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Thursday, 16 May 2019 15:27

8 Artificial Foliage landscaping Products That Rejuvenate Your Restaurants "Vibe"

HedgesThe word ‘food' is synonymous with the words celebration and enjoyment. This explains the colossal growth in fancy restaurants. This being said, let's not forget the people for whom restaurant visit is more about joyous ambiance and fine dining than just the food. Gone are the days when restaurants were confined to the ‘taste'. A little classy aura and a pinch of panache in décor is the recipe of a flourishing restaurant.

Artificial foliage landscaping is for the lazy hotelier in you. Not only will the ambiance be cranked up a notch but save you the time of retaining it.

Here are the 8 ideas to refurbish your place with artificial foliage landscaping.

Letters, Logo, and Signage

First impressions last longer, they say. Make your restaurant's ingress a visual treat. The logo of your restaurant should give an inkling of what is in store for them. Tease them with a little green, to begin with. With the artificial hedges, it is now possible to shape them into any letters and signage of your choice.

Pair them with classic lights or LEDs and make your restaurant a brand worth visiting and revisiting.

Artificial Screens

You know what they say, ‘the greener, and the better'. Swap those ugly concrete walls with this beautiful, low maintenance artificial screen rolls. These screens serve the dual-purpose of ornamenting your restaurant and of giving privacy to the people. You can style these sturdy screens with tiny frames and boards.

These hassle-free screens amp up your ambiance and give it a green lush look. You wouldn't have to alter them according to the change in the seasons. It is more like, ‘put it and forget it'. Wave goodbye to the endless work you've to put in maintaining the natural screens, we have a smart way out for you!

Artificial Topiary Trees

This is for the nature enthusiast in you. You sure have dreamt endlessly about adding some suave (and obviously pricey) curios in your restaurant but feared it will put an irreparable hole to your pocket. Fret not, we have an inexpensive idea! Artificial topiary plants are the shapeshifters which can have any desired effect. You can trim them into those sophisticated artifacts you have always wanted in your restaurant.

They don't lose out on their ‘green' if you pamper them with some shade and can facelift them whenever you have a new shape in mind.

Faux Greenery

The interior designing industry found its masterpiece in the faux greenery décor. Spice up your place with the umpteen varieties the faux greenery has to offer you. A little dusting on the fake flowers and they are as fresh as the day you bought them. The vibrant colors add an instant liveliness to your place.

There is a vast array of options to choose from, there are flowers in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Trust us, the plastic glaze of the greenery is long gone and forgotten. This long term investment is handy, portable and life-like. Also, you don't have to worry about any allergies and sniffles.

Topiary Animals

Decorate your restaurant with fun yet plush theme. Opt out of the bandwagon of keeping the décor subtle. Animal topiary will make your restaurant stand tall (literally and figuratively). With the tall giant animals making their way out, we promise, your restaurant will be seen from lands afar. It is a unique, eye-catchy way of making your interiors classy and it will compliment any furnishings that you have.

This offbeat décor is an attractive and quirky way to welcome your guests. There is no animal whose shape artificial topiaries cannot make, so let your imagination run wild and turn your restaurant into an eccentric themed garden restaurant.

Faux Roll Mat

Ditch the age-old tiles for the trendy and voguish faux roll mat. Owing to its convenience, these roll mats are not just limited to golf courses or football fields. You get the roll mats customized depending on your area and needs. These things are blessed with less maintenance and the green look that they savor.

They save you the herculean task of planting, watering and growing the actual grass. You don't have to worry about the grass losing its color if you are careful enough to not expose them to sunlight and of course, washing them would be a piece of cake! Also, you do your bit in saving some water.

A Little Privacy

If this does not create hustle and bustle in your restaurant, then what will! This would be a classic upgrade in your interiors. A gazebo structure will complement the green faux aesthetics in your place giving it a garden-restaurant look. It is another way of adding sophistication to your space. It is perfect for intimate family dinners, a romantic evening and what not.

It gives just the exact privacy which is needed in a restaurant. A little twinkling light and some beautiful curtains, and you have for yourself a wonderful little paradise.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Get rid of those dull, insanely mundane wooden or metal fences because we have an attractive solution! Don't count on the rains to grow your plants and bushes into privacy yielding fences. Outdoor artificial boxwood hedges are here to the rescue. With the vast variety of leaves, you can make your restaurant compound an attractive one.

Protect the privacy of your space with the wide, thick hedges. These hedges are an easy way to decorate your dining area. These easy on the eye hedges are cost friendly and mind you, they have a ‘here to stay' attitude.

We know that your restaurant is your baby so try and put in as much as your own efforts as you can. Pick your own shapes, sizes, and patterns the artificial landscapes have to offer. Make sure everything is crisp and clear. Let the ‘green' be alluring and the dining relaxing. This will ensure frequent visits.

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