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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 08:19

Kitchen Remodelling Doesn't Have to Be Expensive - Here's Why

Kitchen RemodellingPlanning on having your kitchen remodeled but worried about excessive expenditure? You need not worry! Nowadays, there are simple and easy ways to get your kitchen remodeled without spending absurd sums of money. If you’re looking for some affordable and inexpensive ways in which you can revamp your kitchen, we have a long list of ideas and suggestions for you. These tried and tested ideas have worked wonders for many. Here’s everything you need to know about affordable kitchen remodeling: 

Install New Lights To Give The Kitchen A New Feel 

If you’re looking to give your kitchen an entirely new vibe and feel, installing new lights in the area is a great way to go about it. Get rid of the old and existing light structures that you have in your kitchen and look out for more modern and contemporary ones. You can get remarkable light structures in your local interior décor store, in flea markets, on online portals and several other places. These light structures can be wall lamps, hanging lights, rope lights, table lights and more. Installing these new age light structures can truly help in revamping your kitchen. 

Change The Table Tops And Kitchen Counter 

Is your kitchen counter old, damaged and worn out? Has the paint chipped from the kitchen counter and is the overall design of the counter or table bulky and old school? Then you should consider changing your existing kitchen counter or table top into something that is more new age. The latest trend in kitchen countertops is sleekly designed yet sturdy countertops. You can opt for colorful and vibrant kitchen tops too if you’re feeling very adventurous and experimental.

Install Faux Plants And Trees In And Around The Kitchen

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen affordably, you can consider installing faux plants and trees in the area. You can give your kitchen an oriental vibe by installing beautiful and realistic looking faux bamboo plants in the space. These bamboo plants and other artificial landscaping products can help in giving your kitchen some character. You can install the miniature bamboo plants on the sides of the kitchen table, Center of the kitchen countertop and so on. If you’re opting for slightly larger trees and plants, you can install the faux indoor plants all four corners of your kitchen. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen Tiles 

Do your kitchen tiles look old and faded and simply dull? Are you fed up with looking at those full and faded white tiles for years on end. Are the tiles in your kitchen broken and damaged? Then maybe it’s time you upgraded your kitchen tiles to something that is more colorful and vibrant. A large number of interior decorators are going in for Portuguese tiles when revamping the kitchens of their clients. Portuguese tiles have beautiful patterns on them and are vibrantly colored too. If you have wooden interiors in your contemporary kitchen design, the Portuguese tiles will look fabulous! 

Change The Paint Colour In Your Kitchen 

Painting walls are no longer about simple white and neutral shades. A lot of people are being adventurous with vibrant colors in their kitchens. You can opt for pastel paint colors like pink, green, blue and yellow. If you’re particularly daring, you can even opt for more vibrant colors like red and olive green. Get rid of that boring white paint and paint your kitchen walls with captivating colours. Not only will this give your kitchen a whole new character, it will add some cheer and brightness to the surroundings as well. 

Change The Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers 

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen in an affordable way, consider changing the kitchen cabinets and doors. Old school kitchen cabinets and doors are very bulky and almost ugly. Nowadays, you can get affordable and sleekly designed kitchen cabinets at several interior décor stores. Replace your old kitchen cabinets with these new age ones to revamp your kitchen. You can also paint the kitchen cabinets with more vibrant colors. Seafoam greens, in particular, look fabulous on kitchen drawers and cabinets. You can also opt for cerulean blues and other such options. 

Change The Taps, Faucets And Door Handles

If you’re looking for a very simple, basic and affordable way to upgrade your kitchen, consider changing the taps, faucets and door handles. If your taps, faucets, and door handle looked old and worn out, purchase new ones at your local décor store. You can opt for brass door handles, chrome ones and so on. Make sure that the door handles and faucets are matching. You don’t want to end up with chrome door handles and brass faucets. Nowadays, you even get beautiful door handles that are engraved and intricately designed. You can select such gorgeous hardware options for your kitchen too. 

De-Clutter Your Kitchen 

A cluttered kitchen automatically becomes an eyesore. If you want to revamp your kitchen and give it some character, the first thing you need to do is de-clutter it. Make sure you install cabinets and drawers for your utensils and cutlery. Leaving these items lying around in the kitchen makes the area look unappealing and ugly. Get rid of unnecessary products and items that you’re never going to use. This will play a major role in giving your kitchen a whole new vibe. 

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive and unaffordable process. People have revamped their entire kitchens within a limited budget. You too can change the face of your kitchen in a pocket-friendly budget if you follow the tips mentioned above and suggestions that we have for you. Following these suggestions will make your kitchen look fabulous and filled with character.

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