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TopiaryHave you ever intently observed the exterior of your commercial space? And, if so, do you think that it has the best landscape for attracting customers, clients, and visitors to the place? There is no denying that the present business scenario is exceptionally competitive with many players fighting all out for a grabbing a large chunk. To survive the competition, you have to impress the onlookers drawing them towards your setting, and for that, you have to think something out of the box.

Numerous studies conducted point out that humans have a natural affinity to fall for greens. That is why the present trend is to "Go Green" for revamping any corporate landscape. While the real greens are hard to maintain, the replicated green elements became the most practical landscaping choice. There are many varieties of the fake greens, and among all of these, the HedgeScapes artificial animal topiaries are the most preferred for bracing up the commercial exteriors and interiors as well. When installed in any commercial outdoor, they make the setting picturesque and appealing. Additionally, these also keep your employees happy and confident, as they work in a green environment.

Artificial animal topiaries define the space.

HedgeScapes artificial animal topiaries let you jazz up the corporate landscape. While these can be installed anywhere around the professional space, these are the best in the outdoors which is the first point of contact with the onlookers. These are available in wide range of animal forms. Different animals have been accepted, since long, as signifying different ideas.  A lion is always considered as a symbol of kingly attitude; a tiger signifies strength and elephants do stand for bold and friendly manner. So, you should install different artificial animal topiaries for complementing different themes. In fact, you name any animal, and HedgeScapes can make the same with fake foliage. No matter if it is a hospital, theme park, amusement park, water park, exhibition hall, shopping mall, luxury hotel, resort, corporate house, restaurant, bar or casino; the form topiaries can magnify your professional space in a befitting manner.

HedgeScapes let you have many varieties

You can order different types of artificial animal topiaries from HedgeScapes. These include various animals from small to large and are also available with a variety of faux foliage like Beauty Azalea, Pink Azalea, Boxwood, Juniper, Ivy, Dark Pearl Grass and Light Pearl Grass. You may order any of your favorite animals and can also name your preferred topiary variety, and those will be tailor-made for you. Other than this, you can also place an order based on uses. HedgeScapes make fake animal forms for outdoors & indoors, temporary & permanent installations and single & multiple uses giving you many options to choose from.

HedgeScapes offer you the mirror image of the natural topiaries

Being in this profession for more than 40 years, HedgeScapes is the leading manufacturer of different types of hedges. These fake landscaping elements are produced from high-quality plastic materials and color pigments. HedgeScapes have a team of professionals including botanist, engineers, designers and landscape architects for making their products botanically correct in all respects. These are so life like that none can feel the difference without touching by hand. The animal topiaries have stable metal structure and, therefore, can withstand all weather conditions.

HedgeScapes landscaping element beat their live cousins on many counts

Considering decoration efficacy, the artificial animal topiaries score over the natural topiaries on several factors:

  • These do not require water, fertilizers, and pesticides, and need very little maintenance. Periodic cleaning is enough to keep them shining for long.
  • Unlike the live hedges, these are not soil or weather specific. These continue to adorn the professional space equally in all seasons.
  • These never grow out of shape and, hence, no pruning is required.
  • Unlike their live cousins, these never attract any insects or bugs, and hence the visitors stay free from insect attacks.
  • Cause no allergy and, so, entirely safe for the kids.
  • As these never shed leaves, these do not create any mess.

HedgeScapes artificial animal topiaries have unique functional properties

Using HedgeScapes fake foliage, you are assured of the following functional benefits:

  • Fade-resistant: HedgeScapes foliage is manufactured using unique PermaLeaf® technologies to make those unaffected by the scorching rays of the Sun. Individual UV protection chemicals are infused into the material during the manufacturing process. As these are not sprayed, there is no chance of getting those washed. Due to this, the HedgeScapes replicated animal topiaries never fade when continuously exposed to sunrays.
  • Ensures fire safety: HedgeScapes use the innovative ThermaLeaf® technologies in manufacturing fake foliage. The artificial greenery is produced by impregnating particular fire retardant chemicals into the foliage through injection molding process. Thus, the foliage acquires self-extinguishing properties and prevents spread of fire. These also conform to the local fire laws making these safe and legal to use.

These are easy to install

Procuring artificial animal topiaries from HedgeScapes, you will not face any installation hassle. These always come with instruction manuals. Necessary installation hardware like bolts, nuts washers, etc. are also provided. Aside from these, no other tools are required. Being very light in weight, no other handling equipment is required for installing the fake animal topiaries.

