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artificial grass matInterior decor is a never-ending task; new trends keep often popping, urging us for a decor upgrade frequently. The recent trend in giving our home a style upgrade is to add a decent dose of environment friendliness. Becoming eco-friendly is the order of the era, and the initiative is appreciated in almost all walks of life, and home decor is no exception. The best part of going for environmentally friendly decor upgrade is that there is no need to compromise on style and elegance.

When we talk about environmental friendliness, the first thing that comes to our mind is to achieve the goal by growing plants and trees. But in modern urban communities, the plantation is a serious joke. Either there is no space to grow them, or the quality of sand does not support healthy plant growth. At this point, artificial boxwood hedges, faux plants for outdoors and artificial topiary trees could serve the purpose as they offer the look of environmental friendliness to the home. Fake outdoor topiary plants are fire resistant, maintenance free and look fresh and green all day and in all seasons.

Smart ways for an environmentally friendly decor upgrade

Rugs and bath mats:

Bath mats, rugs, and towels have indispensable usage in every household, but we have been using commercially sold towels and mats that are made using artificial dyes and materials. The best alternative for this is to prepare handmade rugs with the help of old clothes and bath mats by spinning old clothes in definite patterns. Handmade rugs made from bottle corks could best act as anti-slip bath mats too. Its vibrant colors and soft texture would definitely be a style upgrade with extensive usage.

Another eco-friendly way is to spin or buy mats using jute coir and use it on dining tables, platers for dish vessels and coffee mugs. They could be stuck on the wall too as a way to decor walls along stairways as well.

Decor with houseplants:

Growing a lot of indoor plants not only render a lush of green spirit inside the house but are also free oxygen suppliers, in the otherwise contaminated environment. Growing plants in pots and placing them along stairways, on table tops, and racks is a way to add elegance and a style statement to the home. Climbers can be grown on the background wall to create a wall of green inside the household. Growing herbs and flowers such as chrysanthemum will give a hand as Ayurveda treatment alternative as well for minor health problems.

Decor with raw wood:

At present times the theme to decor the house interiors is to incorporate things in their natural and raw form. For example, large logs of wood could be used as seating arrangement near dining and drinking area, in the garden, in the kids play area, etc., Kitchen tables and dining tables made from raw wood without any harmful paints are also gaining importance in home decor.

Eco-friendly Flooring:

House flooring is generally made with tiles and marbles, and a few houses have wooden flooring as it is a costly affair. But for those who wish to have an environment-friendly decor upgrade, it is important to choose a floor covering made of sustainable material as they have a long life span. Bamboo flooring and teak wood flooring are excellent alternatives as these hardwoods are very strong and are easily recyclable. They also have an additional advantage of rendering thermal insulation and are slip-proof too.

Eco-friendly walls:

Most of the household paints contain volatile organic compounds and are harmful to the health of housemates, especially kids. It is thus important to choose eco-friendly paints that have less harmful chemicals and using bamboo brushes for painting the walls as an alternative for artificial nylon brushes. Organic paints are available in a number of vibrant kids and would surely serve as a style element for interior decor upgrade.

Kitchen countertops and Bathroom walls:

Bathroom walls and kitchen tops are prone to get stained and damaged easily owing to their extensive usage. This perhaps is the reason why these walls have been made of polished tiles to wipe them clean easily. One best alternative for this is to use recycled glass to create colorful and environment-friendly backgrounds. They reflect more light, look elegant and require very less maintenance in terms of cleaning and wiping.

Window Treatments:

Though windows are meant for cross ventilation at homes, they need draping so as to render privacy and closely spaced to the inmates. Traditionally windows have been draped with curtains made of cloth of different types or with blinds made of plastics. To frame an eco-friendly home decor, it would be a great idea to use blinds made of Bamboo, as it is recyclable and tough to stay for a long time


Majority of the furniture is made from wood and its supplements, for an eco-friendly home decor it is a good idea to invest in furniture made from the reclaimed wood of old furniture. It is also wise to buy them in vintage shops that sell recycled wood and antiques for a contemporary look and as a socially responsible initiative. While shopping for furniture, make it a point to buy them from shops that manufacture them by following environmental standards and certifications.

