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Tried everything but failed to motivate the employees? Well, this could be due to some faulty designs.

While a good office design makes the employees wow, any design mistake is sure to evoke the opposite effect. Thus, the ultimate result is a loss of productivity.

But do not worry. Making changes are always possible. Here are some insights on the nastiest design flaws and how to set them right.

Dull office ambiance: Bring life with artificial greenery arrangements

Making your office attractive is the most important design criterion. As humans have an innate connection with nature, live plants make an office cheerful. But these need serious maintenance. That is why the nearly-natural indoor trees and plants have gained immense popularity.

Made from high-quality raw material, they replicate their live cousins. Using artificial plants and trees do not cause any compromise with aesthetics. As these are not dependent on seasons, you get the same view around the year.
There are many varieties. You can pick from hedge, mat, roll, signage, topiary and many more. Using an artificial boxwood wall backdrop panel in the office takes the décor aplomb to the next level. As these contain doses of UV blocking material and fire retardant chemicals, they do not fade and never spread the fire.

Installation of artificial boxwood hedge in planters is very easy. You can install them anywhere, and they will make the place bright with their majestic presence. They never cause any litter and keep the office clean. As they do not grow mold and attract insects, you get a hygienic office.

Having insufficient space: Make the office flexible

Due to unavailability and increasing rent, a majority of office suffers from the above design problem. If your employees cannot stretch their arms and legs, it is sure to downscale productivity.

Making your office space flexible can solve this problem. Include moveable fences in the office. They will help to turn the floor into a meeting room. Also, try to reduce the wasted space through innovative design. You will get a more productive office.

Messed up with open office plan: Fix with glass partitions

Open office plan was like a panacea in office designing for several decades. Want to make your employees collaborative? Follow an open office plan. Having limited space? Open office plan can solve that. Have to supervise a large workforce? Open office plan is the best for that.

But it has some downsides as well. While it removes isolation and helps team building, it also lacks in privacy. Many office jobs need privacy and concentration. Open office plan can hardly be fit for these.

Fix it by creating booths with glass partitions. This will let you have control over the personal space and improve efficiency.

Employees walking into glass partitions: Tweak them with funny signs

Leaving glass partitions unmarked is a serious design mistake. People may walk into them. You might burst into laughter reading this. But this happens sometimes and causes serious injuries.

So, never leave any glass wall or panel without marking. Better, tweak them with funny signs so that people can be aware of their presence on the office floor.

Suffers from auditory distraction: include noise dampening measures

Auditory distraction is a perennial problem in offices. When many people sit together, it is sure to cause reverberations. High-level noise is irritating and causes serious issues like lack of concentration and productivity.

Tackle such issues by including sound-absorbing materials in the office. You may also add a white noise generator in the office; they also help to mask the noise generated.

Employees getting bored easily: Create a breakout area

There is no denying that it is impossible to concentrate on the job every minute. When employees have to work continuously, they become victims of boredom. This makes them less productive. Creating a breakout area can resolve such issues.

Arrange a separate room or a dedicated space where the employees can take a break. Provide a comfortable sitting and light reading materials. Also, include tea and coffee points in the breakout space. As the employees can take a short rest and engage in social chatting, it makes them more creative and productive.

Lack of work-life balance: Offer childcare services

Insufficient work-life balance makes working parents less productive. As a parent, their duties do not cease when they work. They always think of their children and cannot do the jobs creatively. Providing childcare facility is excellent to take care of such issues.

It is always best to have an onsite crèche with trained personnel. This helps the working parents to spend some time with their children during short breaks. They can also attend to any emergencies if necessary. In case this is not feasible, arranging a local daycare center boosts up the employee morale.

Insufficient illumination: Explore as much natural light as possible

Insufficient illumination is another design mistake that lowers down productivity. Build large glass windows in the office to make the place bright and blooming. And arrange to place the desks near the windows for harnessing maximum natural light.

In case your rented office does not allow constructions, bring in artificial daylights. Simulating the natural daylight, these are the best alternative available. But make sure that it is not too harsh or low as in both cases, working becomes difficult.

