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SignageThe first thing that strikes anyone entering Oklahoma State University is the beautifully sculptured words "OSU" in the finest expression of real Topiary Art. This experience etches a permanent impression in the visitor's mind. Whenever the person sees another topiary art or thinks about a University, this wonderful artistic creation springs to mind. What other great branding tools can a business have in our times?

A glimpse of pure nature, even if artificial, has a spiritual way of soothing the mind and soul in an era of global warming coupled with concrete jungles. What exactly is the reason why corporates like Panasonic, Telerik, ISV, Google, Liverpool FC, Deutsche Bank, etc. among others has created custom topiary artwork for their workplaces.

Calmness of employees

As soon as employees enter the office, they are greeted by the company logo in the form of topiary signage. Some offices have them placed strategically in exteriors too. All scientific studies have categorically proved that signs reminding of nature are very soothing and enable the productivity of everyone. Imagine natural looking tall plants for artificial box hedge screening in a restaurant!

Increases trust with customers

The positive vibration created in an office by strategically placing topiary signs increases the trustworthiness of the place subconsciously for a visitor. For example, when a customer enters a casino that has cleverly placed small topiary frames which the visitor's eyes can't miss instantly creates an atmosphere of trust and faith.

A very chick branding tool

Topiary frame designs are custom made, and hence all sizes and images can be accommodated by a professional logo maker. These clean corporate images stick to the clients' minds and often this particular business come to their minds while in the outdoor watching real nature.

Shapes as defined by the client

A good company that creates outdoor artificial hedges considers all aspects of the customer to provide state of the art products. They may use standard shapes like balls, spirals, cones, etc. along with an artistic illustration. Carefully placed boxwood hedges containing company logos provide a heavenly feel to the office ambiance.

Freedom to choose foliage variety

When you approach a good signage creator, the customer gets to choose from a lot of variants including Azalea, Juniper, Boxwood, Ivy and Pearl Grass. These elegant masterpieces will suit any exterior including a natural lawn and also interiors.

Innovative technology

There are many technologies used to create topiary signs. However, the time-proven quality processes that add value to the users' money are ThermaLeaf and PermaLeaf treatments.

In ThermaLeaf procedure, the materials are injected with fire retardant formulas. Since the impregnating materials are blended with the fabric, the outcome is the safest fire retardant foliage available. A living wall within an office should be totally fire-resistant even under most adverse conditions.

In PermaLeaf procedure, the materials are injected with UV protective materials which ensure that they don't wither or fade from exposure to the sun.

Application based on client specifications

The signage creator first understands the requirements of the client. Depending on the nature of the business, a client may need separate designs for outdoor and indoor. They may also want to keep an existing design so that the new topiary should merge and sync naturally. The sign makers also provide options for the long term as well as a temporary use. In some cases, the customer may need it simply for one time use whereas most prefer multiple usages.

Looks and feel

All natural colors can be made to come to life by a professional signage maker. In PermaLeaf treatment, the color grade pigments used are of the highest grade thus ensuring natural blending along with resistance to fading. Intelligent use of UV stabilizers by professionals elongates the life span of the products by way of increasing sustainability.

Materials and commitment to nature

All experienced manufacturers use commercial grade resin which ensures that the topiaries endure all outdoor weather conditions to look fresh and natural under all circumstances.

A good company committed to nature and customer satisfaction employs professionals with qualifications in the fields of Botany, Horticulture and landscape architecture to ensure utmost perfection.

Fire and Toxicity Tests

Expert manufacturers ensure that all safety examinations are conducted as laid down in government statutes to ensure the safety of the user environment. That is one of the reasons why treatments which wash off or wear off like topical ones are never used by good Topiary producing companies.

National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has a Class A rating which gives the safest classification to these products. Such a rating ensures that the signage is absolutely safe.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has standard test methods to ensure safe IDLH values (The Immediately dangerous to life or health values) for certification. A good foliage maker gets all of their products tested to ensure that the values are below the accepted norms.

