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HedgeHaving a full and boring office can be a nightmare for you and your employees. An office that lacks character in its décor can be extremely demotivating. It is a confirmed fact that people who work in offices that are beautifully decorated tend to be more productive than those people who work in full and drab office atmospheres. If you're looking to extract the maximum efficiency out of your office employees, you need to have an office décor that is gorgeous and inspiring. If you're looking to give your office an upgrade but at an affordable price, we have some interesting and inexpensive suggestions for you. These upgrades can be installed in all kinds of corporate atmospheres. Here's everything you need to know:

Paint The Office Walls With Vibrant Colours

By vibrant colors, we don't exactly mean that you need to have office walls that are psychedelic and that borderline distraction. You can opt for a single wall in the reception area or the conference room or even in your cabin and paint it with a single bright and cheerful color. A lot of people opt for summery yellows, subtle pinks, cerulean blues and olive greens for their office walls. If you're attending to add some color and cheer to your office within a limited budget, opt for vibrant paints for the walls.

Install Faux Plants And Trees In The Premises

People who wish to add some greenery to the office surroundings can do so by installing faux trees and fake indoor plants in the area. A lot of people go in for artificial bamboo plants because these make the office look fabulous and yet professional. These plants and trees have lush green leaves, and they play a role in motivating employees while they work. Additionally, these plants and trees also can help the staff members of your organization feel calm and relaxed on stressful days. Install these products in your office to give character to the décor inexpensively and affordable.

Install Fun White Boards, Magnetic Boards, And Notice Boards

Another excellent way to give your boring and dull office some life is by installing notice boards, magnetic boards, and whiteboards. Allow your employees to be creative and draw on the whiteboards all kinds of cartoon characters and fun doodles. The notice boards and magnetic boards can be used to put up photographs from office parties, photos of the employee of the month, certificates that employees may have received for excellent work in the field, photos of pets that employees may own and so on. Giving this personal touch to the office may play a major role in enhancing the overall character and vibe of the area. You can also put up interesting articles on the notice boards and change them on a fortnightly basis. These articles will capture the attention of the employees and increase their knowledge.

Change The Lighting Of The Office If Required

The lighting in any office space can play a major role in either motivating employees or completely demotivating them. For instance, if you have excessively bright lights in the office, there are very high chances that those lights will irritate the eyes and minds of your employees. Irritable employees always show reduced efficiency and productivity. On the other hand, if the lights in the office are excessively dim and dull, your employees may feel drowsy and sleepy while working. To make your office look fabulous, your lighting needs to be perfect. It's not just the kind of lighting that matters, but even the kind of the light structures that you install that play a role. Opt for modern hanging lights, wall lamps, desk lights and so on.

Add Art And Sculpture To The Office

Art and sculpture installed anywhere can give the surroundings an absolute makeover. If you want to upgrade your office décor within a limited budget, you can consider installing artwork and sculpture in the space. Select vibrant abstract paintings, colorful nature and scenery canvases and other such artworks for the walls of your office. If you want to install sculptures in the office, you can do so in the reception area, conference room and so on. To save money purchase works from artists and sculptors who are upcoming as opposed to going in for works from already established artists.

De-Clutter The Office Completely

Clutter looks awful anywhere. If you want to upgrade your office décor, you need to start by decluttering the office completely. Get rid of old files, notebooks, newspapers, unused furniture and other such items that may add to the clutter. Clutter is not only an eyesore, but it also makes the office look cramped and terrible. Clear out any unnecessary items that are not being used or store products in proper cabinets and compartments to prevent the office from looking messy. Decluttering can also help in increasing the productivity of the workers because their minds function better in a spacious atmosphere as opposed to a cramped atmosphere.

Be Quirky With Furniture

The employees of today want comfortable seating arrangements and furniture to work on. Additionally, quirky furniture that is comfortable too can help enhance the overall vibe of the office. Consider installing lazy boys in the office for people to lounge on while they work on their laptops, add colorful bean bags to the office too. All this will not only add to the décor of the office, but it will improve the efficiency and productivity of the employees too.

As you can see, giving your office an upgrade doesn't necessarily need to be expensive. A few basic nips and tucks are good enough to get things in order. Just follow the suggestions and tips that we have for you and your office will look wholly revamped and remodeled.

