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Monday, 08 October 2018 12:15

Why Go for Artificial Plants?

Artificial Box TopiaryBefore you wrinkle your nose in loathing at the thought of artificial plants and flowers, do not.  The interior greenery trend is slowly gaining recognition, but from the various varieties to choose from, artificial flora is the best way to ensure that “green belt” stays strong. Historically looked down upon for being too fake, the marvels of modern technology have given us neo-realistic plants that would look great inside your home or office.

Here’s a list about WHY you should go for artificial plants –

1.    The epitome of perfection in any space

Artificial plants have the significant advantage of thriving anywhere over their real-life siblings. They can be placed in the dark recesses of your office, the nooks and crannies, any room where temperature and pressure fluctuate dramatically and also places where there is little or no light.

You can even get faux plants for outdoors so that any potential guests can get a warm, green welcome!

UV –rated artificial plants are famous in bars and restaurants. They dress up and have the capacity to screen off terraces without having to worry about potential harsh weather or the odd cigarette butt hiding in the topsoil.

2.    Terrific interior décor idea!

With artificial plants, it’s impossible to go wrong when it comes to interior decoration. Imagine a fake green wall installed in almost all the walls in our house – it will feel like the forest itself has come to visit when you add artificial topiaries and topiary trees!

You can get faux ivy wall covering for the walls artistically draped around photographs and art. The color, vibrancy, and radiance that these products exhibit very far from real plants regarding durability and sustainability.

Artificial plants can also brighten up your bathroom in a serene, pristine and calming way.

3.    Cost-effective

Stocking your house with real flora can be expensive since you have to keep replacing them, especially flowers. Houseplants generally have more longevity, but they would also need to be replaced if not maintained carefully. Fortunately, artificial plants and flowers come in a variety of prices. The expensive products are also a long-term investment compared to their living relatives due to their extended durability. You can even get artificial plants wholesale online easily!

4.    Low-as-it-gets maintenance!

The most significant advantage of faux plants and flowers have is that they do not have to be maintained. This also creates space in your daily schedule where you do not have to spend time tending to your plants. It’s one less thing to bother about in your mind.

Being tremendously hassle-free, artificial plants can be easily styled with stylish pots and vases, ready to place anywhere!

The most care it would need a light dusting and a periodic wiping, with a damp cloth.

5.    Safety

Some plants are toxic and also allergic. It’s difficult to know which are, unfortunately. But to remove this from the equation altogether, artificial plants are a natural choice. Not only are they hypoallergenic, but they would also ensure that you and your guests are entitled to a comfortable environment.

They are also non-toxic to pets and are therefore perfect for animal owners. Cats and dogs, the most common house pets have tendencies to rifle through and touch different objects. Not only would the potential fear of your pet being poisoned be obliterated, but you also won’t have to come home to a broken pot and a destroyed plant!

6.    Cleanliness

Three words:

  • Soil-free
  • Water - Free
  • Pest – Free

Artificial plants are the epitome of cleanliness. You do not have to water them. You do not have to check or replace the soil. You do not have to worry about pests or bugs growing in the soil as well. No mess will be created if they are knocked over or accidentally hit upon.

7.    Flame retardant!

This is a significant plus point regarding safety. What if a fire breaks out? Real plants and wood are the first things to be engulfed by a conflagration.  But with artificial plants, you do not have to fret. Most of the faux plants and flowers available are flame-retardant since they are made up of flame resisting polymers that do not catch fire easily!

8.    Brighter days!

Your day will always be bright when it comes to artificial plants or flowers. You can guarantee vibrant displays even in the deepest winter. Live, flowering plants can be replaced with their faux version. For example, a faux Rafflesia flower can be a source of wonder and intrigue right in the middle of your living room. Combine that with a faux green wall, and you have got an extraordinary exhibition that boosts the biophilic effect tenfold.

In this world, when most of us are spending most of our time indoors, whether in the office or at home, it’s entirely necessary that we, as human beings, stay connected to nature. Even though we can’t access real plants or do not have time to maintain and care for them, there’s no reason why we should not indulge in a bit of colorful visual aesthetics. Artificial plants are therefore helping us to reach and get that slice of heaven where you and nature are one; a total synergy that would facilitate us leading healthy, happy lives!