Commercial Grade Materials

There are all types of raw materials available for creating topiary art. But using only commerce grade materials can ensure the quality and durability of the end product. All materials including fabrics, inks, and pigments should be of commercial high grade.

DIY Installations

There is a need for Do It Yourself installations when opting for topiary numbers. Even if the client decides to shift the placement of the logo to another location, it should not require a professional. The installation procedure should be simple and user-friendly. When a manufacturer takes into every application as specified by the customer the end product becomes very easy to be handled by an adult.

Ease of use

Any good business ensures that their products are accompanied by an easily comprehensible user manual along with the necessary tools and hardware for effortless handling, assembling and installation. A seasoned topiary foliage producer does not need to provide any hardware other than a few washers, nuts and bolts. However, all the hardware should also adhere to optimum quality.

Intelligent usage of Custom Topiary Letters or signage by any business ensures expansion and more clients. The results depend on finding a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer with experience and ample infrastructure. If a Topiary creator adheres to all of the above criteria, then it is advisable and safe to make use them to advance your activities positively and bring in more wealth.

HedgeA commercial building can be a long time source of income for the owner. That is why people are investing in real estate these days. It is a hard fact that the value of a commercial building is not what the assessment says. This is just an indication. Whether you are trying to sell your commercial property, or want to give it on a lease, the value of the property depends on what the prospecting buyer or the tenant is ready to pay for it.

Getting a poor response could be due to a large number of factors including design, look, rent, amenities, etc. and when this happens, you must take definite actions for increasing the value of the building. This can be done by making amazing changes here and there. Read the tips below for adding value to your commercial property and get most out of your investment.

Change the conventional look

The present trend is to have opened up style. In case the commercial building is of architectural style, this can be done by installing more windows to create an inviting look. Change the wooden and metal windows to large glass windows for letting more light in. Also, change the old doors to glass doors for building an open office look.

Update the signage

Signs play an important part in showcasing your commercial property. It is the first thing that is noticed by the onlookers. If you have broken or dirty signs that will deliver a repulsive action in the minds of the potential clients and they may decide not to try your services. Your sign should also convey the brand in a short and crisp message. If the signs are difficult to read that also fails to create a good impression. The signs should be bright and large and not blocked by trees or any other obstacles. Consider consulting a professional sign maker for improving the visibility of the building.

Upgrade the structure

Signs of degradation are common to old commercial buildings, as these are caused by usual wear and tear. Take professional help to make sure that the structure is sound and there is no crack in the foundation. Also get the building repaired and modify, wherever required, for adding value to the commercial building.

Increase the rentable area

Rentable areas should not be confused with total area. Maybe your commercial building has many lobbies, hallways and partly finished areas that could not be given on rent. Consider organizing such places so that those could be converted into rentable space for adding value to the building.

Make it pedestrian friendly

Walk-ability results surprising health and environmental benefits. If you want more people to visit the commercial building, you must build walkways so that people can comfortably go from one place to another. Make sure that the walkways are free from any obstacles to avoid tripping over. Also, build shade on the walkways to keep the visitors cool while walking. Such things are highly appreciated by everyone.

Make it energy efficient and eco-friendly

Electric lights are the major contributor to high energy consumption in the commercial buildings. Consider changing the traditional electric lights into energy efficient lighting to save on power and also to reduce maintenance cost. Using LED bulbs is the easiest way to increase energy efficiency. These can illuminate a place much more than the electric lights and do not emit any UV rays making it safe for the people. People are now very much conscious about the environmental footprint, and they prefer eco-friendly buildings. Although using solar panels involves much upfront cost, it saves money in the long run. Installing tinted windows and water-saving plumbing system will also make the building eco-friendly influencing potential buyers and tenants to pay more.

Improve the exterior

Curb appeal greatly influences the decision of the customers and tenants. You need not always make huge investments in enhancing the appearance. Other than having a coat of paint on the exterior, simple moves such as having the exterior clean and free from clutter are sure to influence those who come to the property. Sufficient bins should also be placed so that people can throw the litters there.