Reduce- Reuse – Recycle:

Most of us invest in buying a good number of things all through our lives and end up staggering a lot of clutter in our homes. To reduce the number of things going into the landfill, the best strategy to follow is to reuse and recycle. For instance, an old carbon coated pan could be polished and used as a bulb holder; An old armchair could get refurbished into some new furniture, a ladder can become a bookshelf or a swing etc., The restoration work is worth the effort for it is an excellent hack for home decor if made with vibrant and dazzling colors.

Going handmade:

Gone are the days when practically everything was machine made, the handmade era is back, and it is time to try our hands in creating some crafts with used material. Making attractive toys with old socks and sleeves by stuffing them with cotton or sand, making pen holders using newspapers and used popsicles, making mobile holders, etc., seem to sound simple but are works of excellent craftsmanship and could easily decor the living area.


Going in for a décor upgrade for house interiors is open to one’s imagination, but doing it in an environmentally friendly way would help the society at large. These thought-provoking initiatives would invite praise and expand one’s scope in upcycling every single thing possible into something great and new.

Faux HedgeHome is the place where the soul dwells; it is the place that brings peace to the body and the mind after a long and tight schedule. Home is not just a unit build with bricks and cement but should ease the fatigue off the mind with its ambiance and warmness. Interior décor plays an important role in enhancing the feel of our homes and it is no wonder that all of us wish to own homes that proudly depict our taste of living, but it is not always an economical process.

We would have tried decorating our house a number of times using artificial trees, modern furniture, natural and artificial floral arrangements, hedges, etc., but every time it is a wallet wrecking process.

Fortunately, there are a good number of ways to build a home of our tastes within our budget. Just by focusing on a few simple aspects of good home living such as creating works of art, window draping, floors and paints we could easily achieve the ultimate aesthetic living experience at our present dwelling itself.

Creating a green scheme at house interiors:

Having a lush of green space at homes is a natural, beneficial and economical way to decorate a house. This long-forgotten scheme is gaining importance recently as people throw their focus on terrace gardens, organic farming, etc. It is a good idea to have few beneficial plants such as Spider plants, Indian Basil, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, etc. on corner tables placed in bedrooms and living rooms for an easy, affordable and classy interior décor.

Concentrating on the colors of the house

The elegance of the home depends on the age of its paints; they have the ability to alter the looks of a newly built house date back to the ’80s easily. It is important to choose high-quality paints at neutral or bold colors depending on one’s taste redoing the painting at frequent intervals so as to uphold the elegance of the house at all times. Mixing up colors, painting on definite patterns, getting each wall of a room looks different are up to one’s innovations in getting their home look classy.

Artificial Lighting

Sunlight is a vital energy booster for all homes, and it is a fact that all houses are built with enough doors windows to allow this natural lighting to ponder in. But to enhance the looks of a house, it is important to focus on artificial lighting also because, within just a few pennies, it has the capability of transforming our room into a large budgeted hotel suite. Artificial ceilings lined with subtle lights, table and floor lamps, and other light fixtures would add a huge style statement to the home.

Invest in Furniture

Furniture is an essential aspect of every home; they play a vital role as a storage unit in keeping the place out of clutter, holding decorative items, as a hospitality tool for our guests, a paradise when we are tired inside out to rest on and so on. Though they cost a few big bucks, they are a one-time investment and would uphold the beauty of the house for a number of years. It is essential to focus on painting the furniture on par or contrast with the room color and also to protect it from mites. It would be a wise choice to take up second-hand furniture from auction sales for economical home décor.

Treating the windows right

It is important to drape the windows right so that they would complement the style and scale of the room. Invest in roller blinds or simple curtains with floral and leaf patterns to drape the windows to give a fresh look to the room. It is also possible to enhance the look of the house by making the ceiling look higher simply but increasing the height of window drapes.

