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Artificial screenA retail store is an outlet where goods and services can be bought by the general public directly from manufacturers or suppliers. If you own one, you just want to increase its business. Your retail store must be appealing so as to get a nice proportion of footfalls. Yes, looks do matter, ‘cause they sell! Oomph up the good looks of your store in the following ways to get maximum footfalls.

1. Use awesome signage designs for classiness:

Signage is the collective design of any commercial company's public display. They are great for advertising products. Every company has its unique signage, whether it's your own company or merchandise. Consult your architect on the chosen design of the storefront, about the structure, position of windows and gate, pillars and posts. There are so many types of signage designs- do you like backlighted one or flex? Large display windows or divided? Recessed or broad entrance? The choice is yours to make!

2. Set up transparent glass walls for increased visibility of products:

The newest trend is to keep things visible for peeps. Allow your store to have full-length glass windows as broad as possible. Keep the gates transparent too by installing glass doors, only don't forget to put a sleek frost panel on them (‘cause I have seen many people head straight into the glass without noticing it's there and get hurt). This way, the products you have in your store can be seen by anyone who passes it.

3. Display your brand name and its collaborations:

The brand name and logo should definitely be put up above the front gate of your store's entrance. You can decorate it by using outdoor urn fillers with flowers and small lights. You can even add the address and other contact details here. If you have merchandise or a few other partners then you can put in their names too!

4. Decorate with defined greenery and planters:

What does greenery represent? Life and subtle energy. Why not incorporate it into the look of your retail store! If you want a fence around your store, you can do it with artificial boxwood hedges in planters and pots, which are low maintenance and cost effective as well. Wire topiary forms in the shape of animals and objects can also be put on display. Artistically arranged topiary balls on earthen pots can be really eye-catching.

5. Introduce a nice lighting system for attraction:

The lighting is a very important aspect of any decor. The signage should be enriched with suitable lighting. Use bright ceiling lights for the inside, so that if someone's looking from the outside, everything is nicely visible. If you are decorating with plants, you can get an interest in pre-lit outdoor topiary plants too. Ensure the entrance is brightly lighted so that it's inviting and no one trips!

6. Display popular products in the front:

Now that we have those huge glass windows, we have to utilize it too. Display different items in the window front so that they are directly visible from outside. Put some of the most popular items among them. In case you need some privacy (like bag checking or shelves for keeping customers' bags in lieu of tokens) you can use expandable faux ivy privacy screens which can fold without a mess.

7. Set up window shades with artificial ivy panels on them:

There must be shades at the entrance or above the windows so that people can stand under them. But why keep them bare? Cover them with faux ivy and boxwood screens and panels. They look awesome! You can also set up posts with faux urn fillers of different plants and flowers on the top. Insert light in them and they will look beautiful.

8. Put up hoardings and boards of exclusive offers and discounts:

Your best selling products must have some offers? Put them on display. Some items which are not selling? Put a decent discount on them and put up on display. Whether flex or board, these advertisements bring in a lot of customers. Make them colorful and eye-catching. You can also print them out and stick them on the glass windows with the item in view.

9. Introduce activities of free samples and leafleting:

Hold small events on different occasions in front of your store. Give free samples to visitors. Display those items in a small stall/counter just outside the gate, you can also use a big picnic umbrella for a pop of color. Print leaflets and put them on display on the kiosk. Hand them over to visitors! For example, if your retail store has an item like chocolate, let people try some of it as a promotion. Give them the leaflets with offers. They will come back for more.

10. Hire cartoon character mascots to attract children:

There are several companies that provide cartoon character mascots for hire. Children are very much attracted to these, and children are known to drag their parents to whatever they are interested in. Mascots are visual baits for them, just as offers are for their parents. When setting up events for children, play it in color to attract the little ones, keep candies.

11. Keep a board for open/close notifications and timings:

Put on a steel or digital placard to notify the customers if you are open/close at the moment. Also, put on display the store timings. It helps a lot.

12. Buy a blackboard to get attention:

Get a blackboard and some chalks and write down the offers of the day, or the specials of the day on it. Serves great in attracting customers.

There are so many other options to promote your retail business, you only have to keep a lookout. Follow the trends, be patient and proceed. With the guidelines above, decorate your store like never before, with class and grace. Also, keep your items clean and dust free. Build your niche. Get customer suggestions. All the best for your business!

HedgesThe word ‘food' is synonymous with the words celebration and enjoyment. This explains the colossal growth in fancy restaurants. This being said, let's not forget the people for whom restaurant visit is more about joyous ambiance and fine dining than just the food. Gone are the days when restaurants were confined to the ‘taste'. A little classy aura and a pinch of panache in décor is the recipe of a flourishing restaurant.

Artificial foliage landscaping is for the lazy hotelier in you. Not only will the ambiance be cranked up a notch but save you the time of retaining it.

