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Coastal Home Decor Ideas Worth Exploring This Year1Owning a beach house is a dream of many. But, in reality, only a few are lucky enough to own it in fact. There is nothing better than spending a weekend after a stressful week at the office or the whole summer in your own beach house. But, to have a beautiful and relaxing time in your beach house, it is essential that the home has the relaxing vibe to it.

To achieve this vibe, it is necessary to decorate the house appropriately. Decorating a beach house can be tricky. The house decor should be flexible enough that it can both serve as a relaxing and entertaining place. It needs to be entertaining for times when your friends will be visiting your place. This can become a bit difficult. To help you with this, here are some points which will help you make your beach house the ultimate place to be.

●    Keep it all understated

People often tend to cover their beach house from the ceiling to the floor with beach themed items. While it may be attractive to do so, to the eyes, it is daunting. Instead of covering the whole house with a mermaid and nautical themed items, try to get a subtle coastal influence all over the house. Here are some things which you can use for the same.

➢    Accent pillows

Pillows of pastel shades with beach theme patterns like a seashell or a ship will look great in your beach house living room. It will add the coastal theme in the room but in a much-understated way.

➢    Use shells

The most common decor with shells is using a vase made of shells. If you require your home to look like it has come out of a magazine page of the 90s, you can go for this. But, for a modern look, ditch these, and instead place a large seashell which will be enough to make a statement over the whole room.

➢    Rustic ropes

Simple ropes are the best-understated items to use to get the nautical theme. Just add these ropes on bunk beds or use them to hang a chandelier or a painting to get the rustic nautical feel.

●    Wall decor is also important

The first step of wall decor is the paint on the walls. While painting the walls, do not go for bright colors. It is better to paint the walls with pastel shades and then adding touches of bright color splashes here and there.

Painting the entire walls with bright colors may make the whole house too vibrant and destroy the entire relaxing feel of the house.  You can use the following items to add the brightness to your walls.

➢    Add a nautical map

There is no better way to decorate a beach house wall than adding a nautical map. You can use a small map or a big one to cover up an entire wall. Either of the two will look great.

➢    Wallpapers

Instead of going through the hassles of painting the walls and then choosing wall decor, you can go for colorful wallpapers. Simply select a beach themed wallpaper, and all your work will be done at once.

➢    Place a surfboard

If you are up for doing something different, then try to get a hold of a surfboard. An old rustic surfboard can serve as a board where you and the people visiting your house can pen down their thoughts.

➢    Fake Walls

You can also add an artificial wall in your beach house. These walls look great and add an edgy look. Just placing these walls is enough.

●    Bring the nature in

There is nothing more arousing than the feel of nature. To make your beach house relaxing it is necessary that you bring a part of nature inside your house. But, placing real plants inside your beach house may not do the work for you. The salty air of the beachside is not good for most of the plants. There are high chances that your plants will not be able to survive for long.

But, there is a great alternative available to the live plants and that is faux silk plants. These fake plants look just like real plants and also provide the same feel. Compared to the actual plants, these artificial plants also come much cheaper. Unlike the living plants, these are a one-time investment. Once installed, they go for a long time.

Also, these plants are maintenance free. The real plants need care and support all the time. If you only visit your beach house a few times a year, then the live plants are not a good option. These most realistic artificial trees will be in the same condition each time you visit your house.

Not only are these plants cheap and maintenance free, but they also look beautiful. Placing these topiary trees in your house will make it more attractive and refreshing.

●    Choose everything carefully

Everything in a beach house has to withstand a lot of things. Therefore, it is essential that you choose everything very carefully. While selecting the flooring, keep in mind that it has to withstand salty soil and water. Therefore, if you do not want to change the flooring every few years, choose flooring that is strong enough to withstand everything.

While choosing the furniture, keep in mind that you and your guests are going to sit on it with sunburned skins. Therefore, do not select materials that may discomfort your skin more.

Also, if you are going to visit your beach house only occasionally, then go for materials that will not require much cleaning. For example, area rugs need less cleaning than carpets. So it is better to go for the prior ones.

Most people use the beach house as a place to relax. Without the proper decor, it is not possible to make the house comfortable and relaxing. Use these ideas and make your beach house the most serene place to be in.

Decor For Your New Age Office A Startup GuideIn the past few years, there have been some significant changes in the office interior scenes. Office interiors are not anymore limited to some cubicles, a conference room, and a reception. As the work pressure increased, to satisfy the workers and make them feel good, a lot of things have been introduced into the office space. Open office plans, game rooms, lounges, etc. can now be seen at a lot of offices.

