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Artificial screenA retail store is an outlet where goods and services can be bought by the general public directly from manufacturers or suppliers. If you own one, you just want to increase its business. Your retail store must be appealing so as to get a nice proportion of footfalls. Yes, looks do matter, ‘cause they sell! Oomph up the good looks of your store in the following ways to get maximum footfalls.

1. Use awesome signage designs for classiness:

Signage is the collective design of any commercial company's public display. They are great for advertising products. Every company has its unique signage, whether it's your own company or merchandise. Consult your architect on the chosen design of the storefront, about the structure, position of windows and gate, pillars and posts. There are so many types of signage designs- do you like backlighted one or flex? Large display windows or divided? Recessed or broad entrance? The choice is yours to make!

2. Set up transparent glass walls for increased visibility of products:

The newest trend is to keep things visible for peeps. Allow your store to have full-length glass windows as broad as possible. Keep the gates transparent too by installing glass doors, only don't forget to put a sleek frost panel on them (‘cause I have seen many people head straight into the glass without noticing it's there and get hurt). This way, the products you have in your store can be seen by anyone who passes it.

3. Display your brand name and its collaborations:

The brand name and logo should definitely be put up above the front gate of your store's entrance. You can decorate it by using outdoor urn fillers with flowers and small lights. You can even add the address and other contact details here. If you have merchandise or a few other partners then you can put in their names too!

4. Decorate with defined greenery and planters:

What does greenery represent? Life and subtle energy. Why not incorporate it into the look of your retail store! If you want a fence around your store, you can do it with artificial boxwood hedges in planters and pots, which are low maintenance and cost effective as well. Wire topiary forms in the shape of animals and objects can also be put on display. Artistically arranged topiary balls on earthen pots can be really eye-catching.

5. Introduce a nice lighting system for attraction:

The lighting is a very important aspect of any decor. The signage should be enriched with suitable lighting. Use bright ceiling lights for the inside, so that if someone's looking from the outside, everything is nicely visible. If you are decorating with plants, you can get an interest in pre-lit outdoor topiary plants too. Ensure the entrance is brightly lighted so that it's inviting and no one trips!

6. Display popular products in the front:

Now that we have those huge glass windows, we have to utilize it too. Display different items in the window front so that they are directly visible from outside. Put some of the most popular items among them. In case you need some privacy (like bag checking or shelves for keeping customers' bags in lieu of tokens) you can use expandable faux ivy privacy screens which can fold without a mess.

7. Set up window shades with artificial ivy panels on them:

There must be shades at the entrance or above the windows so that people can stand under them. But why keep them bare? Cover them with faux ivy and boxwood screens and panels. They look awesome! You can also set up posts with faux urn fillers of different plants and flowers on the top. Insert light in them and they will look beautiful.

8. Put up hoardings and boards of exclusive offers and discounts:

Your best selling products must have some offers? Put them on display. Some items which are not selling? Put a decent discount on them and put up on display. Whether flex or board, these advertisements bring in a lot of customers. Make them colorful and eye-catching. You can also print them out and stick them on the glass windows with the item in view.

9. Introduce activities of free samples and leafleting:

Hold small events on different occasions in front of your store. Give free samples to visitors. Display those items in a small stall/counter just outside the gate, you can also use a big picnic umbrella for a pop of color. Print leaflets and put them on display on the kiosk. Hand them over to visitors! For example, if your retail store has an item like chocolate, let people try some of it as a promotion. Give them the leaflets with offers. They will come back for more.

10. Hire cartoon character mascots to attract children:

There are several companies that provide cartoon character mascots for hire. Children are very much attracted to these, and children are known to drag their parents to whatever they are interested in. Mascots are visual baits for them, just as offers are for their parents. When setting up events for children, play it in color to attract the little ones, keep candies.

11. Keep a board for open/close notifications and timings:

Put on a steel or digital placard to notify the customers if you are open/close at the moment. Also, put on display the store timings. It helps a lot.

12. Buy a blackboard to get attention:

Get a blackboard and some chalks and write down the offers of the day, or the specials of the day on it. Serves great in attracting customers.

