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Faux Hedges To Transform The Look And Feel Of Your Corporate SpacesA dull or drab corporate space is not only an eyesore for employees but can also be incredibly demotivating for clients and customers. Keeping you corporate space well decorated, will not only motivate employees to work harder, but it will also liven and brighten up the surroundings. To make it easy for you, we have a broad range of beautiful faux hedges that can change the vibe and feel of your office surroundings. These faux hedges are easy to maintain, affordably priced and will leave an excellent impression on the minds of your clients and associates.

Benefits Of Installing The Faux Hedges

  • The faux hedges may look very expensive and unaffordable, however, in reality, these artificial plants are very reasonably and affordably priced. They can be purchased in large quantities without burning a hole in the purchaser’s pocket.
  • Another excellent benefit of the faux hedges is that these artificial plants require minimum or almost no maintenance. Unlike real plants and hedges, these plants do not need regular watering, trimming and do not require to be re-potted occasionally. The purchaser does not need to spend large sums of money on hiring a professional gardener to look after the plants.
  • The faux hedges are extremely sturdy and durable. They can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Exposure to sunlight will not cause the color of the leaves to fade away. Additionally, these faux hedges can tolerate and withstand almost all types of climates. They are also waterproof.
  • The artificial plants may look remarkably lifelike and thick, but these plants are very lightweight, which makes them easy to install.
  • The faux hedges are treated with certain chemicals that make them fire retardant. One need not worry about these hedges going up in flames and causing destruction to the surrounding that they are installed in.

Different Varieties Of Faux Hedges

The faux hedges are available in endless varieties. From hedges with flowers to dark green hedges, light green edges, and various other types, there is something here to suit the preferences of all. Purchasers can choose from English Ivy hedges, Boxwood Hedges, Azaleas, Junipers, dark green Pearl Grass Hedges and light green Pearl Grass Hedges. Additionally, the faux hedges are available with a variety of different types of baseboards. Purchasers can choose from wooden baseboards, metal baseboards, and foam baseboards. The wooden baseboards can be placed for both indoor as well as outdoor decorations. The metal baseboards are more suited for outdoor placements that include rooftops, beaches, and other such areas. The foam baseboards are the most affordable and reasonably priced baseboards and are best suited for indoor installations.

Botanically Correct Faux Hedges For You To Choose From

Although there are scores of faux hedge manufacturers and suppliers for you to choose from, a large number of these faux hedge providers do not produce hedges that are botanically correct. HedgeScapes on the other hand ensures that its clients are provided faux plants that are unbelievably lifelike and realistic. We have a team of experts with degrees in architecture, botany, landscape, and horticulture. With the help of such experts, we can produce hedges and artificial plants with utmost precision. Our hedges are botanically correct and have been able to fool even the most experienced and well-trained gardeners and botanists. The colors, shapes, and sizes of the leaves and flowers of these faux hedges are so lifelike that they are often mistaken for real plants.

Different Places That The Faux Hedges Can Be Installed

The beauty of the faux hedges is that they can be installed in indoor as well as outdoor spaces. One need not stick to only corporate offices for the installation of these faux hedges. These artificial plants can be set up as decorative pieces in malls, boutiques, showrooms, beach bars, lounges, restaurants, hotels, offices, residential spaces, apartment buildings, government offices, trade shows, exhibitions and various other such residential as well as commercial locations. Typically, if you wish to liven up the atmosphere of your home or commercial space, you can install these breathtaking and realistic faux plants to bring about a beautiful and captivating feel to the surroundings of the place of installation.

Installation Process

The faux hedges are extremely lightweight and sturdy. Although it may seem like a complicated process to install the plants in your corporate space, in reality, it is not. The faux hedges come with an instruction manual that guides the purchaser on how to install the plants step by step. The installation process is a very easy one and can be completed by practically anyone. The company itself provides all the necessary installation hardware that may be required for the process of installation. However, for those who do not have the time to complete the installation process, Hedgescapes provides well-trained and super efficient professionals who can come and fill out the installation for you.

Using The Faux Hedges For Commercial Purposes

Due to their sturdiness and long shelf life, these faux hedges can be utilized for commercial purposes too. For instance, event planners and wedding planners can use the faux hedges to decorate the events or weddings that they are handling. These artificial plants can be used and re-used as per the requirements of the user. When not in use, the plants can be stored away in a warehouse or storeroom and the user need not worry about them getting spoilt or ruined.