It was seen in a study that a person spends five years on an average in their workstation. Spending so much of time can certainly become difficult. To get the best out of the workers, it is essential to make them feel good and positive all the time. This is the most important aspect of new age office designs.

If you are opening an office or planning a remodeling, choosing the right things can become troublesome at times. So, here is a guide to assist you through the process of designing a new age office.

●    Choose a palette for the office

The first and first thing that you need to do is to choose a proper palette for the office. Everything you like may not always look good together. You need to select an appropriate palette for the office and then design your office according to that.

A palette is almost similar to a theme. Everything that you will place in your office should be according to this theme or palette. The color of the office walls its decor; furniture should all be in sync with each other. This will provide a nice look to your office and also motivate your workers to put in more labor.

What kind of palette you will choose depends entirely on your choice and office space. If you have a small and dark office, it is better to go for a light colored palette. On the different hand, if you have a large office with enough natural light, you can go for dark color palettes.

●    Offer some private spaces

With present day's work pressure, employees need often need some alone time to refresh their minds. The bathroom stalls should not be the only space where they will have to go for some private time. Not getting some alone time can get stressful and have some adverse effects on their performance.

Make sure that you provide a space in your office where your employees can have some private time, a confidential discussion with other colleagues or a private phone call with their loved ones. Doing these will improve their mood and motivate them to work with all their heart and mind.

While designing the private space, make it sure that it is comfortable enough for the employees to relax for some time. But, at the corresponding time, you have to keep in mind that the private space should not be that much comfortable that your employees spend their whole day there and get no work done.

●    Bring the nature to your office

Nature and greenery have made its place in office as well as home decor. Designers are incorporating more and more green items while designing a home or an office space. The plants add a lovely feel to the area. It also has a significant impact on the mood of the employees. But installing live plants can become expensive. Even without proper care and maintenance, these plants will be of no use to you.

To avoid all these work and mess, designers nowadays advice to go for faux silk plants. These artificial plants look just like any living plants. They also provide the same feeling of the live plants. But, these plants cost much less than the real plants.

Decorating with silk plants also have several other benefits. These artificial greeneries are entirely maintenance free. Once installed, you can completely forget about it. While placing real plants inside an office may not prove to be suitable for the plants, but these faux plants are best for indoors as they do not need any sunlight to survive.

You will also get a lot of options if you decide to go for these. If you want something different for your office, instead of choosing the plain old plants, you can go for the chic artificial green wall. These look great and adds an edge to the office space.

●    Bring in different textures to your office space

Instead of using just one kind of materials throughout the office space, designers are now in favor of using things of varied textures. This makes the office more vibrant and exciting. Seeing the same texture all over the office may become boring for the employees. Further, it may result in the loss of their motivation.

To keep the workers motivated and inspired all the time, it is essential to provide a bold and varied look to the office. But, make sure that all the textures go well with each other.

●    Introduce technology to the office

Just the way that your workers will need the latest computers to perform well, they also need an office space that has all the technologies integrated. Instead of using the simple conference tables, bring the tables that have a play and plug-ability. Having an interactive whiteboard in the conference room will be able to hold the attention of your workers for a longer time.

These things may increase your budget a bit more, but having them in your office will earn you long time benefits. Make sure that you do not skimp on these small little things. These are the things that will keep the workers excited about their time in the office.

When the workers are spending the maximum time of the day in the office, it is important to provide them with a cozy and comfortable workplace. Otherwise, the workers may get easily tired and not give their best performance. Designing the perfect office space which will bring out the best in your employees can be difficult. Follow these steps to design a new gate office that will be the favorite place among all your employees.

How To Set Up An Enviable Retail Store Gateway That Drives FootfallShopping is a word that is synonymous with pleasure and fun in today’s world. People shop for no occasion and don’t wait for festivals, promotions, birthdays and anniversaries, or marriages. They buy at any time of the year and now with online facilities, any time of the day too. They do go to malls and large market complexes, but more socializing or eating out rather than buying.

To get these window shoppers to enter your retail store is a big challenge. To lure people walking around in the local markets to increase footfall into your shop needs to be planned. Online shopping, with its convenience and ease, has pulled away physical buyers at shops. You need to take some measures to get them back into the physical pleasure of shopping. Let’s see them.


Cleanliness is the most important factor to attract footfall to your retail store. Make sure that the store is dusted, swept, and swabbed on a daily basis. Remove cobwebs and other major stains once a week. Keep the glass windows, doors, and display shelves dust free and clean at all times. Unorganized display items lying on dusty shelves will have an adverse effect.

