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Tuesday, 08 January 2019 11:40

8 Steps to De-Cluttering Your Living Spaces

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Outdoor Privacy ScreenIt’s just amazing that even the smallest place inside your home can be put to efficient use by proper management of spaces. And this so-called “proper management” basically means de-cluttering, although there are a few things that come after that. Instead of enjoying the living to its fullest, many of us just take deep sighs and say “What a mess!!!” when we see our living room or kitchen or hallway. The prime unavoidable fact is that an interior house witnesses drastic changes very suddenly during the day to day activities. That is ok, but it becomes all the more important after that to emphasize on getting rid of the unnecessary pile-ups.

Here are a few ideas to work on.

These are activities leading to a fresh start after the disappointing interference of clutters. Here we mention some omnipresent articles that you frequently come across.

1.    Sorting things into groups, keep them or donate

First, decide what you want to keep and then keep it somewhere else than its previous spot. Or you may donate or throw it if felt unnecessary. Caution is that don’t get carried away while choosing what to keep. Be ruthless and be precise. You have an option of selling cluttering things for some money like extra furniture, electronics or game equipment.

2.    Take care of the broken things

Broken things are somewhat annoying for interior décor. If you can fix them, it’s good. But try to get rid of them if they are of no use and let go of the feeling that you could have used in some way.

3.    The sofas

Sofas are the hotbed for clutters. Underneath them, on their sides, on top of them everywhere there will be something unnecessary. Sometimes there are more than needed cushions on them, sometimes the number of sofa covers exceeds from what it deserves, many a time the sofa table is full of trash like pens, old magazines, electronics that can be kept in their place. Just put the things on their place instead of piling everything up on the sofa. We know that everyone likes to cuddle with their handy things while watching TV or having a conversation, but look what this behavior has done to the décor.

4.    Books

They are everywhere if you have students or working people in your house. Do not forget about the magazines when you are thinking about books. Magazines are more susceptible to reckless usage than any other book. Remember that there is no old magazine on the sofa table, porch sitting area or dining table. Sell the old magazines or give those away to the recycling facilities.

Now talking about books, you should use shelves of customized design to narrow down the book-keeping places. Like the living room can have open shelving fixed on the wall just opposite the TV or on its both sides to hold books arranged in an orderly manner. Apart from giving definition to your room those shelves with books are eye-catching if alternated with showpieces like glassware with flower, art collection and sculptures.

5.    Furniture

The centerpiece of inner space is the set of furniture. You may have seen how people get carried away by their comfy setting that they forget how many chairs or tables are there in the room. Places prone to such anti-décor attack are a kitchen, living room, and courtyard, etc.

A solution is to get rid of extras and to arrange the existing needed ones smartly. Selecting smart furniture is the best option available. Smart means that can do multiple works such as provide you with more storage and take less area to get settled. Savvy furniture with a secondary use as storage is useful. Shelved coffee table holding a basket for magazines on the lower shelf, sofa cushions that fold up to give you enough space to keep leisure books, kids bunk beds that have an area below the mattress to hold their stuffs, kitchen cabinets that are shelved in the inside for small articles, study tables with drawers on the sides to keep your papers, mirror table that holds shelves behind the mirror etc. are some ideas that can prove revolutionary in de-cluttering work.

6.    The illusion

One way to enhance the spacing effect is to use more mirrors. They give a sense of space with the reflecting light. Mirror placing should be opposite your favorite things that you won’t get annoyed while seeing. Secondly, the use of artificial palm trees or faux plants has many time proved to be providing a sense of nature indoors which is indeed refreshing in an organized environment. Other options may be of silk flowers or artificial ferns that have the same effect on décor.

Other ideas to create an illusion of space is to use unused areas such as underneath the bed, behind the TV, under the sink table in the bathroom, multipurpose dining table. Dining table with drawers underneath can function as storage for separate things. You can use the underneath of a sink to fix a closet to keep your towels. TV table should hide all the wires rather than just cluttering all like the noodles. Hang artworks opposite mirrors rather than hanging them elsewhere.

7.    Cleanliness

Clean frequently the nooks and corners where you know dirt will settle usually. Take out the unsettled clothing out of the hanger closet, have a woven bin for the dirty laundry, keep the kitchen sink clean, dust the electronics as they are often ignored.

The cleanliness drive will give you a feeling of freshness wherever you go in your house. It will also be helpful if you keep a few plants inside as they help keep the air clean inside. Wash the window curtains regularly and keep the windows open to let some fresh air in. Storage spaces like drawers and cabinets should stay clean. Remote and neglected areas should be focused like the lampshades, curtain rails, switchboards, glass panels on artworks, etc. No one can teach you how to clean your personal space unless you figure out ways by yourself.