HedgeIf you are considering beginning a new decor project for your home interior spaces, opting for the services of a professional interior designer becomes an absolute must. When designing your home interior, you might come across few aspects that are way beyond your zone and require the need of a professional who has the required expertise in the field. Remodeling your home interior can be a fun and thrilling experience, but it does need you to pay a lot of attention to many attributes including hiring an interior designer.

Introducing freshness and a flow of fresh air by adding some decor features will require you to establish a sound communication with your prospective designer. To make things a little manageable for you, here are few essential questions that you must ask the interior designer you will be hiring for your home decor project:

Can you offer your assistance in sourcing decor elements?

This is probably the first and foremost thing that you need to see into the interior designer you are interested in. A seasoned home interior decor expert will possess the knowledge and contacts that they have acquired after years of hard work and practice. The typical day job of an interior designer involves finding unconventional and rare pieces of art and accessories that will spruce up your home decor. Hence, it is important to establish good communication with your interior design so that they will let you accompany them in sourcing artworks.

Are you able to understand the scheme?

Make sure that you keep a layout of the things in front of your prospective home decor expert that you expect to see after your home has been remodeled. If you find out that the designer is unable to bring you into confidence with the investment in art and accessories, it is time to consider other candidates for the job. That is why you must enlighten your designer with all the decor pieces you are thinking to purchase, so the designer can develop a scheme to fit the items accordingly.

Will it be possible to include old furniture in the newly designed space?

Before the onset of the home decor campaign, talk to the designer and get an insight on the household items that you will be able to integrate into your freshly designed home interior. As the scheme has changed from the previous design of your property's interior space, it is imperative to have your designer come up with a list of items like furniture, gallery art, wall hangings, and other various decor items.

Is it possible to leverage the value of old items?

If you want to use refurbished items and want only a few things for your new interior scheme, get your designer to build a stock of all the pieces along with the proper dimensions and images, to ensure that nothing is left behind or tossed into the storeroom. Although an expert designer will always be able to make everything work for your latest design, it is recommended to ask your designer for verifying if all the items go well with the design of your new home.

Can you ensure low-maintenance in the design?

Maintenance is a big factor when you decide to modify the decor of your home space. Most homeowners love green in their home space and try their best to make the greenery a center of attraction for guests. Therefore, the upkeep of plants becomes imperative for making sure that it does not lose its shine and luster. However, it's easier said than done since the upkeep of live plants is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor that most homeowners try to avoid. If you are one of them, consider investing in artificial plants and indoor trees for saving both your money and time.

Will you be able to incorporate artificial indoor gardening?

A professional designer will always advise you to opt for faux greenery instead of natural plants due to many reasons including:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Low to no routine upkeep
  • Fine decor elements that go with all kind of interior design
  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home space

Consult your designer and see how they are promoting the design in the corners of the room with the help of silk flowers and other fake plants. Not only you will be able to enrich the design of your home interior but will provide you with comfort, making the environment more relaxed than before.

Can you cater to my specific needs?

While it is necessary to look for a designer who has great experience in the decor industry, you must make them understand that it is your dream project and they must create a scheme catering to your specific requirements. It is common to come across designers that possess expertise in a certain style or who commit their work in a definite look. Make assured that you spend a good amount of time in scrutinizing the portfolio of the designer you are interested in. It would be a big decision to hire the services of a designer whose portfolio showcases an eclectic range of styles and theme varieties. If the designer is ready to welcome your thoughts and suggestions to the project, the overall design will exhibit a unique personal touch that will make you happy.

How will you partner with the architect?

This is probably one of the important things to ensure while looking for a designer that the person can work well with other leaders in the field such as architects. If your funds do not allow you the hiring of an architect, make sure that you choose a designer with great knowledge and vision in architecture. Working with a designer who possesses an interesting architectural vision will not only help you in achieving a great interior design, but it will also increase the aesthetic value and integrity of your property.

PlantsDo you want to set up a nice office in your home? A home office offers the comfort of working on the premises of your home. You can save the time taken to travel to a certain destination. Moreover, you get the creative liberty to implement your ideas to make a dream office, not possible elsewhere.

