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The bathroom; a place in your house where you get to spend time reminiscing about your how your day was, especially after a long tiring one. Or for some, it is the recharging station that gets them powered up to go out there and face their day. In short – a bathroom is a place that allows you to think and observe your thoughts as you unwind after the day. It is also the place that helps sometime in the mornings to plan your day and manage your work accordingly.

Have you ever felt that something is amiss and the bathroom no longer helps you rejuvenate or feel refreshed after the shower and after your early morning routine? Chances are your bathroom might be due for a makeover. Depending on the strictness of the case, it might just need some subtle changes or complete remodeling. Read on to find out which category your bathroom might fit into.

Old fashioned interior or bathroom fittings

The interior is merely old-fashioned or outdated. The instruments used or the spare parts needed are no longer available in the market. This means, the fittings have completed their service life and need to be changed at the earliest. Not because they are not working well, but when they do break down, the spares are not going to be available to fix the broken part, and the whole thing will need to be replaced anyway. Even the bathroom tiles are a reason to consider a full renovation. Those old colors and designs no longer feel exciting, and as they have been around for quite some years, there is bound to be some wear and tear. If you are replacing the tiles, you might as well go for a renovation of the other fittings too.

Obvious visible damage and leakage

Sometimes, the taps drip or the showers leak, and it ends up wasting a lot of precious water. A good practice is to get the taps, showers, and tubs checked by a professional every quarter. Ignoring this can result in the bathroom remaining damp and wet for extended periods. If stepping into the bathroom gives you an unmistakable and overwhelming smell of mildew or even a fungus developing on the wet, moist walls, this is a good enough reason to go for a complete bathroom remodeling.

Improper placement of fixtures

This usually happens if you move into a house that was already constructed. For whatever reasons, the bathroom was structured and set up in a particular way for the comfort of the previous owner or tenant. This does not mean you should also be using the same? When moving into the house, take a good look at the bathroom and decide if you need to remodel it entirely and give it a good makeover.

Going Eco-Friendly

The usage of water in every household is different. Especially in areas where there is an acute shortage of water, it makes a lot of sense to do away with the bathtubs and switch to only showers in the bathroom. Taking out the bathtub and its related fittings will mean a semi remodeling of the bathroom. This makeover will also make space for some storage to keep those additional supplies or extra towels for the guests.

Lack of proper storage space

A bathroom where you struggle to keep the essentials and supplies must be looked at on an immediate basis. A makeover is needed as this gives you a chance to plan the layout properly and get some storage racks in place. The platform or flat surface on the storage cupboard can be used to display faux silk plants or some artificial hedge décor in the bathroom to give it some green color. The décor is durable, and most importantly, it is waterproof and can be a good contender for enduring water splashes and even an occasional deep soap clean regime.

Incorrect lighting

Incorrect placement of lighting in the bathroom can caste some shadows which might be undesirable. Fixing mood lighting is the latest trend. The light also does not cast sharp shadows, and some even allow you to control the color through a mobile app if your bathroom has a lamp that casts your shadow as you are using the bathroom and the shadow happens to fall on a window. Remodel it immediately and place the lighting in the right places. Consult some expert if needed. Even if the light is insufficient, that might cause cuts while shaving and improper washing. Make sure the light is right.

The bathroom seems small

There could be some reasons for this. Your partner moved in, you got another roommate, or if you are expecting a baby, then the bathroom is suddenly going to become an essential part of the planning. Make it ready by the time the baby arrives. This is a good enough reason to give it a complete makeover and also make it baby proof like you will be doing the rest of the house.

You are planning to sell the house

Trust us on this one. If you are planning to sell the home, give it a general clean up but give the bathroom a thorough makeover. It will help immensely to get a good resale value. An excellent fresh looking bathroom with some scented candles some artificial boxwood mats will go a long way in increasing the aesthetics as well as the overall value of the house in the sale. It is also known to shorten the time needed for the deal to materialize greatly.

Whatever your reason, we urge you to plan it, think it through, and, only if you are sure about what you want and believe that it will give you the satisfaction that you expect from a bathroom makeover, go for it. Always remember, a makeover does not have to be expensive all the time. You can be classy, you can be modern, you can give it a couple of months, but the makeover will leave you happy and satisfied to the core.

