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HedgeHaving a boutique hotel is more than just about serving and catering to customer's needs. You need to ensure that your hotel's rooms are appropriately decorated for maximum comfort of your guests. Today, we have put together a list of ideas for you to redecorate your boutique hotel's rooms to make them the best hotel rooms in town. Here's the list of everything you need, to ensure that the hotel rooms have the perfect décor:

Comfortable Beds And Mattresses

Any traveler who seeks temporary accommodation in a hotel wishes to have a bed and mattress that is comfortable and one that he or she can sink right into. Your hotel rooms must have solid wooden beds with comfortable mattresses. Rickety and unstable beds will only ruin the sleep patterns of your guests and also ruin the overall décor of the room. Hence, when purchasing beds for your hotel room, you need to ensure that they are extremely sturdy and exceptionally comfortable.

Lighting Must Be Adequate

Every hotel room should not only have adequate lighting, but it should also have beautiful light fixtures. Now beautiful light fixtures do not necessarily mean you have to go all out on a spending spree and install expensive crystal chandeliers in every room in your boutique hotel. Instead, you can opt for attractive wall lamps that are uniquely designed, rope lights, light stands, and other such fixtures. In addition to visually pleasing light fixtures, you also need to ensure that brightness of the lights in the room is perfect. Excessively dim lights can give your hotel room a very depressing vibe, and excessively bright lights can destroy the character of your hotel room décor.

Carpets Can Play An Important Role In Making The Décor More Beautiful

Carpets have a charming way of making a hotel room feel cozier, more comfortable and most importantly, more like home. If the hotel rooms in your boutique hotel don't have carpeted floors, you should seriously consider either carpeting the floors when redecorating, or you can opt to install rugs all over the room. You can choose vibrantly colored carpets with gorgeous abstract designs to add color and character to the hotel room.

Make Sure The Wall Paint Is Perfect

No traveler would appreciate staying in a hotel where the walls are cracked, and the paint has chipped. If you want your hotel room décor to be perfect, you need to ensure that the walls are clean, stain-free and do not have chipped and cracked paint. When revamping the décor of your hotel rooms, ensure that you opt for top quality wall paints that can withstand wear and tear and won't chip for years on end. Also, opt for wall paint colors that are soothing and relaxing. You can choose subtle shades of blue, whites, pastel yellows and other such relaxing color options.

Install Faux Plants And Flowers Around The Hotel Room

Artificial plants and faux flowers can play a very important role in enhancing the beauty and style of your hotel room. If you want to ensure that the décor of your boutique hotel's room is perfect, consider placing faux flower arrangements on the coffee table in the room. You can also opt for potted plants or hedges in the corners of the room. Not only will these faux landscaping products help enhancing the aesthetic value of your hotel room, but they will also play a major part in making guests feel more relaxed, calmer and at home.

Ensure That The Bathroom Is Spotless And Free From Mold And Mildew

The bathroom in any hotel is always one of the trickiest places to keep clean. Not only does it become extremely hard to provide the adequate bathroom ventilation, but excessive moisture also ends up resulting in mold and mildew in the bathroom. Mold can end up being very dangerous and can have severe health hazards. You need to regularly check the bathrooms in your hotel rooms to ensure that they are properly ventilated and free from mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can even spoil overall décor of the bathroom and be an absolute eyesore for guests.

Thick Curtains For Your Hotel Room

While some people may check into your boutique hotel for a business trip, others may be there just to enjoy a small getaway. People who check into your hotel for a vacation or getaway may want to sleep in late. You need to ensure that you install thick curtains in your hotel rooms to prevent the sunlight from streaming in through the windows and disturbing the sleep of guests. Further, gorgeously designed thick curtains also play an important role in enhancing the aesthetic value of the room. You can probably also consider installing one thin white curtain set followed by thick curtain sets to let guests decide the amount of light they want to flow into their rooms.

Install Art Around The Room

Whether it's a beautiful marble sculpture, or it is gorgeous and vibrantly colored canvas painting, having art in your hotel room can play a very important role in enhancing the overall décor. Not only does art have a way of lifting up the spirit and style of the hotel room, but it will also add color and character to the entire space. You can buy affordable canvas paintings from new and budding artists. You can also visit local flea markets to source out new art talents and purchase affordable artwork for your hotel rooms from there.