There are so many other options to promote your retail business, you only have to keep a lookout. Follow the trends, be patient and proceed. With the guidelines above, decorate your store like never before, with class and grace. Also, keep your items clean and dust free. Build your niche. Get customer suggestions. All the best for your business!

HedgesThe word ‘food' is synonymous with the words celebration and enjoyment. This explains the colossal growth in fancy restaurants. This being said, let's not forget the people for whom restaurant visit is more about joyous ambiance and fine dining than just the food. Gone are the days when restaurants were confined to the ‘taste'. A little classy aura and a pinch of panache in décor is the recipe of a flourishing restaurant.

Artificial foliage landscaping is for the lazy hotelier in you. Not only will the ambiance be cranked up a notch but save you the time of retaining it.

Here are the 8 ideas to refurbish your place with artificial foliage landscaping.

Letters, Logo, and Signage

First impressions last longer, they say. Make your restaurant's ingress a visual treat. The logo of your restaurant should give an inkling of what is in store for them. Tease them with a little green, to begin with. With the artificial hedges, it is now possible to shape them into any letters and signage of your choice.

Pair them with classic lights or LEDs and make your restaurant a brand worth visiting and revisiting.

Artificial Screens

You know what they say, ‘the greener, and the better'. Swap those ugly concrete walls with this beautiful, low maintenance artificial screen rolls. These screens serve the dual-purpose of ornamenting your restaurant and of giving privacy to the people. You can style these sturdy screens with tiny frames and boards.

These hassle-free screens amp up your ambiance and give it a green lush look. You wouldn't have to alter them according to the change in the seasons. It is more like, ‘put it and forget it'. Wave goodbye to the endless work you've to put in maintaining the natural screens, we have a smart way out for you!

Artificial Topiary Trees

This is for the nature enthusiast in you. You sure have dreamt endlessly about adding some suave (and obviously pricey) curios in your restaurant but feared it will put an irreparable hole to your pocket. Fret not, we have an inexpensive idea! Artificial topiary plants are the shapeshifters which can have any desired effect. You can trim them into those sophisticated artifacts you have always wanted in your restaurant.

They don't lose out on their ‘green' if you pamper them with some shade and can facelift them whenever you have a new shape in mind.

Faux Greenery

The interior designing industry found its masterpiece in the faux greenery décor. Spice up your place with the umpteen varieties the faux greenery has to offer you. A little dusting on the fake flowers and they are as fresh as the day you bought them. The vibrant colors add an instant liveliness to your place.

There is a vast array of options to choose from, there are flowers in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Trust us, the plastic glaze of the greenery is long gone and forgotten. This long term investment is handy, portable and life-like. Also, you don't have to worry about any allergies and sniffles.

Topiary Animals

Decorate your restaurant with fun yet plush theme. Opt out of the bandwagon of keeping the décor subtle. Animal topiary will make your restaurant stand tall (literally and figuratively). With the tall giant animals making their way out, we promise, your restaurant will be seen from lands afar. It is a unique, eye-catchy way of making your interiors classy and it will compliment any furnishings that you have.

This offbeat décor is an attractive and quirky way to welcome your guests. There is no animal whose shape artificial topiaries cannot make, so let your imagination run wild and turn your restaurant into an eccentric themed garden restaurant.

Faux Roll Mat

Ditch the age-old tiles for the trendy and voguish faux roll mat. Owing to its convenience, these roll mats are not just limited to golf courses or football fields. You get the roll mats customized depending on your area and needs. These things are blessed with less maintenance and the green look that they savor.

They save you the herculean task of planting, watering and growing the actual grass. You don't have to worry about the grass losing its color if you are careful enough to not expose them to sunlight and of course, washing them would be a piece of cake! Also, you do your bit in saving some water.

A Little Privacy

If this does not create hustle and bustle in your restaurant, then what will! This would be a classic upgrade in your interiors. A gazebo structure will complement the green faux aesthetics in your place giving it a garden-restaurant look. It is another way of adding sophistication to your space. It is perfect for intimate family dinners, a romantic evening and what not.

