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The A to Z of Landscaping with Faux PlantsLandscaping can be a complicated but interesting task. The landscaping at the offices and other public buildings require more modern techniques and need accuracy. You have to bring in new ideas and make the most of the advanced techniques. Greenery at the office landscapes is an excellent idea but it has its drawbacks as maintenance of the real green plants at the office premises can be a tough ask. It has to be watered and pruned regularly, and a specific person has to be appointed to look after the greenery even on the holidays. Faux greenery is the most efficient modern alternative to native greenery. Let us take an eye on the characteristics of the faux greenery which makes it special among other landscaping items. 

Landscaping with the faux plants

Faux plants are a great option for landscaping as they have certain characteristics. Their difference from the native living plants is one of their greatest advantages. As they are non-living, they do not have a specific life cycle or life span and can live forever once they are installed in the office. It is a one-time investment plant where you choose your faux hedges for your landscape, and they will not need replacement till you choose to pick a different product. 

Unlike the living plants, the faux plants do not need any maintenance or care which makes it one of the best landscaping products for your office. Imagine the stunning greenery without any maintenance or watering or any additional effort like the addition of pesticides or fertilizers for the plant to grow. The faux plants do not necessarily need to keep in direct sunlight or in the presence of proper living conditions, unlike the real plants which need light water and air to survive and grow. 

You can also use your creativity to the fullest with the faux plants to create some interesting designs. There are endless possibilities both indoor as well as outdoor locations as they are suitable for outdoor landscapes and can sustain the exposure to harsh nature. 

Advantages while using the faux plants in landscaping

There are some distinct advantages of using faux plants. They are:

There are many plants which don’t grow outside a particular habitat or its local area of origin. There are no ways of using those plants in landscaping instead of going for the artificial variety.

Apart from those, the other types of faux plants which are impossible to grow indoors can be used in landscaping. The faux plants are reusable and can be moved from one place in the office to another for change in the landscape or just bring in some occasional change.

As mentioned earlier, the zero maintenance nature of the faux greenery lets you flaunt much greenery in your office premises without any maintenance of any kind.

It is customization, and you can get your type of faux greenery in the right specifications.

The endless varieties of faux hedges are not possible in real greenery. You can get your mat, rolls, and screen for placing on any wall or creating partition or hedge, topiaries, solid logos or designs and creatively designed walls which will look stunning in the office.

There are some areas in the office where completely sterilized atmosphere should be maintained. Faux greenery is ideal in such a situation as all the green plants will attract some insects or small creatures which will spoil the environment.

The ThermaLeaf® marked faux plants are fire retardant which reduces the chances of an accidental fire breakout in the office and ensures safety. The PermaLeaf® are also suitable for use in the open atmosphere as the material is tough to withstand the harsh weather and the color will not fade away.

Outdoor landscaping with the faux plants

Outdoor landscaping with the faux plants ensures that the ones visiting the building will admire the style of landscaping used and its elegant look. You can replace the boring walls outdoors with the hedge walls to give a unique look to the building. The walls can also be lined with faux hedge mats to give a tropical setup. The screens can also be used to create a partition during any outdoor party, and you can use as many creative ideas and use the faux hedges to create a completely new setup. The biggest advantage is that you can move the items or rearrange them to give a new look and being in the fresh atmosphere into the office.

Indoor landscaping with the faux plants

Indoor landscaping with the faux plants include the methods to transform the interiors of the office into a heavenly place where the people will feel refreshed and will be encouraged to give better performance. The indoor ideas include the use of faux plants or hedges in those places of the office which is more likely to be visited. It may include the reception or near the entrance where any wall can be given the lively touch of greenery. Preferably the walls or places which are likely to stay in focus as the one with a television set or any exotic design can be chosen in the office for maximum effects. Anyways, the otherwise boring or dull areas in the office like the manager’s cabin or the conference can be freshened up using a touch of greenery with the faux hedges. The biggest advantage of faux greenery over the real plants is that it will flourish and spread the refreshment at any location indoors unlike the real greenery which won’t be able to survive without the presence of sunlight.

ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf®

ThermaLeaf® technology ensures that all the faux plant adheres to all the local, national and international fire standards and is mixed with fire retardant chemical materials to stop fire outbreaks.

The PermaLeaf® technology ensures that the resin and the other colors used in designing the landscaping item are durable and the colors do not fade away even on exposure to harsh weather. They are also made botanically correct as the designers are expert in botany.

