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Green WallToday the whole world is busy finding solutions for sustainable building. People are looking for tricks to make their homes, eating joints, educational institutions, medical clinics, as well as offices sustainable to save the environment.
Do your bit and make your office sustainable too. Transform normal buildings into energy efficient ones to optimally use the supply available and also thoughtfully consume the energies available.

Read on, think about it and design it.

Green Terrace and Green Roof

A sustainable office with a green terrace is an excellent way to conserve natural resources. It cools the office building reducing the consumption of the air conditioners and air coolers. Make a beautiful lush artificial green wall on the terrace or in balconies.

Similar to this is a green roof which has lots of plants on it. You need to spread a waterproof plastic sheet on the floor to avoid seepage. You can arrange for drainage or even an irrigation system on it. It can house both the thermal solar plants as well as cool roofs. This can take care of both the seasons.

Screens and Partitions

Your office will need partitions and screens inside to create different workspaces. Why not use a solution like faux ivy privacy screen to create partitions. You can also have transparent glass walls so that your products are more easily visible outside. Display the very popular or even the latest products behind these partitions.


What is a Gazebo? This is a great option for a sustainable office. A gazebo is a small or big glass house and an excellent place to soak in the sun. Create this space for employees to sit there during winters and rains. You can save on heater and their huge bills. The transparent walls or the open side options are both available for you.

Signage and Logos

Use foliage to display your signage and logos. Get artificial boxwood so that you don't have to worry about maintaining it anymore. It will stay the size and shape you chose for your office. Show off your brand name prominently inside and outside. Focus it with pretty lights. Leave the lights on at night.

This is a better option than going in for paints, varnishes, and other perishable materials. Therefore, artificial plants are eco-friendly alternatives to these.


Go in for interior and exterior landscapes for classiness in the office. Place artificial boxwood topiary in these landscapes. Create an innovatively. Use elements of water too. Make a rockery with pathways of pebbles leading to it. Use realistic looking plants which are a pleasant sight to see.

The best part of these landscapes is that you can hide awkward corners and empty spaces. Try the permanent or the temporary varieties available.

Biophilic Designs

Create modern and trendy environment-friendly designs. These Biophillic designs are great coordination of natural and organic elements, along with the culture and ecology. There are lots of images and statues of animals, plants, and colors found in nature.

Create artificial greenery with lots of plants and planters. Keep artificial topiary animal and forms in the landscapes for that special effect. These designs connect humans and nature and depict their intricate and interdependent relationship.

You can incorporate these designs according to the space available in the office. Use the balconies, terraces, gardens, backyards, and rooftops. This is an investment well worth making.

All the hedges, the topiaries, and other plants that you use are very durable and long lasting. There is no hassle of maintaining them since they will never go out of shape or lose their forms. Being fire retardant, they are safe to keep in office spaces.

Select exotic designs and patterns which come with very easy installation processes. Create these works of art to beautify your office as well make it environment-friendly.

Water Elements

Streams of water and fountains are also examples of Biophilic designs. Flowing water like waterfalls, streams, and fountains are considered to show growth and prosperity. The can be easily nurtured by maintaining a water cycle. Place some plants near or in between these water bodies.

Solar Panels

Fix solar panels for all your needs of hot water and electricity too if possible. Use solar energy and help to save the earth and its precious natural resources. Cut down on your electricity bills too. Train employees to switch off lights, fans, air conditioners, computers, and other electrical appliances when not in use. Try to harvest wind energy too wherever possible.

Individual Bits

Try to use the least amount of paper in the office. This shouldn't be difficult with digitalization and cloud computing today. Keep a plant at your work desk. Breathe in the fresh air. Use the best products for the office so that there are less clutter and needs for repairs and replacements.

All these natural design ideas add elegance and class to your office and also make it sustainable. You will find that these also make the employees happier and more motivated to come to work. This, in turn, will increase the productivity of your business.

There are other advantages like reduced use of energy, heat insulation for the office, options of rainwater harvesting, and adding life to roofs and terraces.