It gives just the exact privacy which is needed in a restaurant. A little twinkling light and some beautiful curtains, and you have for yourself a wonderful little paradise.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Get rid of those dull, insanely mundane wooden or metal fences because we have an attractive solution! Don't count on the rains to grow your plants and bushes into privacy yielding fences. Outdoor artificial boxwood hedges are here to the rescue. With the vast variety of leaves, you can make your restaurant compound an attractive one.

Protect the privacy of your space with the wide, thick hedges. These hedges are an easy way to decorate your dining area. These easy on the eye hedges are cost friendly and mind you, they have a ‘here to stay' attitude.

We know that your restaurant is your baby so try and put in as much as your own efforts as you can. Pick your own shapes, sizes, and patterns the artificial landscapes have to offer. Make sure everything is crisp and clear. Let the ‘green' be alluring and the dining relaxing. This will ensure frequent visits.

Children playing in a garden is a delightful sight, like flowers blooming in spring. Playing is a crucial activity amidst learning. No wonder why memories of playgrounds are the most fantastic part of school days. School playtime counts in one active and alluring segment in every child’s schedule. No wonder why we all made random excuses just to go and play in the school ground.

Almost everything in life requires touch-ups from time to time and playgrounds are no exception. As years pass by play areas are bound to run down and become drab. This calls for a transformation.

But don't worry! For putting in vibrancy and excitement in any sphere of the ground, you don’t need to be on a huge budget.

Pay attention to these few decoration hacks discussed below, if you want to make a change without creating a hole in your pocket.

Chalking out the problem areas:

As soon as you make up your mind to re-decorate your school playground, you need to point out the problem areas specifically. This could be any shabby or forbidden area the children are most likely to fall for grace. Well, although it all depends upon the environment and the playground still, how you want to renovate it is entirely up to you.

Refurbishing the existing equipment:

Fun and physical activity are what comes to our mind first when we think of the school playground. Improving the play equipment and introducing newer ones, can engage a child more than anything.

A colorful and polished swing is bound to attract the child more than the broken and squeaky ones. In order to manage their activities, keep them collaborating or playing replace the old unbroken instruments with new and brighter ones.

We learn better when we are happy. And we know, nothing made us happy more than play during our school days.

Embellishing the ambiance:

Revamping the playground with new equipment would be vain if you do nothing to improve the surroundings. Children love flowers and plants. Real boxwood hedge wall can make the playground look attractive all year round, in all seasons.

Artificial greenery for outdoors is the most intelligent move when you seek lucrative yet durable options for decoration.

You have to utilize all of the areas carefully. This starts from clearing up all the litters, trimming the existing plantation properly, clearing the clutter and painting and polishing the equipment. This might seem very simple and easy, but once you do this, the whole space will be transformed magically.

Introducing creativity

Renovation can take off by merely making and mending seats. You can also lay a few picnic tables where kids can sit, talk and play games. By building a stage for the children to perform and host shows, installing chalkboards for creating their classroom, you give them a sense of responsibility that helps them grow.

Pioneering artworks:

Talking about decorations, it can come in any way like asking the students to doodle on the walls, painting murals, designing mosaics or whatever and whichever way they like. This would be a fantastic way of fostering independence within them.

You can ask groups of children to draw on the walls that would be displayed for a fortnight before the next group comes up with new ideas. This would be a fantastic way to showcase their talent and instill confidence.

Having an attention-grabbing construction:

You can enhance the visual appeal of the school playground by installing artificial boxwood topiary outdoor.

Summer calls for vacation and summer camps. And it is also the best time for a renovation. How wonderful would it be to install a wooden gazebo in the summers? You can drop the idea of cliche benches and relax sitting in a gazebo this summer. It would definitely be one of the star attraction during the summer camp days.

Outdoor topiary trees with lights would be ideal since artificial plants require almost zero maintenance and care. Camping would be much fun when these light up at night is creating an ambiance of utter elegance and style.

