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Friday, 26 July 2019 17:12

Dependable Decor Ideas for a Library - Top 10

In spite of the growing popularity of digital media, the library has not lost importance. There is nothing like curling up with a book after a hectic schedule. With the right decoration, your library can turn into an ultimate relaxing haven.
In case you have a library and are eager to decorate it. You have come to the right page. Read on to know the 10 tips for library decoration.

1. Infuse nature with artificial greenery arrangements

Proximity to the greenery helps to create a calm and quiet ambiance. This is why greeneries are the most essential for library decoration. But live plants need regular care and maintenance. This is why the nearly-natural trees and plants have become a godsend alternative.

They are available in many sizes, shapes, and varieties. You may choose anything from hedge, mat, roll, topiaries, and other things. In case your library is in the living area, zoning it out with artificial greenery privacy screens lifts the décor to the next level.

Made from premium quality raw foliage and color pigment, the artificial plants and trees look like their live versions. So, there is no compromise on the aesthetic front. Loaded with UV blocking material, these never get discolored.

Installing small artificial topiary trees elevates the dead corner space. Since these contain doses of special fire retardant chemicals, they have self-extinguishing properties. This makes your library safe from fire hazards.

Faux greens offer an easy installation. Being independent of seasonal variations, they offer the same shine around the year. As these do attract insects, they keep your library free from mosquitoes.

2. Create a unique display by organizing the books

Organizing the collection of books is a great way to decorate the library. There are many ways to do that. You may arrange the books based on their colors. Sorting them further based on height delivers a great show.

Shelving the hard-covers and paperbacks is also a great décor idea. This will create an excellent streamlined display.

Do not fill the shelves with books. Keep some space in empty. It is not mandatory to make the books standing. Store a few books in lying position. This will deliver a great look.

3. Include comfortable seating for cozy reading

Seating is very vital in the library. It lets you glide through the words in comfort. Study desks and chairs are perfect for serious reading. Also, add a lounge chair, bin bag, armchair, or a recliner sofa depending on the space availability.

If possible, decorate the library by creating a reading nook within the shelves. Provide a rug and throw pillows. These will add to the décor and allow a relaxed and comfortable reading.

4. Blend books with collectibles for a beautiful display

A library reminds us of bookcases packed with books and extending from the floor to the ceiling. This is quite serious and dull. But a home library does not need to be like this.

Include different items in the bookcase. This will help to create blank spaces where your eyes can land. Displaying some collectibles in the bookcase is ideal for this. You may include practically anything from seashells, stones to small artifacts. These will enhance the décor and deliver a pleasant look.

5. Glam the library with layered lighting arrangement

No one likes to struggle the eyeballs while reading in a library. This makes light the most crucial library décor element. Ensure ample and right type of lighting in the library to make it awesome.

Consider creating a beautiful ambiance with soft, diffused lighting. Combine this with task lighting for reading. This will let you have separate reading zones in the library and glam up the décor.

6. Update the library with by including e a media center

Times are rapidly changing. If you cannot cope with the changes, you will be a backbencher. So, arrange a media center in the library. You may have it built in one of the bookcases. This will save space and give a beautiful view. Such an arrangement will let you read books on the Kindle and other media as well.

7. Style up the library with unique shelving

There is no need to stick to traditional bookcases. As these are outdated, you should break out from these to make your library attractive.

Creating floating shelves is a great idea. Getting them as intersecting squares, honeycomb, and corner shelves will give a different look. Color them bright, and they will jazz up the decoration aplomb to the next level.

8. Make it look like a cultural hub with artworks

Naturally, there will be books on various topics in the library. Some of them are likely to be very serious reading. Highlighting the cultural side will ease out the tension of going through tough books.

Hang artwork in the library. This could be a local painting or a replica of some great work. Whatever you choose, that should align with the décor of the room. This will definitely lift up the ambiance.

9. Personalize the space with your favorite photos

Personalizing the library room is a great way to enhance the decoration. You can include family photos or natural scenery for this. Fix them in colorful frames and hang on a vacant wall. You also use wall decals alternatively. They will create a beautiful gallery wall and escalate the overall look of the place.

10. Have cozy wall finishes for a great look

Wall finishes play a vital role in library decoration. Always avoid bright warm colors that help to invigorate. Using light blue in the library is a great idea. It helps to calm the mind, and you will be able to enjoy reading in the library.


Only storing books do not build a library. You have to make the place attractive and relaxing. You may apply the above to enhance the décor. But, these are not ultimate. Since the library is a personal space, you can make necessary changes to suit your needs.

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