Interior and Exterior Walls

Paint it with beautiful, attractive, and stain resistant paints. It is better to invest a tad more initially on the paint as it lasts longer. Plastic emulsions or distempers are easy to clean and wipe off any daily stains. Designer walls and motifs of butterflies, fish, clothes, flowers, etc. can be explored if you can afford to. Wallpapers in floral, mosaic, cartoons and geometric patterns are also a great idea. Take equal good care of the exterior walls as these will help to increase traffic to your store. Peeling and faded paint on the walls is a big no-no. Give equal importance to the seepages on the walls, both exterior and interior. Treat these walls at once. Ugly marks on the walls are also a put off for the clients. Place some faux silk plants and artificial topiary against these walls.

Entrance and Displays

Pretty posters, attractive neon signs, and beautiful mannequins at the entrance or display windows are a sure shot way of getting more footfalls to the shop. People will not stop at your shop if it’s not as attractive as they don’t have the time or the fortitude to do so. Put up some witty messages or quotes on boards for the clients to smile and walk-in to try out the goods being sold at your store. Place something attractive on the sidewalk or curbside just outside the store to lure customers inside. Outdoor topiary plants and faux silk plants look very attractive.

Display mouthwatering dishes in attractive posters in front of eateries. You can have cartoon characters at the gateway if you sell items for children. Mannequins with dresses for men and women displayed innovatively are magnets. Highlight them with colorful and bright lights. Use images of other countries and cities if you are an international brand.

Musty smells at the doorways or inside the shop, dimly lit entrances and dingy display windows have to be rectified at once. Have neat and clean sign boards which are not faded or broken. Have new designs at these display windows. Decorate them as per seasons, local festivals, or other celebrations in your town. Highlight with bright lights and don’t make them into dingy areas.

Place some faux silk plants at the entrance to attract the customers. Place a clean, welcome doormat, which is not torn, at the entrance to beckon the people. Ask a doorman, a guard, or an attendant to welcome people.

Fix a boundary to the outside area of your retail store with faux hedges like artificial box hedge and artificial hedge screening. These look neat, classy, and as good as real. They won’t wither or wilt and are weather resistant too. These hedges are durable, low on maintenance, and fire-retardant as well.


Idle staff sitting or standing doing nothing is a sure way of losing clients. If you want to improve footfall to your beautiful retail store, take care of the duties of the staff. Their movements should not be lethargic or too hyper. They should be busy doing something around the store like catering to other clients, cleaning the place, putting away items neatly on the display shelves, etc. Ask them to be polite, well dressed, well-groomed, and patient with the visitors. And above all, the staff should know what’s; wherein the store and how much it costs. Salespeople shouting across the shop asking their peers about where a thing is or how much it costs takes away footfall from your otherwise pleasant-looking store.

Let them smile and keep a pleasant expression on the face as well. Nobody wants to deal with grumpy looking or rude salespeople in a store. Build relationships with regular clients. Know their preferences, but don’t ignore the new ones.

Parking Space

Not many retail stores can afford individual parking spaces for their clients. But, if you luckily have one, manage it well. For valet service, have safe and verified drivers. Make sure that you display this facility of parking at the entrance of your shop and through advertisements. Have some outdoor topiary plants kept near the notice board and also inside the parking area to mark out the corners.


Shoppers do peep inside shops to have a look at the interior decoration before deciding to shop at a retail store. Keep things neatly folded, boxed, displayed on shelves or cupboards. Shabby arrangements are a put off again. Arrangements of faux silk plants add nature and color to the store. Place an arrangement or two at the counters. Place some moveable seating for the elderly and the tired shopping clients. People prefer to enter shops where seats are available. At the same moment, leave space for movement inside. Make arrangements for air ventilation for all seasons.


Advertise your products and services through both offline and online methods. Pamphlets, flyers, hoardings, neon sign boards are great ideas. Make them colorful and informative. Share surprises, gifts, offers, and discounts prominently. Hang flyers of products inside the store as well. Play some music as per the clients you want to attract.

Prizes and Surprises

Offer gifts, discounts, and prizes whenever possible. Attract the customers with quality products. Hang these gifts or dummy gift boxes on outdoor faux topiary or outdoor topiary plants. People love this festive look.

