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Brace Up For Contemporary Faux Landscaping With Artificial Boxwood TopiaryTopiaries can be called the finest of all means for the decoration of a place, and when it comes to adorning your commercial premise, you cannot take a chance but rely on the efficiency of these faux plants. They come in a wide variety of styles and shapes to fit both the interiors as well as the exterior landscape of the commercial place and moreover, these plants are made from high-quality materials which render them beautiful. As an owner of the commercial property, regardless of whether it is a casino or a hotel or an amusement park or a hospital, you can use these fake artificial topiaries in all places to mesmerize your visitors and esteemed clients.

Top tips to use the boxwood topiaries in commercial places

With the dizzying variety of styles, forms, and sizes of faux boxwood topiaries, it may become overwhelming for a novice decorator to take care of all the aspects before choosing the perfect piece of boxwood artificial topiary trees. However, with a few useful tips, you may easily be able to choose the best topiaries for the decoration of your interiors and exteriors.

Find out the places where you want to place the topiaries: This is the first and foremost factor that would enable you to get the best pieces of fake topiaries. You can easily consider both the interiors and exterior landscape and locate the spots where you want to keep these topiaries. This will help you to have a clear idea of which size and form of topiary you would require to make your visitors go bonkers. Moreover, since these topiaries are made out of high-quality silk material, no one would be able to understand that he or she are not natural. So, your first task is to decide whether you want to place it at the front door or the patio or by a poolside or at the conference room or the reception.

Choose the shape of the artificial topiary trees: Though artificial topiaries are the most common variants of fake topiaries, you can also explore other forms such as tapered, cone, single or double ball or corkscrew. If you can mix and match different types of topiaries altogether, you would be able to decorate your commercial premise in a unique way which wouldn’t match the décor of any other places.

Determine the perfect size as per your requirements: When you are taking into account all the probable spots within your commercial premise, including both interiors and exteriors, you will have to get topiaries of various sizes to serve the purpose. The general rule is that you would require large boxwood topiaries for your exteriors and interiors, smaller topiaries are going to be perfect. You should also have a clear idea about the height at which you want to keep them. 

Select the style of the artificial topiary trees: There are different types of boxwood topiaries available, some of them are suitable for specifically suitable for distinct purposes. When you have a clear cut idea of where you want to place each of these topiaries, you can easily choose the best topiaries which will help you to transform your commercial place with magical beauty.

Determine whether you would like to light the topiaries: This is yet another important consideration. For the topiaries that are going to be placed in the interiors, you may not require artificial lighting, but for those that are placed outside, you may have to think of lighting them suitably. This is especially true if you are an owner of an amusement park, large hotels or resort, theme park or casinos. Some topiaries are available in a pre-lit condition, or you may also buy unlit ones and drape them with low voltage LED strips to light it whenever you want to.

Place the artificial topiary trees in decorated urns: Faux boxwood topiaries come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, and you may also get some of the most beautiful colors of these fake plants. However, it is highly recommended that after you have finished choosing the best topiaries for your commercial place, you should place them in suitable beautified urns so that the whole thing looks dignified and gorgeous. You may also consider using decorative baskets or planter to create a  look that is going to be envied by all.

Caring for the beautiful topiaries that adorn your commercial place:

Once you have chosen the loveliest of artificial boxwood topiaries for decorating the indoors and outdoors of your commercial place, it is time to incorporate them in such a way that they carry the same theme all over your business area and aids in increasing its aesthetic appeal. However, when the topiaries are doing so much to help in improving the looks of your area, you should also take proper care and maintain it properly so that it keeps on embellishing your area for many years. If you are placing them outdoors, they will catch more dust compared to those that are placed indoors. However, there is nothing to fret. If you see that there is dust, rain spots or debris accumulated in the topiaries, cleaning them is going to be pretty easy, and you can instantly restore them to their original elegance without any hassles.

  • For cleaning, you can simply rinse the artificial topiary trees with a mild cleansing agent mixed with plain water. You may also do this by spraying water from an outdoor hose.
  • For those topiaries placed indoors, you can spray them with a mild cleanser mixed with water and then pat it dry with a cotton towel.
  • Though you would not have to do this on a regular basis, cleaning the topiaries once in a while would aid you to have the glamor and sheen of the topiaries protected for many years.
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Classy, Green, and Stylish Artificial Topiaries

interior landscapesFor receiving more foreign investors for your business, you must attract the international delegates visiting your office premises, by turning the whole environment into something special and unique. Similarly, for people related to the hotel business, will always look for innovative landscape decor ideas to impress new customers into their luxurious property. Introducing nature, through your decor ideas, will be a smart move as everyone wants to be close to nature in one way or the other.