Here are the 8 ideas to refurbish your place with artificial foliage landscaping.

Letters, Logo, and Signage

First impressions last longer, they say. Make your restaurant's ingress a visual treat. The logo of your restaurant should give an inkling of what is in store for them. Tease them with a little green, to begin with. With the artificial hedges, it is now possible to shape them into any letters and signage of your choice.

Pair them with classic lights or LEDs and make your restaurant a brand worth visiting and revisiting.

Artificial Screens

You know what they say, ‘the greener, and the better'. Swap those ugly concrete walls with this beautiful, low maintenance artificial screen rolls. These screens serve the dual-purpose of ornamenting your restaurant and of giving privacy to the people. You can style these sturdy screens with tiny frames and boards.

These hassle-free screens amp up your ambiance and give it a green lush look. You wouldn't have to alter them according to the change in the seasons. It is more like, ‘put it and forget it'. Wave goodbye to the endless work you've to put in maintaining the natural screens, we have a smart way out for you!

Artificial Topiary Trees

This is for the nature enthusiast in you. You sure have dreamt endlessly about adding some suave (and obviously pricey) curios in your restaurant but feared it will put an irreparable hole to your pocket. Fret not, we have an inexpensive idea! Artificial topiary plants are the shapeshifters which can have any desired effect. You can trim them into those sophisticated artifacts you have always wanted in your restaurant.

They don't lose out on their ‘green' if you pamper them with some shade and can facelift them whenever you have a new shape in mind.

Faux Greenery

The interior designing industry found its masterpiece in the faux greenery décor. Spice up your place with the umpteen varieties the faux greenery has to offer you. A little dusting on the fake flowers and they are as fresh as the day you bought them. The vibrant colors add an instant liveliness to your place.

There is a vast array of options to choose from, there are flowers in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Trust us, the plastic glaze of the greenery is long gone and forgotten. This long term investment is handy, portable and life-like. Also, you don't have to worry about any allergies and sniffles.

Topiary Animals

Decorate your restaurant with fun yet plush theme. Opt out of the bandwagon of keeping the décor subtle. Animal topiary will make your restaurant stand tall (literally and figuratively). With the tall giant animals making their way out, we promise, your restaurant will be seen from lands afar. It is a unique, eye-catchy way of making your interiors classy and it will compliment any furnishings that you have.

This offbeat décor is an attractive and quirky way to welcome your guests. There is no animal whose shape artificial topiaries cannot make, so let your imagination run wild and turn your restaurant into an eccentric themed garden restaurant.

Faux Roll Mat

Ditch the age-old tiles for the trendy and voguish faux roll mat. Owing to its convenience, these roll mats are not just limited to golf courses or football fields. You get the roll mats customized depending on your area and needs. These things are blessed with less maintenance and the green look that they savor.

They save you the herculean task of planting, watering and growing the actual grass. You don't have to worry about the grass losing its color if you are careful enough to not expose them to sunlight and of course, washing them would be a piece of cake! Also, you do your bit in saving some water.

A Little Privacy

If this does not create hustle and bustle in your restaurant, then what will! This would be a classic upgrade in your interiors. A gazebo structure will complement the green faux aesthetics in your place giving it a garden-restaurant look. It is another way of adding sophistication to your space. It is perfect for intimate family dinners, a romantic evening and what not.

It gives just the exact privacy which is needed in a restaurant. A little twinkling light and some beautiful curtains, and you have for yourself a wonderful little paradise.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Get rid of those dull, insanely mundane wooden or metal fences because we have an attractive solution! Don't count on the rains to grow your plants and bushes into privacy yielding fences. Outdoor artificial boxwood hedges are here to the rescue. With the vast variety of leaves, you can make your restaurant compound an attractive one.

Protect the privacy of your space with the wide, thick hedges. These hedges are an easy way to decorate your dining area. These easy on the eye hedges are cost friendly and mind you, they have a ‘here to stay' attitude.

We know that your restaurant is your baby so try and put in as much as your own efforts as you can. Pick your own shapes, sizes, and patterns the artificial landscapes have to offer. Make sure everything is crisp and clear. Let the ‘green' be alluring and the dining relaxing. This will ensure frequent visits.

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A Look Back At The History of Topiaries

TopiaryTopiary is a form of art that comprises of clipping of leaves, branches and even pruning the roots of a tree or shrubs. Some virtuosos of topiary have managed to perfect this art of clipping and pruning by dwarfing the plant.

When asked about the origin and roots of topiary, most of them stay mum. We started to ponder our minds with the curious question; how and where exactly did topiary come from. We searched the hell and back, tuned every stone that we could, and for our curious readers, we have a memoir of the 'topiary', as would have been narrated by one itself if it spoke.

And then there was topiary...

