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Renovations Within Budgets - a Practical Guide

Renovations Within Budgets A Practical GuideHome renovation helps you in improving your room decorum. Simultaneously, it helps you to add novel dimensions to your room settings. For most of us, home renovation is an outlet for expressing the creative insight. But apart from being creative, you need to be careful about financial outlays.

The home renovation also helps to add-on new technology features to homes. This is the time you can add some sustainability throughputs to your building. You can recreate your home space with energy efficient fixtures inside the building and on your roof space. You can also beautify your home space using foliage technology or ornamental topiary. Artificial foliage is ever-attractive and maintenance free. It makes space colorful, vibrant, neat and sophisticated. Imagine renovating a home with topiary letters on the entrance door. This will indeed give a fresh touch and a unique identity to your home.

Since a renovation project requires financial inputs, the owner has to be careful in the planning stage itself. As an owner, you must use your creative ideas most effectively. The homeowner must engage in creative and meaningful discussions with professionals, i.e., architects and contractors regarding the primary aim and purpose of renovation. This step is very crucial and enables the professional team to draft initial designs, which act as the base for laying out of final drawings. At every stage, the interests of the owner are to be taken into consideration.

Clients must engage in in-depth conversations with architects and contractors throughout the steps initiating from preliminary design to obtaining permitted drawings. Collect images of homes and room décor ideas that inspire you. Interact with architect and contractor about spatial usage and personal preferences. The aim is to strike out a plan that matches the owner’s budget.

1. Initial drawing assessment and consultancy

One of the fundamental steps in the drafting of a measured drawing displaying the home's existing conditions or the precise rendering of the house before renovation displaying comprehensive details. Such a dimensional drawing is called an as-built. The more information is put in the sketched drawing, the better it is, concerning final design development. Making a drawing which provides comprehensive details on the home space is a valuable input. Drawing is a useful tool which enables architects and designers to devise a renovation strategy. The drawings are made by a trusted design firm or else by a qualified person like contractor or architect or interior designer.

2. Budget check/economic feasibility

The owner has to be aware of his budget while opting for renovation. After the initial drawing with dimensions is ready, an initial price comparison from the part of contractors is made. This is called a rough order of magnitude cost comparison. The contractor will count the number of doors and windows. He will also check out utility lines inclusive of electrical and plumbing systems and additional costs based on per square foot cost of proposed work. With an initial price comparison, you will feel more confident about the successful commencement of the renovation project and that the probable cost of the entire project is within your reach. The owner party has to pay for additional work to finalize the design plan. The rule of initial cost comparison makes the process more transparent and strategically appropriate.

3 Refining vision/ Value Engineering

If you see the initial cost estimates weigh on your pocket, it is time to act tactfully. At this stage, project cost estimates are used for proper scaling and plan revision. Look for alternative plans to match your budget. The incorporation of alternative plans for refining the renovation plan is known as value engineering.

If the owner has an unlimited budget, he must still invest carefully. Select your priorities to make a final decision. A select contractor with the help of initial price comparison. Contractors and designers can help decide cost-effective alternative plans. Selection of correct materials and insulation amenities is required for making an efficient renovation plan. The new renovation project can be utilized as an opportunity to introduce sustainable features to your home. Try the option of installing solar photovoltaic cells on your rooftop to build your energy capacity. This step requires only initial financial investment, and in the future, you don’t have to pay electric bills at all.

Artificial foliage products bring in chromatic harmony to homes. There is no issue regarding maintenance. These are soft and lightweight and yet very strong and resilient. Available in multiple designs and colors, such products can blend in any setting.

You can renovate your dear homes with faux hedges. These landscaping products are visually and commercially attractive. These are fireproof and stable against the Ultraviolet light. Hence, there is no maintenance cost in the long run.

Topiary plants give a fresh look to your garden and outdoor spaces. You can also locate them in corners inside your living spaces. The green-colour is refreshing and naturally stimulates you to concentrate and think better. Topiary plants are available in various designs so that you can choose any exciting design.

Another idea you can try has Woven resin privacy screens. These protect your privacy requirements apart from making space look neat and organized. These are maintenance free. These are available in various patterns and ranges, so you can select one that meets your criteria.

Artificial boxwood is excellent for beautifying patios, gardens, fencing, yards, and walkways. These are pretty good seasonal décor ideas. You can try silk boxwood for interior spaces and bedrooms. These are soft foliage products and provide a feel-good factor.

Value Engineering is an iterative process which helps generate fully designed plan with all the products and specifications and prices and concept. Teamwork and cohesive spirit are essential the interior designer has to collaborate with the architect people can meet under one roof or else converse through phone or Skype.

