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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 08:45

Get Your Desired Topiary in the Form of Logo

Get your Desired Topiary in the form of Animal, Business logo and some Trimmed artFake Topiary plants and their subdivisions like animal form, business logo, and some trimmed decorative hedges are a class act if infused in your working environment. We at HedgeScapes have been a motivating factor for many commercial establishments and office premises in the country to utilize these faux decorative elements and make sure your vicinity sparkle exuberance and delight.      

We develop your imagination

To imagine something significant or valuable is not a crime. And when we try to think of uplifting the working ambiance in our office, just doing some touch-ups and brushing the walls won’t do any good. In this situation, getting rid of unwanted and bringing in something in the form of boxwood topiary plant is as exciting as it gets. 

An essential fixing if you are hoping to give your space a fresher and bolder look, topiaries have been an immaculate decision since hundreds of years and the craze of using them is only growing. They have affected inside and outdoor plans of many establishments like hotels, casinos, restaurants and office buildings. We at HedgeScapes comprehend the social roots that topiaries have had and have re-made their emanation and style. Our accumulation of topiaries consummately catches the polish and magnificence that has made them so well known for hundreds of years. 

Whether you are hoping to convey a common space or hoping to bring some symmetry, our topiaries are to a high degree compelling. Regardless of where you put them, you just can't miss their freshness and intense looks. They will be a focal element of your space and even in their least challenging structure; our topiaries will guarantee a sentiment sophistication and improvement. An incredible approach to acquiring custom contemporary settings and energy in a formal setting, topiaries readily mix in various sorts of settings. Regardless of what the shape or size, style or assortment, topiaries are chic and convey a fun feel to a wide range of spaces. 

Nothing will spruce up your foyers or lobby more than our manufactured topiaries. We have the freshest and exact accumulation of fake topiary, spirals and cones, Boxwood, Cedar, Juniper and Ivy topiaries which will make a truly comfortable setting. Don’t need to worry about their longevity or durability, as they are UV rays coated and even flame protected, a win-win situation for you as well as the office space, being out of fire hazards. 

Form it the way you want 

Various topiary forms like animals and logos have become a standpoint while designing an outdoor, and here we are not just talking about the commercial spaces. Home outdoors can be very well developed for kids and pets to have a gala time on their favorite animals, while other regions being adorned and fenced by faux boxwood hedges and mats rolls. 

From elephants to towering giraffes, we can incorporate topiary with any animal groups you seek. Hosting a birthday get-together for a Batman and Robin fan? Well, we can shape our topiaries to be any anecdotal character to zest up any occasion. If you are searching for something more unique, we would love to hear your thoughts and think of a compelling arrangement to make it into a reality. From customary Boxwood to the more cutting edge Azalea, we make the most reasonable foliage in the market. We have worked with the various respectable botanists to make the most sensible leaf structure. Choose from English ivy, boxwood, azalea, juniper, green pearl grass, light green pearl grass. Most folks incline toward the common boxwood and juniper mats as these are all-regular and have been utilized as a part of finishing tasks for many years.

So come Connect with us, and let us work together to get you the best and your most desired decorative element, artificial topiary plants, foliage, and flowers.


Artificial Boxwood in the form of Hedges, Topiaries, Plants and FencesBoxwood is a single most loved and an immortal bit of indoor and open-air embellishing product, which is known to sprinkle freshness and sophistication to any setting. They undertake a critical part in a business arrangement and commercial premises when you need to add shading and utility to your business space. We have an extensive gathering of similar fake boxwood in different styles and sizes to meet your prerequisites. 

The various boxwood forms

From artificial boxwood mats to fake boxwood fences, if you are eager to separate your office space, or you're hoping to make a reviving gathering zone, then our boxwood is exceptionally suggested. Accessible in wholesale as well, they are produced using premium quality material and don't require high upkeep.

Years to year embellishing product

If you look at history books, obviously boxwood has been an ever-present in the patio nurseries of our nation and over the world. A history which backtracks to the sixteenth century, boxwood has been a common and socially huge part of outside decoration or outline. Whether it's our office space or the parking garage, eatery zone or housing residency, airplane terminal or commercial shopping center, boxwood has a great exuberance, which will illuminate any space. Remembering all the customary eminence and cutting edge way of life, we have made a tremendous accumulation of artificial boxwood particularly for business areas, which will present a high visual scene in your space. Whether you require boxwood fences or mats, boxwood topiaries or rolls, we have them in different styles and sizes.

