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Monday, 09 April 2018 12:58

How to Transform an Ordinary Bathroom Into Something Luxurious?

Green WallDesigning a bathroom is a part of interior designing. Everybody loves to have a gorgeous bathroom. We see a lot of images of designer bathrooms in social media which inspires us to have a designer bathroom. There are times when the decors and fixtures are chosen but would not have purchased due to their cost.

Expensive fixtures have their advantages, but not all of us will be able to afford them. You don't have to make your bathroom look luxurious using the only expensive fixture. There are few simple ideas which help you have a luxurious bathroom without exceeding your budget limit.

Metallic and plastic fixtures with low price are most of the time are of bad quality. So, do not take a risk buying fixtures at a lower cost. Target the decors and interior things which will change the look of the bathroom without costing you much.

Here are few great ideas on how to transform an ordinary bathroom into something luxurious:


Stencils are those who are very easy to change the look of your bathroom walls completely. They are plenty of different designs available in stencils. There are also customized stencils provided by companies. They prepare them according to the necessity of the customer. Some nature colors and designs suit bathroom pretty well.

Cozy mats

Create your mats for the bathroom. Use woolen threads to prepare a mat. Preparing mats by yourself will save money, and the mat will be according to your taste. Searching mats in the market will be time-consuming and will cost you more money. So, try to make a mat.

There is another better option, buy a green mat. It is a mat which is made of artificial grass. They are easy to install in your bathroom. They bring a lush look to your bathroom. They are made of synthetic material, so it is not real grass which requires maintenance. You can remove them easily and wash them easily. They are very durable and cost-effective.

Green walls

Green walls are trending interior decors in the market today. They build an artificial green wall in the space. If your bathroom has separate space for bathing and other activities, then use this green wall for separating space. This costs you only during the initial stage of the installation and almost nothing later. Thus, it is the best choice to opt green walls for a bathroom.

Screens and rolls

Use different screens and rolls to decorate a bathroom. There are varieties of screens and rolls provided to the customers according to their needs. Some experts suggest good and suitable screens and rolls for your bathroom. Screens help in decorating the walls. They make bathroom walls more natural looking and lush. Green rolls are made of cover the floor of the bathroom. The green floors make you feel like nature in the bathroom. You might feel like you are walking on grass or lawn.

They are made of artificial grass. If you like to make a green screen or green mat more interesting, use artificial shrubs and indoor plants. They help to give a complete look to the theme. There are various artificial indoor plants and artificial flowers to decorate the interior.


Bonsai is an art to growing originally large in smaller size. They are used for interior decoration purpose. They are mesmerizing! They bring relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. The green color is known as the property of relaxing and calming the space. Bonsai are easily available anywhere. They are available from some shrub to tall trees. Artificial tall trees like bamboo trees, palm trees, date trees, coconut trees are available. They make your bathroom look green and natural. They add more value to your bathroom.

Hedges and artificial shrubs

Hedges and artificial shrubs are very good interior decors. They are usually used for creating boundaries. They are most suitable if you have to create division in your bathroom. They are customized according to the dimensions and nature of the bathrooms. The hedges and artificial shrubs are most suitable for large bathrooms. They make the bathroom look more green, covering the usual plain look of the bathrooms. Artificial flowers also add more beauty to the theme. If you are a personality, who likes bright rooms add artificial flowers.


Topiaries are available in regular geometric shapes like round, cube, cone, spherical and many more. They are plants grown with the combinations of those shapes. They are exciting interior decors. They make a classic bathroom when placed at the entrance of the wet area of the bathroom or when placed in the interior of the bathroom door.

There are topiaries created in animals shape and logo shapes. If you have kids at home and want to make bathing a fun part of their day, then you can give a thought of adding an animal designed topiary in your bathroom. Hence, we say that topiaries are small interior decors those who bring a large difference in the appearance of the bathroom.

Hangers and corner holders

Keeping the bathroom neat and tidy is important. How will a bathroom look luxurious if it is small and untidy? To avoid messy looking bathroom arrange all the necessary things in one stand. Hangers are best to hold all the bathroom related things in one place. Hangers use walls in the bathroom and hence do not consume any space on the floor. They do not make the bathroom look smaller.

Corner holders as the name suggests are placed at the corners of the bathroom to save space. They require support to stand but are capable of holding quite many things in them. They make the bathroom look spacious and helps in keeping the space neat.

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