There has been no concrete proof or anyone alive to confirm the fact, but topiary is alleged to date all the way back to the first century C.E. The rumor-mill has it, that topiary was first developed by a friend of Caesar Augustus (an ancient emperor of Rome) called Cneus Matius. Ironically, the term topiary comes from a Latin word topiaries, that means 'a gardener who is an ornamental landscaper'.

However, some historians are biased that it was the Jewish, Syrian Greek and Egyptians who introduced this form of art to the Romans. Hence, the tug of war has continued since centuries, with it ending in a stalemate every time. We can assure you that the Romans were involved in making the art of topiary known globally.

Another set of ardent devotees believe that the Chinese adopted this art form, as is seen in many ancient paintings. This was later borrowed by the Japanese, who took the art form a notch higher. They even came up with their own version of topiary, called Bonsai.

Oh God! You just cannot beat the Asians, can you!

One fact that we do know, is that the Romans had slaves to work for them. These slaves were mostly from Egypt and parts of Syrian Greece. We can give them credit for due diligence and labor to the Egyptian and Greek slaves, but let's not forget that topiary could well be the brain-child of the Romans.

Topiary finds it's way into different regions

Topiary was unknown to the rest of the world for many centuries. It was an art that was limited to the Romans and the Greeks (We know how they got it!). They included topiary in their buildings, castles and even in small open spaces, or gardens. Back in those days, everyone seemed to be smitten by this art. Oh Boy! And they sure did know how to make a topiary come to life. Instead of simple shapes, they started developing complicated topiary shapes like an elephant. (Complicated because all they had were shear boxes and knives.)

For about 500 years, the rich Greek and Romans improved this Greek-o-Roman style and enjoyed the luxury alone. But as the art of topiary became more wide-spread, people eventually got bored with it, and that was the ephemeral end of topiary. Or was it?!

In the 9th century, the French got hold of the techniques and skills, which is due to the close proximity to the Roman Empire. Eventually, a mad Frenchman (That's how he got bullied) Charlemagne, introduced topiary in France.

Inspired by the Italian gardens with flawless arrangements of topiaries, gardens started emerging in mainland Europe. The French made beautiful gardens using topiaries in monasteries. The Spanish took a step further when they made gigantic mazes in their Islamic-Moorish gardens.

By 1600s there was a tremendous shift in trends. Topiary gardens started becoming the key attractions in Europe, with artificial waterfalls, low beds of evergreen shrubs and drinking fountains. Netherland was the first country to include more elaborate water features and lollipop-shaped shrubs in their gardens.

Inspired by Holland and France, the English came up with a style of the topiary garden of their own. They borrowed the perfect geometrical design from the Dutch and a lot more from the French. In the 17th century, to impress King Louis XIV they replaced the low beds of hedges with 1.9 million potted-flowering plants overnight. (So, very English of them, good sire!)

The 18th-century Victorian era saw the boost of these gardens in England. In fact, they even appointed the 'tree-barbers', especially for topiaries. It was in the same century that the gardens became obsolete. Well, topiary still had a long way to go, it's got 9 lives like a cat, it seems. With the Italian Renaissance, topiary found it's way up again. (It's alive! It's alive! *Imitates Victor Frankenstein*)

Commonwealth nations saw an introduction of topiary in their mainland as well, with the English carrying a little of 'their' art wherever they went in the 18th and 19th century. This was soon spread to Japan and China like a wild-fire. Where the Japanese came up with traditional Bonsai.

In the early 19th century, the United States of America had huge plantations and hectares of open spaces. They planted large estate gardens and guess what they included?! Yes, topiary. (You're a good reader!). One stellar example of topiary in America can be seen in Disney World, in Orlando.

The earlier 20th century saw the rising demand for domestic topiary met. The markets in Fulham and Chelsea in London were flourishing with 'ready-made' topiary pieces that were sold in a flash.

BONUS: Topiary -Then and today.

In the initial centuries of its incarnation, topiary was a form of luxury and only the rich and the prosperous could afford it, as you'd see in some old pictures of ancient castles. The first known forms were simple, like a sphere, cone, dwarf-box edges or a column. But considering their mammoth size and the hard days' work that were put into shaping, trimming and pruning it, is simply commendable.

With the recent advancements in technology, topiary is available in the market in every size possible. All you have to do is pick a shape, that's it! You can get your hands on artificial topiaries online. These artificial topiaries are quite a trend these days, being fire & UV retardant, safe for indoor & outdoor use and as real as natural perennial trees. Of course, without the shedding of leaves and with an easy maintenance regime.

Bathroom DecorWe all have an old habit of neglecting. It's totally humane to do that. Negligence is a nirvana while ignorance a bliss. One of the parts of your hotel that you have left alone, or probably treated like your ex-beau is the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom which has been cursed to be plain-Jane and appear like 'Ugly Betty', has finally found its niche.