A piece of art on the walls

Long boring walls are always a pull-offs for high-end home décor. It would be a great idea to include some wall hangings and photo frames for classy and affordable home décor. Family photos, artistic pictures, scenic frames, even arts using leaves and flowers can be framed and made hang on the wall. It is important to concentrate on the right size and patterns before decorating the wall along with little care on the background paint color.

Accessorize the home interiors:

To stay away from stereotype home interior décor, it is important to think out of the box and accessorize the house with few interesting items. Extra pillows on the couch, decorative plants, additional curtains on window sills, center table furniture with magazines and flower vases, wall hangings and pictures, etc. are some accessories that anyone could invest on and add a sense of aesthetics to their home.

Get your home smell great with scents:

An excellent smelling home is none less than a paradise. A good fragrance is a mood lifter, eases off stress and tension from one’s body and mind and escalates our mood off all stress and depression. An excellent smelling home is a result of good maintenance and concentration on its ambiance. It could be easily achieved by using scented candles, burning incense sticks; using lamps burned using essential oils, keeping fragrant flowers such as lily, rosemary at room corners, etc. Those who feel the process tiring and time-consuming could concentrate on air fresheners available handy at shops. Nevertheless, a good smelling home is a welcoming gesture for our acquaintances and us as well.


One important and the most affordable way to get the home look and feel elegant within budget is to keep it clean at all times and declutter it as often as possible. Routine dusting and cleaning the rooms give the home an all-time good look. It is vital to wash curtains and carpets from stains and spots so that they look good as always. Cleaning windows and sills help us live healthy too as it is the best dwelling for dust and parasites.

In short, keeping all accessories and decorative items in their place and cleaning the house as often as possible is the proven way to have a high-end home at all times.

Outdoor Privacy ScreenOne would like to make their spouse surprise and show their unconditional love with special gifts. There are many ideas to make the spouse feel happy. With Valentine’s Day is coming up, it is an excellent opportunity to give surprise to the spouse. And presenting a creative and brand new home décor is an exotic and exciting idea. Let us discuss various home décor ideas that can thrill the spouse and make joyful on this special occasion.

Creative Accessory Items for Valentine’s Day

Decorating the home with garland flags with heart shape is one such idea. Arranging them in the living room, bedroom and entrance area helps in giving excited surprise to the spouse. One can hire pink colored stools for dinner and combine with colorful floral arrangement can lift the moods. Even soft and comfy pillows especially procured for the valentine day helps a lot to bond love between the couple. Stylish drapery curtains assist in adding mystique on this special day. A colorful tiny piece of artwork with heart shape is also enough to make the spouse wonder.

Create Valentine’s Day Atmosphere by Adding a Layer of Décor

One would have already created with rich and luxurious décor to make the spouse satisfactory and for comfortable living. Yet, to give an additional feel of love for the Valentine’s Day, one can add a few layers of décor elements that are very simple. By layering the existing décor elements with exciting décor items like wooden love tags or XO OX tags, one is sure to produce excitement. They are inexpensive and don’t eat up space as well. By adding Valentine’s Day throw pillow, one is sure to get an appreciation from the spouse.

Decorate Bedroom with Valentine’s Day Decors

Every spouse likes their bedroom very much and decorating it with a unique idea can make them happy. That too for this special occasion, creative bedroom decoration can produce endless joy. Valentine’s Day wallpapers decors that are easy to peel are available in exciting colors. One can stick them with ease to produce harmony and love. Arranging the bed with love arts can infuse warmth. One can use romantic bedspreads and pillow covers for this exceptional day. Hanging Valentine’s Day art pictures on the walls help to produce a feeling of romance.

