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Artificial Boxwood HedgesHaving a lush green spread of hedges to designate boundaries with freshly cut edges is a fascinating sight to marvel. But every great thing comes with a cost, and yes real hedges are extremely hard to maintain without a hint of doubt, which is why artificial hedges have been ruling the hearts since the real ones went out of trend. But do these just look good or how long can they sustain in the scorching sun or the limited indoor light is the real question. 

The upper hand

Why is it that most restaurants, bars, cafés, malls and hospitals choose to have their interior and exteriors decorated with faux plants over real ones? Well having a business or an organization to run is a massive task at hand in the first place; on top of that worrying over how well the newly affixed real hedges are doing is extremely silly. Having these fake hedges installed can take some of these thoughts off your head. The faux boxwood hedge not only comes with a brilliant mimicry of the real deal, but they are also extremely durable. They being the fake version of the real hedges that they are, do not require any care or maintenance as their real counterparts and have fire protection and UV protection to save them from discoloration or damage of any kind. 

Styling them to perfection

The preference for artificial hedges has been growing since its existence and has already taken over the entertainment industry making its way to the Grammys and Oscars. It has also been highly appreciated in theme parks, malls, hospitals and other corporate sectors where hundreds of people witness their spectacular presence every day. What makes them so widely acceptable is their simplicity, sophisticated look and the number of ways one can innovate with them. An excellent example would be artificial topiary animals for theme parks, children's hospital or schools. For a more formal and chic approach, big corporate houses like to have them to define boundaries while malls and amusement parks like a more festive approach with them. HedgeScapes hedges come with a variety of options including options like Juniper, Pearl Grass, Azalea, Boxwood and more such varieties. 

Safety comes first

There have been umpteen incidents to depict how plants can catch flames easily and spread the fire. With the HedgeScapes artificial hedges, this can be avoided at all costs. These artificial beautifying products have the ability to self-extinguish, generate next to no smoke and are incapable of spreading fire. The artificial boxwood hedge has ThermaLeaf® protection, which in plain words means they are fire retardant. Now when it comes to the security of the product, when installed or fixed outside they have UV protection inbuilt in them with chemicals during the making process to ascertain that they seem as bright and lively as they were through the time of establishment, so the chances of wearing off over time are undoubtedly lessened with such technologies which unquestionably makes them the worthy pick. 

Is it worth every buck?

In case you are still unsure about artificial silk plants and especially artificial hedges, here's why you must have them.

  • No molding-no damage- There are no chances of these faux plants to be damaged due to more or less presence of water and also no molding while being free from pests as well, which means there is no requirement for pesticides. 
  • No-light-no problem- Just for the fact that they are artificial, they do not grow and hence can survive indefinitely in a low light environment in comparison to the live counterparts. 
  • No allergy-no emergency- They are perfect for placement in allergy free spaces as they are incapable of causing any at all, so no rushing to the emergency room.

Money matters

Well, when it comes to making your huge corporate space or hospital look great these babies don't fall short. Having them installed is the best thing you can do for your pocket. They are a great investment for a couple of reasons and the number one being maintenance. Yes, your maintenance cost would be so low with these; it'll knock your socks off. They do not require pruning, fertilizers or any other form of keeping that the real ones do which will save you more than just a few bucks, plus they last for years.

Close enough?

More than money what matters for you is how well they can imitate their real life counterparts. There are several types of hedges, and these faux ones have their imitation game on point. To make them look as authentic as their counterparts, botanists are involved in the building process to ensure they imitate the real ones as closely as possible. The small leaves, the bushy appearance, the evergreen look, the bold green or the light green, you know the kind; they are that good. They are not only successful in looking as good as the real ones but are extremely durable and can last long enough to impress your clients and customers every day for years to come after being installed. 

More options-more innovation

Not only can you choose the shape and size of the faux hedges, but you can also opt for a metal base, a foam base or a wooden base as per your choice and application. You can either have them as temporary wall backgrounds to last for a few occasions or more permanent ones. There is a humungous variety of options available including standard boxwood hedges and juniper hedges to last all-season long. The installation process is simple; you can have the experts at HedgeScapes do it for you as per your choice or assist you with more ideas depending on where and how you wish to have them installed, without the drop of a sweat.