Make parking convenient

Parking facilities are most important for the commercial buildings. Arrange well-organized parking facility with clear markings, security alarms, gates, security guards, etc. to add great value to a commercial building. If there is no parking lot, consider arranging one nearby to make the tenants happy.

Add amenities

Adding amenities also help to increase the value of a commercial building. Consider including ATM, free Wi-Fi zone for improving values. If possible, having a daycare center in the commercial building increases its demands like anything.

Include faux greens

Faux landscaping elements can infuse color and class to the commercial buildings. Regardless of the style and type of the commercial building, faux greens can charm everyone with their enchanting beauty. These are now professionally made to replicate the live plants in all respect, and, therefore, impart a natural beauty to the commercial property that cannot be distinguished visually. Available in many varieties like a hedge, screen, topiaries, letters, logos, etc. these are great to great to revamp any commercial building to the next level and also increase its value. Using green walls and screens, you can create a nice periphery that greatly adds to the aesthetic of the building. When the green letters and logos are used for making signs, they make a nice display of the building. The great thing about these faux elements is that they never fade and can withstand any weather condition. Moreover, these are made self-extinguishing by infusing special fire retardant chemicals and thus provide safe landscape. Installation of the artificial trees and plants are also very easy. Another great advantage of these zero maintenance products is that these do not attract any insect.

FoliageNo matter what type of business you are in, a business logo is essential for building trust. Logos can combine a string of letters and visuals, and serve dual purposes. These convey the title of the business, and also help create a brand image for the business. A well-designed business logo builds up the strong connection with the people's memory and assists in the growth of the industry. Whether you are the owner of a huge corporate house, luxury hotel, posh restaurant, shopping mall, top class resorts & spas, amusement parks, exotic bars & casinos, hospitals & healthcare facilities or any other commercial setting; you need to have a business logo for symbolizing your business. Research indicates that green makes us feel happy and relaxed, and that is why it is a perfect idea to build your business logo with artificial foliage.

Of late, there is a surge in the number of commercial spaces everywhere with competition getting tougher every day. If you cannot present your business well, you can never survive and not to speak of growing. Irrespective of the nature of the business, every company has its own story to tell in its way, and the business logos help you convey the quality and class of the business; and the replicated greens happen to be the best for creating the most appealing business logo.

Greens have the power to elevate a commercial space.

Using topiaries for creating the business logos and signs is an excellent way to taking any professional space aplomb to the next level. When greens are included in any corporate space, they create a positive vibe and make people cheerful. But, the natural topiaries have many hassles. Being life, they are hard to maintain and need dedicated care. Moreover, they have a lifespan, and their decay and death are inevitable. But, the artificial foliage has no such caring problem, and, additionally, they look like their live cousins delivering a natural ambiance and uplifting the look and feel of the business instantaneously.

Prime manufacturer of artificial hedges

HedgeScapes is manufacturing different types of the most realistic artificial boxwood hedges for more than four decades. Their team behind manufacturing includes botanists, engineers, architects, landscapers, and designers who always thrive to deliver the best product in the market. HedgeScapes regularly provide the most practical solution to the customer's problems. Foliage made by them is also of high quality and can withstand extreme weathers.

You have many options to choose from

Building business logos with topiaries needs many things to consider. Different businesses have different requirements, and there is not the single size that fits all. To meet every need of the corporate sector, HedgeScapes has topiaries made from different foliage like:

  • Beauty Azalea
  • Pink Azalea
  • Boxwood
  • Juniper
  • Ivy
  • Dark Pearl Grass
  • Light Pearl Grass

These can be transformed into any shape and form for creating business logos, letters and signs for presenting the business.

HedgeScapes foliage lets you play with your imagination.

