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If you are a retail store owner, one of your biggest responsibilities is to please your customers. The moment customers step into your retail store; they take a few seconds or minutes to look around. Now, these few minutes work as the deciding factor in the mind of the customer. It is these minutes that determine whether the customer will stay or not. This is why; your retail store needs to have a great décor. It is to make sure that the customers decide to stay back in your shop and make your business flourishing.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that you will not need a vast amount of money to decorate your retail store pleasingly. A minimal amount of money, if used wisely can serve this purpose. Here are some tips that will definitely help you in understanding the store decorating process better. This will thus, in turn, help you decorate your own store.

Use Greenery on your Walls and Windows:

Using artificial greenery arrangements into the space of your retail shop at window displays, fixed merchandising areas or point of sale locations can be a good idea. These unique features will establish a connection with nature, and also will significantly reduce your cost of maintenance depending on the product. You can also consider using artificial hedge backdrop to add more greenery. Using fake greenery plants will serve you many purposes. It will at once give a unique look to your retail shop. It will also soothe your customers as plants affect people. Moreover, being artificial, your plants will need no extra care of watering and other maintenances.

Play some soulful background Music:

When it comes to decorating your retail shop, it is important to keep the musical factor in mind. You should chalk out in your head about how loud the music should be and how will it sound to the customers. Research has proven that playing background music can have a direct effect on the behavior of a shopper. So, if you are a retail shop owner, you should specifically keep that in mind. One of the finest options here is to use a Bluetooth speaker to play music in your shop.

Use QR Codes on Shelf Tags:

Putting a QR code on the shelf tag or on the product itself has various benefits. A QR code connects the customers to deep links into launch chats, apps or even plays videos. A QR code can connect the customer from a retail shop to an online e-commerce store. It can give the customer all the necessary product information and also help him in buying it. Thus, adding a simple QR code to your products will enhance the quality of your retails shop. It will also make the customers more interested in your products.

Prepare a well though path for the Customers to walk:
Preparing a well-thought path will ensure that your customers enjoy a more pleasant visit to your shop. The well thought path will keep the traffic in your shop under control and will provide a calm atmosphere. This technique also makes sure that your products get the most significant exposure. Also, keep in mind to reward your consumers with pleasant and eye-catching displays as they walk on the path you have prepared for them.

Paint the Walls of your Store:

Painting the walls of your store holds a significant place in attracting customers. You can consider painting the walls of your store with bright colors to give out a positive and welcoming vibe. You can also paint a side of your wall to make it serve as an accent wall. This will not only draw the attention of the customers but also will make the store look larger. Making an accent wall does not always require paint. You can also do so by putting bright colored and painted fabric or wallpaper to achieve the same kind of effect. You should make sure to match it with the remaining part of the store by painting the floors and furniture with neutral colors.

Use proper Lighting:

In case you have a retail shop that is quite old, you can upgrade your lights to give the shop a new and modern look. Changing the regular bulbs used in your shop will bring a huge difference in the look of the shop. Use the lighting in a way that will highlight certain areas of your shop where you want your customers to look. Use a mixture of bright and dim lights to create a balancing atmosphere in your shop.

Choose the correct styles of Display:

Make sure that huge displays do not take up much space in your shop. You can show your creativity by using unconventional containers to stock up your products that will not take up much space. These products will give an interesting look to your shop. You can go against the conventional norms of displaying products and play with the displays to make ways more creative and also to clear the clutter. This will provide your shop with more space.

Use Mirrors to make the store appear larger:

If you use mirrors correctly, you can make a limited space look open and case. In your retail shop, you can consider putting a large mirror by the window in the proper angle to showcase the environment of the outer side. Moreover, using mirrors in different spaces will give your customers options to try out accessories in front of them.

These tips as mentioned above will definitely help you in revamping your retail shop for good. However, ultimately it depends on your budget and your availability of space to decide how you will decorate your retail shop. You can take a hint from these tips and then do the decoration on your own. You can also get creative with these tips. After that give an entirely new look to your retails shop that will definitely attract more customers.

Boxwood Mat RollThe restaurant is not just a place for dining, but a part of a memorable experience. Such a change is attributed to the beautiful indoor space. The restaurant design is significant as it helps viewers to have a better dining experience. The popularity of food culture around the world is growing. Nice and satisfying food is a part of friendly parties and corporate events.  People love having their favorite dishes with close people. Have a look at some hot décor trends in the restaurant industry.


