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artificial grass matInterior decor is a never-ending task; new trends keep often popping, urging us for a decor upgrade frequently. The recent trend in giving our home a style upgrade is to add a decent dose of environment friendliness. Becoming eco-friendly is the order of the era, and the initiative is appreciated in almost all walks of life, and home decor is no exception. The best part of going for environmentally friendly decor upgrade is that there is no need to compromise on style and elegance.

When we talk about environmental friendliness, the first thing that comes to our mind is to achieve the goal by growing plants and trees. But in modern urban communities, the plantation is a serious joke. Either there is no space to grow them, or the quality of sand does not support healthy plant growth. At this point, artificial boxwood hedges, faux plants for outdoors and artificial topiary trees could serve the purpose as they offer the look of environmental friendliness to the home. Fake outdoor topiary plants are fire resistant, maintenance free and look fresh and green all day and in all seasons.

Smart ways for an environmentally friendly decor upgrade

Rugs and bath mats:

Bath mats, rugs, and towels have indispensable usage in every household, but we have been using commercially sold towels and mats that are made using artificial dyes and materials. The best alternative for this is to prepare handmade rugs with the help of old clothes and bath mats by spinning old clothes in definite patterns. Handmade rugs made from bottle corks could best act as anti-slip bath mats too. Its vibrant colors and soft texture would definitely be a style upgrade with extensive usage.

Another eco-friendly way is to spin or buy mats using jute coir and use it on dining tables, platers for dish vessels and coffee mugs. They could be stuck on the wall too as a way to decor walls along stairways as well.

Decor with houseplants:

Growing a lot of indoor plants not only render a lush of green spirit inside the house but are also free oxygen suppliers, in the otherwise contaminated environment. Growing plants in pots and placing them along stairways, on table tops, and racks is a way to add elegance and a style statement to the home. Climbers can be grown on the background wall to create a wall of green inside the household. Growing herbs and flowers such as chrysanthemum will give a hand as Ayurveda treatment alternative as well for minor health problems.

Decor with raw wood:

At present times the theme to decor the house interiors is to incorporate things in their natural and raw form. For example, large logs of wood could be used as seating arrangement near dining and drinking area, in the garden, in the kids play area, etc., Kitchen tables and dining tables made from raw wood without any harmful paints are also gaining importance in home decor.

Eco-friendly Flooring:

House flooring is generally made with tiles and marbles, and a few houses have wooden flooring as it is a costly affair. But for those who wish to have an environment-friendly decor upgrade, it is important to choose a floor covering made of sustainable material as they have a long life span. Bamboo flooring and teak wood flooring are excellent alternatives as these hardwoods are very strong and are easily recyclable. They also have an additional advantage of rendering thermal insulation and are slip-proof too.

Eco-friendly walls:

Most of the household paints contain volatile organic compounds and are harmful to the health of housemates, especially kids. It is thus important to choose eco-friendly paints that have less harmful chemicals and using bamboo brushes for painting the walls as an alternative for artificial nylon brushes. Organic paints are available in a number of vibrant kids and would surely serve as a style element for interior decor upgrade.

Kitchen countertops and Bathroom walls:

Bathroom walls and kitchen tops are prone to get stained and damaged easily owing to their extensive usage. This perhaps is the reason why these walls have been made of polished tiles to wipe them clean easily. One best alternative for this is to use recycled glass to create colorful and environment-friendly backgrounds. They reflect more light, look elegant and require very less maintenance in terms of cleaning and wiping.

Window Treatments:

Though windows are meant for cross ventilation at homes, they need draping so as to render privacy and closely spaced to the inmates. Traditionally windows have been draped with curtains made of cloth of different types or with blinds made of plastics. To frame an eco-friendly home decor, it would be a great idea to use blinds made of Bamboo, as it is recyclable and tough to stay for a long time


Majority of the furniture is made from wood and its supplements, for an eco-friendly home decor it is a good idea to invest in furniture made from the reclaimed wood of old furniture. It is also wise to buy them in vintage shops that sell recycled wood and antiques for a contemporary look and as a socially responsible initiative. While shopping for furniture, make it a point to buy them from shops that manufacture them by following environmental standards and certifications.

