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artificial hedgeThe success of any retail store depends on the experience the shopper receives by visiting the stores. This is a very complicated aspect and is same as producing a drama when the actors, designers, and the stage crews have to rehearse everything and work in tandem to bring the show to life.

No matter what you sell, the goods should be displayed in a way that is unique, engaging, and surprising as well. Studies indicate that almost half of the customers make their purchase decision while they are visiting the retail store. For best results, the retail store has to be designed in such a way that the customers have a seamless journey building better connection with the products.

Given the emergence of the online stores and the tough market competition, the brick-and-mortar stores are now compelled to provide enticing shopping experiences to the buyers. This write-up aims to suggest ways to upgrade the look and feel of your retail stores without breaking your bank.

Have a good floor layout

A good floor layout is essential for any successful retail shop. It helps the customers to move around the shop easily without taking their eyes off the shelves displaying the items. There are three types of layout: straight, angular and loop. The straight layout offers maximum floor spaces and guides customers to defined areas. The angular is a mixed type of display. Although it consumes maximum floor space, it offers a more pleasing presentation. In loop type, the shelves are placed to create pathways for the visitors and provide the best visibility. You can follow any kind depending on the space availability.

Zone the items

Appearance is the most vital point in a retail store. No matter what type of layout you follow, you should place the items in a particular zone. The sole purpose of displaying items is to lead the potential buyer deep into the stores and, therefore, it makes sense to put the items of interest at the entrance, so that the customers feel an urge to visit the store. Starting from this, you can go on displaying different items in different zones to influence the movement of the visitors for more sales.

Even flooring matters

Studies indicate that the ground under the feet has strong influences on how people judge products.  When people stand on soft carpet, they decide a moderately far away item as more comforting than those near to the eyes.  It is; therefore, better to have soft pathways and hard flooring next to the product displayed, for influencing the buying decision. Better highlight different sections with different colors for easy recognition by customers.

Engage the senses

Great retail store design is not only about how it looks, but it also has direct connections with how your customers feel in the retail stores. Studies indicate that sensory stimulus like music and ambient scenting greatly influences the purchase decision. It is better to play some soft music and get some oil diffusers strategically placed in the stores for uplifting the environment. These will, no doubt, put the customers in spending mood making your store a great success.

Lighting improves the space

Organizing ambient, task, decorative and accent lighting greatly enhances the look and feel of the retail stores. While ambient lighting helps to see things clearly, the accent lighting builds up connections to a specific product. Likewise, the task lighting helps to complete transactions quickly, and the decorative lighting improves the overall atmosphere and the brand image. Better use LED light for making your retail stores one-of-a-kind. These will also let you save energy cost.

Think vertically

Display the items vertically for maximum utilization of space. In case you have products like curtains and drapes, have those hanging from ceiling to the floor for making those more attractive, and also creating a feeling of more space. However, small size items should not be displayed beyond the eye level. Display kid’s items waist high so that the kids can see those easily. Such displays are sure to help you in nudge marketing.

Have some green elements

Studies indicate that when people are near to nature, they feel more relaxed and confident. Including green plants is an excellent idea for uplifting the ambiance of retail stores. But, maintaining live plants are tough if you are not a green thumb and it also involves much cost. Artificial trees and plants offer an excellent solution for shop decoration.

The faux greens look like the real ones in all respects. These are great for improving the look and feel of the stores. These are available in plenty of varieties like fake boxwood hedge, green wall, ambiance plants, mat, topiary, and screen, fake hedges, etc. The great thing about these non-natural items is that they do not fade and are fire-retardant, and offer a safe, decorative solution. In the absence of any soil or sunlight requirement, these can be installed in any place in the retail stores. They never outgrow the space, nor create any mess by shedding leaves. Moreover, as these items do not attract any pest, they deliver a safe environment for the customers.

Have professional signage

Signage used in the store should be printed, and same material and lettering should do this throughout the store. There should be product description in every section for customers. Using faux topiaries for signage also yields excellent results.

Provide comfort and relaxation

After having a planned layout, ensuring natural movement, great lighting and attractive displays of items; be sure to add someplace where customers can rest. Have some sitting arrangement in the store where people can rest for a while. The customers can relax and have a quiet conversation before they resume shopping.


The customers need the pleasure of interacting with the items. Only displaying the pieces will never achieve that.  As a retailer, one has to mold shoppers experience by changing the look and feel of the retail store. These unique tips will let you incredibly do that.

artificial hedgesIt may sound strange, but your bathroom is an essential room in your house. It is the place where you start your day and finish the day as well. You go to the bathroom for various reasons like washing the hands & face, brushing the teeth, using the toilet, having a refreshing shower, styling hairs, and so many other things.