8.    The habit of self-awareness

Always think before keeping things randomly. If you leave the magazine in the bathroom that you were reading while being in the hot tub, you may fill the cabinets with these in a month. Putting things not belonging to that space is reckless. Try to be specific in key materials that you use frequently and are precious like the car key, mobile, keys of the closet, laptops, etc.

It’s a habit that will help you live up to the expectations of enjoying a well-organized inner space.

Faux Boxwood HedgeA bathroom isn’t just a place that provides you with accommodation for refreshment. Following your day to day experience you can conceive the idea that surpassing the basic human needs bath-place is a retreat of relaxing moments where you basically mull over myriad solutions to your every-day problems. And special attention is its utmost necessity.

Creative and charming bath décor can transform your sense of belongingness towards the key areas of your house and also give you certain points to start remodeling or building the new interior.

Here are some facts which are important for you to consider while going for a new bath-look.

1.    Light

Let in the natural light. Natural light brings in with it a very feeling of calmness, freshness, and serenity while enlightening the whole interior with bright visible rays. You have to make use of sunlight by using large glass panels on the windows and skylights. For the sake of privacy, it’s better to opt for privacy glass which is not see-through, yet they allow light to pass. By using tinted glass panels on skylights, you can have a mood lighting arrangement that is soothing and relaxing.

Apart from the natural light, one must set up artificial lighting for ambiance while in a bath. A luxuriant bath always possesses a vibe of its own, and that will be incomplete without proper mood lighting. Dimmers for overhead lamps and switches for customized lampshades that evoke a sensitive touch can be good fixtures. Actually, there are a lot of modern hi-tech lighting arrangement that function vividly including on voice command, gesture control and specially located switches that are easily accessible while let's say- you are in the hot tub.

2.    Décor surrounding the tub

The tub is like the heart of modern luxurious baths nowadays. But they don’t perform in isolation. Things around them define their beauty. You have to be very precise while choosing the surrounding theme as it also depends on other factors such as tile pattern, wall decorations, a color of the interior, etc. Let’s take an example of one theme which is wooden and represents the theme of the sixties. In this, you will see a milk-white bathtub placed in a spacious open place inside the bathroom. There will be very few articles kept alongside it such as two wooden coffee tables of chocolate brown finish on the head-ward side of the tub. A bunch of yellow tulips will be at the helm of those tables inside a glass pot. Fragrance bottles, shampoo container, soap holder, all made of glass gives it a sense of class.

Besides those decorating ideas, you need to focus on the cleanliness of the tub and hiding the plumbing underneath the floor or in the walls would be a great idea, unless the bold pipes are climbing on to the tub and walls enhance the interior attraction.

3.    Accents

Accents come into picture when we see various products of artistic or otherwise origin mounting cupboards, mirror holders, bathtubs, window sills, etc. Those articles are like spices on the curry that you want to be delightful. Besides matching the interior in theme, those materials should be able to bring in the sense of joy and belongingness to make the atmosphere sensitive. Wall décor products such as wallpapers, pictures, mirror holders, light bulbs, etc. designer cupboards and panels are such things that deserve their share of attention as the add-ons.

Provided you have already chosen the theme of the bath, and you can buy decorating products of local accent that invigorate the feeling of home. Handmade doormats of coconut rope, shell embellished wall mirror frame, engraved wooden tool besides the vintage striped wooden brownish red table, a large glass vessel reused as flower pot, chequered glass panels on window, door hangings made of seashells, etc. are a few examples of how you can modify and renew the accents. One of the easiest options is to insert a natural accent by adding fake palm trees, ficus trees or artificial ferns in the setting that brings a beachy vibe as they are of sandy vegetation kind. Silk hydrangea or silk purple tulips in clear glass vase by the window can accentuate the sensitivity.

4.    De-clutter space

Appropriate and efficient use of space becomes evident if you are adamant for a luxurious and spacious bath. Do not put random things at whatever place you feel right. Towels, soaps and shampoo bottles and other daily needs must be in cabinets made for that purpose or in baskets which are all the more interesting if considered for a more customized bath area. Buy a few small bamboos made baskets to be kept beside the sink where you can pile up the toothbrush, paste or creams, and other cosmetics. Towels must have a dedicated spot from where those will be accessible and also give a richer look. Roll the towels, as it looks really comfy and displays them in specially fixed bamboo made shelves beside the tub or bathing area. An amazing idea would be to get the best of those towels folded and hang them from an antique ladder just next to the clay-made white bowl-shaped sinks on top of a spotted marble frame. This whole set-up will represent a spa-type panorama.

