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artificial boxwoodA kitchen is more than a place for cooking and eating. It is your communication hub. You meet here as a family on the weekends and entertain guests. Maybe you are looking to give a color makeover to your tiered kitchen. Scroll down to get inspiring ideas on how to make your kitchen colorful.

1. Make the floor brave with color

Coloring the level is a great way to revamp the kitchen. Varieties of colored tiles are available. Pick one that suits your décor theme. In case you have a wooden floor, you can paint it easily. Consider the kitchen size, and the lighting, while choosing colors. It should more complement the color of the walls.

You can also choose a bespoke vinyl floor. These are available in a plethora of bold colors. When combined with white cabinets and orange walls, it delivers a warm and welcoming place.

2. Paint the kitchen island

Painting can also work wonders on the kitchen islands. A painted kitchen island can liven up the entire kitchen. Since it is a focal point in the kitchen, using a bold color can make it inviting.

Bold shades make the kitchen island shining. You can paint the kitchen island in deep blue. Combine it with a brown wooden top for high contrast. Hang pendants above the kitchen island for highlighting.

However, there is no hard and fast rule. You can be creative and go many ways to make the kitchen colorful.

3. Brighten up the ceiling

Painting the ceiling can revamp the kitchen without a hole in the pocket. It can give the kitchen the much-needed burst of color. Paint it with bold colors if the ceiling is high. Else paint it in a lighter shade. This will induce a spacious feeling.

Using the light blue shade is excellent for the kitchen ceiling. It reminds of the sky and makes the room light and airy. You can also choose any other shade that matches with the different accents.

4. Make a vivid backsplash

A colorful backsplash can give a dramatic punch to the kitchen environment. It also inspires the cooking zone. Paint it in bright blue or graceful green or playful yellow. This will add a character and make it eye-catching.

If you want to make it out-and-out bold, maroon is the right choice. If you fancy, you can have a random tie-up of multiple colors. This is simple to do and also easier to change.

5. Make the walls wow with color

Colors like blue, gray, green, red and yellow make the kitchen shine. These let you have a warm and welcoming ambiance in the kitchen.

Painting kitchen walls in white make them energetic. You will wake-up as you enter an all-white kitchen. You can use backsplashes of any color with white walls. This will create a good contrast.

If you fancy monochromatic décor, then opt for geometric designs of black and white. Do not waste your time to decide white or others? Team up different colors for creating a magical effect in the kitchen.

6. Create an accent wall

Creating an accent wall is a brilliant solution to revamp the kitchen. This is very easy to do. Just paint a single wall with a bold color. Choose a wall that is most visible in the kitchen. It should be the first thing you notice entering the kitchen. Paint with burgundy red, forest green or delicate yellow and see how it pops!

7. Use different colors for the upper and lower cabinets

Being the most functional place, your kitchen should be beaming with colors. Other than the walls, backsplashes, and kitchen islands, the cabinets can also contribute to this. Paint the upper and the lower cabinets in different colors. This deliberate mismatch will deliver a real chic feeling in the kitchen.

8. Add gorgeous light fixtures

Hanging colorful chandeliers and pendants on the kitchen island make it bright. These are also great for highlighting the dining area. New breeds of these items are available as plug-in designs in extensive color options.

Also, consider having decorative lamps for where you read the cookbooks. This will improve both functionality and aesthetics and glam your kitchen.

9. Show off colorful dinnerware

Colorful dinnerware can brighten up the kitchen. Update your dinnerware to a more colorful set. Get anything from appetizing red, beautiful orange, lime green, turquoise blue, muted mint or cute pink.

Do not put these in hidden drawers. Show them off in the open kitchen storage; they will add color to the room.

10. Decorate with gorgeous greenery

Adding live plants can invigorate the kitchen ambiance. But, there are plenty of objects to avoid the vivid greens. These have many associated maintenance hassles. This makes the faux silk plants an obvious alternative.

Coming a long way from their ugly look, these are now made stunningly realistic. So, aesthetics are not compromised. Made from high-quality raw materials, they can withstand all surroundings.

The artificial boxwood hedge is available with many foliage varieties. You can choose from ivy, juniper, azalea, boxwood, pearl grass, etc. Available in customized sizes these are great to meet all décor needs. Other than these you can also get them based on size, baseboard, and application.

Including artificial topiaries revamps the kitchen. You can get them as spirals, cones, and even in animal forms. Using these you need have any waiting period. They start adorning the kitchen from day one. These are infused with UV-blocking and fire-retardant chemicals.

Because of this the artificial boxwood hedge never gets discolored.  Since these have self-extinguishing properties, they do not help the fire spread. Moreover, these do not attract inset and do not cause any allergy. These make your kitchen safe.