4. Extra payment disbursement and finalizing the project

Save some money to pay your architect or contractor for putting in extra efforts and research, before completing the project. This is very important to form working relations with professionals and also to inspire them to put in their best in home renovation.

Why Might You Like Working With An Interior Decor ProfessionalWhy Might You Like Working with an Interior Décor Professional? Why one might like working with an interior décor professional is a big question that runs in every owner's mind while renovating their places. Surely, having a professional interior designer and not having a professional designer has their benefits and disadvantages.

So, here we present a few important reasons for why you might like working with an interior décor professional:

Interior designers are realistic in thoughts

Professional designers have clarity in their thoughts and actions. They always know what they are doing. They first visit the place and then plan accordingly to deliver their best to the customers. It is important for them to be realistically in their thoughts and plan because they can’t afford to lose time or compromise with clients requirements.

An excellent professional designer will always create a blueprint of what they are about to do to your place. It gives a clear picture of the process to both, their team and clients. This way realistic thoughts make the work more convenient and easy to understand.

Interior designers are great at visualizing

It is important to understand that first imagining the design or theme for the place is essential. A non-professional designer might not be that sure of the design and implementation. A professional designer has the excellent skill of visualization. It is this quality that makes them most required for the interior design.

Professional interior designers visualize the design and the requirements of the client. With the mixture of needs, budget, decors, and techniques suitable, they plan the design. Only after the execution, one might realize how beautifully the interior is decorated.

Professional designers use reliable decors

For professional designers, it is very essential to use the reliable products for their customers. They use such products which would win the trust of the customer. It merely means the interior decors that are going to be used have to be of good quality.

During these times, the professional designers prefer using favorite faux decors like faux trees, fake plants, artificial green walls, faux silk plants, or artificial topiary trees. Faux plants and trees are not new to the landscaping industry. Topiary artificial trees, faux silk plants, and green artificial walls are trending off late.

Fake plants and trees like artificial topiary trees and artificial green walls bring life to the internal area of your building making it relaxing place. They are more suitable for busy people. Hence professional designers prefer reliable decors for designing.

Designers save your money

Professional designers know what is the actual cost o the decors and what will suit your budget. Interior designers are capable of fulfilling your dreams with the budget you have. All it takes is to trust designers and their style of work. The interior design industry has a variety of interior decors which are affordable for everybody. Good interior designers make use of these decors in order to save your money.

Interior decors like artificial topiary trees, faux silk plants, and artificial green walls are latest and are cost effective. Artificial green walls cost less or installation and require almost zero maintenance. Faux silk plants add value to your place and less cost. Topiary artificial trees are customized according to your needs and still are very affordable. These are some of the affordable decors.

Designers save your time

The main aim of professional interior designers is to design your building interior through your eyes. It is their responsibility to decorate your house or office interior, so you don’t have to spend time on your space decoration. As they are professionals, they will handle situations much better than you.

A good interior designer will help you realize your dream rooms with time and cost-effective manner. It is not just the decoration that a professional interior designer will save but also the maintenance time. According to your convenience, the type of decors is used. When you want time freedom from décor maintenance and updating, artificial decorations are used.

Trendy artificial decors like artificial topiary trees, faux silk plants and artificial green walls to name a few are time-efficient. They are time-tested décor products too. They do not require much time for installation and do not demand your time for maintenance. Hence, trust professional interior designers when they add decors to your place.

Interior designers know to recreate

Professional designers are very well trained to design the interiors and exteriors according to the customer demands. Some customers wish to recreate their place with already existing decors they have. During those times, the professional designers give more preference to your favorite decors and try to make the additions minimal.

Professionals would best do the recreation of the interior of any room. They know some techniques and methods to enhance the appearance of your place within your budget. Especially, when you are confused with the mix and match of the decors and redesigning the interior landscape. Best thing to do is to leave the recreation work to the professionals.

The combination of decors and the room elements have to match appropriately. They combine the styles and designs well with the lowest budget possible. Contemporary styles are very trendy in interior designing which is a beautiful complex mixture of old and new decors.

Professional designers are always updated

Professional interior designers all the time keep themselves updated with new designs, styles, and decors. They keep their designs and plans ready beforehand to give you some samples. They make your work much easy by selecting the appropriate interior designing landscape for you.

Professional designers are usually very good at art and science both. They would have studied both to get good knowledge about the designing of spaces. Hence, they are experts at predicting the decors suitable for space and their place there.


Above are the reasons why you might like working with an interior décor professional. These are a few reasons for you to know the benefits involved in hiring professional designers for interior designing. We hope this will also help you in understanding the professional designers’ importance.