Business Logos and SignageIn the world full of ambitions and dreams, identification plays a very important role. It is the way to confirm a concrete place in the heart of this competitive world. However, in the era of graphic designs where different logos and signage are created digitally to enhance the process of identification, it's always a creative approach to binding natural beauty to it. HedgeScapes provides you the facility to shape up artificial foliages according to your company's logo, decorating your landscape with a bit of originality and artistic appeal, giving it the ultimate center of attraction. The idea of binding natural looking substances to prominent the logo and signage makes your company attractive to good deals. Let's check out some advantages of why you should go for HedgeScapes deal of logos and signage.

What is the actual deal?

HedgeScapes is a well-known name in the industry of artificial foliages for its ability to decorate any landscape with beautiful artificial shrubs, making your landscape a beautiful place to live in. Carving this natural looking yet artificial foliages to creative predesigned logos and signage is the new attractive deal offered by HedgeScapes to all the companies who are interested in blending the process of identification and decoration in a beautiful manner.

Where can this deal be used?

When it comes to artificial plants and greeneries, these are always an excellent choice for hospitals or luxury hotels as decorative elements, for their ability to keep the environment green yet clean. However, this deal is very useful for the companies or landscapes where there is a unique design to depict their identification, perhaps a logo or signage. The deal suits to decorate:

  • The exterior landscape of a multinational firm or corporate offices
  • Any agency with huge landscapes
  • Hospitals
  • Luxury hotels
  • 5-star restaurants  

Decorates your landscape by keeping up the originality: Decorating your landscape with a specific genuine logo or signature makes the whole process of your landscape designing, inimitable and exceptional in its way, making your landscape visually enthralling. HedgeScapes offers their customers various landscaping products to make their innovative designing element.

Needs minimal maintenance: The process of decoration involves a lot of stages, installing the elements being the first. After installation, there are pretty serious things like maintenance which should be done on a regular basis to keep the essence alive. However, decoration with artificial plants doesn't demand high maintenance and thus saves a lot of additional efforts.  There is no trouble of trimming, watering or soiling which makes it reasonably a better choice to invest on. Once installed, all it takes to maintain the natural green look is wiping the dust off with wet clothes, and the designs are ready to make your landscape look bright and glittery once again.

Easy to customize: The design made with artificial foliages can be easily customized, if at all there is a change of plan about the signage and logo of your company in a particular span of time, saving a lot of effort regarding re-installation. The deal of shaping artificial plants into unique shapes is available in the online site of HedgeScapes, making it easier than ever to gain some knowledge about the installation process. 

Theme friendly: Be it a restaurant or a mall, it always follow a certain theme while decorating their landscape. The HedgeScapes foliages offer you various types, sizes, and patterns of artificial plants which are made into any unique signage, to make sure that it goes with your theme, making the overall setup look synchronized.

It keeps the surrounding clean: One of the advantages of decorating your landscape by using artificial foliages provided by HedgeScapes which are made into signage are that they give a unique yet genuine look to your landscape by keeping the surrounding clean. This is a very important issue when it comes to hospitals and hotels, where cleanliness is a mandatory factor. The artificial plants doesn't involve in leaving any residue for the surrounding, making it an appropriate attempt to make the landscape clean and visually appealing.  

Give a trendy look to your landscape: Finest designing elements are available nowadays, giving you a handful of options to use them to decorate your landscape, but while designing it should be kept in mind that the overall design doesn't look clumsy as too much of anything ruins the feel. HedgeScapes offers you the benefit of keeping the overall design minimalistic and trendy so that your landscape don't look tacky and old fashioned, helping you to grab some attention of the new generation.

Some innovative ideas to use HedgeScapes artificial plants to make logos and designs

HedgeScapes artificial plants can be trimmed into different shapes and designs making it the ultimate way to depicts identification of your company. Some of the original ways to make your landscape look artistic are:

  • Using the hedges in the outdoor garden area to maintain the decent look always helps you to keep the surrounding visually appealing.
  • Hedges curved into your company's logo can be used in the midway of any artificial waterfall to make it easier for the customers or visitors to locate it and experience the natural feel of the overall setup, helping them to connect to your perspective in an easier way. 
  • The HedgeScapes artificial plants can be used to decorate the sideways of the path connecting the building and the main entrance to entertain the customers with the utmost level of graciousness, making the surrounding, a bit more welcoming for them.
  • The artificial plants provided by HedgeScapes are often cropped into something which depicts the identity of your company and works very well for hotels and restaurants to decorate the outdoor sitting area, hence giving away a posh outlook to the entire set up, making it more acceptable and cozy.

Artificial Boxwood HedgesHedges need no introduction when it comes to landscaping and HedgeScapes specializes in making every variety of hedges. It's a one stop destination for all diversity and shapes of hedges. 