Faux Silk PlantsGreeneries are used for both exterior and interior decoration. These are used in many places of a building for livening up the atmosphere, and there is no reason why plants cannot be included for brightening the bath.  Whether you own a 5-star hotel, or a luxury resort or a large sauna bath or any large commercial hangout where guests would be spending their vacation, you can very well brighten the bath using faux boxwood hedge for delighting your customers.

A bath is a place for energizing with a refreshing shower. Nothing could be more appropriate than bringing in some colors in the bath. Nature being the great source of color, having plants in and around the Spa area helps accentuate the decoration and adds freshness to the bath. Various studies conducted, positively indicate that when people stay close to nature, they have a cheerful and elevated state of mind. When you decorate the exterior of your spa with artificial topiaries, it lures your clients to step in for an enjoyable bath.

Improving the look is tricky

Whether you are in the process of revamping your bath or a hired professional for the job, the fundamental factor of decoration is to break the monotony and making it appealing with a contemporary touch. Elevating the look of the bath can be a bit tricky because you have to consider many elements like walls, floor, bathtub, shower and other accessories. These involve time and investment. However, there are other ways: bring in some plants, and it will add a new dimension to the bath.

Live or faux, what is right? 

No debate. The live plants do exactly opposite to what we do in breathing. We exhale carbon dioxide, and they inhale it and release oxygen. However, there are other problems. Bath being the most private space, these are devoid of sunlight which is a prime requirement of the live plants. These are an extremely wet place, and the temperature rises higher when sauna is done. Such conditions are not favorable for having a live plant there.  For this reason, the interior design professionals opt for fake plants for a bath. These are cost effective, but deliver the same lush green ambiance that lets the user have a natural feeling.

The first impression lasts forever

Love at first sight! Yes, it is true for decorating. Adorn the exterior of your spa, sauna bath, resort, hotel, etc with false greeneries and silk plants, and your commercial place is sure to cast a lasting impression on the customers and visitors. Use fake screen for creating private spaces in the bath, and this will deliver an exclusive feeling. Covering the floor with fake mats or arranging a false green wall in the bath will also brighten your bath conveying your vision and the quality & class you maintain. 

These are imaginatively creative

While you use faux boxwood hedge for decorating the indoor of the bath, you have limitless options for playing with your imaginations to go out of the box. These are available in many sizes and can also be customized to fit any bath setting. Thus, you can be creative in your way and easily uplift the bath to everyone’s delight. Moreover, using these hedges in the bath, you can infuse a positive environment free from stress. This will also work as a focal point for a nice relaxing feeling, and when you are imaginatively creative for adding to the bath decor, it can be a real treat to the eyes. 

Have excellent features

All Hedge Space products including artificial topiaries, fake plants, and faux boxwood hedge are made botanically correct to look like live versions. They are so much look alike with live plants that you cannot notice the difference by seeing. These are made using high-quality PermaLeaf® and ThermaLeaf® foliage that provides the safest artificial decor solution available. The high-quality color pigment is used in manufacturing for arresting fading. Moreover, UV stabilizers and fire-retardant chemicals are also added in manufacturing making these mimic foliage suitable and safe option for both outdoor and indoor decoration.

Benefits you will enjoy

All fake foliage including the artificial topiaries is soil independent and maintenance free. Coming with the standard base, it allows you to play with size and shape. Being made from a prime plastic material, the faux silk trees and plants retain their shape, luster, and size forever. With periodic dusting, you are assured of a shiny look for a long time. These never attract any insects and the bath, that looks so natural, is free from insect attacks. The mimic plants are available in wide variety. It is possible to choose any exotic plant or flower for brightening up the bath landscape. 

Durable and delicate

Due to the most naturalistic look, the false decorative accessories appear to be very delicate. Made from high-quality material these remain unchanged in extreme weather conditions when used in outdoors. You can also place the faux silk plants in the darkest corner of the bath. They will go on pleasing you with their fresh, shiny look forever.

No added investment

Embellishing the bath with faux silk plants requires only one-time investment. No cost of watering, fertilization, pruning, and pest control is needed for these climate-independent plants making these cost saving. Using fake plants for baths saves you from further investments and allows continuous enjoyment for long.

Added advantages 

Hedge Space maintains a large inventory for meeting customer requirements. The company has a team of experienced professionals for helping the clients. They provide all necessary help to the clients through each and every step of purchasing process for meeting their decor requirements.

Choosing the right type

Choosing fake decorating plants for the bath is simple. Visiting the website you will get a beautiful display of the false topiaries, hedges, mats, plants available.  You can choose one that goes well with the theme and other decor items.