Employees suffering from postural issues: Follow ergonomics

As the employees work sitting for a long time, bad postures create many health hazards. Pain in the back, spine, neck, and arms are some of them. Use ergonomic furniture to fix these issues. These have adjustable height and armrest and let the employees have the right posture. These reduce the chances of such health hazards and minimize absenteeism.


Productivity is the first and last thing to any business. And, having an optimal office is sure to motivate the employees and enhance productivity. Now that you have an idea about the design flaws and their solutions take advantage of these to make your business a roaring success.

In spite of the growing popularity of digital media, the library has not lost importance. There is nothing like curling up with a book after a hectic schedule. With the right decoration, your library can turn into an ultimate relaxing haven.
In case you have a library and are eager to decorate it. You have come to the right page. Read on to know the 10 tips for library decoration.

1. Infuse nature with artificial greenery arrangements

Proximity to the greenery helps to create a calm and quiet ambiance. This is why greeneries are the most essential for library decoration. But live plants need regular care and maintenance. This is why the nearly-natural trees and plants have become a godsend alternative.

They are available in many sizes, shapes, and varieties. You may choose anything from hedge, mat, roll, topiaries, and other things. In case your library is in the living area, zoning it out with artificial greenery privacy screens lifts the décor to the next level.

Made from premium quality raw foliage and color pigment, the artificial plants and trees look like their live versions. So, there is no compromise on the aesthetic front. Loaded with UV blocking material, these never get discolored.

Installing small artificial topiary trees elevates the dead corner space. Since these contain doses of special fire retardant chemicals, they have self-extinguishing properties. This makes your library safe from fire hazards.

Faux greens offer an easy installation. Being independent of seasonal variations, they offer the same shine around the year. As these do attract insects, they keep your library free from mosquitoes.

2. Create a unique display by organizing the books

Organizing the collection of books is a great way to decorate the library. There are many ways to do that. You may arrange the books based on their colors. Sorting them further based on height delivers a great show.

Shelving the hard-covers and paperbacks is also a great décor idea. This will create an excellent streamlined display.

Do not fill the shelves with books. Keep some space in empty. It is not mandatory to make the books standing. Store a few books in lying position. This will deliver a great look.

3. Include comfortable seating for cozy reading

Seating is very vital in the library. It lets you glide through the words in comfort. Study desks and chairs are perfect for serious reading. Also, add a lounge chair, bin bag, armchair, or a recliner sofa depending on the space availability.

If possible, decorate the library by creating a reading nook within the shelves. Provide a rug and throw pillows. These will add to the décor and allow a relaxed and comfortable reading.

4. Blend books with collectibles for a beautiful display

A library reminds us of bookcases packed with books and extending from the floor to the ceiling. This is quite serious and dull. But a home library does not need to be like this.

Include different items in the bookcase. This will help to create blank spaces where your eyes can land. Displaying some collectibles in the bookcase is ideal for this. You may include practically anything from seashells, stones to small artifacts. These will enhance the décor and deliver a pleasant look.

5. Glam the library with layered lighting arrangement

No one likes to struggle the eyeballs while reading in a library. This makes light the most crucial library décor element. Ensure ample and right type of lighting in the library to make it awesome.

Consider creating a beautiful ambiance with soft, diffused lighting. Combine this with task lighting for reading. This will let you have separate reading zones in the library and glam up the décor.

6. Update the library with by including e a media center

Times are rapidly changing. If you cannot cope with the changes, you will be a backbencher. So, arrange a media center in the library. You may have it built in one of the bookcases. This will save space and give a beautiful view. Such an arrangement will let you read books on the Kindle and other media as well.

7. Style up the library with unique shelving

There is no need to stick to traditional bookcases. As these are outdated, you should break out from these to make your library attractive.

Creating floating shelves is a great idea. Getting them as intersecting squares, honeycomb, and corner shelves will give a different look. Color them bright, and they will jazz up the decoration aplomb to the next level.

8. Make it look like a cultural hub with artworks

Naturally, there will be books on various topics in the library. Some of them are likely to be very serious reading. Highlighting the cultural side will ease out the tension of going through tough books.

Hang artwork in the library. This could be a local painting or a replica of some great work. Whatever you choose, that should align with the décor of the room. This will definitely lift up the ambiance.