Reduce- Reuse – Recycle:

Most of us invest in buying a good number of things all through our lives and end up staggering a lot of clutter in our homes. To reduce the number of things going into the landfill, the best strategy to follow is to reuse and recycle. For instance, an old carbon coated pan could be polished and used as a bulb holder; An old armchair could get refurbished into some new furniture, a ladder can become a bookshelf or a swing etc., The restoration work is worth the effort for it is an excellent hack for home decor if made with vibrant and dazzling colors.

Going handmade:

Gone are the days when practically everything was machine made, the handmade era is back, and it is time to try our hands in creating some crafts with used material. Making attractive toys with old socks and sleeves by stuffing them with cotton or sand, making pen holders using newspapers and used popsicles, making mobile holders, etc., seem to sound simple but are works of excellent craftsmanship and could easily decor the living area.


Going in for a décor upgrade for house interiors is open to one’s imagination, but doing it in an environmentally friendly way would help the society at large. These thought-provoking initiatives would invite praise and expand one’s scope in upcycling every single thing possible into something great and new.

Kitchen RemodellingPlanning on having your kitchen remodeled but worried about excessive expenditure? You need not worry! Nowadays, there are simple and easy ways to get your kitchen remodeled without spending absurd sums of money. If you’re looking for some affordable and inexpensive ways in which you can revamp your kitchen, we have a long list of ideas and suggestions for you. These tried and tested ideas have worked wonders for many. Here’s everything you need to know about affordable kitchen remodeling: 

Install New Lights To Give The Kitchen A New Feel 

If you’re looking to give your kitchen an entirely new vibe and feel, installing new lights in the area is a great way to go about it. Get rid of the old and existing light structures that you have in your kitchen and look out for more modern and contemporary ones. You can get remarkable light structures in your local interior décor store, in flea markets, on online portals and several other places. These light structures can be wall lamps, hanging lights, rope lights, table lights and more. Installing these new age light structures can truly help in revamping your kitchen. 

Change The Table Tops And Kitchen Counter 

Is your kitchen counter old, damaged and worn out? Has the paint chipped from the kitchen counter and is the overall design of the counter or table bulky and old school? Then you should consider changing your existing kitchen counter or table top into something that is more new age. The latest trend in kitchen countertops is sleekly designed yet sturdy countertops. You can opt for colorful and vibrant kitchen tops too if you’re feeling very adventurous and experimental.

Install Faux Plants And Trees In And Around The Kitchen

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen affordably, you can consider installing faux plants and trees in the area. You can give your kitchen an oriental vibe by installing beautiful and realistic looking faux bamboo plants in the space. These bamboo plants and other artificial landscaping products can help in giving your kitchen some character. You can install the miniature bamboo plants on the sides of the kitchen table, Center of the kitchen countertop and so on. If you’re opting for slightly larger trees and plants, you can install the faux indoor plants all four corners of your kitchen. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen Tiles 

Do your kitchen tiles look old and faded and simply dull? Are you fed up with looking at those full and faded white tiles for years on end. Are the tiles in your kitchen broken and damaged? Then maybe it’s time you upgraded your kitchen tiles to something that is more colorful and vibrant. A large number of interior decorators are going in for Portuguese tiles when revamping the kitchens of their clients. Portuguese tiles have beautiful patterns on them and are vibrantly colored too. If you have wooden interiors in your contemporary kitchen design, the Portuguese tiles will look fabulous! 

Change The Paint Colour In Your Kitchen 

Painting walls are no longer about simple white and neutral shades. A lot of people are being adventurous with vibrant colors in their kitchens. You can opt for pastel paint colors like pink, green, blue and yellow. If you’re particularly daring, you can even opt for more vibrant colors like red and olive green. Get rid of that boring white paint and paint your kitchen walls with captivating colours. Not only will this give your kitchen a whole new character, it will add some cheer and brightness to the surroundings as well. 