Decorating Office Landscapes with Silk Plants Made EasyWhile designing a landscape for an office, keen notice is required. Rather than spreading out some greens here and there, a professional space deserves much of planning and execution skills in landscaping. While designing a landscape for offices in the traditional way takes time, silk plants will help. Traditionally, it starts from making the ground to watering the plants. But it is somewhat impossible in this fast paced life. Especially considering the time constraints, no one will have the time or conveniences to go for real plants. Silk plants come with a panacea for this. And they make your job easy in hundreds of ways including.

Introducing the authentic beauty in a flip

Planting, watering and maintaining a plant until it blooms is really effortful. Plants need full care and overall the growth process will take time. For different plants, the blooming time or the sprouting time will be different and you will have to look out for the leaves or just the stem until you could see what you wished for. In such circumstances, the easy to install silk plants will help. They can be placed on your premises and it's done. Let it be the courtyard, or the lawn or the rooms. Keeping the plants is all that you need. Yes and the time? It’s the time to lift the plant and keep on the place! In the time you nod your head, green beauty is around you!

Easy installation makes them more recommendable

A regular planting process starts from sowing. From the first step, it should be maintained with utmost care. Any mishappenings in between will lead to the death of the plant and a dry plant will be a very displeasing sight to your visitors. But silk plants are here to your rescue. They are very easy to install and doesn't require a rearrangement process. They can be simply placed somewhere on your premises and you can relax. Unlike real plants, they need not be watered or trimmed periodically.

Lifelong beauty is not just a beautifying word

Real plants have a lifespan. After that they will slowly dry off, making you spend another couple of hours on the planting process again. This will cost you time, efforts and money. You will have to spend your time on the process at least a couple of days each year. This can be avoided if you could go for silk plants. Once you keep them on your premises, you don’t even need to think about them. Without losing a hint of beauty, they will cherish you forever

Lightweight and portable are mere 2 features, there are more

Silk plants are highly portable. And for the purpose, they are made light weight. When you feel like the regular office ambiance is boring and when you want to have a refreshing change, you can carry and rearrange the silk plants to get the fresh look. Imagine you carrying a heavy lush green plant with dirt on hands. Yes, silk plants are far easy to be managed, no matter what.

Silk plants are easy to maintain

You will have to water a real plant regularly. Once you stop the watering, all you will be left will be plant residues. Don’t you think this as an unpleasant thing? if yes, silk plants are the solution. They are so easy to maintain such that you will just have to dust them occasionally. There is no need of water, manure or scissors. They don’t even need a wash or a wipe.They can be dusted easily and can be managed without worries.

Numerous varieties are here for you

Real plants are highly environment sensitive and most of them grow only in specific climates. You might love another variety of the plant and unfortunately, they may not be growing in your area. Here also, silk plants help you. They can be easily placed anywhere on the spaces. They can be of any plants and can be of any sizes. Despite the climate and the tropical areas, they will cherish you and will make the ambiance pleasant. There are numerous varieties and so are available in all shapes and sizes.

Suitable for all spaces, they will make you fall in love with them

Silk plants, faux boxwood hedges, boxwood topiaries, green walls suit all places. They can be placed on your conference halls, near fountains, your cabins and even on the kitchens. They are highly useful and can be used anywhere without the worries of watering them. They can be placed on the stairs or at the balconies; they can be used in both internal and external plant settings and can be used in corridors. They will fit anywhere without any hindrances.

They are too resistant to natural agents

They are highly resistant to water, light and mild chemicals, this makes them highly reliable and their beauty will never fade. They are capable of making your ambiances beautiful at very intense lights and on cold weather. No matter what the climate or the ambiances changes, silk plants can make the space attractive than ever. They are so useful that no one can ever dislike their presence.

Outdoor and indoors

Silk plants can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They can be beautifully aligned and set in the walking lanes and can be set in the kid's play area. They can be installed in huge outdoor landscapes and can be installed indoors with hedges; they can be kept on corners of the room or can be kept on small tools in the middle of the rooms. No matter what, they will steal the show.

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How to Use Silk Trees for Your Home Décor

How To Use Silk Trees For Your Home DécorNow, decorating a home is not limited up to the usage of decor items like lamps, wall art, statues and more, the instead of the majority of the population loves to add greenery to their outdoor as well as the indoor garden. The popularity of greener plants and trees as home decor has reached to the peak due to the evolution of silk plants and trees. These silk plants have a large number of advantages than natural plants, and that is why residential landscape lovers are finding it easier to add these to their homes. Plants and flowers can offer your indoor as well as the outdoor area a different feel. These give you a way to add vitality and colors to your home.

