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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 11:34

Artificial Hedges - Elegantly and Alluringly Beautiful

artificial hedge screeningGetting the right landscape can prove to be an immensely hard task, especially if the area is not suitable for planting shrubs or trees. In such areas, artificial hedges can be used for interior or exterior landscaping so that it looks like a natural landscape. These hedges can be used to add great value to theme parks, hotels, shopping malls, big restaurants, casinos, hospitals, water parks, amusement parks, government buildings, enormous corporate houses and other such commercial premises. 

Why Artificial Hedges?

These hedges are quite popular nowadays and used in landscapes of commercial premises thereby enhancing the overall beauty of the area. The artificial boxwood hedge is one kind of artificial hedge which adds scenic beauty to both indoor and outdoor landscapes irrespective of the premises. People also use these fake hedges for privacy so that they get a private space in their commercial buildings or any other place for that matter. The traditional boxwood and juniper hedges are preferred by most people from around the globe due to their extensive use in interior and exterior landscaping of premises. 

The ever so beautiful Artificial Hedges

Artificial hedges can be assembled in waiting rooms, lounges or even in open areas near commercial buildings. Enhance the beauty of your office, restaurant, or cafe with these beautiful hedges which contain the best variety of leaves. Expert botanists help in making realistic leaves of the highest quality. The realistic leaves of these hedges can make it appear as if they are natural leaves of a plant. The dense growth of the leaves gives the hedges a spectacular shape and natural look. 

Which one to choose?

Choose from the never-ending varieties of foliage ranging from the English ivy to the pearl grass types. Artificial boxwood hedges are one of the commonly used varieties of hedges for both outdoor and indoor landscaping of premises. 

  • Outdoor artificial boxwood hedges are available in many standard sizes and shapes. These hedges can be shaped out or designed according to your preference.
  • All sorts of artificial hedges for outdoors can be found these days due to the use of new and improved technology in the manufacture of hedges. 
  • You can also find artificial boxwood mats which serve as highly flexible instant hedges. 
  • The artificial boxwood mat can be chosen according to the need or design of your space. The foliage can be of different varieties such as azalea, boxwood, English ivy, dark green pearl grass, light green pearl grass and so on. 

These artificial hedges are available all over the globe and can be ordered online to make your environment look like a beautiful picnic spot.

Benefits of using Artificial Hedges

There are numerous benefits of using artificial hedges in both the exterior and interior landscapes of your commercial buildings. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits which are listed below. 

  • Alternative to natural hedges   

These hedges can act as fake hedges which act as natural landscapes. There is no need to water the shrubs and so it requires less maintenance. A fake hedge fence can be designed in order to separate areas and the hedge acts as the boundary between two areas. Thus it serves as the best alternative to natural hedges which are comprised of real shrubs and trees. 

  • Easy to install

These hedges can be installed easily in quick time. The hedges can be assembled manually to an iron grid cage using zip ties and commercial grade. You can also fabricate the plants of faux hedges to get a complete and glossy look, giving your hotel a grand and rich look. 

  • Long lasting

Outdoor artificial hedges of different sizes and shapes are manufactured using polyurethane which makes the hedges long lasting and fade resistant. Less expensive plastic hedges become less resistant to the sun as the UV protection material burns away with time. In case of outdoor hedges, the UV protection material gets blended into the resin and so the hedges become weather resistant.  

  • Add privacy

Installation of hedges will help in adding extra privacy to your commercial premises and so it serves as a private space for customers. Use these standard hedges to disguise fences or walls and prevent entry of outsiders in your commercial space. You can also use a privacy screen or add artificial hedge screening which can act as a fence or wall between two areas. 

Get the desired artificial hedges for your premises

Artificial hedge panels can be designed according to your need to make sure that the hedges serve as a perfect cover for customers or visitors who come to have a pleasant time in your commercial premises. 

  • The artificial hedge wall can act as a privacy screen for people who need a space of their own. Thus the bounded area can act as a place of relaxation, sightseeing or rehabilitation. 
  • Artificial boxwood panels help in building a highly realistic artificial hedge which can add scenic beauty to the exterior or interior landscapes of your hotel or mall, making it a widely popular commercial place. 
  • The artificial leaves which are prepared by expert botanists give the hedges a fresh and natural appearance. 
  • These leaves can be trimmed and shaped into any specific shape or design of your choice. So you can give it the shape of a monster, a superhero, a cricket pitch, a monument, a tiger, an elephant or any other design of your interest or need. 
  • For large monuments or government buildings or hotels, the name of the firm can also be designed with the help of artificial outdoor hedges. 

Let your imagination run wild with a variety of designs and characters to find out the best design for hedges in the exterior and interior landscapes of your commercial premises. These designs will surely attract a large number of customers from around the globe and make your commercial building a widely popular one.

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