9. Personalize the space with your favorite photos

Personalizing the library room is a great way to enhance the decoration. You can include family photos or natural scenery for this. Fix them in colorful frames and hang on a vacant wall. You also use wall decals alternatively. They will create a beautiful gallery wall and escalate the overall look of the place.

10. Have cozy wall finishes for a great look

Wall finishes play a vital role in library decoration. Always avoid bright warm colors that help to invigorate. Using light blue in the library is a great idea. It helps to calm the mind, and you will be able to enjoy reading in the library.


Only storing books do not build a library. You have to make the place attractive and relaxing. You may apply the above to enhance the décor. But, these are not ultimate. Since the library is a personal space, you can make necessary changes to suit your needs.

HedgesBefore we begin, let's look at the most influencing offices in the world, which include the big names: Google, Apple, Universal Studios, Disney, Samsung, and WeWork, among others. What sets these commercial spaces apart from the other 'stacked-matchbox' style offices, are the aesthetic aspects. Green is the new black when it comes to architecture.

After carefully going through the latest trends in green architecture, we present you one of the front runners: Faux Boxwood Hedges. This piece of artificial plant is making subtle, but big differences in both indoor and outdoor commercial landscaping. We know, you're curious to find what the hype is all about, so without further ado, let's find out why.

Aesthetic Appeal

Modern faux boxwood hedges are precision cut to finesse. It doesn't matter how strong your OCD may be, you'd find it hard to criticize the design. They have almost similar texture throughout, which obviously depends on how you want it to appear. In fact, many botanists now collaborate with the designers to get a realistic and perfect leaf structure.

The cover of lush green and deep green is mesmerizingly pleasing to the eyes. Pick a standard or customized boxwood hedge smartly, and you can master the art of aesthetics. Well planned and optimally placed faux hedges can be an absolute eye-candy. We bet, it would drive the third deadly sin out of your compatriots; jealousy.


Are you worried about what size or color to pick?! Well, don't worry, the designers can customize the hedge according to your demands. Yes, we know you're fussy and don't like it when something doesn't happen the way you want it to be.

You can choose the shape of the hedge, whether you're a big fan of the spheres, cuboids or cubes, you're all covered. Apart from the shape, you can choose the size of the hedge. Pick a long faux boxwood hedge for fencing, or a tall faux boxwood hedge for some privacy. Well, how about a flat faux boxwood hedge for a backdrop?!

Versatility- Indoor and Outdoor applications

Gone are those days when bricks and wood were the only things you could use as a fence. Faux Boxwood Hedges can be used to fence in your homes or even out of doors for some privacy. Please don't forget what an amazing backdrop a hedge can be if you're having a private party or a 'shin-dig'.

Pro-Tip: Recently, boxwood hedges have been used for creating amazing Japanese style Zen gardens and cafeterias. Assimilate a few pebbled, rock-cut pathways, a few artificial plants and a couple of statues coupled with park benches. You could form an eclectic mix and include a Zen-Park in your office space, which would be the best place to vent some steam. We are sure that you would love the new facelift for the working environment.

Fire and UV retardant - for safe indoor use

Earlier, one major issue about using hedges indoor was the UV, CFC and lead emissions, which is due to the paints used. But, now, natural dyes which are free from these hazardous emissions are available in the market. Despite all these additions, these faux hedges are botanically correct, which gives them a lofty perch in the department of commercial landscaping.

Well, yes, these are basically plastic, as a layman would call it. But, faux hedges now are processed and engineered (yes, engineered) in such a way that they can resist fire and temperatures up to a certain level. They now pass through dozens of fire test and finally approved by several international quality standards.

High quality and durable - for rigorous outdoor use

Planning on throwing a nice birthday bash?! Looking for an off-the-wall way to pep things up?! Use these faux hedges in your lawn without worrying about the wear and tear. Faux boxwood hedges are specially designed with a treated wooden box, which can stand the ruthlessness of the natural deteriorating agents.

The wood is not the only durable part of the hedge. The leaves are engineered (Yes, engineered. They are!) to withstand the searing sun, so much so that you'd collapse from a sun-stroke, but these tiny stalwarts will stand firm. In addition to this, they are painted with a high-grade pigment which does not fade from regular natural exterior exposure.