No matter if it is a hospital, or hotel, or theme park, or shopping complex, every business needs to uplift the ambiance. With many varieties available, business logos made using HedgeScapes artificial foliage can add style and character to your business. These are made botanically correct and can evade even the most experienced eyes. Regardless of where you use these near natural foliage, those will always adorn your commercial setting with a fresh look for catching the attention of the visitors. These can also be formed into different shapes and styles, and be mixed with various settings to make a firm statement about the quality and class of the business and, therefore, create a continuous buzz.

These do not suffer from fading.

HedgeScapes artificial foliage is manufactured using the prime quality plastic material, fabric, color pigment and resin, making them durable and sturdy to tolerate all weather conditions. HedgeScapes also apply PermaLeaf® technologies for manufacturing fake foliage. This involves infusing UV resistant chemicals into the foliage for sustaining harsh rays of the sun. Such leaf can retain their lush green appearance in the outdoor for years together making them the best suited for use in business logos.

No worry about safety and legality

There were instances when the fake foliage helped a spread of fire causing massive damage to the commercial spaces. While manufacturing artificial leaf, HedgeScapes never compromise quality for the sake of aesthetics. To make the product safe, the foliage is produced following ThermaLeaf® technologies. In this process, special fire retardant chemicals are infused into the foliage by injection molding during the manufacturing process. Thus, the foliage gains self-extinguishing property and do not assist in the spread of fire. These also pass all fire safety tests and are manufactured in compliance with the state laws.

These offer easy installation.

Although business logos created using HedgeScapes fake topiary is always personalized, these are designed and constructed in such a fashion that even a man without any previous experience can install those quite easily. These are lightweight and, therefore, no handling equipment is required. The topiaries are always sent with instruction manual and necessary tools for easy installation in the commercial setting.

You can enjoy many added benefits

Using HedgeScapes artificial foliage, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • These are zero care and maintenance products.
  • Offer easy cleaning.
  • No waiting period involved. Embellish the space from the day one.
  • Never grow out of shape and hence trimming is not required.
  • Being portable, it is easier to shift them between places
  • Unlike the live topiaries, these are not like season specific. They continue to deliver glam appearance through all seasons.
  • These do not attract insects, and so, there is no worry about insect attacks.
  • No mold growth, and do not shed leaves creating a mess underneath.
  • Fake foliage is wallet-friendly and onetime investment

SignageThe lush green, captivating and realistic looking foliage signs and shapes can be customised to fit your specific needs and requirements. Whether it is in the form of your company logo or the shape of a dollar sign or any other shape or sign, HedgeScapes will cater to your exact requirements. These gorgeous looking plants will give your office a bright and creative vibe. The signs can be placed in both indoor and outdoor settings. The foliage sign in the shape of your company logo can be placed in the building garden to add beauty to the surroundings and capture the attention of clients and people passing by.

Fire Retardant Foliage Signs And Shapes

A noteworthy feature of the foliage shapes and signs is that these landscaping products are completely fire retardant. A special technology named the ThermaLeaf® technology is used in the manufacturing process of these landscaping products. Through this process, special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated with the raw materials. These chemicals prevent the finished products from being susceptible to fires and going up in flames. Thus, these signs and shapes can be installed in your office safely without you needing to worry about the safety of your staff members or the office premises.

Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Foliage Signs And Shapes

Now it doesn't matter whether your office space is centrally air-conditioned, or even has an outdoor seating area. The foliage signs and shapes offered by HedgeScapes are completely weatherproof and can tolerate all kinds of climates. A particular technology called the PermaLeaf® technology is used during the manufacturing of these plants. Through this technology special UV stabilizers are injected into the raw materials. These stabilizers ensure that the finished products do not fade or lose their color when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Further, these foliage signs and shapes can also be exposed to torrential rain, heavy snowfall, and excessive humidity but they will not spoil or deteriorate.