Demarking playground zones for a positive playground attitude:

A school playground where students of different standards come and play, a zone specification becomes inevitable. This is to make sure the younger children are in a much safer zone, and the elder ones can seamlessly continue with their strenuous games. You can divide zones as a separate badminton court, a ground for playing cricket and football, etc. Following this, we can restrict playground injuries, enhance physical activity and lessen bullying.

Delineating a sensory area for young learners:

Children should not only know but they should feel what they learn is the primary motive behind creating a sensory space for learning. Popularly known by the term ‘a secret agents outdoor lab' is a scientific domain, where the child learns through experimental learning and smells the essence of discovery. Events like, sand play, water play is where children learn through sensation. They come in touch with various textures and get to play with several substances. This fosters an equal interaction with wildlife and science to enhance creative thinking among them.

Outdoor learning experiences would have stayed incomplete without school gardens or playgrounds. The latter is a great way to make a child stay put when the first join school.

But sensory sensitivity varies across children. So, don’t forget to keep aside a small silent place at one corner as 'retreat areas,' beautifully decorated with foliage. This would not only be ideal for small group conversations, but special children will find this extremely beneficial too.


Ask any adult, and all will say, the brightest memories are of the school days. From snatching away lunch boxes to catching our breath while playing lock and key, the impressions are still golden. No matter what, school playground will always remain the first reason why we all fell in love with ‘school.’

The kitchen is the heart of the home and upgrading them is a good idea. To make a perfect kitchen, there are a few aspects that need to be altered. Kitchen upgrades are mandatory as many buyers look for the state of the art model kitchen. There are many tips discussed below to transform your kitchen into a professional looking one.

1.    Casual sitting area

A comfortable sofa in your kitchen area would retain your guests or friends. Once they sit down, they do not hurry up to leave. A seating arrangement provides a welcoming atmosphere. This does not need a big kitchen. Seating can be made for the appropriate space available.

2.    Check outdoors and cabinets

Your kitchen doors and cabinet doors can be made brand new by spray painting. Brush painting is different from the spray painting that gives you a new look. Prime and spray paints of exclusive color for a shiny look. Vinyl veneers or wood can be used for laminated doors to make them look new. You can also add style to the kitchen by adding additional and trendy cabinets.

3.    Faucets

Apart from washing and cleaning faucets are ones that add style and richness to your kitchen. A beautiful faucet is one that changes your kitchen into a professional one. The main accessories you need to look out for are valves, handles, spouts, and finishes. There are trendy and excellent collections available.

4.    Kitchen countertop

Your kitchen countertop is the main parameter and should be classy and new. Materials like Formica, granite, marble, quartz, and wood can be used for the countertop for a grand look. It is advisable to go for stone countertop as they are of good quality and lasts longer.

5.    Paints and curtains

Painting is mandatory and looks fantastic when it is matched with curtains. Painting offers a brand new and refreshing look to the kitchen. Curtains are few of the accessories that absorb smoke and smell and hence needs to be changed timely. Paints and curtains must be upgraded and matched often to make your kitchen look professional.

6.    Add style elements

The latest trend is adding a greenery effect to the kitchen. You can opt for faux silk plants or small sizes topiaries artificial. The plants or flowers can be placed in the corners or near the window. They give a refreshing and soothing ambiance.

7.    Artwork

Take bold decisions and use artwork in the kitchen for a unique look. Such unique artworks, when placed in kitchens, would grab others attention. Your kitchen is enhanced to a professional level when you think out of the box. When such artwork is hung, this gives an illusion of having a bigger space.

8.    Kitchen and dining area

When the kitchen is combined with the dining area, the entertainment never ends. A medium sized table can be useful for both dining’s as well as pre-cooking work. The best part of having such an arrangement is gaming nights, entertainment, gossips, and science projects too. Make interior decors casual, decent and trendy. Placing faux silk plants in the corners can give a pleasant look. If your theme is a natural and greenery setting you can opt for many products.

9.    Adding rugs

Adding a long and decent carpet can make the kitchen feel cozy and warm. Match the color of the carpet with the kitchen paint and cabinets. The color and pattern of the rug are vital as it enhances the beauty of the kitchen.

