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Tried everything but failed to motivate the employees? Well, this could be due to some faulty designs.

While a good office design makes the employees wow, any design mistake is sure to evoke the opposite effect. Thus, the ultimate result is a loss of productivity.

But do not worry. Making changes are always possible. Here are some insights on the nastiest design flaws and how to set them right.

Dull office ambiance: Bring life with artificial greenery arrangements

Making your office attractive is the most important design criterion. As humans have an innate connection with nature, live plants make an office cheerful. But these need serious maintenance. That is why the nearly-natural indoor trees and plants have gained immense popularity.

Made from high-quality raw material, they replicate their live cousins. Using artificial plants and trees do not cause any compromise with aesthetics. As these are not dependent on seasons, you get the same view around the year.
There are many varieties. You can pick from hedge, mat, roll, signage, topiary and many more. Using an artificial boxwood wall backdrop panel in the office takes the décor aplomb to the next level. As these contain doses of UV blocking material and fire retardant chemicals, they do not fade and never spread the fire.

Installation of artificial boxwood hedge in planters is very easy. You can install them anywhere, and they will make the place bright with their majestic presence. They never cause any litter and keep the office clean. As they do not grow mold and attract insects, you get a hygienic office.

Having insufficient space: Make the office flexible

Due to unavailability and increasing rent, a majority of office suffers from the above design problem. If your employees cannot stretch their arms and legs, it is sure to downscale productivity.

Making your office space flexible can solve this problem. Include moveable fences in the office. They will help to turn the floor into a meeting room. Also, try to reduce the wasted space through innovative design. You will get a more productive office.

Messed up with open office plan: Fix with glass partitions

Open office plan was like a panacea in office designing for several decades. Want to make your employees collaborative? Follow an open office plan. Having limited space? Open office plan can solve that. Have to supervise a large workforce? Open office plan is the best for that.

But it has some downsides as well. While it removes isolation and helps team building, it also lacks in privacy. Many office jobs need privacy and concentration. Open office plan can hardly be fit for these.

Fix it by creating booths with glass partitions. This will let you have control over the personal space and improve efficiency.

Employees walking into glass partitions: Tweak them with funny signs

Leaving glass partitions unmarked is a serious design mistake. People may walk into them. You might burst into laughter reading this. But this happens sometimes and causes serious injuries.

So, never leave any glass wall or panel without marking. Better, tweak them with funny signs so that people can be aware of their presence on the office floor.

Suffers from auditory distraction: include noise dampening measures

Auditory distraction is a perennial problem in offices. When many people sit together, it is sure to cause reverberations. High-level noise is irritating and causes serious issues like lack of concentration and productivity.

Tackle such issues by including sound-absorbing materials in the office. You may also add a white noise generator in the office; they also help to mask the noise generated.

Employees getting bored easily: Create a breakout area

There is no denying that it is impossible to concentrate on the job every minute. When employees have to work continuously, they become victims of boredom. This makes them less productive. Creating a breakout area can resolve such issues.

Arrange a separate room or a dedicated space where the employees can take a break. Provide a comfortable sitting and light reading materials. Also, include tea and coffee points in the breakout space. As the employees can take a short rest and engage in social chatting, it makes them more creative and productive.

Lack of work-life balance: Offer childcare services

Insufficient work-life balance makes working parents less productive. As a parent, their duties do not cease when they work. They always think of their children and cannot do the jobs creatively. Providing childcare facility is excellent to take care of such issues.

It is always best to have an onsite crèche with trained personnel. This helps the working parents to spend some time with their children during short breaks. They can also attend to any emergencies if necessary. In case this is not feasible, arranging a local daycare center boosts up the employee morale.

Insufficient illumination: Explore as much natural light as possible

Insufficient illumination is another design mistake that lowers down productivity. Build large glass windows in the office to make the place bright and blooming. And arrange to place the desks near the windows for harnessing maximum natural light.

In case your rented office does not allow constructions, bring in artificial daylights. Simulating the natural daylight, these are the best alternative available. But make sure that it is not too harsh or low as in both cases, working becomes difficult.

Employees suffering from postural issues: Follow ergonomics

As the employees work sitting for a long time, bad postures create many health hazards. Pain in the back, spine, neck, and arms are some of them. Use ergonomic furniture to fix these issues. These have adjustable height and armrest and let the employees have the right posture. These reduce the chances of such health hazards and minimize absenteeism.


Productivity is the first and last thing to any business. And, having an optimal office is sure to motivate the employees and enhance productivity. Now that you have an idea about the design flaws and their solutions take advantage of these to make your business a roaring success.