Large, medium or small topiaries in various shapes can be a beautiful addition to the landscape designing ideas whether it is outdoor or even indoor of any huge property. However, due to lack of workforce, maintenance inability, and high-cost involvement, installing and growing real plants and trees is considered a big issue. Hence, getting artificial topiaries similar to fake hedges or other items of artificial greenery, which looks akin to the real ones would still create the look you want and would be totally hassled free.

Where should you look for these amazing replica of the original Topiaries?

If you survey the market properly, you will know that, there is only one company named HedgeScapes, which is extremely popular and renowned in crafting and manufacturing the most lifelike artificial foliage in the form of Topiaries, screens, green walls, rolls, hedge, mats, logos, signage and also animal & other form topiaries. Experts in the form of landscape architects, botanists and engineers combine to make the team in perfecting the creation of these fake outdoor artificial trees like Topiaries.

HedgeScapes have more than 40 years of experience in this field, and every artificial botanical beauty like the Topiaries, which gets crafted in their manufacturing unit has complete perfection. On the lawn of a huge private hospital or the interiors of a luxury mall lobby, if these fake Topiaries are placed, no visitor can ever make out the difference from the real ones. 

Real Topiaries are getting replaced by the faux Topiaries from HedgeScapes, Why?

Instead of growing real plants and making Topiaries out of them, it is advisable to order for this replica of the original Topiaries from Hedgescapes mainly because maintaining live plants and trees is not like having a cup of tea for most of the people. There are many other reasons which support this statement. They are:

  • Unique atmospheric conditions are always needed for the survival of real plants, while the beauty the artificial botanical beauties can be enjoyed all through.
  • The fake plants or the Topiaries will never need watering and sunlight for retaining their appearance, but the live plants need both of this for its existence.
  • With just a little bit of care in the form of dusting the surface once in a while, the faux topiaries will keep looking beautiful and fresh. Decaying might happen to the real ones, and it may die even.
  • The live plants will require fertilizers for its improvement in health and quality, but no such hassle is associated with fake plants.
  • The faux Topiaries for interior or exterior landscaping needs is cost effective as it is a one-time investment, while for maintenance of the real ones regular monetary investment is a must.

Why are Topiaries from HedgeScapes so much popular with the landscape architects and designers?

Whether it is a huge shopping mall, some boutique resort or a private hospital, the landscape architects or designers always have to look out for decor items which has some uniqueness in them while designing their indoor or outdoor landscapes. Moreover, to get the assignment from the clients, who are owners or managers of these luxurious properties, they always have to propose some cost effective designing plans as well. The fake Topiaries from HedgeScapes has all these elements checked and is perfect for landscaping ideas.

The faux topiaries like other small or large artificial trees are manufactured without using any live or organic material. This makes these faux beauties entirely free from any bacteria or insect attack. Hence, if they are installed in the poolside cafe of a five-star hotel or the plush restaurant just around the street, there will be no tension Association of edible products getting intoxicated. 

What are the advantages you earn by placing these Fake Topiaries from HedgeScapes in your indoor or outdoor landscapes?

These completely realistic looking Topiaries and make any dull scene shine with its presence. The properties and advantages are listed below:

  • ThermaLeaf® technology is used on its surface during the manufacturing process for making the product completely fire retardant so that it stays safe during any fire tragedy.
  • PermaLeaf®   technology is also used on its surface for keeping its color intact forever without any chance of color fading and also for repelling UV rays.
  • These Topiaries are rated very high in commercial grading because of its construction procedure, the materials which are used for creating it, high-class designing, and the workforce used for its entire creation.
  • With your instruction during the placement of order, they can even install the faux Topiaries anywhere you want to without any hassle.

What are the unique varieties of Topiaries found in the collection at HedgeScapes?