Easy Maintenance

The durability, quality, and UV & fire retardation means that faux boxwood hedges are low maintenance. Well, unlike your wives or girlfriends, they're bound to be with you for a long time even if left unattended for a long, long time. They'd require a yearly pampering in the form of mild dusting, which takes not more than 10 minutes. (The second best way to spend those 10 minutes)

The design of boxwood hedges provides you the option of moving them around without creating a mess. Are you bored with the sight of the hedges every time you pass through the garden? No worries, move them indoors and give them some shelter. Bored of them stalking you indoors, place them outside and watch them take every bit of your tantrum without a sound.

Hassle-free Installations

Basically, it's a wooden box which doesn't weigh like a mammoth. So, if you're complaining about thin biceps and flat chest and lack of muscles, let us tell you how easy it is. Installation is the last thing you'll be worried about. The faux hedges use high-quality resins, and it is durable and easy to install. You can do it yourself or with the help of a couple of friends.

On top of that, you can easily mount it on your rooftops, place it in your garden or indoors. In most cases, the hedges are pre-fixed to the boxwood. There, is it hassle-free enough now, lazy ones? Just place it. That is all that you have to do.

Is it worth it?

We know that this question is occupying your mind. Well, all in all, the choice of color, shape, and design is up to you. We have given you some of the major perks of having one at home. We would suggest you look at your budget and use, and then decide on which variety to buy. Faux boxwood hedges can be easily purchased online or custom placed at the retailer. Depending on your budget, you can get a faux boxwood hedge that can be used permanently or for a few occasions.

Increasing the footfall to your store can be a difficult and Herculean task.

In today’s competitive times, people do a lot of online shopping, which works as a deterrent from abstaining people to visit stores.

However, research shows that retail stores are still, the famous shopping zone and places where people prefer to shop.

So, how can you make your retail store, “the hot-spot of the market” and draw swarming crowds to your retail outlet?

Let's see how a few décor hacks can make a big difference.

# A super-attractive outer area

It’s imperative to make the outside of your retail store look attractive and engaging.

People will only step inside your store if they find it nice and interesting. If the décor looks good from the outside, it will capture customer's attention which will make them step in.

You can put a few hoardings like “what’s new this season,” or, “what are the latest trends,” which will make the outside engaging and inviting.

Another good idea can be a separate display area for the hottest selling products, the ones which are being sold like hot-cakes!

You can also offer special discounts which can help in attracting customers.

Also, try changing the hoardings and advertisements on a daily or weekly basis. This will compel the visitors to enter and eventually help to boost sales.

# Make the décor look different from the others

Experiment with the décor of your retail store. Make it different from others and the usual ones by giving it a rich and quirky look. Hackneyed and monotonous retail outlets are very boring and a total put-off.

People get excited to see new and happening stuff, like a new décor or a newly done-up space.

Decorate your retail outlet keeping in mind the nature of your products and what your store is about.

# Try the Display Mantra

Display all the good things possible. And as much as you can. Make your store eye-catchy- for example- If you are selling home décor products, it’s always a good idea to showcase and display the products in a display area, separately.

This captures the attention of your prospective shoppers, and they’ll feel like walking in and buying the stuff.

So, use the display mantra for your advantage. It works most of the time.

# Make the Space breathable and spacious

Nobody would like to visit a place that’s tacky and clamped-up. Instead, make your retail space look super-classy by making it look spacious and airy.

Shoppers feel tempted, to step in a place which breathes life. The aura and the ambiance of your retail should exude a sense of classiness.

It will make customers feel happy. The customers will feel like stepping-in and checking out the products you have in the offering. Looks do matter. So, make your store look good.

As the saying goes, a thing of beauty is a joy forever!

# Use Ornamental Decorative Ideas

A store can look super-stylish with beautiful decoration.

Decorate your retail space specifically to coordinate the product that you’re selling.

For example, if you are selling merchandise and clothing for girls and women, decorate the place using pink, like pink balloons, ribbons, dolls, purses, cosmetics, and mostly girly products and the items which girls use.

Same applies to boys and men’s retail outlets. Decorate an all-boys and men store with dumbbells, weight-lifting and body-building equipment, for show and attraction. This works because it flaunts about your target customers and what you have in store for them.