It's not only the washrooms at grand hotels that need to be luxurious and splendid. When people go to work at offices, eat out at restaurants, visit the hospitals or enjoy shopping in malls, they do expect clean and hygienic washrooms. Apart from this, they also look for a luxurious look and feel to them. It's vital for health reasons too.

1. Plants

All washrooms have a window that may or may not open out. Create a small artificial garden at the window ledge or pane as per space available. Hang colorful planters with artificial greenery like vines and creepers. You can even use colorful flowers.

Keep mini planters of ceramic, wicker, terracotta, etc. on the shelves. Keep mini faux topiary forms in them. Make an artificial green wall and fix some colorful flowers on it. You could even put your signage in a contrasting color.

These artificial plants will make the room look pretty and create positive energy in the washrooms too. They won't spoil with water as they as made of high quality and durable materials. Very easy to clean, these plants are low on maintenance.

Having nature in the washrooms always gives a feeling of life and luxury at the same time. Keep animal and other form faux topiaries too at corners or in the corridors reading to the washrooms.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors create a grand look to the room. Hang mirrors in fancy frames and shapes. People love to look into them! Give them the reason to look and to glow. Fix large-size mirrors on the side walls. These not only make the room look brighter with the reflecting lights but also makes the washrooms look larger than they are.

Add spaciousness to the room. Place some faux ivy privacy screens and partition off the mirror area if you like.

3. Fancy lighting

Well-lit washrooms always add a grand and luxurious look to them. Fix bright ceiling led lights. Add a small central chandelier if there is space. Dimly lit washrooms only save electricity and achieve nothing much. Make the room bright and lit up. Use a lot of wood interiors to make the best use of the tea lights.

Use a variety of fancy light fittings easily available today. Highlight the topiary or plants you will keep here. Try fancy lights which change colors. Let people decide the color as per their mood.

4. Sitting space

Make arrangements for people to sit. Often visitors like to rest their tired legs in a luxurious washroom. But make sure that the seats are cushy and comfortable. You can have benches with good cushioning too. Place a couple of recliners too. Partition off this area from the main washroom with a fake boxwood wall. Keep the floor clean and well maintained with it. Keep colorful stools and seats on them. See the room come alive and feel vibrant.

5. Monogram and logos

Display the monogram or logo of your building. Create signage with fake greenery. Let people read it in bold and remember the building to visit next time.

All this faux greenery and boxwood are fire retardant and very safe to keep indoors. They look realistic and authentic and last for years.

Mark off the ladies and the gents washrooms with prominent designs, logos, images, etc.

6. Colorful containers and fittings

Display soaps, hand wash, etc. in bright and attractive containers. You could go in for a color scheme or use gold and crème. It gives the room a very rich look. Fix beautiful, decorative, and handy wall fixtures like soap dispensers, towel racks, hand dryers, tissue paper holders, etc.

Fix smart bathtubs in the bathing units. Try out a sunken bath concept which is popular among people too. Place some sea plants around the tubs. Hang lots of mirrors. Make a pathway with pebbles. Fix a tree mural behind the bathing area if possible. Keep candles here and fix soft and diffused lighting to relax.

For colder climates, have a fireplace too. An electric fire or a roaring fire, both would do. It gives a feeling of warmth on a cold winter night.

7. Display of linen

The way the linen is displayed or stored also affects the appearance of the room. Stylishly fold the hand towels. Place them in wicker, cane, or ceramic baskets. Place extra towels and tissues etc. neatly on the shelves or in open cupboards. You could also place a cupboard with glass front panels. Fix some led bulbs inside and make the room come alive. Use sleek and classy vanity units to display things.

8. Tea lights and candles

Keep colored tea lights in prominent places. For example, keep a couple of them on the basin counter and at the corners, along with some flower arrangements. You can also place some colored and scented candles. Have a chandelier in the passages, but dim lights above the bathtubs.

9. Mini library

Use a wall to fix or hang a mini library. Place some popular magazines and books. You could also keep some catalogs of places of local tourist interest. People will love this as sometimes there is a waiting period on rush days. Keep a large planter with some artificial topiary in it.

10. Classy wall art

Hang some classy and bold wall art on the walls. A single mural or painting will also do. Display the local culture and traditions. A sizeable chic wall clock will also look good. Even though people wear watches and carry mobiles to check the time, this wall clock will be definitely handy too.

Make that special effort to make the washrooms clean, pretty, and classy. Or you may find shoppers and visitors going elsewhere. Give them comfort and safety too. Make your hotel and hospital washroom luxurious. People do come back for more.