Beauty of artificial boxwood hedges

The thick green foliage of artificial boxwood hedges can instantly appeal to anyone and uplift the moods of people seeing them. When placed together in multiples, faux hedges can form beautiful geometrical shapes which look delightful in corporate settings. Hedges are not just perfect picks for any exterior corporate settings, but they also good in interiors and there is a wide range of beautifully shaped artificial hedges that can jazz up any interiors in no time. 

What makes HedgeScapes artificial boxwood hedges so popular?

Here are the top 10 reasons that make HedgeScapes Boxwood Hedges every landscaper's favorite.

1. Durability has to top the list as it makes HedgeScapes products most preferred. Crafted carefully with commercial grade, quality materials, the fake hedges are long lasting and worth every penny spend on them. Based on the baseboard used and the application, professionals choose from a range of materials to make these artificial hedges last long enough to serve the purpose. For example, if the client needs something only for a temporary use like parties and occasions then the faux hedges can be provided with baseboards made of foam but the quality and textures of the leaves are never compromised, and that is where the beauty of HedgeScapes lies.

2. All HedgeScapes products are fire retardant and also UV safe, which makes them perfect for any interior or exterior landscaping. Artificial plants were often found to be the cause of spreading fire in the past decade, but the spreading concern has pushed the boundaries of technology and purchasing products from HedgeScapes ensures safety. Being UV safe, these boxwood hedges do not get decolorized even in extreme climatic conditions and maintains their vibrant colors for years. 

3. Growing boxwood hedges naturally will obviously take a lot of efforts to keep them. Watering, mowing, and taking care of proper drainage systems, chasing away bugs and mites, fertilizing and a lot of other hassles that comes along with growing natural plants. These can be simply avoided by going for faux boxwood hedges from HedgeScapes, as they need absolutely no maintenance to look beautiful in every season for many years. 

4. Custom availability ensures that the client gets the exact product in the exact dimensions in which they have ordered it. These boxwood hedges are crafted by professionals to fit any location that the customers want. Be it any small interior space or large lawns; one can order the faux boxwood hedges in any size, which makes it a versatile product.

5. The strength and good quality materials make them suitable for the number of uses. Artificial boxwood mats can transform the look of any interior space into more atheistically soothing without the hassle of controlling any organic matter which might attract pests and disease-causing bacteria. Huge artificial topiary animals and other structures supported with metal baseboards are also very common for playgrounds, lawns, etc.

6. There are endless ways to shape these artificial boxwood hedges and landscape artists are coming up new unique ideas regularly to use and reuse them in different ways due to the flexibility and strength of the product. Huge structures of animals such as elephants, dinosaurs, and other artificial topiary animals are very common with artificial boxwood hedges and can instantly jazz up the environment of theme parks, malls, etc. Custom made logos and signatures can also be made for companies and restaurants with ease because these artificial boxwood hedges can be easily arranged in any shape.

7. Buying artificial hedges from HedgeScapes leaves the client with a variety of baseboard options that are suitable for different locations. The clients can choose from wooden, metallic and foam baseboards, depending on the need and the lasting needs and strength requirements. Foam is selected for indoor purposes as they cannot withstand much damage but are the most economical solution. Wooden baseboards, treated for fire resistance can be selected for both indoor and outdoor landscaping purposes. Metallic ones are chosen when great support and strength are needed for large structures or very windy areas.

8. Artificial boxwood hedges are available for every occasion and application in HedgeScapes. These can be categorized into the interior or exterior landscaping, permanent or temporary solutions, multiple and one-time use. Based on the landscaping needs these products can be made most durable to last the particular purpose. The can be reused, and the client can get a most viable economical solution to suit any landscaping needs.

9. These artificial boxwood hedges come with detailed documentation of instructions to install the product with ease. Even large installations are easy with HedgeScapes products and can be done by anyone, even without any prior experience. These artificial boxwood hedges are designed in a way such that no special tools or experience is needed for the setup. The fake hedges are very lightweight, and hence the clients need not worry about using any handling equipment to lift them up and shift them to the desired place.

10. HedgeScapes faux hedges are made with the perfect blend of PermaLeaf®  and ThermaLeaf® technologies. The PermaLeaf®  technology ensures that these artificial, yet natural looking botanical beauties last long and their colors remain intact without fading away due to environmental changes and extreme climatic conditions that certain parts of the world face. Using ThermaLeaf® technology is the safest solution for fire safety in the present scenario, and it ensures that the artificial hedges are fire resistant. ThermaLeaf® ensures that the faux hedges abide by the national and international fire safety regulations for commercial buildings.