Hanging Decoration for the Valentine’s Day

By attaching a heart-shaped art created with dozens of roses in the home can arouse the feelings of the spouse. One can arrange rose flower wall hangings crafted with a specific purpose for the day. The rose petals that aromatic are certain to create well being. They are sure to produce a dazzling atmosphere for the couple. By displaying spouse name with colorful floral arrangement can elevate the moods romantically. To make the spouse surprise one can hang heart-shaped arts in the ceiling too.

Special Wreaths for this Special Occasion

One can arrange personalized wreaths to make the spouse stunning. By combining wreath with artwork and floral, one is sure to get appreciation from the spouse. Wreaths with unique words on this occasion can make the spouse excited. Wreaths that come with a variety of shapes and colors can bring harmony and love. Garlanding home entrance with heart-shaped wreath can help to give a warm welcome to the spouse. One can decorate the walls with bunches of artificial flowers wreaths too.

Attractive Centerpiece Decoration

By arranging a bouquet of colorful flowers in a bubble jar with water, one can create a centerpiece of attraction for the Valentine’s Day. Printed Valentine’s pots that are heart shaped can be placed on the tables can produce great enthusiasm for the home. One can arrange attractive flowers in these jars to make it more attractive. Glittering votives can also be used for a beautiful centerpiece decoration. Arranging a dinner table with beautiful candles and floral arrangements can also elevate the moods.

Artificial Elements for Valentine’s Day Décor

There are plenty of faux elements available to decorate on this exceptional day. Artificial boxwood topiaries can be used to arrange Valentine’s Day words and welcome boards at the entrance. They are manufactured with high-quality materials and are harmless as well as attractive. One can create an exclusive artificial flower arrangement for the entire home to make it innovative decoration on this memorable day. Silk plants and silk flowers are beneficial for home décor on this day.

Add Valentine’s Day Accessories

One can add tea towels that are specially created for this day. Adding a beverage bar for this rare occasion is also a great idea that can welcome the spouse. Valentine’s Day candies, chocolates, ice-creams, etc., are sure to incite and make the spouse joyful. Customized mantles that are created to make the spouse happy are one of the best ideas on this Valentine’s Day. Arranging one’s wall with various memorable photo’s of the couple is an exciting idea.

Geometric Designs for Valentine’s Day

Arranging the home at various places like walls, ceiling, etc., with geometric heart shapes can make the day so special. These geometric shapes and patterns are available in tremendous variety. They are made of various materials like metals, cardboard, etc. which are rather creative decoration elements. They are quite inexpensive and easy to install too.

Special Bouquets to add Attraction on this Valentine’s Day

One can enhance attraction to Valentine’s Day decoration by carefully selecting bouquets that are dazzling. Interior designers have come with various ideas on bouquets which come in multiple patterns that are appealing to the eyes. Bouquets that are manufactured specifically for him or her are also available with huge collections.


Those who love their spouse much can give them rewarding and heart winning gifts. Presenting an innovative home décor to the homemaker is an excellent idea. The décor market is flooded with plenty of décor ideas are available, and one can apply them for this special day. One should spend their valuable time and select appropriate home décor on this eventful day. Presumably, the above variety of ideas that discussed should help one to present a pleasant surprise to their spouse.

Small Topiary FramesSometimes you may have walked into homes that look like museums with everything under the sun on display. There is hardly a space to place your half drunk glass of water. And on other occasions, you may have entered homes which look so empty with nearly nothing on display. The first scenario does excite you to buy lots of small and big curious and objects for your house. While the second, want you to just throw away everything for the sake of convenience and maintenance.

 It’s the perfect balance between the two scenarios that you need to maintain. You need a home which will be a reflection of you and your family’s personality, and at the same time, you need a home that is simplistic and easy to clean and maintain.

You may have the means to afford to buy many items of furniture, decorative pieces, curios, furnishings, etc. But remember that just like a cluttered brain is a cause for stress, so is the cluttered home a cause for concern. It increases the costs and efforts of cleaning and maintaining everything.  The cleaner the room looks, the better-organized things will be at home physically and in mind mentally.

Opt for a minimalistic decor and declutter your home. Read on how.

