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Thursday, 21 January 2016 09:43

Integrate Fake Hedges to Protect & Beautify

artificial boxwood hedgesBy now most of us have come to the parity that artificial landscaping in and around a commercial establishment has many positives. The availability of high-quality silk plant foliage has made it possible for the designers to churn out a magnificent picture of business through simulated greenery.

Beneficial to Families

Presently, not only business owners but even families are finding fake greenery to draw a compound of the green wall to improve the level of security around the region particularly for their kids and pets. They are searching for something that can give protection and accommodation to the family members whether they are unwinding at home or reading books in the front yard. 

Also, products like artificial boxwood hedges, with flexible mat panels or vertical walls, made out of high-quality artificial Azalea foliage can easily conceal a major part of your outdoors providing you with a secure atmosphere.These positive vibes can be certainly accomplished through our stylish line of artificial hedges, roll, green wall and screens. 

Securing your Post

Landscaping the outdoors with huge green walls is like securing your post or home in the particular context. Artificial hedges are considered as lovely living dividers as a result of their characteristic and lifelike appearance. Our techniques cut them in different sizes and shapes relying upon how you are going to utilize it. Some clients do prefer customization, so everything that we manufacture is done with the consent of the homeowner.

Since you will apply faux greenery, the maintenance task is also diminished as they do not require pruning, cutting and watering. All you need to do is a timely cleanup. Despite its motivation to beautify the outdoors (also giving security and privacy), the material used in making a boxwood hedge is steel lining and iron strings passing through the foliage, making it strong and sturdy. 

Custom Shapes and Sizes available with HedgeScape

If you may have observed, artificial hedges, fake bushes and screens are extensively used at shopping malls, cafes, hotel lobbies to create a refreshing ambience. The fake greenery used there is not of a particular size but is custom made according to the particular area.

Similarly, at home, one can take measurements in advance and then select the plant variety and the wall designs to make your outdoors private and gleeful for the kids and the pets to enjoy.

You can approach the producers for the customized size and the availability of foliage variety and application.

Artificial Hedge Planters

If the greenery over the hedge is something attractive, so should be the base. Planters complement an artificial hedge perfectly. We at HedgeScape have with us Wood Planters that have wooden baseboards, suitable for both exterior and interior applications and can be treated for fire outbreaks and harsh weather. Another type of planter is the Metal base which is our most durable (galvanized metal made with 4 gauge wire, sag resistant) baseboard this is a perfect solution for applications in very windy areas; rooftops, beachfront properties, etc.