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Green WallsGreenery is the foremost choice of all the businesses and commercial owners for decorating their indoor as well outdoor in a unique way. In various kinds of faux greenery nowadays, the faux green walls are in high demand due to the unique design and style they deliver to your workplace. Green walls create enhanced invigorating environment leading to better productivity and improved mental health. Artificial green walls offer you a quicker and easier way to add a greener life to your setup leaving hectic landscape installations behind. Below are the top 10 reasons that tell you why one should buy HedgeScapes green walls.

1. Say No to Maintenance

When an idea of adding a landscape or greenery comes in our mind, the first thing that makes us worry is the regular maintenance need of plants. But these HedgeScapes artificial garden walls eliminates the need of all such daily care, you just need to give it an initial installation, and these will last with keep blooming in your commercial area for years. The best part with these walls is that you can have coverage in even those areas where your living plants get limited like your reception area, conference rooms or similar indoor spaces. Faux green walls also come in design where they have been made especially for indoor environments.

2. Choose from Variety of Patterns and Styles

Along with other outdoor artificial plants and trees, the range of HedgeScapes green faux walls come in a large number of patterns and styles that fit your custom specifications. Whether you want to create an oval shape, the square shape or circle shape in your wall design or want to add a custom shape of your favorite bird, animal or more, everything is possible with them. These patterns will look like prints on your green walls. If you have a specific design idea in mind, you can also get that implemented on your artificial landscaping green wall with HedgeScapes. Walls can be designed for both indoor as well outdoor setups of your commercial space or workplace.

3. Do You Need Large Wall Installation? - HedgeScapes is Ready

Whether you need faux green wall installed for a small office set up or for a multi-tier hotel or commercial building, HedgeScapes team is capable enough to take care of all kinds of your wall installation needs. With prior vast experience with large scale hotels and restaurants, you can have the assurance that your investment on artificial landscaping will offer you equal return regarding enhanced look of your commercial area. The designs and styles for large installations are decided on the aesthetical features of the place and on the fact that what will be best suitable for a particular area.

4. Cost Effective Decorative Solution

Artificial green walls are an amazingly pocket-friendly solution with which you need not compromise on looks and appearance. You can achieve realistic landscape like looks with these walls at a price that is a fraction of the sum that you will need to invest if you are using real plants. The purchasing and installation cost of these faux walls is less than those of real plants. Besides installation, as you don't need any irrigation system as you will not demand to water, so it implies that you will don't need to invest in their maintenance as well.

5. Give You the Option to Create A Custom Design Wall Idea

Artificial green walls are creative options for your office or commercial space that even at budget friendly prices can offer you vast decorative paneling options to suit your space in the best way. With these, you cannot only stick to the standard design rather can come up with innovative design ideas to implement on your indoor or outdoor area.

6. Make Your Space Look Lively

HedgeScapes faux green walls are the perfect creation that can add glamor and life to even your drab indoor and outdoor spaces. It's up to your imagination and creativity how you utilize these walls for your space. Their application is possible in every area ranging from water parks, hotels restaurants, office outdoor, indoor reception area, retail stores, parks, hospitals, showrooms and more. These replicate the looks of real plants and therefore can make your space appear soothing, relaxing and energetic.

7. Offering Decorative Privacy Screens Both Indoors and Outdoors

The use of faux green walls is not just limited up to decorating your space rather these can also be installed to privatize particular area of your space. For example, you may have concrete walls or iron grills created as a boundary for your premises; these can be enhanced beautifully by installing garden walls. These faux green walls will be increasing your landscaping area while also giving your building a natural green or colorful appearance. Even in your indoor area if you need to create partitions, faux walls work perfectly for this as well. Along with giving you a private and separated area, these make your indoor look lush green and exciting.

8. Latest Innovative Technology Incorporated

The HedgeScapes green walls incorporate ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® treatments to make the walls last for long and keep your place greener and fresh. IN addition to this, faux green walls also exhibit water and fire resistant properties and therefore can withstand various weather conditions. Whether you utilize them for outdoors or indoors, these are capable of coping with all the environmental conditions without losing their charm and life.