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Planning a Master Bathroom? Consider This

Planning A Master Bathroom Consider ThisA master bathroom is many people’s luxurious dream. A lot of people plan for a master bathroom for their lovely homes. Taking help of an interior decorator is best but before that, check out a few important things listed below. It is a list of ideas that could help you for a better and updated master bathroom.

So, if you are planning a master bathroom, then consider this:

Appropriate spacing

The area of your master bathroom is according to your house area and the budget. There are no fixed rules for building a master bathroom. Therefore, plan according to your interest and budget. The latest trend is to create a spacious attached bathroom. A spacious bathroom appears more luxurious.

Usually, they have separate spacing for changing the clothes, wardrobe, and bathing. They are all separated by frameless glass partitions. They give a feel of the bathroom being spacious and luxury. Hence, the spacing of the bathroom area for bathroom fixtures and dry, wet regions are essential.

Bathtub and shower combination

Most of the times, bathtub, and shower in bathrooms create all the difference. The first thing that comes to mind about the master bathroom is bathtub and shower. The bathtub and shower are not just bathroom décors but also great luxuries for the owner. Thus, the bathtub and shower are most needed for a master bathroom.

Installing a bathtub and shower of same or different material is your choice but be careful with their combination. The wrong combination of these fixtures would ruin the look of the bathroom. A master bathroom cannot look haphazardly planned. Hence, keep a watch on bathtub and shower combinations.

Suitable bathroom fixtures

A bathroom consists of many things like taps, shower, sink, toilets, and bathtubs. They all arranged in perfect places will make the bathroom appreciable. Concentrate on the bathroom fixture materials and the places where they would be installed. It is essential to know the specifications of the fixtures and their placement for building an efficient bathroom spacing.

There need to be enough spacing between toilets, sinks, shower and bath spaces. If you feel you don’t have much space, make use of wall mounting fixtures. Today, sinks, bathroom stands, showers and many more bathroom fixtures are available in wall-mount style. They save your space and makes your master bathroom spacious.

Artificial boxwood hedge

To make your master bathroom different from another bathroom, you could use artificial boxwood hedge. They are mainly made to hide or encapsulate the pipes and electric boxes. Usually, bathrooms have many wires and pipes running around the walls for connections. There are even electrical boxes installed inside the bathrooms for few facilities which do not enhance the look of the bathroom.

To cover all these, pipes, wires and electric boxes artificial boxwood hedge might be used. They are made of materials like wood, metal, and plastic. They might be placed like planters using baseboards, or they would create green space separating walls. They are an economical solution to the interior and exterior decorations. Hence, with covering the messy looking pipes and wires, artificial boxwood hedges would create a beautiful interior for your master bathroom.

Faux boxwood mat

Bathroom mats have to be carefully watched out during their placing. It is necessary to have the bathroom beauty enhancing floor mats for the master bathrooms. An appropriately chosen floor mat will increase the experience of the user. Faux boxwood mats are trending as the floor decors in interior decoration or landscaping.

Faux boxwood mat is one among the less expensive and less maintenance required interior décors. They are made out of materials like azalea, plastic, ivy, and silk to name few. These faux boxwood mats are available in various materials and sizes. They are made with the latest technologies like to help the last long. It makes them adaptable and reliable.

Artificial hedge screening

The screening to the bathroom would make it look personalized. They create a feeling of privacy and fill the plain walls or ceiling. It is essential to use walls and ceilings for decorating a room. When you are trying to make your master bathroom more elegant use artificial hedge screening. They are more effective and less expensive.

Artificial hedge screening is one of the trending interior landscaping decors. They are made of various types of foliage and materials. They are customized according to the installation place and applications. Artificial hedge screening is created in required size with best suitable materials just for your bathroom. Hence, consult an interior landscaping expert or company to get it done efficiently.

Sauna and steam bath spaces

Earlier, spas and salons had different bath spaces called sauna bathrooms and steamy bathrooms. Now, they made more adaptable and less expensive to have them personally at home. Sauna bathrooms are for dry heat baths whereas; steam bathrooms generate moist heat for you to sweat out toxins.

Sauna and steam baths will help your pores to open and loosens your muscles. This gives a relaxing experience to the user and calms down the mind. Including these bath-spaces build a relaxed and rejuvenating bath experience at your master bathroom. This makes your master bathroom more luxurious looking and adds value to space.

Entertainment facilities

To enhance your master bathroom experience and to make it a more relaxing place you could add some interesting devices. There are few options for adding entertaining devices like television and music devices to your master bathroom. Even phone facilities are possible to install in your bathroom with the help of experts.

For dialing, you would have an installed screen and shower head acts as a speaker. The same screen would be used for music list or radio station selection. A corner space could be used for installing a TV in your master bathroom. Usually, all these devices are water-proof and USB host function. This makes the flexible and reliable.