Glorifying the appearance

One of the prevalent and profoundly worshiped plants the world over, our Boxwood is a significant expansion of any scene and will confer a memorable appearance, which will rise to its essential and supplements none of the bothers. If you have a flat space in your inside or outside scene, then you should try bringing our faux boxwood items in your vicinity. It will spread gleam in the encompassing and will enhance any space where you put it in. It's an amazingly reviving appeal, and it won't just convey a visual state to the setting. However, it will likewise give a feeling of warmth.

Master Craftsman at your work

Created by our master group of creative designers, our accumulation of fake boxwood makes utilization of premium quality material and looks to a great degree similar. Having worked our instant points of interest, the authenticity including the composition and shade of our boxwood will leave puzzled. Impeccable to check the limit of your business space as a wall or to make a symmetrical outline in your setting, our boxwood can do everything with easy application. What's more, if you have agonized over the brutal climate conditions in your general vicinity, then let us guarantee you that regardless of how brutal sun, snow, water, and the wind is, our boxwood will never lose its sheen and keep the foliage intact and new. They are characteristically fade resistant and will keep on giving you delight till times to come.

Create unique scenarios

An appealing and helpful alternative to characterize individual zones of your space, our boxwood plants will do it flawlessly and flash vitality and creative energy in the setting. What's more, if you are dealing with a different scene and need to add completing touches to it, then you should attempt our boxwood. Regardless of, if you require bringing the crisp greens on the floor of your business setting to spruce things up or if you need to make a private outdoor space, then with our team of project managers and designers you can get what you want.

The many Uses

Whether you need to utilize our boxwood as a divider in your huge room or need to make an accent wall, boxwood does it easily and with panache. Amalgamated with fire retardant material, our boxwood items are fireproof and will ensure that your space stays protected and secure in the event of a flame outbreak.

You just can't get enough of these species. Gorgeous and charming, boxwood is known to change the rate of space with some touch-ups. From disappointingly grim to splendidly advanced, you will see an extraordinary change in your business area. A crucial component of British greenery enclosures, boxwood, conveys a remarkable appeal to the setting and is a splendid exemplification of the past period. In this way, if you are hoping to get something, which remains for ageless magnificence and style, then our boxwood is ideal for you.

Thursday, 22 September 2016 12:36

Planning an Office the HedgeScapes way!

Planning an Office the HedgeScapes wayReassuring office spaces with minimal designs and maximum utility is the fundamental priority, which the products and team of HedgeScapes have been doing for years now. And when we talk about planning an office premise our way, here we not only emphasize as to how useful or efficient our artificial decorative items and greenery is, but what aftereffects it gives a workplace is far more important for us.

Planning an office truly requires imagination and ability, particularly if you need your workspace to depict a distinct impression for representatives and customers. While beautifying plan and upscale furnishings are critical in accomplishing your wanted look, but there are little subtle elements are frequently overlooked when outfitting an office, the right way.

Going green or go green or eco-friendly have been some of the latest trending words not just on Twitter or Facebook, but the business world is also considering it to be their mantra as well. And if so is the calling, then why not go green and stylish with the elegance of artificial boxwood hedges, topiary plants flower assortment and outdoor trees.

Plants and trees can give an office that completing touch and personal feel with a positive space of wellbeing vibe. While natural plants can look fantastic, they require a considerable measure of support and care to guarantee they are continually looking great. Today, with our bustling ways of life and requirement for flawlessness more individuals are thinking about the utilization of fake plants and trees as a different option to genuine ones.

There are a few reasons why manufactured plants are developing in fame and eagerly wanted at many commercial establishments;

  • They look crisp and similar - because of their certain resemblance a many of you won't understand as to is it real or fake.
  • No maintenance is required - which will spare you cash in the long haul, timely cleaning and brushing can do the job.
  • They are reasonable for any environment, as fake plants don't require particular light or temperature and will dependably remain the ideal size for your chosen spot.
  • There is an expansive assortment of various sorts of plants to look over, and as they don't depend on weather conditions you can even have a palm tree in your office if you like to have!
  • Shading and arranging are simple and speedy - meaning you can change your office look in a flash with fake plants and trees, minimum fuss maximum outlook.