9. Highly Easy Installation - Making Them Preferable

When we talk about real planting process, everything needs to be done with proper care from sowing, watering, pruning and all; a tiny mistake can make the plant get dried. And one can imagine how much care will be required to make green walls from real plants. But with HedgeScapes artificial green walls, it is quite easy to establish greenery to your space as walls will come designed to your place and you just need to assemble them and install without any clutter. This ease of installation has also grabbed the attention of various landscape lovers towards artificial garden walls.

10. Easily Portable and Reinstallable

Faux green walls by HedgeScapes are highly light weighted and therefore don't require much efforts to make any style or design adjustments even if you want to do it yourself. You can transport these walls easily without any specialized workforce.

Decorating Office Landscapes with Silk Plants Made EasyWhile designing a landscape for an office, keen notice is required. Rather than spreading out some greens here and there, a professional space deserves much of planning and execution skills in landscaping. While designing a landscape for offices in the traditional way takes time, silk plants will help. Traditionally, it starts from making the ground to watering the plants. But it is somewhat impossible in this fast paced life. Especially considering the time constraints, no one will have the time or conveniences to go for real plants. Silk plants come with a panacea for this. And they make your job easy in hundreds of ways including.

Introducing the authentic beauty in a flip

Planting, watering and maintaining a plant until it blooms is really effortful. Plants need full care and overall the growth process will take time. For different plants, the blooming time or the sprouting time will be different and you will have to look out for the leaves or just the stem until you could see what you wished for. In such circumstances, the easy to install silk plants will help. They can be placed on your premises and it's done. Let it be the courtyard, or the lawn or the rooms. Keeping the plants is all that you need. Yes and the time? It’s the time to lift the plant and keep on the place! In the time you nod your head, green beauty is around you!

Easy installation makes them more recommendable

A regular planting process starts from sowing. From the first step, it should be maintained with utmost care. Any mishappenings in between will lead to the death of the plant and a dry plant will be a very displeasing sight to your visitors. But silk plants are here to your rescue. They are very easy to install and doesn't require a rearrangement process. They can be simply placed somewhere on your premises and you can relax. Unlike real plants, they need not be watered or trimmed periodically.

Lifelong beauty is not just a beautifying word

Real plants have a lifespan. After that they will slowly dry off, making you spend another couple of hours on the planting process again. This will cost you time, efforts and money. You will have to spend your time on the process at least a couple of days each year. This can be avoided if you could go for silk plants. Once you keep them on your premises, you don’t even need to think about them. Without losing a hint of beauty, they will cherish you forever

Lightweight and portable are mere 2 features, there are more

Silk plants are highly portable. And for the purpose, they are made light weight. When you feel like the regular office ambiance is boring and when you want to have a refreshing change, you can carry and rearrange the silk plants to get the fresh look. Imagine you carrying a heavy lush green plant with dirt on hands. Yes, silk plants are far easy to be managed, no matter what.

Silk plants are easy to maintain

You will have to water a real plant regularly. Once you stop the watering, all you will be left will be plant residues. Don’t you think this as an unpleasant thing? if yes, silk plants are the solution. They are so easy to maintain such that you will just have to dust them occasionally. There is no need of water, manure or scissors. They don’t even need a wash or a wipe.They can be dusted easily and can be managed without worries.

Numerous varieties are here for you

Real plants are highly environment sensitive and most of them grow only in specific climates. You might love another variety of the plant and unfortunately, they may not be growing in your area. Here also, silk plants help you. They can be easily placed anywhere on the spaces. They can be of any plants and can be of any sizes. Despite the climate and the tropical areas, they will cherish you and will make the ambiance pleasant. There are numerous varieties and so are available in all shapes and sizes.

Suitable for all spaces, they will make you fall in love with them

Silk plants, faux boxwood hedges, boxwood topiaries, green walls suit all places. They can be placed on your conference halls, near fountains, your cabins and even on the kitchens. They are highly useful and can be used anywhere without the worries of watering them. They can be placed on the stairs or at the balconies; they can be used in both internal and external plant settings and can be used in corridors. They will fit anywhere without any hindrances.

They are too resistant to natural agents

They are highly resistant to water, light and mild chemicals, this makes them highly reliable and their beauty will never fade. They are capable of making your ambiances beautiful at very intense lights and on cold weather. No matter what the climate or the ambiances changes, silk plants can make the space attractive than ever. They are so useful that no one can ever dislike their presence.