Artificial animal topiariesDo you run a huge fashion garment manufacturing business and have numerous employees working there? For infusing some added energy into the working conditions for your staff and for cracking deals with your clients, you must possess a beautiful office decor. If you think it's time to renovate the luxurious office and bring in some modifications, then without any delay you must start planning for the new decor items. Nature can bring in peace and calmness into the outdoor and indoor landscapes, hence, introducing decor items which have relation with nature will be simply perfect.

Topiaries in any form especially in animal shapes can be an attractive choice for your office landscapes. It can add the needed fun factor in the surroundings and can break the monotony amidst the furniture. But if you already feel worried thinking about the care regime the animal topiaries will ask for, no matter if it is placed at the exterior or interior landscapes, then stop worrying. There is a great alternative which will save you from hiring extra manpower and investing time for their maintenance, and that is artificial animal topiaries or form topiaries.

Where can you find these faux animal topiaries and order them?

The company for sourcing the best replica of the original botanical beauties is none other than HedgeScapes. From more than 40 years the company has been listed as number one for manufacturing the most realistic looking artificial foliages, plants, and trees. Mats and signage, any form topiaries, green walls, hedges, logos, rolls, mats or screens, whatever you want you can find in their collection. The animal topiaries in their collection are a favorite with all the leading landscape designers.

Degree holders in horticulture, botanists, engineers, landscape architects, and designers form the manufacturing team of HedgeScapes. All these specialists work hard in creating these faux botanical products like the faux animal topiaries in premium quality with complete perfection. If these faux animal topiaries are installed near the entrance gate of a five-star hotel or at the reception area of any large corporate office, it can completely turn the surrounding and can appeal every visitor.

Why these fake animal topiaries considered for landscape decor over their original and live counterpart?

The artificial botanical products have gained their popularity over the real ones mainly because of the maintenance issues. Other reasons are explained below in support of this statement:-

  • The real plants and trees always ask for specific weather conditions for their survival, while the fake ones can be placed in any climate without damage.
  • The live plants and trees will never survive without water and proper sunlight or shade. Nothing will be required by the fake animal topiaries and other faux botanical beauties.
  • The original plants have the tendency to attract insects and pests, so it will always need insecticides. The live ones will also require fertilizers for maintaining its health, while the replica of the real ones will not require any of these and that makes it very much cost effective.
  • The live trees and plants might decay and even die anytime, but the fake alternative of the original botanical beauties will preserve its beauty all your lifetime.

The artificial animal topiaries from HedgeScapes have made their way into the choice of every leading landscape designer as the decor item, why?

Big corporate houses hire the industry leading landscape architects for doing up the exterior and interior landscapes of huge multi-specialty hospitals or exotic resorts they own for getting something unique with their decor, for impressing the visitors and attracting more clients. The replica of the original animal topiaries and other artificial botanical products from HedgeScapes always does the trick for them, and they are popular because of the detailing they provide in their creation.

Even after looking at these fake beauties for a long time, you won't be able to understand the difference in their appearance compared with the real ones. These products are manufactured using special non-toxic chemicals which repel any insects or bacteria forming on their surface; this makes them safe for any interior landscapes.

Animal topiaries from HedgeScapes possess some unique properties, what are they?

With their lifelike appearance, the animal topiaries and other artificial botanical products from HedgeScapes are completely a hit with every environment, wherever they are placed. The unique properties are explained below:-

  • During the manufacturing process very high level of engineering and technology is used for keeping up with high commercial grading. This ensures very high quality of the product.
  • A technology called ThermaLeaf® is impregnated on the surface of these fake botanical items for saving them from catching fire during any accident.
  • The PermaLeaf® technology is also impregnated on the surface of these faux topiaries, for preventing them from harmful UV rays and color fading due to any extreme weather conditions.
  • The replica of the original plants and trees are very much lightweight, and hence, they can be installed anywhere without any hassle.

What are the available varieties of faux animal topiaries you can order from HedgeScapes?

For making the artificial animal topiary of your choice, the available variety of foliages is dark-green pearl grass, Light-green pearl grass, Azalea, English Ivy, Boxwood, and Juniper. Use them and ask the experts of the company to make topiaries in the shape of your favorite animals like a tiger, giraffe, elephant and even big birds like a peacock.

The company approves customized orders based on customer's demand. The application of these topiaries also have variety; they are temporary or permanent. If you want them as a decor item for a particular party, then order the temporary ones, while the permanent ones are a onetime investment and last all your lifetime. Place your order as per your requirement.

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