Storage ideas

Apart from these ideas, storage is a key idea that maintains a neat kitchen. Storing appliances, pots, and food must be done effectively. Pantries and cabinets are to be used to store pans and pots as they have long handles. Make use of deep drawers that have a pulling style, so that the user can have easy access while cooking.

Knob patterns

Knobs and buttons on cabinets are usual and boring, hence opt for unusual ones. Quartz sparklers are unique knobs that make your kitchen cabinets look different. You can add glamour to your kitchen by using such accessories.

Additional style

You can add a classy touch to your kitchen interiors. You can always blend styles so that your kitchen is comfy and trendy. Many kitchens would have a traditional pattern, and you can present your style factor here. Add such kitchen with stainless steel fridge, chandelier, and shelves that float. Your breakfast nook should also be added with décor. Place comfy, stylish pillows, place fresh or fake flowers at the center of the table. This adds a trend to the breakfast area. Another way to add stylishness is by adding the interior of the shelves or cabinets with contrast colors. This would highlight the kitchen area.

Lighting ideas

Every user wants a bright kitchen to work in. A bright kitchen is one that uplifts anyone who enters. Paint is the main parameter that helps in brightness. Painting the kitchen white can enhance shine. To paint any kitchen, the user should think of the window treatment and its color, and the accessories to be hung.

Green theme

You can also go green by using items such as artificial boxwood shrubs, fake green wall, green mats and plants in the corners and on shelves. This will offer a natural look and make your kitchen fabulous. Many services provide such greenery themed products. Professional’s custom designs such products according to the requirement of the user. The maintenance part for these products is easy, and the cost is also economical.


The above points are useful for users to transform their kitchen into a professional looking one. There are ample products and accessories available online for kitchen décor. Choose unique and trendy items to décor the kitchen. Look for the latest kitchen patterns and gather points online too. Run through various sources and draft a plan to make your kitchen design. Creating a perfect plan and then implementing the same can give your kitchen a luxurious look.

Outdoor Privacy ScreenOne would like to make their spouse surprise and show their unconditional love with special gifts. There are many ideas to make the spouse feel happy. With Valentine’s Day is coming up, it is an excellent opportunity to give surprise to the spouse. And presenting a creative and brand new home décor is an exotic and exciting idea. Let us discuss various home décor ideas that can thrill the spouse and make joyful on this special occasion.

Creative Accessory Items for Valentine’s Day

Decorating the home with garland flags with heart shape is one such idea. Arranging them in the living room, bedroom and entrance area helps in giving excited surprise to the spouse. One can hire pink colored stools for dinner and combine with colorful floral arrangement can lift the moods. Even soft and comfy pillows especially procured for the valentine day helps a lot to bond love between the couple. Stylish drapery curtains assist in adding mystique on this special day. A colorful tiny piece of artwork with heart shape is also enough to make the spouse wonder.

Create Valentine’s Day Atmosphere by Adding a Layer of Décor

One would have already created with rich and luxurious décor to make the spouse satisfactory and for comfortable living. Yet, to give an additional feel of love for the Valentine’s Day, one can add a few layers of décor elements that are very simple. By layering the existing décor elements with exciting décor items like wooden love tags or XO OX tags, one is sure to produce excitement. They are inexpensive and don’t eat up space as well. By adding Valentine’s Day throw pillow, one is sure to get an appreciation from the spouse.

Decorate Bedroom with Valentine’s Day Decors

Every spouse likes their bedroom very much and decorating it with a unique idea can make them happy. That too for this special occasion, creative bedroom decoration can produce endless joy. Valentine’s Day wallpapers decors that are easy to peel are available in exciting colors. One can stick them with ease to produce harmony and love. Arranging the bed with love arts can infuse warmth. One can use romantic bedspreads and pillow covers for this exceptional day. Hanging Valentine’s Day art pictures on the walls help to produce a feeling of romance.

