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artificial privacy screensHedges are not just common decorating elements for gardens anymore, with landscape artists taking it to the next level by using them for safeguarding the privacy of offices, restaurants and corporate buildings, etc.

Fit for any location

The flexibility of shaping up hedges to any perfect geometric shape makes them perfect for landscaping as well as bordering private properties. These shrubs are mostly grown very closely together for landscaping. The dense structure of leaves in each of them makes them look fully green, if not closely inspected for the branches that hide within the dense cover of leaves. The greenery of these faux hedges are indistinguishable from the real ones, and their perfect shapes create a mesmerizing look altogether. The faux hedges can be easily grouped together in multiples to deliver beautiful shapes. Faux boxwood hedge topiaries available in the variety of shapes like spheres, cones and spirals are great decorative for both interior and exterior landscapes. The wide ranges of shapes like the ones build resembling Christmas trees, and traditional ball structures are a clever way of decorating hotels, casinos, hospitals, etc. Since these faux botanical beauties are fully customizable, they can be made to fit any specific location.

Unsuspicious private barriers  

Growing over 2 meters in height and the thick green coverage of these can contribute towards preserving the privacy of an area. The thick green foliage of faux hedges provides a sense of well-being and uplifts the moods of visitors, making them great for both indoor and outdoor landscaping. These can be used for creating boundaries of outdoor commercial spaces like cafeterias, water parks, amusement parks, theme parks, etc. To deliver a sense of being closer to nature. In places like restaurants, government buildings and huge corporate houses these can often be seen being used as screens to hide any unpleasant views. Since greenery always brings a feeling of aesthete well-being, the faux hedge screens can be used effectively behind glass walls as unsuspected private barriers. 

Converting abstract ideas into shapes

Using artificial hedges also means that you can order any of their variants like the most commonly used boxwood and other alternatives such as azalea, juniper, pearl grass, etc. These can be used very creatively to design signatures or words that represent company names etc. And are a great replacement of standard hoardings and billboards. Simply placing them in different patterns which have a meaning when viewed from the top is also a great idea. These faux hedges can jazz up the fun quotient of parks, shopping malls, theme parks, etc. As they can be given any shapes like, that of animals, fishes, birds or even huge dinosaurs which are sure to capture the attention of visitors. These can be even used as floor mats and wall coverings to bring the feeling of being closer to nature. The client can simply come up with any abstract idea and with latest cool technologies in use; these can be made at great speed and are very affordable.

Safety concerns

Safety concerns were often overlooked in artificial plants making them vulnerable to fire, extreme temperatures, etc. However, these faux hedges are built with the special ThermaLeaf® technology that makes them fire retardant and stable in extreme climatic conditions. These are UV stable and thus can be efficiently used for both interior and exterior landscaping. The safety rules and regulations of commercial buildings are kept in mind when designing these faux beauties. Since these are fully customizable and available in various shapes, the huge sized screens and shapes are backed with metal frames which them very strong and ensures that they stay in place even in areas with great wind speed.

Easy installations

These artificial landscaping products are very easy to set up, and the even detailed information is provided in the manuals that come with them. In case, the products ordered are massive, such as, the ones that have the metal backing and are very heavy to work with, on-site installation services are also provided to ensure that the products are installed correctly without any damage to the property. Most of the interior landscaping hedges like mats and topiaries are lightweight and can be shifted around the workplace quickly.

Some other benefits of artificial hedges

  • These artificial landscaping products can be used as windshields when metal frames are used for baseboards.
  • They propose no hassle for maintenance and can withstand harsh climatic conditions making them preferable over the real hedges.

Versatility of faux hedges 

These faux hedges are absolutely maintenance free. Being made from silk materials with permaleaf® technology ensures that the vibrant color of the leaves stays intact for years and do not fade away due to the effects of heat and water. These artificial hedges are also made for temporary decoration needs for particular occasions like parties, meetings, etc. That can be specified by the client for one-time use or multiple uses. The necessary hardware like nuts, bolts, etc. That are required for installation, comes with the product itself and a manual of written instructions is also included. Baseboards for these artificial hedges can also be selected as per the requirement. These baseboards define the lasting properties of the faux beauties. The most commonly used foam baseboards are mostly preferred for temporary applications as they are not very durable but are very inexpensive. Wooden baseboards are mostly selected for interior decorations, they cost more than foam ones but are permanent solutions and can also be used outdoors as they are also available in fire resistant and harsh weather sustaining variants. Metal baseboards are preferred for their durability and are perfect for windy areas.

boxwood matIf you are bored of the surroundings of your restaurants, malls, boutique, residential and office buildings, then it's time to get incredible looking foliage mats. Adding greenery to your workspace was never that easy, but our high-quality foliage mats have changed the scenario altogether. These are beautiful and vibrant and are a perfect landscaping option. The foliage mats are famously used as floor decorations and wall coverings. These are unbelievably natural looking mats with unmatched realism and are economical. With these mats, one does not have to worry about its durability, maintenance, and fire issues. 