Other than being vital for maintaining family hygiene, the bathroom is also the most comfortable and judgment independent zone in your home. This is where you need not bother about your dress, or how you look, what you do, and how much time you spend there. It offers you solitude, helps to de-stress, and also provides many inspirational ideas.  Aside from these, an attractive bathroom can dramatically enhance the value of your home as well, and hence it needs to be upgraded.

Renovating a bathroom could turn out to be very expensive, in case you do not plan the design and shop smartly. This article aims to suggest you some affordable bathroom upgrading ideas to get the most for what you spend.

Install a vent fan

Your bathroom is an intensive wet area and hence, very much prone to mold and mildew growth. You can eliminate this difficulty by installing a ventilating fan in the bathroom. Besides eliminating fogged up mirrors and windows, this will also help you remove any stale odor. Thus your bathroom will be more pleasant and hygienic.

Make it bright with paint

If you are on a budget, painting bathroom walls is the cheapest way to give it an improvised look.  You can change the walls to shades blue, yellow and green. But, keep the ceiling white as that will delivered a spacious and brighter look. Better use top-quality paint with satin finish, for arresting mold and mildew growth. To do the job, try with a small sample and see how does that look on the wall, and then go for overall painting.

Change lighting

Illumination plays a very vital role in improving the vibes of any room. When a bathroom has dim and dull lights, it appears dark and unpleasant.  Better install lights to brighten up your bathroom.  Alternatively, you may also have zonal lighting for different illumination at different places. This will promote the overall ambiance of the bathroom.

Add a large mirror

Adding large mirrors offer a simple but fantastic decorating solution for all bathroom types. This creates a lovely focal point in the bathroom and adds dimension to the space making it look roomy. Other than this, mirrors are also great for hiding wall flaws and also make the room brighter due to the reflection of light. Large mirrors also help to see how you look.

Include shower curtains or shower doors

Shower curtains contribute significantly to the bathroom decor. This is also great for concealing the bathtub. You can get these in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials to suit your needs. These also have useful utilities as these prevent spillage of water. Better use vinyl curtains for preventing mold growth. If your budget grants, you may also opt for glass shower doors.

Remove clutter to make it spacious

People tend to leave toiletries and other bathroom products scattered all over the place. This makes the bathroom entirely repelling. Everything that you do not use should be kept in the cabinet. The sink area should be kept free from everything for a pleasant look. Mind, this is not a dumping place. When you remove clutters from the bathroom, it will also look more spacious.

Replace old cabinets with new ones

Maybe you have old-themed views offices in the bathroom. Replace these with contemporary sleek design cabinets for upgrading. Alternatively, you may opt for hidden cabinets as well. In case, replacing the cabinets is not possible, paint it for a bright look.  Dark cherry and plain white cabinet impart a fabulous and modern look in the bathroom.

Replace Caulk and Grout

Although Caulk and Grout happen to be important details, these are often overlooked. Aging Caulk looks grim. Clean the grout and replace it with new Grout. Also, add fresh lines of caulk around the sink and the bathtub. This is sure to add sparkle to your bathroom in a very inexpensive way.

Install bathroom vanity

If thee have a tiny bathroom, it is better to install an assembled bathroom vanity. These are available in various sizes with co-coordinating tops. DIY installation of this is possible, and as this has infused sink, you are relieved of the caulking woes.

Include green elements

Whoever does not want to have a bathroom that looks like a Spa or an Oasis? For this, one has to install shower plants in the bathroom. But it is easier said than done as the most of us are not green thumbs and hence, cannot keep the live plants alive because of these regular demand care. The artificial tree and plants offer a unique solution to this problem. They are now available in many varieties like artificial boxwood hedge, boxwood mat wholesale collection, screen, roll, green wall, topiary, etc.

The faux boxwood hedge and other faux landscaping elements have passed through many evolutions and are now professionally manufactured to look entirely like their live cousins. These are also extremely durable and fire-retardant and as such, can be safely used in the bathroom. Since these have no sunlight requirement, they can be placed anywhere. You can get these tailor-made to suit your decor needs, and they start adorning the bathroom from the day one. Another significant advantage of faux plants is that they do not help mold growth and do not attract insects and, therefore, make your bathroom safe and hygienic.


Having a gorgeous bathroom is what everyone dreams. While expensive bathroom accessories look nice and have their advantages, a majority of the people cannot afford to have those. These simple ideas will help you to have an attractive bathroom while staying within the budget limit.


