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Friday, 18 March 2016 11:44

HedgeScapes Artificial Outdoor Greenery: Defining Designs

 artificial boxwood mat

Some of our clients are particularly awestruck by the definition of clarity and design that our artificial outdoor mats, trees, and plant hold. As we are the profound leaders in manufacturing and making fire resistant fade protected faux outdoor hedges, plants, flowers, and trees, we also ensure all HedgeScapes products remain a testimony of our clients taste and opinion.

In this blog, let us look some of the amazing designs that one can create at home and, especially at commercial centers for an appealing business outdoor

Styling a Terrace with Artificial Mats and Panels

Greenery is all but much is having its minutes nowadays. Indeed, even our solid city grasps it. Large portions of our clients who had no chance to get the proper watering system to their porches, or have had misfortune with genuine plants, have sent us photographs of their patios decked out in our artificial greenery! Nevertheless, while endeavoring this, the best circumstance is a sheltered territory. 

Our representatives many calls, as to “Will the daylight will change the shade of the plants or do I need and you ought to supplant them between 6 months to a year in sunny zones?”

“Or additionally evade extremely tall fake trees and secure everything so your plants don’t look dull?”

But, as you must be aware, we at have made a name in the artificial plant market, as the number one supplier of artificial outdoor hedges and related products. Starting with our trademarked foliage technology, PermaLeaf® & ThermaLeaf®, Hedgescapes products are made UV stable for outdoor applications and fire retardant for indoor applications. From elephant topiaries to traditional boxwood hedges, our commitment to excellence sets us apart from the competition and allows us to maintain high-profile clients. 

If you have a great lover of natural greenery we recommend blending some live plants with some of our fake ones so that the patio nursery or the roof top garden looks all the more persuading and genuine. Doing a little experimentation is justified, despite all the trouble when you can have your own particular desert spring in the city. 

Customization of the Highest Level

Artificial fences are turning out to be better known in current times because of its evergreen and clear appearance, maintenance free, and long durability period. However, what’s the most exciting thing is the made to order finishing that you get when your external property or business premises will get adorned with silk plant variants like faux outdoor topiaries, rolls, and flowering plants. Different sizes of such hedges are accessible through joining numerous supporting boards together; likewise diverse shapes are also feasible for various reasons. Today you might want to have an artificial fencing with steel mesh in your business premise not just to beautify and protect as well. Besides, customized fences fit as a fiddle and are ideal for office building buildings, restaurants, and commercial centers to draw a border.

Leaves of the Hedge Panels

Artificial leaves fence is made of different fake leaves (foliage) like leaves of vines, English ivy and others. But our leaves are realistic as we have worked with the many reputable botanists to create the most realistic leaf structure. There are also endless varieties to choose from like English ivy, boxwood, azalea, juniper, dark-green pearl grass, light green pearl grass. But our most wanted artificial outdoor is the traditional boxwood and juniper hedges as these are all seasonal and have been used in landscaping projects for hundreds of years.

This sort of fence is exceptionally wonderful in appearance and its length is customizable because of its versatile character. Artificial hedge leaf can supplant basic fences that are utilized as a part of the patio, around the yard or different in commercial property. Fake leaves hedge is exceptionally well known in conventional manor or retro living arrangement.

Artificial Hedge Panels

Artificial Hedge boards can be utilized as security screens and fences on a porch or deck that can outwardly conceal unattractive views. Fake Boxwood Panel looks natural and green, is also UV rays protected, so no chance of looking dull as well. It won't haze with hard daylight and substantial downpour for many years.

Benefits of Fake Fencing

More fake walls are utilized to enhance social zones both inside and outside at homes or business places. The fake wall can give security and protection to the individuals who need it.

Artificial Fencing can:

  • Conceal unwanted sides from general public
  • Maintain a strategic distance from disturbances around 
  • Offer a peaceful spot with greenery 
  • Separate your zone from the bustling streets. 
  • Shield you from the bright beam. 

Use it indoors and outdoors

As we all know, a wide choice of artificial can easily upgrade the look of your home and your office space. Each of our fake decorative items consequently resembles the genuine one because it is made of top-notch silk. Similarly, as with the greater part of our artificial topiaries, we provide brilliant planters to upgrade the overall look.

For more information on the use and cost estimation to design your commercial or home outdoor visit our website, and get in touch with our experienced and energetic team of project managers to turn your surroundings into a productive place.

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