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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 14:00

Artificial Hedge Topiary - the Vibes of Wildlife Endowed on Your Landscapes

artificial topiariesAdding some greenery to your indoor or outdoor landscapes can enhance the splendour of your premises. Growing shrubs and trees is one way of adding beauty to your indoor or outdoor areas. However regular maintenance is required and the shrubs or plants must be trimmed frequently to avoid overgrowth of the greenery. Artificial hedge topiaries will be an excellent alternative to the natural topiaries that need maintenance. Artificial hedges appear exactly like natural landscapes and can be installed very fast. After installation of an artificial hedge, there is no requirement for any maintenance. These artificial topiaries are so natural looking that you really can’t tell if it’s an artificial topiary or a natural one.

Why Artificial Hedge Topiaries?

Artificial topiaries can serve as an excellent addition to hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, parks, offices and other commercial premises. A wide range of topiaries can be obtained on various corners of the world and some of them even gain worldwide popularity. The artificial boxwood hedge topiary can be modified into any desired shape and installed in the interior or exterior landscapes of your premises. Many hotels, malls and other commercial premises you can make use of fake hedges for privacy as your customers can relax and enjoy the moment with their friends or families. The juniper hedges and traditional boxwood are the common topiaries which are shaped into many forms including animals, characters, objects or abstract varieties. 

Make your landscape appear like a wildlife habitat with Artificial Topiaries

Artificial topiaries come in different shapes, sizes and so when it comes to selection, you won’t run out of choices. There are plenty of shapes available and few of the most common ones are cones, spirals and ball shaped topiaries. Topiaries can also be shaped to look like animals. You can choose from elephants, lions, tigers, snakes, giraffes and many other animals of your selection. Thus you can change the landscape of your firm and turn it into a wildlife area with the various animal forms. This area can serve as a beautiful spot for picnic or a tourist place and it can help in attracting customers from various parts of the globe. Thus your commercial firm gains worldwide popularity and earns great value due to these attractive topiaries. 

Other shapes and forms

In addition to animal forms you could also get topiaries which are designed to look like your favourite cartoon characters or superheroes. Custom designs are also available and so you can modify the topiaries as per your liking. Apart from these shapes, you can choose any other specific design of your choice. When it comes to the foliage, you can choose from boxwood, azalea, juniper and pearl grass. Botanists offer aid with making of artificial leaves that look like natural ones. Thus you can transform your landscapes using these fake topiaries.

Selecting the right artificial topiary 

You can select from the huge range of artificial topiaries which include rosemary, cypress, tea leaf, cedar, boxwood and other exquisite options. You can use Artificial boxwood hedges topiaries on both indoor and outdoor landscaping and the size depends upon the area where the topiaries are to be assembled. Outdoor artificial boxwood topiaries can be found in various standard shapes and sizes so that you get the right topiaries for the right occasions. Artificial hedges for outdoors is ideal for shaping into any kind of animal form or any other designs you like. There is also a great artificial boxwood mats collection of topiaries which vary in their design and foliage variety. 

Advantages of using Artificial Hedge Topiaries 

Using artificial hedge topiaries in your corporate premises can benefit you in many ways. Some of the advantages are listed as follows. 

  • Natural appearance  

Artificial topiaries are the best fake hedges that look like natural hedges. There is no necessity for watering or trimming the plants. Fake hedge fence is easy to be designed using topiaries of various sizes and shapes. Thus these topiaries resemble natural hedges that will be made of real trees and shrubs. The natural appearance of these topiaries can give your landscapes a fresh and vibrant environment. The lush green grass and beautiful crafted designs are the main attractive features of these exquisite topiaries.

  • Easy to assemble

These topiaries can be used easily without spending much time and can be potted in a plastic pot or placed in a decorative urn or vase. They can also be used for decorative purposes by wrapping lights around them during festivals or holiday seasons. You can also design the way faux hedges plants for your needs to get a glossy appearance.

  • Durable and weather resistant

Outdoor artificial hedges and topiaries are prepared using a polyurethane that has the ability to make them fade resistant and durable. These are better than the cheap plastic hedges that are less weather resistant. The leaves of the topiaries contain UV protection factors so that they can withstand the heat coming from the sun. This makes them weather resistant and durable.

  • Topiaries for all situations

Using topiaries as hedges, you can disguise any walls or fences and provide a private area for people who visit your commercial firm. You can easily install artificial topiaries or make use of a faux hedge privacy screen that can cover a doorway or open areas in your premises. Topiaries can be used to decorate your landscapes during holidays or it can also be used to revamp your gardens or interiors.

Get the required type of artificial hedge topiaries for your landscapes

Artificial hedge panels offer great support in adding depth to the topiaries and make them compact for indoor or outdoor use. The artificial hedge wall can be a great option for privacy screen so that your customers can relax in your company or office premises. Artificial boxwood panels offers aid with building a wide variety of topiaries for your interior or exterior area of your hotel. The attractive greenery and unpredictable designs are the main features of these topiaries. Order online to get long lasting topiaries which can enhance the value of your firm.

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