Try and incorporate these changes during construction. This saves on money and efforts later on. Use state of the art energy consumption and preservation techniques. These also include the machines, appliances, lighting, heating, and cooling systems that your office uses.

Keep in mind the requirements and work style of the office. Don't go overboard because the nest building has done it. Study the climate of the place. Then select the colors, materials, foliage, and energy optimizing solutions.

The artificial topiaries and other foliage that you select will save huge amounts of resources like time, energy, money, manpower, etc.

If your office uses resources efficiently, scarcely, and economically, you have succeeded in creating a sustainable office.

Bathroom DecorWe all have an old habit of neglecting. It's totally humane to do that. Negligence is a nirvana while ignorance a bliss. One of the parts of your hotel that you have left alone, or probably treated like your ex-beau is the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom which has been cursed to be plain-Jane and appear like 'Ugly Betty', has finally found its niche.

Say goodbye to old fashioned, 'boring' bathrooms and say hello to new, exciting and posh hotel bathrooms. It's high time to revamp your bathroom to a part of the hotel room that is as appealing as the rest of it. Fresh out of the oven, we have 9 exciting ideas to make your hotel bathroom posh.

1. Even the cavemen never liked those bathroom mats.

Just like you, even we hate the rubbers! Rubber bathroom mats have become passe, among other obsolete bathroom floor accessories. For your regular bathroom to turn to an appealing, posh hotel bathroom you need a new set of mats. Get those rubber mats out of there and replace them with Persian wool-blended mats.

Replace the frumpy old rubber mats with new and sleek wool-blended Aztec bathroom mats. It doesn't just set your hotel bathroom apart from other 'vanilla' bathrooms but adds a bit of style and detail to your bathroom floor. Easy to wash and reusable, the colors and patterns in the mats will find it's full bloom when faded.

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

We know that mirrors are one of the most essential parts of the bathroom wall, but they need a serious revamp, just like every other bathroom fitting. Yes, we agree that wooden frames are quite decent for the looking mirror in the bathroom, and they might do the trick if used optimally.

But, think about carved wood, instead of wooden biddings, or maybe a stainless-steel circumference for a round mirror. It is among the most used accessories in your bathroom, so why not make it the center of attraction.

3. Monogram- it's always good branding.

We're sure that you've spent a bomb on that hotel monogram, so why not flaunt it. Etch monograms to the bathroom fitting, shower curtains, towels, towel rods, basically everywhere that you can.

A recent poll conducted by Hyatt® has shown that customers prefer hotels which add monograms to their bathroom accessories. So, why not cash on to this opportunity t give the customers exactly what they want - good branding.

4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder of organization.

Yes, your lifelong wait has come to an end. You're OCD for arrangement and organization has finally found its use. Put that OCD to good use, arrange and rearrange the accessories in your bathroom. Make sure that everything is kept in it's the right place. (You won't find that hard, we're positive.)

Cleanliness should be your primary objective and proper organization should be next. Remember, that you have competition that is hot on your heels, so make sure you set yourself apart from the crowd. Like chalk and cheese go: bathroom and untidy have a similar story.

5. Light 'em up!

Oh, you like those incandescent bulbs because of how bright they are?! Or maybe you have an undying love for those energy saving lamps! We have a term for you: 'Old Fashioned'. Please, do your hotel bathroom a big favor by replacing those old bulbs.

We'd advise you to hang a small chandelier and add a few table lamps as well. Please, do not stop yourself from experimenting. Add these and in return add luxury to your hotel bathroom.

6. Monochrome and Pastels.

One great idea is to use all-white marble in your hotel bathroom. This shade of marble can be then coupled with grey and black wallpapers to give it a great monochromatic feel. Give those guests a taste of the 70's that they'll never forget.

Pro-tip: Try and avoid bright colors in your hotel's bathroom. Add a few pastel shades to the floor and walls and let the lights do the magic for you. White and grey bathrooms have the most elegant look and are the latest trend.

7. What's in a view? - Apparently, everything!

One aspect where most of us miss out is the view from the bathroom. It's merely not a place for what it was used earlier. Now, tempt your customers to an amazing view out of the bathroom window.