This is onetime investment

HedgeScapes replicated landscaping elements let you make the commercial space glamorous with much saving on time. They come in fully grown form, and therefore there is no waiting. They start adorning your place from the day one. No extra effort is also required for preserving them. Thus, you can include a green element in your corporate space and save time. These are quite durable and are reasonably priced. Once involved in the landscape, you can just forget about them. They will continue to adorn your professional space for long without any extra cost.

Form TopiariesCrafting a well-nourished landscape is often a dream, which becomes true only when given a lot of effort. Needless to say, not everybody is blessed with such magnanimous amount of patience, more so time! Whether for the indoor or the outdoor, topiary artificial trees are an absolute treat, which creates a picturesque view undoubtedly. With the real ones playing hard to get, the HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary are a definite choice for people, especially because of the several unique forms in which these are available.

Identical, Yet Effortless

Green, serene and environment-friendly cushion is somewhere everyone wants to be with more and more industrial forests everywhere. These artificial hedges, which comes in various forms and great quality, reinforces this desire even more.  It is, even more, fun if such faux creations come in the shape of animals, which makes everything all the more real and natural. Whether for creating an extravagant outdoor of a shopping mall or holiday office decorations, these easy-to-get nature-friendly atmospheres are something which is sure to become everyone's goes to. These HedgeScapes Animal and Form Topiary is an innovative way to recreate any landscape as they look real and one can hardly distinguish them from the natural ones.  

Different Forms, Indefinite Styling

Get innumerable options to style both exterior and interiors of a building with shapes of artificial hedges in any fashion you like it. For topiary décor, these beautifully designed un-real hedges are available in the shape of animals like elephant, horse, and even human beings! Besides the shape of animals, these pretty and luscious looking artificial hedges are also capable of taking the shape of cartoon characters and abstract designs as well. Depending on the occasion and user's requirements, these HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary can be molded beautifully. Since these artificially created green foliages come in various forms, they can be used for several occasions and spaces. Whether for birthday or anniversary functions; for designing the interior and exterior spaces, HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary just serves right. 

Not Just Better, But Best!

Aided with state-of-art construction these artificial foliages are available in various types. To demarcate the landscaping boundaries with faux greens, HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary are available in Azalea, Juniper, Pearl Grass, Ivy, and Boxwood variety. To carve these fiber foliages with every detail, experts give their best opinions, making them livelier and natural looking. With realistic architecture, these synthetic foliages are available in dark or light green, which resembles the natural leaves with not many flaws to detect! Contouring the corporate offices, restaurants, cafeterias, both inside and out with these faux boxwood mats of various types is an adventure.

Not So Real, Yet So Classy

To create the most durable artificial HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary, special technologies are used. Let us go through some features that make these real looking artificial plants better in so many ways:

  • Durability is the most important factor, which makes the faux foliages significant in outdoor and indoor landscaping. They can last for years against the real ones, which can suffer from several infestations.
  • Low maintenance cost is a specialty as well. Once installed, these HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary does not require any additional costs. 
  • Not only does it have low maintenance but is also free from inputs such as light, fertilizers, manures, etc. as they are not living.
  • Another advantage of not being real on the inside is that insects do not settle on these beauties, keeping them healthy looking always.

Where to Install?

The HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary gives many choices and options to the consumer installing it making it everyone's favorite. Not only can these be installed easily but also in several manners and ways. With 100% durability, these foliages mimicking the real ones can be well established under the Sun as they are designed with UV protection techniques. These HedgeScapes Animal and Form Topiary can be installed on a permanent as well as on a temporary basis for a month or even a day. Just like mood changes, so does the desires and hence they can be easily shifted from time to time with changing demands. Products of these types are sometimes created just to quench the user's demand for a single occasion or multiple ones. These are so created that they can be used either in several ways or even in a single dimension. It is the need of the users based on which these faux synthetic foliages are abstracted. 

Well Designed, Well Protected

Built in with ThermaLeaf® technologies, the HedgeScapes's Animal and Form Topiary comes with pigmentations, which will not scrunch a bit under the longwave radiations from the Sun. To make these finely crafted beauties stand tall and sustain harsh scenarios, required UV stabilizers are used to provide them with a long-lasting shield. To make them even more sustainable in variable situations, a type of commercial resin is incorporated while they are manufactured. Experts from the disciplines of Botany, Landscape Architecture, and Horticulture help manufacture the foliages resembling just like the natural ones with absolute sincerity. 

