1600s there was a tremendous shift in trends. Topiary gardens started becoming the key attractions in Europe, with artificial waterfalls, low beds of evergreen shrubs and drinking fountains. Netherland was the first country to include more elaborate water features and lollipop-shaped shrubs in their gardens.

Inspired by Holland and France, the English came up with a style of the topiary garden of their own. They borrowed the perfect geometrical design from the Dutch and a lot more from the French. In the 17th century, to impress King Louis XIV they replaced the low beds of hedges with 1.9 million potted-flowering plants overnight. (So, very English of them, good sire!)

The 18th-century Victorian era saw the boost of these gardens in England. In fact, they even appointed the 'tree-barbers', especially for topiaries. It was in the same century that the gardens became obsolete. Well, topiary still had a long way to go, it's got 9 lives like a cat, it seems. With the Italian Renaissance, topiary found it's way up again. (It's alive! It's alive! *Imitates Victor Frankenstein*)

Commonwealth nations saw an introduction of topiary in their mainland as well, with the English carrying a little of 'their' art wherever they went in the 18th and 19th century. This was soon spread to Japan and China like a wild-fire. Where the Japanese came up with traditional Bonsai.

In the early 19th century, the United States of America had huge plantations and hectares of open spaces. They planted large estate gardens and guess what they included?! Yes, topiary. (You're a good reader!). One stellar example of topiary in America can be seen in Disney World, in Orlando.

The earlier 20th century saw the rising demand for domestic topiary met. The markets in Fulham and Chelsea in London were flourishing with 'ready-made' topiary pieces that were sold in a flash.

BONUS: Topiary -Then and today.

In the initial centuries of its incarnation, topiary was a form of luxury and only the rich and the prosperous could afford it, as you'd see in some old pictures of ancient castles. The first known forms were simple, like a sphere, cone, dwarf-box edges or a column. But considering their mammoth size and the hard days' work that were put into shaping, trimming and pruning it, is simply commendable.

With the recent advancements in technology, topiary is available in the market in every size possible. All you have to do is pick a shape, that's it! You can get your hands on artificial topiaries online. These artificial topiaries are quite a trend these days, being fire & UV retardant, safe for indoor & outdoor use and as real as natural perennial trees. Of course, without the shedding of leaves and with an easy maintenance regime.

Bathroom DecorWe all have an old habit of neglecting. It's totally humane to do that. Negligence is a nirvana while ignorance a bliss. One of the parts of your hotel that you have left alone, or probably treated like your ex-beau is the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom which has been cursed to be plain-Jane and appear like 'Ugly Betty', has finally found its niche.

Say goodbye to old fashioned, 'boring' bathrooms and say hello to new, exciting and posh hotel bathrooms. It's high time to revamp your bathroom to a part of the hotel room that is as appealing as the rest of it. Fresh out of the oven, we have 9 exciting ideas to make your hotel bathroom posh.

1. Even the cavemen never liked those bathroom mats.

Just like you, even we hate the rubbers! Rubber bathroom mats have become passe, among other obsolete bathroom floor accessories. For your regular bathroom to turn to an appealing, posh hotel bathroom you need a new set of mats. Get those rubber mats out of there and replace them with Persian wool-blended mats.

Replace the frumpy old rubber mats with new and sleek wool-blended Aztec bathroom mats. It doesn't just set your hotel bathroom apart from other 'vanilla' bathrooms but adds a bit of style and detail to your bathroom floor. Easy to wash and reusable, the colors and patterns in the mats will find it's full bloom when faded.

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

We know that mirrors are one of the most essential parts of the bathroom wall, but they need a serious revamp, just like every other bathroom fitting. Yes, we agree that wooden frames are quite decent for the looking mirror in the bathroom, and they might do the trick if used optimally.

But, think about carved wood, instead of wooden biddings, or maybe a stainless-steel circumference for a round mirror. It is among the most used accessories in your bathroom, so why not make it the center of attraction.

3. Monogram- it's always good branding.

We're sure that you've spent a bomb on that hotel monogram, so why not flaunt it. Etch monograms to the bathroom fitting, shower curtains, towels, towel rods, basically everywhere that you can.

A recent poll conducted by Hyatt® has shown that customers prefer hotels which add monograms to their bathroom accessories. So, why not cash on to this opportunity t give the customers exactly what they want - good branding.

4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder of organization.