Texture of Foliage Mats

Our mats comprise of unblemished, stylish looks catered to appeal you. The unique and vibrant mats are made up of different materials like realistic leaves. We work with worthy botanists to create no less than a real leaf structure. The comforting green leaves and vibrant flowers are made up of plastic. The standard sizes in which we offer are 12' * 12', 24' * 24'. Moreover, these artificial mats are available in customizable shapes and sizes. It doesn't matter whether you wish to use them for outdoor or indoor landscaping because these foliage mats can be installed everywhere. 


We have the wide range of options available, from which you can choose the colors and textures you want for your space. English ivy, azalea, boxwood, juniper, dark-green pearl grass and light-green pearl grass are different variants in foliage mats; we offer so that you can get exactly what you are looking for. English ivy boxwood is manufactured on a plastic fence panel and is highly recommended by designers, architects because of its exuberant look similar to wall tiles. Juniper mats which would surely add elegance to our place, crafted from rubber with anti-slip properties. The most commonly used mats are ivy and juniper as they have been in use for hundreds of years in landscaping projects. Another modern variant that is made up of industrially leading faux materials, Azalea is green foliage with an option of pink and red flowers. Other varieties are dark green pearl grass and light green pearl grass which is used for having a comfortable and dynamic outdoor area.

Wide Range of Application

The mere presence of these mats creates a rejuvenating ambiance in the settings of your place. These realistic looking foliage mats are ideal for outdoor as well as the indoor environment. The material used in its construction is equipped to withstand harsh conditions. In any weather condition, one can be sure that these mats won't have color loss as they are fade resistant. They can be made temporary or permanent, according to if we want the wall for years or a party. We also offer one-time use foliage mats for special occasions. The monotonous walls of our offices, restaurants, malls can be transformed into beautiful green walls. 

Potential Usage

Our foliage mats find a variety of uses. It is popularly used to enhance the business environment by adding the natures' touch through these foliage mats. One can brighten up office by adding these vibrant textured mats. One can use mats in their reception areas to lighten the mood or even use in trough displays. These are eye catching and will certainly make a vibrant statement within the malls, hotel lobbies and at the reception of corporate houses. The sophisticated and classy ambiance gives your customers assurance that they are dealing with the right organization. The mats can be used for interior decoration. The restaurants having foliage mats on the wall have a magical vibe. It gives an exotic look when used in malls and boutiques. 

Minimal Maintenance

One should consider buying foliage mats if the business area, mall, the restaurant is not attracting customers because of its dull looks. The fake mats look exactly like the real hedges and minus all the maintenance. They can be easily placed anywhere and no need for any special care. They don't need a lot of effort in cleaning. Moreover, we use the technology that contains special UV stabilizers which help in preventing color fading. The plastic used to make the leaves, flowers, and stems of foliage mats make them water resistant. Hence, they can be easily used in outdoor landscaping.

Fire Resistant

The foliage mats are fire resistant, and this appears as an oddball to many. People believe since the mats are made of plastic; hence they are easily susceptible to fire, and on catching fire, it can produce a large amount of deadly smoke. However, our foliage mats are made up of fire retardant material. A fire retardant chemical is introduced into the mat during its manufacturing and hence making them fire safe. It is the safest faux foliage on the market which meets the all the fire codes. It has been tested and complies with various test methods.

Easy on pocket

Don't go on its gorgeous and classy looks, they only look expensive but are pocket-friendly. This can also be attributed to the negligible maintenance required by them. The foliage mats are almost indistinguishable from the real plants. Since they are made of plastic, they do not attract insects like real plants do. One does not have to worry about their trimming and cutting grass. The beautiful foliage mats leave a long lasting impression on the customers. The price one pays for foliage mats is far less in comparison to their benefits.

Easy Installation

The best part of foliage and artificial boxwood mat is that they are very simple to install. No professional help is needed in its installation. There is a manual which comes with mats for easy steps to follow. The mats can be struck by normal adhesive or galvanized staples. These mats come in easily flexible panels of various dimensions. Its installation is not at all time-consuming. The only tools one needs to install foliage mats are scissors and an adhesive. In few easy steps, foliage mats will give you a highly dynamic and unique business space.