Artificial BoxwoodA bedroom looks right with its simple but amazing designs and proper functionality. But it is hard to create a simple design because every bedroom needs a bed in it. Beds are big and gawky, and they call the play for every other object inside the room. Now, if we plan to start from the scratch, we can control different elements and create a place that’s both practical and pleasant. The bedroom we look for should manage correct feat and panache. Even if we don’t have amazing views or a vast space to work with, the principles they represent and the simplicity they show can encourage our bedroom design project.

1. A Vivid Focus with Simple Circulation: A bedroom always feels commendable when we experience an amiable view out of the window as opposed to a straight looking view of the bed. When we decorate a new bedroom or work on an old one, it looks smart to come up with a layout that concentrates on the vista that is as stunning as a lake or as elementary as a backyard.

We can keep our circulation on both sides of the room. It is a great job to design the same floor plan because it is effortless and it works. Flow becomes a little more stimulating when we attach a bathroom or doors to the outside with our bedrooms.

2. The privacy that Connects with the Outdoors: It feels great if we can keep it open while going out without forsaking all our privacy. A charming foyer creates a disengagement from the family room. We should avoid designing a layout in which we can look directly into the bedroom from a public space like lounge or kitchen.

While this may not be achievable in all seasons, we can make space look larger and allow more natural light by connecting a room with the outdoors. If a bedroom is on the ground floor, then a set of French entryways can instantly maximize the visual space.

3. Ventilations with a Furniture Layout: First-class bedroom architecture takes furniture into account. Bedroom floor layouts often have a bedroom wall and a good work of architecture that creates enough space for nightstands and a more than necessary circulation to access three sides of the mattress beside the bed.

When we bright to light our bedrooms at the corner of the house, the arrangement gives us amazing windows on two or more adjacent walls. It creates an added benefit of cross ventilation and soothing natural light. The first step to a fantastic bedroom is to have elicited and a well-designed floor plan that commits us to everything we want, no matter how much space we start with.

4. Layered bedding with a Little Artwork: Let us not share the area with just a top sheet. Although a cardinal design sin is not a fruitful idea layering is a key to a ravishing bed. It can accommodate an instantly gorgeous up gradation and can make us immensely comfortable during the winter season. A vast and handsome bedroom features a luxe bed that custom Frette linens can cover.

We can select the piece that speaks to us as it is an ultimate art item to have. Choosing something that makes us happy and creates a huge influence on our lifestyle makes a great difference.

5. A Comfortable Palette of Photographs: A bedroom the oozes comfort creates an exceptional color palette. Whether we love a warm shade or a cool splash, choosing paints that gravitate the home atmosphere and enhance a sense of calm, inspire us to a greater extent. We can even make a selection of organic colors like ocean green and deep blue. Statement paint elevates a comfortable and luxurious bedroom.

Family photographs are a memorable treasure that keeps bedroom makeovers emotionally less loaded. Elegant photo dramas add character to the artwork of the place and remind us of extraordinary moments while we try to fall asleep. Even the most lovely bedrooms need elements of bright and flirtatious glamour.

6. Indoor Plants to Freshen our Bedrooms: One of the remarkable advantages of decorating with artificial plants is that they are almost weed-free and need no conditions apply. No special needs can outgrow their shapes and sizes. Fake plants fit with every single style of decoration, and low-level lights can even work with the silk trees.

An admirable fashionista loves fake flowers that add height, color, and texture with a bit of whimsy. Tall snake plants with silk flowers can enhance a space. Hand-me-down artificial planters create an indoor artificial garden with a vintage natural touch. An abundance of greenery with a garden of indoor trees add life and calmness to the bedroom.

Large green plants in colorful pots find the missing pieces to our life puzzle and add character to the blank walls. A creative and straightforward jar of artificial plants enhances a shelf or a tabletop and customizes our landscape features with fun figurines. Fake parlor plants can beautify even with no light and humidity and leaves the room at attention. An artificial Moth Orchid adds serenity to the room with its petals that resemble the rounded moth wings. Even Silk Pothos works as an easy-care houseguest.

7. A Variety of Texture with a Touch of Drama: A reliable texture throughout the room with plush bedding adds a variety of dimension to the plot that blesses a small place with some much-needed pattern and style. A bold channel-quilted black headboard with an American wedding blanket in sequin covers shows a remarkable makeover.

A few dramatic pieces that feature a bed frame upholstered in a fabric and a vintage blanket enriches a memorable winter with a dose of artificial greenery. Extravagant, fresh flowers decorate the storage space and steal the spotlight giving it a much-needed recreation.

Our article amplifies head-to-toe makeovers to make the most of our small bedrooms with fashionable and inventive decorating and design ideas. It shows fantastic space-saving patterns of decoration that invariably creates an incredibly dreamy slumber zone.