Hanging Decoration for the Valentine’s Day

By attaching a heart-shaped art created with dozens of roses in the home can arouse the feelings of the spouse. One can arrange rose flower wall hangings crafted with a specific purpose for the day. The rose petals that aromatic are certain to create well being. They are sure to produce a dazzling atmosphere for the couple. By displaying spouse name with colorful floral arrangement can elevate the moods romantically. To make the spouse surprise one can hang heart-shaped arts in the ceiling too.

Special Wreaths for this Special Occasion

One can arrange personalized wreaths to make the spouse stunning. By combining wreath with artwork and floral, one is sure to get appreciation from the spouse. Wreaths with unique words on this occasion can make the spouse excited. Wreaths that come with a variety of shapes and colors can bring harmony and love. Garlanding home entrance with heart-shaped wreath can help to give a warm welcome to the spouse. One can decorate the walls with bunches of artificial flowers wreaths too.

Attractive Centerpiece Decoration

By arranging a bouquet of colorful flowers in a bubble jar with water, one can create a centerpiece of attraction for the Valentine’s Day. Printed Valentine’s pots that are heart shaped can be placed on the tables can produce great enthusiasm for the home. One can arrange attractive flowers in these jars to make it more attractive. Glittering votives can also be used for a beautiful centerpiece decoration. Arranging a dinner table with beautiful candles and floral arrangements can also elevate the moods.

Artificial Elements for Valentine’s Day Décor

There are plenty of faux elements available to decorate on this exceptional day. Artificial boxwood topiaries can be used to arrange Valentine’s Day words and welcome boards at the entrance. They are manufactured with high-quality materials and are harmless as well as attractive. One can create an exclusive artificial flower arrangement for the entire home to make it innovative decoration on this memorable day. Silk plants and silk flowers are beneficial for home décor on this day.

Add Valentine’s Day Accessories

One can add tea towels that are specially created for this day. Adding a beverage bar for this rare occasion is also a great idea that can welcome the spouse. Valentine’s Day candies, chocolates, ice-creams, etc., are sure to incite and make the spouse joyful. Customized mantles that are created to make the spouse happy are one of the best ideas on this Valentine’s Day. Arranging one’s wall with various memorable photo’s of the couple is an exciting idea.

Geometric Designs for Valentine’s Day

Arranging the home at various places like walls, ceiling, etc., with geometric heart shapes can make the day so special. These geometric shapes and patterns are available in tremendous variety. They are made of various materials like metals, cardboard, etc. which are rather creative decoration elements. They are quite inexpensive and easy to install too.

Special Bouquets to add Attraction on this Valentine’s Day

One can enhance attraction to Valentine’s Day decoration by carefully selecting bouquets that are dazzling. Interior designers have come with various ideas on bouquets which come in multiple patterns that are appealing to the eyes. Bouquets that are manufactured specifically for him or her are also available with huge collections.


Those who love their spouse much can give them rewarding and heart winning gifts. Presenting an innovative home décor to the homemaker is an excellent idea. The décor market is flooded with plenty of décor ideas are available, and one can apply them for this special day. One should spend their valuable time and select appropriate home décor on this eventful day. Presumably, the above variety of ideas that discussed should help one to present a pleasant surprise to their spouse.

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8 Steps to De-Cluttering Your Living Spaces

Written by

Outdoor Privacy ScreenIt’s just amazing that even the smallest place inside your home can be put to efficient use by proper management of spaces. And this so-called “proper management” basically means de-cluttering, although there are a few things that come after that. Instead of enjoying the living to its fullest, many of us just take deep sighs and say “What a mess!!!” when we see our living room or kitchen or hallway. The prime unavoidable fact is that an interior house witnesses drastic changes very suddenly during the day to day activities. That is ok, but it becomes all the more important after that to emphasize on getting rid of the unnecessary pile-ups.

Here are a few ideas to work on.

These are activities leading to a fresh start after the disappointing interference of clutters. Here we mention some omnipresent articles that you frequently come across.

1.    Sorting things into groups, keep them or donate

First, decide what you want to keep and then keep it somewhere else than its previous spot. Or you may donate or throw it if felt unnecessary. Caution is that don’t get carried away while choosing what to keep. Be ruthless and be precise. You have an option of selling cluttering things for some money like extra furniture, electronics or game equipment.

