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Wednesday, 28 November 2018 05:17

Home Décor Trends for Fall Season- a Must Read

Green wallsThe arrival of fall brings in new desire to ramp up the thoughts of creating a unique setting for your home. A new look, much suitable to your aspirations and best accompanied by the slow-landing chilly weather makes a perfect combination for indoor amusement. Now that the summer is gone, we miss the reckless attitude, but, it left behind its inspiration for redecoration as we gradually proceed to hibernate in the snowfall.

Trends are like waves; they seem to force you under their suzerainty by their glamour and charm. Let’s have a glance at what we think a handful of trendiest fashion in the architectural world of home décor.

In search of love

Droplets of love define the beauty of indoors. You must find the suitable pair of your room architecture and the trend you want to follow as they happened to be the harbinger of joy and excitement once you complete the course of rearrangement. With dropping temperature, every gear of decoration seems like shrinking to its most core form, where it will be ready to make the weather cozy when you want it the most.

It’s all about desire

We bring here a combination of particular and contextual themes that are followed by many and adored by all. And to be honest, it’s all about what you choose.

1.    The Nordic outlook

The Scandinavian look is a heart-throb now. Patterns and vivid colors of the Nordic horizon provides a leeway to elude the darkness. Different textures layered one upon another summons a look in search of depth in the setting. Following the original Scandinavian designs of décor, dark pigmentation in paint applied on light wood furniture has an exciting outlook.

Some of the key colors for this are canvas white, blush pink, lavender, etc. Various earthenware, especially the soft pastels of Nordic influence work just as you hope. Talking about the key materials, buff leather is one of the recommended. And to add a little global spice you can use Moroccan origin leather poufs and traditional ikat print textiles.

2.    The Modern Imperfections

Accepting the realism of raw beauty reflected in the imperfect finishes is the new norm. Never forget the importance of the form that is not godly eccentric but from where originated your carved sleek designs. Use of earthenware is also present here.  Apart from that wool is another ingredient. Here we learn to embrace the imperfect sculptures of rattan and wicker. But the natural rattan and the skillful wicker weaving will be lacking its backdrop without the neutral color palette and classic walls adorned by stones of featuring shape and size.

Daily chores are simply the add-ons on this look as the everyday things will multi-fold the calm and authentic beauty of this arrangement. Charcoal black, red oxidized and pale greys are its primary color components. Tactile daily-wares and textured accessories work as spices, and the last touch will be the artistic brush strokes on artwork and pottery revealing the deep-seated simplicity.

3.    The Industrial house

People loving technicality in simple elements inside the house will be a perfect candidate for this trend. It involves the metallic touch on all the possible modifications in the fall season. To give you some examples of this design’s work, we can tell you to imagine the tenacious metal look of old museums and libraries — instruments like industrial era Edison-styled hanging light-bulbs and rustic metal legs of furniture.

Exposing the 200 years old looks from within the modern finished everyday products is the theme of this look. Wire shades of prominent metal structures such as door accessories, table adornments, clothe hangers, etc in a room of slightly dimmed lighting is a ready place to wait for winter.

4.    Use of artificial plants

Making good use of nowadays all-use fake plants have come to fashion streets bringing with it the absentee greenery of the chilly woods and a calmness altogether.

If you are thinking of reshaping your rooms rather with a hot climate desert theme, then the fake palm trees and palm fronds are a great help. But the large silk flower arrangements seem like they can add flavor to every second setting. Silk flower centerpieces obviously can take a sight-full place in your hallway. A suggestion can be made of the family of tulips such as the pink silk tulips, silk purple tulips seeing which comes to mind the tulip flower fields of The Netherlands, swaying in the cool breezes of fall.

5.    The colored mix-up

Incorporation of old as well as new furniture and making an assemblage of two opposite end ideas has a unique effect on the indoor sanctity. Now in trends are the techniques of reclamation. So here you can use the reclaimed wood to furnish the walls, cabinets, floors and other primarily visible furniture such as dining table. Without being obsessed with the matching parts of a set, you can bring together a variety of covers and surfaces to decorate the inside of suitable spaces like the kitchen and the balcony. Use of bright and deep different color furniture in kitchen has a jolly effect on the foody moods, and if you are thinking about hanging a few old style flower pots from the front porch, then that would be awesome.

Observing the trends of today, we have come to a point where it is possible for every kind of situation to get a transformed look once to find the appropriate combination for it. So with all the rearrangements of your, bed, sofa, dining table, cabinets, etc., you should also focus on the type of accessories you use to invigorate the certainly un-earthly beauty. Things like artistic rugs, mirror arts, ribbed glassware, terracotta utensils with the faint brush stroke, classic lantern style lamps, etc are the go-to accessories for such decoration.