1.    Closed Storage

Organize your possessions in closed storage spaces. Though open shelves cannot be ruled out, you need to put things behind closed panels for a neater look. Have pull out drawers and shelves which roll out easily on channels. Keep separate areas for a different set of things. It will not only look better but will make your life much easier with things in place. Make a place for hanging clothes like coats, jackets, dresses, shirts, and trousers. This takes care of most of your clothing clutter.

Keep shoes and other footwear inside the beautiful shoe cabinets available these days. Place a planter or two with beautiful artificial tropical trees. It will add to the beauty of the room as well as distract from the sight of all the footwear! Similarly, have cabinets like a chest of drawers for books, linen, stationery and books, household tools, and other such items.

2.    Hang and hang

Make the most of the beautiful and colorful hanging hooks, hangars and other such accessories. Hats, umbrellas, and coats are commonly hung on stands. But, the sight of purses hanging neatly on a stand looks neat and uncluttered. It’s so easy to pick out one and use, and then place it back again. This also helps to remember all the purses you have when you need one! Use clips to hang as well.

3.    Magnetic Storage

Magnets are a big asset. Use the color and varied magnet hooks to hang small trinkets, bags, clothes, umbrellas, caps, etc. This will help to save space and also use the metal cupboards in the house.

4.    Multipurpose Racks

Multipurpose racks are the in thing n the markets for storages. Many of these can be wheeled around for convenience. They have trays, shelves, drawers, etc. which can be used to store simple things like clips and hair bands; clothing, stationery items, medicines, chargers, and other accessories, food packets, toiletries, etc.

5.    Folding Furniture

Another way to save space and make the house look uncluttered is to use folding furniture. This needs to be pulled out only when required and is ideal for small rooms. Items like folding beds, folding sofas, folding dining or study table are great to go in for. You could even use sets of tables which go one below the other to save space.

6.    Explore the ceiling

The ceiling, like the walls, is a super saver space too. Much unexplored, the ceiling can be cleverly used to store or display things without cluttering up floor space. Children can hang horizontal strings across the room to display their artwork which keeps collecting over the years. This also can be used for greeting cards pouring in on Birthdays, Christmas and New Years.

7.    Cupboard Organizers

Select and purchase cupboard organizers to keep inside. This is an excellent solution to declutter your cupboards which store a huge variety of things like clothes, accessories, belts, cosmetics, etc. Most of these are multi-layered too so that the spare height inside the cupboards can be well utilized.

8.    Boxes and Containers

For storage of items outside the cupboards and cabinets, it is best to go in for boxes and containers of different designs, shapes, and sizes. These are especially useful in the kitchen and the kids’ rooms. These containers are never enough. Label them or mark them if you can. It will really help you to organize better and find things. Everyone in the family also gets used to picking up things and placing them back where they belong. It takes a while, but eventually the systems set into place.

9.    Old Crockery

Let your imagination loose. Sort out odd sets of crockery in your kitchen. Use the cups, kettles, jugs, glasses to keep your combs, pens, spoons and other cutlery, eyeliners, lipsticks, etc. You can also use kettles for placing miniature tropical trees and plants in them. Decorate the mantle shelf or the cabinet top with these. These plants neither lose their shine nor do they shed their leaves.

10.    Landscape the house

If you landscape the balcony or the terrace of the house, you will not feel like keeping old and broken items there. Go in for interior landscaping ideas with indoor tropical trees or artificial topiaries. The beauty of these will not allow you to dump old newspapers, broken and useless items in the balconies and terraces which are soft targets for clutter.

Segregate needs and wants. It is the most challenging task to do, but it needs to be done. Sort and throw away old, broken, and useless items from your house. Pick up a shelf or a cupboard each week and ruthlessly discard these things. Donate them to someone who needs them; sell them off to the junk dealer, or only give them away in charity. But remove them from the house.

Keep your house and its rooms looking clean with some open spaces. Remember that the new comes in only when the old is out.

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