Say goodbye to old fashioned, 'boring' bathrooms and say hello to new, exciting and posh hotel bathrooms. It's high time to revamp your bathroom to a part of the hotel room that is as appealing as the rest of it. Fresh out of the oven, we have 9 exciting ideas to make your hotel bathroom posh.

1. Even the cavemen never liked those bathroom mats.

Just like you, even we hate the rubbers! Rubber bathroom mats have become passe, among other obsolete bathroom floor accessories. For your regular bathroom to turn to an appealing, posh hotel bathroom you need a new set of mats. Get those rubber mats out of there and replace them with Persian wool-blended mats.

Replace the frumpy old rubber mats with new and sleek wool-blended Aztec bathroom mats. It doesn't just set your hotel bathroom apart from other 'vanilla' bathrooms but adds a bit of style and detail to your bathroom floor. Easy to wash and reusable, the colors and patterns in the mats will find it's full bloom when faded.

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

We know that mirrors are one of the most essential parts of the bathroom wall, but they need a serious revamp, just like every other bathroom fitting. Yes, we agree that wooden frames are quite decent for the looking mirror in the bathroom, and they might do the trick if used optimally.

But, think about carved wood, instead of wooden biddings, or maybe a stainless-steel circumference for a round mirror. It is among the most used accessories in your bathroom, so why not make it the center of attraction.

3. Monogram- it's always good branding.

We're sure that you've spent a bomb on that hotel monogram, so why not flaunt it. Etch monograms to the bathroom fitting, shower curtains, towels, towel rods, basically everywhere that you can.

A recent poll conducted by Hyatt® has shown that customers prefer hotels which add monograms to their bathroom accessories. So, why not cash on to this opportunity t give the customers exactly what they want - good branding.

4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder of organization.

Yes, your lifelong wait has come to an end. You're OCD for arrangement and organization has finally found its use. Put that OCD to good use, arrange and rearrange the accessories in your bathroom. Make sure that everything is kept in it's the right place. (You won't find that hard, we're positive.)

Cleanliness should be your primary objective and proper organization should be next. Remember, that you have competition that is hot on your heels, so make sure you set yourself apart from the crowd. Like chalk and cheese go: bathroom and untidy have a similar story.

5. Light 'em up!

Oh, you like those incandescent bulbs because of how bright they are?! Or maybe you have an undying love for those energy saving lamps! We have a term for you: 'Old Fashioned'. Please, do your hotel bathroom a big favor by replacing those old bulbs.

We'd advise you to hang a small chandelier and add a few table lamps as well. Please, do not stop yourself from experimenting. Add these and in return add luxury to your hotel bathroom.

6. Monochrome and Pastels.

One great idea is to use all-white marble in your hotel bathroom. This shade of marble can be then coupled with grey and black wallpapers to give it a great monochromatic feel. Give those guests a taste of the 70's that they'll never forget.

Pro-tip: Try and avoid bright colors in your hotel's bathroom. Add a few pastel shades to the floor and walls and let the lights do the magic for you. White and grey bathrooms have the most elegant look and are the latest trend.

7. What's in a view? - Apparently, everything!

One aspect where most of us miss out is the view from the bathroom. It's merely not a place for what it was used earlier. Now, tempt your customers to an amazing view out of the bathroom window.

If you're worried about exposure, install sun-proof windows and waterproof drapes. Let your guests treat themselves to an astonishing scenic beauty or a cityscape. Add detailing to the window panes and frames.

8. Let's sit where it was never expected to.

Include seating in your bathroom, for guests who'd like to dress up near a mirror, or would like to pamper themselves with a nice pedicure. Traditionally, a bathroom missed on all these luxuries and lacked luster.

Not anymore, include chairs, dressing stools and sitting couches in your bathroom and let it sweep everyone entering it, from the first moment itself. Not only does it add to the overall appeal, but makes your hotel bathroom a place to spend some quality time in it.

9. Check out those cabinets!!

Now, that you've got an amazing bathroom floor, walls, wallpapers, and stunning lights, it's time to work on those cabinets. Paint the cabinets and make sure that they match the drapes and the walls. Blending pastel shades, like cobalt blue, grey, white and grey can never go wrong.

Bonus: Get inspired by kitchen-styled, fragrance-infused wooden cabinets with a see-through a glass, and make sure that all the essentials are included in them. Adding a small book-rack for the nerdy guests can be a win-win for both your hotel and the guests.

Is it a good investment?!

Well, in all honesty, ask any top-flight interior designer and he'd give you similar pointers as we have. Invest a decent amount of money in your hotel bathroom and make it appear posh. If you ask us, is it worth it, we can assure you that it is the need of the hour and it is what sets you apart from all other hotels. Leave those guest mesmerized by the look of your new posh bathroom interiors and make them choose you whenever they want to check-in to a hotel.

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