Change and trends go hand in hand. So it is inadvertently true that trends are unavoidable. So better to make up your mind and hop on to work at hand, i.e. redecoration. Although natural is wanting to make your space more comfortable within the fall, in-evident also is the fact that you are responsible for whatever you can do. And it’s not that difficult. Begin with basic things and pick up the trends while clustering the new pieces of the yet to the be-finished collection.

Simplest of the ideas sometimes require a little shake-up to move in. But when they do, you realize that “Oh, why didn’t I do it earlier?” Here we mustered a handful of cool but many times simple ideas to convert your washroom to a refreshing spacious place from a cornered up little dank room.

1.    Importance of color-

Colour is the topper in the list of priorities for modifying your old bathroom. Its effect is obvious but humongous. A slight change in the interior color of a bathroom inadvertently starts a domino effect. It heavily influences your daily routine because you unknowingly begin spending more time in that relaxing place. That is an essential yet looked over truth. Think about the time you spend while looking at the walls and floors of our bathroom, having a prolonged bath and mulling over life-changing ideas to be applied on yourself.

For those very regular and special moments of your daily routine, here are some points that are good with colors.

The all-white look

Don’t think that an all-white bathroom is a story of an ancient past. This style never really gets old. Along with making the bathroom inside very bright due to the light reflecting nature of white color, it also makes the room look bigger. On top of that, a white finish seems spotless and seamless. Everything will feel clean and fresh.

Same colors

Now that we have talked about white color we can move onto other varieties. Here you have two choices. Painting the ceiling and the walls with the same color is the first option. The continuum of the pattern on both walls and ceiling will have a seamless taste. The choice of colors can also slightly vary as you can put in a color of slighter shade on the ceiling because it stays a little bit less enlightened normally. Moving onto the second option, you can have the same color floor finish as the walls. Both have a common point to make, i.e. the whole attitude of patterns.

2.    Tile designs and installation

Tiles are the widely used surface work item when talking about bathrooms. Their significance lies in their capacity to beautify the inside atmosphere. Size, pattern and the area they cover are some of its focusing parts.

Use of large floor tiles (plain color)

Large floor tiles give the impression of an entire floor that feels big and provides a better outlook. On the contrary smaller tiles, if installed, reproduce a floor full of lines; overall, smaller contours all over the floor. Usage of plain color tiles is suggested as large plain colored tiles add some more shiny leg space to the bathroom user.

Long lines and large space

When your casual eyes take a glimpse of a transparent wall without any carving or any accessories, they tend to send the signal that there is a long continuous room available. One can achieve this by demarking the most extended lines. Long continuous lines such as elongated shelves, drawers or rack panels can help you with this. Horizontal floor tiles can create a less strained look for the floor.

Tile installation till ceiling

Instead of setting another design for the wall ending into the ceiling, you should have the same tile installation all up to the ceiling to bring a perfect look to all four sides of the bathroom as well as the floor. Less number of the horizontal dividing line on the walls automatically helps you stretch the length and breadth.

3.    Proper mirror use

The mirror is another piece of art, tweaking whose manner of set-up just a little inside the bathroom you can have a heightened up feeling regarding space.

Large side mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, and we must use this to lighten up the interior. So a bigger mirror means more light reflection and an illusion of the larger room. Being a little classy, you can consider mirroring a whole wall or maybe a massive portion of it, instead of just a manageable small hanging mirror.

The position of the mirror

Keeping the mirror in such a position that it reflects an ample amount of light or if not possible, something beautiful like wall painting, flower pot or designer vase, etc is a lovely idea.

Mirror designs

Mirror designs are a good part of bathroom experience because if the size of the mirror is essential for a good look, then the plan is already a part of it. Although a clean border mirror is preferred for a wall-sized installation, you can also purchase carved border pieces that are larger than usual and can be fixed on a wash basin or the side of the bathing tub.

Now it’s time to discuss some more thoughtful solutions to make your washroom bigger and brighter.

1.    Cleaning up the clutters

All those extra towels, tens of variety of shampoo, hair styling equipment, don’t keep those unnecessary things in your bathroom and clog the already short space.

By vertically keeping your utilities rather than spreading them all over the floor, you can relieve more floor space. Toiletries and cosmetics can be kept in combined areas. Use of floating shelves is also advised.

2.    Bathtub/ shower influence

Visibility of showers or bathtubs holds an eye-catching a place in a bathroom. So by using clear shower curtains rather than the often used dark ones, you can feel the presence of the earlier secluded area inside your bathroom. Additionally, you should also think about getting a glass panel to separate the shower from the rest.