De-cluttering should be precise as here you have many options like using antique objects in an innovative way, getting rid of unpleasant things like extra tools and towels or fixing small cabinets on the wall with a matching pattern to showcase your bath collection.

5.    A few outlooks

Given below are some design models that you can replicate by your own.

(a)    Pink and marble-

Faint pink shade on the walls and ceiling and a slight blackish white marble flooring will become a supreme conjugal. Crown jewel will be the second layer of décor comprising of black and white artwork.

(b)    An outdoor view-

Hanging on the stone wall is a large mirror that reflects light coming from the huge window of the bath. Simple brush-stroke is found on the vast curtains covering the dignity of the window. The outdoor view from the window is enhanced by the reflections from the mirror.

(c)    Gentle curves-

Separating the bath is a curved white wall which is ornamented by the parallel black designer railings to be used as hangers for clothing. The boldness of the bath is further emphasized by the curved reveal of the wall and the glass panels covering its other sides.

(d)    White Tiles-

Far from ultra-modern ravages is the panoramic white embellishing your interior which happens to be the harbinger of peace and calmness at the correct moment of relaxation.

The kitchen is considered to be the center of all the activities of the home. The most important part of any house can be the kitchen. This is where the whole family sits for having their food, comes together to talk to each other and also the place where every family member is bound to meet each other sometime during the day. Some even consider it the most sacred place, keeping religious books, idols or other material as per the religion they follow. The kitchen also is considered as an important place because this is where the food that feeds the entire family gets prepared. The transformation of a kitchen from the traditional to a modern should, therefore, be handled very carefully. Getting experts involved in it is strongly recommended.

Why would the kitchen even undertake this journey?

Why do you ask? Well, we can list down several reasons. Here are our top seven reasons the kitchen in any house must be most updated and modern.


With the passage of time, the various equipment in the kitchen, the appliances, the walls, and even the furniture gets old, rusty and sometimes remains unclean in spite of all attempts to get it spic and span.

Though most homemakers would challenge this saying they make sure their kitchen is clean every time, anytime. With time, many things set in such as if your house is in a wet region with lots of rainfall, fungus, mildew, and other parasitic elements do tend to capture the surfaces. Even though disinfectants come in handy, thorough and deep cleaning may not always be possible due to lack of expertise or simply due to the lack of time. Updating the kitchen or remodeling it after a few years, gives it a fresh and clean look and also ensures total cleanliness in this part of the house which also determines the overall health of the entire family residing there.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Awareness

With advanced technology, newer appliances have become more energy efficient. Look at that oven and grill and the dishwasher. If each is around a decade old, having in pride in using the appliance so well that it still works fine may be great but in the long run, upgrading to a newer more energy saving version of the same will be more cost effective over a period of next few years. Sometimes even saving more than the cost you paid for it.

Many types of equipment and appliances now come with an environmental feature which allows for lesser carbon footprint and work on lesser power, contributing towards lessening global warming. Giving our future generations a cleaner and greener planet is as important and making these small changes in the kitchen to make it modern can make a big difference.

Remodeling the House

If you are remodeling the entire house, the kitchen should be your top priority. We suggest you focus your maximum energy in the proper layout and planning of the kitchen remodeling. After all, as we know, the kitchen is the epicenter of all family activities and also the key place where the food is cooked to feed the entire family.

Changes in the family needs

An obvious change is a change in the number of family members. Whether it is because a family member is getting married and bringing in a bride or an expecting couple getting ready to make their house prepared for the incoming little ones. The more the people to feed, the more space needed to service those needs properly; the countertops being the most important ones as sometimes, they also double up as a baby seat  while their feed and milk warm up in the oven.

Changes in lifestyle

Many of us are switching to a healthier and active lifestyle, and this change may prompt a very immediate and important need to remodel and change the kitchen. Many families are now seeing the need to have a breakfast counter in addition to the regular cooking counter as their most important meal of the day is now the healthy breakfast cooked with healthy ingredients in modern equipment. It is also the only time the entire family gets to meet each other at the same time so all the more important to have proper space to have this meal properly. A modern kitchen with a breakfast counter makes this a very comfortable affair.

A new owner

When the house changes ownership, the new occupants can have many different requirements. From the cooking styles to the food preferences everything could be different. Before the new occupants move in, the kitchen often gets a complete or at least a partial makeover.

For The Want Of A New Look

Even with the latest equipment and the modern layout, sometimes having a new look makes the kitchen refreshing and modern. Having artificial plants, hedges or box hedges that give it a trendy look can give you the change you needed to make things different in your life.

Here is a bonus tip

Always make sure your kitchen is modern and well equipped. Make changes to keep it modular and has ample storage space. Those harsh weather days when you cannot step out to refill the essentials make it necessary to stock up. However, if the storage space is not sufficient, needed items cannot be stocked. Also, for those surprise visits by cousins or relatives from back home require you to have enough stocks.