For making the needed difference in the exterior and interior landscapes of any luxurious property, you can choose from the variety of Topiaries found here. They are- English Ivy, Juniper, Boxwood, Dark-green pearl grass, Light-green pearl grass and Azalea. Then choose the type of application you want, like permanent which will last all your lifetime or temporary Topiaries for one time to a few number of times use.

Before you place your order for these beauties, visit the official website of HedgeScapes, and browse through the amazing design samples. Gather some designing ideas, and try to implement them in your landscapes if you want to decorate all by yourself.

green wallAs an owner of a posh commercial property, you are responsible for looking after a variety of considerations of which decoration secures a prime concern. Moreover, when it comes to embellishing your property, be it a hospital or a hotel, an opulent restaurant or a theme park, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of coloring it green. However, incorporating natural greens invariably brings along its set of disadvantages. Though your area would be surrounded by the lush green beauty of natural hedge and foliage, you should also take care of them so that they keep looking as flawless as it should be. You may even have to keep some employees dedicated for upkeeping the natural greens within and without the commercial area so that it can attract more visitors and increase the traffic flow. 

However, what if you could simply subtract the aspect of maintenance from these greens and they would maintain their sheer beauty without you having to interfere for watering or trimming or pruning? Though it is absolutely unbelievable but it is true that today you can access to a wide range of artificial green walls that resembles their natural counterparts to the core so that no passerby could ever doubt their “naturalness.”

A wall that enhances the beauty

In its crudest and simplest sense, the word “wall” carries obvious implications of separation and confinement which are interpreted in a negative sense. However, the artificial green wall are so beautiful and marvelous that none of your visitors can ever miss a chance to appreciate them. What’s more, you will never have to look after them; just install and forget them. These faux green walls will continue adorning the ambiance of the entire area for many years to come. Moreover, if all of a sudden you feel that the arrangement is no more appealing, you are free to alter the decoration without making a mess of it. 

Make your landscape naturally appealing

The landscaping industry has recently soared up to revolutionize its creations of which artificial greeneries own a prime position. Therefore, you could hardly find a time that is more suitable than now for investing in these products. Each of these fake plants and greens is made from top notch quality raw materials and constructed by incorporating a matchless technology so that their elegance and perkiness do not fade away with the passage of time. As a result, if you incorporate them to your interior and exterior landscape, you can rest assured that these gorgeously green walls are going to win everyone’s heart. However, there is no reason to believe that they are going to cost you an arm and a leg; most of these premium quality faux foliage are affordable, and you can look for a great variety of options within your set budget.

Create something personable in your landscaping themes

As the artificial walls allow you to add much glamor and mirth to your property, you can add a touch of unique personality which can portray itself through the arrangement of the faux walls. The designs you wish to create should translate themselves into intangible themes when you experiment with breathtaking and out-of-the-box ideas. For instance, you may outline the artificial green walls along the boundary and align them with small and petite colorful flower-bearing shrubs. On the other hand, you may also use them for embracing the corridor that may lead to the cafeteria to the walkways to the exit of the property. The best part of experimenting with fake green walls is that if you are not contented with the final design, you can instantly turn it down and recreate something new.

Hide the invariable flaws in a sassy manner

It goes without saying that as an owner of a commercial property, you cannot turn a blind eye to the obvious flaws that are there in the construction or interior designing or exterior landscaping of the property. Even though there is no flaw as such, there could be a small crack around the edge of the window or a discoloration at the walls behind the gathering zone. What you could do is incorporate the fake green walls in such a manner that none of your guests or visitors is able to understand that your intention is to hide the flaw rather than adorning the area. This is truly beneficial for your business as your esteemed clients and visitors would take a note of how deftly you have managed everything and their positive impression towards you are likely to build up. This way you can spare yourself from the costs, time and efforts of rebuilding an area or repainting it and also decorate the area on the go.

Allow private areas within an open area

In recent times the artificial green walls have been widely accepted as a ticket to cordon off privacy to a large open space. Since there is no involvement of a construction work, you can save your penny while installing the natural looking fake green walls. What’s more, you can easily change the setting and give it a whole new look at any time. These walls are very lightweight and can be carried off anywhere with ease. You can define their setting without taking any professional aid and restore them to their new position as and when you please. Therefore, these walls also allow you to create a private space for your prime guests and visitors who can have a confidential meeting or something significant in these skillfully carved areas. The natural greenness of these lush faux walls would radiate a positive vibe and enrich all who are present in close vicinity to these walls.