Window Boxes and TopiariesA little bit of green can transform the décor of your home from boring and dull to vibrant and fabulous. Even this you have a black thumb and are unable to keep a real plant alive for more than a few days, you can still take in the benefits of the green décor by opting for faux plants and window boxes with unique varieties of plants. We have put together a record of tips and suggestions that will help you to bring your home to life with the use of these artificial landscaping products and window boxes. Here’s everything you need to know:

Window boxes can be used in several different ways. Depending on your choice of plants and foliage, you can opt for flowering plants for your window boxes, succulents, creepers, various plants with uniquely colored leaves and so on. Let’s now discuss some window box tips that you need to know:

•    Opt For Plants That Are Suitable To The Climatic Conditions

One mistake that a lot of people make when opting for plants for their window boxes is that they end up choosing exotic and eye-catching varieties of foliage. While this may cause your window box look utterly show-stopping and fabulous, the exotic plants that you have posted may not be suitable for your city’s climatic conditions. Plants that aren’t suitable to the local weather conditions will only end up increasing your maintenance costs. Hence, always opt for plants that are quickly and locally available when potting the window box.

•    Yes! Window Boxes Do Require Drainage

This topic has been raised time and again over generations. Most people feel that the big mouth of the window box is enough to make the excess water evaporate. Well, it isn’t. Just like any other plant pot, you need to ensure that your window box has ample drainage space. Drill holes at the bottom of your window box if it doesn’t already have some.

•    Window Boxes And Creepers

Creeper plants and window boxes always make a fantastic combination. The way the creepers cascade over the edge of the window box is so beautiful that it is almost poetic. Further, creepers are plants that are extremely sturdy and durable and can withstand most weather conditions. You won’t even need to provide excessive maintenance and care to the climbers. They can pretty much grow healthily as long as they receive ample sunlight and water

•    Window Boxes And Flowering Plants

Who doesn’t love a burst of color and vibrancy in their décor? Opting for flowering plants for your window box can prove to be a real décor enhancer. When selecting the flowering plants for your window box, make sure you get plants that are locally available so that your maintenance costs become minimum.

•    Mixed Window Boxes

Who says that your window box has to have only one type of plant in it? You can go crazy and mix several different types of flowering and non-flowering plants in your window box to give it a unique and captivating vibe.

Use Faux Landscaping Products Inside And Outside Your Home

For people who have no time to maintain real plants, faux landscaping products can be a real boon. If you have a large and open space in your backyard or on your porch, you can decorate the area with stunning and realistic faux plants for outdoors. Outdoor artificial topiary plants, fake boxwood plants, free silk trees, and other such varieties are ideal for outdoor landscapes. If you’re looking to add color and vibrancy within the walls of your home, you can get several varieties of artificial plants for bathrooms, fake geraniums for the bedrooms and living rooms, boxwood walls for the walls in your house and other such options. Installing these faux landscaping products will transform the décor of your home.

Benefits Of Opting For Faux Landscaping Products

  • Opting for faux landscaping products for your home can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Let’s discuss the benefits of installing these products in and around your home:
  • The maintenance required for the faux landscaping products is zero. These plants don’t grow, don’t require watering or trimming and don’t need any fertilization.
  • Faux landscaping products are long-lasting and durable. Their colors do not fade over time, and they are made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions even when installed in outdoor locations.
  • Faux landscaping products are reasonably and affordably priced.
  • Your home can be transformed into a charming space with the installation of these products and without the added hassles of maintenance. The faux landscaping products that are available in the markets these days are incredibly realistic looking too.
  • Faux landscaping products don’t attract bugs and mosquitoes and insects.
  • These artificial plants and trees can be installed practically anywhere irrespective of weather and climatic conditions.
  • The faux plants and trees are extremely lightweight and can be moved around without any hassles. If you wish to change the positioning of the way you have installed the plants and trees, you can do it within seconds.

Areas Of Your Home That Can Be Decorated

The faux plants and window boxes can be installed in every part of your home. The living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and study room can be given a whole new vibe with the installation of window boxes and faux plants. Window boxes are available for both exterior and interior décor. You can purchase these boxes at your local gardening shop or nursery.

Well, there you have it; simple, easy and effective ways to transform the décor of your home and bring the space to life. These tried and tested suggestions are ideal for party décor purposes too. If you're thinking of hosting a party at your home, decorate the place with elegant and stunning faux plants and window boxes. We guarantee that you and your guests and visitors will be utterly impressed with the outcome of the décor change.