If you're worried about exposure, install sun-proof windows and waterproof drapes. Let your guests treat themselves to an astonishing scenic beauty or a cityscape. Add detailing to the window panes and frames.

8. Let's sit where it was never expected to.

Include seating in your bathroom, for guests who'd like to dress up near a mirror, or would like to pamper themselves with a nice pedicure. Traditionally, a bathroom missed on all these luxuries and lacked luster.

Not anymore, include chairs, dressing stools and sitting couches in your bathroom and let it sweep everyone entering it, from the first moment itself. Not only does it add to the overall appeal, but makes your hotel bathroom a place to spend some quality time in it.

9. Check out those cabinets!!

Now, that you've got an amazing bathroom floor, walls, wallpapers, and stunning lights, it's time to work on those cabinets. Paint the cabinets and make sure that they match the drapes and the walls. Blending pastel shades, like cobalt blue, grey, white and grey can never go wrong.

Bonus: Get inspired by kitchen-styled, fragrance-infused wooden cabinets with a see-through a glass, and make sure that all the essentials are included in them. Adding a small book-rack for the nerdy guests can be a win-win for both your hotel and the guests.

Is it a good investment?!

Well, in all honesty, ask any top-flight interior designer and he'd give you similar pointers as we have. Invest a decent amount of money in your hotel bathroom and make it appear posh. If you ask us, is it worth it, we can assure you that it is the need of the hour and it is what sets you apart from all other hotels. Leave those guest mesmerized by the look of your new posh bathroom interiors and make them choose you whenever they want to check-in to a hotel.

Green WallWhether you're a casual tapas bar or a fancy French bistro, there's no denying that outdoor seating takes your ambiance up several notches. To dine in the fresh air beneath the setting sun is a prospect that appeals to people of all ages, and is a timeless setting for a romantic meal. Adding an outdoor seating area to your restaurant, therefore, is guaranteed to attract more diners and encourage them to stay longer.

There are several ways to design your seating area in a manner that reflects the general theme of your restaurant and also enhances the comfort of your diners. Space doesn't have to be a constraint either – by keeping the following best practices in mind, you can make optimal use of even a small outdoor space to create an experience that your customers will love.

Build your seating around a theme

Your outdoor seating needs to convey the essence of what your restaurant offers to its guests. Choose wooden benches and long tables for a rustic feel, brightly colored chairs and tablecloths for a family restaurant and umbrella-topped tables with wicker chairs for a European café vibe.

Going for a classic Italian theme? Feature open gazebos with hanging artificial ferns for that Old World dining feel. Want to create the perfect romantic ambiance? Feature individual cabanas amidst a lush garden of faux outdoor plants.

Your diners should see what your restaurant is all about the moment they enter – and creatively planned seating can do just that.

Choose durable furniture and décor

Outdoor seating is exposed to the elements all day, which means that you need to choose furniture that can withstand the sun and the rain. Ensure that all wooden furniture is water-resistant and that all table linen, umbrellas, and draperies are fade-proof and wrinkle-proof. Any vases, centerpieces or other decorations also need to be sturdy enough for outdoor exposure.

Faux flowers and plants work particularly well in this regard. Top-quality artificial greenery comes with UV protection to guard against the sun, so they stay bright and shiny no matter how merciless the weather is. On top of that, there is no risk of bug infestation or diseases like blight.

Space out your tables

Nothing is quite as off-putting to a potential customer as an overcrowded dining area. Keep your tables far enough apart to ensure that every diner has a reasonable amount of privacy. Boxwood hedges are a great way to divide your seating area into partitions.

At the same time, if you want larger groups to sit and enjoy themselves, you can have long benches that can be drawn up and placed together to accommodate more people. You can also have separate bar tables with stools for guests to mingle.

Add touches of greenery

A patch of green amidst a concrete setting is always soothing on the eye, and greenery is indispensable particularly when you're designing an outdoor seating area. Faux outdoor trees are a great option as they're weather-proof, require little maintenance and are available in every possible variety.