Some places make you feel peaceful, calm down your mind, and some areas make you feel at home. Even in our homes, there are such different places. Some cities make us feel energized more than the rest of the corners of the house. Often the way you think is a direct derivative of the energy of the place. Of course, you may argue that it is all about the state of mind and has nothing to do with the power or the vibes. Whatever may be the reason, a cozy corner of the house makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, rejuvenated and energized. Experts also suggest this as a stress release therapy to bring yourself close to your Zen state.

So, what is an ideal place to achieve this?

Of all the rooms in your house, your bedroom can be considered as the place to be for all the right reasons. No pun intended here.

Various themes and styles can be adapted to make the bedroom a place that is high on the coziness quotient. Here are the top five themes and techniques that you might want to consider. Warning: some might be so cozy that you may want to drop everything you are doing and get it for yourself right away.

Top Five theme products

1.    Large Fluffy Pillows: Any bedroom is incomplete without fluffy pillows that are comfortable and are in a sufficient amount to ensure a sense of coziness. The best part of this product is the covers can change to reflect the right mood and even have the right messages to make it cozy and comfortable.

2.    Extra comfortable bed sheets: nothing raises the coziness of the bedroom than a comfortable bed sheet. Go for warm colors like yellow, orange or red that will give your room a warm feel and make you want to rest here for a good night’s sleep

3.    Right lighting: Make sure you have the right amount of and the right type of light to invoke a feeling of coziness. Pink and blue make for an excellent combination to give the room a feel of comfort and the ambiance welcome. Meditating with the right lighting and wall colors is a very satisfying and relaxing experience.

4.    Paintings: Experts and home designers often make the wall behind the bed very attractive and pleasing. However also important is the wall that you see the very moment you wake up or keep looking at while you are waiting to fall asleep. Having a pleasant and relaxing painting on this wall will up your cozy quotient as nothing will

5.    A comfortable chair or sofa: In the bedroom, one need not always be there to sleep. A single comfortable chair that you can retire into with a book in hand and a cup of coffee in the other cannot compare with anything else. Try out a few chairs in the furniture shop and select the one that you are most comfortable with. Even if it may make your bedroom a bit crowded, we suggest you go for it. After all, it is about your comfort and not about whether people feel there is too much furniture in the house. If not for a chair, a sofa can also make the best reading place.

Wrapped up in a book on a rainy day with coffee in hand has coziness exponentially raised.

Top five ideas to deck up the bedroom in a unique style

1.    Wooden flooring: A bedroom styled in a large four poster bed with wooden flooring will look traditional and yet contemporary. A wood floor also is easier to clean and is known to give your feet a natural feel when you walk on it barefoot.

2.    Superhero themed bedroom: you might argue that this style is for children and their favorite superheroes adorn the walls and another décor in their bedroom. However, having a styled décor featuring a particular hero can make you feel safe, comfortable and always awaken the fan inside you. After all, superheroes are all about keeping the world safe and healthy.

3.    Go for a minimalist style: If you are a fan of the minimalist movement, you will agree to the fact that for the true minimalist less is always more. Having a simple bed, a single pillow and a warm, cozy blanket as the main props goes a long way in providing a unique style to make the room comfortable enough without a lot of effort. This is what we were relating to when we said you might want to try it out right away.

4.    Bring in artificial plants: Change the wallpaper to reflect a floral pattern or a tropical forest scene. Bring in fake plants that make you feel connected with nature and your inner self. This style of home décor is creating a massive wave in the market and people choosing such styles even go down to the minute details of having an artificial bonfire in the middle of the room to make it look warm. Chairs and seating arrangement around this give it a look and feel of sitting by a fire and feeling all warm and cozy.

5.    Go for the old style of the kings and queens: for those who can afford it, a king-sized bedroom can be way more significant than a small house. Getting it decked up with the old style furniture and giving it the look of how the kings and queens of the yesteryears lived can raise the cozy quotient to a very high degree. Lavish and large tends to make your mind open up as well.

Of course, all these are suggestions and as they say – to each his own. You may have a go at one of our recommendations and not find it suitable to your taste. But the beauty of the point is, you can try out others and maybe even mix and match a few to suit your choice. Let us know if you have any more suggestions or would like to share your experience after adopting one of our tips above.

“Interior décor is the perfume that makes everyone happy.”

Whether you believe it or not, the interior decor has a high impact on our behavioral responses. Good design makes you happy in many ways that one can hardly realize. You become relaxed when you step into a well-designed room. Here are the details why interior décor improves your home life.

Psychology of interior decoration

More than often we think that interior décor means creating a beautiful place. But, this is a part of the task.  Various studies conducted actively indicate that the environment gives us a strong stimulus and affects our responses.