So, if you are looking to liven up the surroundings of your corporate space at a reasonable cost and with minimum maintenance hassles, these faux hedges are just the things you need. Adding these vibrant and captivating greens to your surroundings can truly motivate and inspire your employees to perform their best. We have a wide range of flowering and non-flowering faux hedges for you to choose from. The installation of these artificial hedges will give your corporate space a very classy, sophisticated and elegant vibe and feel. Don’t waste another day, order you faux hedges today!

Lush Boxwood Mats can provide opulent indoor and landscapesBusinesses are all about interaction with people and, to be very specific, with the clients and customers. In case you notice that not many people are stepping into your office, then it must be lacking in attracting the visitors let alone to convert their interest into business for ultimate revenue generation. 

People are always after beautiful things, and an amazing exterior landscape is sure to attract your visitors about the standing of your business and also help them to be in a joyous mood when they enter your office. Of course, you can have a natural landscape. But, these are hard to maintain through the year. You may be located in an arid climate, and there could be a scarcity of water too. For all such situations, artificial boxwood mats are the best solution for maintaining your class and also for creating a pleasant ambiance.  Using artificial mats you can enjoy good customer relationship continuously.

What are these?

There are many ways to revamp the outdoor landscape, and the artificial boxwood mats are ideal for this purpose. The artificial grass turf mats are made of plastic materials. These are tinted with prime quality color and mimic the natural grass. Protective agents are also impregnated into the mats so that these do not discolor when exposed to the scorching sunlight for a long time. 

Unique features

Manufactured with innovative technologies, these come in standard sizes of modular squares and can be used for a large number of applications. These can also be customized to meet any specific requirement and can be used for covering floors and walls as well, to impart an enhanced look to your place of business. For large projects, several mats are connected and formed into rolls for handling efficiently. Some companies allow the mats to hang on the walls for years together and there are others who prefer a periodic replacement. These can be made based on the usage modalities. The good quality commercial resin is used for manufacturing, and this can withstand extreme weather conditions. 

How can these be used?

Green landscapes are very attractive and mesmerizing, and for this reason, the artificial grass mats are perfect for all outdoor and indoor décor requirements. There is a growing trend of decorating with artificial grass for providing a lush appearance. While these are usually used for uplifting the lawns and floors; these can as well be used for decorating the walls of the board room or conference room or reception for creating an elegant ambiance that influences the clients, customers, and visitors to think that they are in the right place. 

Why trust artificial boxwood mats?

Nature induces positive feelings. The artificial mats have come a long way, passing through many developments, to look like natural turf allowing everyone to feel the natural aura. These are manufactured in vibrant green color that is pleasing to the eyes and is extensively used for the following reasons. 

  • The artificial mats are easy to install. These can be easily attached to any frame or fence.
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration in a plethora of ways.
  • The dimension of the leaves and stems are made meticulously accurate making these mats botanically correct.
  • In includes UV resistant agent and, therefore, prevents fading.
  • Also, have fire resistant properties that make these safe and reliable.
  • Do not attract mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Long lasting and require no maintenance and no mowing.
  • Enhances aesthetic appeal.

Added benefits

Landscaping has become an absolute necessity for the present day businesses, and the artificial boxwood mats are ideal for decorating and demonstrating the interior and exterior of your private space. These have astounding abilities for adding splendor to the homes and commercial establishment by providing a beautiful garden backdrop. You can use these for enhancing the beauty and elegance of the lawns, backyard and even walls too.

  • These are manufactured in lush green color that acts as a mood elevator, and so your customers and visitors will be relaxed and interact with a positive frame of mind that helps to deliver a gainful outcome.
  • Can be used to ensure privacy.
  • Best suited for office spaces, hotels, restaurants and spas for delivering a comfortable feeling.
  • Available in large varieties and so you can have different types in a different area of the premises and avoid monotony.
  • Cause no insect infestation and do not attract snakes and like animals. Therefore, maintains a safe and hygienic environment.
  • No need to be concerned about weather conditions.
  • These are durable, portable and profitable.

