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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 05:56

Artificial Hedge Screens - Tiered Beauty with a Dash of Style

artificial boxwood hedges screensArtificial plants, trees, and flowers are the best things to being invented for adding a touch of nature whenever and wherever you want. The large interiors of corporate offices, hotels and even shopping malls and of course their exterior beauty can be further enhanced if faux botanical beauties can be used in their landscaping ideas. 

For lighting up the landscapes and for providing a subtle amount of distraction from the building’s geometric shapes, these artificial garden products are the ultimate choice. Moreover, most importantly if screens for artificial hedges for outdoors and indoors can be introduced and installed throughout the walls of your entrance or at the reception hall of any luxurious hotel, then it can create a calming effect in minds of your clients. Moreover, they would love to stay at the hotel for a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Artificial boxwood hedge in the form of screens a perfect decor item for every season.

For any interior and exterior landscaping designing work, artificial hedges and screens can be utilized in any size and shape in a very easy way. The top designers who work in the field of interior and exterior landscaping prefer these faux hedges for replicating nature wherever it is required. The importance of natural trees and plants can never be ruled out, but it is not always possible to install them everywhere. As their maintenance is the main issue, fake boxwood hedge screens are a trouble free item. 

They are professionally crafted to look exactly similar to the real plants. Install them in the hallway to the board room of your plush office or add them around the pool area of your exotic resort, these artificial boxwood panels, and screens can add greenery to every corner and pathway as per your design requirements. Faux boxwood tiles can also be used on the floor instead of regular carpets for creating the natural grass effect.

Why do the live plants lose the battle with artificial boxwood mats and screens as decor item?

Plenty of reasons can be explained as why the fake ones always stand as a better option when it has to be used as a decor item for a new MNC branch or a particular designer store decoration in a luxury mall. They are :-

  • Temperature requirements are a must for the live plants and flowers, but artificial faux hedge screens don't have any particular preference.
  • Sunlight, watering, and rains are required for real plants existence, the artificial replica stays same in every weather condition.
  • Fertilizers and pesticides are a must for live plants; fake ones require nothing.
  • The screens of fake hedges are extremely durable, while the live plant may die or decay anytime.
  • The fake ones are very much inexpensive, while money gets involved in taking care of real plants and trees.

The creator of these artistic and real looking artificial boxwood hedges and screens.

The best company to manufacture and create these fake botanical beauty is none other than HedgeScapes. This company has been in this business for more than 40 years. They have the best team comprising of landscape architects, engineers, and botanists for creating these breathtaking indoor and artificial outdoor hedges and screens. Transforming any ordinary wall into beautiful natural green walls and infusing greenery everywhere is the primary goal of the company. 

The company promises its customers to supply the best products, as they never compromise in their craftsmanship. Artificial hedge screening can be very well used to get some privacy if you have a cafe beside the road, to cover up the sides in a stylish way. The people from the HedgeScapes are forever ready to help with choosing the best fake boxwood hedges according to your landscape designs.

The unique features provided by faux boxwood hedge screens for creating risk-free landscapes.

HedgeScapes manufactures this high quality, extremely durable products in artificial hedge and screens, which can be installed anywhere inside or outside. Also, there are plenty of other features and reasons as why these artificial hedge panels are perfect for your office or malls. They are:-

  • ThermaLeaf® technology is used in manufacturing these artificial hedge screens for making it 100% fire retardant. That is why if the product is exposed to fire it can never get damaged.
  • PermaLeaf® technology is used for its manufacturing for ensuring its appearance to stay as it is forever. The technology prevents from fading even when kept in harsh conditions and also protects from UV rays.
  • The product is rated very high in commercial grading; this is because it is engineered and designed with very high quality and the materials used are also of very high standard.
  • The installation of the product is pretty easy; instruction manuals are provided and you can find installation videos in their official sites as well. The company also offers its manpower in helping you with the installation.

Varieties of artificial hedge screens you can find in HedgeScapes collection.

In pattern and foliage, the company offers with various types of hedge screens and artificial boxwood mat in their collection. They are crafted exactly like real plant hedges. The varieties available are Dark-green pearl grass, Light-green pearl grass, Boxwood, Azalea, English Ivy and Juniper. Juniper screens and boxwood panels are available in all the seasons, and this is why all the designers prefer these two over others in the landscaping designing projects.

Apart from artificial screens for creating green decorations the other types of hedges available are mats, rolls, and topiaries. The screens while you can customize ordering with the size and shapes. On the company’s online site you can browse through their catalog, look for samples and then you can place your order. 

Temporary screens are also available if you want the place to be decorated with green walls for a particular occasion. Otherwise, the permanent artificial hedge screens last all your life with almost no maintenance.

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