Require No Maintenance And Care

Another excellent feature of the foliage signs and shapes is that these artificial landscaping products require minimal or no maintenance. In the case of real foliage signs and shapes, you would require a professional gardener or landscaping artists to repeatedly trim and cut the foliage to keep it in shape of the sign or logo. Further, the real foliage would also require regular watering, pruning, and care. In the case of the faux foliage signs, none of these hassles crop up. They can be placed in and around the office without any worries, and you need not even stress about them shedding leaves and creating a mess in your corporate space.

Affordable Décor Products That Promote Your Company's Brand

Once you have received the order of your plants in the shape of your company logo, you can pretty much place these landscaping products anywhere to gain publicity and promote your brand name. You can place these signs outside your office building, in trade shows and conventions and even exhibitions to gain the attention of consumers. Further, these landscaping products are very affordably priced and cost-effective. They can be purchased in large quantities without you needing to worry about a hole being burnt through your pocket. These signs and logos can be used as an indirect form of advertising that will cost you probably less than half of what a real advertisement would cost.

Can Be Placed In A Wide Range Of Places In And Around The Office

The foliage signs and shapes can be placed in several different location and spots in and around the office. Some of these places include:

  1. Office cabins, office lobby, reception area, meeting rooms, conference rooms are some of the places that these landscaping products can be placed in.
  2. Office main gate, office garden, pantry or kitchen, branch offices, inside party halls when there is an office party being held are some more spaces where these plants can be installed.
  3. Besides the office spaces, the foliage can also be installed in exhibitions, trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, kiosks and other commercial spaces where the company would like to promote its brand.

Extremely Lightweight And Easy To Install

Another noteworthy feature of the faux landscaping products is that they are very light and can be moved around with ease. The installation process of these foliage signs and shapes is also very easy courtesy the easy to understand instruction manual that is dispatched with the products. You will not need to hire a group of laborers or a landscaping artist to complete the installation. One or two people are more than sufficient to complete the installation without any hassles.

Sturdy And Durable Foliage

The foliage shapes and signs are extremely sturdy and durable. These landscaping products can last for years and years on end without deteriorating or spoiling. These signs and shapes also have an extremely long shelf life and can be comfortably stored away when not in use. Purchasing the landscaping products from HedgeScapes will be one of the best long-term investments you will ever make. Not only will these plants and trees liven up the surroundings of your office but you won't need to make repeated purchases of the same because of their amazing quality and long lifespan.

So if you're seeing to give your office a whole new customised vibe that promotes your brand in an affordable and inexpensive way, placing an order for the customised foliage signs and shapes is the best way to go. These landscaping products will be one of the best long-term investments you will ever make, and we guarantee that your clients, customers, visitors and competitors will be left awed and amazed. Don't waste another minute and place your foliage signs and shapes order today!

Business LogosOf late the number of urban commercial spaces has increased to such an extent that it becomes essential to outline a commercial space. The current business scenario is all about presentation, and it is tough to grow if you cannot think out-of-the-box to make your commercial space alluring to the customers and clients. Hundreds of guests, clients, and customers visit a business area and a large number of onlookers also folk around. As a business organization, your prime objective is to lure the customers and hook them to your business for sustenance and growth.

No matter what is the nature of the service provided, every business has a story of its own. For creating a visual identity, the commercial settings have logos that act as a visual cornerstone and become synonymous with the brand of the business. But, just creating a logo does not deliver all the benefits that it is meant for. If the logo of your business, office or any other commercial space leaves no mark in the minds of the people, the very purpose of creating the same is defeated. Making logos and signage with HedgeScapes artificial topiary decor elements provides the best solution for people always fall for natural elements.

For landscaping with artificial outdoor topiary plants, one has to consider the nature of the business and the ambiance to be created. Whether it is an enormous corporate house or a government office complex or prime hotel & restaurant, or Luxury sauna bath or spa, any theme park, exotic bars and casinos, hospital or any other commercial setting, displaying the name of the business in letters made of fake foliage helps to add style and elegance. When it combines with the logo made of topiary artificial trees, it is sure to take your business miles ahead of others.

