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Monday, 31 December 2018 14:25

The Journey of A Kitchen from Traditional to Modern

The kitchen is considered to be the center of all the activities of the home. The most important part of any house can be the kitchen. This is where the whole family sits for having their food, comes together to talk to each other and also the place where every family member is bound to meet each other sometime during the day. Some even consider it the most sacred place, keeping religious books, idols or other material as per the religion they follow. The kitchen also is considered as an important place because this is where the food that feeds the entire family gets prepared. The transformation of a kitchen from the traditional to a modern should, therefore, be handled very carefully. Getting experts involved in it is strongly recommended.

Why would the kitchen even undertake this journey?

Why do you ask? Well, we can list down several reasons. Here are our top seven reasons the kitchen in any house must be most updated and modern.


With the passage of time, the various equipment in the kitchen, the appliances, the walls, and even the furniture gets old, rusty and sometimes remains unclean in spite of all attempts to get it spic and span.

Though most homemakers would challenge this saying they make sure their kitchen is clean every time, anytime. With time, many things set in such as if your house is in a wet region with lots of rainfall, fungus, mildew, and other parasitic elements do tend to capture the surfaces. Even though disinfectants come in handy, thorough and deep cleaning may not always be possible due to lack of expertise or simply due to the lack of time. Updating the kitchen or remodeling it after a few years, gives it a fresh and clean look and also ensures total cleanliness in this part of the house which also determines the overall health of the entire family residing there.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Awareness

With advanced technology, newer appliances have become more energy efficient. Look at that oven and grill and the dishwasher. If each is around a decade old, having in pride in using the appliance so well that it still works fine may be great but in the long run, upgrading to a newer more energy saving version of the same will be more cost effective over a period of next few years. Sometimes even saving more than the cost you paid for it.

Many types of equipment and appliances now come with an environmental feature which allows for lesser carbon footprint and work on lesser power, contributing towards lessening global warming. Giving our future generations a cleaner and greener planet is as important and making these small changes in the kitchen to make it modern can make a big difference.

Remodeling the House

If you are remodeling the entire house, the kitchen should be your top priority. We suggest you focus your maximum energy in the proper layout and planning of the kitchen remodeling. After all, as we know, the kitchen is the epicenter of all family activities and also the key place where the food is cooked to feed the entire family.

Changes in the family needs

An obvious change is a change in the number of family members. Whether it is because a family member is getting married and bringing in a bride or an expecting couple getting ready to make their house prepared for the incoming little ones. The more the people to feed, the more space needed to service those needs properly; the countertops being the most important ones as sometimes, they also double up as a baby seat  while their feed and milk warm up in the oven.

Changes in lifestyle

Many of us are switching to a healthier and active lifestyle, and this change may prompt a very immediate and important need to remodel and change the kitchen. Many families are now seeing the need to have a breakfast counter in addition to the regular cooking counter as their most important meal of the day is now the healthy breakfast cooked with healthy ingredients in modern equipment. It is also the only time the entire family gets to meet each other at the same time so all the more important to have proper space to have this meal properly. A modern kitchen with a breakfast counter makes this a very comfortable affair.

A new owner

When the house changes ownership, the new occupants can have many different requirements. From the cooking styles to the food preferences everything could be different. Before the new occupants move in, the kitchen often gets a complete or at least a partial makeover.

For The Want Of A New Look

Even with the latest equipment and the modern layout, sometimes having a new look makes the kitchen refreshing and modern. Having artificial plants, hedges or box hedges that give it a trendy look can give you the change you needed to make things different in your life.

Here is a bonus tip

Always make sure your kitchen is modern and well equipped. Make changes to keep it modular and has ample storage space. Those harsh weather days when you cannot step out to refill the essentials make it necessary to stock up. However, if the storage space is not sufficient, needed items cannot be stocked. Also, for those surprise visits by cousins or relatives from back home require you to have enough stocks.

A modern and equipped kitchen also has the potential to add several thousand to the resale value of the house.

What are your reasons to remodel or make your kitchen into an ultra modern and well equipped one? Tell us of any more you did not read here and spread the knowledge. Also, you may want to do the remodeling as a DIY project or call in the experts to handle it. Both have their pluses and minuses. Maybe we can cover that in another blog some other time.

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