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Thursday, 21 January 2016 09:21

Appealing Ambience with Artificial Plants

artificial plantsThe vibrant outdoors, a major source of stress buster in the daily commotion we go through is a must in today’s time. Much like the greenery, spread around the cities and towns, having an appealing ambience at your home or workplace that exerts positive vibes is very much possible with artificial plants and foliage.  

Green dividers are the most recent pattern for home renovators and landscaping experts. In this blog, we divulge to you 4 unique approaches to renovating your home outdoors with some aesthetically correct and lifelike artificial trees and plants.

  • Start with the Window 

Your outdoor landscaping should always commence with windows. This space can be very well adorned with small sized boxwood hedges or artificial hanging plants. For instance, you could light up an exposed window with not one, but three varieties of faux greenery available with HedgeScapes. You could likewise make diverse styles by using our artificial mat roll setting them in an irregular area. 

Always make use of your imagination to the fullest when landscaping an outdoor ambience with drought tolerant plants, they are easy to install and easy to remove.

  • Ivy Walls

This one suits well for old-fashioned homes or red block walls. Artificial ivy coupled with boxwood hedges in the corner will complement the ambience. The key here is to not stuff your wall with an excess of greenery, else it will turn out to be excessively occupied, and you will lose the magnificence of your outdoor to uplift the space. 

  • Full Green walls

You can create a fully designed green compound in your front yard, back yard or near the swimming pool with artificial boxwood mats, rolls and screens. If you cherish the look of green plants, but don’t want the maintenance to take most of your time, then glance through our outdoor decorative material for the best products.

Utilizing vertical wall screens, you can cover a major outdoor portion that needs privacy. Full-length green walls work best near the swimming pool area. The thick leaves and sturdy artificial foliage from HedgeScape ensure your outdoor is always green and private. A green divider is suitable for both indoor and open air spots. You can visit our website and request a catalogue for the best products suitable in your outdoor.

  • Turn with the mat roll

Artificial mat rolls are the main ingredient of your green walls or rooftop office terraces and coffee shops. Due to flexibility in panels our artificial mat rolls are easy to install and remove. You can use them as roof-top covers to provide some shade as well. 

By moving the mat roll or boxwood hedges through your open area, you can secure your fences and introduce them in another manner. At HedgeScapes, we offer our customers a delightful variety from English ivy, boxwood, azalea, juniper, dark-green pearl grass, light green pearl grass.

Do Remember

Making your green divider can be a fun and paramount experience. These were only four of the numerous ways with which you can create an appealing ambience with artificial boxwood hedges, screens, green walls and topiaries.


screenGoing green is the new mantra from living in a high-end sustainable environment that encourages you to adorn your home and workplace with some mesmerizing variety of artificial mats, rolls, and screens. Green walls, fake turf, and silk plants have induced a form a sustainable living that majorly focuses in developing a green enclosure to protect your home and commercial establishment from the outside happenings.

HedgeScapes is the leading manufacturer of simulated plants and flowers used extensively promote green living in the artificial form of things. Our product line up right from green walls to entertaining topiary balls and the artificial hedge box provides you with a complete package of outdoor and indoor landscaping elements to live or work in a green atmosphere.

Artificial Mats

HedgeScapes offers dual variety in artificial mat format as our products are not just for the floors but can be used as wall coverings for a surreal feel. Sports venues are the ones who make the most use of this very product simply because of the toughness and the long lasting quality it provides to the infrastructure of a sports stadia, which is not possible with real grass that is subjected to wear and tear all the time. 

Hotels, casinos, and restaurants are some of the commercial spaces who take advantage of our artificial mats, as they can transform the beauty of a surrounding floors space with the radiance and flexibility of this decorative turf.

Artificial Screens

Artificial screens are mainly used to avoid natural light entering a room or protecting the privacy of a surrounding. This decorative element provides you with a rigid wall of greenery that adds a charming factor indoors and outdoors. The most use of our artificial screens is to conceal something that is unwanted, say a septic tank outlet in your front yard. From boxwood to Azalea our fake screens available in a variety of choices and designs.

A retail space or even a downtown lounge can make the best use of screens to shield their property and provide guests a private space to indulge with.

Artificial Rolls

Boxwood Mat Roll by HedgeScapes is manufactured in square panels, which is used to create large artificial boxwood hedges and artificial green walls. Our boxwood mat roll is made with genuine replica boxwood leaves assembled on multiple square panels into a roll. The boxwood mat roll is great for transporting to the job site and makes for an easy and effortless installation.Used at numerous events and business spaces, the artificial roll is a major hit when it comes to quick installation. Be it your home fencing or the area near the swimming pool, this decorative product is thoroughly efficient in every aspect of landscaping.

Get one of these for your property to divide or dissect available spaces and conceal the unwanted from the public eye, your perfect decorative element towards going green.

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