Outdoor and indoors

Silk plants can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They can be beautifully aligned and set in the walking lanes and can be set in the kid's play area. They can be installed in huge outdoor landscapes and can be installed indoors with hedges; they can be kept on corners of the room or can be kept on small tools in the middle of the rooms. No matter what, they will steal the show.

green wallAs an owner of a posh commercial property, you are responsible for looking after a variety of considerations of which decoration secures a prime concern. Moreover, when it comes to embellishing your property, be it a hospital or a hotel, an opulent restaurant or a theme park, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of coloring it green. However, incorporating natural greens invariably brings along its set of disadvantages. Though your area would be surrounded by the lush green beauty of natural hedge and foliage, you should also take care of them so that they keep looking as flawless as it should be. You may even have to keep some employees dedicated for upkeeping the natural greens within and without the commercial area so that it can attract more visitors and increase the traffic flow. 

However, what if you could simply subtract the aspect of maintenance from these greens and they would maintain their sheer beauty without you having to interfere for watering or trimming or pruning? Though it is absolutely unbelievable but it is true that today you can access to a wide range of artificial green walls that resembles their natural counterparts to the core so that no passerby could ever doubt their “naturalness.”

A wall that enhances the beauty

In its crudest and simplest sense, the word “wall” carries obvious implications of separation and confinement which are interpreted in a negative sense. However, the artificial green wall are so beautiful and marvelous that none of your visitors can ever miss a chance to appreciate them. What’s more, you will never have to look after them; just install and forget them. These faux green walls will continue adorning the ambiance of the entire area for many years to come. Moreover, if all of a sudden you feel that the arrangement is no more appealing, you are free to alter the decoration without making a mess of it. 

Make your landscape naturally appealing

The landscaping industry has recently soared up to revolutionize its creations of which artificial greeneries own a prime position. Therefore, you could hardly find a time that is more suitable than now for investing in these products. Each of these fake plants and greens is made from top notch quality raw materials and constructed by incorporating a matchless technology so that their elegance and perkiness do not fade away with the passage of time. As a result, if you incorporate them to your interior and exterior landscape, you can rest assured that these gorgeously green walls are going to win everyone’s heart. However, there is no reason to believe that they are going to cost you an arm and a leg; most of these premium quality faux foliage are affordable, and you can look for a great variety of options within your set budget.

Create something personable in your landscaping themes

As the artificial walls allow you to add much glamor and mirth to your property, you can add a touch of unique personality which can portray itself through the arrangement of the faux walls. The designs you wish to create should translate themselves into intangible themes when you experiment with breathtaking and out-of-the-box ideas. For instance, you may outline the artificial green walls along the boundary and align them with small and petite colorful flower-bearing shrubs. On the other hand, you may also use them for embracing the corridor that may lead to the cafeteria to the walkways to the exit of the property. The best part of experimenting with fake green walls is that if you are not contented with the final design, you can instantly turn it down and recreate something new.

Hide the invariable flaws in a sassy manner

It goes without saying that as an owner of a commercial property, you cannot turn a blind eye to the obvious flaws that are there in the construction or interior designing or exterior landscaping of the property. Even though there is no flaw as such, there could be a small crack around the edge of the window or a discoloration at the walls behind the gathering zone. What you could do is incorporate the fake green walls in such a manner that none of your guests or visitors is able to understand that your intention is to hide the flaw rather than adorning the area. This is truly beneficial for your business as your esteemed clients and visitors would take a note of how deftly you have managed everything and their positive impression towards you are likely to build up. This way you can spare yourself from the costs, time and efforts of rebuilding an area or repainting it and also decorate the area on the go.

Allow private areas within an open area

In recent times the artificial green walls have been widely accepted as a ticket to cordon off privacy to a large open space. Since there is no involvement of a construction work, you can save your penny while installing the natural looking fake green walls. What’s more, you can easily change the setting and give it a whole new look at any time. These walls are very lightweight and can be carried off anywhere with ease. You can define their setting without taking any professional aid and restore them to their new position as and when you please. Therefore, these walls also allow you to create a private space for your prime guests and visitors who can have a confidential meeting or something significant in these skillfully carved areas. The natural greenness of these lush faux walls would radiate a positive vibe and enrich all who are present in close vicinity to these walls.

