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Tuesday, 26 January 2016 14:52

Update Your Commercial Space with Urn Fillers

yucca plantA new year gives us the chance to say goodbye to our old environments and stay updated on upcoming fashion and decorative trends. This year make a resolution to change your commercial settings with articulately designed artificial hedges, topiaries, Letters, Logos and Signage by yours truly

As you know the many advantages that a green wall or boxwood hedge provides to a commercial outlet, why not match it up with some cheerful urn fillers in the form artificial flowers, stems and branches. This move can definitely raise the standards of your current setting, as HedgeScapes with efficient and skillful project managers, are ready to help you out in each and every aspect landscaping with artificial plants.   

Have you been pondering what to fill your urns with, now that the holiday season is over? As we are in the first two months of January and February, we have some excellent winter urn fillers, hedges, mats, screens and roll that will glam up your space in no time. Give us a chance to redesign your indoor and outside landscaping with some mesmerizing collection of silk plants.


English Ivy is incredible all year urn filler. Not just does it give some trailing rings that can work their way down your urn, yet it likewise offers thick space at the base. Utilize two or three these silk ivy plants to fill in space and after that combine them with a plant with a tiny bit more shading. 

If you are looking for a seasonal design for the outline, pick ivy as an all-year filler and mix them green walls and artificial screens to divide spaces. Demonstrate to us how you have utilized English ivy as a part of your urn by sharing a photo on our Facebook Page.


If you adore the brilliant red shades of poinsettias, but feel that they are more of Christmas thing then try out red bougainvillea. This enormous and excellent outdoor plant highlights a large number of dark red blooms emphasized with dark green leaves. The dull blood red shading is with regards to the season. Bougainvillea in nature blossoms consistently until they go over a profound stop. In the event that you live in a sub-tropical or other hot atmosphere, odds are that you have seen these dazzling plants some time recently.


When you are searching for something tall and sensational, the artificial yucca plant settles for a fabulous decision. Infused with your artificial topiaries or green walls, this silk beauty will for sure attract many glances. The counterfeit plant has a delicate angling forgets that spread a bit from the focal stem. 

Yucca plants generally grow in tropical and sub-tropical areas, but this doesn't mean you can't make them a piece of your winter urn. The artificial variants look simply like the genuine ones but don’t require the warm climate.

If you are in the mood to revamp your current commercial setting call us or visit or visit HedgeScapes to connect with our team of experts, for a perfect landscaping products.

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