Animals and Form Topiaries That Make Your Office Landscapes come AliveIf you are looking for something innovative, unique and exciting for the hike of the attractiveness of your office or commercial space, then animal and form topiaries are something that can beautify your outdoor as well as an indoor office area. This idea of form or animal topiaries is out of the box and gives you a way to break all the set measures of giving real plant like looks to your artificial plants and topiaries. You can be a unique designer with the outstanding type of forms or shapes to be implanted with your faux plants. Your office landscape filled with artificial animal and form topiaries will reflect your love for natural habitats like plants, animals, topiaries, flowers and trees.

As different animals have different ideas associated with their nature hence these ideas about different kinds of animals can make your office area look alive and full of thoughts. For example, a lion reflects a kingly posture whereas an elephant will signify a strong or bold yet friendly attitude. In such a way various kinds of form topiaries can define your business while also magnifying specifications of your business center.

Making Topiary Arrangements Around Your Office Space

You can have a tremendous amount of choices in artificial animal topiaries or form topiaries. As per your office area availability as well as your particular design requirements, shapes and sizes can be given to the topiaries. You can either take help from a graphic designer for finding a suitable form or animal shape for your indoor or outdoor area or can directly discuss with the artificial plant dealer about the particular shape that you want to see in your area. There are also many options of artificial grass that you can choose from like boxwood, juniper, pearl and more. Among this boxwood is preferred by most of the people. For example, if you have selected boxwood grass for your form topiaries then apart from the selected particular shape you will get complimentary boxwood mat foliage to grace your overall topiary.

What Shape Options You Can Have for Your Office Topiaries?

With the best quality faux hedges, you can give any shape and design to your topiaries. You can grace your commercial area with a resounding elephant, lion, horse or any other animal that you would love to add to your landscape. In addition to animal topiaries you can go with cartoon characters, superheroes, etc. If you want to give your topiary a shape that reflects your business idea, then you can do that as well. For example, if you are in clothing business then you can design any dress topiary that will flaunt in your commercial area. Fake hedges can transform any of your shape and design idea into reality due to their flexible and adaptive nature. Moreover, with all your shapes and form. If you choose to go with artificial boxwood mat pattern, then this can uplift the standard of your landscape.

Decide the Right Place to Place Your Animal or Form Topiary

Although you can place these topiaries anywhere in you in office still if the appropriate place is chosen for a particular topiary, then it can add more charm to space. For large sized topiaries, like animal topiary or anything that reflects your business work are suitable to be placed in the outdoor area. That is because outdoor is the first place that a visitor will see hence a good landscape will make a good impact on the guest. In addition to this entrance is also a good place to place topiaries. Empty corners of your area can be decorated with some animal topiaries as well. Small form topiaries can be places on the tables available in boardroom, meeting room, waiting rooms as well as cabins. Such a good arrangement of these will add class to your business.

Why to Go for Artificial For Form Topiaries?

There are many reasons which make artificial topiaries preferable over real plants. Here are a few of such facts that you might be interested to know.

The first major reason is that it is very difficult to craft different types of shapes using real plants if anyhow anyone manages to do that, it is almost impossible to maintain them for a long time.

The topiaries crafted using artificial hedges can last for long as artificial plants are made up of the high-quality type of plastic mostly polyurethane. Such plastic hedges can withstand different types of weathers and can also bear UV rays without any damage to their looks and charm. Artificial plants are also waterproof hence special arrangements need not be done in the case of the rainy season.

The topiaries crafted using faux hedges have a natural looking appearance. Unlike real plants, these do not have high maintenance needs like watering, pruning and more. These can brighten your landscape without any special installation needs.

It is quite easy to design animal and a wide variety of form topiaries using artificial boxwood and more types of faux grasses. Because these are strong enough to form different types of shapes.

These topiaries can be easy assembled by anyone quite easily. As these are highly lightweight thus can be managed conveniently. You can plant them in pots, vases or urns to use as a decor.

Artificial topiaries can be used anywhere ranging from your office premises, supermarket, warehouse, clothing store or any commercial area. These can also be utilized in residential areas.

Artificial topiaries can be used to create fake hedges for the privacy of your commercial spaces or open cover areas in your office premises.

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