However, a home office has its limitation. It makes you feel quite casual at times. So, it is necessary that a home office has the elements to keep you focused on your work. It must have a professional look for welcoming guests, especially your prospective clients. With few innovative tips and a disciplined approach, you can create an office that is comfortable and attractive at the same time.

1. Office logo: An office logo is the first impression you can make on your visitor. Try to have creative office logo. For instance, you can design your office logo with fake grass. This looks attractive, unique, modern and innovative. Such an initiative makes you stand out amongst your peers.

2. Spiritual figure/good luck charm: Business persons rely on good fortune. Hence, they love to keep a portrait or idol of a divine figure in their office. In this way, it becomes a ritual to offer prayers first. This helps in bringing the much-needed discipline in a home office. You can place a form topiary carved in the shape of a spiritual figure. You can also place a good luck charm like a gold statue.

3. Office decorum: Try to have the most relevant documents and files in your office room. Do not keep redundant stuff as they are difficult to manage. Place files in selected places like table drawers and shelves so that they could be easily found. Select center tables with preferably glass top. The glass must be resilient and scratch free. The height above ground should be optimum to create an inviting space.

Get your walls painted with decent colors. You can attach a painting that matches your office theme on your walls. Also, you need a wall or table calendar. You can decorate your center table with decorative plants and artificial flowers. If you can match the color of your flowers with your business domain, you can show off your innate acumen to the client.

4. Selection of sophisticated furniture: Furniture selected must be durable, portable, sturdy and smart looking. Depending on your office theme, you can select designer furniture for your office room. Having easy to use furniture such as revolving chairs makes your office room more presentable as well as comfortable. Select frictionless or sliding doors which are light and move with no effort.

Select center tables with drawers, where you can place important files. The drawers must be easy to use and lock when not in use.

5. Modifying your office look with fake decor: Artificial landscaping products provide nice green and cherubic look to an office space. Unlike natural elements like plants or flowers, these are absolutely maintenance free. You can select products like outdoor planters and fake grass for the pavement outside your office. Don't be misguided by the word fake. Fake plants or counterfeit trees look as beautiful as natural. A thing of beauty is happy forever. Also, you don't need to invest time in caring for fake landscaping products. With artificial plants and artificial floral arrangements, you generate a colorful effect in your office. You can place these around corners and on your shelves.

You can use topiary to beautify your office room. You can have topiary of different designs such as elephant topiaries for vacant spaces outside your office room. Before selecting any fake landscaping product, you must ensure its durability and fire retardant characteristics. You can have green walls made of fake grass. All that you need is a little dusting and you can cherish the office exterior and interior.

6. Easy to maintain office accessories: Fake grass doormats keep your room clean and tidy. Visitors can wipe off dirt and water off their boots while entering inside. Instead of cloth carpets, you can place green carpets made of fake grass. Such carpets or mats are quite versatile and effective. These will render softness to walk upon. These are easy to clean and are quite durable. Artificial grass rolls are portable and offer ease of installation. You can also shift their positions according to changing requirements.

7. Maintenance of daily records: Have an office register to maintain track of visitors and their demands. Some of the visitors can become your clients in future. So keep their contact information safely. Keep the visitor register updated regularly. If you are busy elsewhere, employ qualified staff to do it.

8. Communication of office timings: Select fixed working hours for professionalism and discipline. Mention your office timings on notice boards or exterior spaces, so that the clients have clear information about when to meet.

9. Office appliances: For a home office, you need a computing system and an air ventilation system at the least. However, it is advisable to have air conditioners for adverse climatic conditions. Keep upgrading your appliances as you generate profit, so as to enhance your clientele. You can have projectors and LCD screens for business meetings with hi-fi clients.

Having an office at home is a matter of joy and pride. So, why not try some cool ideas to make a comfortable home office. You can have a visually fascinating logo made of fake grass, defining your business sense. You can place divine pictures or idols so that you can pray for good fortune. You need good office decorum to care of relevant documents and keep them in fixed points. Have smart and elegant furniture and use your creative ideas to decorate them. Artificial plants can help you beautify your office without spending time for maintenance. Use office accessories like fake grass and carpets to keep your rooms neat. Keep a track record of daily visits and activities. Have nice office appliances as they make your office room more inviting.