Change The Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers 

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen in an affordable way, consider changing the kitchen cabinets and doors. Old school kitchen cabinets and doors are very bulky and almost ugly. Nowadays, you can get affordable and sleekly designed kitchen cabinets at several interior décor stores. Replace your old kitchen cabinets with these new age ones to revamp your kitchen. You can also paint the kitchen cabinets with more vibrant colors. Seafoam greens, in particular, look fabulous on kitchen drawers and cabinets. You can also opt for cerulean blues and other such options. 

Change The Taps, Faucets And Door Handles

If you’re looking for a very simple, basic and affordable way to upgrade your kitchen, consider changing the taps, faucets and door handles. If your taps, faucets, and door handle looked old and worn out, purchase new ones at your local décor store. You can opt for brass door handles, chrome ones and so on. Make sure that the door handles and faucets are matching. You don’t want to end up with chrome door handles and brass faucets. Nowadays, you even get beautiful door handles that are engraved and intricately designed. You can select such gorgeous hardware options for your kitchen too. 

De-Clutter Your Kitchen 

A cluttered kitchen automatically becomes an eyesore. If you want to revamp your kitchen and give it some character, the first thing you need to do is de-clutter it. Make sure you install cabinets and drawers for your utensils and cutlery. Leaving these items lying around in the kitchen makes the area look unappealing and ugly. Get rid of unnecessary products and items that you’re never going to use. This will play a major role in giving your kitchen a whole new vibe. 

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive and unaffordable process. People have revamped their entire kitchens within a limited budget. You too can change the face of your kitchen in a pocket-friendly budget if you follow the tips mentioned above and suggestions that we have for you. Following these suggestions will make your kitchen look fabulous and filled with character.

PlantsDo you want to set up a nice office in your home? A home office offers the comfort of working on the premises of your home. You can save the time taken to travel to a certain destination. Moreover, you get the creative liberty to implement your ideas to make a dream office, not possible elsewhere.

However, a home office has its limitation. It makes you feel quite casual at times. So, it is necessary that a home office has the elements to keep you focused on your work. It must have a professional look for welcoming guests, especially your prospective clients. With few innovative tips and a disciplined approach, you can create an office that is comfortable and attractive at the same time.

1. Office logo: An office logo is the first impression you can make on your visitor. Try to have creative office logo. For instance, you can design your office logo with fake grass. This looks attractive, unique, modern and innovative. Such an initiative makes you stand out amongst your peers.

2. Spiritual figure/good luck charm: Business persons rely on good fortune. Hence, they love to keep a portrait or idol of a divine figure in their office. In this way, it becomes a ritual to offer prayers first. This helps in bringing the much-needed discipline in a home office. You can place a form topiary carved in the shape of a spiritual figure. You can also place a good luck charm like a gold statue.

3. Office decorum: Try to have the most relevant documents and files in your office room. Do not keep redundant stuff as they are difficult to manage. Place files in selected places like table drawers and shelves so that they could be easily found. Select center tables with preferably glass top. The glass must be resilient and scratch free. The height above ground should be optimum to create an inviting space.

Get your walls painted with decent colors. You can attach a painting that matches your office theme on your walls. Also, you need a wall or table calendar. You can decorate your center table with decorative plants and artificial flowers. If you can match the color of your flowers with your business domain, you can show off your innate acumen to the client.

4. Selection of sophisticated furniture: Furniture selected must be durable, portable, sturdy and smart looking. Depending on your office theme, you can select designer furniture for your office room. Having easy to use furniture such as revolving chairs makes your office room more presentable as well as comfortable. Select frictionless or sliding doors which are light and move with no effort.

Select center tables with drawers, where you can place important files. The drawers must be easy to use and lock when not in use.

5. Modifying your office look with fake decor: Artificial landscaping products provide nice green and cherubic look to an office space. Unlike natural elements like plants or flowers, these are absolutely maintenance free. You can select products like outdoor planters and fake grass for the pavement outside your office. Don't be misguided by the word fake. Fake plants or counterfeit trees look as beautiful as natural. A thing of beauty is happy forever. Also, you don't need to invest time in caring for fake landscaping products. With artificial plants and artificial floral arrangements, you generate a colorful effect in your office. You can place these around corners and on your shelves.