This makes interior décor a complicated job. This is balancing different parameters. While decorating an interior one has to consider the environment and its effect on the inhabitants. There is a saying that the home is a happy abode. But the houses never promote happiness as such; you have to design and décor them to achieve that.

Feng Shui Interior décor says that everything has some energy. It helps to balance different energies and also let the flow freely. This harmonizes the interior and makes it adorable.

1. It brings joy and happiness

While interior décor is not all about creating a place pretty, it cannot also ignore that. People are very busy these days. They have to do something like rope walking to maintain a balance between life and work. To keep pace with this, modern interior décor makeover follows the minimalist approach.

With the slogan that less is more, it makes the home functional and straightforward. It does not need costly investment. Just including what you can make an enormous difference. Such approaches create a relaxing ambiance and make people happy.

2. Lets you personalize the interior

There is no fixed horizon of interior decoration. It allows breaking rules for creating the new rules. Like the fashion landscape, personalization is the most significant advantage of interior decoration.  This will enable you to do everything to make your life easy and smooth.

You can do everything that depicts your style and preferences. For instance, if you like alfresco dining, interior décor makeover allows you to have that.  Additionally, you can also keep provision for annex dining. This improves the quality of life.

3. It keeps everything organized

Getting everything organized is the key to great interior makeover. Other than creating an eye-catching interior, Great designs also look for optimal space utilization. Building creative and convenient storage solutions is also a vital part of interior decoration.

Thinking vertically provides a great interior when there is a crunch of floor space. Whether it is your bedroom, bath or kitchen, you can have better storage.  Such moves make a great leap forward for streamlining your life.

4. Improves functionality

When the interior décor follow your lifestyle, it makes the place more functional. If you like to hold many parties, it makes provisions to accommodate the guests. Moreover, as said earlier good interior décor organizes everything. This automatically makes the life more comfortable and convenient. 

Other than this, interior décor also consider furniture layout. Every piece of furniture is placed to maximizing space utilization.  It lets you explore all options to your advantage.

5. Creates more space in the interior

There is no denying that none can increase the square footage of your interior. Interior design is akin to playing a 3D chess game. With good interior design, it is possible to create more space to promote togetherness.

For instance, it can let you have a cute kid’s zone for their dream world. You may likewise be able to use an unutilized corner for your home office. Having separate space for different activities improves the quality of life.

6. Can make the interior safe

Modern home décor modes look beyond beautification. The wellbeing of the occupants is also a vital concern. Everyone opt for eco-friendly décor elements for this. The ergonomic furniture is also preferred over the traditional ones to take care of the health issues. 

Implementing these moves makes everyone in the home safe and sound. This delivers them a life worth living.

7. Increase energy efficiency and air quality

Present interior décor makeover trends opt for more light and ventilation in the interior. With large windows and skylights, the natural light is harnessed to the maximum. This makes the internal energy efficient. 

It also opts for improving air quality by bringing the fresh air through forced ventilation. Sometimes aroma diffusers are used for engaging the senses. Such moves deliver a great interior and let you live better.

8.  Embrace with nature to foster wellness

Including greeneries is a great way to promote welfare. This enables you to counteract the ill effects of urban living.  But, there is a downside to using vivid greens. They need serious upkeep, and if you are not a green thumb, they are like to die. This made the faux silk plants a godsend alternative.

You can get the HedgeScapes ambiance plants in many varieties. This includes green walls, hedges, letters, mats, rolls, screens, topiaries, etc. They are available in many foliage options like English ivy, azalea, boxwood, juniper, dark & light green pearl grasses.

These most realistic artificial plants are manufactured from high-quality raw materials. So, they are akin to the real plants and deliver the same aesthetics. They are infused with UV-blocking materials and fire-retardant substances. Thus, they never fade or wilt. The flame retardant foliage also makes the interior safe.

Using a fake ivy wall covering is great to accent a wall. They add character to the interior. Moreover, they are strong and durable. Since they cause no litters you need not clear any mess. These do not attract pests and cause no allergy making your place hygienic.


Good interior décor constructs a life worth living. Decorating your home is not the end of the road. It is your journey towards creating a better environment. As you know the reasons now, do not waste time. Give your interior a décor makeover and enjoy the bliss.

Having a green belt around makes a home feel fresh and energetic. Greeneries are also the ideal décor element for uplifting a sterile and boring living space. The marvel of the latest technology made it possible to adorn the homes with near-natural plants. Here are 10 ideas why you should choose faux silk plants to decorate your home.