The kitchen is the heart of the house. It is where you start and end the day. So, it should have an inspiring environment to show your culinary skills. The above ideas can let you have a bright kitchen. Try these to make your kitchen chick and classy.

Artificial Grass for Your GardensArtificial grass is one of the best components to design your garden, lawn, office space, restaurants, museums, etc. It is designed with such finesse that it looks natural. Its presence makes the atmosphere green and vibrant. You can enhance the beauty of your garden or patio with fake hedges, beautifully crafted out of artificial grass.

With artificial grass landscaping, you can create unique themes and give a special meaning to your garden space. The planting of fake hedges in specific designs can help you design a thematic pattern. Synthetic grass is quite close in appearance to real grass. It never loses its green shine, unlike real grass. By landscaping your garden with artificial grass, you can enhance your property’s aesthetic and commercial value. By adding shock absorbing layer in the layer of fake grass, it becomes a safe playing area for children. Artificial grass manufacturing firms have integrated the latest foliage technology into their products.

Origin of fake grass landscaping

Houston Astrodome made the application of artificial grass as a landscaping element for the first time in 1966. In the 1970’s, it became a highly demanded product for stadiums, due to its utility as a starting material for artificial turf.

How is fake grass synthesized?

Artificial grass is made out of natural fiber like jute or synthetic fibers like nylon or polypropylene. Nylon is the most typical material used for making artificial grass or fake hedges. Sometimes, a combination of textures is used. Desires shapes of fibers are achieved using extrusion molding. Current manufacturing processes use innovative technology for unit operations. The machining is done with high precision, making fake grass strands appear like real blades of grass. Artificial grass is shaped by cutting tools and precise work to produce a range of shapes including spirals or obelisks, as per client demands.

Areas of application of fake grass

Artificial grass landscaping offers a great way to redefine a commercial space. You can placemat rolls at strategic locations to create positive points. Artificial turf is used for making grass signage. Fake grass rolls and carpets can be used in open to sky functions. You can build green walls with faux boxwood hedge panels. A lawn landscaped with synthetic grass looks neat and well maintained throughout the year. You can add various artificial landscaping elements to your rooftop gardens.

A business owner can get logo designs for company advertising purpose. Artificial grass is used for making grass mats in various designs and styles. Corporate organizations can use plastic hedging to display their brand value. Artificial grass can be used for making artificial turf for playgrounds and stadiums. With fake grass, you can add green surfacing material in areas, where natural cultivation is not possible. Artificial grass can be used to decorate outdoor kitchens, front yards, patios, and dining spaces. It is also used to enhance the visual beauty of pool walkways.


You can buy fake grass from any online store. The price of artificial turf can range from 2 to 10 USD per square feet. The rate also depends upon factors like brand, the amount required, material and texture. Clients can opt for customized designs of fake grass according to their gardening scheme.


Installing fake hedges or grass mats is a simple process. A DIY will find the installation task exciting and engaging.

Before the laying of artificial turf or carpet, one needs to measure the area to be covered. He must be particular about the borders or edges while laying turf. Before installing turf, the cleared ground must be covered with a base and compacted. After artificial turf is installed, it is stabilized with a cushion to replicate the action of soil under grass. The materials used as fillers include sand, crumb rubber, etc. Fillers perform the necessary task of filling in crevices within the mesh. The presence of fillers helps the fabric grass blades to stay upright. Also, it acts as a bed to allow water to percolate through and get drained away.

Ideal properties of synthetic grass

The property of fake grass depends upon the quality of raw materials and process design in manufacture. Some of the features are:

1. Abrasion resistance: Synthetic grass is resistant to tearing or matting, based on raw material quality.

2. Versatility: The most relevant property of artificial grass is its versatility.  So, it can be applied in many areas in your homes and offices. It can also be added to water-scarce regions where natural greenery is rare. It can be a part of a real garden landscape too.

3. Fire resistance: Fake grass and hedges are resistant to fire attacks. So, these can protect your garden and valuable vegetation or flowers from fire outbreaks.

4. Resistance to UV radiation: Artificial grass is UV resistant. So, if the artificial turf is used in the balcony, it will protect the inhabitants from harmful effects of solar radiation.

5.Resilience: Synthetic grass is resilient to climatic extremities and retains its luster after years of installation. The color stays unfaded after prolonged exposure to intense solar light.

6. Maintenance free: Artificial grass is highly durable and maintenance free since no mowing is required. It looks new after years of purchase. Artificial turf is an easy to care product. It stays new regardless of weather extremes like heavy monsoons. There is no risk of weeding or overgrazing by cattle.

