Shrubs and Hedges

Artificial Dwarf English Boxwood Shrubs


One of the most popular and defining plants of our landscapes, Boxwood is known to bring a wonderfully rich character and a sense of sophistication and tradition to any setting. And what makes them so special is that they’re not just about looks. They’re quite functional plants which will help you create an engaging and delightful landscape design. If you’re considering bringing this absolutely special design element to your landscaping project, then we highly recommend you opt for our wonderful artificial Dwarf English Boxwood.

An excellent option if you’re looking to bring a sense of cool and create a low hedge in the setting, our Dwarf English Boxwood Shrubs will add the perfect tone in the setting. A small, rounded shrub which looks incredibly elegant and will give you great utility, our faux Dwarf English Boxwood Shrubs will add life and structure to your landscape design till times to come.

Fade Resistant and Fire-Retardant Foliage

Our artificial Dwarf English Boxwood Shrubs are crafted using innovative PermaLeaf® technology which makes them inherently fade resistant. PermaLeaf® technology combines UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments which prevents color loss from our foliage and enables you to use it outdoors. Whether it’s the harsh sun, wind, water or snow, you don’t have to worry about color loss from these plants.

Yet another special feature of our faux hedges is their fire resistant capability. The foliage is blended with fire retardant chemicals which make them flame retardant and absolutely safe in case of fire. ThermaLeaf® is the #1 brand of inherently fire retardant artificial foliage which ensures that your setting remains safe 24x7. Thus, we just don’t offer you functional and eye-catching Boxwood Plants, but ones which offer you peace of mind.

Realistic Foliage

Our Dwarf English Boxwood Shrubs are crafted from premium quality material and not some low grade plastic. This makes our hedges extremely realistic and sets them apart from the ones available at local stores. Our expert team has manufactured them using refined crafting technique and with high attention to details making them look highly lifelike. Durable and chic, our silk Dwarf English Boxwood does not require constant upkeep and will continue to grace your setting with its natural color till times to come. Available in a range of sizes, styles and varieties, we have Boxwood Hedges which will style up your space in the most wonderful way. And if you’re working on some special theme or landscape, then do let us know. We will create custom artificial Boxwood Hedges exclusively for your landscape project.

Whether you’re looking for plants which will highlight certain features in your garden or you’re looking for design plants to create perfect, striking borders, these faux Dwarf English Boxwood Hedges are all you need.