Different types

The artificial mats are grouped based on the composition of the grass. In spite of their various grass type and structure, all of these are equally efficient to refurbish your interior and exterior in equally pleasing manner. Besides the traditional 12 inches and 24 inches boxwood types, the artificial mats are also available in many other varieties such as Beauty Azalea, Pink Azalea, Juniper, Ivy, Dark Pearlgrass and Light Pearlgrass. These mats are coated with special Teflon coatings so as to keep those away from dirt and also to ensure easy maintenance.

Picking the right type

For picking the right artificial boxwood mats one should consider the place where it will be used. In the case of choosing artificial mats for revamping the indoor and outdoor, the type that matches both uses should be selected. If you prefer to change the interior decoration every month or so, it is better to choose a sleek type for easy replacement. In the case of outdoor landscaping, the most durable types should be used for withstanding the varying weather conditions. When there are natural plants and hedges in the surrounding, the mats should so be chosen that it melts with everything.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges to Reinvent Office SpaceIf your office looks non-appealable, non-admirable and you are noticing reduced number of visitors entering your premises along with decreasing clients and customers than definitely your office needs reinvention. Some things especially business requires a regular update regarding quality, prices, facilities and most importantly the overall outlook of your business space. It is a well-known fact that business works with people, in more clear words, with clients and customers, so the priority for commercial owners is to warmly welcome and pleasurable please all the incomers stepping in their business establishments.

There are many wonderful ways of reinventing any particular place. For instance, you can redo the whole structure and spend loads of budget, you can buy expensive show pieces for decoration purposes, you can paint differently than before and create new color contrasts on the walls of your place, and lastly you can plan boxwood hedges. The three methods might work for some time but they will come with many negative side effects like, they would demand for much maintenance; you will have to employ extra staff for their cleaning and pruning, they are not cost effective; they will burn a big hole in your pocket, they will sound old and out of fashion after short period; you will have to change or replace them from time to time, they might not be fit for outdoor regions; they will lose their glamor in worst weather conditions; they will bore people and will be ignored after some time; after taking a glance at them once or twice people might not find anything amusing about them, and they might not be safe; during drastic disasters like fire accidents they would not be of any help . Instead, they might become the reason of flowing fire. Also, the pointed ends of some show pieces probably hurt anyone around. 

The relevant reasons to blindly trust artificial boxwood hedges

The fake hedges give space to nature in complete materialistic surroundings of your commercial establishment; although artificial they beautifully resemble life and allow everyone to sense the natural aura around. The gorgeous green color of these botanical beauties is heart melting and treats for eyes. More than anything you will make your visitors feels relaxed and relieved if you install them for the decoration of your commercial establishment. Something other than gray and blue will delight people who live in cemented conditions. Faux hedges will provide with finishing touch to the making of your entire commercial premises, and also they will eliminate that ‘something is missing’ condition very effectively.  

If you will go for something scenic and sophisticated like boxwood hedges than you will not only provide with a better environment to your visitors and incomers but also you will construct better-working conditions for your staff. Nature is known for inducing peace and positivity anywhere; it has been installed. The peaceful and positive atmosphere will not only help you increase the number of clients and customers and co sequencing increase overall productivity but also you will get rid of issues like; employees leaving in mid, more holidays are taken by your staff members, your employees shifting to other offices, and regular blunders committed in work by your selective employees. Fake hedges, when installed at your place, will reduce your unnecessary tensions, make your job easy and fun and you can sit back and see your share prices rising in the market that is total value to your company and lovely profit. On the other hand, if you are thinking to use these faux hedges to renovate your home or private place, believe us, you will not find any other mesmerizing method to do so, but artificial boxwood hedges

You just need to wake up your sleeping creativity, and you are all set to add a style statement to your place

Everyone is creative in his or her way; regardless of how simple and sober he or she lives and carry him or herself. Take time to roam in and around your place premises to finally find out what you want this place; your place exactly look like. Once you are clear with your designing theme, start taking print outs, cut outs and pictures from your computer, magazines and camera respectively, of the things and various varieties of plants that you think will suitable for your home, office or commercial establishment. Afterward, the next step is to meet with the project manager and expert decorator along with your homework and finalizing the entire layout of your designing specifications. Now, you can make your place look like your imagination with the help of beautiful boxwood hedges.