1. Artificial plants are not needy

The real plants have many needs! You have to water, fertilize and prune them to keep them alive. But the fake décor elements do not have any such requirements. Moreover, they do not require sunlight reliving you from the worry of the pesky photosynthesis.

So, you can get absorbed in your jobs completely forgetting about them. Only occasional dusting and cleaning are enough to keep the shine. This is the most significant plus point of using the faux plants. They save your efforts and cost which is an excellent issue for live plants.

2. Aesthesis is not compromised

The fake greens have passed through many evolutions. They have come up a long way from their earlier shabby looks. With the advent of the latest technologies, they are now made 100% botanically correct. Being made from prime-quality foliage and color pigments, they look stunningly realistic.

These are so visually pleasing that you may blend them with real plants. You can place them anywhere in your home. They can deceive even the most experienced eyes. Thus the aesthetics are never compromised.

3. Available in many varieties

The fake décor elements are available in a plethora of variations. HedgeScapes product range includes hedges, mats, screens, rolls, logos, topiaries, and green walls. You can choose any foliage variety from azalea, English ivy, juniper, pearl grass, and artificial boxwood hedges.

Besides the balls, cones, and spirals, the artificial topiary trees are also available in animal shapes. These can be a fabulous addition to the lawn. Illuminating the topiaries with LED lights can bring in a magical ambiance to the interior.

All o these varieties are light in weight. This makes them portable, and they can be installed easily without any hassles.

4. Customization is possible

Talking about customization, these do not have any frontier. They can be tailored to suit any décor needs. Maybe you need specific foliage or want them in any particular use. No matter what is the requirement, they can be tailor-made for the purpose.

Thus, you need what you require and pay for. Unlike the real plants, these come in fully grown sizes and no growing time is needed. They start to adorn the home from day one.

5. These are affordable and cost-effective

If necessity is the mother of everything, then the economy is the granny of all. The most realistic artificial plants are great on this front. They are reasonably priced and need no maintenance like the real plants. Simple dusting and cleaning are enough for them.

Unlike the live plants, these do not need any replacement. They need changes when you decide to use a different item. Even then, you can store them for future uses. All these make them viable décor option that does not make the wallet thin.

6. Artificial plants deliver a fire-safe decor

Fire safety is a prime concern in every home. In many cases, real plants have been the main cause of a devastating fire. Backed up with the unique ThermaLeaf technology, the HedgeScapes fake products are flame retardant. These are impregnated with special fire retardant chemicals through injection molding during manufacturing.

Thus, the fake greens acquire self-extinguishing properties. In case of any fire hazard, they prevent the spread of fire and allow enough reaction time. This makes your home safe from fire hazards.

7. Zero litter or health hazard

With real plants, your floor may be littered with soil and there could also occasional water spillage on the floor. Shedding leaves is also a perennial problem with live plants. Unlike the real plants, the artificial plants never dropped leaves. As such, they cause no litter underneath and relieve you from clearing the mess.

Mosquitoes and other insects are a real health hazard. The faux greens never attract any insects. Thus, you get an environment free from them. Moreover, these do not grow any mold and cause no allergy. So, you can easily maintain a hygienic condition in your home.

8. These are strong and durable

Unlike the live plants, the artificial plants never fade or wilt. They are manufactured using PermaLeaf technologies. Due to use of stable, colorfast pigments and UV-blocking substances they never disappear. These can withstand extreme weather conditions like heat, rain, and snow.

So, you may use them in the outdoor as well. Unlike the real plants, you need not to have different varieties in different seasons. Being independent of seasonal variations they maintain their beauty equally on all seasons.

9. They deliver a sense of well being

People have an innate affinity with the green elements. They become relaxed and positive when they are near greeneries.

With their fantastic beauty, the artificial plants can bring in life to a home. Use them anywhere, and they will make the place warm and welcoming. Your guests will also find the place attractive. This will make your home a cut above others.

10. They are the real rock stars

The artificial plants can add the much-needed softness to the corners. They can more be used to accent a wall and for hiding the less attractive features. Since these are not affected by heat or excess moisture, they can be used in kitchen and showers as well.

You can divide different zones using hedges. Using a green wall also spruces up a room. No matter where you use them, they will add depth and drama to the interior.


Decorating with silk plants add the right amount of green to the interior. The most significant advantage of the artificial plants is that they are good housemates. Now that you know the reasons to go for them, start using them immediately. They will deliver you an excellent interior decoration.

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