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Green WallDesigning a bathroom is a part of interior designing. Everybody loves to have a gorgeous bathroom. We see a lot of images of designer bathrooms in social media which inspires us to have a designer bathroom. There are times when the decors and fixtures are chosen but would not have purchased due to their cost.

Expensive fixtures have their advantages, but not all of us will be able to afford them. You don't have to make your bathroom look luxurious using the only expensive fixture. There are few simple ideas which help you have a luxurious bathroom without exceeding your budget limit.

Metallic and plastic fixtures with low price are most of the time are of bad quality. So, do not take a risk buying fixtures at a lower cost. Target the decors and interior things which will change the look of the bathroom without costing you much.

Here are few great ideas on how to transform an ordinary bathroom into something luxurious:


Stencils are those who are very easy to change the look of your bathroom walls completely. They are plenty of different designs available in stencils. There are also customized stencils provided by companies. They prepare them according to the necessity of the customer. Some nature colors and designs suit bathroom pretty well.

Cozy mats

Create your mats for the bathroom. Use woolen threads to prepare a mat. Preparing mats by yourself will save money, and the mat will be according to your taste. Searching mats in the market will be time-consuming and will cost you more money. So, try to make a mat.

There is another better option, buy a green mat. It is a mat which is made of artificial grass. They are easy to install in your bathroom. They bring a lush look to your bathroom. They are made of synthetic material, so it is not real grass which requires maintenance. You can remove them easily and wash them easily. They are very durable and cost-effective.

Green walls

Green walls are trending interior decors in the market today. They build an artificial green wall in the space. If your bathroom has separate space for bathing and other activities, then use this green wall for separating space. This costs you only during the initial stage of the installation and almost nothing later. Thus, it is the best choice to opt green walls for a bathroom.

Screens and rolls

Use different screens and rolls to decorate a bathroom. There are varieties of screens and rolls provided to the customers according to their needs. Some experts suggest good and suitable screens and rolls for your bathroom. Screens help in decorating the walls. They make bathroom walls more natural looking and lush. Green rolls are made of cover the floor of the bathroom. The green floors make you feel like nature in the bathroom. You might feel like you are walking on grass or lawn.

They are made of artificial grass. If you like to make a green screen or green mat more interesting, use artificial shrubs and indoor plants. They help to give a complete look to the theme. There are various artificial indoor plants and artificial flowers to decorate the interior.


Bonsai is an art to growing originally large in smaller size. They are used for interior decoration purpose. They are mesmerizing! They bring relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. The green color is known as the property of relaxing and calming the space. Bonsai are easily available anywhere. They are available from some shrub to tall trees. Artificial tall trees like bamboo trees, palm trees, date trees, coconut trees are available. They make your bathroom look green and natural. They add more value to your bathroom.

Hedges and artificial shrubs

Hedges and artificial shrubs are very good interior decors. They are usually used for creating boundaries. They are most suitable if you have to create division in your bathroom. They are customized according to the dimensions and nature of the bathrooms. The hedges and artificial shrubs are most suitable for large bathrooms. They make the bathroom look more green, covering the usual plain look of the bathrooms. Artificial flowers also add more beauty to the theme. If you are a personality, who likes bright rooms add artificial flowers.


Topiaries are available in regular geometric shapes like round, cube, cone, spherical and many more. They are plants grown with the combinations of those shapes. They are exciting interior decors. They make a classic bathroom when placed at the entrance of the wet area of the bathroom or when placed in the interior of the bathroom door.

There are topiaries created in animals shape and logo shapes. If you have kids at home and want to make bathing a fun part of their day, then you can give a thought of adding an animal designed topiary in your bathroom. Hence, we say that topiaries are small interior decors those who bring a large difference in the appearance of the bathroom.

Hangers and corner holders

Keeping the bathroom neat and tidy is important. How will a bathroom look luxurious if it is small and untidy? To avoid messy looking bathroom arrange all the necessary things in one stand. Hangers are best to hold all the bathroom related things in one place. Hangers use walls in the bathroom and hence do not consume any space on the floor. They do not make the bathroom look smaller.

Corner holders as the name suggests are placed at the corners of the bathroom to save space. They require support to stand but are capable of holding quite many things in them. They make the bathroom look spacious and helps in keeping the space neat.