Benefits of landscaping with artificial grass and fake hedges

1. Low costs: Artificial grass does not require daily watering, so expenses incurred on its maintenance are less.

2. Environment-friendly: Fake grass is made out of environment-friendly products. Artificial grass can be caused by recycling polyethylene, so its fabrication offers a waste recycling alternative.

3. Aesthetics: The presence of artificial hedge or fake grass mats imparts aesthetic value to your property. Such inputs enhance the beauty of your gardening space.

4. Variety: Synthetic grass is available as hedges, rolls, mats, balls, and various customized designs, meeting unique client demands. These are available in multiple shades and textures.

Artificial Green WallsHave you been contemplating about whether or not you should install artificial green walls in and around your home or office? Are you uncertain about whether or not faux green walls are worth it? Well, these ten surprising facts about artificial green walls may change your outlook on the installation of these products. Here’s everything you should know about artificial green walls particularly if you’re a décor lover:

1.    Give The Space A Charming Vibe

The fake green walls that are faux available in the market today are extremely realistic, lush green and can give any space the most charming and unique vibe. These artificial walls are not only beneficial for the home environment, but they are also suitable for office décor. Clients and customers are most impressed and awed by the décor of the commercial space when these breathtakingly beautiful artificial plant wall panels are installed. Hence, adding these walls can give the surroundings a classy, sophisticated, upscale and unique vibe.

2.    Affordable Décor Items

Another important fact about the artificial green walls is that contrary to popular belief, these landscaping products are very affordable. Although these faux green walls look very costly, in reality, they are very easy on the pocket. Don’t be fooled into believing that only because of the walls seem sophisticated, upscale, classy and elegant, that means they come at a luxury price. You can transform the décor of your home or office on a limited budget with these walls.

3.    Easy To Maintain

The best part about the faux green walls is that they require zero maintenance and care. Once installed they remain intact. Unlike real plants and green walls, they faux walls don’t need watering, trimming, sunlight and other forms of care and maintenance.

4.    Unaffected By Weather Conditions

The faux green walls are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. They will not fade or deteriorate in quality and color when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Further, these landscaping products can handle heavy rainfall, snowfall, and windy weather without getting ruined in any way.

5.    Reduces Expense On Professional Landscapers And Gardeners

If you’re going to opt for real plants, green walls, and other landscaping products, you will need to hire a landscaping artist to set up the landscape, and you will also need to get on the team a gardener who can maintain the landscape. Professional landscape artists and gardeners can charge a hefty fee for their services, and it will only end up increasing your expenses. On the other hand, if you establish artificially green walls, you won’t require any professional services and will end up saving a lot of money.

6.    Give The Surroundings An Inspiring And Calming Vibe

Another surprising fact about the faux green walls is that these walls give the surroundings an inspiring and calming vibe. Lush green foliage has a very tranquil effect on the mind. Further, the color green also encourages the creative side of the onlooker’s mind.

7.    Easy To Install And Take Off

The artificial green walls are easy to install and take off. You don’t even need to hire professional landscape artists to get the job done. You can complete this job with the help of a family member or colleague. These landscaping products are easy to take down too. When you install these faux walls, the original cement wall against which you’re making the installation will not get damaged.

8.    Pairs Beautifully With Other Artificial Landscaping Products

What is fantastic about these faux green walls is that they pair perfectly well with other artificial landscaping products. You can place artificial boxwood plants and trees in proximity to the walls. Another fantastic décor idea is to add artificial topiary animals and some gorgeous fake geraniums to the décor along with the faux green walls. You can use these landscaping ideas in your commercial space, residential space, for an event and so on.

9.     Easy To Source

Another impressive fact about the faux green walls is that they are easy to source. They are easily available almost everywhere and can even be ordered online. You can also check with your local décor store for these artificial green walls.

10.    Can Be Customised

The faux green walls are easily customizable as per your needs and requirements. You can give the exact measurements of the size of the faux green walls that you need at the time of placing your order.

Different Places Where The Green Walls Can Be Installed

The artificial green walls can be installed in a plethora of spaces. Here’s a list of areas that you can install the faux green walls:

  • Commercial public areas like banks, malls, hospitals, movie theatres, restaurants, bars, lounges and coffee shops.
  • Residential apartment buildings and luxury villas.
  • Offices, office buildings, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and office cabins.

Some Additional Information About Green Walls

Besides the details as mentioned above, there is a lot of additional information about green walls that is worth knowing. Installing faux green walls is beneficial because these landscaping products help to hide ugly wall flaws such as cracks and deterioration. Further, installing artificial green walls is your safest bet because unlike real plants and creepers, the roots of the faux plants and creepers will not begin to grow into the walls and weaken the structure of the building.