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Styling Your Business Space with HedgeScapes

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Styling your business space with hedgescapesHedgeScapes provide you with hedges that are fire-resistant, highly durable as well as maintenance free. Artificial boxwood hedges enhance any particular place and can be beautifully used for interior as well as exterior landscaping. HedgeScapes bring you with completely customized hedges to the suite to one’s requirements. They offer various varieties of hedges like Boxwood, Juniper, Azalea, etc. They are manufactured using new and latest technologies which make them sustainable hedges. They are definite to bring charismatic cheer and jolly joy to your clients and customers. Also, they will attract even more visitors and incomers to your business space and consequently to your business.

Some innovative ideas for using fake boxwood hedges

Faux boxwood hedges are the delightful decorations and help in the construction of some incredible views by adding aesthetic appeal to your space settings. They can also be installed in outdoor gardens and contributes in giving proper privacy and relieved relaxation. They fit in any interior settings, and one can depend on them to use as a privacy screen as well. They provide a unique collection of hedge panels which are ideal for any place as well as provide with grace and elegance. They resemble life like plants and bring in great glamor as well as sophistication. They help in making one’s area exhibit professionally decorated and well-planned interior with least maintenance.

Let’s have a look at some specialties of boxwood hedges

A fake boxwood hedge holds an exceptional place in interior and exterior designing and landscapes. They are wonderful and can be wild too, but undoubtedly provide high fashion. Their astounding abilities to provide magnificent splendor to commercial centers and highlight homes can never be underestimated. They are uniquely useful to conceal ugly things in the interior as well as exterior. Nowadays, they are widely in use for landscapes which provide great garden background. They can also be accustomed in the backyard, lawns or front gardens to enhance the elegance of the landscape. They are manufactured with premium quality materials which provide durability and don’t demand much maintenance.

Pick perfect boxwood hedge size and shape

These faux boxwood hedges come in standard sizes which fit into any space. You can also choose custom size and shape as per your requirements. These customized hedges are built to suit one’s needs according to the space available. They perfectly fit in roof top restaurants and hotel lobby as well. They combine with other artificial plants easily and become the center of attraction. They are also available in sleek shapes which give easy mobility and allow one to rearrange them in any interior as well as front yards. The custom orders are made in quick time and can easily be installed.

Some of the varieties of hedges baseboard

If you want to make your hedges look entirely pleasing, go for baseboards. These fake hedge baseboards come in many materials like metal, wood, and foam. Wooden baseboards are highly recommended for both exteriors as well as interior installations. They protect the plants from fire disasters and can withstand harsh weather conditions as well. The metal baseboards are made of four gauze wire, and thus they do not sag quickly. They are durable and can be accommodated in rooftops and beachfront properties. Foam baseboards are usually used for temporary installations and are also economical. One can use these baseboards and enhance faux hedge decorations.

Choosing foliage variety for hedges

Traditional boxwood hedges are used for many landscape projects, and they provide leave structure which mimics real leaves. These structures are made by collaborating with expert botanists. Some other types other than boxwood are English Ivy, azalea, and juniper. The foliage you choose must mimic natural plants and should be able to give great pleasure to meeting rooms or waiting for halls. They are easily shifted able from one place to another and easily maintainable. Selecting right foliage for outdoor landscaping is imperative as it gives decorative dimensions to one’s front yard as well as ornament.

Selecting suitable hedge based on requirements

One should decide before hand, on what type of application these hedges will be used which helps to pick perfect variety. If one is choosing hedges for both interior and exterior landscaping, one should go with variety that matches both indoor as well as outdoor decorations. If you are thinking of moving hedges once in every two months, then go for sleek types which enable easy movement. Outdoor landscapes demand durable hedges because they have to withstand varying weather conditions. If you want to install them in waiting rooms and match them with other artificial plants, you should choose faux hedges consequently.

Manufacturing details

Hedge foliage material consists of PermaLeaf® and ThermaLeaf® technologies. It does not allow them to fade easily. They come with UV stabilizers which protect the hedges from color fading. They also provide commercial grade resin which enables to endure the worst weather. The foliage is manufactured by the team experts in botany, horticulture as well as landscape architecture by co sequencing with their knowledge to produce quality.

Large On-Hand Inventory

We have a large warehouse that is filled with products ready to ship out immediately.

Custom Quotes

Custom quotes are readily available for any request you may have, whether large or small.

Installation Available

Installing products within your design can be troublesome so we provide the service for you.

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