LandscapingEnergy efficiency has been one of the hottest gossips in the real estate world, and it has its reasons. The first and foremost one being using natural sources to reduce pollution of all types and the second is to save up on chunks of money that would otherwise go down the drain with all the cooling, heating and maintenance that goes behind your property annually.

As if getting a trendy updated set-up for your property wasn't a tough task in itself, now you have to be a pro-energy saver too? Well, if it saves you around a whole lot of money, why not? So how do you become the super energy saver in your neighborhood? Read on!

Window treatments with no chill what-so-ever!

Depending on the natural climate in your locality, you can opt for hard window treatments or soft window treatments. If you are residing in an area that's mostly hot on average throughout the year, it's best to opt for soft window treatments like curtains and fabrics. In the opposite case, when you feel you are way too distant from the sun, with an occasional peek-a-boo of its massive energy, opt for hard window treatments like blinds and shutters which allows natural light and air to flow in without a lot of resistance.

High heating bills? Skylight is the word

Installing a skylight is the best thing you can do for your home. When it comes to skylight energy efficiency and décor goes hand in hand. It not only looks beautiful to let the natural light come in but all allow way better ventilation for air to flow in and out. It improves the internal lighting to a large extent and helps you reduce your lighting costs during the day quite a bit which when added up over the year can save you a lot of money. Apart from letting in the natural air, light it also helps to heat up space which reduces further heating costs. It is recommended to have a skylight that is around five percent of the entire floor area when there is multiple windows present. In case your space isn't blessed with windows, to heat up space naturally you can opt for a skylight of fifteen percent floor area of the same room.

Reaping all the benefits of insulation one at a time!

Investing in good insulation might not seem like a great idea when it comes to budget cuts. But one of the most crucial viewpoints of home or office decor is to think long term unless you are planning on deserting the place in a year or so. So when you decide to go for blown-in insulation remember, you will be adding up to those health care bills as they are awful for lungs. Instead, go for rigid insulation paired with crushed gravels for the lower level to fight harsh winter weathers. Another great option is spray foam which keeps the indoor spaces heated up during winters and cool down during the summer.

Please ditch the fluorescents already!

Your home or office is not some creepy alley to be decked with flashy fluorescents. We have LEDs now you know. Yes, the upfront cost is more in comparison to fluorescents but their ability to focus light instead of scattering it is what makes them a lovable choice for retaining less heat in a room. It uses less energy to provide a lot of light and thus saves you quite a few bucks and keeps your space cooler and appears calmer than the fluorescents.

Smart landscaping for saving energy

Going green is not only an efficient option for your home or office to save energy but adds oomph to your interior and exterior décor. Where you have walls facing the sun on the exterior, you can opt for planting bushy trees to avoid heat absorption directly by the walls thereby cutting down on cooling costs on the inside. Now, this may be a problem if you have diverse climate annually with a harsh summer and a milder winter or the opposite. So, what do you do? Instead of planting trees directly on the soil go for bushy potted large-sized plants, something that is customized to your needs. With the advancements in silk plants, this is no more a problem. These faux plants are UV resistant, so you need not worry about fading pigments. There's a lot more than just that, read on to find out.

You have to pay for water too, remember?

Yes, so green landscaping allows you to save up on cooling costs right? What about your water bills then? Cutting down on cooling costs with a challenging water bill is not a smart choice ever. As mentioned earlier, both faux indoor plants and outdoor artificial plants are built to be completely maintenance free in all ways possible. You need not water them, use upkeep products like fertilizers and stuff and the best part, they won't grow. So you do not have to bother about the occasional trimming and wonder about the plants covering up a large portion of the wall once they grow and not allowing enough heat to come through.

Good old ceiling fans up against your HVAC systems

Why not use the natural air that you already have instead of the artificial cooling system that rips out moisture from the air. Fans use the almost equivalent amount of energy in comparison to a light bulb thereby cutting down your utility costs. You can change the rotation to push up hot air to the ceiling in the summer and the cool air in the winter. This might save forty percent of the cooling cost and ten percent of the heating cost.