Artificial Green Walls - Making Corporate Houses LivelierHave you become bored with the same old look of your office from its exterior as well with its interior decor? Is it affecting your working conditions? And also the clients visiting your large corporate house are also not much impressed with the same old look?? There is nothing to be worried about, as introduction of nature into your interior and exterior landscape can change the overall look. 

Everybody wants to stay close to the nature, but it is not always possible to install natural plants and trees as part of your landscaping ideas. Maintaining the real ones needs lot of preparation, and is definitely not an easy task. Implementing artificial trees, plants and hedges can be the smartest move from any good landscaping designer instead of the live ones. Faux boxwood hedge if installed right in the entrance can add to the total value of your corporate office building.

How can you create the compelling appearance through artificial green walls?

Introducing your visitors by adorning the exterior and interior landscapes of a corporate property can be the best idea. Creating the first impression should be the key to everyone’s heart. Through the placement of artificial boxwood hedge and fake boxwood mat, your plain walls can be turned into lush green ones. Changing furniture and upholsteries cannot bring complete change until any greenery is introduced. 

There will be total visual comfort once these botanical beauties are introduced for filling up your walls. Be it the reception area, the interiors of the entrance gate wall or even inside the office cabins, the landscaping designers always prefer using the artificial hedges for doing up the walls. It creates such a good atmosphere that, when you enter the place you feel, you are working amidst a garden. And if the boxwood mats are installed on the floor, it is 100 % better than carpets, because it gives you an impression as if you are walking on the grass.

Manufacturer’s promise in delivering you with the most real looking artificial boxwood panels

The company HedgeScapes is one of the best in the business in manufacturing fake hedges, and they never compromise in their make for assuring its customers with the best possible product. They manufacture faux hedges for both indoor and outdoor use. The company’s main motto is to spread greenery everywhere possible, where it is not possible to maintain live plants. The company has hired the best team comprising of botanists, landscape architects, and engineers for manufacturing the most realistic looking artificial boxwood hedges. These fake boxwood hedges can create the best looking green walls wherever you wish to create them.

What makes these artificial hedges for outdoors and indoors better than the real ones?

There are several reasons why the fake boxwood wall covering will score over the live one. They are:-

  • Real ones need particular temperature, while the fake ones can withstand any given temperature.
  • Real ones need proper watering and sunlight for their health and survival, the faux replica of the real ones stays fresh for life with just a little dusting.
  • No fertilizers or pesticides required for the artificial boxwood beauties while the real one will need both.
  • The real one has a limitation in its existence, and the faux boxwood tiles will never die or decay.
  • Taking care of a live plant requires monetary investment, while these boxwood walls are quite inexpensive

Types of Green walls varieties you would want to opt for

HedgeScapes can offer you with a numerous variety of pattern and foliage in creating green walls requirement. Choose between Hedge, mats, rolls and screens. The most realistic form of leaves can be found here in a variety of Boxwood, Azalea, English Ivy, Juniper, Light-green pearl grass and Dark-green pearl grass. As these types are available in all the seasons, that is why maximum people prefer the boxwood panels or the juniper screens. The designers hence, prefer these types over the others. 

The style can be completely customized according to your preference. The company HedgeScapes can make it in any shape or size. They are extremely experienced in designing for large outdoor areas too.

For interiors and exterior landscape requirement, the company has different product type. They can manufacture faux boxwood panels which will last for the whole lifetime, and they can even manufacture products which will be required for a temporary period. If you have a wedding event or a party, and you need to use artificial hedge wall, then you should always opt for the temporary, one-time product.

The unique properties and benefits you get from these HedgeScapes fake green walls.