Ten Reasons that Make Hedgescape Faux Foliage the Best in MarketIn this era, where a man’s effort is judged by the way he presents himself, exterior and interior designing is part of your business decorum, if you want to reach the height of success. Among the essential decorative elements, an artificial plant proves to be one of the best ways to enhance the hidden beauty of your landscape. However, while going for the different types of artificial plants, one may choose the one which suits the theme of his landscape. HedgeScapes faux foliages are one of the most admired ones, because of its ability to attract art lovers in a sophisticated way, providing a broad range of artificial greeneries. Let us bring the spotlight on the ten reasons which make HedgeScapes faux foliage the best in the market.

They are prepared with sheer creativity: in the world of artificial plants designing, HedgeScapes is mainly known for their aesthetic appeal and structures. The artificial yet real looking HedgeScapes shrubs make any dull landscape look bright and appealing. These unreal shrubs are made with a blend of creativity and style, making it easier for the user to create some good impression. These are made in different shapes and sizes, making it very easy for the user to use it for his landscape.

Suitable to any theme: unlike the artificial greeneries which depict a certain theme or feel of a place, the HedgeScapes faux foliage represents art and craft which goes with any theme, making it universally acceptable. Moreover, these add a pinch of charm with much freshness to your landscape making it a beautiful place to work in. The beautiful patterns and the natural looking green leaves bring out the best of your landscape, allowing you to introduce the mind-blowing yet calm atmosphere to your customers or visitors.  

Retain the official decorum: the HedgeScapes artificial foliage is a mix of simplicity and elegance which suits the proper etiquette making any formal surrounding full of creativeness and structure oriented. At times, corporate offices are decorated with an element which either makes the whole setting, plain and boring or over clumsy and fancy. These fake shrubs are the key to maintain the balance the seriousness and calmness of an official area, making the workers comfortable enough to work efficiently and efficiently. 

Give a natural touch to your landscape: when it is about decorating your landscape, nothing can beat natural elements, but the problem arises when you are asked to maintain them. Replacing those natural elements with natural looking yet artificial plants like HedgeScapes faux foliage helps to retain the feel of nature, saving a lot of your time in maintaining them on a daily basis. These artificial shrubs help to create an elegant ambiance in your reception or office, giving a rich look to the overall set up. 

Suitable for a variety of places: these HedgeScapes faux shrubs are natural looking shrubs which are shaped into different patterns to make them aesthetically appealing. These beautiful pieces of creativity can be portrayed in different places to make their existence worthwhile.  Some of the places where these artificial greeneries can be rendered are:

  • hospitals
  • rooftops of five-star hotels
  • restaurants
  • banquets
  • fancy malls
  • shopping plaza
  • corporate offices
  • amusement parks

Enhance the glow of your landscape in different ways: HedgeScapes artificial foliages are highly recommended for places, where there is a first impression to make. These artificial shrubs can be used to decorate the entrance area of any hotel or corporate offices, giving out a sense of aristocracy to the whole area. These can be used in hospitals or corporate offices to break the monotony of seriousness, adding a natural charm to the vicinity. This artificial foliage works great to give a high standard look to any restaurant or banquets, giving the customers a sense of satisfaction. 

One of the best features of HedgeScapes artificial foliages is that they unlock the hidden beauties of a well-decorated path in a shopping mall or amusement parks, if used to decorate the sideways. From dreamy amusements parks to monotonous corporate areas, these artificial plants can be used anywhere in a right amount to maintain the minimalistic look while giving out a fancy yet simple feel to the whole landscape. 

Save your time and effort by being maintenance free: the beauty of HedgeScapes foliages lies in the different shapes and patterns they are grown into. However, unlike the real ones, the Hedgescape artificial foliages do not demand any of the necessary steps to maintain the freshness of it. These do not need regular shaping and trimming, watering or soiling, therefore saves a lot of your effort and time to preserve their beautiful appearance. To keep up the freshness, all you need is to wipe them up with wet or dry clothes whenever the green tone becomes a bit dull and shady because of dust.

Pocket-friendly: the beautiful HedgeScapes faux plants have a minimalistic approach towards interior and exterior designing, which enthralls the hidden natural beauty of your landscape but unlike all other artificial plants, you can get these within in budget. After installation, there are very fewer possibilities of investing money for the maintenance purpose as these do not demand any, making the whole idea of decorating your landscape in an innovative way, well organized and effective. These artificial plants prove to last for a long time, keeping the smile on the customer’s face alive.

Environment-friendly materials: one of the best features of HedgeScapes faux foliages is that the materials which are used to build them do not harm the environment to a certain level. Some of them have the facilities of being fire resistant and UV protective, making them the ultimate designing element you ever craved for. 

Easily available: being one of the best companies, HedgeScapes artificial plants are easily accessible within just a few clicks.  The products are shipped to your landscape with personal concern by the product managers, making the whole point of dealing with the manufacturers easier than ever.

