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Thursday, 21 July 2016 11:56

Attractive and Elegant - Artificial Hedge Logos and Signage

artificial hedge logoLooking for a convenient yet unique way to better display the attractions of your business, office or workspaces? Turn to artificial logos and signage offered by HedgeScapes to decorate your outdoor and indoor landscapes. These can be articulated to suit your enterprises' USPs in the most efficient and attractive way. Their power-packed features only add to the already impressive aesthetics.

About HedgeScapes

HedgeScapes is the leader in manufacturing indoor and outdoor hedges for commercial trade. Established in 1974, HedgeScapes is the most experienced venture in fabricated botany and are the best suppliers of artificial plantations in the world.

Artificial Hedge Logos and Signage Specialties

Gone are the days where you had to print out huge banners to advertise your products everywhere. Turn to unique topiaries that execute the specifics of your venture instead. They can be used as fun decoratives almost anywhere. Parks, hotels, restaurants, offices, casinos, you name it, these fabricated plantations can adapt to all scenarios and environments.

A logo can be defined as the "first look" of your company. Better attract consumers and contractors to your business by installing creative logo hedges or signage. They will certainly be enthralled by the looks of your product or enterprise and would certainly be attracted towards it.

Malls can be made more attractive by use of logo hedges that better indicate as to where a franchise is located within. It can be a fun and modern yet, scenic getaway for children as well as adults.

Logo hedges that better describe the variation of food served at your restaurant will attract more visitors and would be enticed and serve as visual appetizers.

Casinos with "dollar" signed hedges would most appropriately enhance the experience of visiting the place. Passers-by and people on the street would be delighted to view the creativity that can be mulled from these plantations.

As these plantations can be used in indoors as well, they can be used on desks, tables and waiting area decks. You would ensure your visitors and contractors to have a pleasant view of your space. The positive energy got out of these would most certainly be infectious and pleasurable. Your employees too would be delighted to work in workspaces appealing; they'd never miss a day! Their productivity would by definition improve and you will be a happy entrepreneur.

Features Of HedgeScapes Signage and Logos

HedgeScapes uses premium technology for the production of their logo and signage products namely, PermaLeaf® and ThermaLeaf®. The plants are packed will the most optimum features that make them the most suitable and relied on choice in artificial botany.


HedgeScapes incorporates PermaLeaf®'s exquisite technology that provides the best quality of colored pigments that do not fade to outdoor exposure.

  • Color

Different parameters describe the quality of pigments used for fabrication of artificial botany. Good quality color pigments comprise of the following features:

  • Lightfastness - The color is resistant to the effects of exposure to UV rays.
  • Heat stability -  The color does not get affected by temperature fluctuations.
  • Toxicity - The color is safe for use.

PermaLeaf® technology uses the highest quality color pigments that when used in the production of products ensures their color to be retained for ages. Thus, your signage will always stand out no matter what the weather conditions. They will not fade over time, and you can flaunt these for ages.

  • Resin

Like color pigments, resins too have different parameters that define its quality. These are usually made from recycled plastic, which may be good environmentally, but not advisable for outdoor use. This would provide a dull look to your signage. HedgeScapes makes sure that these resins are manufactured from mostly solids with little filler that would ensure long resistance of your logos or signage to harsh weather conditions.

  • Tested plants

All these key features have solid scientific data to back them up. They have been tested with internationally recognized procedures. PermaLeaf® plants have been resistant to the UV rays from tropical places like Florida, Miami, Phoenix, and Arizona with no signs of color loss. You can be rest assured of the internationally tested quality of your logos that describe your fraternity.


After taking into account the various calamities that are caused due to non-fire retardant artificial plants in public places and hotels, ThermaLeaf® started production of plants that are fire retardant, and they are the only trademarked production house of the category. HedgeScapes makes use of this technology in the manufacture of logos and signage.

This innovative technology incorporated plantations have been tested and comply with national and international test methods including NFPA, ASTM, BS, EN, UL & many more. As these are blended with the fabric as well as the PVC parts of the plants, they are the safest fire retardant plants and trees in the market to be used for external purposes or indoor applications.

These features provided by HedgeScapes for your signage and logos, make it the ideal choice for decoratives as well as business defining adverts for your enterprise. They also have a well-structured customer service that caters to all customer queries in time. You do not have the trouble of going all the way to the store and move around these plantations; HedgeScapes will do it for you!

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