While placing the order for the indoor or outdoor artificial hedges, go through the catalogue, samples and most importantly pricing of the products on the company website. It will be your best guide in deciding which one to choose for creating the perfect wall for your corporate office. There are several excellent features which will mesmerize you, they are:

  • The company uses PermaLeaf® technology, which makes these faux botanical beauties completely safe from any color fading. Even when they are exposed to extreme harsh temperatures or even the UV rays cannot bring any change in its appearance.
  • Another important technology used in their manufacturing is ThermaLeaf®, which ensures the products to be completely safe from fire. This foliage is declared safe through all international fire codes.
  • The materials used in its manufacturing are of top grade. The designing, engineering and the equipment used makes these products high in commercial grading.
  • The company manufactures this inexpensive product in such a way that you can install it yourself. They provide with very easy instruction manual. If you order faux boxwood tiles, mats, screens or even rolls everything can be installed without hassle.

green wallWalls are those modern day barriers that are letting the flexibility and familiarity go away from an office complex or commercial workplace; wherein the work culture has taken a backseat due to lack of arrangement. Today, people staying, studying and working in the urban areas of the city have found a lack of interest as far as the way their office looks.  

According to a recent survey by, the number of people working for smaller organizations is growing by thousands every year. Looking at this scenario five years prior may have been less considerable; however, this year denoted the tipping point where a greater amount of the work power is generated to small businesses and firms. The inevitable trend of the work power clearly suggests that individuals are more comfortable to work in a small business area that is greatly adorned with greenery and employees having great ease of access while working, moving and staying calm in this environment than large organizations. 

Positive Employees = Optimistic Workplace 

Restricted sources and the need to accomplish more with less, is a sign of growth for small businesses. By and large, this quick paced environment and capacity to wear various caps are some of the attributes that make small organizations so attractive for the new bunch of employees. 

Nonetheless, it additionally implies that small business representatives are under the consistent pressure to deal with a developing workload. As per the general consent, the dependable on work culture powers the employees to finish work schedule-wise, amid the day and numerous have the craving to excel for the next day and take out significantly more burnout. 

As more small and medium organization takes into account flexible hours, employees will get to be more content and more locked in. 

Here are a few ways that small business owners/managers can do to make a more flexible workplace that expands profitability with positive employees

  • Design a Positive Office design and layout

The study uncovered that small business worker has a higher resilience for diversions. Explore your office space with some eye gazing decorative elements and modern furnishings. Make sure while designing that employees get a real space to sit and move, most important is the privacy.

Modern furniture units, coupled with complementing office equipment are the perfect match for a productive workplace. Plus, wall color, antiques, silk flower arrangements, green wall hangings are some of the accessories you can use to make a positive surrounding. Moreover, as we dwell in a particular world day in and day out, get yourself encircled by some artificial foliage and greenery designs if real plants have no chance to survive in your commercial space.

  • Make your work flexible and adaptable

In a recent study, more than 33% of small business workers reported that adaptable work timings would expand joy and minimize burnout. Keeping in mind the result to adjust the rising requests of both work and personal time, small and medium organizations need to permit employees to work in flexible hours and also from home. Today’s workforce is not only managing family and work time with a bit of cleverness but can mix the two together. 

The basic idea behind adaptable timetables is an inherent trust from business managers that their team will finish what they have to finish, in the time, regardless of the fact that that is not customary 9 to 5 hours. 

  • Take away the desks

SMEs need to push their employees to take more breaks at work so they can have a downtime, get involved with other employees, and have some brainstorming session. Remember that some of your best thoughts for work originate from when you are not doing the work.

More than 33% of the workforce, employed with smaller firms recognizes that if their head honchos urged them to take breaks, it would help relieve burnout. One thought to urge breaks is also because office staff during those breaks can sit, real and hop on some snacks, beverages or chill in the break room. 

  • Adorn your dividers and windows with sentimental vines and azaleas

Simulated azaleas can be supplemented with any of the artificial vines accessible. If you have the art to make a painting impact on the divider, these open-air evaluated plants will look incredible when they are gathered in a container or hanging window boxes. 

  • Deceit your eyes from a far distance

To make the little range look more extensive from a separation, sort all the open air artificial plants from formal to casual approach particularly for outside movements. Additionally, the blend of fake geraniums and gardenias can add an alternate point of view toward the outskirt. 

  • Delight the bystanders with a temporary situation

The courses of action of fake blooms, bushes and hedge mats and rolls might impact the look of the bystanders if you stunningly organize them as per their sizes, hues, and shapes.


 artificial boxwood mat

Some of our clients are particularly awestruck by the definition of clarity and design that our artificial outdoor mats, trees, and plant hold. As we are the profound leaders in manufacturing and making fire resistant fade protected faux outdoor hedges, plants, flowers, and trees, we also ensure all HedgeScapes products remain a testimony of our clients taste and opinion.