Going green elevates a space

Using artificial topiary decor for creating business logos and letters for writing name is an awesome way to take any professional setting to the next level. Studies show that people have a natural tendency of liking anything that mimics nature and when you use artificial outdoor topiary plants for landscaping the lawns, gazebos, porches, welcoming area or any other place, it creates positive vibe and everyone around, from employees to visitors, feel more relaxed and content automatically increasing the efficiency of the commercial space.

Choose what you like from endless options

While trying to present your business in a different form, you have to be imaginative. For giving a facelift to your commercial space, you have to convey your quality and class in an extraordinary way, and the HedgeScapes artificial topiary decor can help you out in this respect. These can be turned into logos, letters, and signage for making the front of your professional space chick and classy. You can select anything from Azalea, Boxwood, Juniper, and Pearl Grass. HedgeScapes artificial letters and logos are available for both indoor and outdoor applications and temporary and permanent use as well.

HedgeScapes logos and letters specialties

HedgeScapes topiary artificial trees can be used in any commercial setting like theme parks, luxury hotels, exotic restaurants, shopping malls or anywhere you can name. Being the first visual of the business, logos made of artificial foliage help to capture the attention of all these who pass around. Business names displayed by letters made of fake foliage are real treating to the eyes. Moreover, when landscaping of any professional space is done with artificial outdoor topiary plants of different shapes and sizes, it ensures customer delight. Even you can make appropriate signs using these.

Amazing features

HedgeScapes artificial foliage and topiary artificial trees are packed with all premium features of ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® technologies. The hedges and foliage used for making logos and letters are made of high-quality plastic materials and these are made botanically correct to look like the natural versions. The prime quality color pigment is used for making the foliage realistic. These are also made UV resistant using PermaLeaf® technology, and this makes them keep their lush green appearance for long in all weather conditions. Another unique feature of the fake hedges is their fire retardant property obtained through ThermaLeaf® technology. These are made fire retardant by impregnating special chemicals into the foliage during the manufacturing process. As no spraying of chemical is involved, these mimic hedges retain their fire retardant property for long. These conform to the requirements of all specifications, pass relevant fire tests and also meet the state fire requirements.

Added benefits

Other than introducing natural vibes to your commercial space, these have many other benefits making fake foliage letters and logos an ideal choice.

  • Low maintenance and cost effective: As the logos and letters are made of lifelike foliage, they never grow and, as such, there is no need of periodic trimming for keeping the letters and logos in shape. Only periodic cleaning is sufficient for maintenance. This benefit makes using fake letters and logos a cost efficient option.
  • Stay there forever: Being made of replicated foliage, these never wilt, shade leaves or die. Moreover, these are made of a fade-resistance material, and no discoloration is done by sun rays. Once incorporated, they stay there for long.
  • No mold growth or water damage: The logos and letters are mostly used outside, exposed to all weather conditions. Being made of high-quality plastic material these are inert to water and climatic changes. Using these there will be no mold growth or water damage.
  • Customized to needs: HedgeScapes mimic foliage letters and logos can be made in any shape and size to meet the particular requirements of the customers.
  • Safe to use: The HedgeScapes Signage, letters and logos are manufactured fire retardant following ThermaLeaf® technologies. These meet all fire safety requirements and, therefore, absolutely safe for both interior and exterior landscaping projects.

Business Logos and SignageIn the world full of ambitions and dreams, identification plays a very important role. It is the way to confirm a concrete place in the heart of this competitive world. However, in the era of graphic designs where different logos and signage are created digitally to enhance the process of identification, it's always a creative approach to binding natural beauty to it. HedgeScapes provides you the facility to shape up artificial foliages according to your company's logo, decorating your landscape with a bit of originality and artistic appeal, giving it the ultimate center of attraction. The idea of binding natural looking substances to prominent the logo and signage makes your company attractive to good deals. Let's check out some advantages of why you should go for HedgeScapes deal of logos and signage.

What is the actual deal?