You can use topiary to beautify your office room. You can have topiary of different designs such as elephant topiaries for vacant spaces outside your office room. Before selecting any fake landscaping product, you must ensure its durability and fire retardant characteristics. You can have green walls made of fake grass. All that you need is a little dusting and you can cherish the office exterior and interior.

6. Easy to maintain office accessories: Fake grass doormats keep your room clean and tidy. Visitors can wipe off dirt and water off their boots while entering inside. Instead of cloth carpets, you can place green carpets made of fake grass. Such carpets or mats are quite versatile and effective. These will render softness to walk upon. These are easy to clean and are quite durable. Artificial grass rolls are portable and offer ease of installation. You can also shift their positions according to changing requirements.

7. Maintenance of daily records: Have an office register to maintain track of visitors and their demands. Some of the visitors can become your clients in future. So keep their contact information safely. Keep the visitor register updated regularly. If you are busy elsewhere, employ qualified staff to do it.

8. Communication of office timings: Select fixed working hours for professionalism and discipline. Mention your office timings on notice boards or exterior spaces, so that the clients have clear information about when to meet.

9. Office appliances: For a home office, you need a computing system and an air ventilation system at the least. However, it is advisable to have air conditioners for adverse climatic conditions. Keep upgrading your appliances as you generate profit, so as to enhance your clientele. You can have projectors and LCD screens for business meetings with hi-fi clients.

Having an office at home is a matter of joy and pride. So, why not try some cool ideas to make a comfortable home office. You can have a visually fascinating logo made of fake grass, defining your business sense. You can place divine pictures or idols so that you can pray for good fortune. You need good office decorum to care of relevant documents and keep them in fixed points. Have smart and elegant furniture and use your creative ideas to decorate them. Artificial plants can help you beautify your office without spending time for maintenance. Use office accessories like fake grass and carpets to keep your rooms neat. Keep a track record of daily visits and activities. Have nice office appliances as they make your office room more inviting.

Green WallDesigning a bathroom is a part of interior designing. Everybody loves to have a gorgeous bathroom. We see a lot of images of designer bathrooms in social media which inspires us to have a designer bathroom. There are times when the decors and fixtures are chosen but would not have purchased due to their cost.

Expensive fixtures have their advantages, but not all of us will be able to afford them. You don't have to make your bathroom look luxurious using the only expensive fixture. There are few simple ideas which help you have a luxurious bathroom without exceeding your budget limit.

Metallic and plastic fixtures with low price are most of the time are of bad quality. So, do not take a risk buying fixtures at a lower cost. Target the decors and interior things which will change the look of the bathroom without costing you much.

Here are few great ideas on how to transform an ordinary bathroom into something luxurious:


Stencils are those who are very easy to change the look of your bathroom walls completely. They are plenty of different designs available in stencils. There are also customized stencils provided by companies. They prepare them according to the necessity of the customer. Some nature colors and designs suit bathroom pretty well.

Cozy mats

Create your mats for the bathroom. Use woolen threads to prepare a mat. Preparing mats by yourself will save money, and the mat will be according to your taste. Searching mats in the market will be time-consuming and will cost you more money. So, try to make a mat.

There is another better option, buy a green mat. It is a mat which is made of artificial grass. They are easy to install in your bathroom. They bring a lush look to your bathroom. They are made of synthetic material, so it is not real grass which requires maintenance. You can remove them easily and wash them easily. They are very durable and cost-effective.

Green walls

Green walls are trending interior decors in the market today. They build an artificial green wall in the space. If your bathroom has separate space for bathing and other activities, then use this green wall for separating space. This costs you only during the initial stage of the installation and almost nothing later. Thus, it is the best choice to opt green walls for a bathroom.