TopiaryClutter can be big destruction to anybody. While everybody has their definition of clutter, we can all agree that after a point it does need to be cleared. Especially in your office, it should always be completely free of clutter. Too much clutter in the office space can prove to a be a big obstruction in your performance level. In case of your home, the clutter can come in the way of your relaxation. Also, whether it is in the office or the home, too much clutter can also create a bad impression on your social circle. A nice clean and organized office space and home is a reflection of your personality and can go a long way in forming good first impressions on people.  Following are some ways to help you achieve a declutter entirely home and office.

Chalk out a plan

There is a no better way to start with anything than to make a plan. Making a plan will help you get clear about your goals. Once you have set yourself the goals, you can start working on achieving those. Also, having a plan chalked out, increases the motivational level. Apart from that, set yourself a time frame. Having a deadline will help you start the work and finish it fast.

Start from the scratch

Most likely you have tried to have your property decluttered in the past, but it did not end up in the desired way. If you find out that eliminating the clutter one by one is not helping your cause, it is the right time to start everything from scratch and adding new interior landscaping products little by little. Take all the items out of your drawers, put everything off your desk and keep them in a separate box. When you require something, you can easily access them and put it back on the desk. This process will make sure that the things that you do not use anymore will not keep occupying space in your office or home.

Re-examine your stuff

Regardless of how you begin the decluttering campaign at your property, it is imperative to analyze what you require at your home and offices and what you are better off with. Probably the biggest reason of clutter in your home and offices is due to the brain's perspective that everything is important and valuable. As you evaluate your items, ask yourself: Are you not removing this product because you require it or might need it at some point in time? Does this product even help you out with anything? When you find the exact answers to these questions, you can easily carry out your decluttering process.

Gear up with all the preparations

Now that you have figured out what items you want to keep, it is time to make all the necessary preparations. Shop all the required workplace cleaning products and home management supplies before you begin to declutter your property. Take your devised plan into consideration and buy the items accordingly that will help you in declutter effectively.  Also, shop for interior decor elements such as boxwood hedges to design your new space. Look out for an organization that will accept office and home goods, clothing and other stuff that you want to donate.

Brighten up your interiors with faux greens

While you declutter your home and office spaces, you will get ample spaces to include something that will not only look productive but will also make the interior of your building aesthetically pleasing. Faux landscaping products such as privacy hedges, screens, letters, and topiaries can charm everyone who visits your property. These innovative creations are now designed in a way to imitate the looks of natural greenery in every respect and hence, can help you in revitalizing your property after decluttering it. If you want to leverage the available space you get after decluttering your commercial and residential buildings, faux landscaping elements can be your go-to option.

Pinpoint every item to an exact location

Everything that is on your office desk or in the living space of your home should have an exact storage location where it stays after you have successfully carried out your decluttering campaign. If things that you have removed before decluttering your workspace and house do not have a home, your desk and drawers become storage to everything.

Declutter one room at a time

The best way to begin declutter your house is by taking everything out from one room and only put back the items you require to be in there. Doing this will not only help you in easy decluttering but will organize your home in the way that expected it to be. Although the fact it will take a lot of time cannot be ignored and therefore, start with one garbage bag and a donation bin. Make sure that you fill it and while decluttering, keep an eye on the stuff that you are moving around. Make certain that you do not simply dust that pile of mail; have a look at it and throw it. Declutter one room at a time and avoid the high chances of cleaning fatigue.

Clean your office desk after work

No matter how promising your workspace decluttering process was, at the end of the day it is going to get messy. Since your desk is the place where you perform and manage all your work, it is important to take some small measures every day before leaving the office building. Ensure that you spare five or ten minutes to unclutter your desk in the evening so that you can work positively on a clean desk every morning.

Ensure productivity rather than perfection

Since everyone needs to reorganize their working and living spaces, it is important to comprehend the limitations. Decluttering is all about a fun way to clean your home and offices. Do not waste your time by trying to make everything perfect. The sole purpose of decluttering is to yield high productivity, not to make things perfect. For instance, invest in artificial topiary trees rather than the real ones because it will save you from the maintenance costs and also these landscaping elements are more durable than their real counterparts. If something is not hindering your time and space, there is no point in reorganizing it.

HedgeA lush green and good looking environment is a must for any business or office space to keep the employees stayed engaged and satisfied throughout their working hours. Nowadays, landscaping is considered one of the important ways to establish an engaging office environment. This is quite obvious because various studies throughout the years have revealed how green environment can enhance productivity and contribute to the wellbeing of employees. However, if you are planning to have a makeover of your office space, the more focus on landscaping can shake your budget thus ruining your makeover plan. Let's have a detailed discussion on this and understand various pitfalls of landscaping that can hurt your makeover budget.