Last but not least, you should also concentrate on things like redecoration and remodeling. Choosing colours for a serene environment like avoiding the strong ones and going for neutrals, brightening up the room by mood lighting set up, smart indoors lighting systems or simple skylights, keeping only a few portable storage device, putting the towel racks away from the peaceful sight while in tub are a few things extra that you can do.

Although the coziness and intimacy of small bathroom are luscious, very often it proves counterproductive making the vibe unpleasant and depressing. So why not put on a little effort and make the luxurious bath a bit more charming!

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

Wrote Albert Camus the famous French philosopher, author, and journalist of the 50’s and 60’s

How apt an observation and how accurate the depiction of the colors of autumn?

Nature has its way of bidding farewell to summer. October, the month when the temperatures begin to drop a bit, and the hints of a coming winter start to show in the early mornings have a very profound effect on everyone who experiences it. Each tree leaf who knows that its work is over and takes a bow gracefully to leave from the branch to get on top of the blowing gust of wind and rustle as it gently caresses the ground. To us humans who take out the time observe these miracles of nature; it is nothing short of magic.

Autumn of Fall, as it is also known in the Americas means many things to many people. Every tree in the countryside has changed colors and is turning from green to yellow to red. It bodes the change in the natural cycle of seasons and forewarns of the upcoming cold season. The great Artist paints his canvas in warm hues of yellow and red that depict warmth and heat; as if trying to comfort us in the cold winters.

If the countryside and everything outside is changing its look, isn’t it time to bring a similar change to our homes too?

What can you do?

Less is more

Autumn is also about introspection. It is the time to stop, look at everything and appreciate it for what it is. Why not take out some time every day this season and get a thorough cleanup of your home? Cleaning does not have to be restricted to springtime only. Your house will be well maintained. It receives a twice a year cleanup. Sit down and look at each room, take time to see what reminds you of warmer times. See if you can discard or put away what you won’t need for another year, in the attic. Free up some space in the room. Try a minimalist approach to your room décor.

Mirror the colors outside in your wardrobe

When nature gives you such brilliant hues of yellow and red and brown, why not replicate them inside? For a jazzy look, maybe your wardrobe can get a fresh stock of yellows, browns, and reds that you can sport to work, to parties or when you step out. They will keep you warm in the bleak winter and its white surroundings.

Create tropical or summer foliage indoors

When every leaf outside has been shed, and the snow covers everything in its white sheath, your foliage will still be green and colorful. Artificial plants – palms, ferns, and pines can adorn that corner of your favorite space in the house. It gives hope and assurance that after the winter passes, new life in the greenery is just a few months away.

Repaint a home wall

Bright colors and warm hues can make a home look comfortable and cozy. If the weather becomes rough, you may even have to stay indoors for extended periods. If you have a section of the house repainted to reflect these moods, it will make this stay a lot more enjoyable.

Autumn is also about customs and traditions – deck up the house to follow them in the traditional way

All around the world, different cultures have different festivals, traditions, and customs that are followed in the months from October to December. Starting with Halloween to Christmas, the homes get decked up, decorated or rearranged to celebrate the same. Participation in these brings out the best in us and gives us hope, satisfaction, and strength. Go ahead and light up that patio or your windows for Diwali or cut up that pumpkin to reflect on the scary side of culture during Halloween night. Make a special place to put up the Christmas tree and light it up for the festivities.

Autumn marks the equinox – you can mark it in your home too

Mark your wall with the exact spot where the sun rays fall during the winter equinox. Children of the house can take up this activity as their science observation project. The second year can give them an idea of how the sunrays fall at the same spot and how the Earths revolution around the sun has been like clockwork for thousands of years.

Celebrate the harvest

Autumn is also the harvest season. The farmers have toiled in their farms over the year, and it is time to reap the harvest. Your homes can also reflect the harvest season with paintings or wallpapers and posters dedicated to local crops or the traditional customs. Even having artificial plants resembling a ready to harvest crop can deck up the home as nothing else can.

Be it the celebration of the dead or the culture of paying homage to ancestors who died years ago, the world we live in is full of traditions and cultures that make it a melting pot of lovely colors and customs followed to mark the change happening in the seasons outside. No matter what the religion, culture or tradition, the central theme behind it is the onset of winter marked by the autumn drops in early morning temperatures and the gradual change of colors of the foliage from green to yellow to brown. All in all, we believe it is also the time for us to reflect on the fact that the only thing constant in this world is change and we must keep changing to go with the flow. Small changes made in the house to even rearrange furniture or change sheets or covers to match and complement the colors outside can bring about remarkable changes to the atmosphere. It has the power to bring peace and calmness to your mind as well. Try these out and let us know in the comments section what you experienced this autumn.