1. Minimalist design

One of the most dominant trends of this year is to provide maximized space where guests can enjoy their meals. Though this is a popular trend of the yesteryears, it has been revived recently. The layout of the area allows customers to savor their dishes in a distraction-free ambiance. The geometric design of furniture helps to create extra and comfortable space, without compromising on the visual aspect. Concrete walls are replaced by glass partitions to augment space utilization efficiency.


2. Open Kitchen

Open kitchen concept is an emerging trend in the hospitality industry. It aims to make the space more interactive and vibrant. With the open kitchen layout, the guest can get a glimpse of the delicacies being cooked. The fun journey begins as soon as a person enters the restaurant.


3. Comforting ambiance

The atmosphere of the restaurant has become so homelike that visitors do not find any difficulty in engaging in private conversations with their friends or loved ones. Restaurant owners need to invest in acoustic design to curb unwanted noise to create a private space. Designers can use acoustic partitions to create space free off noise reverberation. With acoustic baffles, the ceilings can be rendered soundproof. Visitors can talk about food taste and quality as if they are dining at home.


4. Dynamic use of lighting

Lighting is not a basic element but plays a subtle role in restaurant design. The emerging trend in lighting design is to create a configuration which elevates the observer’s mood. Light could be used to create an ambient atmosphere which subtly changes the overall restaurant feel. The amount of light entering naturally must be maximized. The interplay of light and shadow is used to cast interesting patterns on tabletops. This décor is well suited for events like birthdays or centenary celebrations. Lighting installations must allow the option of controlled or variable intensity according to the situation.


5.Artistic design

The art inside a restaurant is not confined to designer serviettes or crockery. Restaurants act as exhibitions to promote local arts and handicrafts. Art pieces and sculptures impart an artistic value to the décor. The works of new artists and iconoclasts can be displayed on the restaurant walls. Such creative ideas impart a touch of nationalism and elegance to the restaurant design.


6. Green accents

Go green is trending everywhere and restaurants are no exception. You can impart greenery to the design with interior landscaping ideas. You can have plants and shrubs in the outside premises, where plants get sunlight and shade. If you are worried about horticultural maintenance, you can opt for faux plantations instead. There are different techniques to impart ornamental greenery with fake plants. Fake plants look as green and genuine as real ones do. They need only dusting to retain their fresh and calming look. You can even merge real with artificial plants through a carefully planned design layout. Fake hedges are available in different shapes and sizes. You can have grass rolls and mats in your reception. You can also invest in green walls available in exotic designs. Fake greens are also used for designing restaurant logos and signage.


Before you select hedges for adding artificial greenery to your landscape, ensure material properties like durability and fire resilience. For use at a restaurant outdoors, the hedges must be stable enough to defend themselves against ultra-violet radiation. Also, check whether the design conforms with upgraded foliage technology. In addition, you need to check if they are simple to install.


7. Colour combinations

Restaurants are hotspots where designers can try out unique color combinations. Every color has a different influence and fusion of color provides the observer with a nicety of thought and mood. The paintings used on walls must contrast wall color. Wallpaper installation is an interesting and user-friendly way to introduce chromatic touch to your décor. You can also add artificial topiary to create strong points.


Another way of adding a colorful vibe is through artificial landscaping ideas. You can add character to your interior landscape with faux flowers. These are available in many variations and arrangements. You can also order custom specific varieties.


8. Sustainability design

With growing impetus on Corporate Sustainability strategy, restaurant designers are using recycling ideas. Recycled paper is used to make tissue paper or napkins. The tablecloth is also made out of recycled paper. Furniture is being renovated and reused, rather than being discarded or dismantled.


9. Technological innovation

Technology infused dining trends have propelled a new wave in the hospitality industry. Most restaurant outlets have started self-serving kiosks to lure technology freaks. This mobile order technology application allows clients to get their orders served without any interaction with restaurant staff. Artificial intelligence is being used for the timely distribution of ordered items, leaving customers satisfied with the food and the reception.



The current year seems to be a stellar year for restaurant design. With innovative design concepts, you can create a unique restaurant, which gives you an edge in the hospitality industry. Firstly, switch over to minimalist design and optimize space. Next, have an atmosphere so comfortable, that visitors can talk privately and feel as if at home. Adopt technology applications like self-serving kiosks, for increased functionality and raising the brand value.