# Use a lot of greenery and plants

People appreciate and love greenery. Not only it’s ‘Pro-Earth’ and also goes with the social responsibility of “Going Green,” but it also appeals to the human eye.

It’s also a practical solution. People like the feel of greenery and plants around.

This will make the retail outlet get a natural look. Try using boxwood landscaping in the outdoor areas of your retail space. It really looks gorgeous.

Also, a beautiful landscape will drive customers to see the beauty of your retail store. Use, boxwood hedges outside your store to make it look lively and exuberant.

It will also add a pleasant feel, and people will love to throng your retail store.

# Use Artificial Decoration

These days, artificial greenery is also in vogue. Not only does it look classy, but it’s also quite a rage. It can change how your office looks because of its modern appeal.

Artificial plants are also very economical and cost-effective. Easy-maintenance is another significant advantage. It can revamp the entire look of your commercial space and give it a rich and fabulous look.

These days the market is full of artificial plants for the commercial spaces which are specially designed for outdoor areas to make it look green and attractive.

Fake hedges on the outsides of a store are also a good idea. Panel scapes can be used in the insides. These look stylish and are available in different shapes and designs.

# Flash discount schemes on the entrance

Customers get really attracted to innovative schemes and discounts. Try it to attract and lure customers and to draw them in.

Giving discounts and rebates work to draw customers. Luring advertisements on the entrance will make the customers pour in. This gradually results in good marketing and increasing footfall.

# Create a Creative corner for the customers

Customers love unique and creative ideas. Believe it or not, customers get attracted to novel experiences. It will make the customers eager to know what’s in store for them?

This strategy can be used for increasing customer visits.

Immersive and recreational experiences are also a great way to capture customer’s interest if will also accelerate sales.

Also, play some good music which goes with the mood and theme of your store.

Last but not least, always give qualitative service. Excellent amenities are a super-attraction. It’s a sure shot way to ‘delight and WoW’ your customers and makes them visit your store more often.

Also, make arrangements for practical needs -for example- a hydrating station, a mobile charger booth, kid’s playing area, kids care stations, etc.

Offer snacks and refreshments as a goodwill gesture. These provisions will make customers feel happy and draw them in, more frequently to your bricks and mortar store.

So you see, increasing the footfall to your retail store can also be a fun and enjoyable task, provided you take the right steps.

It is not only technology that is undergoing rapid changes, but also the way of our life, with the significant aspect of this cultural change being clothing. From hunting animals for their skins to producing artificial clothing in industries, we have come a long way towards fulfilling our clothing needs.

So have the shops that sell clothes. Large clothing stores have gradually replaced household seamstresses paving the way for boutiques.

What is a boutique?

A boutique is a shop that sells clothes but is smaller than your normal retail-clothing store. The main differences between the former and the latter are the types of dresses sold and the importance attached to the customers.

Most of the boutiques cater to sell fashionable clothes. In other words, one can buy the latest models from these shops. Further, these boutiques have an in-house designer to suit the needs of the customers. From tiny alterations to tailor making new clothing, you can fulfill all your clothing functionalities in a single shop, unlike retail shops.

Need for a charming Parisian look

Simply said, a boutique is a ‘Just-for-you’ clothing store. Thus, those people, who prefer custom-made clothes rather than the readymade ones, are the main customers. Hence, the number of customers is fewer than the clothing shops. Only by surpassing the customers’ expectation will your boutique continue to be successful. To attain this objective, you need to attract customers. Retaining the customers is equally important, and so you need to focus on establishing a good relationship.

This is feasible only when the atmosphere of the shop is pleasant enough. To lure the customers, it is imperative to style your boutique.

What better way to decorate your shop than with a Parisian look? These styles have their root in the homeland of fashion, Paris, and itself are eye-catching. Let us see some of the Parisian aspects that you can incorporate in your boutique.

1) A graceful entryway

Although there may be a vast variety of collections, your first step is to bring the customers to your doorstep. This is because, for onlookers, only the front door of the shop is visible. Hence, you need to have an impressive entrance to your boutique.

Wooden doors are an ideal choice for the door. Carving Parisian designs on these doors impart an elegant look. Further, the windows should be made of glass or mirrors to reflect the interior of the shop.