Wednesday, 05 September 2018 09:00

Timeless Home Décor Trends to Place Your Trust In

Timeless Home Decor Trends To Place Your Trust InHome décor trends are continually changing. A trend that was famous and popular a few years back is considered outdated and old now. If you’re planning on remodeling your house, it’s better that you opt for timeless home décor trends that will never run out of style. Today, we have put together a list of home décor trends that are worth incorporating in your home. Here’s everything you need to know:

Opt For A Marble Flooring For Your Home

A rich marble flooring is one décor option that is timeless. Marble floors will make your home look classy, upscale and fabulous. The best part about having marble floors is that they blend in with all kinds of furniture. Even if you want to keep up with changing décor trends and change your furniture every few years, the marble floor can stay intact as it will fit perfectly well with all the trending decors.

Wooden Flooring Is Evergreen

People who have more of a rugged and nature loving vibe should opt for wooden flooring for their home. Wooden floors are evergreen and never run out of style and match perfectly well with most furniture options too. You can opt for cherry red wooden floors, tan wooden floors, and dark brown wooden floors. If you prefer wooden flooring that looks old school and classic, you can opt for distressed wood floorboards.

Install Artificial Landscaping Products In Your Home

Artificial plants, trees, and hedges make the perfect décor items for any home. These products are evergreen and irrespective of changing home décor trends will never run out of style. You can opt for lush green and vibrant artificial plants for bathrooms in your home. Your living room and bedrooms can be decorated with gorgeous faux silk plants. If you have a beautiful backyard or porch, you can make it even more attractive by installing artificial boxwood hedges and so on. The best part about these faux landscaping products is that they require no maintenance and care. They can transform your home and give it that outdoorsy and natural feel.

An Accent Wall For Every Room

Looking at the same paint on all the walls in your home can get monotonous, dull and boring. If you choose to paint one wall in each room a different color from the rest of the walls, it will break the monotony and make the room stand out. Another excellent benefit of having an accent wall in every room is that you can change that paint on that wall with the changing color trends in the world of home décor. Since it is only one wall in each room, changing the paint shade as and when you need to will become a lot less of a hassle. Thus, opting for an accent wall can be one of the best timeless décor ideas.

Allow As Much Natural Light To Flow In As Possible

One home décor trend that never goes out of style is allowing natural light to flow into the home. Nobody likes to live in a dark and dingy home. If you’re planning on remodeling your home, you need to make your windows larger, install skylights and have less concrete walls and more glass walls wherever possible. Doing this will allow natural light to flow in and give your home a positive and uplifting vibe. Further, when natural light flows into your home, it will make the area look bigger and more spacious too.

Go Minimalistic With Your Home Décor

While a minimalistic home décor is something that has recently become popular, it is a trend that will always remain timeless. Nobody enjoys living in a home that is over cramped with furniture and other unnecessary junk. The less clutter your home has, the more spacious it will look. Further, a minimalistic décor will also make your house feel less claustrophobic. Going minimalistic with the furniture and décor items can end up being a great move and will keep your home décor timeless.

Rugs And Carpets Are Also Timeless Décor Items

No matter how futuristic home décor trends are becoming, the installation of rugs and carpets is a trend that remains evergreen. Installing rugs and carpets in your home will make it look warmer and more welcoming. You can choose rugs and carpets in colors that are contrasting to your furniture so that they stand out. You can get countless options for carpets and rugs from all over the world in online décor stores.

Side Lamps Are Still Just As Popular

Whether you need a side lamp beside your bedside or you need one for your study table, side lamps are products that never run out of style. You can put side lamps on the sides of your couch, beside your coffee table, by your bookshelves and several other places in and around your home. Not only do they look classy and upscale, but they also prove to be useful too. If you’re worried about increasing light bills, you can always opt for energy saving bulbs for your side lamps.

Candle Holders And Candles For Your Home Décor

Candles and candleholders can only add to the charm of your home. It doesn’t matter how futuristic or trendy your home is, candles will never look out of place. You can get beautiful crystal candleholders, glass candleholders, and other such gorgeous options. You can go crazy with different kinds of scented candles for these candleholders. The scented candles will be a treat to your sense of smell as well as your sight.

There you have it! The most timeless home décor trends that will look fabulous in almost any house. Follow these tips and suggestions when remodeling your home and you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. These tried and tested ideas have worked for years on end and through countless changes in home décor trends. Always remember to add some timeless décor options in your home so that your home doesn’t run out of style with changing patterns.