Choose greenery that matches the ambiance of your restaurant. For instance, if you're opting for a garden-like feel, add some artificial topiary here and there for a whimsical touch. If you're going for a rooftop bistro, on the other hand, you can create living walls with artificial boxwood.

Ensure there is a shelter in case of rain

While dining beneath the stars is delightful during clement weather, it's not much fun when it's raining. It is essential, therefore, that you have some provision for when there's a downpour – particularly if you don't have an indoor section.

One of the best ways to protect your dining tables is by having umbrellas on each table that can be put up at a moment's notice. If this isn't feasible for your restaurant, consider keeping makeshift marquees on hand that can provide shelter to several of your tables at one go. Once your restaurant is closed for the night, moreover, keep your furniture covered with tarpaulin sheets to protect them.

Choose appropriate lighting

The right lighting can make or break any public setting, and it's particularly true for outdoor restaurants when you have natural light to contend with. During the day you can make the most of the sunlight, but as evening approaches you will have to make the transition from natural to artificial light in a smooth manner.

For instance, as the sun starts setting, you can place individual lamps or candles in appropriate holders on each table so that your evening patrons have enough visibility. You can also add some boxwood hedges with string lights for a subtle yet attractive touch. As the evening wears on and it gets darker, you can switch on some hanging lights overhead or add some light panels to the walls. Keep the intensity bright but not harsh – the lighting should always complement the relaxed setting of your restaurant!

Make optimal use of signage

Regardless of how pretty your seating area is, people won't enter unless you give them a sufficiently enticing invitation. Your restaurant's signage is a major way for them to identify you and decide whether they want to enter. There are many ways in which you can get creative with signage.

For example, if you have a sidewalk-style café or bistro, you can place a chalkboard at the entrance with an eye-catching slogan about your restaurant or a few of your menu highlights. If you have a family-style Italian or Spanish restaurant, you can have a striped awning with a hanging sign displaying your restaurant's name. And if your establishment is on the sophisticated side, you can design an archway-style entrance with artificial greenery and feature your restaurant's name on a delicately illuminated signboard.

Outdoor seating is, undoubtedly, a substantial investment to opt for. It is essential to choose furniture, materials, and décor of the highest quality and you may not always be willing to set aside resources for that. Once you've created an outdoor space, however, you'll witness a huge increase in footfall as well as much higher customer satisfaction – diners love the feel of open spaces, and greenery is an automatic mood-booster. So take some time out and design an outdoor seating area that does justice to your restaurant – the results, you'll find, will be more than worth it!

If you're thinking about how to choose the decor for your new cafe, you've come to the right place. These ten decor ideas can help you give you cafe the contemporary vibe you've been looking for while keeping things simple and sweet.

Choose a style and theme

The first thing you should consider is to choose a theme or manner in which you want to decorate the cafe. Most cafes nowadays tend to go with a warehouse aesthetic, with lots of exposed lighting and wiring, simple square tables and chairs and brickwork laminates for the walls. Another common theme is retro, with antique chairs and tables and an old French look.

Choose a theme of your liking, and coordinate the furniture, fixtures, and walls with that theme. Say you choose the 60s as your theme, hang up posters of 60s musicians or movie stars, etc. If you select a forest theme, consider getting some fake plants and flowers and maybe some fake ivy or vines for the walls.

Use the space creatively

Don't just have tables and chairs lined up in rows and columns and the counter at one end of the cafe. Mix it up and use your space creatively. Some cafes like to have the counter in the center, and seating arrangements all around. Some cafes are designed like bars with a long counter and stools to sit and enjoy your coffee in the counter itself. Be creative with how you place your tables and chairs, and where you have the counter.

Include activity oriented props or furniture

It's common nowadays to see many cafes include some activities for the customers, such as jukeboxes or bookshelves or board games. Having little shelves by the tables with some books, magazines or games that a group of people can enjoy is a great way to make your cafe popular. Even a simple pack of cards or some crossword puzzles can make a cafe experience much better for a patron.