2) A cozy interior

Just having a royal Parisian front door is not enough. The inside of the shop must be set up in such a way that it functions as a comfort zone for the customers.

Having a Parisian themed room achieves this. These rooms include elongated comfort sofas as seating arrangements. Having modern art or paintings conveys the Parisian classiness. Further, a fireplace can keep the customers warm in the winter season.

All these arrangements not only allow ample room for seating but also bestow a home-like feeling. This lightens the customers’ mood and in turn, focuses their attention towards selecting a dress according to their need.

3) A must-have vintage mirror

As established earlier, the main aim of a boutique lies in its personalized clothing. This means that the customer has to try and wear the dress. It is a given that every boutique has its own trial room with a mirror. This is where the Parisian style chimes in.

Having a long vintage mirror in the trial room not only gives a Parisian vibe but also provides a full-length view of the dress. Thus, the person can see the look the dress imparts and can suggest alterations if needed. Such a mirror definitely adds points to your store.

4) Lush greenery

Plants are a significant component in any design, be it Parisian or modern. The sceneries these small topiary forms offer make them preferable to place inside the store.

However, using live trees tend to be cumbersome due to the maintenance it requires. Parisian models employ artificial plants and trees for indoors. For instance, you can use wire topiary forms for pots, as they are more attractive and occupy minimum space. You can also use fake greenery veils as backdrop and centerpieces in your boutique.

The main reason for using these faux greenery arrangements is the lack of soil. This saves the problem of the dresses spoilt by mud.

Also, you can use nearly natural outdoor trees at the entrance to enhance the store’s appeal.

5) Radiating lights and bulbs

Lighting is an inherent aspect of Parisian designs. A proper lighting system tempts the customers to look inside.

Chandeliers and corner lights, elements of Parisian novelty, illuminates every corner of the store. This is essential for the customers to view themselves when they try on the clothes. In addition, this enables the person wearing the clothes to understand the nature of the dress and determine its suitability for any particular occasion.

For example, a customer places an order to create a dress with multiple shades such that a particular palette is illuminated when white light falls on it. Only when you have the required white light, the desired effect of the dress is displayed. So, it is imperative to use elaborate lights to maximize the luminescence.

6) Velvet curtains

Employing velvet materials for cushions, sofas, and curtains is synonymous with Parisian elegance. Utilizing such velvet for curtains and panel scapes countertops not only casts a royal appeal but also indicate the stature of the boutique.

7) Accessible wardrobes

A snug and warm boutique is undoubtedly an ideal choice. But, the looks are not the only important aspect. Making a saleable dress is its objective.

A proper arrangement of clothes is therefore essential to aid in selecting a dress. Parisian type cloth hangers and sliding wardrobes hold a large number of collections, as well as ease the movement of these hangers for customers’ viewing despite its size. This, in turn, aids the customers to choose with ease.

In addition, using faux ivy privacy screens help to divide the area by providing a secluded space for trying the clothing.

8) Unparalleled Customer Service

Retaining customers is an art, particularly for the fashion industry, inherent to the Parisian culture. This is possible only by establishing an amicable relationship that in turn depends on the store personnel as well as the dress collections.

To aid in this aspect, you can have Parisian modeled chairs and round tables in your store corners. These provide a relaxing environment for the people accompanying the buyer.

You can also set up a separate lounge for this. You can use faux boxwood topiary animals to make it look no different from home.

Further, use Parisian embossed cutlery to serve the beverages during the period of dress selection.

These decorative items deliver an aesthetic appeal to your store. Using such Parisian decor indicates the importance you place on customer relations.

Parting Thoughts

The twenty-first century is the age of boutiques. In such an era, the success of the boutique lies in its capability to entice its customers to visit it repeatedly. This is accomplishable only when the store leaves an everlasting impression on the customer’s first visit. The above Parisian design aspects are some ideas to attract and retain your customers. Just as Paris is the abode of luxury, so are its designs. Integrating these in your boutique will undeniably flame your boutique’s fame.

