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Friday, 21 October 2016 12:19

Wake Up To The Magic of Landscaping With Artificial Hedges

Wake Up To The Magic of Functional Landscaping With Artificial Boxwood HedgesHedgeScapes provides hedges that are highly durable, fire-resistant as well as maintenance free. Hedges enhances one’s house, and it can be used either for interior or exterior landscaping. HedgeScapes provides customized hedges to the suite to one’s requirements. They offer many varieties of hedges like Boxwood, Juniper, Azalea, etc. They are manufactured using latest technologies which provide sustainable hedges. They are sure to bring great cheer and joy to the householders as well as the visitors.

Some of the ideas for using artificial boxwood hedges

Artificial boxwood hedges are perfect decorations and help in covering some of the views by adding great appeal to the settings. They can also be installed in gardens and contributes to give privacy and relaxation. They fit in any interior, and one can rely on them to use as a privacy screen as well. They provide a vast collection of boxwood hedges which are ideal for any space as well as provide elegance and decoration. They resemble life like plants and provide great beauty as well as sophistication. They help in making one’s area look professionally decorated and well-planned interior with least maintenance.

What are the specialties of boxwood hedges?

Boxwood hedges hold an exceptional place in interior and exterior decorations as well as landscapes. They are elegant and can be wild too, but provide high fashion. Their abilities to provide immense splendor to home or gardens can never be underestimated. They are highly useful to conceal ugly things in the interior as well as exterior. They are extensively used in landscapes which provide tremendous garden background. They can also be correctly used in the backyard or front garden to enhance the elegance of the landscape. They are manufactured with high-quality materials which provide durability and do not require regular maintenance.

Choosing perfect boxwood hedge size and shape

These boxwood hedges typically come in standard dimensions which fit into any space. However one can also select custom shapes and sizes. These customized boxwood hedges are built to suit one’s particular needs based on the space available. They perfectly fit in roof top restaurants and hotel lobby as well. They can also combine with other faux plants easily and provide a great focal point. They also come in sleek shapes which provide easy mobility and allows one to rearrange them in any interior as well as front yards. The custom orders are manufactured in quick time and can be installed easily.

Some of the varieties of hedges baseboard

To make the hedges look aesthetically pleasing, one should use baseboards. These hedges baseboards come in various materials like metal, wood, and foam. Wooden baseboards are highly ideal for both exterior as well as interior installations. They protect the plants from fire hazards and can withstand unkind weather conditions as well. The metal baseboards are made of four gauge wire, and hence they do not sag easily. They are durable and can be accommodated in rooftops as well as beachfront properties. Foam baseboards are widely used for temporary installations and are economical too. One can utilize these baseboards and enhance plant decorations.

Choosing Foliage variety for Hedges

Traditional boxwood hedges are used for a variety of landscape projects, and they provide leave structure which mimics real leaves. These structures are prepared by collaborating with prominent botanists. Some of the other varieties include English ivy, azalea and juniper apart from boxwood. The foliage that one chooses should mimic natural plant and should be able to provide great pleasure to meeting rooms or waiting for halls. They should be easily maintainable and portable from one place to another. Selecting right foliage for outdoor landscaping is also important as it brings significant dimension to one’s front yard as well as ornament.

Selecting right hedge based on requirement

One should decide on what type of application these hedges will be used which helps to choose the perfect variety accordingly. When one is using these hedges for both outdoor landscaping and interior decorations, one should choose a variety which matches both indoor as well as outdoor decorations. When one is thinking of moving hedges once in two months or so one should go for sleek types which enable easy movement. Outdoor landscapes require durable hedges since they need to withstand weather changes. When one wants to install them in waiting rooms and mix them with other faux plants, one should choose hedges consequently.

Manufacturing details of Hedge Foliage

Hedge foliage material consists of PermaLeaf® and ThermaLeaf® grades. PermaLeaf® enables to retain color and do not fade easily due to weather changes and hence are best suitable for outdoor landscapes. They come with UV stabilizers which protect the foliage from color fading. They also provide commercial grade resin which enables to endure harsh weather. ThermaLeaf® enables to manufacture fire retardant foliage and complies with various international fire safety test methods like NFPA, ASTM, etc. The foliage is manufactured by the team experts in botany, horticulture as well as landscape architecture by collaborating with their knowledge to produce excellent quality.

Methods of Hedge manufacturing

Hedge products are manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure durability and popularity. They are manufactured by taking all the minute details into account. They use commercial grade materials for manufacturing hedges which include inks, pigments as well as fabrics which ensure to provide long-lasting and withstand wear and tear. They are designed professionally with the help of landscape architects and botanists to provide high-quality output. They also provide methodological production processes which ensure quality products as well as the safe working environment. These top grade materials are sure to enhance the durability of hedge products and provide magnificent landscapes for interior as well as exterior.

Installation procedures for Hedges

Hedges are manufactured based on the custom orders, and they provide easy installation as well. They provide installation document which comes with detailed installation instructions that are easy to follow. They also provide all the hardware items like bolts, nuts, washers, etc. for a smooth installation. The toolbox which they provide contains all the essential tools necessary for the installation. They also provide installation workforce in case one request for the same. The installation procedure is quite easy and does not require any equipment to lift or move the products. Hedge products do not need any prior expertise for installation either for interior or exterior landscapes.

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