Screens and rolls

Use different screens and rolls to decorate a bathroom. There are varieties of screens and rolls provided to the customers according to their needs. Some experts suggest good and suitable screens and rolls for your bathroom. Screens help in decorating the walls. They make bathroom walls more natural looking and lush. Green rolls are made of cover the floor of the bathroom. The green floors make you feel like nature in the bathroom. You might feel like you are walking on grass or lawn.

They are made of artificial grass. If you like to make a green screen or green mat more interesting, use artificial shrubs and indoor plants. They help to give a complete look to the theme. There are various artificial indoor plants and artificial flowers to decorate the interior.


Bonsai is an art to growing originally large in smaller size. They are used for interior decoration purpose. They are mesmerizing! They bring relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. The green color is known as the property of relaxing and calming the space. Bonsai are easily available anywhere. They are available from some shrub to tall trees. Artificial tall trees like bamboo trees, palm trees, date trees, coconut trees are available. They make your bathroom look green and natural. They add more value to your bathroom.

Hedges and artificial shrubs

Hedges and artificial shrubs are very good interior decors. They are usually used for creating boundaries. They are most suitable if you have to create division in your bathroom. They are customized according to the dimensions and nature of the bathrooms. The hedges and artificial shrubs are most suitable for large bathrooms. They make the bathroom look more green, covering the usual plain look of the bathrooms. Artificial flowers also add more beauty to the theme. If you are a personality, who likes bright rooms add artificial flowers.


Topiaries are available in regular geometric shapes like round, cube, cone, spherical and many more. They are plants grown with the combinations of those shapes. They are exciting interior decors. They make a classic bathroom when placed at the entrance of the wet area of the bathroom or when placed in the interior of the bathroom door.

There are topiaries created in animals shape and logo shapes. If you have kids at home and want to make bathing a fun part of their day, then you can give a thought of adding an animal designed topiary in your bathroom. Hence, we say that topiaries are small interior decors those who bring a large difference in the appearance of the bathroom.

Hangers and corner holders

Keeping the bathroom neat and tidy is important. How will a bathroom look luxurious if it is small and untidy? To avoid messy looking bathroom arrange all the necessary things in one stand. Hangers are best to hold all the bathroom related things in one place. Hangers use walls in the bathroom and hence do not consume any space on the floor. They do not make the bathroom look smaller.

Corner holders as the name suggests are placed at the corners of the bathroom to save space. They require support to stand but are capable of holding quite many things in them. They make the bathroom look spacious and helps in keeping the space neat.

MatGreener environment all around adds a unique feel of freshness and energy to the whole surrounding. Especially for commercial spaces, where there is an inflow of people on a daily basis ranging from clients, employees, visitors and more, it is quite important to establish an appealing and inviting indoor and outdoor. This is why most of the commercial environments now prefer to create a lush green and stunning landscape rather than all the other expensive decor. Additionally, artificial landscaping solution has added a modernized and contemporary flavor to this whole tradition which is supported by the users.

If you are looking to create a lush green lawn and surrounding your space, foliage mats are amongst top products that you should consider creating a green and natural environment. There are countless providers of such foliage mats online, but you need to consider the best option if you want to get the best out of your lawn. HedgeScapes is one of the most renowned brands in the artificial landscaping industry that designs and manufactures highest standard artificial plants and trees. They have a large selection of artificial foliage mats available for your varying landscaping needs. You can choose from varying sizes, textures, shades and more as per your preferences.

Reasons to Invest in Foliage Mats

Here are the top reasons for why you should invest in these HedgeScapes foliage mats.

1. Say No to Maintenance Efforts

This is one of the biggest benefits of these faux foliage mats as these don't require any maintenance as is required by real foliage. These don't have cutting, pruning, fertilizing, watering or similar needs. These are considered to be completely maintenance free. You can do occasional washing or dusting whenever you see dust over these. This advantage of these faux mats not only save your efforts but also a big maintenance cost that is required in case of living landscape.