Schools and colleges are the institutions that make us who we are. The décor in your environment has the ability to impact your mental and physical health. However, an often-overlooked aspect of an educational institution is the décor.
Students’ minds are just developing, and the décor that they experience every day is sure to affect their wellbeing and thought process. If you want to know how to increase the productivity of your students and make them learn more efficiently, here are the top tips for you.

These tips will help you improve the look and appeal of your school in general and your classrooms in particular. Try these out, see what works for you, throw in your own ideas, and make it rock.

Don’t be afraid to use color

It is a popular consensus that serious, professional places like educational institutions must only use dark palettes. This could not be farther from the truth. When used correctly, color has the ability to transform the room and offer a new perspective completely.

If you are looking for an appropriate color, then consider your search over, for Pantone’s color of the year is the choice for you. The color, called “living coral,” is inviting, soothing and is sure to encourage lively conversations and content-rich discussions. It is sure to rock your students’ worlds.

Pro tip- a great way to use color in the classroom is to color code everything, from projects to student details such as logins. It makes the staff’s job much easier and is practical.

Greenery makes the classroom enjoyable

Everyone loves greenery, and students are no different. Hence, making your school clean and green is very crucial. Lush greenery is not just for the outdoors, and it can also be incorporated in the classroom. But in an institution that is perpetually short of time and houses hundreds of students with fast-paced lives, maintaining real pants is certainly impossible. So go artificial. Artificial greenery is very realistic and long-lasting.

Pro tip- Kids can be involved in a DIY project to make a giant fake tree out of paper and other materials, set up in a suitable place in the classroom. It would serve as a great attraction, and could even function as a reading nook for the kids with some benches or chairs.

Make good use of your outdoor space

Students spend a lot of time outside their classes, and so the outdoor area must be landscaped and designed to perfection. Aside from a well functioning, safe playground, a school needs to have a patch of greenery, filled with flowers and plants. In a school filled with kids, real plants can prove to be an impractical choice, what with its germs and cumbersome caretaking. The better option for you is artificial greenery. Install some artificial plants outside. Well made fake plants do not usually fade, so there is virtually no maintenance. On a similar note, artificial hedges made out of boxwood are usually much better than real traditional ones.

If you are looking for something a little unconventional, go no further than a gazebo. You might think- isn’t gazebo a little daring for an educational institution? Well, gazebos take the learning outside, set your students down amidst lush greenery, enticing them to learn. Patio Gazebos are water resistant and can seat a big group of up to 70 students. Gazebos in schools are used to encourage core learning, and a love for the greenery and outdoors.

Use the available area efficiently

Coming to the classroom, the biggest hurdle is storing and organizing the vast amounts of stationery, paperwork, documents, books, and other resources. These keep growing every year while the space available remains constant and inadequate. You must learn to use the available space effectively. Use the back of doors to hang slots which you can use to store paper. Instead of installing faux plants in vases, you can choose to hang those artificial flowers from a basket, tied on the ceiling.

Encourage creativity by being creative

You might teach your students to be creative, but if they don’t see any creativity in the campus, how would their learning be effective? Walk the talk by thinking outside the box. If you want to display your creativity in your premises, a subtle and suitable choice would be outdoor topiary trees. They can be shaped according to your specifications, like your college/school logo, or if you want to go wacky, there are even faux topiary animals. They come fitted with lights, upping their aesthetic appeal.

Pro tip- You could encourage outdoor activity and artistry by holding a horticulture week every year. This promotes oneness with nature and attention to detail.

Motivate the students with poor displays

Often times, we need the motivation to realize our true potential. The students need to reminded of their visions and dreams from time to time. A door display is a creative idea that can help in this respect. It is a DIY activity that fosters unity and teamwork. It can teach them that despite differences they are the same and that they need to respect and care for each other.

Don’t plan everything at the beginning

Your first instinct may be to plan everything down to a T, but not only is that impossible, but it is also unnecessary. A new academic year would bring in new students, and new ideas and thoughts. If you have a wall blank at the beginning of the year, let it be. Chances are, it would get filled with the fantastic work of your students, sooner than you think.


An educational institution doesn’t have to be restricted to one idea just because that is the norm. Schools and colleges have the immense responsibility and blessing of shaping the minds of tomorrow. They should explore and expand to new horizons. They must lead by example, and show the students that creativity and innovation are values to be cherished.

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