Making your hotel room décor irresistible, cozy and breathtaking is not that hard. You don't even need to hire a professional interior decorator to get the job done. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and incorporate the ideas when redecorating your hotel room.

BathroomBathrooms don't necessarily need to be utilitarian spaces in your home. There's no reason why your bathroom needs to look unremarkable. Nowadays, a lot of homeowners are converting their bathrooms into beautiful, relaxing and visually pleasing spaces. You too can revamp your bathroom in an affordable yet extravagant way. We have put together a list of ideas and tips for you to make your bathroom as striking as the rest of your home. Here's everything you need to know and incorporate:

Change The Lighting In Your Bathroom

Lighting plays a significant role in changing the vibe and surroundings of any space. If the lights in your bathroom are dim and dull, the entire space may just end up looking boring and may have a utilitarian feel. You need to install lights in your bathroom that is bright and that light up the place. Now, this does not mean that you install the brightest lights that you find. The bulbs that you install in your light fixtures should emit just the right amount of light to lift up the overall vibe of the bathroom and make it look brighter.

Decorate The Bathroom With Artificial Landscaping Products

If you enjoy taking long and relaxing baths in a bathtub, you won't enjoy those baths if the overall feel of your bathroom was lackluster and dull. Your bathroom needs to have an uplifting yet calming décor. To achieve that kind of décor, you need to install gorgeous artificial plants and flowers in the space. You install lush green yet faux plants in the corners of your bathroom and around the bathtub. Artificial flower arrangements can be placed around the sink and so on. These vibrant and realistic plants can help enhance the overall character of your bathroom.

Change The Wall Paints To Brighter Colors

Bathrooms with boring white walls have become a very old school style. To make their bathrooms look remarkable a large number of people are now opting for vibrantly colored bathroom walls. You too can change the wall paint in your bathroom to a beautiful shade of blue, or a pastel yellow, or if you are feeling exceptionally adventurous, maybe even a light shade of olive green. The vibrant paint will give your bathroom décor a refreshing change.

Get Rid Of Those Old Cabinets And Replace Them With Classy New Ones

Does your bathroom have those old-school polished wooden cabinets? While those cabinets looked excellent back in the day, now such cabinets only look good in the bathroom of a log cabin. You need to replace those old cabinets with something more new age and contemporary. Dark cherry cabinets or plain white cabinets look fabulous in a modern style bathroom. You can also opt for hidden cabinets in your bathroom too. You can hide the cabinets behind the mirror in your bathroom. Such hidden cabinets will have no handles and can make your bathroom look less cluttered and more remarkable.

Clear Out Clutter From The Bathroom

A bathroom can look unremarkable if it is cluttered and messy. While most people tend to leave their toiletries, creams, moisturizer and other bath products lying around all over the bathroom, this only makes the bathroom look visually displeasing. You can begin by getting rid of all those bath products and creams that you don't use. The toiletries that you use on an everyday basis should be kept inside a cabinet when not in use. Try to keep the sink area as clutter free and open as possible. Clearing clutter can help in making your bathroom look remarkable.

Change All The Fittings In Your Bathroom

Fittings and fixtures in your bathroom may seem irrelevant, but in reality, these little fixtures play a vital role in changing the vibe and atmosphere in your bathroom. If you have old and worn out faucets, shower heads and other fixtures, you need to install new ones when redecorating your bathroom. There are tons of new age and excellent faucets and fixtures available. When selecting the fixtures for your bathroom, make sure that all the items are matching. You don't want your bathroom to end up being mismatched. Chrome shower heads and brass faucets will only end up looking odd. If you're going chrome, make sure that all your fixtures are chrome.

Broken Tiles Should Be Replaced

If your bathroom has broken tiles, you need to either remove the broken ones and replace them with new ones, or you can even consider changing the flooring altogether. Lots of people nowadays are opting for slate tiles and pebble stone tiles on their bathroom floors. You too can consider changing your bathroom flooring to something that makes the space less utilitarian and more remarkable.

Place Foot Rugs In Your Bathroom

Another great way to add color and vibrancy to your bathroom is by placing foot rugs outside the bathtub or the shower cubicle. You can buy all kinds of beautiful and vibrant foot rugs for your bathroom. You can even search and buy affordable foot rugs on many online décor portals. Select abstract design rugs that are bursting with lovely colors and patterns. You will be surprised how simple rugs can make your bathroom look extremely remarkable.