You can opt for an open kitchen layout so that visitors can watch their favorite dishes getting cooked. Adopt green landscaping ideas. With faux greenery, you can ornament the space. Add a colorful touch to your restaurants with paintings, topiaries. You can have fake flowering arrangements at strong points. Invest in sustainability and eco-friendly ideas like recycling paper. Elevate the look and feel of the restaurant with lighting design.

hedge mat rollIf you are eager to highlight a particular territory of your office or shopping center or hoping to get some fun in a formal layout, our fake boxwood mat rolls are ideal for the purpose. Today, many folks need a contemporary product to design their home and commercial space. But, with that, they want something that can be customized to their wishes. Also, when it comes providing best in class artificial tailored mats, rolls and boxwood hedges to our clients, is the place to be.

Made from an astounding material, they are greatly reliable and don't require consistent upkeep. You can utilize them outside without stressing over blurring and also the fact that they contain fire retardant chemicals; imply that you can be guaranteed that they won't be unsafe amid flame outbreak.

Accessible in different sizes and shapes, we can likewise specially design our artificial rolls given your prerequisites. Straightforward and helpful choices to mollify forcing settings, these rolls are perfect for occupied working environments.

Makeup your mind

Individuals frequently feel that they can't do much to rev up a business space. Hoping to flavor up the school or home garden? Yes, we should get two or three brilliant blossoming trees inside and outside and trust that it does the job. Hoping to coordinate the feel of your hotel or restaurant with something which is fun and looks like home? Should you play with the lighting and wall hues and toss in several collectibles also. That should work for you isn’t it? Shouldn't something be said about changing the formal looks of the workplace? How about we ensure that the furniture is upscale? Why are we so reluctant with regards to testing thus deprived of creative thoughts to make a space which mirrors our thoughts and identity? Keeping in mind the end goal to change the look of our business space stylistic layout and to inspire a touch of amazement, we have invented designs and one of them is our accumulation of artificial mat rolls.

Go beyond Furniture

Unquestionably, it is the time we go past furniture and lighting and paint to transfer some freshness to our indoor and open air space. What's more, that is the reason our group project managers have made this gathering of mat rolls of different assortments in various sizes and styles to meet your necessities. Perfect to make a living wall or to highlight particular space in your business region, our mat rolls make a great degree ameliorating setting. An extremely helpful approach to bring predictable shading and structure in your ambiance, our mat rolls will bring you reviving foliage with the goal that you don't need to work and sit tight for green spread to show up in your space.

If you have a massive wall or unglamorous dividers in the outside area of your business territory and need to get a low maintenance, solid green cover, then our congregation of artificial mat rolls will take care of the issue. Rich and advanced, they will convey security to space with their thick foliage and will give a delightful structure to the setting. An impressive setting, our mat rolls are in a perfect world suited for business spaces and will bring a visual style, which will radiate appeal and warmth.

All weather product! 

Made from premium quality material, our mat rolls are to a significant degree similar and don't require constant care. They are strong and will give your space satisfaction and shading till times to come. Our creative innovation guarantees UV blocking with solid colorfast shades, which makes our rolls blur safe and flawlessly appropriate for outside use. In this way, regardless of whether you utilize it outside in Miami or Alaska, our rolls will face any weather right from utmost heat to the chilly winds. An awesome alternative to bringing shading, composition, and dramatization in your restricted space, simply install on the dividers or fence or any substrate and watch the place wake up.

Keeps thing formal and informal as well

There are times when our office or restaurant or shopping center turns out to be excessively formal and with no fun variable. A key segment to obscure open air regions or to conceal the unwanted and to convey some fun element to the dull setting, our fake mat rolls and panels consolidate style with utility and will carry out the occupation superbly. They will likewise help you shroud some revolting elements in your indoor or outside space and will make your setting a dash fascinating. Our project managers also give lots of thought to the security part of our rolls and in that capacity; we have utilized fire retardant materials while making them. This ensures our rolls don't add to flame flare-ups and make your space more secure.

An advantageous and stunning approach to improving rough walls and scene, our fake rolls will push innovativeness in your space. They won't only change it up and polish to space, however, will likewise bring a feeling of silent in working parts. In this way, if you are hoping to make a delightful indoor or outside design plan without much bothers, then our rolls are perfect for you.

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