A modern and equipped kitchen also has the potential to add several thousand to the resale value of the house.

What are your reasons to remodel or make your kitchen into an ultra modern and well equipped one? Tell us of any more you did not read here and spread the knowledge. Also, you may want to do the remodeling as a DIY project or call in the experts to handle it. Both have their pluses and minuses. Maybe we can cover that in another blog some other time.

“Make the most out of what you have.” You might have heard it from your colleagues, family, and teachers throughout your life, at every stage. However, we understand how difficult it becomes to manage the placement of things in a constricted environment which is why we are here at your rescue. Browse through the list of ideas to implement the perfect one for you. From the splurge-worthy idea to the minimalistic solution, there is something for everyone.

If you like plants and the vibrations that they bring along, you must opt for a setting that involves a centralized plant décor. We recommend buying artificial plants as they require low to no maintenance while creating the perfect dupe for the original plants. Look down for the section of plants to get an elaborate idea about this kind of décor. Some ideas involve throwing the beautiful splashes of color around your balcony area to make it look more vibrant and energetic.

One of them involves the use of flowers and the other one, lightings. Again, artificial flowers should be your to-go choice because it becomes difficult to manage the time for maintenance of plants and flowers from your busy routine.

Scroll down to find the best choice for your work environment.

Cozy and Warm Atmosphere

Pain the surrounding walls with warm colors like yellow, orange, or peach. Adjust a small set of the sofa in L shape and place some warm blankets on them. This décor is ideally suited for winter atmosphere for giving the perfect relaxing break to your hard-working employees. Coming out once in a while to take in the chills of the season while hugging onto the warm blankets will comfort their body, and the warm tones on the wall will please their eyes. From the work-centered and pressurized environment, this décor will make your employees feel the warmth of home and give them a break they need to rejuvenate themselves for the work hours ahead.

Vibrant Atmosphere

Splash on some cool tones on the walls of your balcony to create an energetic atmosphere. Perfect for the days of summer, use colors like blue and green to paint the walls and the little furniture that you keep in the balcony, for example, the mini table with a flower vase or the sofa set. We recommend that you place some tall stools instead of the sofa set to keep the blood flowing in the people’s body. Whenever you come for a break in the balcony, a gush of energy and liveliness must flow through your veins, and this décor will do its part of the share. Give an addition of a small shelf containing some board games to liven up the environment. Place a small table around the stools to create the background for a mini gaming atmosphere. In no time, this spot will become your employees' favorite.

Plant centralized décor

Close your eyes for a moment and notice what comes to your mind when we say “fresh.” Some may imagine the waves of an ocean splashing on the shores while the other may see the wind kissing trees and grass. We will cover the section of water waves in another part as we focus on the plants in this section. You can also place boxwood mats at the entrance of your balcony so that the feel of nature can increase its radius. Decorate the walls surrounding your gallery with the artificial green wall.

You can also create a boxwood wall without having to worry about its maintenance. But if you don’t feel like creating an artificial wall, you can bring some outdoor topiary and place them in your balcony to give you a close to the natural feel. To cover your vision, put some free silk trees to provide a touch of elegance and sophistication to your work environment. For a more personalized look, create grass signage of your company name and place it at the top wall of your balcony so that it is visible to the people at a distance.

To create a vibrant feel and to add some splash of color to your balcony, add some fake geraniums to your balcony and place them around silk topiary trees. These tricks are sure to give you the touch of nature that you always desired without occupying too much space from your balcony.

Ocean Themed Atmosphere

To recreate the aquatic freshness, paint the walls around your balcony in a light blue color. Add a small desk with some flower vase and add a hammock to your balcony. On the other side, place a small set of the sofa in L shape that can take four people in and you’re good to go. This décor will take care of the sitting arrangements as well as maintain the vibes of an aquatic environment. Add some soft lights for the evening time, and your balcony will look more than attractive with minimal efforts.

Minimum effort, Maximum Output

Just as the title speaks, this section will focus over an idea that will utilize the little space provided in your balcony area, to its best. This step will require more funds, but the output result will please your mind. Create a fake platform by raising the level provided for your balcony. Bring it to the level that is 1.5 feet below the baluster and paint it according to the colors on the walls of your office. This will create a faux platform where your employees could sit for some time while enjoying the view from the balcony. Don’t forget to place a desk at the center of the platform for your employees to place some glasses or mobile phones. That’s all you need to do for creating the perfect balcony without much external assistance and with the maximum output result.

We hope you found some useful points from this article. Use the space in your balcony, no matter how small it is, to create the desired look for your office.

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