Safe and Easy

The real foliages no matter how pretty they might be, they come with a baggage of disappointments like the chances of catching fire and helping the trail, attracting infests, and so on. In this regard, the artificial hedges stand out immensely as they come with PermaLeaf® technologies. They do not aggravate the situation by catching fire rather they have fire-repelling properties. Apart from being safe, they are easy to handle. Just about anyone can install them in the front of a mall or at the parks with no special tools required.

Artificial TopiaryArtificial topiary animals from HedgeScapes are one of the most preferred faux plants in the field of interior and exterior designing. The extremely presentable structure makes the entire look simple yet gorgeous, making it very easy for the designers to portray their designs in an artistic manner. In the era where being presentable is one of the most important things, HedgeScapes helps to keep your surrounding neat, clean and aesthetically appealing. Artificial hedges can be trimmed into different designs or animals, making it the ultimate deal for you. Let's check out some important facts behind why you should go for topiary animals curved from artificial hedges to design your landscape. 

What are fake topiary animals?

HedgeScapes offers you the ultimate way to boost up the natural beauty of your landscape by decorating it with different animal –shaped shrubs. These faux foliages are an excellent way to make your landscape, the center of attraction, helping your company to fetch some good attention. The faux plants are very neatly trimmed to give it a shape worth staring. The materials which are used to create these decorative elements look extremely natural and retain its freshness for a very long time, promising its longevity. Even being artificial, these natural looking yet artificial plants add a greenish tone to your landscape, keeping it nature related.

Why should you go for artificial topiary animals?

In today's date, a wide range of decorative elements is introduced to the designing world, making it easier for the designers to select the appropriate one for their project. However, when it comes to artificial hedges, these are preferred for many reasons.  

  • Extracts the hidden beauty of a landscape by adding artificial greeneries
  • Maintenance doesn't need much effort
  • Saves a lot of time and effort behind preserving them
  • Doesn't harm environment in any way
  • Easy to install
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easily available online 

Designed for large areas

Be it interior designing or exterior designing; the designing elements varies from places to places depending on the location and size of the landscape. While designing a compact place is easy, it becomes a bit difficult to decorate a larger landscape with proper decorative elements. Artificial hedges are beautifully manufactured to make any large area visually enthralling and nature oriented. The faux hedges are trimmed into different designs, letters, animals and logos to decorate the whole area in an innovative way.

Beats natural plants in the field of decoration

When it comes to decoration, artificial hedges is way better than natural plants because of their easy availability and low maintenance. The artificial hedges which are curved into different shapes and designs of animals help to retain the natural beauty of the landscape with a pinch of creativity, making the entire place enthralling. The hedges keep the environment green, maintaining the environment calm and soothing to eyes.

Maintenance is as easy as ABC

One of the fascinating facts about faux hedges is that these don't demand high maintenance and safeguarding thus making it a time-saving deal for you. Unlike natural plants, these creative pieces of greeneries don't require watering, soiling, fertilizing, trimming on a regular basis. These decorative elements are extremely hygienic, making it an effective attempt for places like hotels and hospitals, where cleanliness is a necessity. The faux hedges don't leave any soil mark or invite insects, making it one of the safest ways to decorate your landscape. 

Environment-friendly materials

It is often presumed that being artificial, the hedges are toxic for the environment, but you must be happy to know that materials, which are used to manufacture these artificial plants, are highly environment-friendly. The leaves are usually made with substances which are derived from nature to give it a natural look. Moreover, the materials are usually fair proof and protect themselves from UV radiations, making the surrounding safe and out of harm's way.

Time saver

The artificial hedges are an easy way to intensify the look of your landscape without too much investment of time. Once installed in a proper way, these kinds of faux foliages don't require a lot of time in preserving them, and thus saves your valuable time to a greater extent and gives you the pleasure of nature-oriented surrounding.  

Adds uniqueness to your landscape

The artificial topiaries are usually shaped into different animal-shaped shrubs to amplify the aesthetic value of any landscape, allowing it to grab some good attention.  The different shaped shrub adds exclusivity to your landscape and creatively blooms up the inner beauty of your surroundings.

Places where artificial hedges are used

Because of the extensive creativity, the artificial hedges are preferred to a high level in the world of interior and exterior designing.  The animal-shaped artificial hedges can be used in places which have a large outer area for the sake of installation.  The places where artificial hedges are mainly used are:

  • Hospitals
  • Luxury hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Water parks
  • Malls
  • Corporate offices 

How these artificial foliages can be used 

Artificial topiaries which are curved into different shapes can be used to intensify the look of any certain area, making it a unique attempt to keep up the fanciness. These artificial foliages can be used in different ways to make it the ultimate deal to enhance the beautification of your landscape. 