2.    Take care of the broken things

Broken things are somewhat annoying for interior décor. If you can fix them, it’s good. But try to get rid of them if they are of no use and let go of the feeling that you could have used in some way.

3.    The sofas

Sofas are the hotbed for clutters. Underneath them, on their sides, on top of them everywhere there will be something unnecessary. Sometimes there are more than needed cushions on them, sometimes the number of sofa covers exceeds from what it deserves, many a time the sofa table is full of trash like pens, old magazines, electronics that can be kept in their place. Just put the things on their place instead of piling everything up on the sofa. We know that everyone likes to cuddle with their handy things while watching TV or having a conversation, but look what this behavior has done to the décor.

4.    Books

They are everywhere if you have students or working people in your house. Do not forget about the magazines when you are thinking about books. Magazines are more susceptible to reckless usage than any other book. Remember that there is no old magazine on the sofa table, porch sitting area or dining table. Sell the old magazines or give those away to the recycling facilities.

Now talking about books, you should use shelves of customized design to narrow down the book-keeping places. Like the living room can have open shelving fixed on the wall just opposite the TV or on its both sides to hold books arranged in an orderly manner. Apart from giving definition to your room those shelves with books are eye-catching if alternated with showpieces like glassware with flower, art collection and sculptures.

5.    Furniture

The centerpiece of inner space is the set of furniture. You may have seen how people get carried away by their comfy setting that they forget how many chairs or tables are there in the room. Places prone to such anti-décor attack are a kitchen, living room, and courtyard, etc.

A solution is to get rid of extras and to arrange the existing needed ones smartly. Selecting smart furniture is the best option available. Smart means that can do multiple works such as provide you with more storage and take less area to get settled. Savvy furniture with a secondary use as storage is useful. Shelved coffee table holding a basket for magazines on the lower shelf, sofa cushions that fold up to give you enough space to keep leisure books, kids bunk beds that have an area below the mattress to hold their stuffs, kitchen cabinets that are shelved in the inside for small articles, study tables with drawers on the sides to keep your papers, mirror table that holds shelves behind the mirror etc. are some ideas that can prove revolutionary in de-cluttering work.

6.    The illusion

One way to enhance the spacing effect is to use more mirrors. They give a sense of space with the reflecting light. Mirror placing should be opposite your favorite things that you won’t get annoyed while seeing. Secondly, the use of artificial palm trees or faux plants has many time proved to be providing a sense of nature indoors which is indeed refreshing in an organized environment. Other options may be of silk flowers or artificial ferns that have the same effect on décor.

Other ideas to create an illusion of space is to use unused areas such as underneath the bed, behind the TV, under the sink table in the bathroom, multipurpose dining table. Dining table with drawers underneath can function as storage for separate things. You can use the underneath of a sink to fix a closet to keep your towels. TV table should hide all the wires rather than just cluttering all like the noodles. Hang artworks opposite mirrors rather than hanging them elsewhere.

7.    Cleanliness

Clean frequently the nooks and corners where you know dirt will settle usually. Take out the unsettled clothing out of the hanger closet, have a woven bin for the dirty laundry, keep the kitchen sink clean, dust the electronics as they are often ignored.

The cleanliness drive will give you a feeling of freshness wherever you go in your house. It will also be helpful if you keep a few plants inside as they help keep the air clean inside. Wash the window curtains regularly and keep the windows open to let some fresh air in. Storage spaces like drawers and cabinets should stay clean. Remote and neglected areas should be focused like the lampshades, curtain rails, switchboards, glass panels on artworks, etc. No one can teach you how to clean your personal space unless you figure out ways by yourself.

8.    The habit of self-awareness

Always think before keeping things randomly. If you leave the magazine in the bathroom that you were reading while being in the hot tub, you may fill the cabinets with these in a month. Putting things not belonging to that space is reckless. Try to be specific in key materials that you use frequently and are precious like the car key, mobile, keys of the closet, laptops, etc.

It’s a habit that will help you live up to the expectations of enjoying a well-organized inner space.

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