In this blog, let us look some of the amazing designs that one can create at home and, especially at commercial centers for an appealing business outdoor

Styling a Terrace with Artificial Mats and Panels

Greenery is all but much is having its minutes nowadays. Indeed, even our solid city grasps it. Large portions of our clients who had no chance to get the proper watering system to their porches, or have had misfortune with genuine plants, have sent us photographs of their patios decked out in our artificial greenery! Nevertheless, while endeavoring this, the best circumstance is a sheltered territory. 

Our representatives many calls, as to “Will the daylight will change the shade of the plants or do I need and you ought to supplant them between 6 months to a year in sunny zones?”

“Or additionally evade extremely tall fake trees and secure everything so your plants don’t look dull?”

But, as you must be aware, we at have made a name in the artificial plant market, as the number one supplier of artificial outdoor hedges and related products. Starting with our trademarked foliage technology, PermaLeaf® & ThermaLeaf®, Hedgescapes products are made UV stable for outdoor applications and fire retardant for indoor applications. From elephant topiaries to traditional boxwood hedges, our commitment to excellence sets us apart from the competition and allows us to maintain high-profile clients. 

If you have a great lover of natural greenery we recommend blending some live plants with some of our fake ones so that the patio nursery or the roof top garden looks all the more persuading and genuine. Doing a little experimentation is justified, despite all the trouble when you can have your own particular desert spring in the city. 

Customization of the Highest Level

Artificial fences are turning out to be better known in current times because of its evergreen and clear appearance, maintenance free, and long durability period. However, what’s the most exciting thing is the made to order finishing that you get when your external property or business premises will get adorned with silk plant variants like faux outdoor topiaries, rolls, and flowering plants. Different sizes of such hedges are accessible through joining numerous supporting boards together; likewise diverse shapes are also feasible for various reasons. Today you might want to have an artificial fencing with steel mesh in your business premise not just to beautify and protect as well. Besides, customized fences fit as a fiddle and are ideal for office building buildings, restaurants, and commercial centers to draw a border.

Leaves of the Hedge Panels

Artificial leaves fence is made of different fake leaves (foliage) like leaves of vines, English ivy and others. But our leaves are realistic as we have worked with the many reputable botanists to create the most realistic leaf structure. There are also endless varieties to choose from like English ivy, boxwood, azalea, juniper, dark-green pearl grass, light green pearl grass. But our most wanted artificial outdoor is the traditional boxwood and juniper hedges as these are all seasonal and have been used in landscaping projects for hundreds of years.

This sort of fence is exceptionally wonderful in appearance and its length is customizable because of its versatile character. Artificial hedge leaf can supplant basic fences that are utilized as a part of the patio, around the yard or different in commercial property. Fake leaves hedge is exceptionally well known in conventional manor or retro living arrangement.

Artificial Hedge Panels

Artificial Hedge boards can be utilized as security screens and fences on a porch or deck that can outwardly conceal unattractive views. Fake Boxwood Panel looks natural and green, is also UV rays protected, so no chance of looking dull as well. It won't haze with hard daylight and substantial downpour for many years.

Benefits of Fake Fencing

More fake walls are utilized to enhance social zones both inside and outside at homes or business places. The fake wall can give security and protection to the individuals who need it.

Artificial Fencing can:

  • Conceal unwanted sides from general public
  • Maintain a strategic distance from disturbances around 
  • Offer a peaceful spot with greenery 
  • Separate your zone from the bustling streets. 
  • Shield you from the bright beam. 

Use it indoors and outdoors

As we all know, a wide choice of artificial can easily upgrade the look of your home and your office space. Each of our fake decorative items consequently resembles the genuine one because it is made of top-notch silk. Similarly, as with the greater part of our artificial topiaries, we provide brilliant planters to upgrade the overall look.

For more information on the use and cost estimation to design your commercial or home outdoor visit our website, and get in touch with our experienced and energetic team of project managers to turn your surroundings into a productive place.

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