  • These can be used to doll up the lawn area of any restaurant or luxury hotel
  • The artificial hedges can be used in the sideways leading the building from the main entrance of any corporate office.
  • Gardens of hospitals can be easily decorated with this type of artificial plants to keep the light tone of the surrounding, helping the visitors to calm down.

Artificial animal topiariesDo you run a huge fashion garment manufacturing business and have numerous employees working there? For infusing some added energy into the working conditions for your staff and for cracking deals with your clients, you must possess a beautiful office decor. If you think it's time to renovate the luxurious office and bring in some modifications, then without any delay you must start planning for the new decor items. Nature can bring in peace and calmness into the outdoor and indoor landscapes, hence, introducing decor items which have relation with nature will be simply perfect.

Topiaries in any form especially in animal shapes can be an attractive choice for your office landscapes. It can add the needed fun factor in the surroundings and can break the monotony amidst the furniture. But if you already feel worried thinking about the care regime the animal topiaries will ask for, no matter if it is placed at the exterior or interior landscapes, then stop worrying. There is a great alternative which will save you from hiring extra manpower and investing time for their maintenance, and that is artificial animal topiaries or form topiaries.

Where can you find these faux animal topiaries and order them?

The company for sourcing the best replica of the original botanical beauties is none other than HedgeScapes. From more than 40 years the company has been listed as number one for manufacturing the most realistic looking artificial foliages, plants, and trees. Mats and signage, any form topiaries, green walls, hedges, logos, rolls, mats or screens, whatever you want you can find in their collection. The animal topiaries in their collection are a favorite with all the leading landscape designers.

Degree holders in horticulture, botanists, engineers, landscape architects, and designers form the manufacturing team of HedgeScapes. All these specialists work hard in creating these faux botanical products like the faux animal topiaries in premium quality with complete perfection. If these faux animal topiaries are installed near the entrance gate of a five-star hotel or at the reception area of any large corporate office, it can completely turn the surrounding and can appeal every visitor.

Why these fake animal topiaries considered for landscape decor over their original and live counterpart?

The artificial botanical products have gained their popularity over the real ones mainly because of the maintenance issues. Other reasons are explained below in support of this statement:-

  • The real plants and trees always ask for specific weather conditions for their survival, while the fake ones can be placed in any climate without damage.
  • The live plants and trees will never survive without water and proper sunlight or shade. Nothing will be required by the fake animal topiaries and other faux botanical beauties.
  • The original plants have the tendency to attract insects and pests, so it will always need insecticides. The live ones will also require fertilizers for maintaining its health, while the replica of the real ones will not require any of these and that makes it very much cost effective.
  • The live trees and plants might decay and even die anytime, but the fake alternative of the original botanical beauties will preserve its beauty all your lifetime.

The artificial animal topiaries from HedgeScapes have made their way into the choice of every leading landscape designer as the decor item, why?

Big corporate houses hire the industry leading landscape architects for doing up the exterior and interior landscapes of huge multi-specialty hospitals or exotic resorts they own for getting something unique with their decor, for impressing the visitors and attracting more clients. The replica of the original animal topiaries and other artificial botanical products from HedgeScapes always does the trick for them, and they are popular because of the detailing they provide in their creation.

Even after looking at these fake beauties for a long time, you won't be able to understand the difference in their appearance compared with the real ones. These products are manufactured using special non-toxic chemicals which repel any insects or bacteria forming on their surface; this makes them safe for any interior landscapes.

Animal topiaries from HedgeScapes possess some unique properties, what are they?

With their lifelike appearance, the animal topiaries and other artificial botanical products from HedgeScapes are completely a hit with every environment, wherever they are placed. The unique properties are explained below:-

  • During the manufacturing process very high level of engineering and technology is used for keeping up with high commercial grading. This ensures very high quality of the product.
  • A technology called ThermaLeaf® is impregnated on the surface of these fake botanical items for saving them from catching fire during any accident.
  • The PermaLeaf® technology is also impregnated on the surface of these faux topiaries, for preventing them from harmful UV rays and color fading due to any extreme weather conditions.
  • The replica of the original plants and trees are very much lightweight, and hence, they can be installed anywhere without any hassle.

What are the available varieties of faux animal topiaries you can order from HedgeScapes?

For making the artificial animal topiary of your choice, the available variety of foliages is dark-green pearl grass, Light-green pearl grass, Azalea, English Ivy, Boxwood, and Juniper. Use them and ask the experts of the company to make topiaries in the shape of your favorite animals like a tiger, giraffe, elephant and even big birds like a peacock.