1. Lengthy installation work

Landscaping is a lengthy process, and it is not possible to get that accomplished in a single day. Especially if you are considering implementing it at a large scale in your office exterior, you will need to take care of everything for a long time ranging from digging up space to planting the seeds and all. This will lead to a lengthy installation work that will increase your overall landscaping cost. Besides landscaping, if you have plans to renovate your office space, it is most probable that landscaping installation is going to exceed your expenses to a great extent.

2. Ongoing maintenance requirements

Keeping up a good landscape is not just limited up to getting the plants and trees installed around your space; rather they demand regular maintenance as well concerning fertilization, watering, pruning, and all. This all adds up to your makeover cost. And this maintenance expense is never-ending. From purchasing fertilizers to installing a well-working irrigation system, everything is important to keep your plants healthy and to blush all the time. Due to their high maintenance requirements, nowadays most of the commercial owners are reluctant to get a real landscape installed. They prefer to choose artificial landscaping products instead.

Artificial plants can have all types of plants and trees available ranging from boxwood hedge, faux flowers, artificial boxwood topiary, hedge bushes and many more. All these plants look exactly same as their real counterparts and are free from maintenance needs.

3. Higher labor cost

Due to lengthy and ongoing expenses of real plants and trees, the labor cost installed in landscaping is quite higher. Besides the installation labor cost, you will also need to hire a professional gardening staff for the ongoing maintenance requirements of your landscape. Especially for commercial areas, managing upkeep of landscape is not possible to do it yourself. And in this competitive environment, the associated labor cost of landscaping is quite higher.

4. Impact on environment

As long as you are getting native plants installed in your commercial landscape, it is better. This is because native plants require fewer resources for their growth and also have a good impact on the environment. However, if you choose to go with non-native plants, they will demand comparatively highest resources for their growth and regular upkeep. Additionally, non-native plants hinder the growth of native plants in the surrounding area thus damaging the whole wildlife around them. Non-native plants also demand more fertilizers and chemicals for maintenance which further put a negative impact on our environment.

5. Overgrowing shrubs can require additional efforts

If you have fallen in love certain shrubby plants and want them to be installed in your landscape while making over your office area, you are probably inviting additional expenses to your doorsteps. This is because shrubby plants grow at a much higher rate than other plants and therefore will need to get frequently trimmed thus increasing your overall burden and expense as well.

6. Trees can invite several hazards

One another major Pitfall of landscaping is due to the presence of large trees in your landscape. If you are passionate about getting large trees installed in a landscape, you need to be aware of certain hazardous conditions that they may impose. In heavy winds and storms, large trees may fall and thus can impose the risk of damage to your property and people as well. If unfortunately, such a condition arises, you may have to undergo an additional expense for compensating the victims while also triggering out the damage to your property. Moreover, sometimes there might be the presence of dead or fragile trees in your landscape for the treatment of which you may need to invest in expensive treatments or removal services.

7. A random start may cause over expense

For having a well-designed landscape in a budget-friendly manner, it is vital to possess a proper plan. Additionally, you might have an adequately planned budget so that landscape design planning can be done accordingly. If you start the process of landscaping with a random approach, you are not going to have anything productive in hand. Moreover, it will also increase the chances to get far more money incurred in the landscaping process.

8. Fail irrigation system may ruin your investment

A good irrigation system is a backbone of having a beautiful landscape in your office area. In case of failure in having a well-working irrigation system all the investment that you have done in getting the landscape installed will go in vain. Besides having a proper irrigation system, you also need to have a regular working staff that can also take care of all watering needs of plants during the holiday season as well.

9. Protecting landscape from deer

The maintenance of landscape is not over just up to getting all the upkeep resources at the place; rather your landscape may also need protection from wildlife such as deer. An additional expense for your real landscape is to get proper fencing, and protective surrounding installed that can prevent deer from getting into your landscape area. This further adds to your overall makeover cost.

10. Landscaping tools and equipment

Your gardening staff will require proper tools and equipment for taking care of your plants and trees on a daily basis. This is another major expense that you need to invest in for making sure that your gardening staff can take care of your landscape in a proper way.


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