Flowers in Pot for Making Your Place Vibrant

Silk flower plants can be found in pots giving a highly modern and elegant look capable of glorifying your indoor as well as outdoor areas. You can have options like white or pink orchids, silk roses and more. For interior decoration, artificial roses are the best option to choose. You will be surprised to see that the stems of these faux flowers look so natural that nobody can even point out its fake nature. The possibilities in having faux flowers for the home are limitless, and it is up to you, the kind of flavor you want to add to your interior as well as exterior decoration.

Decorate the Dining Room for Enjoying At Home Luxury Dinner

For your dining room, you need to find the centerpieces that can make your dinner enjoyable by giving luxury and soothing feeling to you. The centerpieces may be any small artificial topiary or plant combined with a perfect combination of colorful flowers. If your dining area has empty corners or has sufficient spaces in the corners, then potted plants or small silk trees can also be used to cover the empty area. You can also have the options of using hanging plants or flowers. Those will look awesome if used to hang to your dining room ceilings.

Bathroom - Area that You cannot Ignore

The bathroom is also one of the most important parts of our home that we cannot ignore at all. Because it is the area that is responsible for keeping us fresh all day long. Silk plants can be one of the ideal ways to decorate your bathroom, toilets or laundry area if you have adequate space over there. If you are looking to provider some exuberance to your bathroom environment, larger dark green foliage could be the top choice for you. Bonsai plant is ideal kind of product for this as this can add a touch of serenity to the area.

Add Life to Your Kitchen

If you are a homemaker, then kitchen would be the area that you spend most of your time in. Hence it is important to make your kitchen interesting so that you never feel distressed there. Artificial plants are the ideal solution for the kitchen as the kitchen has the most varying temperature that a natural plant cannot withstand to. You can place artificial flower pot above the cabinets, at a location that doesn't hinder your work and see, how it will increase your interest in cooking.

Bring More Elegance to Your Bedroom

Sometimes, doctors advice not to include natural plants or greenery in the bedroom area as in certain case it may give rise to allergies and all. Therefore, for plant lovers, artificial foliage works as the ideal solution, if they want to add greenery and colors of flowers to their bedroom. Artificial roses are the loveliest items to be used as decor for the bedroom as it can provide you a feeling of sophistication and softness. You can also build the composition of colorful flowers and dark green leafy plants if you have extended space. A night table is the part of the bedroom that grabs attention hence a lovely flower in a lovely vessel would work wonderfully there.

Build An Outdoor Landscape with Topiaries

For building an outstanding outdoor landscape, artificial topiaries are the most common type of greeneries. These not only give your landscape a greener environment but also grab the attention of everyone entering your house. The charisma of these faux topiaries is such that these give an exactly natural look. You can find a wide variety in topiaries like spiral topiaries, cone, balls, square as well as custom-shaped topiaries. You can also have limitless variations in their sizes suitable as per your outdoor area requirements. Outdoor faux topiaries include varieties like boxwood, cedar, ivy, juniper and more.

Privatize Your Outdoor Area with Faux Greenery

If you want to give your outdoor area coverage of surrounding wall or grills, then artificial greenery can still give you a better option to choose. You can make use of artificial boxwood hedges designed in the form of vertical walls thus helping you to have a beautiful privacy screen around your home. Most commonly, the green faux foliage is placed within the vertical or horizontal enclosure of metal grills which act as solid and durable walls for your space. In addition to this, you can also create a green boundary for your home using large artificial trees placed in line.

Outdoor Artificial Grass Mats for Beautiful Exterior Area

Faux grass mats are the most common types of artificial greenery utilized to create an illusion of real landscape in your home. In these kinds of fake grass mats, boxwood hedges and ivy types are the most common and popular kinds. These offer you a great way to build your outdoor hedges. Ferns are best accents in the planters or grounds surrounded by faux flowers and bushes.

Varieties of Outdoor Artificial Trees

Artificial trees are loved by most of the landscaping lovers due to the negligible maintenance requirements and more. The most popular kinds of trees in these are artificial palm trees. These can create outstanding tropical looks around your outdoor space. In addition to the palm trees, ficus, maple trees, bonsai trees, cactus trees and more are other options that can give your outdoor area outstanding style and look.

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