Another great idea is to include some props for group activities, like a dart board or a pinball machine or a foosball table. Giving your customers something to engage themselves with is a good way of attracting new customers and getting true ones.

Eliminate clutter

Make sure that space is not cluttered. Everyone appreciates a cafe that looks neat and spacious. Over-decorating your walls or tables can be counter-productive. A beautiful empty table with a small napkin holder, salt and pepper dispensers and maybe a small vase with some artificial flowers or a fake bonsai is an excellent way to keep things attractive, yet minimal.

Jazz up the counter

The counter of your cafe should be appealing to the customers. A common mistake cafe owners often make decorating the walls and tables but ignoring the bar and having a plain display. Make your counter stand out and make it eye-catching with some quirky decor matching the theme of the cafe. Suppose you have cafe themed on automobiles, make your counter resemble a vehicle, use stools in the shape of tires, etc.

Lighting is paramount

The lighting of your cafe is essential, and it's easy to spoil the customer's mood with improper lighting. Make sure there is enough light for the customers to move around and see their food and drinks and read the menu, but not too much light. Cafes are mostly designed to be cozy spaces meant for relaxing and chilling with friends or family, or by oneself.

Cozy colored lighting, matching your theme, is the goal. If you're using a retro look, exposed overhead bulbs and minimalistic lamps spaced around the floors are a good idea. If you're going for an elegant modern look, concealed lighting of light tones is a good idea.

Set the mood with sound

The decor isn't only visual, and the ambiance of the cafe also depends on the sound. Some soft ambient music goes a long way in giving your customers a wholesome and satisfying cafe experience. Since cafes are used by most people to chat and catch up with each other, the music shouldn't be too loud or intrusive; rather it should be relaxing and feel like it's a background to the conversations.

Mix and Match

There is an emerging trend in cafes now to use non-coordinated furnishing. All your tables need not look the same, as well as your chairs. You can have differently themed tables and sitting arrangements in the same cafe. The same goes for the decor, like lamps of different kinds, different arrangements of fake flower arrangements or fake potted plants.

For example, you can have long tables with benches, small round tables with poufs or stools and maybe a hanging swinging chair in a corner in the same shop. You can also have long sofas or duvets with a bookshelf beside it for those who like to read while they sip on their coffee.

Use your walls as a canvas

The walls of your cafe have great potential when it comes to customer satisfaction. Unlike in restaurants, the mood in a cafe is lighter, and demographic usually is younger. Many cafes all over the world have picked up on this and turned their walls into a canvas. Rather than just regular painted walls, commission an artist to draw on the walls according to your cafes theme.

Pay attention to the outside

Don't just concentrate on the decor inside the cafe; pay attention to the decoration on the outside of your cafe. Many cafes like to include a few tables and chairs outside their doors for those who prefer to have their refreshments outside. Take care to make the outside walls, windows, and doors attractive and welcoming to passers-by, so that footfall increases for your cafe. A few fake plants, fake wreaths or some faux outdoor plants are also excellent choices for decorating the outside of your cafe.


So go ahead and decorate your cafe just the way you want it because the most important thing is that it be unique and represent your aesthetic. Keep these tips in mind, and get creative with your ideas, and you'll have a fantastic cafe in no time.

Green WallsGreenery is the foremost choice of all the businesses and commercial owners for decorating their indoor as well outdoor in a unique way. In various kinds of faux greenery nowadays, the faux green walls are in high demand due to the unique design and style they deliver to your workplace. Green walls create enhanced invigorating environment leading to better productivity and improved mental health. Artificial green walls offer you a quicker and easier way to add a greener life to your setup leaving hectic landscape installations behind. Below are the top 10 reasons that tell you why one should buy HedgeScapes green walls.

1. Say No to Maintenance

When an idea of adding a landscape or greenery comes in our mind, the first thing that makes us worry is the regular maintenance need of plants. But these HedgeScapes artificial garden walls eliminates the need of all such daily care, you just need to give it an initial installation, and these will last with keep blooming in your commercial area for years. The best part with these walls is that you can have coverage in even those areas where your living plants get limited like your reception area, conference rooms or similar indoor spaces. Faux green walls also come in design where they have been made especially for indoor environments.