In spite of the growing popularity of digital media, the library has not lost importance. There is nothing like curling up with a book after a hectic schedule. With the right decoration, your library can turn into an ultimate relaxing haven.
In case you have a library and are eager to decorate it. You have come to the right page. Read on to know the 10 tips for library decoration.

1. Infuse nature with artificial greenery arrangements

Proximity to the greenery helps to create a calm and quiet ambiance. This is why greeneries are the most essential for library decoration. But live plants need regular care and maintenance. This is why the nearly-natural trees and plants have become a godsend alternative.

They are available in many sizes, shapes, and varieties. You may choose anything from hedge, mat, roll, topiaries, and other things. In case your library is in the living area, zoning it out with artificial greenery privacy screens lifts the décor to the next level.

Made from premium quality raw foliage and color pigment, the artificial plants and trees look like their live versions. So, there is no compromise on the aesthetic front. Loaded with UV blocking material, these never get discolored.

Installing small artificial topiary trees elevates the dead corner space. Since these contain doses of special fire retardant chemicals, they have self-extinguishing properties. This makes your library safe from fire hazards.

Faux greens offer an easy installation. Being independent of seasonal variations, they offer the same shine around the year. As these do attract insects, they keep your library free from mosquitoes.

2. Create a unique display by organizing the books

Organizing the collection of books is a great way to decorate the library. There are many ways to do that. You may arrange the books based on their colors. Sorting them further based on height delivers a great show.

Shelving the hard-covers and paperbacks is also a great décor idea. This will create an excellent streamlined display.

Do not fill the shelves with books. Keep some space in empty. It is not mandatory to make the books standing. Store a few books in lying position. This will deliver a great look.

3. Include comfortable seating for cozy reading

Seating is very vital in the library. It lets you glide through the words in comfort. Study desks and chairs are perfect for serious reading. Also, add a lounge chair, bin bag, armchair, or a recliner sofa depending on the space availability.

If possible, decorate the library by creating a reading nook within the shelves. Provide a rug and throw pillows. These will add to the décor and allow a relaxed and comfortable reading.

4. Blend books with collectibles for a beautiful display

A library reminds us of bookcases packed with books and extending from the floor to the ceiling. This is quite serious and dull. But a home library does not need to be like this.

Include different items in the bookcase. This will help to create blank spaces where your eyes can land. Displaying some collectibles in the bookcase is ideal for this. You may include practically anything from seashells, stones to small artifacts. These will enhance the décor and deliver a pleasant look.

5. Glam the library with layered lighting arrangement

No one likes to struggle the eyeballs while reading in a library. This makes light the most crucial library décor element. Ensure ample and right type of lighting in the library to make it awesome.

Consider creating a beautiful ambiance with soft, diffused lighting. Combine this with task lighting for reading. This will let you have separate reading zones in the library and glam up the décor.

6. Update the library with by including e a media center

Times are rapidly changing. If you cannot cope with the changes, you will be a backbencher. So, arrange a media center in the library. You may have it built in one of the bookcases. This will save space and give a beautiful view. Such an arrangement will let you read books on the Kindle and other media as well.

7. Style up the library with unique shelving

There is no need to stick to traditional bookcases. As these are outdated, you should break out from these to make your library attractive.

Creating floating shelves is a great idea. Getting them as intersecting squares, honeycomb, and corner shelves will give a different look. Color them bright, and they will jazz up the decoration aplomb to the next level.

8. Make it look like a cultural hub with artworks

Naturally, there will be books on various topics in the library. Some of them are likely to be very serious reading. Highlighting the cultural side will ease out the tension of going through tough books.

Hang artwork in the library. This could be a local painting or a replica of some great work. Whatever you choose, that should align with the décor of the room. This will definitely lift up the ambiance.

9. Personalize the space with your favorite photos

Personalizing the library room is a great way to enhance the decoration. You can include family photos or natural scenery for this. Fix them in colorful frames and hang on a vacant wall. You also use wall decals alternatively. They will create a beautiful gallery wall and escalate the overall look of the place.

10. Have cozy wall finishes for a great look

Wall finishes play a vital role in library decoration. Always avoid bright warm colors that help to invigorate. Using light blue in the library is a great idea. It helps to calm the mind, and you will be able to enjoy reading in the library.


Only storing books do not build a library. You have to make the place attractive and relaxing. You may apply the above to enhance the décor. But, these are not ultimate. Since the library is a personal space, you can make necessary changes to suit your needs.