HedgeScapes is a well-known name in the industry of artificial foliages for its ability to decorate any landscape with beautiful artificial shrubs, making your landscape a beautiful place to live in. Carving this natural looking yet artificial foliages to creative predesigned logos and signage is the new attractive deal offered by HedgeScapes to all the companies who are interested in blending the process of identification and decoration in a beautiful manner.

Where can this deal be used?

When it comes to artificial plants and greeneries, these are always an excellent choice for hospitals or luxury hotels as decorative elements, for their ability to keep the environment green yet clean. However, this deal is very useful for the companies or landscapes where there is a unique design to depict their identification, perhaps a logo or signage. The deal suits to decorate:

  • The exterior landscape of a multinational firm or corporate offices
  • Any agency with huge landscapes
  • Hospitals
  • Luxury hotels
  • 5-star restaurants  

Decorates your landscape by keeping up the originality: Decorating your landscape with a specific genuine logo or signature makes the whole process of your landscape designing, inimitable and exceptional in its way, making your landscape visually enthralling. HedgeScapes offers their customers various landscaping products to make their innovative designing element.

Needs minimal maintenance: The process of decoration involves a lot of stages, installing the elements being the first. After installation, there are pretty serious things like maintenance which should be done on a regular basis to keep the essence alive. However, decoration with artificial plants doesn't demand high maintenance and thus saves a lot of additional efforts.  There is no trouble of trimming, watering or soiling which makes it reasonably a better choice to invest on. Once installed, all it takes to maintain the natural green look is wiping the dust off with wet clothes, and the designs are ready to make your landscape look bright and glittery once again.

Easy to customize: The design made with artificial foliages can be easily customized, if at all there is a change of plan about the signage and logo of your company in a particular span of time, saving a lot of effort regarding re-installation. The deal of shaping artificial plants into unique shapes is available in the online site of HedgeScapes, making it easier than ever to gain some knowledge about the installation process. 

Theme friendly: Be it a restaurant or a mall, it always follow a certain theme while decorating their landscape. The HedgeScapes foliages offer you various types, sizes, and patterns of artificial plants which are made into any unique signage, to make sure that it goes with your theme, making the overall setup look synchronized.

It keeps the surrounding clean: One of the advantages of decorating your landscape by using artificial foliages provided by HedgeScapes which are made into signage are that they give a unique yet genuine look to your landscape by keeping the surrounding clean. This is a very important issue when it comes to hospitals and hotels, where cleanliness is a mandatory factor. The artificial plants doesn't involve in leaving any residue for the surrounding, making it an appropriate attempt to make the landscape clean and visually appealing.  

Give a trendy look to your landscape: Finest designing elements are available nowadays, giving you a handful of options to use them to decorate your landscape, but while designing it should be kept in mind that the overall design doesn't look clumsy as too much of anything ruins the feel. HedgeScapes offers you the benefit of keeping the overall design minimalistic and trendy so that your landscape don't look tacky and old fashioned, helping you to grab some attention of the new generation.

Some innovative ideas to use HedgeScapes artificial plants to make logos and designs

HedgeScapes artificial plants can be trimmed into different shapes and designs making it the ultimate way to depicts identification of your company. Some of the original ways to make your landscape look artistic are:

  • Using the hedges in the outdoor garden area to maintain the decent look always helps you to keep the surrounding visually appealing.
  • Hedges curved into your company's logo can be used in the midway of any artificial waterfall to make it easier for the customers or visitors to locate it and experience the natural feel of the overall setup, helping them to connect to your perspective in an easier way. 
  • The HedgeScapes artificial plants can be used to decorate the sideways of the path connecting the building and the main entrance to entertain the customers with the utmost level of graciousness, making the surrounding, a bit more welcoming for them.
  • The artificial plants provided by HedgeScapes are often cropped into something which depicts the identity of your company and works very well for hotels and restaurants to decorate the outdoor sitting area, hence giving away a posh outlook to the entire set up, making it more acceptable and cozy.
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