2. Choose from Variety of Patterns and Styles

Along with other outdoor artificial plants and trees, the range of HedgeScapes green faux walls come in a large number of patterns and styles that fit your custom specifications. Whether you want to create an oval shape, the square shape or circle shape in your wall design or want to add a custom shape of your favorite bird, animal or more, everything is possible with them. These patterns will look like prints on your green walls. If you have a specific design idea in mind, you can also get that implemented on your artificial landscaping green wall with HedgeScapes. Walls can be designed for both indoor as well outdoor setups of your commercial space or workplace.

3. Do You Need Large Wall Installation? - HedgeScapes is Ready

Whether you need faux green wall installed for a small office set up or for a multi-tier hotel or commercial building, HedgeScapes team is capable enough to take care of all kinds of your wall installation needs. With prior vast experience with large scale hotels and restaurants, you can have the assurance that your investment on artificial landscaping will offer you equal return regarding enhanced look of your commercial area. The designs and styles for large installations are decided on the aesthetical features of the place and on the fact that what will be best suitable for a particular area.

4. Cost Effective Decorative Solution

Artificial green walls are an amazingly pocket-friendly solution with which you need not compromise on looks and appearance. You can achieve realistic landscape like looks with these walls at a price that is a fraction of the sum that you will need to invest if you are using real plants. The purchasing and installation cost of these faux walls is less than those of real plants. Besides installation, as you don't need any irrigation system as you will not demand to water, so it implies that you will don't need to invest in their maintenance as well.

5. Give You the Option to Create A Custom Design Wall Idea

Artificial green walls are creative options for your office or commercial space that even at budget friendly prices can offer you vast decorative paneling options to suit your space in the best way. With these, you cannot only stick to the standard design rather can come up with innovative design ideas to implement on your indoor or outdoor area.

6. Make Your Space Look Lively

HedgeScapes faux green walls are the perfect creation that can add glamor and life to even your drab indoor and outdoor spaces. It's up to your imagination and creativity how you utilize these walls for your space. Their application is possible in every area ranging from water parks, hotels restaurants, office outdoor, indoor reception area, retail stores, parks, hospitals, showrooms and more. These replicate the looks of real plants and therefore can make your space appear soothing, relaxing and energetic.

7. Offering Decorative Privacy Screens Both Indoors and Outdoors

The use of faux green walls is not just limited up to decorating your space rather these can also be installed to privatize particular area of your space. For example, you may have concrete walls or iron grills created as a boundary for your premises; these can be enhanced beautifully by installing garden walls. These faux green walls will be increasing your landscaping area while also giving your building a natural green or colorful appearance. Even in your indoor area if you need to create partitions, faux walls work perfectly for this as well. Along with giving you a private and separated area, these make your indoor look lush green and exciting.

8. Latest Innovative Technology Incorporated

The HedgeScapes green walls incorporate ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® treatments to make the walls last for long and keep your place greener and fresh. IN addition to this, faux green walls also exhibit water and fire resistant properties and therefore can withstand various weather conditions. Whether you utilize them for outdoors or indoors, these are capable of coping with all the environmental conditions without losing their charm and life.

9. Highly Easy Installation - Making Them Preferable

When we talk about real planting process, everything needs to be done with proper care from sowing, watering, pruning and all; a tiny mistake can make the plant get dried. And one can imagine how much care will be required to make green walls from real plants. But with HedgeScapes artificial green walls, it is quite easy to establish greenery to your space as walls will come designed to your place and you just need to assemble them and install without any clutter. This ease of installation has also grabbed the attention of various landscape lovers towards artificial garden walls.

10. Easily Portable and Reinstallable

Faux green walls by HedgeScapes are highly light weighted and therefore don't require much efforts to make any style or design adjustments even if you want to do it yourself. You can transport these walls easily without any specialized workforce.