Remember that word of mouth is essential and that’s how your shop will get advertised well. Beautify the gateway and the store; attract more footfall which in turn will get you more.

artificial topiary treesA set of rooms together form a complete house. There are different rooms for different purposes. Every room in the room is designed internally according to its mission. It is essential to store or fix all the necessary things in the room to use it.

Along with the essential fixtures, the interior decors also matters a lot. To give a proper or a complete satisfactory look interior decors of your taste are crucial. There are types and varieties of interior decorations available, but they have to be reliable, time-tested and future-proof decors.

The decors bought have to be trustable at any condition, then they are reliable. Bring the ones which are durable too. Decors being cost-effective is essential. The interior decors need to be future- proof. Their existence in the contemporary interior designing industry makes them more reliable.

Once the room is designed with future-proof decors, the decoration works for a long time. Here are some of the reliable, time-tested, and future-proof room décor ideas:

Metallic decors

Metallic decors are any day one of the trending interior decorations. Their shiny property helps them outshine in the middle of all the decors. They make the room look luxurious and attractive. They are reliable as they are most of the time made out of sturdy material. They require minimum maintenance. All thee have to do is dust it or wash it.

There are many varieties of metallic decors available. Bronze is trending among the metallic decors. Gold plated metals give a luxurious look to the place. Silver is brighter and provides a lavish look to the room. They attract the guests’ attention quickly. Bronze is now trending as the other two metals have become common. To give a classy finish use metallic decors in your room.

Artificial hedge panels

Hedges are the most trending interior and exterior landscaping decors in the industry today. They are used to build private places inside and outside the buildings. The spacious rooms are more utilized usefully when they are partitioned. Stencils are good space dividers, but hedges give the extra natural look to the room. Hence, artificial privacy hedges are more preferable.

Guest room, living rooms look hot and comforting when they consist of hedges being installed looking at a wall. Artificial privacy hedges are custom designed. They are built in various dimensions according to the room requirement. Hence, they are also called artificial hedge panels. As the name suggests artificial privacy hedges or synthetic hedge panels create beautiful private spaces in the room. They are natural look reliable room decors.

Hangers and holders

Hangers and holders are one of the essential things in a room. Hence, they are available in various designs and materials. This will help in fulfilling the need as well as decorating the room. There are many plant hangers, tools hangers and mounted holders. They save more space in the place and make the room looks spacious.

There are holders and hangers those which can be mounted on walls or tables. It makes them blend effortlessly with their surroundings. Hence they are future proof room decors. When you want to have artificial plants and flowers inside your room and if you don’t find enough space to use hangers and holders. They increase the bright look of the place.

An artificial topiary

An artificial topiary is like potted plants which are available in various shapes and sizes. Artificial topiaries are custom built. Hence, they are used to create Christmas trees, décor trees, indoor trees or exterior trees, or potted plants. They are available in various geometric shapes like circular, cone, spiral, and many more. They look great when they are made narrow and tall and place at the corners. They make the room look complete.

Making of the artificial topiaries is easy. Even the other material like green rolls, screen and mats with specific designing and trimming around any geometrical shaped structure are useful in creating artificial topiaries. There are professional interior designing companies which provide quality and suitable topiaries for your room.

Low sofa

Whether it is a guest room or living room, there is a requirement for the seating arrangement. The living room is regularly the first room that a guest arrives at when they enter the house. To attend them with excellent hospitality, a comfortable sofa is essential. The sofa is mandatory room decors in all homes.

A low sofa is suitable for any room in the house. There are many types of cushion sofas. Choose the ones which are smaller in height as they make the guests feel more comfortable. Select sofas according to the theme of your room. The color of the walls of your room also matters when you bring home the sofa. Suppose after you bought the sofa if they are not matching with the surroundings then use designed sofa covers. 

Artificial outdoor plants and trees

Artificial outdoor plants and trees are evergreen exterior décor in the industry. Now, the technology and methods of making artificial trees and plants have improved to such an extent that they are made irrespective of them being categorized them as outdoor and indoor plants and trees. If you like to install an outdoor plant or tree inside your home, it is possible. They are customized accordingly.

Usually, artificial trees are for outdoors. Some methods like bonsai, fake trees have come into existence which makes it possible to have outdoor trees inside the room. This is are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials. There are some fake trees and plants which are available in varieties of colors also. Hence, it becomes easier to make the interior attractive and exciting.


Above are some of the natural and straightforward room décor ideas which are reliable, time-tested and future proof. They are all trending interior decoration ideas. They are suitable for any rooms, be it rooms inside our homes or rooms in commercial areas. They work for all kinds of rooms.


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