Kitchen RemodellingPlanning on having your kitchen remodeled but worried about excessive expenditure? You need not worry! Nowadays, there are simple and easy ways to get your kitchen remodeled without spending absurd sums of money. If you’re looking for some affordable and inexpensive ways in which you can revamp your kitchen, we have a long list of ideas and suggestions for you. These tried and tested ideas have worked wonders for many. Here’s everything you need to know about affordable kitchen remodeling: 

Install New Lights To Give The Kitchen A New Feel 

If you’re looking to give your kitchen an entirely new vibe and feel, installing new lights in the area is a great way to go about it. Get rid of the old and existing light structures that you have in your kitchen and look out for more modern and contemporary ones. You can get remarkable light structures in your local interior décor store, in flea markets, on online portals and several other places. These light structures can be wall lamps, hanging lights, rope lights, table lights and more. Installing these new age light structures can truly help in revamping your kitchen. 

Change The Table Tops And Kitchen Counter 

Is your kitchen counter old, damaged and worn out? Has the paint chipped from the kitchen counter and is the overall design of the counter or table bulky and old school? Then you should consider changing your existing kitchen counter or table top into something that is more new age. The latest trend in kitchen countertops is sleekly designed yet sturdy countertops. You can opt for colorful and vibrant kitchen tops too if you’re feeling very adventurous and experimental.

Install Faux Plants And Trees In And Around The Kitchen 

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen affordably, you can consider installing faux plants and trees in the area. You can give your kitchen an oriental vibe by installing beautiful and realistic looking faux bamboo plants in the space. These bamboo plants and other artificial landscaping products can help in giving your kitchen some character. You can install the miniature bamboo plants on the sides of the kitchen table, Center of the kitchen countertop and so on. If you’re opting for slightly larger trees and plants, you can install the faux indoor plants all four corners of your kitchen. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen Tiles 

Do your kitchen tiles look old and faded and simply dull? Are you fed up with looking at those full and faded white tiles for years on end. Are the tiles in your kitchen broken and damaged? Then maybe it’s time you upgraded your kitchen tiles to something that is more colorful and vibrant. A large number of interior decorators are going in for Portuguese tiles when revamping the kitchens of their clients. Portuguese tiles have beautiful patterns on them and are vibrantly colored too. If you have wooden interiors in your contemporary kitchen design, the Portuguese tiles will look fabulous! 

Change The Paint Colour In Your Kitchen 

Painting walls are no longer about simple white and neutral shades. A lot of people are being adventurous with vibrant colors in their kitchens. You can opt for pastel paint colors like pink, green, blue and yellow. If you’re particularly daring, you can even opt for more vibrant colors like red and olive green. Get rid of that boring white paint and paint your kitchen walls with captivating colours. Not only will this give your kitchen a whole new character, it will add some cheer and brightness to the surroundings as well. 

Change The Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers 

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen in an affordable way, consider changing the kitchen cabinets and doors. Old school kitchen cabinets and doors are very bulky and almost ugly. Nowadays, you can get affordable and sleekly designed kitchen cabinets at several interior décor stores. Replace your old kitchen cabinets with these new age ones to revamp your kitchen. You can also paint the kitchen cabinets with more vibrant colors. Seafoam greens, in particular, look fabulous on kitchen drawers and cabinets. You can also opt for cerulean blues and other such options. 

Change The Taps, Faucets And Door Handles

If you’re looking for a very simple, basic and affordable way to upgrade your kitchen, consider changing the taps, faucets and door handles. If your taps, faucets, and door handle looked old and worn out, purchase new ones at your local décor store. You can opt for brass door handles, chrome ones and so on. Make sure that the door handles and faucets are matching. You don’t want to end up with chrome door handles and brass faucets. Nowadays, you even get beautiful door handles that are engraved and intricately designed. You can select such gorgeous hardware options for your kitchen too. 

De-Clutter Your Kitchen 

A cluttered kitchen automatically becomes an eyesore. If you want to revamp your kitchen and give it some character, the first thing you need to do is de-clutter it. Make sure you install cabinets and drawers for your utensils and cutlery. Leaving these items lying around in the kitchen makes the area look unappealing and ugly. Get rid of unnecessary products and items that you’re never going to use. This will play a major role in giving your kitchen a whole new vibe. 

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive and unaffordable process. People have revamped their entire kitchens within a limited budget. You too can change the face of your kitchen in a pocket-friendly budget if you follow the tips mentioned above and suggestions that we have for you. Following these suggestions will make your kitchen look fabulous and filled with character.


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