Decorating Office Landscapes with Silk Plants Made EasyWhile designing a landscape for an office, keen notice is required. Rather than spreading out some greens here and there, a professional space deserves much of planning and execution skills in landscaping. While designing a landscape for offices in the traditional way takes time, silk plants will help. Traditionally, it starts from making the ground to watering the plants. But it is somewhat impossible in this fast paced life. Especially considering the time constraints, no one will have the time or conveniences to go for real plants. Silk plants come with a panacea for this. And they make your job easy in hundreds of ways including.

Introducing the authentic beauty in a flip

Planting, watering and maintaining a plant until it blooms is really effortful. Plants need full care and overall the growth process will take time. For different plants, the blooming time or the sprouting time will be different and you will have to look out for the leaves or just the stem until you could see what you wished for. In such circumstances, the easy to install silk plants will help. They can be placed on your premises and it's done. Let it be the courtyard, or the lawn or the rooms. Keeping the plants is all that you need. Yes and the time? It’s the time to lift the plant and keep on the place! In the time you nod your head, green beauty is around you!

Easy installation makes them more recommendable

A regular planting process starts from sowing. From the first step, it should be maintained with utmost care. Any mishappenings in between will lead to the death of the plant and a dry plant will be a very displeasing sight to your visitors. But silk plants are here to your rescue. They are very easy to install and doesn't require a rearrangement process. They can be simply placed somewhere on your premises and you can relax. Unlike real plants, they need not be watered or trimmed periodically.

Lifelong beauty is not just a beautifying word

Real plants have a lifespan. After that they will slowly dry off, making you spend another couple of hours on the planting process again. This will cost you time, efforts and money. You will have to spend your time on the process at least a couple of days each year. This can be avoided if you could go for silk plants. Once you keep them on your premises, you don’t even need to think about them. Without losing a hint of beauty, they will cherish you forever

Lightweight and portable are mere 2 features, there are more

Silk plants are highly portable. And for the purpose, they are made light weight. When you feel like the regular office ambiance is boring and when you want to have a refreshing change, you can carry and rearrange the silk plants to get the fresh look. Imagine you carrying a heavy lush green plant with dirt on hands. Yes, silk plants are far easy to be managed, no matter what.

Silk plants are easy to maintain

You will have to water a real plant regularly. Once you stop the watering, all you will be left will be plant residues. Don’t you think this as an unpleasant thing? if yes, silk plants are the solution. They are so easy to maintain such that you will just have to dust them occasionally. There is no need of water, manure or scissors. They don’t even need a wash or a wipe.They can be dusted easily and can be managed without worries.

Numerous varieties are here for you

Real plants are highly environment sensitive and most of them grow only in specific climates. You might love another variety of the plant and unfortunately, they may not be growing in your area. Here also, silk plants help you. They can be easily placed anywhere on the spaces. They can be of any plants and can be of any sizes. Despite the climate and the tropical areas, they will cherish you and will make the ambiance pleasant. There are numerous varieties and so are available in all shapes and sizes.

Suitable for all spaces, they will make you fall in love with them

Silk plants, faux boxwood hedges, boxwood topiaries, green walls suit all places. They can be placed on your conference halls, near fountains, your cabins and even on the kitchens. They are highly useful and can be used anywhere without the worries of watering them. They can be placed on the stairs or at the balconies; they can be used in both internal and external plant settings and can be used in corridors. They will fit anywhere without any hindrances.

They are too resistant to natural agents

They are highly resistant to water, light and mild chemicals, this makes them highly reliable and their beauty will never fade. They are capable of making your ambiances beautiful at very intense lights and on cold weather. No matter what the climate or the ambiances changes, silk plants can make the space attractive than ever. They are so useful that no one can ever dislike their presence.

Outdoor and indoors

Silk plants can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They can be beautifully aligned and set in the walking lanes and can be set in the kid's play area. They can be installed in huge outdoor landscapes and can be installed indoors with hedges; they can be kept on corners of the room or can be kept on small tools in the middle of the rooms. No matter what, they will steal the show.

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