You no longer need to use your bathroom as just a utilitarian space where you jump in and out of the shower or run into when you need to use the toilet. Your bathroom can look like the kind of bathroom that one usually sees in architectural magazines. Following these affordable and simple tips can give your bathroom that remarkable vibe you have always wanted it to have. Make sure to keep this list of tips handy when giving your bathroom a makeover.

Plants and TreesThe design and décor of a building should be such that it is long-lasting. Cutting corners when planning the overall design and décor of your building may save you money immediately, but in the long run, will only prove to be more expensive for you. The constant and repeated requirement of nips and tucks in your building décor will only keep bringing up unforeseen expenses. Today, we have put together a list of tips and idea that you can incorporate when planning the décor and design of your building. Here's everything that you need to know:

Have A Proper Plan And Vision For The Building

To perfect your décor in a way that it is long-term and long-lasting, you need to have a proper plan and vision for the surroundings. For instance, the décor of a commercial or corporate building will be very different from that of a residential building. Further, in a residential building, the residents may want a more relaxed and tropical vibe, while in a commercial building the owners may want a more modern and contemporary vibe. Hence, proper planning before execution is essential.

Measurement Are An Absolute Necessity

Before you start making purchases for furniture and fixtures, you need to measure the rooms and areas of the building properly. You don't need to end up buying furniture and fixtures that are way bigger than the space that they are going to be installed in. A designer needs to draw every piece of furniture on a proper layout or plan. Further, a designer also needs to keep a minimum amount of 3 feet of space between pieces of furniture to avoid making the place look cramped and cluttered.

Fixtures Must Be Properly Coordinated

Shower heads, door handles, faucets and other fixtures must be properly planned and coordinated in a building or home renovation. If you have brass doorknobs and door handles, you need to ensure that you install faucets that are of brass too. You don't want to end up having mismatched faucets and door handles. Having chrome faucets and brass door handles will end up looking extremely odd.

Use Top Quality And Long-Lasting Paint

If you are looking for a décor that's long-term and long-lasting, you need to opt for top quality paints for the walls and exteriors of your building. If you cut corners and end up using low-quality paints to save a few bucks, over a short time the paint will end up chipping and cracking. This will result in repeated and regular paint jobs that will only end up being additional expenses. Opt for companies that provide weatherproof and long-lasting paints.

Install Plants And Trees In And Around The Building

Nature looks beautiful anywhere. Whether you are installing plants inside the apartments, or you are paving either side of the building driveway or walkway with thick and lush green trees, adding a dash of nature can truly give your building a proper long-term décor. If you sense that you will be unable to provide proper maintenance and care for real trees, you can opt for faux plants and artificial trees and flowers. There are lots of companies that provide long-lasting faux trees and plants that require zero maintenance. Installing such landscaping products in your building can help in the long term design of your building.

Plan Your Electrical Outlets Smartly

One mistake that is often made when renovating a home or building is lack of proper planning in the placement of electrical outlets. If you want your décor to be a long-lasting and long-term one, you need to plan the electrical outlets at the same time that you are planning the furniture. For instance, you need to ensure that you install plug points for your mobile and gadget chargers near the bed, around the couch and so on. You also need to place the heater, radiator and other necessary electrical products around the sitting areas of the building for comfort and convenience to the residents.

Plan Your Flooring Practically

When renovating a space, planning the flooring of the area properly is essential. For instance, if you have children and pets, you may want to avoid wooden floors and floorboards as they get scratched easily. On the other hand, if the weather in your city is warm all throughout the year, you may want to install a marble flooring to ensure that the building and apartments remain cool all year round. Hence, you need to plan your flooring properly if you want a long-term décor in your building.

Avoid Using More Than Three Colors On Your Walls

To make a building décor that's long-lasting, you need to make sure that you don't use more than three colors on your walls. While the latest trends in wall painting do include multiple and bright wall paints, this simply a passing trend that will end up becoming a visual horror over a long period. Hence, make sure that you opt for not more than three colors as far as your wall paints are concerned. Also, try opting for nude and neutral shades of wall paint so that all kinds of furniture matches well with the surroundings. If you are looking to add some vibrancy and color to your home or building, you can opt for colorful and abstract canvas paintings and other artwork to make the overall décor stand out.

Taking long-term design and décor decisions for your building is easy. All you need to do is be practical in your planning and avoid rushing into any important decisions like purchasing furniture. A properly planned décor can last for years on end without requiring repeated changes, expenditures and nips, and tucks.