Green WallToday the whole world is busy finding solutions for sustainable building. People are looking for tricks to make their homes, eating joints, educational institutions, medical clinics, as well as offices sustainable to save the environment.
Do your bit and make your office sustainable too. Transform normal buildings into energy efficient ones to optimally use the supply available and also thoughtfully consume the energies available.

Read on, think about it and design it.

Green Terrace and Green Roof

A sustainable office with a green terrace is an excellent way to conserve natural resources. It cools the office building reducing the consumption of the air conditioners and air coolers. Make a beautiful lush artificial green wall on the terrace or in balconies.

Similar to this is a green roof which has lots of plants on it. You need to spread a waterproof plastic sheet on the floor to avoid seepage. You can arrange for drainage or even an irrigation system on it. It can house both the thermal solar plants as well as cool roofs. This can take care of both the seasons.

Screens and Partitions

Your office will need partitions and screens inside to create different workspaces. Why not use a solution like faux ivy privacy screen to create partitions. You can also have transparent glass walls so that your products are more easily visible outside. Display the very popular or even the latest products behind these partitions.


What is a Gazebo? This is a great option for a sustainable office. A gazebo is a small or big glass house and an excellent place to soak in the sun. Create this space for employees to sit there during winters and rains. You can save on heater and their huge bills. The transparent walls or the open side options are both available for you.

Signage and Logos

Use foliage to display your signage and logos. Get artificial boxwood so that you don't have to worry about maintaining it anymore. It will stay the size and shape you chose for your office. Show off your brand name prominently inside and outside. Focus it with pretty lights. Leave the lights on at night.

This is a better option than going in for paints, varnishes, and other perishable materials. Therefore, artificial plants are eco-friendly alternatives to these.


Go in for interior and exterior landscapes for classiness in the office. Place artificial boxwood topiary in these landscapes. Create an innovatively. Use elements of water too. Make a rockery with pathways of pebbles leading to it. Use realistic looking plants which are a pleasant sight to see.

The best part of these landscapes is that you can hide awkward corners and empty spaces. Try the permanent or the temporary varieties available.

Biophilic Designs

Create modern and trendy environment-friendly designs. These Biophillic designs are great coordination of natural and organic elements, along with the culture and ecology. There are lots of images and statues of animals, plants, and colors found in nature.

Create artificial greenery with lots of plants and planters. Keep artificial topiary animal and forms in the landscapes for that special effect. These designs connect humans and nature and depict their intricate and interdependent relationship.

You can incorporate these designs according to the space available in the office. Use the balconies, terraces, gardens, backyards, and rooftops. This is an investment well worth making.

All the hedges, the topiaries, and other plants that you use are very durable and long lasting. There is no hassle of maintaining them since they will never go out of shape or lose their forms. Being fire retardant, they are safe to keep in office spaces.

Select exotic designs and patterns which come with very easy installation processes. Create these works of art to beautify your office as well make it environment-friendly.

Water Elements

Streams of water and fountains are also examples of Biophilic designs. Flowing water like waterfalls, streams, and fountains are considered to show growth and prosperity. The can be easily nurtured by maintaining a water cycle. Place some plants near or in between these water bodies.

Solar Panels

Fix solar panels for all your needs of hot water and electricity too if possible. Use solar energy and help to save the earth and its precious natural resources. Cut down on your electricity bills too. Train employees to switch off lights, fans, air conditioners, computers, and other electrical appliances when not in use. Try to harvest wind energy too wherever possible.

Individual Bits

Try to use the least amount of paper in the office. This shouldn't be difficult with digitalization and cloud computing today. Keep a plant at your work desk. Breathe in the fresh air. Use the best products for the office so that there are less clutter and needs for repairs and replacements.

All these natural design ideas add elegance and class to your office and also make it sustainable. You will find that these also make the employees happier and more motivated to come to work. This, in turn, will increase the productivity of your business.

There are other advantages like reduced use of energy, heat insulation for the office, options of rainwater harvesting, and adding life to roofs and terraces.

Try and incorporate these changes during construction. This saves on money and efforts later on. Use state of the art energy consumption and preservation techniques. These also include the machines, appliances, lighting, heating, and cooling systems that your office uses.

Keep in mind the requirements and work style of the office. Don't go overboard because the nest building has done it. Study the climate of the place. Then select the colors, materials, foliage, and energy optimizing solutions.

The artificial topiaries and other foliage that you select will save huge amounts of resources like time, energy, money, manpower, etc.

If your office uses resources efficiently, scarcely, and economically, you have succeeded in creating a sustainable office.

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