2. Easy to Install & Lightweight

HedgeScapes artificial mats are highly light in weight as these are made up of synthetic material like highest grade plastic and silk. This manufacturing material makes these mats highly lightweight and easy to install. One can install these without any professional help. However, the expert team of HedgeScapes ensures the proper installation work by themselves. You just need to define your requirements, and they will get a perfectly designed and installed mat for your space. HedgeScapes is specialized in designing custom-made foliage as per your specific landscape requirements.

3. Weather Proof and Long-Lasting Capacity

The complete line of faux green mats by HedgeScapes come packed with weatherproof properties. This means these mats can perfectly withstand all seasonal conditions. No matter whether these are annoying summer days, chilling cold weather or rainy season, these mats can stay lush green and adorable the whole year without fading away or getting discolored. After installing these mats, you need not worry about their health or looks, whether you place them in the outdoor or indoor area.

4. Cost Effective Landscaping Solution

Do you want to stick to a limited budget for creating a landscape without compromising looks? In such also, artificial HedgeScapes mats counts the most cost-effective and pocket-friendly solution that doesn't let you compromise with your landscaping needs just because you have a limited budget. These not only give you a low-cost purchase benefit but also reduce your overall landscaping price by eliminating maintenance costs as required in case of real landscaping.

5. Zero Litter Plus Pest Free Environment

Pests are one of the major problems that come along with living plants or foliage. As insects, pests and bugs get their food from plants. This pest problem gets more humiliating in case of indoor landscaping. But you can avoid all such pest problems with the use of artificial foliage mats. These not only offer you a pest free environment but also reflect the realistic and more enthusiastic looks. Also unlike real plants, these don't create any clutter in the surrounding. It means you can keep a clean and hygienic space without putting much effort.

6. Backed Up with ThermaLeaf® Technology

All the varieties of artificial foliage mats offered by HedgeScapes feature special ThermaLeaf® technology. This technology makes them retardant to all kinds of fire accidents. This is because a large number of fire retardant chemicals are impregnated with the raw material while the manufacturing process. These Chemicals prevent a fire from spreading out in the building in case of any fire hazards. This unique feature of HedgeScapes foliage mats offers industry's most secure and safe landscaping solution to various commercial owners.

7. Get A Realistic Landscape Created Conveniently

If you ever think that artificial mats can't be as much grace as those of real foliage mats, then it is important to know that, these are designed with such expert craftsmanship that onlookers can't even know about their false identity. These look exactly realistic and same as their real counterparts. These look even more gracious than living plants as living plants may get weak, unhealthy or unappealing if its specific requirement is not met. But with this faux foliage, you can create a realistic and natural habitat around your space.

8. Completely Customizable

Another big benefit of opting faux mats is that these are highly flexible. You can get a customized solution as per your particular landscaping requirements. Whatever may be the architectural features of your place, you can have a custom shaped, sized and designed green landscape anytime. Also, you can have distinct kinds of mats for tour landscape depending upon the durability you require. HedgeScapes has durable mat types for a lifetime as well as basic versions of the mats that are for a shorter span of time. If you want a landscaping solution for your commercial space for a shorter period, the basic version is the ideal choice. Whatever type of mat you choose, their looks and quality are always of highest standards.

FoliageEvery commercial setting needs to make their business presentable in a befitting manner for generating revenues. It includes everything from architecture to decoration. Landscaping is the most effective option for revamping both indoor and outdoor in a commercial setting, and it impresses both employees and all those who step into your business premises. Studies on human behavior indicate that people become more energetic when they are near nature and, therefore, a lush green ambiance will naturally improve the efficiency of your employees besides making a lasting impression on the customers, clients, and guests.

Although we always think of live plants first for going green, it is not that easy for corporate landscapes, as natural trees and plants need regular caring that calls for dedicated manpower and ultimately involves extra cost, which is not at all welcome because of the cut-throat competition for survival. Artificial foliage lets the owners, architects, and designers have a unique alternative for successful landscaping projects. There are many variants of this item for fulfilling different landscaping needs, and HedgeScapes is a prime manufacturer of this decorative element. This write-up aims to delve into the essentials that you should know.