LandscapingAre you moving into your new apartment? Then it might need slight decorative elements within to become a sweet home for you and your family. Locating to the first ever own apartment is always a fun thing that is filled with excitement. In such excitement, you would expect to have a home that can fascinate you with its vibrant colors and amazing decor. So, before you move to your first apartment, it is essential that you transform its blank walls and beige carpet into a space that consists of everything of your choice. This will make you feel the sense of a home that is completely yours. If you are not sure where to start decorating your first apartment, here are a few useful tips for you.

Make a selection of color scheme.

The color scheme is the foremost step that you need to take to add some vibrant flavor to your home. You will be able to feel a big difference when those blank walls will get transformed into the colors of your choice. If it's your first apartment, it is up to you what color you want to choose, however, if it is you have rented the space, it is better that you stick to some light shades so that, it can be easily painted over when you leave. Also, consider choosing the color pallets that can suit your furniture style and shade. Usually, neutral shades of wall color look fabulous with all kinds of decor items and furniture color.

Window treatment can enhance the interior.

Different kinds of window treatments can offer your apartment interior look beautiful. Whether you choose to install window blinds, thick curtains, or sheer curtains, everything can complement the style of your home interior to a great extent. With suitable kind of window treatments can deliver a great ambiance to your apartment. You can pick from a broad variety of patterns and shades depending upon the color scheme of your rooms. If you are relocating to your apartment in the winter season, it is a good idea to invest in a thick fabric curtain as these can enhance warmth and coziness of your rooms.

Buy versatile furniture

There are numerous kinds of furniture styles that you can choose from for your first apartment ranging from the dressing table, dining room furniture, beds, and cupboards as well. It is a better idea to choose versatile furniture sets that can perform multiple functions for you. The shades of the furniture also need to be chosen in such a way that can complement your interior walls. If you prefer to choose wooden furniture, the dark brown shade can look luxurious. Such furniture shade can complement any color scheme amazingly.

Interior landscaping looks outstanding.

Greenery is considered to be the ornamental decor for any interior settings. With increased landscaping demand and trend, people are also much concerned about interior landscaping. This is because of the exceptional and unmatched charm of plants and flowers that no other decor can offer. A green interior can spread a vibe of good health and freshness all around. There are a large number of interior plants and green products available in the market that can complement any of your interior settings wonderfully. Ranging from beautiful bonsai, palms, and pines to cute flowers such as jasmine, roses, lily, and sunflowers, you can have anything for your interior as well as exterior settings.

If you are concerned about utilizing real plants in the indoor area, you can choose to have artificial landscaping products alternatively. Artificial plants and trees are non-toxic and non-allergenic. The most common problem with the real plants is the regular maintenance required for their growth. Artificial plants provide a great solution for this problem as they don't require any upkeep or maintenance efforts to be taken. You just need to get the first installation setup done and then occasional testing is enough for them. Without any upkeep, they can last for years and can make your home interior look outstanding. You can make any variety of plants, trees, and flowers available for your indoor area.

Large photography frames can work wonders.

If you truly want your room to look outstanding, a large wall frame featuring unique photography can be an ideal trigger. Especially on the nightstand, ultra large size wall frames can amazingly uplift the ambiance of your interior. Scenes of the beach, canopies of the tree and similar pictures work great when used in large sizes. You can choose many more kinds of wallpapers according to the type of room.

Covers your furniture elegantly.

If you are not on a budget to invest in quality furniture at the moment, you can still enhance your interior by giving some fancy covers to your existing furniture items. If you feel that your old furniture is losing its original grace and charm, you can purchase unique slipcovers for them, and your old set will loom refreshing and energetic again adding much more grace to the surrounding area. Choose the slipcovers in a color that may suit the overall color scheme of your interior.

Area rugs and carpets for enhanced beauty

Colorful carpets and area rugs bedroom appearance more energetic. You can choose from a broad variety of colorful area rugs and carpets and utilize on your floor to add a touch of colors to your overall interior. By adding area rugs, you will also be adding different patterns and textures to your floor enhancing the elegance of your rooms.

Divide room using shelves

If your apartment follows an open room format, you can create a space efficient room plan by diving space with elegant book-shelves that are perpendicular to the wall. Those shelves can be filled with potted plants and books and can make your home look fabulous.


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