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Thursday, 12 April 2018 11:46

The No-Nonsense Guide to Setting Up A Comfortable Home Office

PlantsDo you want to set up a nice office in your home? A home office offers the comfort of working on the premises of your home. You can save the time taken to travel to a certain destination. Moreover, you get the creative liberty to implement your ideas to make a dream office, not possible elsewhere.

However, a home office has its limitation. It makes you feel quite casual at times. So, it is necessary that a home office has the elements to keep you focused on your work. It must have a professional look for welcoming guests, especially your prospective clients. With few innovative tips and a disciplined approach, you can create an office that is comfortable and attractive at the same time.

1. Office logo: An office logo is the first impression you can make on your visitor. Try to have creative office logo. For instance, you can design your office logo with fake grass. This looks attractive, unique, modern and innovative. Such an initiative makes you stand out amongst your peers.

2. Spiritual figure/good luck charm: Business persons rely on good fortune. Hence, they love to keep a portrait or idol of a divine figure in their office. In this way, it becomes a ritual to offer prayers first. This helps in bringing the much-needed discipline in a home office. You can place a form topiary carved in the shape of a spiritual figure. You can also place a good luck charm like a gold statue.

3. Office decorum: Try to have the most relevant documents and files in your office room. Do not keep redundant stuff as they are difficult to manage. Place files in selected places like table drawers and shelves so that they could be easily found. Select center tables with preferably glass top. The glass must be resilient and scratch free. The height above ground should be optimum to create an inviting space.

Get your walls painted with decent colors. You can attach a painting that matches your office theme on your walls. Also, you need a wall or table calendar. You can decorate your center table with decorative plants and artificial flowers. If you can match the color of your flowers with your business domain, you can show off your innate acumen to the client.

4. Selection of sophisticated furniture: Furniture selected must be durable, portable, sturdy and smart looking. Depending on your office theme, you can select designer furniture for your office room. Having easy to use furniture such as revolving chairs makes your office room more presentable as well as comfortable. Select frictionless or sliding doors which are light and move with no effort.

Select center tables with drawers, where you can place important files. The drawers must be easy to use and lock when not in use.

5. Modifying your office look with fake decor: Artificial landscaping products provide nice green and cherubic look to an office space. Unlike natural elements like plants or flowers, these are absolutely maintenance free. You can select products like outdoor planters and fake grass for the pavement outside your office. Don't be misguided by the word fake. Fake plants or counterfeit trees look as beautiful as natural. A thing of beauty is happy forever. Also, you don't need to invest time in caring for fake landscaping products. With artificial plants and artificial floral arrangements, you generate a colorful effect in your office. You can place these around corners and on your shelves.

You can use topiary to beautify your office room. You can have topiary of different designs such as elephant topiaries for vacant spaces outside your office room. Before selecting any fake landscaping product, you must ensure its durability and fire retardant characteristics. You can have green walls made of fake grass. All that you need is a little dusting and you can cherish the office exterior and interior.

6. Easy to maintain office accessories: Fake grass doormats keep your room clean and tidy. Visitors can wipe off dirt and water off their boots while entering inside. Instead of cloth carpets, you can place green carpets made of fake grass. Such carpets or mats are quite versatile and effective. These will render softness to walk upon. These are easy to clean and are quite durable. Artificial grass rolls are portable and offer ease of installation. You can also shift their positions according to changing requirements.

7. Maintenance of daily records: Have an office register to maintain track of visitors and their demands. Some of the visitors can become your clients in future. So keep their contact information safely. Keep the visitor register updated regularly. If you are busy elsewhere, employ qualified staff to do it.

8. Communication of office timings: Select fixed working hours for professionalism and discipline. Mention your office timings on notice boards or exterior spaces, so that the clients have clear information about when to meet.

9. Office appliances: For a home office, you need a computing system and an air ventilation system at the least. However, it is advisable to have air conditioners for adverse climatic conditions. Keep upgrading your appliances as you generate profit, so as to enhance your clientele. You can have projectors and LCD screens for business meetings with hi-fi clients.

Having an office at home is a matter of joy and pride. So, why not try some cool ideas to make a comfortable home office. You can have a visually fascinating logo made of fake grass, defining your business sense. You can place divine pictures or idols so that you can pray for good fortune. You need good office decorum to care of relevant documents and keep them in fixed points. Have smart and elegant furniture and use your creative ideas to decorate them. Artificial plants can help you beautify your office without spending time for maintenance. Use office accessories like fake grass and carpets to keep your rooms neat. Keep a track record of daily visits and activities. Have nice office appliances as they make your office room more inviting.


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