Near limitless options to choose from

HedgeScapes artificial foliage is available in many categories such as

  • Hedges: Help to define spaces and denote boundaries.
  • Mats: Have diverse landscaping uses in different business spaces.
  • Screens: Excellent for ensuring privacy at the poolside and lawns.
  • Rolls: Excellent for instantaneous creation of a green lawn by just unrolling.
  • Letters, Logos & Signage: Creates an excellent visual impact on the business.
  • Topiaries: Available in cones, spirals, and balls, these deliver super duper decoration.
  • Animal & Form Topiaries: Built-in animal forms, characters, and themed art, these can revamp any commercial setting
  • Green walls: The best option to have inspiring exterior and interior walls.

Each of these items has many variations based on their size, baseboard, types of foliage used and different applications of the elements and can also be personalized to meet special landscaping needs of the customers.  All these make the faux foliage spectrum almost limitless for practical purposes.

Landscaping is very easy with artificial foliage.

Backed by the skill and expert of their team containing botanists, engineers, designers and landscapers, HedgeScapes can make their fake foliage a mirror image of their live cousins. These are so lifelike that even the most experienced eyes also cannot feel the difference visually.  You have to touch these to see if those are real and these also melt beautifully with live plants. As these are available in standard bases or on frames, these can be easily installed anywhere effortlessly.

Places where you can use artificial foliage

HedgeScapes replicated foliage can be used for indoor and outdoor landscaping of any commercial space like

  • Massive corporate houses
  • Government offices and municipal buildings
  • Luxury hotels and restaurants
  • Shopping Malls and Exhibition Halls
  • Multiplexes, bars, and casinos
  • Exotic resorts, sauna baths, and spas
  • Amusement parks, theme parks, water parks
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities

HedgeScapes foliage needs minimal maintenance

Artificial foliage from HedgeScapes needs bare minimum care for keeping them glowing. Unlike the live plants, these do not require special soil, regular watering, fertilizing and spraying pesticides. Once you include these in your commercial indoor or outdoor, only periodic dusting is sufficient to keep them shining. Moreover, like the natural foliage, these never go out of shape or outgrow the space and hence, you are relieved from regular trimming and can save on cost.

Unique manufacturing technologies make these durable and safe.

HedgeScapes artificial foliage is produced using the highest grade of color pigment, plastic materials, resins and injecting unique UV stabilizers following PermaLeaf® technologies. Thus, the fake foliage is independent of climate change and never discolors or fades even when continuously exposed to the scorching sunrays. Aside from using PermaLeaf® grade foliage, HedgeScapes also uses ThermaLeaf® technologies for manufacturing replicated foliage. These are infused with special fire retardant chemicals, by injection molding, during the manufacturing process. The foliage passes all fire safety tests and conforms to the requirements of the state laws making those legal and safe to use.

You can have clean surrounding using artificial foliage.

One of the best features of landscaping with these near natural foliage is that you get a clean surrounding. Unlike the live foliage, these never wilt or shed leaves and thus deliver a clean surrounding.  So, for commercial settings like healthcare facilities, hotels restaurants, etc., where cleanliness is the first and foremost concern, the fake foliage gives total relief.

Unique customization facilities to let you have what you need

No matter, if you like to have artificial foliage for different landscaping elements, HedgeScapes has everything in their arsenal. Whether you want to use the decorative product for a few months or want the same to stay there for years together, you can get the right foliage for every landscaping situation. The foliage is also available in realistic leave structures of azalea, English ivy, juniper, dark green and light green pearl grass.

Added advantages for fake foliage

Other than what has been dwelt on, you can also enjoy added benefits by landscaping with faux foliage.

  • Provides versatile solution for all landscaping needs
  • Unlike natural foliage that shines in a specific season, the faux foliage glows equally throughout the year.
  • There is no chance of mold growth, and hence no mold allergy is possible.
  • Does not attract insects and, therefore, your business place will be free from insect attacks.
  • Pets are not also attracted to the fake foliage and, hence, there is no chance of pet damage.
  • Being artificially made, the fake foliage is immortal and continues to adorn the commercial setting for a long time making it a cost-effective and onetime investment option.
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