There you have it, ten surprising facts and all the information that you could require about artificial green walls. If you are a décor lover and are continually looking for new and improved décor ideas, you should opt for the artificial green walls and faux landscaping products. The outcome of the installation of these items will be breathtakingly beautiful. Your visitors, guests, family members, and staff members will fall in love with this sophisticated décor idea. Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get into action and make sure that you order and install the fabulous artificial green walls.

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Spring Decor Ideas Worth Experimenting With

Spring Decor Ideas Worth Experimenting WithAfter the long, hard yet plentiful winter, it’s time to adapt to the more peaceful season – Spring! Dark, heavy colors need to go inside, and the bright, vibrant ones need to come out. Décor is an essential tool to make sure that your house and its household join hands to embrace the new season with new innovative ideas to charm the homely atmosphere.

Here’s how –

1.    Flora!

Use flowers and plants to brighten up plain surfaces and rooms. Now that it’s the season of spring, the natural need to manifest. They don’t have to placed anywhere specifically-they brighten up any room that they are put in.

IIf you are worried about the price of real plants and the labor involved in their maintenance, you can always go for artificial plants.

They will bloom all the year round, has low maintenance and will boost the aesthetics of your abode. Artificial topiaries can be placed around the house to make pristine every nook and cranny!

2.    Use bright colors!

Whether it be for furniture or the walls, bright colors are the sure choice for springtime. When spring is a time for renewal and rebirth, it’s up to you to create the same atmosphere indoors. Replace the dark, heavy colors and use brighter, fresher colors.

There are a lot of ways to add color to a room!

You could get large topiary frames and fill them with every combination of colorful plants and flowers you can think of. Artificial plants and flowers are a good choice because of the variety of colors that are available, all at a cheaper cost and a reduced effort in maintenance.

3.    Make use of your walls!

Revamp your walls by repainting them in colorful and vibrant hues. You could tackle all the walls and ceiling or choose to add a spot of color here and there. You can go for walls rich in green detail. Try adding greenery to your walls and maybe your ceilings to make you feel out of the world and into one where nature is dominant, and greenery is abundant.

Use faux ivy wall covering to accentuate photographs or even art so that a soothing effect of foliage is produced whenever you look at that particular wall.

4.    Rearrange your furniture!

The final decorating tip would be to rethink your floor plan. Change how things are positioned in the rooms and maybe add or subtract some objects! Sofas, armchairs, and tables can be moved around to different places in the house for interesting and appealing effects. Update your upholstery by bringing in new colors for your cushions and curtains.

The most realistic artificial plants can also be interspersed amongst your furniture, and you can put artificial topiary trees alongside the chairs and sofas on your porch. Finish it off with a boxwood mat at the entrance, and voila, you are almost ready for spring!

5.    Bring in new scents

Fragrance can always be experimented with. To do away with the dank and musty smells that winter left behind, it’s time to try different scents. Use natural candles and scented flowers to revitalize any olfactory nerve that has the luck to enter your house. You could always go for artificially scented plants that have a separate fragrance reservoir which you do not have to worry about depleting anytime soon.

6.    Change lampshades

Lampshades are crucial when it comes to how light reflects around the house.

A simple way to make sure that you are ready to welcome spring is to change the lampshades on table and floor lamps, even chandeliers. Lampshades come in all patterns, shapes, and colors so it’s easy to find something trendy that will work in your space. Alternatively, if you do not want to go the full ten yards, subtle changes can also be incorporated.

Take a ribbon or faux ivy plant and add it around the bottom or draped all over the shade. It can be done quite easily using double-sided tape, and the effect would be pristine.

7.    Art!

Aesthetics and art go hand in hand so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in the latter. Buy some new technique or modern sculpture to place around your house that would complement the unique décor and rest at ease your worries. Update about spring and bring groovy, calming, trendy or any other form of art close to yourself and then watch the magic unfold.

8.    Update some accessories –

•    Lighten your bookshelves or fill them with your books rather than bright new ones.

•    Replace some of your more massive objects and accessories with colorful vases and colorful items.

•    Use white or ivory candles instead of dark ones. Although, colored scented candles are also a good choice.

•    Try replacing plastic with organically sourced products like bamboo baskets, wicker boxes and the like.

•    Hardware is like jewelry to a room and can completely revamp the entire look it gives off at one particular point. Replace the hardware on furniture, doors, light fixtures, windows and switch plates.

9.    Create your spring project!

It’s a good idea to take a project unto yourself and celebrate the season on all its glory. You could bring a spare birdbath indoors to turn it into a mini indoor garden. You could take up beekeeping and enjoy sweet, rich honey for the entire season.  It’s up to yourself how you want to make your imagination run wild.

Spring is a season to be in a perpetually happy and festive mood. That is all the infinite reason why your décor needs to set the tone and get itself out of the cocoon that was winter.


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