Above is the list of ideas to be considered for planning a master bathroom. They are a basic necessity for a master bathroom. So, check them without fail while planning a master bathroom for your house.

How To Remodel A Kitchen The Complete GuideYou like to change your attire so very often and experiment with your looks and hair. Your kitchen too requires a makeover with some smart remodeling. Make the homemaker a happy person who spends a large part of the day in the kitchen taking care of the nutrition needs of the entire family. So, it’s time to do something in return. Plan and remodel your kitchen for her.

Look for designs

Think of the layout and design according to the space available. Can you break up something? See your family requirements. See books and magazines for designs and color combinations that you like. Decide if you want your kitchen to look modern or traditional. Do you want it to look jazzy or effortless? Make a floor plan and place your items on it as well. Greens, whites, creams, and light shades of oranges look pretty in a kitchen.

Budget it out

Once your list is ready, explore the stores from where you will get these things. Budget it out and make the final list of shopping and remodeling that you can do. Online discounts are a good option too, especially when you need many items for the project.

Execute the plan

Think about who you want to or have to involve in the remodeling project: society welfare association, builder, designer, architect, interior decorator or will it be a do it yourself project. Work out time durations, terms and conditions of work if you are hiring someone. Go shopping and collect the items you need for construction, decoration, and for utility. These will include the tiles, light fittings, storage cabinets, appliances, plumbing fittings, etc. Let us see them one by one.

•    Appliances

Make a list of the tools you want in your kitchen. Think about which older devices you need to replace and which you need as additions. Sell off the old ones. Remove all broken items from your kitchen. You don’t want any fractured items to mar the show in your new room.

•    Plumbing

Think and plan for a proper drainage arrangement in the kitchen. The wash basins should be wide enough to hold your largest cooking vessel. Go in for twin basins if you can afford the budget and the space available. Keep taps at a height so that just a little nudge can open them. Ensure regular water supply. Place a spare water tank outside on a ledge or balcony so that it doesn’t eat up space inside. Fix the water purifier into the tap so that you get clean water not only for drinking but also for cleaning utensils and washing vegetables as well.

•    Lighting and Ventilation

Keep the kitchen well lit to avoid accidents. The kitchen hob usually has lights fitted into it so that you can see well. Windows should open quickly and let in natural light and air. Try to go in for blinds rather than flowing curtains on these windows. Fix an exhaust fan into the wall. You can even fix a small decorative ceiling fan for use in the summers. Place some potted fake geraniums on the sill.

•    Walls and Flooring

The kitchen should have antiskid tiles which will prevent you from slipping or tripping. Fix tiles which can be easily cleaned and kept dry. Select a floral design or a color combination. Floor tiles can be a darker shade as you walk on them all the time. Similarly, the walls can be tiled too. Lighter shades of cream and white make the kitchen look more substantial. Fix fire resistant wallpaper if you want. Place a boxwood mat at the entrance and another one near the washing area so that you don’t skid and fall and also don’t carry in dirt into the kitchen.

•    Storage and cabinets

Your kitchen needs a lot of storage space. No number of cabinets, shelves, and drawers are enough! Design a combination of drawers on channels, open shelves, and closed offices. Fix simple handles on them which don’t get caught in clothes. Keep light shades on the panels of cabinets to make it look more spacious. Try to keep the kitchen looking neat and organized with most things inside. It will be easier to keep them clean and dust free as well. Make sure you cater for pullout larder for all the groceries.

•    Furniture

The amount of furniture you place in the kitchen depends on the space you have and also your needs. Have a high stool to sit on and cook if you want. Place a folding or a wooden ladder to reach into the taller shelves. If you plan an open kitchen, arrange for a small family high dining table with high stools. Otherwise, keep furniture to the minimum.

•    Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands take up a lot of the storage load. Hang pots and pans wherever you can. Make pullout drawers below the counter. Use this island for wither pre-preparation of meals or for placing the cooktop.

•    Countertops

Keep countertops as free as possible. Where there is no way out, place appliances at corners to get more open space. Top it with a granite sheet which is easy to clean and maintain. Keep a small colorful ceramic planter with some fake geraniums in it.

•    Decoration

Your newly remodeled kitchen will look prettier with a dash of nature and decoration in it. Try decorating with silk plants. Place some faux silk plants or some ambiance plants to bring in more colors. You will love to look at these beautiful fake plants which are fire resistant and look as good as real. There will be no mess of weeding, manuring, watering or shedding leaves.

Try these remodeling your kitchen ideas. See the glow and happiness on the face of your wife. You won’t hear complaints of spending long hours in the kitchen anymore.


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