PlantsMost people, when they eat at a restaurant spend as much time judging the food that they eat as they do, the restaurant's décor. In fact, there are two main reasons why most people go to the same restaurants again. The reasons are that the food is exceptional or because the atmosphere is pleasant. While it is tempting to think about the different delicacies and the chefs that prepare them, let's focus on the design aspect of the restaurant. So what exactly can you do to the restaurant décor that can make customers feel welcome and help them enjoy so that they will keep coming back for more? Read on to understand the different design ideas that you as a restaurant owner can implement to make your restaurant get more footfall!

Neutral Toned Wall Paint

The look, as well as the color of the walls in most restaurants, need some serious upgrading to look the part. While using bright colors to create some contrast was popular a few years ago, people prefer neutral tones these days. This, however, does prove to be cheaper to maintain as all one has to do is paint over the walls with some neutral toned paint every now and again. This kind of tones set a warm and more relaxing kind of vibe in the restaurant and thus people who visit after a long day of work will feel the stress leaving their body instantly. Most people enjoy the contemporary look and thus neutral toned paints for the restaurant walls is the way to go.

Remove Old and Dated Pictures

If there are some paintings and pictures on the wall that hold no real relevance and aren't significant to the whole theme of your restaurant then those need to go. We simply cannot stress this enough. Most customers will feel uneasy when they see paintings having no real soul as they cannot even evoke any emotion. While these paintings may come inexpensive, these will not do the restaurant any good. It would be wiser to have some pictures of nearby tourist spots at the restaurant as these will usually make for some good dinner stories. Abstract art is another excellent option to consider. Some art galleries even offer you art to showcase at no cost if you can promote their gallery at your restaurant. Another good way to get some good art for cheap is to ask one of your photographer friends or family members to take pictures of the local tourist attractions and display it.

Rearranging Is The Best Renovation

One of the most underrated ways of renovating your restaurant is to rearrange the furniture and the room layout simply. Many restaurants tend to leave their layout the same for ages until it eventually becomes an eyesore. The key is to switch it up every now and again to keep things interesting. Boring layouts will do nothing to make the customers' visits memorable. How inviting and unique the restaurant setting is will be what truly appeals to the customers to visit again. Move around the tables and chairs a bit and experiment enough to know what works best. The best part about doing this is that it will not cost you a thing.

Purchase a Few Artificial Plants

Greenery is almost always the best way to go, however, if you are looking for an inexpensive and low maintenance alternative, then getting some artificial foliage is the way to go! Some artificial flowers and fake plants in the corners of the room can give the restaurant some ambiance that is unmatched. If you are viewing for a tropical paradise sort of theme, then some indoor trees will do wonders for you. The best part about investing in fake flowers and artificial trees is that they require no maintenance and energy and other resources that most plants require the added advantage that they make the room inviting and pleasant. These are great alternatives for interior décor that are inexpensive. Some of these also come in fireproof options making them safe as well as attractive at the same time. Plants always give out good vibes to customers; artificial plants are even better-concerning advantages.

Develop a Theme

Themes are very important. If your restaurant is of an Italian theme, then you are going to want some elements that feature an Italian design. Some warm colors that are saturated, rustic wood are good options. The theme of the restaurant will come into play. Family style seating or intimate seating arrangements for couples is another big decision to make. When deciding what kind of arrangements your restaurant will cater to. This will tell what kind of setting you are looking to incorporate – that is casual or fine dining. Once you decide on a particular setting, you can then decide on the type of furnishing that you want to incorporate. Furnishing can be anything like some vinyl booths or even some standard wooden tables. For fine dining feeling, it would be wise to get some tablecloths to cover the tables. For more casual settings, the lightings are very important. Adding some candle centerpieces, pendant lightings or even some overhead lighting.

Be Imaginative

This is one of the essential things to keep in mind while designing a restaurant. Imagine if Mona Lisa were to be painted on the restroom wall! When planning restaurant décor, don't be afraid to try something new and unique. Get some creative ideas from your friends and family! Brainstorm together and do something new and fresh. With a little imagination, anything is possible!


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