Faux Hedges for LandscapingFaux hedge in landscaping 

With the technological developments, the landscaping at the public buildings has also changed. Now you have a smarter choice of landscaping items, and faux plants are the example of modern landscaping items. Though there are a lot of faux plants, the faux hedges are unique and classy mainly due to their appearance and the flexibility it gives. Let’s take a look at ten reasons to choose faux hedges for landscaping.

1. Pure aesthetic beauty

Faux hedges offer pure greenery which is best for any landscape. Greenery can transform any landscape into a superior one, and faux hedges can be used almost everywhere in the outdoors or indoors. The aesthetic beauty is unbeatable as well as a classy way of transforming the landscape.

2. Maintenance free landscaping item

One of the greatest advantages with the faux hedges is its zero maintenance nature. Unlike the commonly used landscaping items like real green plants, it does not need regular watering or pruning which perfectly suits the office scenario as it does not require a separate personnel for looking after the plants. 

3. Wide range of applications

Faux hedges have a wide variety of applications in landscaping and a lot more than merely a landscaping item. Apart from using them for enhancing the landscape you can use it as a backdrop for privacy during parties or use them as boundary or fence in the offices. They are available in wide varieties depending on their application.

4. Durability

Another remarkable feature of the faux hedges is its durability. Unlike the real plants, the faux hedges are durable and will last forever once installed. You can put them up outdoors or indoors depending on their type, and they will last forever without any watering or pruning. 

5. Customized availability

The faux hedges are available in various types depending on your requirement and the landscape. You can decide the size, shape and other specifications as required and they will be customized. They are available in various types like Azalea, Pearl grass, Juniper, Ivy, Boxwood, etc.

6. Choice of baseboard depending on location

You can choose the baseboard based on your location. If you ae looking for an outdoor application, the galvanized metal type with four gauged, wire will be the best choice as its resistant to winds and other weather conditions whereas the foam type will be the best for indoor applications. The wooden baseboard will be the best for both outdoor and indoor applications as they can withstand harsh weather and also be treated in case of fire outbreaks. 

7. Rich choice of foliage variety

You have a broad range of foliage types to choose from for your landscape depending on the requirements. You can choose the realistic leaves type or go for other exotic varieties like Juniper, Azalea, Ivy, Pearl grass of dark green or lighter shades, etc. the boxwood and juniper are most commonly used types as they are traditional and suitable for wide variety of landscaping projects. 

8. Multiple uses 

You can choose your faux hedge type depending on your usage type. Along with the indoor or outdoor range, there are classifications for temporary as well as permanent and multiple as well as one-time use type. Depending on your usage type, the hedges will be designed to give the best service. 

9. PermaLeaf® 

This technology ensures the color, material of the faux hedge is of the best quality and they are botanically correct, as well as help in UV, stabilizing. The resin which is used for manufacturing the hedge is of the highest quality and the color is also suitable for harsh outdoor conditions and won’t fade away. The UV stabilizers give sustainability to the plants in the outdoor conditions and they are designed by experts who make them botanically correct including the veins and other structures.  

10. ThermaLeaf®

It is mainly due to many recent cases of fire breakouts where the landscaping items promoted the fire spread the designers chose to adhere to the local, national and international fire standards. During manufacture, the leaves and other faux plant materials are incorporated with fire retardant materials, thus reducing the chances of any fire breakout. The chemicals increase the safety measures and make the faux hedges an exceptional landscaping item. 

Choosing the outdoor locations

Outdoor locations may include the walkway linings where the faux hedges of customizable size are used. They can also include the fencings and other decorative structures like the topiaries or any particular logo of the company or any exotic designed walls on the outdoors. The mat, screen or rolls can also be put up to create partitions or design some wall like structures during the outdoor parties. You can be creative with the faux hedges as they are flexible and can be set up anywhere or in any locations irrespective of exposure to direct harsh weather. 

Choosing the indoor locations

The indoors can allow you to be a bit more creative as you can replace the normal dull walls with beautiful greenery by covering them with the faux hedges. It is simple as you can choose a suitable backboard to staple the sheets to it. Any part of the office can be enhanced with the faux hedges and it can also be used as a screening material in the landscapes. 

The best part about the faux hedges is that you can choose the multiple use type and change its location every two months to create an entirely new landscape. They can also be used creatively to create exotic designs and make the landscape creative.

The different types of faux hedges include different varieties of Azalea, Buxus, Juniper, various shades of green pearl glass, ivy, etc. They have unique types, and you can pick the best one from them for your office landscape. It requires one-time investment in setting up the landscape and they will last a lifetime as they are durable and can sustain any natural conditions. 


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