The company approves customized orders based on customer's demand. The application of these topiaries also have variety; they are temporary or permanent. If you want them as a decor item for a particular party, then order the temporary ones, while the permanent ones are a onetime investment and last all your lifetime. Place your order as per your requirement.

Animals and Form Topiaries That Make Your Office Landscapes come AliveIf you are looking for something innovative, unique and exciting for the hike of the attractiveness of your office or commercial space, then animal and form topiaries are something that can beautify your outdoor as well as an indoor office area. This idea of form or animal topiaries is out of the box and gives you a way to break all the set measures of giving real plant like looks to your artificial plants and topiaries. You can be a unique designer with the outstanding type of forms or shapes to be implanted with your faux plants. Your office landscape filled with artificial animal and form topiaries will reflect your love for natural habitats like plants, animals, topiaries, flowers and trees.

As different animals have different ideas associated with their nature hence these ideas about different kinds of animals can make your office area look alive and full of thoughts. For example, a lion reflects a kingly posture whereas an elephant will signify a strong or bold yet friendly attitude. In such a way various kinds of form topiaries can define your business while also magnifying specifications of your business center.

Making Topiary Arrangements Around Your Office Space

You can have a tremendous amount of choices in artificial animal topiaries or form topiaries. As per your office area availability as well as your particular design requirements, shapes and sizes can be given to the topiaries. You can either take help from a graphic designer for finding a suitable form or animal shape for your indoor or outdoor area or can directly discuss with the artificial plant dealer about the particular shape that you want to see in your area. There are also many options of artificial grass that you can choose from like boxwood, juniper, pearl and more. Among this boxwood is preferred by most of the people. For example, if you have selected boxwood grass for your form topiaries then apart from the selected particular shape you will get complimentary boxwood mat foliage to grace your overall topiary.

What Shape Options You Can Have for Your Office Topiaries?

With the best quality faux hedges, you can give any shape and design to your topiaries. You can grace your commercial area with a resounding elephant, lion, horse or any other animal that you would love to add to your landscape. In addition to animal topiaries you can go with cartoon characters, superheroes, etc. If you want to give your topiary a shape that reflects your business idea, then you can do that as well. For example, if you are in clothing business then you can design any dress topiary that will flaunt in your commercial area. Fake hedges can transform any of your shape and design idea into reality due to their flexible and adaptive nature. Moreover, with all your shapes and form. If you choose to go with artificial boxwood mat pattern, then this can uplift the standard of your landscape.

Decide the Right Place to Place Your Animal or Form Topiary

Although you can place these topiaries anywhere in you in office still if the appropriate place is chosen for a particular topiary, then it can add more charm to space. For large sized topiaries, like animal topiary or anything that reflects your business work are suitable to be placed in the outdoor area. That is because outdoor is the first place that a visitor will see hence a good landscape will make a good impact on the guest. In addition to this entrance is also a good place to place topiaries. Empty corners of your area can be decorated with some animal topiaries as well. Small form topiaries can be places on the tables available in boardroom, meeting room, waiting rooms as well as cabins. Such a good arrangement of these will add class to your business.

Why to Go for Artificial For Form Topiaries?

There are many reasons which make artificial topiaries preferable over real plants. Here are a few of such facts that you might be interested to know.

The first major reason is that it is very difficult to craft different types of shapes using real plants if anyhow anyone manages to do that, it is almost impossible to maintain them for a long time.

The topiaries crafted using artificial hedges can last for long as artificial plants are made up of the high-quality type of plastic mostly polyurethane. Such plastic hedges can withstand different types of weathers and can also bear UV rays without any damage to their looks and charm. Artificial plants are also waterproof hence special arrangements need not be done in the case of the rainy season.

The topiaries crafted using faux hedges have a natural looking appearance. Unlike real plants, these do not have high maintenance needs like watering, pruning and more. These can brighten your landscape without any special installation needs.

It is quite easy to design animal and a wide variety of form topiaries using artificial boxwood and more types of faux grasses. Because these are strong enough to form different types of shapes.

These topiaries can be easy assembled by anyone quite easily. As these are highly lightweight thus can be managed conveniently. You can plant them in pots, vases or urns to use as a decor.

Artificial topiaries can be used anywhere ranging from your office premises, supermarket, warehouse, clothing store or any commercial area. These can also be utilized in residential areas.

Artificial topiaries can be used to create fake hedges for the privacy of your commercial spaces or open cover areas in your office premises.


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