When we talk about designing an office premise, sure there much faux foliage and plant variety with which we can redo the look, however, artificial topiary in the form of cedar, cone, and spiral will definitely steal the show in the overall design.

Eternally everlasting Topiary plants

Topiaries are a stunning imminence and their motivation and impact change with their shape. A straightforward topiary can impart a formal and calming impact on the whole area though a spiral or ball topiary, and can make for a wild and dynamic presence. Produced using a great material, our fake topiaries don't require high upkeep and are amazingly sturdy. An excellent approach to acquiring a sprinkle of shading and freshness in your vicinity, they will remain as your stylistic theme till times to come.

Topiaries have a beguiling capacity to spruce up a customary house while their modern and offbeat look can put retro and conventions into contemporary day spaces. A straightforward and ravishing approach to adding your style to space, topiaries add a superb sculptural touch to the setting. Place our topiary plants on either side of your entryway and watch them astound first-time guests with their lively appeal. They are a delightful assistant to emphasize the front entryway and extend a warm welcome to the visitors. And a sure way to plan your office the HedgeScpes way!

commercial spaceToday, due to densely populated commercial spaces and office premises all over the urban region of the country, infusing freshness through artificial decorative components like plants, trees, topiaries, and boxwood hedges makes more sense than real greenery. It is so because, when you install fake greenery assortments in your vicinity, the return of investment or the return of pleasure is surely way much more than the price tag.    

Outlining a commercial space

Whether you do it for repairs or because you are exhausted of the daily regime, you will like an adjustment in your environment. More often than not, you may jump at the opportunity to change for enriching reasons. For example, you would give your valuable Apple gadgets to the iPod screen repair or iPhone screen repair, and get your hands on the same contraptions, however, in an alternate style. So also, with regards to your living and working spot, you remodel it or design it. 

At different times, you change just to improve looking about. A situation that seems sprightly is the fundamental motivation behind why you may feel cheerful around it. This likewise applies to your working environment. If you have an office that seems lovely, you will be satisfied to work in it. Along these lines, an adjustment in nature of your office additionally holds a considerable measure of significance. 

Observe the space

Before you pick a theme for the aggregate atmosphere, you have to consider the genuine quintessence of your business. If you have an office that is average and has a place with a customary moderate industry, for example, a bank or city center, you ought to be somewhat serious in your determination. Paint the walls with a genuine shading, for example, light green, beige, or white. Then again, if you have a working environment that offers an inventive administration, for instance, a publicizing office, you are allowed to play with your creative ability. To shading the walls, you can go as wild as possible. There is no limit to the hues that will catch your creative ability. Plus, the ever elegant visual screens and mat rolls make it conceal some and show some. 

Calls on the walls

For the most part, it is about walls. The dividers of your office will be the main eminent things to any individual who enters. This is the motivation behind why they ought to be designed with imaginative, but customized products. Dull walls won't have the capacity to make you or others invigorated. Keeping your business in mind, you can paint the dividers in various hues. Besides, you can add wallpapers to the walls to give emotional warmth. In like manner, you can put some substantial interior and exterior decorations that element centerpieces. On one void divider, a tremendous casing of such a craftsmanship piece will fill the genuine need of imaginative office stylistic theme. 

Going green the fake way

Artificial plants and flowers are an awesome method for topping off space, in this manner giving it an invigorated appearance. In your office, you may have a void corner that is urgently holding up to be filled! You can include some green plants around there. This will likewise give an impression of the world outside, and the employees won't feel as though they are cut off from the outside world. You can either purchase some great plant and flower variety and also add floral assortment and floor plants, for going green the fake way. 


At last, select your furniture with an astute personality. Ensure that your office furniture is by the vitality of your industry. Moreover, you should likewise keep the available space, accessible in your mind for future use. All in all, select furniture that expansions space and helps you move about without knocking on seats or tables.

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