Yes, your lifelong wait has come to an end. You're OCD for arrangement and organization has finally found its use. Put that OCD to good use, arrange and rearrange the accessories in your bathroom. Make sure that everything is kept in it's the right place. (You won't find that hard, we're positive.)

Cleanliness should be your primary objective and proper organization should be next. Remember, that you have competition that is hot on your heels, so make sure you set yourself apart from the crowd. Like chalk and cheese go: bathroom and untidy have a similar story.

5. Light 'em up!

Oh, you like those incandescent bulbs because of how bright they are?! Or maybe you have an undying love for those energy saving lamps! We have a term for you: 'Old Fashioned'. Please, do your hotel bathroom a big favor by replacing those old bulbs.

We'd advise you to hang a small chandelier and add a few table lamps as well. Please, do not stop yourself from experimenting. Add these and in return add luxury to your hotel bathroom.

6. Monochrome and Pastels.

One great idea is to use all-white marble in your hotel bathroom. This shade of marble can be then coupled with grey and black wallpapers to give it a great monochromatic feel. Give those guests a taste of the 70's that they'll never forget.

Pro-tip: Try and avoid bright colors in your hotel's bathroom. Add a few pastel shades to the floor and walls and let the lights do the magic for you. White and grey bathrooms have the most elegant look and are the latest trend.

7. What's in a view? - Apparently, everything!

One aspect where most of us miss out is the view from the bathroom. It's merely not a place for what it was used earlier. Now, tempt your customers to an amazing view out of the bathroom window.

If you're worried about exposure, install sun-proof windows and waterproof drapes. Let your guests treat themselves to an astonishing scenic beauty or a cityscape. Add detailing to the window panes and frames.

8. Let's sit where it was never expected to.

Include seating in your bathroom, for guests who'd like to dress up near a mirror, or would like to pamper themselves with a nice pedicure. Traditionally, a bathroom missed on all these luxuries and lacked luster.

Not anymore, include chairs, dressing stools and sitting couches in your bathroom and let it sweep everyone entering it, from the first moment itself. Not only does it add to the overall appeal, but makes your hotel bathroom a place to spend some quality time in it.

9. Check out those cabinets!!

Now, that you've got an amazing bathroom floor, walls, wallpapers, and stunning lights, it's time to work on those cabinets. Paint the cabinets and make sure that they match the drapes and the walls. Blending pastel shades, like cobalt blue, grey, white and grey can never go wrong.

Bonus: Get inspired by kitchen-styled, fragrance-infused wooden cabinets with a see-through a glass, and make sure that all the essentials are included in them. Adding a small book-rack for the nerdy guests can be a win-win for both your hotel and the guests.

Is it a good investment?!

Well, in all honesty, ask any top-flight interior designer and he'd give you similar pointers as we have. Invest a decent amount of money in your hotel bathroom and make it appear posh. If you ask us, is it worth it, we can assure you that it is the need of the hour and it is what sets you apart from all other hotels. Leave those guest mesmerized by the look of your new posh bathroom interiors and make them choose you whenever they want to check-in to a hotel.

Green WallWhether you're a casual tapas bar or a fancy French bistro, there's no denying that outdoor seating takes your ambiance up several notches. To dine in the fresh air beneath the setting sun is a prospect that appeals to people of all ages, and is a timeless setting for a romantic meal. Adding an outdoor seating area to your restaurant, therefore, is guaranteed to attract more diners and encourage them to stay longer.

There are several ways to design your seating area in a manner that reflects the general theme of your restaurant and also enhances the comfort of your diners. Space doesn't have to be a constraint either – by keeping the following best practices in mind, you can make optimal use of even a small outdoor space to create an experience that your customers will love.

Build your seating around a theme

Your outdoor seating needs to convey the essence of what your restaurant offers to its guests. Choose wooden benches and long tables for a rustic feel, brightly colored chairs and tablecloths for a family restaurant and umbrella-topped tables with wicker chairs for a European café vibe.

Going for a classic Italian theme? Feature open gazebos with hanging artificial ferns for that Old World dining feel. Want to create the perfect romantic ambiance? Feature individual cabanas amidst a lush garden of faux outdoor plants.

Your diners should see what your restaurant is all about the moment they enter – and creatively planned seating can do just that.

