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Tuesday, 09 August 2016 11:08

Artificial Green Walls - Making Corporate Houses Livelier

Artificial Green Walls - Making Corporate Houses LivelierHave you become bored with the same old look of your office from its exterior as well with its interior decor? Is it affecting your working conditions? And also the clients visiting your large corporate house are also not much impressed with the same old look?? There is nothing to be worried about, as introduction of nature into your interior and exterior landscape can change the overall look. 

Everybody wants to stay close to the nature, but it is not always possible to install natural plants and trees as part of your landscaping ideas. Maintaining the real ones needs lot of preparation, and is definitely not an easy task. Implementing artificial trees, plants and hedges can be the smartest move from any good landscaping designer instead of the live ones. Faux boxwood hedge if installed right in the entrance can add to the total value of your corporate office building.

How can you create the compelling appearance through artificial green walls?

Introducing your visitors by adorning the exterior and interior landscapes of a corporate property can be the best idea. Creating the first impression should be the key to everyone’s heart. Through the placement of artificial boxwood hedge and fake boxwood mat, your plain walls can be turned into lush green ones. Changing furniture and upholsteries cannot bring complete change until any greenery is introduced. 

There will be total visual comfort once these botanical beauties are introduced for filling up your walls. Be it the reception area, the interiors of the entrance gate wall or even inside the office cabins, the landscaping designers always prefer using the artificial hedges for doing up the walls. It creates such a good atmosphere that, when you enter the place you feel, you are working amidst a garden. And if the boxwood mats are installed on the floor, it is 100 % better than carpets, because it gives you an impression as if you are walking on the grass.

Manufacturer’s promise in delivering you with the most real looking artificial boxwood panels

The company HedgeScapes is one of the best in the business in manufacturing fake hedges, and they never compromise in their make for assuring its customers with the best possible product. They manufacture faux hedges for both indoor and outdoor use. The company’s main motto is to spread greenery everywhere possible, where it is not possible to maintain live plants. The company has hired the best team comprising of botanists, landscape architects, and engineers for manufacturing the most realistic looking artificial boxwood hedges. These fake boxwood hedges can create the best looking green walls wherever you wish to create them.

What makes these artificial hedges for outdoors and indoors better than the real ones?

There are several reasons why the fake boxwood wall covering will score over the live one. They are:-

  • Real ones need particular temperature, while the fake ones can withstand any given temperature.
  • Real ones need proper watering and sunlight for their health and survival, the faux replica of the real ones stays fresh for life with just a little dusting.
  • No fertilizers or pesticides required for the artificial boxwood beauties while the real one will need both.
  • The real one has a limitation in its existence, and the faux boxwood tiles will never die or decay.
  • Taking care of a live plant requires monetary investment, while these boxwood walls are quite inexpensive

Types of Green walls varieties you would want to opt for

HedgeScapes can offer you with a numerous variety of pattern and foliage in creating green walls requirement. Choose between Hedge, mats, rolls and screens. The most realistic form of leaves can be found here in a variety of Boxwood, Azalea, English Ivy, Juniper, Light-green pearl grass and Dark-green pearl grass. As these types are available in all the seasons, that is why maximum people prefer the boxwood panels or the juniper screens. The designers hence, prefer these types over the others. 

The style can be completely customized according to your preference. The company HedgeScapes can make it in any shape or size. They are extremely experienced in designing for large outdoor areas too.

For interiors and exterior landscape requirement, the company has different product type. They can manufacture faux boxwood panels which will last for the whole lifetime, and they can even manufacture products which will be required for a temporary period. If you have a wedding event or a party, and you need to use artificial hedge wall, then you should always opt for the temporary, one-time product.

The unique properties and benefits you get from these HedgeScapes fake green walls.

While placing the order for the indoor or outdoor artificial hedges, go through the catalogue, samples and most importantly pricing of the products on the company website. It will be your best guide in deciding which one to choose for creating the perfect wall for your corporate office. There are several excellent features which will mesmerize you, they are:

  • The company uses PermaLeaf® technology, which makes these faux botanical beauties completely safe from any color fading. Even when they are exposed to extreme harsh temperatures or even the UV rays cannot bring any change in its appearance.
  • Another important technology used in their manufacturing is ThermaLeaf®, which ensures the products to be completely safe from fire. This foliage is declared safe through all international fire codes.
  • The materials used in its manufacturing are of top grade. The designing, engineering and the equipment used makes these products high in commercial grading.
  • The company manufactures this inexpensive product in such a way that you can install it yourself. They provide with very easy instruction manual. If you order faux boxwood tiles, mats, screens or even rolls everything can be installed without hassle.

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