It is required for all of us to be fit so that we feel and look good. It is fitness and sports that assists us to enrich our health and stay healthy. It is of great convenience to hold a home gym for daily exercise. However, it can be a challenge to come up with a home gym and its décor ideas. It would be prodigious, and one would accomplish maximum workouts with best home gym designs. Deciding from the ample décor ideas for a perfect home gym décor can be a hard-hitting job. It would be prudent to plan before decking up your home gym with décor ideas.

1.    Opting for right equipment’s

Depending upon the space for a home gym, the training equipment’s are positioned. It will be at ease if there is enormous space for workout positions. It is recommended to opt for a place which provides more natural ventilation and light. Equipment should be accompanied with best interior design ideas which boost energy and also enhances focus through workouts.

2.    The right type of flooring

Proper flooring is an important parameter that makes the home gym a perfect one. Rubber tiles or vinyl can be the best option for a home gym. There is an impact in the joints by working out in these tiles. Apart from tiles, laminate or carte flooring can also be a good choice. Caution and preventive measures are to be planned as heavy workouts on equipment’s can cause them to slide. Hence proper research and planning are mandatory to choose the right flooring type.

3.    The bright colors for walls

Always plan for a theme, and it would be refreshing to use green colored walls. Green indicates calmness and relaxation. Materials and colors utilized for setting up a home gym are to be determined. It is the color and wall décor which brings in interest for individuals to work out. It would be an appealing look when artificial green walls are utilized for a home gym. You can add beauty to the gym by decorating with silk plants. This completes your green theme.

4.    Usage of box hedges and ambiance plants

Your gym can be made eye-catching by placing ambiance plants along with box hedges too. There are ample varieties of ambiance plants from which your anticipated one can opt. Artificial boxwood hedge can be a great way to partition your gym from home and would be an excellent theme for the gym.  The best part about artificial box hedges is that they can be customized based on your location and purpose. The beneficial aspect of a box hedge is that they serve to be a border, wall or screen for the gym area. Artificial box hedges are accessible, affordable, and don’t require maintenance.

5.    Décor ideas

The other usual décor idea for a home gym is to fix mirrors so that family members can look out their workouts. It would also be a fabulous idea to pen inspirational quotes and place them on walls. Stereo set up in your gym can add enthusiasm as individuals listen to music and workout. To avoid hydration, home gyms are to be equipped with a refrigerator with water bottles stocked. The clock is another essential item that should be placed in the gym to follow timings for a workout.

6.    Choosing mats for gym

It is mandatory to opt for the right type of mat for a home gym. Faux boxwood mat can be the best choice as they can be paired up with artificial green walls. The faux boxwood mats are beneficial as they are produced from premium material and can tolerate any wear and tear. The most significant part is that they are maintenance free and an excellent choice for your home gym. These mats can be placed in your entrance of the gym or interior too.

7.    Appealing welcome logos

The beauty of your home gym can be enhanced by putting logos and signs. You can always opt for medium-sized logos and signs to make your gym attractive. Letters, logos, and sign topiaries are options that make your gym an exclusive one. Messages of your family name or gym name can be placed as signs or logos. Green walls, accompanied with faux boxwood mats, artificial boxwood hedge, and ambiance plants make your home gym an eco-friendly gym.

8.    Cleanliness and orderliness

With all décor ideas, it is essential to bear in mind to have a clean and tidy gym environment. Cleaning the gym and making it a place for hygiene and development is critical. A gym is a place where people spend the time to develop health and fitness, and hence cleanliness and orderliness is obligatory. With an ecological green theme and décor ideas, the home gym can be a refreshing and alluring place to work out.

With such excellent themes and ideas, individuals can make their home gym the preeminent place to develop fitness. The décor ideas mentioned above can be achieved easily. The products used are readily available at minimal cost and less maintenance. Also, users can customize their products based on their place and theme. These décor ideas for the home gym can turn out your boring mindset to a fresh and revitalizing mood. Privacy can be brought in quickly with the varieties of hedges available. Stand out of the crowd by making use of visual barrier hedges at affordable rates.

These are few décor ideas that can be used to deck up your home gym. These facets can be planned before any home gym is planned. Also, you can develop your theme and match products accordingly to make your gym an outstanding one. The user needs to design and do a quick research about setting up a home gym. Home gyms today are just transforming a room into your desired plan, theme or idea. Check out the plans mentioned above and follow the same to make your own home gym. When you own your smart home gym, it is a great way to make sure you and your family members work out and stay healthy.

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