Choose durable furniture and décor

Outdoor seating is exposed to the elements all day, which means that you need to choose furniture that can withstand the sun and the rain. Ensure that all wooden furniture is water-resistant and that all table linen, umbrellas, and draperies are fade-proof and wrinkle-proof. Any vases, centerpieces or other decorations also need to be sturdy enough for outdoor exposure.

Faux flowers and plants work particularly well in this regard. Top-quality artificial greenery comes with UV protection to guard against the sun, so they stay bright and shiny no matter how merciless the weather is. On top of that, there is no risk of bug infestation or diseases like blight.

Space out your tables

Nothing is quite as off-putting to a potential customer as an overcrowded dining area. Keep your tables far enough apart to ensure that every diner has a reasonable amount of privacy. Boxwood hedges are a great way to divide your seating area into partitions.

At the same time, if you want larger groups to sit and enjoy themselves, you can have long benches that can be drawn up and placed together to accommodate more people. You can also have separate bar tables with stools for guests to mingle.

Add touches of greenery

A patch of green amidst a concrete setting is always soothing on the eye, and greenery is indispensable particularly when you're designing an outdoor seating area. Faux outdoor trees are a great option as they're weather-proof, require little maintenance and are available in every possible variety.

Choose greenery that matches the ambiance of your restaurant. For instance, if you're opting for a garden-like feel, add some artificial topiary here and there for a whimsical touch. If you're going for a rooftop bistro, on the other hand, you can create living walls with artificial boxwood.

Ensure there is a shelter in case of rain

While dining beneath the stars is delightful during clement weather, it's not much fun when it's raining. It is essential, therefore, that you have some provision for when there's a downpour – particularly if you don't have an indoor section.

One of the best ways to protect your dining tables is by having umbrellas on each table that can be put up at a moment's notice. If this isn't feasible for your restaurant, consider keeping makeshift marquees on hand that can provide shelter to several of your tables at one go. Once your restaurant is closed for the night, moreover, keep your furniture covered with tarpaulin sheets to protect them.

Choose appropriate lighting

The right lighting can make or break any public setting, and it's particularly true for outdoor restaurants when you have natural light to contend with. During the day you can make the most of the sunlight, but as evening approaches you will have to make the transition from natural to artificial light in a smooth manner.

For instance, as the sun starts setting, you can place individual lamps or candles in appropriate holders on each table so that your evening patrons have enough visibility. You can also add some boxwood hedges with string lights for a subtle yet attractive touch. As the evening wears on and it gets darker, you can switch on some hanging lights overhead or add some light panels to the walls. Keep the intensity bright but not harsh – the lighting should always complement the relaxed setting of your restaurant!

Make optimal use of signage

Regardless of how pretty your seating area is, people won't enter unless you give them a sufficiently enticing invitation. Your restaurant's signage is a major way for them to identify you and decide whether they want to enter. There are many ways in which you can get creative with signage.

For example, if you have a sidewalk-style café or bistro, you can place a chalkboard at the entrance with an eye-catching slogan about your restaurant or a few of your menu highlights. If you have a family-style Italian or Spanish restaurant, you can have a striped awning with a hanging sign displaying your restaurant's name. And if your establishment is on the sophisticated side, you can design an archway-style entrance with artificial greenery and feature your restaurant's name on a delicately illuminated signboard.

Outdoor seating is, undoubtedly, a substantial investment to opt for. It is essential to choose furniture, materials, and décor of the highest quality and you may not always be willing to set aside resources for that. Once you've created an outdoor space, however, you'll witness a huge increase in footfall as well as much higher customer satisfaction – diners love the feel of open spaces, and greenery is an automatic mood-booster. So take some time out and design an outdoor seating area that does justice to your restaurant – the results, you'll find, will be more than worth it!

HedgesBefore we begin, let's look at the most influencing offices in the world, which include the big names: Google, Apple, Universal Studios, Disney, Samsung, and WeWork, among others. What sets these commercial spaces apart from the other 'stacked-matchbox' style offices, are the aesthetic aspects. Green is the new black when it comes to architecture.

After carefully going through the latest trends in green architecture, we present you one of the front runners: Faux Boxwood Hedges. This piece of artificial plant is making subtle, but big differences in both indoor and outdoor commercial landscaping. We know, you're curious to find what the hype is all about, so without further ado, let's find out why.