How To Set Up A Neat And Inviting Office GymHaving an inviting office gym will be an added advantage to attract employees to your company. It is a right way of showing you care for your staff. Even practically, helping your employees in having good health will, in turn, help you in a company’s productivity. All it requires is a small effort to set up a clean and welcoming office gym for them to use.

So, here are few ideas on how to set up a clean and to invite office gym:

Gym with a view

Plan to set up a gym with a top or side view of the neighborhood or city. It is always joyous and rejoicing to spend some time a place which has a beautiful view. It will make employees to make some spare time to use the gym. Thus, we could say the office is much inviting in the appearance to the employees.

It helps employees to relax and clear their mind before work or after work. Use glass windows or glass covering to the gym so that the gym gets an open gym feeling. The primary intention of having an office gym will be fulfilled. The employees will have more enthusiasm during their work if they a healthy start or relaxing end of the day.

Green gym

Green is a color that stands for relaxing and calmness. It is essential to concentrate on the colors and the materials which are used in any office related rooms. The colors and the materials matter a lot in the creating best mood for the employees to work well. So, blue and green are preferred colors for commercial places.

Instead of coloring the walls green and closing the gym with walls, have an open gym, or a glass wall covered gym. To add green elements to the gym area use artificial outdoor greenery. Include fake plants and trees in your gym to make it appear green. Topiary artificial trees, artificial box hedge, and faux silk plants are few suitable artificial outdoor decors trending.

Artificial topiary and box hedges

Topiary artificial trees are best for creating geometrical designs to the make the gym attractive. Spherical, cubic, cone and many other geometric shaped artificial trees are created with topiaries. You could even build a theme for your gym with the help of artificial topiaries. They are customized outdoor decors which help to make the gym look unique.

Artificial box hedges are great at creating an exciting theme for the gym. They are also customized according to the application and the purpose. Artificial box hedges would be used for multiple purposes like creating screens, or walls, or borders to the gym area, even seating could be decorated with them. They are affordable, accessible to install and do not require any maintenance.

Attractive welcome boards and logos

It is essential to make the employees feel the company has an interest in their health. Help them understand that the company likes to help them health-wise. Only when they are made to feel this way, they will love to use the gym with free-spirit. This makes the place more pleasant and inviting.

To create a warm and welcoming gym, place your logos and signs in the gym to attract employees. Display a welcome board or a company logo to make them understand they are invited.  For this use artificial topiaries or wooden planks, which are cost-effective and low maintenance. In commercial laces, it is essential to save money and time.

External privacy screens

It is a good idea to have external privacy screens in an office gym. Just like how employees and higher officials have separate cabins, even in different gym spaces could be created. External privacy screens help in employees discussions and save their time. This will help people who feel they do not have time for the gym to do office work.

Stencils and artificial boxwood hedges help significantly in space division for commercial places. Stencils give a classic look to the gym whereas artificial boxwood hedges would create a pleasant and rejuvenating atmosphere for the users. A right combination of the two will also be fantastic for the appeal of the office gym.

Clean floors and walls

Keeping the office gym clean and tidy is very essential to attract employees to the gym. Nobody will appreciate dirty or messy gym walls and floors. Hygiene of places like office gym matters a lot in estimating the company’s interest in employees. Hence, tidiness and neatness have to be maintained with at most care and interest.

Spiderwebbed walls, haphazardly maintained equipment and not swept floors will disappoint anybody who visits it. Regularly, before use and after use of the gym, clean the floor and equipment. Dust the walls at regular intervals to have a bright and clean interior. For good health, not just gym equipment are enough, even the environment of the gym has to be given importance.

Proper equipment

The installing of proper and most needed equipment is very essential in an office gym. Buying new efficient equipment and maintaining those helps in their ease of use. Maintaining the purchased equipment is as important as buying them. Keep wiping them and dusting them so that those at their best use. Also, place each machine at a distance from other, it helps users to use them comfortably.

Servicing of the stuff from time to time will save you a lot of investment in the gym. You don’t have to purchase new ones each time the old work is not working correctly. Servicing the old equipment is a better option and servicing them at regular intervals will save them from break down. So, the proper functioning of them gym equipage is essential to engage more users at the gym.


Above are a few ideas on how to set up a beautiful and inviting office gym. They are some of the most important key elements to be kept in mind before setting up an office gym. They are very easily understandable and adaptable.


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