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Monday, 05 August 2019 17:40

The Nastiest Design Flaws Most Offices Suffer From, and What to Do Instead

Tried everything but failed to motivate the employees? Well, this could be due to some faulty designs.

While a good office design makes the employees wow, any design mistake is sure to evoke the opposite effect. Thus, the ultimate result is a loss of productivity.

But do not worry. Making changes are always possible. Here are some insights on the nastiest design flaws and how to set them right.

Dull office ambiance: Bring life with artificial greenery arrangements

Making your office attractive is the most important design criterion. As humans have an innate connection with nature, live plants make an office cheerful. But these need serious maintenance. That is why the nearly-natural indoor trees and plants have gained immense popularity.

Made from high-quality raw material, they replicate their live cousins. Using artificial plants and trees do not cause any compromise with aesthetics. As these are not dependent on seasons, you get the same view around the year.
There are many varieties. You can pick from hedge, mat, roll, signage, topiary and many more. Using an artificial boxwood wall backdrop panel in the office takes the décor aplomb to the next level. As these contain doses of UV blocking material and fire retardant chemicals, they do not fade and never spread the fire.

Installation of artificial boxwood hedge in planters is very easy. You can install them anywhere, and they will make the place bright with their majestic presence. They never cause any litter and keep the office clean. As they do not grow mold and attract insects, you get a hygienic office.

Having insufficient space: Make the office flexible

Due to unavailability and increasing rent, a majority of office suffers from the above design problem. If your employees cannot stretch their arms and legs, it is sure to downscale productivity.

Making your office space flexible can solve this problem. Include moveable fences in the office. They will help to turn the floor into a meeting room. Also, try to reduce the wasted space through innovative design. You will get a more productive office.

Messed up with open office plan: Fix with glass partitions

Open office plan was like a panacea in office designing for several decades. Want to make your employees collaborative? Follow an open office plan. Having limited space? Open office plan can solve that. Have to supervise a large workforce? Open office plan is the best for that.

But it has some downsides as well. While it removes isolation and helps team building, it also lacks in privacy. Many office jobs need privacy and concentration. Open office plan can hardly be fit for these.

Fix it by creating booths with glass partitions. This will let you have control over the personal space and improve efficiency.

Employees walking into glass partitions: Tweak them with funny signs

Leaving glass partitions unmarked is a serious design mistake. People may walk into them. You might burst into laughter reading this. But this happens sometimes and causes serious injuries.

So, never leave any glass wall or panel without marking. Better, tweak them with funny signs so that people can be aware of their presence on the office floor.

Suffers from auditory distraction: include noise dampening measures

Auditory distraction is a perennial problem in offices. When many people sit together, it is sure to cause reverberations. High-level noise is irritating and causes serious issues like lack of concentration and productivity.

Tackle such issues by including sound-absorbing materials in the office. You may also add a white noise generator in the office; they also help to mask the noise generated.

Employees getting bored easily: Create a breakout area

There is no denying that it is impossible to concentrate on the job every minute. When employees have to work continuously, they become victims of boredom. This makes them less productive. Creating a breakout area can resolve such issues.

Arrange a separate room or a dedicated space where the employees can take a break. Provide a comfortable sitting and light reading materials. Also, include tea and coffee points in the breakout space. As the employees can take a short rest and engage in social chatting, it makes them more creative and productive.

Lack of work-life balance: Offer childcare services

Insufficient work-life balance makes working parents less productive. As a parent, their duties do not cease when they work. They always think of their children and cannot do the jobs creatively. Providing childcare facility is excellent to take care of such issues.

It is always best to have an onsite crèche with trained personnel. This helps the working parents to spend some time with their children during short breaks. They can also attend to any emergencies if necessary. In case this is not feasible, arranging a local daycare center boosts up the employee morale.

Insufficient illumination: Explore as much natural light as possible

Insufficient illumination is another design mistake that lowers down productivity. Build large glass windows in the office to make the place bright and blooming. And arrange to place the desks near the windows for harnessing maximum natural light.

In case your rented office does not allow constructions, bring in artificial daylights. Simulating the natural daylight, these are the best alternative available. But make sure that it is not too harsh or low as in both cases, working becomes difficult.

Employees suffering from postural issues: Follow ergonomics

As the employees work sitting for a long time, bad postures create many health hazards. Pain in the back, spine, neck, and arms are some of them. Use ergonomic furniture to fix these issues. These have adjustable height and armrest and let the employees have the right posture. These reduce the chances of such health hazards and minimize absenteeism.


Productivity is the first and last thing to any business. And, having an optimal office is sure to motivate the employees and enhance productivity. Now that you have an idea about the design flaws and their solutions take advantage of these to make your business a roaring success.

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