Aesthetic Appeal

Modern faux boxwood hedges are precision cut to finesse. It doesn't matter how strong your OCD may be, you'd find it hard to criticize the design. They have almost similar texture throughout, which obviously depends on how you want it to appear. In fact, many botanists now collaborate with the designers to get a realistic and perfect leaf structure.

The cover of lush green and deep green is mesmerizingly pleasing to the eyes. Pick a standard or customized boxwood hedge smartly, and you can master the art of aesthetics. Well planned and optimally placed faux hedges can be an absolute eye-candy. We bet, it would drive the third deadly sin out of your compatriots; jealousy.


Are you worried about what size or color to pick?! Well, don't worry, the designers can customize the hedge according to your demands. Yes, we know you're fussy and don't like it when something doesn't happen the way you want it to be.

You can choose the shape of the hedge, whether you're a big fan of the spheres, cuboids or cubes, you're all covered. Apart from the shape, you can choose the size of the hedge. Pick a long faux boxwood hedge for fencing, or a tall faux boxwood hedge for some privacy. Well, how about a flat faux boxwood hedge for a backdrop?!

Versatility- Indoor and Outdoor applications

Gone are those days when bricks and wood were the only things you could use as a fence. Faux Boxwood Hedges can be used to fence in your homes or even out of doors for some privacy. Please don't forget what an amazing backdrop a hedge can be if you're having a private party or a 'shin-dig'.

Pro-Tip: Recently, boxwood hedges have been used for creating amazing Japanese style Zen gardens and cafeterias. Assimilate a few pebbled, rock-cut pathways, a few artificial plants and a couple of statues coupled with park benches. You could form an eclectic mix and include a Zen-Park in your office space, which would be the best place to vent some steam. We are sure that you would love the new facelift for the working environment.

Fire and UV retardant - for safe indoor use

Earlier, one major issue about using hedges indoor was the UV, CFC and lead emissions, which is due to the paints used. But, now, natural dyes which are free from these hazardous emissions are available in the market. Despite all these additions, these faux hedges are botanically correct, which gives them a lofty perch in the department of commercial landscaping.

Well, yes, these are basically plastic, as a layman would call it. But, faux hedges now are processed and engineered (yes, engineered) in such a way that they can resist fire and temperatures up to a certain level. They now pass through dozens of fire test and finally approved by several international quality standards.

High quality and durable - for rigorous outdoor use

Planning on throwing a nice birthday bash?! Looking for an off-the-wall way to pep things up?! Use these faux hedges in your lawn without worrying about the wear and tear. Faux boxwood hedges are specially designed with a treated wooden box, which can stand the ruthlessness of the natural deteriorating agents.

The wood is not the only durable part of the hedge. The leaves are engineered (Yes, engineered. They are!) to withstand the searing sun, so much so that you'd collapse from a sun-stroke, but these tiny stalwarts will stand firm. In addition to this, they are painted with a high-grade pigment which does not fade from regular natural exterior exposure.

Easy Maintenance

The durability, quality, and UV & fire retardation means that faux boxwood hedges are low maintenance. Well, unlike your wives or girlfriends, they're bound to be with you for a long time even if left unattended for a long, long time. They'd require a yearly pampering in the form of mild dusting, which takes not more than 10 minutes. (The second best way to spend those 10 minutes)

The design of boxwood hedges provides you the option of moving them around without creating a mess. Are you bored with the sight of the hedges every time you pass through the garden? No worries, move them indoors and give them some shelter. Bored of them stalking you indoors, place them outside and watch them take every bit of your tantrum without a sound.

Hassle-free Installations

Basically, it's a wooden box which doesn't weigh like a mammoth. So, if you're complaining about thin biceps and flat chest and lack of muscles, let us tell you how easy it is. Installation is the last thing you'll be worried about. The faux hedges use high-quality resins, and it is durable and easy to install. You can do it yourself or with the help of a couple of friends.

On top of that, you can easily mount it on your rooftops, place it in your garden or indoors. In most cases, the hedges are pre-fixed to the boxwood. There, is it hassle-free enough now, lazy ones? Just place it. That is all that you have to do.

Is it worth it?

We know that this question is occupying your mind. Well, all in all, the choice of color, shape, and design is up to you. We have given you some of the major perks of having one at home. We would suggest you look at your budget and use, and then decide on which variety to buy. Faux boxwood hedges can be easily purchased online or custom placed at the retailer. Depending on your budget, you can get a faux boxwood hedge that can be used permanently or for a few occasions.

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